The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 13, 2004 on Y&R

Katherine loaned Arthur money. Lily and Devon ran away. Bobby and Brittany set a wedding date. Victor watched a drug deal going down at the recreation center. Alex attacked Phyllis and Daniel, but Damon saved the day.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 13, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, September 13, 2004

Detective Weber questions Kevin about Lily's incident at the rec enter. Kevin says he wanted to help because Lily looked like she was in trouble, but that he didn't have anything to do with the situation.

J.T. tells Brittany that Bobby has no intentions of fading the dancers out of the club; Brittany strongly disagrees.

Bobby worries to Nikki that the inexperienced dancers may cause the club to fold and she tries to relax him. Bobby notices that Nikki is preoccupied about something but she doesn't want to talk about it.

Sharon expresses her feelings of emptiness to Nick, who vows to support her in whatever she wants to do. Later, Nick is paid a visit by an old high school friend, Chad Collins.

Sharon sees Nikki at home in an unusually provocative outfit. Nikki asks Sharon not to tell anyone about her outfit. Sharon feels she has some leverage against Nikki.

Esther is scared to leave Kay alone with Arthur. Arthur senses Kay is uneasy at home and tries to comfort her, which only confuses her further.

Lily tells Neil that she is capable of taking care of herself but Devon needs family guidance; Neil doesn't feel comfortable with Devon continuing to live with them.

When Devon discovers he has to move; he feels rejected and decides to run away.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Neil finds Lily's note that she and Devon are running away since Devon refuses to go to a group home. Neil will now bring in the police.

Lily and Devon are on the run now. They're in the park wondering what their next move should be. Kevin spots them and figures what they are up to and advises against it. Kevin tells her not to ruin her life but she is stubborn.

Lauren stops by Michael's office to talk about Kevin. He is still suspicious of Kevin's involvement in Lily's ordeal. Lauren asks him to give him the benefit of the doubt. Later they share a romantic dance. Lauren worries they aren't in the right place because of Paul and other factors. Michael kisses her.

Bobby worries about the club opening. Nikki tries to calm as they prepare to open. Both are nervous about the new girls who will be dancing. Sharon has seated her self in the back to see what Nikki is up to. Brittany has snuck in and approached Nikki about saving things when the first two girls fail to wow the crowd. Nikki introduces "Marilyn" to Bobby's surprise. Brittany performs and the crowd is ecstatic.

Jill enjoys a drink at the club when Jack pops by to ask about Elliot. Jill is no longer overly concerned about his work at Chancellor Industries. When she meets him for dinner she agrees to go out of town with him to an out of the way restaurant.

Gloria hosts a dinner for John, Mamie, Ashley and Abby. Ashley notices that Gloria is very comfortable ordering Mrs. Martinez around. Gloria charms Abby. Later, when she offers to help with the dishes, John reinforces that she is a guest and is allowed to let others do things for her. She quietly celebrates her good fortune.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

At Marilyn's, Brittany couldn't stop thinking of her triumphant return the night before. J.T. called to find out where she was, and Brittany dodged his questions. She did tell him that the club's reopening had been a triumph, and she got off the phone when Bobby came in. As Bobby praised her for single-handedly making the night such a success, Brittany shared the credit with Nikki. She was shocked to hear that Bobby was firing all the new dancers and said she didn't want to appear there regularly. Bobby had no problem with that. He knew she wanted to go legitimate, and Brenda and Maureen had agreed to come back. Now he and Brittany could focus on their wedding.

Phyllis and Daniel were having breakfast at the athletic club when Jack joined them. Daniel was on his best behavior around Jack, letting his mother know that he liked her ex-husband far more than "Mr. Personality" when Jack was out of earshot. After Daniel left to get ready for school, Jack told Phyllis that he liked her son a lot. Phyllis agreed that Daniel could be charming, but it was clear that she was worried about her son. She also admitted to Jack that Daniel and Damon didn't get along and that Damon had something serious going on. When Jack realized that all this was really getting to her, he asked her to come to the Abbott house so they could have a more private discussion about what was bothering her.

Diane showed up at Damon's with two cups of coffee and some more banter about Phyllis. But Damon wasn't his usual self, and Diane was curious about what was bothering him, if it wasn't about Phyllis. Damon told Diane her time would be better spent with her son, because those moments could pass all too quickly. Diane went to put the coffee in the kitchen, and Damon received a call from his old friend Ben Pearson. Ben told him that the man who'd killed Damon's son was very possibly about to be released from prison, and Damon sat in stunned silence.

Olivia was still with Neil after a night of calling everyone he could think of to find out Lily's whereabouts. Detective Weber arrived to get some more information, and Neil told him that Lily's disappearance came after Neil had told Devon he was going to be placed in a group home. Weber's reaction angered Neil, who felt like Weber was blaming him for Lily's disappearance. It was clear that Neil blamed Devon. Kevin arrived and told all the adults that he'd tried to get Lily to come home and hoped she had. He'd thought he was getting through to her when he saw her in the park, but Devon had been determined to leave. Neil and Weber thanked Kevin for coming forward with the information, and Weber left to check out the park in hopes of finding a lead. Neil told Olivia that he wasn't going to call Dru and tell her. Hopefully they'd find Lily before she returned from her business trip. Before Olivia could react, the phone rang. It was Dru, who'd taken an earlier flight. She was in a cab on her way home.

Kevin went to see Daniel at the ranch. Daniel had heard from Alex, who demanded that they create a diversion at the rec center so his "crew" could do some business. Kevin refused, saying that Daniel's association with Alex was getting them in over their heads. They needed to find a way to deal with Alex without getting in deeper. Daniel said that Alex could make them sorry and ordered Kevin to get to the rec center before it was too late to do what Alex had asked.

Nikki's happy memories of opening night at Marilyn's were forgotten as she again relived the day she'd shot her friend Joshua. Victor came in while she was clutching her head. She admitted that she'd had nightmares all night. She couldn't stop thinking of the gun going off. Victor wanted her to stop looking for Joshua's brother and told her to let him help her through this difficult time. When he asked where she'd been the night before, Nikki evaded his questions, and Victor left to go to the rec center. Sharon came in, and Nikki tried to make her believe that she'd been at a Jabot function the night before. Sharon kept teasing Nikki, and finally admitted that she knew all about the strip club and "Nicole." She kept ribbing Nikki, saying she didn't understand why Nikki wanted it to be a secret. In fact, next time Sharon went, she thought she should take Victor and Nick with her so they could have a family night out. Nikki finally tired of Sharon's jokes and reminded her that she'd held Sharon's hand during one of the worst ordeals of her life. Sharon, too, tried to get serious, telling Nikki that she knew something was going on with her. But Nikki wasn't in the mood to make peace with Sharon and warned Sharon to watch her step; Nikki could be a very dangerous person.

At the rec center, Victor met with Paul and J.T., telling them that he was a little concerned about how things would go if they found Joshua's younger brother. In fact, even if they located him, he preferred that Paul not tell Nikki until Nikki was truly ready to deal with meeting him. Paul was uncomfortable with keeping information from Nikki, but agreed to it, at least for now. When Victor walked them out, he saw some of the guys from Alex's "crew" making a drug deal. He tackled both of them and told them that if they showed their faces in his rec center again, he'd put both of them in the hospital.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Bobby tells Brittany that he is ready to set a date for their wedding. Brittany is ecstatic; she can't wait to officially be Mrs. Bobby Marsino. Bobby says they could just get married at City Hall in a day. Brittany wants a special wedding and needs more time to plan. As they discuss wedding dates, Bobby says that in six weeks it will be Halloween. J.T. comes by and laughs, saying that a Halloween wedding would be fitting for them because it's going to be scary. Brittany and Bobby decide that the first of November will be a good day. Brittany asks J.T. if he can go with her to buy some things for the wedding. When they return from shopping, Brittany gets a call from her mother. Her mother had heard from some friends that Brittany had been shopping at bridal places with J.T. She asks Brittany and J.T. to the Colonnade room for dinner. Brittany tells J.T. she needs another favor.

Damon hangs up the phone angrily and Diane asks Damon what is going on. He tells her that he can't talk right now and he begs her to leave. After Diane leaves, Damon throws a paperweight at a mirror.

Alex calls Daniel and tells him that he is a dead man. Daniel says that the situation at the rec center couldn't be helped; Kevin was supposed to be there. Alex says this is between Daniel and himself. Now Daniel will pay the price-along with that big mouth mother of his.

Phyllis questions Jack's motives when he invites her to his home to discuss her situation with Daniel. She knows him too well. Jack tells Phyllis she is a good mother and he's sure Daniel will be okay. Phyllis gets a call on her cell phone from Daniel, begging her to come home. He needs to talk to her. Daniel decides he will tell Phyllis everything. He leans against the door, worried about his mother. A shadow passes by Daniel's door and Daniel opens it. It's Damon. When he asks to see Daniel's mother, Daniel says he has things to do and he can't talk right now. Damon wants to make sure that Daniel tells Phyllis that he came by, it's important. Damon also tries to talk to Daniel. He tells him to stay away from people like Alex. When Damon leaves, Alex slams the door open and begins to strangle Daniel.

Victor hires a couple of men to watch over the rec center to make sure that it's a safe place for teenager to go to. Ashley and Abby stop by and as Abby goes to get some juice, Victor tells Ashley that someone is trying to threaten the safeness of the rec center. Victor says he takes it personally, and is insuring that it will not happen again. He asks if later he can visit with Abby. Ashley says that if Abby wants to she has no problem with it.

Drucilla reads the letter from Lily explaining that she has run away with Devon. Drucilla is distraught and blames Neil. Neil can't believe Drucilla would put this on him. Drucilla feels that Devon was making a home for himself with their family and that Neil has ruined everything. Dru tells Neil that if anything happens to their daughter, he will be the one responsible. As they are arguing, Neil sees Lily in the doorway. Drucilla runs to her. Lily is alone and looks at Neil with a cold stare.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Alex continued to threaten Daniel with a baseball bat, saying that brutally beating him was the only way he could save face with his "crew" after Daniel had failed to keep Victor away from them at the rec center. As Daniel fended him off with a chair, Phyllis came in. She tried to get help, but Alex assured her that if she left, he would break all of Daniel's bones. When Phyllis tried to get in between Alex and Daniel, Alex slammed her into the wall and left her dizzy and weak. When he went after Daniel again, Damon rushed in, pulled Alex off of Daniel, and would have killed him if Phyllis hadn't stopped him. Damon told her that Alex wasn't worth her saving him.

Michael wasn't impressed with Kevin's visit to the Winters home to tell them about seeing Lily and Devon running away. He told Kevin that he didn't just need to make people think he changed. He needed to actually change by dealing with his demons. He encouraged him to get psychological help and gave him a card for the Genoa City Mental Health Clinic. After Michael left for a night out, Kevin fantasized about telling a doctor all about his feelings for Lauren, and then the doctor turning out to be Lauren, who passionately fell into his arms.

At the Health Club, Gloria spotted Lauren exercising and stopped to have a chat with her. She was supportive of a possible relationship between Michael and Lauren, but Lauren wouldn't tell her if anything was going on. When Michael called Lauren to finalize their plans to meet at the Harvest Dance, Gloria grinned and commented on how secretive Lauren was being. But both women were appalled when the local radio station broadcast a dedication to Lauren from her not-so-secretive admirer Kevin, who would always be her hero.

Bobby was surprised that Nikki seemed so down when she visited the club. Their opening had been a huge success, much of which was due to Nikki and the sizzle she had. Although Nikki wouldn't tell Bobby what was bothering her, she said that Victor had been more supportive in the past forty-eight hours than he'd been for months. Bobby encouraged her to go home, put on one of her prettiest dresses, and go to the Harvest Dance to rekindle her romance with her husband.

J.T. flatly refused to go the Harvest Dance with Brittany and pretend to be her fiancé' in front of her parents. He finally persuaded Brit to call her mother back and say they couldn't make it. Anita laid on the guilt and Brittany caved. She told J.T. that she had no choice; she had to meet her parents at the Colonnade Room. J.T. said he did have a choice, and he wasn't going. Brittany began to cry, and J.T. relented, agreeing to fake being her fiancÚ for one night.

Lily raged at her parents for betraying Devon and prompting him to run away. She said she and Devon had fought all night because he wanted her to come home. While Neil and Dru were relieved to see their daughter, they warned her never to put them through that again. Lily was furious, saying the only feelings they were talking about were their own. They hadn't even asked about Devon's feelings. She was the most shocked at her mother, but Neil stood up for Dru, saying he was the one to blame for the decision to put Devon in a group home. Dru hadn't wanted it. Lily left to take a shower, giving her father one last hateful look, and Neil commented on how angry she was with him. Dru said she was angry with him, too. He'd never given Devon a chance, and now anything could happen to a sixteen-year-old all alone on the streets without hope.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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