The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 4, 2004 on Y&R

Dru and Phyllis were rescued from the elevator. Devon was found in Chicago with a teen prostitution ring. Phyllis and Damon talked about the parole hearing and his son, Elias. Nikki wondered if Brad was Joshua's brother.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 4, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, October 4, 2004

Paul and Chris notice Michael and Lauren having dinner at the Athletic Club. Paul suggests that they send them two glasses of wine. Chris says in a way they are a cute couple. Paul says that they are as well. Chris's cell phone starts ringing and Paul wonders if she's going to answer it. It's a message about Devon. He has been found.

Michael never thought Kevin would come between him and the first woman he ever really cared about. He wonders if Lauren is cutting all ties between the two of them. She says no, just for a little while. When they receive the glasses of wine from Paul and Chris, Lauren wonders if they should go see them. Michael says no, just drink the wine and nod. Michael says that tonight he will talk to Kevin.

Kevin goes to see Lauren with another surprise. He has brought her her favorite pizza. Lauren is surprised that he remembers when she mentioned that. Kevin says he remembers everything about her. Lauren feels uncomfortable and tells Kevin that although she cares about him, she really only wants friendship. Kevin tells her that she is the only person he has ever known who has always been so honest with him. He will never forget her as long as he lives.

Kevin goes to Michael's and tells him that he is glad to see him. He wants to talk to him man to man about Lauren.

Diane offers to take over the pageant in place of Phyllis and Drucilla, but Neil is skeptical. He thanks her for her offer, but he is unsure about what to do yet. Paul and Chris arrive to tell Neil that Devon has been found. He was arrested on a sting where there was teen prostitution. Neil feels terrible. He thinks this will destroy his family and that they will never forgive him.

Phyllis and Dru scream for help as they bang on the elevator. When no help comes, Phyllis starts drinking the tequila she had intended on bringing over to Damon's. At first Drucilla won't drink with her, but the longer they are stuck together in the elevator, she decides to drink too. They start getting really drunk and start making fun of each other and laughing together. Suddenly, the lights go out and the elevator starts moving. They hold each other and scream for their lives.

Nikki is surprised when Brad returns from his trip early. She says it's a good thing because Abby is at the hospital. She had an accident on Starfire and dislocated her shoulder. Brad runs off, saying its Victor's fault.

Victor talks to Olivia about Abby. She will be fine, but he feels terrible about the incident. When Ashley comes out to talk to her, he tells her that Starfire got stung by a wasp and threw Abby off of her. He hopes that Abby won't be afraid to ride horses now that this has happened to her. Ashley says she is sure Abby will be on a horse in no time. Brad interrupts them saying, "not if I can help it." Victor repeats what he told Ashley. Brad says that he knew something like this would happen in Victor's care. Ashley tells him not to blame Victor, it's not his fault. Ashley says that Abby will be happy to see him. When Abby comes out of the hospital room, she is overjoyed to see her daddy. She asks that he take her home right away.

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Nick talks to Victor at the Rec Centre about Abby's accident. He assures his dad that it wasn't his fault. He also tries to explain how he can't and will never be the kind of dad to Abby eh wants. Brad is her father and she will always see him that way. He points out that Cassie is his daughter in every way and no one could ever come between them. He warns him that Victor's obsession with Abby is only pushing his wife away. Vic is annoyed by her interest in the strip club.

Kevin cryptically tells Michael he knows he'll never be the man in Lauren's heart. He asks Michael why he was so sure all along that Lauren would never love him. Michael's been there before and you can't force someone to love you. Kevin tearfully asks how well Michael knows her.

Lauren meets with Paul & Christine. She tells them about the Kevin/crush situation. They warn her to be careful with Kevin. There's not telling what can set him off.

Phyllis and Dru's elevator is stopped. A worker tells them they'll be out soon. The women bond over their near-death (and drunken) experience. They praise each other's parenting skills. Dru tells her about the Devon problem. The women are finally freed and are overjoyed. A sudden wave of awkwardness overtakes them and they part ways.

Sharon and Nikki argue about Abby situation. Sharon advises her to look after her marriage more closely. Nikki vaguely refers to her own problems won't go into detail. Later Victor returns home, looking for Nikki.

Brittany and Bobby make up after their recent fight over him telling her folks about it. She tells him about a meeting her mom set up with a minister for the next day. He is expecting her and J.T. so showing up with Bobby will be a surprise.

Mac and J.T. talk about school and the Bobby/Britt nuptials. Mac wonders how he got involved in it if he is so against it. He wishes he never agreed but can't back out now. She thinks the whole situation is odd. Britt shows up and tells J.T. he isn't needed for the meeting with the minister as Bobby is available.

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Neil didn't give Drucilla too much grief about her job loss, hangover, and elevator incident because he said they had something more important to discuss. When Dru found out that Devon had been apprehended in the bust of a prostitution ring in Chicago, she wondered what they could do now to correct the mistakes they'd made with him. Lily was angry because her parents wouldn't tell her what news they had about Devon. After she left the apartment, Dru and Neil went to the rec center to talk to Lorena Davis before Devon was turned over to her. Lorena told Dru that Devon was worse off than he was before he met the Winters, and she blamed Dru's lack of honesty with her and with Neil as the reason. The adults stopped bickering about what was best for Devon when a policeman escorted him in.

Daniel joked around a little with Phyllis about her tequila hangover and wondered if her drinking binge had anything to do with Damon. Phyllis defended Damon, saying he was going through something. She did agree to un-ground Daniel, who hugged her and told her she was pretty cool. After he left for school, Phyllis called Damon. A while later, he showed up at her door, finally willing to show her a picture of Elias and a letter from the Georgia Dept. of Pardon and Parole. Damon agreed that he was going to testify to try to keep Elias's killer behind bars, but he didn't answer Phyllis when she asked what he'd do if he wasn't successful.

Victor brooded over breakfast with Nikki about whether he was a failure as a father. Nikki assured him that he was a good father. She told him that she hadn't heard from Victoria either when he wondered why Victoria was still not speaking to him. Nikki also told him that it was normal for Abby to turn to Brad when she was injured; he was the father she'd known since birth. Victor said that Nick had told him the same thing. Nikki was certain that Abby would want to spend time with Victor and the horse again. Victor agreed not to interfere with Nikki's search for Joshua's brother, although he still didn't approve of it.

J.T. agreed to Brittany's request that he leave the loft while she and Bobby met with Rev. Palmer. While J.T. waited for Paul at the athletic club restaurant, Anita came in, demanding to know why he wasn't stopping Brittany from marrying Bobby. J.T. said it was Brittany's decision to make, no matter how he felt about Bobby. When Anita found out that Brit and Bobby were meeting with her minister, she made a beeline for the loft.

Rev. Palmer was a little surprised to find out that Bobby, not J.T., was Brittany's fiancÚ and said he needed to ask them a few questions to see if they shared the same ideas and goals in regard to their marriage. Bobby wasn't sure about Brittany's idea that they write their own vows, but Brittany assured him that he'd do fine. After all, he'd be speaking from the heart. As Rev. Palmer prepared to leave for another appointment, Anita arrived to tell all three of them that this wedding wasn't going to take place.

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Victor stops by to see how Abby is doing. He's afraid she won't want to come down to the ranch. Abby comes downstairs cautiously. Victor tries to explain to her that although Starfire is a very calm horse, she was bit by a wasp and was startled. Abby says she never wants to ride a horse again. She asks Ashley is she can go upstairs. Ashley has to ask Abby to say goodbye to Victor, and she does so reluctantly.

Nikki visits Paul and Chris to ask if he has found out any information about Joshua's brother yet. Paul says no, but with Chris and Michael now in his corner, things might get easier for all of them. At first Nikki is upset that Paul has shared her story with Chris, but after Paul explains that they are a team, she seems to understand. When Nikki goes to Jabot, she sees Brad. Brad tells her that he was happy to be able to be there for Abby when she needed him. Brad wonders what is weighing on Nikki. As he tries to console her, she realizes that Brad has never talked about his past, not one word. She wonders why. They talk about his past, and he divulges that he used to live in Cleveland. Brad becomes angry when Nikki tries to ask Brad about his past.

Neil and Dru watch as Devon is brought into custody. When Dru tries to talk to Devon, Miss. Davis tells her that he is now in court custody, she can't do anything about it. Devon is distraught, but says that he has nothing to do with the teenage prostitution that he was being arrested for. He will be in a lock down faculty right away. Victor says he might have a solution.

Daniel sees Gina and says hello. He sees Damon and thanks him for helping him with Alex. Daniel wonders what has been wrong with Damon. Damon talks about revenge and says he thinks the only way to achieve justice is to make it himself.

Anita barges into the loft and tells the reverend that her daughter is making a huge mistake. Ever since she met Bobby she has dropped out of school to go and work at his strip club. Anita says that Brittany lied about marrying him to her parents because they knew she didn't approve. Bobby wants to say something. He admits that he operates a gentleman's club, but he works hard. What Brittany's mom hasn't told the reverend is that he loves Brittany. His life has changed ever since he met Brittany. Anita tries to show him out, and he asks that they make another appointment to talk. He believes it is Brittany's decision. He thinks they will have a wonderful life together. They thank him and Anita is furious.

Friday, October 8, 2004

Kevin brooded about Lauren while Gloria and Michael verbally sparred at Michael's apartment. Michael wasn't enthusiastic about Gloria's hopes for her and John. He felt like John deserved better than the game she was playing. Gloria insisted that she was looking for a man like John, who would treat her well. Michael assured her that he did want her to be happy. It was even nice to see her.

After Michael left for work, Gloria asked Kevin what was on his mind. When Kevin said that he'd seen Michael and Lauren together, and it was obvious they were more than friends, Gloria's reaction made him realize that his mother already knew. After questioning, Gloria admitted that she'd gotten the news out of Lauren on the day of the Harvest Dance. Kevin was humiliated all over again that he'd been raving about Lauren when everyone knew he didn't have a chance. Gloria said that Michael would never deliberately hurt him and encouraged him to talk to his brother. Kevin felt betrayed and stormed out of the apartment, saying he'd handle this his own way.

Phyllis called the Georgia Dept. of Paroles and Pardons to get information about Elias's killer. Upon finding out that he would most likely be released from prison, she decided to go to Georgia. Swallowing her pride, she went to ask Christine for her help. Although Chris was surprised, she agreed to stay at the tack house with Daniel while Phyllis went to Georgia.

Daniel ran into Mac at Crimson Lights, and she asked him to sit down. He said he'd made a stupid mistake that had gotten him in trouble, but things were okay now. Mac said that everyone made mistakes. When Daniel tried again to promote a romantic relationship between the two of them, Mac said they could only be friends because of his age. She encouraged him to look around Walnut Grove for a girl he could care about. Disheartened, Daniel left the coffee house. Mac was sitting alone when Kevin walked in, and she started a conversation with "Genoa City's hero."

Lorena Davis listened to Victor's offer to supervise Devon for a few days until they could find him a group home. She went to get an okay from her supervisors while Victor, Dru, and Neil talked to Devon. At first he resisted the idea, but when Victor offered to bunk with him at the rec center, Devon agreed. Lorena returned to let them know that she'd gotten the green light, and Devon, intrigued by Victor's story of growing up an orphan, agreed to cooperate. Although Devon wouldn't look at her or let her touch him, Drucilla assured him that she still loved him and wanted what was best for him. She and Neil thanked Victor before leaving. Jamal agreed to keep an eye on Devon while Victor went to the ranch to get a few things. When Jamal told Devon he was always there if Devon wanted to talk, Devon said he was okay. Later, Lily came in, saw him, and rushed over to throw her arms around him, thankful that he was back.

Nikki continued to question Brad about the family trauma that had led to his family's move to Cleveland. But Brad steadfastly refused to give her any details. He said the door to his past was closed. Maybe she needed to reopen her own old wounds, but he didn't. After he left, Nikki speculated about whether Brad was Joshua's little brother. She called Paul and asked him to meet her at Jabot so they could talk about the investigation.

Brittany confronted J.T. (who had a new haircut) with the accusation that he'd helped her mother try to stop her wedding by telling Anita that Brittany and Bobby were meeting Rev. Palmer. Her mother had rushed in and humiliated her in front of the minister. Brittany said it hadn't worked, however; Rev. Palmer still planned to marry them. J.T. assured her that he and Anita were not conspiring against her. Brittany then cried over the way her parents' attitude was affecting her wedding. It was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, and she knew they'd never give their approval. She rejected J.T.'s offer of a movie to cheer her up, saying she was just going to lie down. J.T. told her that she knew where he was if she needed him.

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