The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 1, 2004 on Y&R

Brittany and Bobby were married. Victor rebuffed Ashley's overtures. Lily suffered a panic attack at school and sought comfort from Kevin. Kevin and Michael clashed over Lauren. Dru was stunned to see Malcolm, who blamed Neil for everything.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 1, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, November 1, 2004

J.T. tries to tell Brittany that he loves her, but when she tells him that Bobby is the man of her dreams, she convinces him otherwise. J.T. says that all he wants is her to be happy. Brittany thanks him and almost kisses him. J.T. accepts that she will marry Bobby and goes to get ready. As the wedding music begins, everyone stands and watches as Brittany walks down the stairs. As J.T. is about to escort her down the aisle the front door opens. Frederick Hodges has decided to come after all. Frederick goes to Brittany and takes her hand. He reluctantly gives her hand to Bobby, but does so respectfully. The reverend reads to them and when it is their turn to say their vows Bobby takes a note from Angelo. At first he is about to read it, but crumbles it up and tells her how much he loves her in his own words. Brittany has tears in her eyes as she expresses her love for Bobby. She says that she has been searching for something and now she has finally found what she was looking for. No one says a word as the reverend says to speak now or forever hold your peace. Before Brittany says I do, she watches a tear fall down J.T.'s face.

A nurse tells Olivia she has a visitor, but when Olivia comes out to see him, the man is gone.

Phyllis tells Dominic that he will never get away with his lies. Dominic grabs Phyllis and throws her on the bed. He takes out a gun and says that he is going to kill her. Damon barges in and hits Dominic's gun out of his hand with his samurai sword. Phyllis tries to stop Damon from rushing at Dominic and as they fight Dominic grabs his gun again. He fires the gun at Damon. Damon throws his sword down on Dominic as Phyllis screams.

As Nikki is finishing up her work at Jabot Ashley comes in. Nikki and Ashley argue about Victor. Ashley tries to say that their relationship is on shaky ground. Nikki says that all Ashley has over her is a baby that was conceived out of a test tube.

Nikki tells Victor that he can't force Abby to spend time with him. She says he may have no choice. She tells him that she has a sinking feeling that her whole future may be hanging on this. Victor wonders how she cannot realize by now that she is the most important person in his life. Nikki holds him and says she needs to go upstairs and spend some time alone with her thought. Victor takes out a pad of paper and begins writing on it. He goes out the door.

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

In the motel room, Phyllis calls an ambulance and tries to comfort a wounded Damon. Phyllis calls Daniel and tells him to rush to the hospital.

Dominic and Damon are taken to the hospital and Olivia informs Phyllis that Damon is in very serious condition. Dominic and Damon are taken to the hospital and Olivia informs Phyllis that Damon is in very serious condition. Later, Olivia receives a phone call that unnerves her.

Michael questions Kevin about his note, thinking he's kidding, but Kevin tells him to be ready for the fight.

At the Chancellor Estate, Brittany pledges her life to Bobby and they are married. At the reception Frederick gives a check to Bobby so they can stay in a nice hotel while his condo renovations are finished. Later at the hotel suite, Brittany tells Bobby that whatever bumps their marriage may face, she will always love him, and he agrees.

Nikki reveals her fears about Ashley making a move on Victor to Sharon, who tells her to have faith in her relationship. Ashley tells Victor her intentions of having a relationship with him, but he tells her he doesn't feel the same. Devastated, she demands he leave.

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Brad came by his house to pick up some files and found Ashley in tears. He guessed that she'd seen Victor and things hadn't gone as she'd hoped. The two agreed to deal with the formality of their divorce with as little upheaval as possible, and Brad assured her that he'd remain part of Abby's life. He left, with Ashley regretting that she'd lost everything because of her fantasies about Victor.

When Victor came home, Nikki correctly assumed that he'd seen Ashley and found out that Ashley wanted him to leave his family for her. When she tried to leave to confront Ashley, Victor stopped her. He said Ashley was suffering enough, and it hadn't been easy to tell her that Nikki was the woman he wanted to spend his life with. Nikki was surprised to hear him say that. Victor didn't want to discuss it anymore and urged Nikki to be the bigger person. She nestled in his arms, happy to hear that he didn't consider Ashley a threat to their marriage.

Dru came to the hospital in response to Olivia's call about Damon. Olivia said she didn't know if there was much likelihood that Damon could recover. Dru said she'd known he was going through something, but she'd never thought he was capable of so much rage. That wasn't the Damon she knew, and if he was acting like that, the whole world was out of whack.

Daniel tried to comfort his mother as she watched the doctors try to revive Damon. When she couldn't tear her eyes away from Damon, Daniel left. Damon was still having a vision of Elias, who told him that Damon had always taken care of him. Elias didn't blame Damon for what had happened to him, and he reminded Damon that he was the one who'd taught him not to hate. Elias said that Phyllis cared about him and didn't want to lose him, but Damon said he wanted to be with Elias. Elias told him that he loved him and would always be in his heart. As Elias faded away, Damon's heart began beating again, to Phyllis's relief.

Jack ran into Nick at the athletic club bar. He told Nick that Jabot was having so many financial troubles right now that they wouldn't be able to hire Sharon. Nick got Jack to agree to give Sharon a job and let Nick cover her salary. Jack wondered if Nick thought that was a good idea; it might backfire on him. Nick said for now, he thought the best thing was to give Sharon a job that would fulfill her.

Lauren couldn't believe that Michael was considering accepting Kevin's challenge to fight. She was afraid Michael would hurt him and thought the whole idea was ridiculous. Michael didn't want to fight him and said he'd do everything he could to avoid it, but it seemed Kevin would never grow up and start dealing with things like an adult.

Lily was reliving Alex's attack on her when Kevin saw her at Crimson Lights. He sat down and got her to tell him what was bothering her. He assured her that Alex would never bother her again; the police wouldn't let that happen. Lily pointed out that the police hadn't been able to protect her from Kevin. Kevin apologized again for the suffering he'd caused her. Lily wondered why creeps were always attracted to her. Kevin said she couldn't blame herself. He'd been drawn to her because she was beautiful and nice. But every man she met wouldn't hurt her. Lily said she'd been angry for a long time because Kevin hadn't been arrested for what he'd done to her, but she supposed if he'd been in jail, he wouldn't have been able to save her from Alex. So apparently things worked out as they were supposed to. She left to go home, while Kevin seemed to feel guilty that he'd been the one who'd set up the situation with Alex in the first place.

Thursday, November 4, 2004

Michael sees Kevin at the coffeehouse and tries to talk to him about wanting to fight him. Kevin says that if Michael is not willing to break up with Lauren then they have nothing to talk about. Michael says goodbye and goes to visit Victor at the Rec Center. Michael tells Victor about Kevin's infatuation with Lauren Fenmore and how Kevin feels betrayed now that Michael is dating her. Victor thinks the story is funny and agrees to let Michael and Kevin duke it out at the Rec Center after hours.

Mac sits down next to J.T. at the coffeehouse and asks him how he is dealing now that Brittany and Bobby are married. J.T. holds his hand to his head and complains about having a major hangover. He admits going to a party after Brittany's wedding and getting together with a girl whose name he can't remember. Mac says that sleeping around isn't going to make J.T. feel any better about his feelings for Brittany. J.T. says that it has nothing to do with Brittany.

Lily tells her parents that she is tired in the morning and is going to stop by the coffeehouse before she goes to school. When she is leaving, Miss Davis comes to the door. Miss Davis tells Neil and Drucilla that Devon will be staying in a new group home. That is, unless they agree to be his mentors. Neil still refuses, saying that they have Lily to worry about. When Miss Davis leaves, Drucilla is disappointed that they let Devon down once again.

When J.T. leaves, Mac and Kevin talk about Lily. Kevin says that Lily has been having a hard time. He tells her that he has this "friend" that feels really guilty about something and can't take it back. Mac wonders if Kevin is talking about himself and if he had something to do with the incident at the Rec Center with Lily.

Damon tells Phyllis that he had been visited by Elias and that his son had brought him back to her. Phyllis says it was a miracle that he survived. Damon wonders if Dominic is really dead. Phyllis says that she lied but Dominic is headed to back to jail now. Damon finally feels peace knowing that he is not a killer. He tells Phyllis that he loves her.

Daniel tells Chris that he is glad that Damon is okay now. He finally feels remorse and can relate knowing that Damon once had a son. He is glad to have the chance to say he is sorry for giving him such a hard time.

The mystery man breaks into Olivia's home and looks at an old picture of Malcolm and Olivia when they were a family. Drucilla stops by and realizes that someone is in the house with her. As she goes to grab the phone, the man grabs her. She gasps. It's Malcolm.

Friday, November 5, 2004

Mac figured out that Kevin had set up the incident with Lily and Alex. She told him that he had to tell Lily the truth. Kevin said he couldn't do that. He'd finally started to get some respect. If he told the truth, people would treat him like a leper again. Mac said that he couldn't get respect by lying; he had to get it by doing the right thing. She told him that she knew what it was like to be afraid that someone was going to rape her. Lily could be scarred for life. Furthermore, she believed that Kevin wanted to be honest. That was why he'd told Mac the truth; he was hoping that someone would push him to take responsibility for his actions.

As Lily stood at her locker at school, listening to Sierra gossip about their friends and a shopping trip, she started having a panic attack. She thought all the boys were watching her and she felt threatened. She ran out of Walnut Grove and went to Crimson Lights, where she bumped into Kevin. He could tell that she was having a meltdown, and he tried to comfort her. But when Lily said that she was afraid every man she saw was going to attack her and that it must be her fault, Kevin insisted that she wasn't the one to blame. He was. Lily looked at him with shock.

Daniel brought Jack to the hospital to give his support to Phyllis. While Daniel went into Damon's room to talk to him, Jack got the whole story of what had happened from Phyllis. He was upset that she'd been in danger and pointed out that many people lost children to gun violence and there were better ways to handle it than Damon had. Phyllis was on the edge of confessing to Jack that she didn't love Damon, but Jack said he wasn't the right person to talk to about her feelings for another man. Instead, he held her while she cried.

Daniel told Damon that he was glad he was alive. He wanted to understand everything that had happened, and Damon promised to explain it all one day. He was too tired to get into it. But he did say that Phyllis had saved him. Damon was touched by Daniel's concern. After Daniel went back to Phyllis and Jack, he listened as his mother told Jack that she loved him. Jack said that he loved her, too. Phyllis said she had to say goodbye to Damon and go to work, and she told Daniel to go to school. When she stopped by Damon's room, she was obviously uncomfortable with the level of gratitude and emotion that Damon expressed for her.

Dru was in shock at the sight of Malcolm. She explained that Nate was in school in England. He'd almost never recovered from Malcolm's death. Olivia had just gone to see him. Malcolm wanted to know the name of the school, because Nate was the reason he'd come back. Drucilla wouldn't tell him; she said he had to talk to Olivia first. When she found out that Malcolm blamed his brother for everything he'd been through, she tried to persuade him to see Neil and talk things out. She told him about Neil's drinking. Malcolm told her that Neil's guilt was justified; he'd been in love with Alex. In fact, Malcolm was surprised to find out that Neil was married to Dru instead of Alex. Dru tried to convince Malcolm how much they had all grieved for him, but Malcolm said she had no idea what he'd been through over the past three years after Neil quickly gave up searching for him. Malcolm then walked out.

Neil went to the rec center to try to talk to Devon, who wanted nothing to do with him. Neil insisted that Devon could be anything he wanted to be, but Devon didn't want to hear it. Neither of them was aware that Malcolm was watching their exchange from a distance. After Neil left, Devon caught Malcolm staring at him. When Malcolm asked for the story on Devon and Neil, Devon told him about living at the Winters home. He got along great with Lily, and Dru had taught him a lot and really cared about him. But Neil hadn't wanted him there. Malcolm asked why he thought that was, and Devon said he just didn't want a kid from the streets living in his home. But they weren't exactly the Cosby family; Neil and Dru, in fact, didn't look at life the same way at all.

At the office, Phyllis could tell something was on Drucilla's mind and asked her about it. Dru finally confessed that Malcolm was alive; she'd seen him. Phyllis was stunned, then asked what Dru planned to do. Dru said she had to tell Neil. Phyllis reminded her that Neil's sense of guilt over Malcolm had driven him to the bottle. If he found out Malcolm was alive and didn't want to see Neil, he might start drinking again. Neil came in, and Phyllis left. But when Neil tried to talk to Drucilla about work, Drucilla couldn't take it. She told Neil that Malcolm was alive.

As Phyllis was leaving the office, she ran into Daniel and Jack, who'd come to keep her from wearing herself out by working. Daniel said that if she wanted to be alone, he could stay with Christine a while longer. Phyllis said she didn't want to be alone. Jack said she wouldn't be; she was going to be with him. The three of them got on the elevator together, looking like a family of three.

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