The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 29, 2004 on Y&R

Arthur left Genoa City. Katherine offered Jack the CEO position at Chancellor Industries. Bobby revealed that he had changed his name from Charles Robert Cassen. Dru didn't like the amount of time Malcolm was spending with Lily. Christine dropped Phyllis' case.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 29, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, November 29, 2004

Kevin tries to tell Daniel about his fight with Michael but Daniel seems a million miles away. Daniel admits that he can't stop thinking about Mac. Kevin thinks that Daniel should give it up because Mac is older than him. Kevin sees Devon and Lily talking at another table and excuses himself to go talk to them.

Mac sees Daniel at the coffeehouse and he tells her that he hasn't done much lately besides going to school and hanging out with Kevin. She wonders if Kevin told him about his involvement at the Rec Center with Lily. He says he did but tries to change the subject by getting her some coffee. When he returns, J.T. and Brittany show up. They have spent the evening out together at a club. J.T. grabs the coffee from Daniel and thanks him. Daniel doesn't think it's very funny, but Mac and J.T. laugh about it. Brittany tells them that the apartment that she and Bobby are renovating hasn't been progressing because they don't really have the money. She wonders how Mac and J.T. would feel about her and Bobby moving back into the loft with them.

Malcolm wants to know how strong Drucilla and Neil's marriage is. He wonders what might have been if Drucilla would have gone with him when he asked her to in Paris. Drucilla says that Malcolm must let go of the past. As she gets up to leave, she sees Kevin sitting with Lily and Devon. Malcolm wonders what's going on, and Drucilla tells Malcolm to stay out of it.

Jill cries as she shows Katherine her letter from Arthur saying goodbye. Katherine is in shock, she can't believe Arthur would leave like this, especially when they were planning on getting married that night. She wonders what Jill must have done to make Arthur leave. Distraught, Katherine goes to the Athletic Club and asks Gina if Arthur has left already. Arthur comes downstairs with his bags and Katherine begs him not to leave. Arthur says he must go because he can't live with them fearing every day that they will turn on him or suspect him. When he leaves Katherine swears that it's Jill's fault.

Bobby tells Nikki that he had a brother once. It was a long time ago, and he mysteriously disappeared at a birthday party. He goes on to tell Nikki that his parents died soon after in a car crash, and his last memories of his mother were her drinking herself in sorrow. Bobby says that soon after he lived with his uncle, and even changed his name. Nikki wonders what Bobby's name was before he changed it to Bobby Marsino. Charles Robert Casein.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Neil and Lily are together at Crimson Lights. Lily tells her dad of her warm feelings towards her Uncle Malcolm and that she doesn't want him to leave town. Malcolm then enters, sees Lily and Neil, and goes over to their table. It's time for Lily to leave for school. She says goodbye to her dad and kisses Malcolm goodbye. Malcolm sits down with Neil, with the friction between them being obvious. Malcolm tells his brother how much Lily reminds him of Dru. Neil tells him that Lily has been through a lot, and Malcolm suspects it has something to do with Kevin Fisher. A waiter comes over to their table and hands Malcolm a work schedule. To Neil's surprise, Malcolm has been hired at Crimson Lights. Neil suspects he wants to work there because it's where Lily and Devon hang out. Malcolm admits to that but also states that it's just a job; a way to get some cash. Neil invites Malcolm for dinner.

Phyllis and Dru are in their office at Newman Enterprises. Phyllis begins questioning Dru about Malcolm, but Dru puts her off, saying she doesn't want to talk about it. Phyllis suspects that Dru really doesn't want Malcolm around and wonders if it is because they had a past relationship. Dru assures Phyllis that she and Neil have a rock-solid marriage and tells Phyllis to stay out of her business and to keep her mouth shut. Sometime later, with Phyllis still probing, Dru's phone rings, and it's Neil saying he wants to invite Malcolm for dinner. She is reluctant but finally tells Neil it will be fine for Malcolm to come for dinner, saying this very nonchalantly, with a smile, obviously for the benefit of the nosey Phyllis.

At the loft, J.T. tells Mac that Brittany and Bobby need a place to stay, as the remodeling of their condo is on hold. Mac is totally against this, stating they are newly married and need their own place and also that Brit married Bobby to experience real life, so let her, Mac states coldly. J.T. reminds Mac that they all helped her when she needed a place to stay, which meant him bunking in with Raul so she could have his room. J.T. asked her just to consider it. Meanwhile, Brit brings Bobby some coffee at the club. They discuss their money problems with the condo, and Brit mentions them staying with Mac and J.T. Bobby flatly refuses, telling Brit he won't stay with a bunch of college kids and that he knows J.T. still likes Brit, so the answer is no. Brit denies this and manages to convince Bobby it's the only way, so they go to the loft to discuss it with J.T. and Mac.

Nikki meets with Paul and informs him she has found out that it's Bobby who is really Charles Robert Cassin, which takes Paul totally by surprise. She tells him how Bobby's parents fell apart over the loss of Joshua, his mother falling into a deep depression and his father becoming an alcoholic. She tells him of their death in a car accident, with Bobby having to go live with his aunt and uncle, having taken their name of Marsino. Bobby's uncle made it obvious he didn't want him around, which led to Bobby getting in trouble and with the wrong crowd. Nikki says she feels totally responsible for all of this. Nikki admits she doesn't know what to tell Bobby or not. Paul tells her there's no rush; if she feels uncertain, do nothing for now. Nikki agrees she won't tell Bobby right now but feels she owes him a lot.

Back at the Chancellor mansion, Jill asks Katherine if she talked to Arthur. Very coldly, Katherine tells Jill she begged him not to leave. Jill states that she now realizes her dad was telling the truth. Katherine tells her Arthur is gone; that he couldn't take it anymore, saying, "It's all your fault!" Jill asks her mother why she let him leave, and Katherine tells her it's because she thought her dad was guilty. Jill tells Katherine she now knows that Harrison lied and forged the insurance policy. Jill told her mother that she very much wanted them all to be a family, but she had to be sure Harrison's allegations were false. Katherine screams that she now has lost this man too because of Jill and proclaims Jill the winner, spewing "I bow to your treachery!"

Jack's timing couldn't be worse. He arrives with a wedding present for Katherine and Arthur. Katherine leaves the room, and Jill confides all to Jack. Jack finds it strange that Arthur would leave if he didn't commit any crime and wonders if Harrison was right after all. Jill tells him Arthur was innocent and that Harrison admitted to forging the insurance policy. They both find it strange that Harrison quit his job at the hospital and left town. Jill tells Jack that Katherine now hates her and that she's lost everything....her mother and her father. Jack reassures her that Katherine will come around. Katherine enters the room. Jill attempts to talk to her mother; Katherine says, "Don't even bother to talk to me." Jill leaves because Katherine wants to talk with Jack alone. Kay tells Jack she has a proposition for him.....he looks intrigued.

Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Katherine repeated her offer to Jack to become the CEO of Chancellor Industries. She said he had exactly the skills she was looking for. Jack suggested that she might consider Jill for the position, but Katherine said that wasn't an option. She didn't trust Jill. Jack said he would consider it and left.

When Jill came downstairs, she suggested to Katherine that the two of them should be consoling each other about Arthur's absence. Katherine said she blamed Arthur's leaving on Jill. Jill said that it was strange that Arthur hadn't been willing to defend himself to her against Harrison's accusations.

When Katherine told her that she'd offered Jack the CEO position, Jill was startled, saying her mother hadn't even considered her for the job. Katherine pointed out that Jill hadn't applied for it, and besides, she couldn't trust Jill. Jill reminded her that she was the one who'd first distrusted Elliott Hampton and had gotten Jack to scrutinize Elliott's business dealings. Katherine pointed out that Jill had backed off her accusations of wrongdoing once she started sleeping with Elliott. Jill insisted that Katherine was just trying to punish her, and it was a petty, vindictive act meant to hurt her. She wasn't going to stay around and let Katherine make her feel bad, so she left the house.

Gloria went to see John at the office on her way to a nail appointment and was slightly alarmed to hear of Jabot's financial troubles. She suggested that maybe his children should be helping him instead of obsessing over her. She didn't understand why grownups were still living at home with their father. John said that was the Abbotts' way, and even if Ashley was making things unpleasant, at least Jack was being open-minded. But it didn't matter. John would stand with her against the suspicions of the family.

When Jack came in, Gloria left, and Jack told his father about Katherine's offer. The two men expressed their sadness over the way Victor had spoiled their dream of working side by side for the family's company. However, John pointed out that Katherine was one of his oldest friends, and it was a great position for Jack to take. John would support him whatever he decided. Later, Jack was sitting alone when Jill came in and said she hoped he was going to turn Katherine down.

Bobby and Brittany showed up at the loft to talk about the possibility of moving in until their condo was finished. At first J.T. was all for it, but Mac said she didn't want to do it. She thought it was ridiculous that newlyweds, especially one with Bobby's maturity, would be living with a couple of college students. J.T. then changed his mind when Bobby started talking about laying down some ground rules.

Brittany asked to speak to J.T. alone. When they talked, she tearfully told him that she and Bobby needed to dig themselves out of the financial hole they were in. If they didn't, it might ruin their relationship. J.T. relented and the two went back inside, interrupting Bobby's conversation with Mac in which he suggested that Mac might want to live alone with J.T. because she was interested in him romantically. Already flustered by Bobby, when J.T. said he was willing to try to make the four of them living together work, Mac left in a huff, saying they were going to do whatever they wanted no matter what she thought.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel was reading Kevin the riot act. If he didn't leave Lily alone, Kevin was going to end up driving her to tell her parents the truth about what had happened with Alex. Kevin said that his conscience was bothering him; he was sincerely sorry for all the ways he'd hurt people. Daniel said he was going to be regretting it from jail if he wasn't careful. He also took Kevin to task for not talking him up to Mac, like he'd promised. Kevin agreed to disparage J.T. and support Daniel the next time he talked to Mac.

When Mac walked in, Daniel left, and Kevin approached Mac at the counter. She was still steaming about her encounter in the loft, and Kevin used the opportunity to get in a few digs at J.T. Mac said he was right; there was no way she was living with J.T., Brittany, and Bobby. Was Kevin interested in getting a place together?

Nikki was at the club, brooding about the revelation that Bobby Marsino was actually Joshua Casein's younger brother. While she was trying to decide what to do, Victor called. He couldn't say when he'd be home, and he was annoyed to hear that she was spending so much time at the club. The two of them hung up after a few harsh words. When Bobby came in complaining about the living arrangement at the loft, Nikki offered the guest suite at the ranch to Bobby and Brittany. Bobby accepted, and Nikki left to tell Miguel to get everything ready. When Brittany came in, Bobby told her the new plan, and she gave him a stunned look.

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Jill can't believe Jack is considering taking the position of CEO at Chancellor Industries. She thinks that the position is her birthright and that Katherine is offering the position to Jack out of spite. Jack wonders why Jill didn't inform her mother that she wanted the position. He apologizes but he is still considering taking it.

Paul sees Ashley at the coffeehouse and they talk about what it's like being alone for the holidays. He asks her if she thinks that her and Brad will ever get back together. Ashley says that she has burned too many bridges during their marriage for it to ever recover.

Bobby tells Brittany that the good news is Nikki has offered her home to them until they can get back on their feet. Brittany is confused; she thought they would be staying at the loft. Bobby tries to explain to her that staying with her college friends isn't exactly his cup of tea. Brittany says that if Bobby wants to go stay at the ranch he can go without her. Bobby doesn't like Brittany's "my way or the highway" attitude. He says that they are married and together they will go to Nikki's whether she likes it or not. Brittany pouts but goes with him.

Katherine goes to see Nikki at the ranch to tell her about her situation with Arthur and Jill. Nikki suggests to Katherine that maybe this wasn't Jill's fault. Katherine gets angry and thinks that Nikki may be on Jill's side. Nikki says that family is the most important thing. Katherine can tell something is on Nikki's mind. Nikki says that Bobby and Brittany are going to be staying at the ranch for awhile. When Brittany and Bobby arrive, Brittany seems to have changed her tune. She tells Nikki that she's really excited about riding the horses.

Neil is at the coffeehouse when Nick calls with an urgent message. When he gets off the phone, Drucilla can tell that Nick is exercising his authority over Nick maybe a little too much. Neil won't say anything about it though. Drucilla tells Neil that next time he wants to invite someone over he should give her a little more time. Neil doesn't understand because Malcolm is family. He tells Drucilla about Malcolm's new job at the coffeehouse.

Nick tells Neil that he wants to drop the beauty pageant. Neil is really upset that Nick keeps cutting the projects he has been working on. Neil tells Nick that he can tell Drucilla himself that he is cutting the pageant. Nick says that he wants to work with Neil, but only if they can get along. Neil says he will do him a favor and throws his papers at him and leaves.

Victor shows up to see Nick looking out the window just like he does all the time. Nick is surprised to see Victor back so soon and says that Nikki must be pleased to have him home. Victor says that he hasn't been there yet; he wanted to drop in and see how things were going for Nick. Nick wonders if Victor's coming back means his position is over once again.

As Christine tries to talk to Detective Weber professionally; Phyllis keeps butting in and making her case worse. When they are alone, Christine says that Phyllis needs to keep her mouth shut. Phyllis promises but when Weber returns he says he has some more evidence against Phyllis.

Malcolm tries to reach Olivia at the hospital but she doesn't answer her page. He leaves a message on her voice mail stating that he doesn't agree with the way Olivia is handling the situation with Nate. He wants to see him.

Daniel goes to see Damon and they talk about Damon's experience with death. Damon asks Daniel how he's been handling the ordeal with his mother. Daniel seems worried. Malcolm walks by and recognizes Daniel. He heard that Phyllis is in trouble and that Damon was involved. Damon doesn't seem too happy about a man asking all kinds of questions about his and Phyllis' personal life. Malcolm tries to explain that he is only worried about Phyllis.

Friday, December 3, 2004

Brittany had a long talk with Nikki about Bobby. She was sure he'd had a difficult childhood and had never felt loved, so Nikki's kindness toward him was something that Brittany greatly appreciated. While Brittany was talking, Nikki got tearful, feeling responsible for the way Bobby's life had turned out. She wouldn't admit that anything was wrong. Brittany worried that if Victor returned, he might not agree with his wife's decision to have houseguests. Nikki said it could be months before Victor's return.

Nicholas was surprised to see his father show up at Newman Enterprises and wondered if this was the end of Nick's stint as CEO. Victor assured him that he wasn't there to take the business back, nor was he going to second-guess Nick's decisions. He'd simply missed his son and wanted to connect with him on his way back into town. Nick wondered why he'd come home if he hadn't found all the answers he was looking for, and Victor said he was home because he missed Nikki. Nick was sure his mother would be happy to hear that.

Bobby told Mrs. Chancellor that he felt like Victor wasn't a very attentive husband. Katherine said that in some ways, Bobby and Victor were alike. Just because Victor didn't have a lot of male friends didn't mean he didn't want them. Bobby said that was fair enough. After Mrs. Chancellor warned Bobby not to take advantage of Nikki, she left the Newman house. Later, Nikki and Bobby talked alone. Bobby asked if he was imposing on their friendship, and Nikki reminded him that she was the one who'd issued the invitation to stay at the ranch; Bobby had even argued with her about it. She was glad they were there. Bobby then asked what was troubling Nikki so much about her past. Nikki said she couldn't talk about it, and after telling her that she knew where he was if she ever needed to talk, Bobby went upstairs. Nikki was shocked when Victor walked in. When he didn't get the warm homecoming he expected, he asked Nikki what she wasn't telling him. She said she hadn't expected him home so soon and had made a decision he wasn't going to like. Before she could explain, Bobby joined them, much to Victor's shock.

Ashley and Paul had a long talk at the coffee house about regrets and how things from the past could affect the present. When Paul said he had a client going through the same thing, Ashley tried to get information from him, but Paul didn't tell her anything. She brought up his old friendship with Nikki and commented that Nikki didn't really seem like herself these days, wondering if Nikki blamed her for that. Paul assured her that she wasn't Nikki's biggest concern. Again, he evaded Ashley's questions. He then asked her about Brad's past, but when she wondered if there was something she should know, he brushed it off as mere curiosity. They wished each other a happy holiday and Ashley left.

Christine was annoyed when Phyllis once again wouldn't keep her mouth shut when Detective Weber presented more evidence in his case against her. The police knew about Phyllis's phone call to Damon just before the altercation with Dominic, and it looked even more like Phyllis and Damon had conspired to get revenge on Elias's killer. After Weber left, Christine blasted Phyllis for forgetting to mention the phone call, and also for letting Weber goad her into saying more than she should have. As far as Christine was concerned, Phyllis was making it impossible to represent her; Phyllis should start looking for another attorney.

Phyllis went to the hospital to see Damon, who was going to be released that night. She told him that Weber was even more determined to prove that Damon and Phyllis had set up Dominic and planned to kill him. Damon couldn't seem to take it seriously. As they were talking, the police wheeled out Dominic on their way to putting him in jail. Dominic mocked Damon and Phyllis, saying he'd see them behind bars soon. After they were gone, Phyllis vowed that it was time to get creative in taking action against Dominic.

When Malcolm arrived at the Winters' home, no one was there but Drucilla. Neil, Devon, and Lily were out picking up food. Taking the opportunity to talk privately, Drucilla accused Malcolm of having the power to disrupt her home. Lily had already been through so much; Drucilla felt fiercely protective of her family. Confused as to what Drucilla was accusing him of, Malcolm decided to leave, but the others came home before he could get out the door. As they ate the Ethiopian food Neil had brought home, Malcolm talked easily to Lily and Devon about African customs and culture. Lily wanted Malcolm to take her to Africa, and after uncomfortable silence from Drucilla and Neil, Malcolm said maybe that would be possible some day. Lily asked him about some of his experiences there, and Malcolm clammed up. When the others went out to buy ice cream, Malcolm again questioned why Drucilla considered him such a threat.

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