The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 17, 2005 on Y&R

Brittany became jealous of Nikki. Brittany asked J.T. about the whereabouts of Joshua's body. Colleen got back together with J.T. Phyllis disguised herself as a reporter and attempted to convince the D.A. not to proceed with the case against Damon.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 17, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, January 17, 2005

Bobby offers Nikki some coffee as she comes downstairs for breakfast. He tells her that Victor has asked her to meet him at Jabot. Nikki wonders what Victor would be doing at Jabot. She offers once again to help Bobby with anything he may need. He says that he has decided to go back to work. After Bobby leaves, Brittany comes downstairs. When she finds out that Bobby hadn't left for work immediately, she is angry with Nikki. Nikki tries to tell Brittany that she isn't trying to get closer to Bobby. But to be blunt, Nikki doesn't think that Brittany is doing anything to help Bobby's situation.

As Victor talks to Ashley about cutting people at Jabot, Ashley is staring off into space. She apologizes but explains to Victor that she's worried she will lose her family over this. Victor tells her that he will still back out if she wants him to. Ashley still thinks having Victor help will be the best thing for Jabot and the children that will someday inherit the company.

Nikki comes in to find out that Ashley has hired Victor as a consultant for Jabot to get the company back on its feet. Victor admits he feels sorry for Ashley and wants to someday be able to help Abby. When Ashley goes to Nikki to discuss hiring Victor, Nikki puts her foot down. She knows what Ashley is up to.

Jack, Gloria and John sit down for breakfast and discuss Victor's involvement with Jabot. Jack is angry and determined to convince John that involving Victor is the wrong thing to do. John says that he didn't stop Ashley because she thinks this is the only way to solve the company. Gloria sticks up for John and tells Jack to be kind to John. Later, Gloria introduces herself to Victor Newman.

Lily is upset that Malcolm has cut her out of his life for awhile. Drucilla tries to explain to Lily that Malcolm is going through personal issues and needs some time alone. Lily thinks Drucilla knows something about Malcolm that she is hiding. Neil comes home and sees how upset Lily is. Drucilla tries to pawn it off as something unimportant, but Neil pursues the questioning. Neil suggests that maybe he talk to Malcolm, but Drucilla insists that he doesn't.

Malcolm comes back to Olivia's after a run and tells her that he took her up on her idea to ask Lily for more space. Olivia says that she didn't say that he shouldn't spend time with her at all. Malcolm says he knows what he did was right; he just hates to see Lily hurt by it. Once he finds out the truth about the paternity test, then he will be at peace.

Malcolm runs into Phyllis at the coffeehouse and they discuss her case. Phyllis hopes she has some information that can set both her and Damon free. Malcolm explains that he actually got along with Damon the last time that they talked. Malcolm asks questions about Damon's love life. Phyllis figures out that maybe the woman Malcolm said that he met earlier might be Adrienne. Just then, Adrienne shows up at the coffeehouse to say hello to Malcolm.

Colleen goes to see J.T. at the loft and runs into Mac. Colleen asks Mac to tell her the truth about the way she feels about J.T. She admits nothing but doesn't disagree that she may have thought about it once before. Colleen asks Mac if J.T. had dated anyone while she was away. Mac says to ask J.T. himself. J.T. walks in and wonders what the two of them were talking about. They pawn it off as "girl stuff." When they are alone, Colleen wonders how J.T. feels about her. When they both realize that they still have feelings yet are still confused about their futures, Colleen is glad to know they are on the same page. Just then, Brittany pounds on the door. She is happy J.T. is there because she is frantic. J.T. says that maybe it's not a great time.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Ashley and Nikki are in the Jabot office discussing the addition of Victor to the company. Ashley thinks Nikki still suspects her of trying to devise ways of having Victor for herself; Ashley vehemently denies to Nikki that this is her motive. Ashley lets Nikki know that she sees why she can't trust her, and Ashley further stresses to Nikki that she and Victor are over. Nikki stares at Ashley, telling her that what she thought she had with Victor was really nothing. Ashley then requests that Nikki, as a major stockholder of Jabot, keep an eye on Victor in regards to his dealings at Jabot. Nikki then suspects that Ashley may be having second thoughts about hiring Victor in the first place. Ashley says she trusts Victor but wants Nikki to let her know, just the same, if he has ulterior motives.

Gloria is in Victor's office at Jabot. She tells him how surprised she is that Ashley hired him because of all the flack she has received from the rest of the family. Gloria chides that she's not sure if he is John D. Rockefeller or Satan and wonders if she should listen to friends or enemies. Her real questions is what help is he really giving Jabot. Gloria admits she has an ulterior motive about why she's questioning Victor... that being her concern for John, as he's not taking this well. Victor assures her that he's always had respect for John and that he's only here to help Ashley save the company. Gloria lets on to Victor that Jack is sure Victor is there setting things up in order to take over Jabot and will leave John with nothing. Victor enlightens Gloria about Jack, stressing that she needs to see Jack for what he really is. Victor explains to her that he himself is a billionaire many times over, so what would he need with a company like Jabot; he has better things to do. Seemingly having a lot to think about, Gloria leaves the office, and Victor gets back to work.

Brittany is with J.T. at the loft going on and on about how she needs his help, yet again, when she suddenly sees Colleen standing there. At this, Colleen starts to leave, suggesting to J.T. that they meet at the coffee house later. J.T., understandably somewhat fed up with Brit, tells her that her reasons for interrupting he and Colleen better be good. She goes on to tell J.T. more about what she sees as a bonding between Bobby and Nikki and how much this bothers her. She tells J.T. about Bobby's explanation of what really happened to his brother and about the skeleton they found. J.T. stresses he didn't find it... the construction people at the recreation center discovered it. Brittany wants to know where the skeleton is now. J.T. tells her the police have it in their custody and wonders why she wants to know, sensing that she's up to something. He leaves to meet Colleen.

Over at Crimson Lights, Malcolm brings Adrienne some coffee and proceeds to inquire if she plans to stay in town. She tells him that she's finding reasons not to leave, one being because of certain people. Adrienne then asks if Malcolm likes astronomy because she knows of a class that's being offered. Sensing some lack of enthusiasm on his part, she then suggests possibly a French chef's class. Malcolm is still not enthused, but he says he appreciates the offer. He then lets her know that he enjoys her company but feels they should cool it for a while. Adrienne seems quite hurt by this. She doesn't understand... she thought they had been enjoying each other's company. Malcolm agrees this is true, but this is just what he wants for right now. Adrienne senses there's something else to this. She does let him know that she has a date with Damon this afternoon.

Over at another table sits Michael and Kevin. Michael seems so frustrated with Phyllis' case that he's even talking to Kevin about it. Michael, seeming to realize that he's actually talking to Kevin about a legal case, changes the subject and asks how Kevin's job hunting is coming, adding that he will feel a lot better about himself once he finds a job and can get his own apartment. Kevin then brings out the want ads, and they begin checking for jobs. After not finding too much in there that he can do, Kevin inquires how Lauren is doing. Michael says they haven't had that much time together lately. Kevin advises his brother not to ignore her; Michael shoots Kevin a rather exasperated look.

Phyllis and Damon are discussing their case, adding that Michael and Paul will be joining them later. Phyllis is becoming frustrated because Damon seems to be giving up on the case. Damon lets her know that he can cope with the case himself and doesn't hesitate to add that he has a date later with Adrienne to go horseback riding. Paul now joins them, adding that Christine is away on business. Shortly after, Michael walks in, obviously discouraged over the case, but Paul reminds them all that he has been working on some angles. They then start talking about Phyllis' latest wacky plan, with Michael telling all that he's leaving Phyllis on her own with this. Phyllis then leaves; Damon follows; Michael looks worried.

Adrienne and Damon have met for their date; they are at the stables. Adrienne seems clouded in sadness, admitting being here among the horses brings back memories for her. As her eyes lock on to a saddle, she seems to have a flashback, briefly breaking down. Damon asks if she wants to leave. Something is obviously going through her mind as the tears begin to flow. She remembers that Elias used to have a saddle like that. They are both reminded of their son, Elias, and his horse, Cinnamon. Adrienne laments about how good things were until that fateful day when Damon took his son to his riding lesson, and in a heartbeat their little son was gone. Damon starts going over the 'what-ifs'... Adrienne stresses it was not his fault, that no one could have known Elias would be shot. They try to connect over happier times. Damon tells Adrienne it's good to see her smiling, and she assures him that she's stronger now. She remembers it's been eight years since she rode, but she says she's ready to take a ride again now.

Michael is now alone in the office. Lauren enters as he is deep in thought. He's quite startled, but very happy to see her. He doesn't want to talk shop and wonders if she has a little lacy surprise on like last time she surprised him at the office... they begin kissing. After a while, Michael suggests they go horseback riding at Victor's ranch, telling her that Victor has given him permission to ride whenever he wants. Lauren is not sure; she's scared of horses and resists but finally gives in. Michael wins, and they leave.

We are now at the office of District Attorney, Glenn Richards. A reporter by the name of Ms. King enters to interview Mr. Richards. 'Ms. King' begins discussing the Dominic Hughes case. The charade continues... is Richards suspicious?

Colleen is at Crimson Lights obviously waiting there for J.T., when Zack, her boyfriend from New York, walks up and greets her with a kiss. Colleen seems rather pleasantly surprised. He tells her he took a semester off from college. He is going to travel across the country and wants her to come with him. After a brief moment of thought, Colleen turns the invitation down. As Zack continues trying to convince her, J.T. walks over to their table. Zack and J.T. just stare at each other. Colleen begins to squirm...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ashley defended her decision to hire Victor as a consultant to Brad. Brad told her she was delusional if she trusted Victor after all the damage he'd done to them already. Ashley said that bankruptcy was a bad option because it would cause their customers to lose faith in them. Victor had found a way to keep their creditors at bay so they could restructure without the taint of bankruptcy. Brad reminded her that his fortune was invested in Jabot and said she'd had no right to make the decisions she had without talking to her colleagues. As the two were fighting, John came in from playing with Abby outside. Abby was feeling sick, and Brad and Ashley put their differences aside to take care of their little girl.

Michael tried to talk Lauren into riding horses, but she confessed that even though she'd grown up riding, she'd never liked it. She'd done it to please her father. Michael shared his fantasy of the two of them riding horses, and Lauren persuaded him to enjoy a little romp in the hay instead. After they made love, they heard someone coming inside the stable and buried themselves in the hay.

Damon and Adrian were just coming back from a ride that had made both of them feel better. As Lauren and Michael listened, Damon talked about his legal case and his trust in Christine. He said that Michael was a brilliant attorney as well, but he was almost robotic in his devotion to work. Damon wasn't sure he ever relaxed. As Adrian and Damon's conversation grew more personal, he ended up kissing her. At first a little hesitant, Adrian kissed him back, and he carried her to the hay. But as they sank down, Michael and Lauren sat up, commenting on Damon's earlier remarks about Michael. After Lauren and Michael got dressed and she pushed him from the stable, Damon and Adrian began laughing.

At the coffee house, J.T. was less than thrilled to meet Zach and find out that he wanted Colleen to join him on a cross-country road trip. J.T. made his exit without expressing his feelings to Colleen. Zach then pitched his idea to Colleen again, begging her to join him and assuring her how much fun it would be. Colleen looked a little troubled.

Kevin came to the loft to cheer up Mac, who'd sounded a little down on the phone. She admitted that she wasn't proud of something she'd said earlier to Colleen. Kevin correctly guessed that Mac had feelings for J.T. and was worried that J.T. was more interested in Colleen. He told her that he'd seen Colleen kissing another guy earlier at the coffee house, so Mac might not have anything to worry about. While they were talking, J.T. came in and demanded that Kevin leave. When Mac tried to protest, Kevin said that he was going and Mac didn't have to take up for him. But when Kevin left, Mac went with him, annoyed by J.T.'s behavior.

J.T. was frustrated that Mac had left and in a bad mood about Colleen and Zach. When he answered a knock on the door, Colleen was standing there. She told him that she'd opted not to join Zach on his road trip because what she really wanted was to stay in Genoa City. J.T. said he hoped she wasn't doing that for him. Colleen said her feelings depended on what J.T. felt. The two of them finally admitted that they still had feelings for each other, J.T. assuring Colleen with a kiss that he still loved her. They decided to relax and see what happened next.

Disguised as a reporter from Georgia, Phyllis talked to Glenn Richards about the possibility of including Dominic Hughes in a story she was writing about parole violators. She pointed out that it was a compelling story that the D.A. took the word of a convicted felon in violation of his parole over the father of a murdered son. When Glenn told her that their meeting was over, she said that was okay. She still had to get a different side of the story from the attorneys, Christine and Michael.

Paul had called Hank Weber to his office to talk to him about Damon's case. He wondered if Hank was as gung-ho about going after Damon as Glenn Richards was. Paul asked if anything on the crime scene contradicted Damon's story that his attack on Dominic was self defense. Hank said that even if Damon's feelings about Dominic were valid, most people didn't go around carrying a sword. Their meeting was cut short when Phyllis showed up still wearing her disguise. She backed out of the office saying she'd make an appointment with Christine's secretary for an interview. After Hank left, Phyllis hurried back into Paul's office, both of them relieved that Hank hadn't seemed to suspect anything. Phyllis said she thought she'd given Glenn Richards something to think about.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Due to news coverage of the Presidential Inauguration, today's episode was pre-empted. This pre-emption was planned for and there will be no lost episodes. Regular broadcasting will resume tomorrow and pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

Friday, January 21st, 2005

Abby was feeling a little better, so after Ashley put her to bed, Brad and Ashley agreed that they needed to start putting Abby's needs first. Brad had to leave for a meeting with Victor; Ashley begged him to try to meet Victor halfway.

In the Jabot boardroom, Victor let the corporate attorney know that the legal staff would have to go. It was more cost effective to contract an attorney on an as-needed basis. Later, in his meeting with Brad, Victor urged him to speak whatever was on his mind. Brad said that several merchandisers and vendors didn't trust Victor, seeing him as Jabot's destroyer, and would only do business with Brad.

Jack ran into Phyllis at the athletic club restaurant. When he heard about her latest scheme to disguise herself as a reporter and rattle Glenn Richards, he was frustrated and disapproving. He said she should be satisfied with clearing her own name and not cause herself more trouble by this new scam. Phyllis agreed that she was loyal to her friends to a fault. The two talked in veiled terms about hopes for them as a couple before Phyllis left.

In the law offices, Christine gave Michael and Paul a dressing down for going along with Phyllis's scheme. They said they couldn't stop her; their cooperation had been more a means of damage control. Christine said they could all lose their licenses for staying quiet about Phyllis's fraud. They broke their meeting off when Chris got a call from Phyllis asking her to meet her for dinner. When she got to the restaurant, she didn't recognize Phyllis in disguise. When she realized what was going on, she tried to leave, but Phyllis warned her not to blow her cover or they'd all end up in trouble.

Hank Weber talked again to Dominic Hughes, who wouldn't back off his story that he'd merely shot Damon in self-defense. Later, Hank met Glenn at the athletic club restaurant to tell him that Dominic wasn't changing his story. When Michael walked up to the two men, Glenn spotted "Saundra," Phyllis's alter ego, talking to Christine. Michael pretended not to know what was going on, and as Glenn complained about the publicity she could cause, Hank said there was something about "Saundra" he wasn't buying.

Drucilla went to see Malcolm at Crimson Lights, complaining again about the trouble he was causing her family. Malcolm wouldn't back down from wanting the paternity test done. After Dru left, he called Neil and asked him to come to the coffee house. When Neil arrived, he berated Malcolm for the distress he was causing Lily and said he was tired of Malcolm's attitude toward his family. Malcolm told him not to walk out and began telling him the story of Africa and why he had a void in his heart.

Sierra and Devon were studying with Lily. When Sierra wondered why Lily was so down, Devon said it was because of Malcolm. He didn't understand Lily's unwillingness to let Malcolm have his space. Sierra sympathized with Lily, who was crushed that Malcolm wanted her to stay away from him. Lily was suddenly struck with an idea of a way to reach Malcolm and got the other two to go with her to Crimson Lights. While Sierra distracted Trevor, Devon slipped something behind the counter while Lily waited on the patio.

Olivia went to see Drucilla, who was still upset about her meeting with Malcolm. Olivia pointed out that this situation had been troubling Malcolm for years. She agreed that he had the right to know the truth, but she believed whatever the outcome, Malcolm would do what was best for Lily. Drucilla wasn't so sure.

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