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Phyllis' plan was successful. Brittany and Bobby tried to get Joshua's remains back. Nikki told Detective Weber the truth about the shooting. Nick demanded that Sharon work for Newman Enterprises. Victor was furious to find out that Jabot had hired Sharon without a contract.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 24, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, January 24, 2005

Chris is shocked to see that Phyllis dressed up as a reporter and wants to leave. Phyllis begs her to stay and pretend to interview with her. Meanwhile; Weber, District Attorney Richards and Michael are having a meeting. Weber can't stop staring at the reporter and goes over to talk to her. He tells her that he has family from Georgia and doesn't recognize her accent. Phyllis "The reporter" tells him that she is originally from Louisiana but Weber doesn't seem to buy that either. Chris says she has to leave and Phyllis goes after her. Phyllis asks Chris for a ride but Chris refuses. Weber is immediately on the phone with the Georgia newspaper in question.

Dressed in her Georgia reporter outfit, Phyllis shows up at Jack's to ask him for a ride home. He doesn't recognize her at first and is disappointed with Phyllis' schemes that he's sure will lead her into trouble. Suddenly, Weber comes to the door, having tracked Phyllis' cab to his home.

Brad has a meeting with Victor and says that he's sure people will rebel, and he will be one of them. Brad promises that he will have nothing to do with Victor being a part of Jabot and that he will do everything in his power to make sure Victor will never be. Victor concludes that the meeting is over, and Brad says that it never even existed.

Ashley goes to see Victor to find out how the meeting with Brad went. Victor says there is something they must do about Brad.

Malcolm tries to explain to Neil how and why he has changed since he has been to Africa. He says the people there lived and poverty but were good to him, and they took him in. Malcolm said that he always felt something missing in his life, and he knew it was his family. But now Malcolm doesn't really know how he fits into this new family. Neil is relived to finally have a heart to heart conversation with Malcolm, and the two decide to have a truce.

Sierra is proud that they have set up all the pictures so Malcolm will find them. Lily is sure that her plan will work; she is determined not to lose Malcolm without a fight. When Malcolm finds the pictures and Lily shows up to surprise him, Malcolm wonders if his words got to her. He tells her that his original words were true, leave him alone.

Lily runs home upset about Malcolm and doesn't want to talk about it. Drucilla waits until Lily is asleep and swabs her mouth.

Brittany goes to see Weber but ends up talking to another agent about the remains of Joshua Cassein. The detective has a lot of questions for her and Bobby shows up in the middle of it. When Brittany tells Bobby why she is there, he is truly happy that they were there for the same reason. When the detective asks if they are ready for questioning, Bobby says that the people involved are important. Brittany can't believe Bobby would go so far to protect Nikki.

Adrienne is cracking up about the stable incident when they found Michael and Lauren in the haystack. Damon is happy that they can finally talk again. Adrienne says that she is still sad talking about Elias with him, but she feels that he is the only one she can talk to about him. Damon says that spending time with Adrienne is precious, and they should be making every moment count.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

by Jillian

Phyllis is in the Abbott living room with Jack, still in disguise as reporter, 'Sandra King'....Jack is obviously enticed by her role-playing. There's a knock at the door; it is Detective Webber stating that he had a cab follow 'Sandra King' to this address and that he is aware that the woman is really Jack's ex-wife. Webber wants to come in, and Jack tells him no way without a search warrant, closing the door in Webber's face. Jack then calls out to Phyllis, as Webber peers at them through the glass window of the front door.

Michael Baldwin and District Attorney Glenn Richards are at the jail interviewing Dominic. Michael states he finds it very suspicious that Dominic would come to Genoa City where he has no relatives, family or other ties, and further reminds him that leaving Georgia was a parole violation. With a lewd look in his eyes, he tells Michael he had an attraction for Phyllis. Michael then mentions his attempted rape of Phyllis, with Mr. Richards listening intently to all of it. Dominic argues that he has done nothing wrong, has paid his debt to society, and that Michael is just trying to mess up his head. Michael then asks him why he bought the gun. He says it's because he was scared Damon would be following him. On hearing that, Michael surmises that he really got the gun for the sole purpose of shooting Damon Porter to make SURE he wouldn't follow him. Dominic denies this, saying he only wanted Damon off his back, and this is the only reason he bought the gun. Michael then informs him that they are aware he and his accomplice, Fuzzy, were planning to hold up a convenience store; Dominic denies this. Michael then calls out for Paul. Paul enters, with Fuzzy in tow; he's out on bail in exchange for telling the truth about Dominic. He tells them the holdup was all Dominic's idea, that he planned the whole thing. Dominic denies all of this and suddenly lunges at Fuzzy. Dominic is handcuffed and removed from the room. Michael then looks at Glenn Richards and asks if he's now it all over? Richards then tells Michael that indeed it's all over and that he has won. Richards knows now that he would never have a chance at convicting either Phyllis or Damon.

After a short while, there's another knock at the door. Jack comes's Webber again. Jack becomes exasperated, his dislike of this man being obvious, as he reminds Webber of how he falsely accused Phyllis of setting the pool house fire a while back and was responsible for her having spent time in jail. Webber, relentless with his quest, tells Jack that they both know that the woman reporter is really Phyllis in disguise and tries to get Jack to admit it. Jack again closes the door, and Webber forces it open. As he continues to stand in Jack's doorway, his cell phone rings. After hanging up, he tells Jack to go get Phyllis; that he's sure she will want to hear what he has to say. Webber, with a sly grin, says he knew ALL ALONG it was Phyllis. He then informs them that all charges have been dropped against both Phyllis and Damon. Phyllis, unable to resist toying with Webber, uses her little southern drawl to tell him thank you. Webber leaves....Phyllis and Jack embrace, both obviously very relieved.

Dru is at home asleep, obviously having a nightmare where she is saying a tearful goodbye to Lily. Lily is sobbing, as Malcolm asks her if she's ready to go with him. In this horrible dream, Malcolm tells Lily that since he is her father, he wants her all to himself. Dru attacks Malcolm; he then pulls Lily away, stating that they have a plane to catch. Dru feels Lily shaking her...."It was a nightmare" says Lily. They embrace, and Lily consoles her mother. Lily expresses her confusion about her Uncle Malcolm and questions if everything is okay, suspecting that something is not right. Dru denies this and assures Lily that she'll always be there for her. Lily tells Dru that she's sure her uncle is mad at her. Dru tells her that's not the case, stating only that Malcolm has issues. Lily thinks she's one of these issues, wondering why else he d be upset with her.

Bobby and Brittany are at the police station talking to an officer regarding Joshua's death. Bobby tells the officer that he wants his brother's remains released to him. The officer tells Bobby that he will need proof that the remains are indeed those of his brother; after all, the case has been cold for many years. He also said he will have to interview Nikki before this can occur. Bobby tells him he would like to keep Nikki out of this, as she's trying to move on with her life after remembering the whole trauma, but the officer says he can't close the case until he interviews her. Brittany quickly tells Bobby not to even worry about Nikki. After a moment, Bobby agrees but says he wants to talk with her first, which causes the officer to cast Bobby a rather curious look.

Nikki and Brad are together discussing how Victor and Ashley will be working side by side since she has hired him as a consultant for Jabot. He is still convinced that Victor is out to take over the company and that Ashley will do anything he says. Nikki disagrees....she tells Brad that Ashley asked her to keep an eye on Victor during his time as temporary consultant. She tells Brad to just accept this and do his job. Brad won't accept this, further informing her that Victor has pink-slipped the entire legal department of Jabot, and that he plans to pool all the employees together in an effort to oust Victor. Nikki leaves, and Brad makes a call to Bill Mitchell, telling him that he won't give up this fight.

At the same time, Ashley and Victor are having their own discussion where Victor informs her he wants to fire Brad. He feels that the personal animosity Brad has for him is clouding his judgment as a businessman. Ashley is very much against terminating Brad, further stating that maybe Brad was right about Victor's intentions after all and that Brad's point of view is vitally important to running the company. Victor feels he will impede all their decisions. Ashley sternly tells Victor that as CEO of Jabot, her decision is final and that they are NOT getting rid of Brad!

Damon and Adrienne are out having dinner together, having a discussion about their present relationship. Damon tells her that if he is sent to prison, at least there will be someone waiting for him. "I've waited all this time, haven't I?" says Adrienne, but they agree not to rehash the past. Damon wants to talk about the future and wonders if there's another man in her life, but she doesn't want to answer this. Damon says that's okay and that they can just be happy they have this present time together.

Brittany and Bobby are now back at the ranch, and she asks him if he wants her to be there when he talks to Nikki. Bobby says he wishes he didn't have to involve Nikki any further in this. Brittany tells Bobby she wished Nikki had never told him the truth about Joshua. Nikki enters the room and can tell that something has happened. Bobby then asks his wife to give him a minute alone with Nikki. Hearing this, Brit appears hurt but reluctantly gives Bobby his time with Nikki and goes upstairs. Bobby then relates to Nikki the meeting he had at the police department and that they won't release Joshua's remains to him without first talking to her. Nikki isn't sure she will be able to do this. Bobby reminds her that she had asked how she could ever make this up to him; he tells her this is talking to the police. Nikki says that if she does this, all will know...the press, the whole town...everyone!! Nikki finally tells Bobby she realizes she owes this to both Bobby and Joshua and agrees to talk to the police. She then reminisces that when she was younger, she didn't care about the opinions of other people or what they thought of her. Bobby reminds her that marrying Victor is what changed her; she agrees. Nikki tells Bobby to call the detective and tell him she has agreed to talk with him. Bobby and Nikki then share a warm embrace...

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

by Citrine

Having returned from a business trip, Nick was startled to find out from Sharon that his father had been hired as a consultant at Jabot. Sharon said it seemed more like Victor was running things. Nick suspected his father's motives, but Sharon said that Ashley seemed to trust him. Nick said that it was time for Sharon to make a move. She might not have a job at Jabot much longer, so he wanted her to become the spokesperson for Newman's cosmetic lines. After some hesitation, Sharon finally agreed to switch jobs.

Damon hadn't heard the news that all charges against Phyllis and him had been dropped and was ecstatic. He was less pleased to hear that Daniel had stayed overnight with a friend and turned off his phone so Phyllis couldn't reach him. The two of them decided they needed to teach Daniel a lesson about keeping in touch. Phyllis arranged to meet Daniel at the athletic club restaurant.

When Daniel got to the restaurant, he told his Aunt Gina he was probably in trouble again. When Damon showed up, the two of them talked. Damon warned Daniel that Phyllis was going through so much that he might end up being grounded for six months for putting her through more worry. When Phyllis arrived, Daniel passionately defended himself, swearing that he and a friend had worked late into the night on a physics project. He knew he shouldn't have turned his phone off, but he'd been stressed out by all they were going through. Phyllis finally stopped scowling at him and shared her good news, telling him this was his get out of jail free card. Daniel was thrilled to hear that his mother and Damon were free, and he and Damon agreed to remain a part of each other's lives.

Brittany was sure that Nikki had refused to talk to the police and was ready to verbally attack her to Bobby. But Bobby told her that Nikki had agreed and wasn't going to worry about the fallout to herself. Brittany then told Bobby that she wanted to do something special for him after all he'd been through. She was going to cook him a nice dinner. Bobby was a little dubious about Brittany's culinary skills, but he assured her that no matter how it turned out, he'd love it because the meal was from her.

Nikki told Victor her decision to give the police the full story of what had happened to Joshua. Victor wondered if she was really strong enough to do that and if she'd considered the press she was going to get. Nikki said that didn't matter; she had to do this for Bobby, for Joshua, and for her own peace of mind. Victor assured her that she had his support no matter what. Nikki wasn't as supportive of Victor's wish to get rid of Brad. She reminded him that Brad had worked hard for Jabot for a long time and had a lot invested in the company. Victor said it couldn't be helped, because Brad intended to fight him every step of the way, which would damage Jabot.

Brittany went to see J.T. to get a pasta recipe from him. While the two were talking, Colleen arrived. She made a remark to Brittany about how she was sure she wouldn't have been able to get any recipes from Nikki Newman so had to come to J.T. J.T. admitted that he'd bought the pasta dish he'd made for Colleen, but he was sure that whatever Brittany cooked, Bobby would love it. After Brittany left, Colleen shared some news with J.T. She wouldn't have any problem being accepted into college at GCU. In fact, she could start classes now, if that didn't bother J.T. J.T. told her to do whatever she wanted to do and she thought was best. Whatever was going to happen between them would take place as it should, and he wasn't worried about it. Colleen agreed with him.

Brad received a phone call from Traci and didn't seem surprised by some news she was giving him. After making phone calls and getting his ducks in a row, Brad went to see Victor again. Victor told him that all the ills of Jabot for the last twenty years could be traced directly back to Brad. For the good of the company, Brad should resign. Brad told Victor that he wasn't going anywhere, and Victor was going to have a hard time getting loyalty from anyone at Jabot with the decisions he was making. After Brad left, Victor received a visit from Sharon. Although he was ready to send her on an assignment as Jabot's spokesperson, Sharon told him that she was going to have to decline. Victor was supportive of her decision when he thought she wanted to spend more time with her family and said her schedule could be adjusted accordingly. But he was shocked to hear that Sharon was resigning to take Dru's old position in the cosmetics division of Newman Enterprises.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

by Laura Honzay

Malcolm wonders why Drucilla seems so upset. Drucilla tells him that she is not upset; she is only stressed about the outcome of Lily's paternity test. Lily comes in and wonders what Drucilla and Malcolm are arguing about. Lily tells Dru that she knows about Dru taking her saliva test. Drucilla says it was only a precaution for the flu test. Malcolm watches as the express mail man takes away the DNA sample.

Nikki goes to Paul to make sure that once she goes to Weber she will be cleared. Paul assures her that she will be since she was only five years old when it all happened.

Michael and Lauren have a special breakfast to celebrate the dropped charges against Damon and Phyllis. Paul calls Michael and asks that he come in to speak to Nikki. Once Michael returns to the office, Weber asks that they watch the videotape of Nikki and Joshua. Once they watch it, Weber says the charges have been dropped and that Bobby will be able to bury Joshua's remains once and for all.

Damon has a beautiful dream about Elias telling him that he is doing the right thing and to move on.

Adrienne rushes to Damon to find out what new news he has to tell her. He says that his charges have been dropped, he is free. Adrienne is thrilled.

Sharon tries to quit at Jabot but Victor is none too thrilled with her decision. Although she has signed no contract, he still wants to try to hold her to her position.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

by Citrine

Phyllis was still relaxing in the athletic club restaurant when she spotted Malcolm. He was happy to hear that all the charges against Damon and her had been dropped. When she wondered about his interest in Adrian, Malcolm said that Damon and Adrian deserved a chance to work things out without interference from him. Phyllis promised that she wouldn't mention to Damon that Malcolm even knew Adrian. She declined Malcolm's invitation to work out, saying she just wanted to hang out and take it easy.

Lily showed Devon some of her mother's modeling pictures that she found online. She invited Devon to study with her later, but he declined. Later, he admitted to Sierra that the following day was his birthday, but that wasn't any big deal to him. Sierra said it would be a big deal to the Winters, but Devon made her promise not to tell Lily that it was his birthday.

Neil came to the coffee house to find Lily, telling her that he wanted to spend the day with her. They planned to go to the athletic club to work out, then catch dinner and maybe a movie alone. But when they got to the athletic club and saw Malcolm working out, Lily's good mood evaporated. Neil tried to talk to Malcolm about what was stressing him out, but Malcolm said this was something he needed to work out alone. Neil warned Malcolm that he was hurting Lily by his distance. When Neil went to take a shower, Malcolm crossed the room to talk to Lily.

Brittany went to ask J.T. for a favor. Rather than making Bobby's dinner at the ranch, she wondered if she could use the loft. J.T. agreed but told her she should ask Mac, too. When Brit tried to call Mac's cell phone, it went straight to voice mail. J.T. agreed to find Mac and let her know that the loft was in use. Brittany thanked J.T. for being such a good friend.

Bobby was trying to find a place to bury Joshua's remains and hoped Nikki could tell him something about his brother that would help him make his decision. Nikki said she couldn't really remember anything. It struck Bobby that his parents had bought four cemetery plots in Cleveland. He thought that would be a perfect place to bury Joshua and that his parents must be happy to finally have his brother back. Nikki agreed, and the two were clasping hands when Brittany walked in. When Brittany found out Bobby's plans for going to Cleveland, she was hurt that he didn't want her to go, too. Nikki listened as Bobby told Brit this was just something he needed to do on his on. After Nikki left them alone, Brittany and Bobby left so she could give him his surprise dinner.

Mac was studying at Crimson Lights when Kevin showed up. When he found out she was having problems with statistics, he helped her with her homework. Mac was impressed by Kevin's mathematical abilities. When he reminded her that he used to do all of Bobby's bookkeeping at Marsino's, she speculated about the reason Bobby had married Brittany, since they seemed so different. When she wondered if Bobby felt guilty for the horrible thing that had happened to Brittany at his club, Kevin looked uneasy. As he was leaving so that Mac could study, Mac stood and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, which J.T. saw as he came in. After Kevin left, J.T. confronted Mac about her closeness with Kevin, reminding her that Kevin was dangerous. When Mac gathered her things to leave, J.T. tried to tell her why he didn't trust Kevin, but Mac walked out, saying she was going to her grandmother's house to study.

Nick invited Sharon to lunch at the athletic club, presenting her with roses when she arrived as a celebration of her decision to come to work at Newman. Sharon told Nick how Victor had refused to accept her resignation, saying that Jabot wouldn't let her out of her contract. Nick reminded her that she hadn't signed a contract. Sharon agreed that there was nothing legal holding her there, but she didn't like disappointing Victor, and she wondered if she should stay at least until things were more stable there. Nick warned her not to let Victor guilt her into staying and asked her not to let his father get in between them. It would be better all the way around if she followed through on her plan to come to Newman to work.

While Ashley and Brad were arguing about the effect Victor was having on Jabot, Victor walked in and confronted Brad with Sharon's personnel file. He said it was just more evidence of how poorly Brad had been running things because Sharon hadn't signed a contract. Nor could he figure out how she was being paid. Brad said that Nick had begged them to give Sharon a job, and Jabot had done Nick and Sharon a favor. It was Nick who was paying her. Victor asked Ashley if she'd gone along with that, and Ashley said reluctantly. When Victor pointed out that Sharon's resignation and employment by Newman gave the competition an inside view of Jabot, Ashley told him that Sharon didn't know anything that wasn't public knowledge. There were no new confidential projects in the works. Brad reminded Victor that it wasn't the first time the Abbotts had shown compassion for the Newmans only to be disappointed. Victor said that business decisions shouldn't be based on compassion and walked out.

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