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Nikki arranged Joshua's memorial service. Phyllis questioned Dru about the package that had been sent to the lab. Damon saw Adrienne and Malcolm kissing. Brittany learned that she was pregnant. In a fit of rage, Jack threw Victor's chair out of the office window.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 31, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, January 31, 2005

Jack runs into Jill at Jabot. Jill says that the employees at Jabot are worried about their jobs being cut. Jack tells Jill to lay low for awhile, he has a plan. When Brad comes into his office, he is angry. He tells Jill and Jack that he plans to bury Victor into the ground. He has a plan to make it inaccessible for Victor to get any more information about the company. Jack doesn't think it would be a good idea. He tries to convince Brad to go with his plan.

Ashley comes home and talks to John about Victor's latest cuts. John is outraged and tells Ashley that he's going to take over Jabot again. Ashley is relived of her position as CEO.

Sharon goes to Jabot and talks to Jack about whether or not she should stay at Jabot. Jack tells her it would be in her best interest to work with Nick. He says that Jabot is a very uncertain company and she shouldn't go down with it.

Brittany makes a special dinner for Bobby at the loft and she tries again to convince him to live move into the loft with her. Bobby explains that the idea is just something he cannot do. Brittany says that she has another plan. With the money she has saved she can make payments on their old hotel room. Brittany says she hopes when Bobby returns from burying his brother they can begin a new life together.

Nikki talks to Katherine about Victor running Jabot. Katherine tries to put a good spin on it saying that maybe Victor is trying to protect Nikki's investment. Katherine wonders how much time Nikki spends thinking about Bobby.

Nikki tells Brittany that she has been making arrangements for Joshua's funeral. She doesn't want Bobby to have to do it on his own. At first, Brittany is outraged that Nikki is still trying to be involved. But Nikki tells her that she wants Brittany to say she is the one responsible for making the arrangements.

Malcolm tries to explain to Lily that he never meant to hurt her, he just needs to figure some things out for himself. Lily still doesn't seem to understand. Adrienne sees Malcolm at the Athletic Club and says hello. Adrienne wonders why Malcolm would back off from their special friendship. Malcolm says he has to go. He runs into Damon as he's leaving and says hi. Adrienne wonders how Damon knows Malcolm. Damon explains that he knows him from the coffeehouse and used to not even like him, but says he is okay now. Damon talks to Adrienne about his dream of Elias.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Bobby enters the room and finds Victor reading the newspaper. They exchange greetings and begin talking about Bobby's upcoming trip to Cleveland to bury the remains of his brother. In another room, Nikki is discussing with Brittany the plans she has made for the burial of Joshua, having made then FOR Brittany. She tells Brittany to inform Bobby that she, as his wife, made the arrangements and to convince Bobby to take her along with him. Bobby then enters the room and is ready to leave. He asks Brittany to walk with him to the car. She then begins to talk with him about the arrangements 'she' (really Nikki) has made such as getting a minister to perform the ceremony, arranging for flowers and even picking out a casket. Nikki, out of their sight, silently looks on. As Bobby assures Brittany things will get better after he finally buries his brother, Brit matter-of-factly states she's going to Cleveland with him. He knows he can't fight her, so he agrees to take her along. As they are ready to leave, Nikki bids them goodbye and tells Bobby how glad she is that he can now have peace. As Nikki hugs Bobby, she and Brittany give each other a knowing look. Nikki is now left alone with her thoughts....she seems to be pondering the entire tragedy. Victor then comes in the door, and Nikki informs him that Bobby and Brittany went to Cleveland together. Nikki tells Victor this whole situation has taught her that people have to reach out to those they love. Victor says this is sometimes very difficult for men to do, especially for himself, he admits.

Over at the Winters' apartment, Dru appears very jumpy, and Lily notices this. Devon then comes in and they start eating breakfast. After being joined by Neil, Lily tells everyone she's feeling better about her Uncle Malcolm and that she understands he's busy and has things on his mind. Having remembered Dru mentioning earlier that she was a little nervous because this was a 'special day,' He asked if she was worried about work, but at the same time appeared to be a little preoccupied himself. They then sent Lily and Devon off to school. Neil sensed Dru's preoccupation, but she said it's only because she's feeling weird about a meeting Nick has called, and she's nervous about her new position at Newman Enterprises.

Nick and Sharon are busy getting Noah and Cassie ready for school. The kids leave, and they begin discussing Sharon's work schedule, with Nick mentioning that he's really looking forward to the time when they will both be working in the same place and for the same company. Sharon's expression shows she's not too sure about this. He says he has already set up a reception for her to meet some of the executives of NE. This makes Sharon uncomfortable, as she doesn't feel right about leaving before they find a replacement and just asks Nick to be patient. They kiss. Nicholas reluctantly leaves for the office.

At the Abbott home, Jack and Ashley are yet again sniping at each other on the subject of Jabot's most recent financial problems. Ashley informs her brother that their father has returned as CEO of Jabot. Jack is visibly shocked. Ashley informs Jack that she will return to her duties in the lab, as she is needed there. John and Gloria then enter the room, and John assures them that he will deal with the whole situation. Jack is worried about his father's health. Gloria then tells them about the dizzy spell John had the previous night. Of course, John says its nothing and insists on forging ahead.

Michael and Sharon are having coffee at Crimson Lights. Sharon begins to discuss her employment dilemma (Jabot vs. Newman) and asks his opinion. He inquires about her contract with Jabot, and she tells him there's none and he seems surprised. Nonetheless, Michael advises her to give them six months notice, allowing them time to find a replacement. She knows it will be difficult to give that much notice, being that Nick is so anxious to have her over at Newman Enterprises; she hates being in the middle. Michael has to leave; he wishes her good luck. Sharon is obviously perplexed by her current situation.

Devon and Sierra are sitting together while he's looking at a birthday card he had received from his grandmother long ago. He tells Sierra that it reminds him of the good times he had with her when she was still alive and how she used to take him to the zoo to see the seals. Sierra reminds him he has a family now and should celebrate his birthday with the Winters. He says he doesn't even think they know it's his birthday. Sierra can't imagine they would forget his birthday. Devon rather sadly states that this birthday isn't important anyway; it's his next one that will be important....he'll be 18 then and on his own. Sierra suddenly produces a birthday gift for Devon. He tries not to show it, but he's definitely touched.

Phyllis and Dru are at the office, sniping at each other as usual, while waiting for Nick to join them for the meeting. Nick comes in their office and immediately tells them he's upset about the latest sales figures and that they are both to blame for this. Phyllis is extremely apologetic about allowing her personal issues to interfere with her work and promises to give Newman Enterprises '150%' from now on. Nick then begins to question Dru and says he wonders if she can really handle this position. Dru nervously states that she will definitely perform and that she has lots of ideas for her division. Nick asks to hear one of those ideas. Dru begins to ramble on rather mindlessly, obviously having given that subject very little thought. Phyllis then chimes in, surprisingly coming to Dru's defense, stating that she and Dru have been sharing ideas about their future plans for the company. Both of them assure Nick that they won't disappoint him. All being said, Nick leaves their office.

Gloria has again come to the Jabot office to pay Victor a visit. She tells Victor she's here just because she's interested in seeing what goes on at Jabot and that she just dropped by Victor's office to talk, adding that she thinks he's very clever. He lets her know he has no time for her idle chit-chat. She then uses this time to inform Victor that John is coming back as CEO of Jabot....Victor is indeed surprised to hear this. Victor cites John's health. Due to that, Gloria suggests that maybe she should be close....maybe have her own office and oversee the budget. Victor reminds her of Jabot's downfall which, according to him, was due to staffing problems. He emphatically informs Gloria that he WILL NOT be taking orders from her! Looking at her intensely, he asks her what she wants, quickly letting her know that he's on to her agenda, but she vehemently denies having any agenda. Victor spews at her that she's just worried about losing her meal ticket, so she's now trying to decide what side she will ultimately be on....his or John's. Gloria swears she wants what's best for John. Does John know you're here, Victor questions? Realizing that Victor is getting the upper hand, Gloria states she has errands and leaves quickly. Victor then gets a little chuckle over this whole encounter.

Dru and Phyllis are now alone in their office. Dru thanks Phyllis for sticking up for her, appearing rather dazed that Phyllis actually came to her defense. At this, Phyllis informs Dru that she just saved her butt and that she now 'owes' her. Phyllis, being her nosey self, wants to know what's going on with Dru. Dru said she's been busy learning about the division and more about NE. Chiding her further, Phyllis says she thinks it has to do with the package that was delivered at the office, which Phyllis brought to Dru at home. Phyllis then immediately comes to the conclusion that Dru is pregnant and doesn't know who the father is. Dru quickly laughs that off! Phyllis reminds her that she used to work at that particular lab in New York and still has friends there. Phyllis informs the panicky Dru that she better she better tell her what it's all about, as she will find out eventually anyway. Knowing how relentless Phyllis can be, Dru realizes the potential impact this could have; a terrified look crosses her face....

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

At Crimson Lights, Sierra urged Lily to talk to Devon about his mood. Then she told Devon that he needed to tell the Winters that it was his birthday. They would want to celebrate it, and it was wrong of him not to let them. Devon told Sierra that he wasn't really a part of the Winters family no matter how nice they were to him. His important birthday would be the next year, when he turned eighteen and would be on his own.

Malcolm teased Lily about still being on the computer at the coffee house. Lily showed him the photos of Drucilla from her modeling career and then a Web site about Malcolm himself when he was a Jabot photographer. She asked again what he and Drucilla had been arguing about, and Malcolm said it was just Dru, who argued with everyone. Lily didn't seem to buy it. Later, she talked to Sierra and Devon, telling them how strangely her mother had been behaving, and wondering why Dru had only given Devon cough syrup when he seemed to be feeling bad, whereas she'd taken a throat culture from Lily, who didn't even have a sore throat. Devon said she should figure it out, but he also refused to follow Sierra's advice and tell Lily that it was his birthday.

Damon came to the coffee house to meet Adrian. Malcolm congratulated him on being cleared of all the charges. Later, Damon told Adrian that he still found her as beautiful and desirable as he ever had. While they were talking, Malcolm came up. He and Adrian pretended not to know each other when Damon introduced them. After Damon left for a meeting with Ashley, Malcolm told Adrian that she owed it to Damon to try to resolve their differences. They obviously still had feelings for each other. Adrian said that she also had feelings for Malcolm, who warned her that she should be honest with Damon about everything or she might regret it. He was speaking from experience.

Phyllis continued to harangue Drucilla about the genetics testing lab. Drucilla told Phyllis to stay out of her business. She offered an implausible reason for the DNA test, and Phyllis just laughed at her, saying she knew that Dru was keeping a secret. She, too, had once had need of a DNA test. Drucilla finally snapped and gave Phyllis an impossible deadline for the work they were supposed to present to Nick. After Dru left, Phyllis shook her head and said that Drucilla could run, but she couldn't hide.

Brittany and Bobby were joined by a minister for a graveside service for Joshua. Bobby was touched that Nikki had sent flowers with a card that gave Josh her apology. He said that he hoped Nikki could put this all behind her. When Brittany wondered if Bobby could, he thanked Brittany for all she'd done to make the arrangements. He could remember his mother singing to him and Joshua before they fell asleep at night. Brittany also remembered her nanny singing to her when she was a little girl. She walked back to Joshua's casket and sang him a lullaby, bringing Bobby to tears. He hugged her and told her how beautiful her gesture was. As he stood and started to pull Brittany up, she fainted in the snow.

At a summons from John, Victor joined him at Jabot. John warned Victor that some of the decisions he was making didn't take into consideration many of the features that made Jabot the company it was. From then on, Victor should remember that he was hired to give advice, but John would make the decisions, as he'd taken over the role of CEO from Ashley. He wanted to approve any of Victor's changes, and he hoped his daughter's faith in Victor wasn't misplaced. Victor told John that with all the years of experience they had between them, they'd be able to save the company. The two men shook hands on the deal.

Gloria arrived home to find Jack there. When Jack said he'd had a lot of things to think over, including the impact on John's health of becoming active again at Jabot, Gloria questioned what Jack's real agenda was. She didn't think Victor was such a bad person, and she wondered if Jack was really that worried about his father or if he had other motives for not wanting John back in charge. Jack told her that his biggest concern was John's health. Furthermore, she should have learned enough in a few weeks to understand why he didn't trust Victor. When he told her that marrying John didn't make her an Abbott and she should stay out of things that weren't her business, Gloria warned him not to make an enemy of her.

Thursday, February 3, 2005

At the Cleveland trauma center Bobby is impatient trying to get the doctors to tell him about Brittany. Bobby calls Nikki for support. Nikki tells him to call her as soon as he knows Brittany is okay. The nurse goes to Bobby and says he can see Brittany now. While Bobby talks to Brittany she convinces him to go downstairs to the lobby to get something to eat. The doctor comes in with news for Brittany. She is pregnant.

Drucilla is on the phone with the cosmetics department when Neil demands she hang up right away. Devon has skipped school again.

Sierra asks Devon if he opened his present yet. Before he can answer Lily shows up complaining about school. Devon admits to her that he skipped school. Lily and Devon start arguing and he runs off. Sierra notices a map for the zoo on the table. She wonders if that is the reason Devon skipped school.

Neil calls Devon and tells him to come to Drucilla's office right away. When Devon shows up, they are angry with him. Devon says they have no idea what he's going through.

Mac tells J.T. that she likes his new song. Kevin calls Mac and invites her to meet him at the coffeehouse. J.T. wonders who she was talking to. When he finds out it was Kevin, he won't let her leave. He says that she has to know what Kevin did to Colleen.

Ashley thanks Damon for meeting with her and announces that they will be working in product development together again. Damon is thrilled to hear that he will have some money to begin a new product again. He can't wait to start this new challenge.

Adrienne says she doesn't want to lose contact with Malcolm. He doesn't want to come between any possibilities of her getting back together with Damon. Adrienne says that she and Malcolm are good together. She thinks that if he's going to make her feel guilty she better have something to feel guilty about. Malcolm kisses her passionately just as Damon walks into the coffeehouse.

Jack talks to Jill and tells her to be patient concerning his plan. Brad calls and tells Jack that he's going to "make nice" with Victor. He just wants Jack to make sure he has a good plan.

As Brad knocks on the door to see Victor, he explains to Victor that he's realized that if he wants Jabot to stay afloat he better learn to work with Victor. Victor says that he's glad Brad has decided to work with him.

Nikki goes to see Jack in his old office. Jack asks Nikki about her feelings with Victor working at Jabot. Nikki is unhappy because she'd hoped Victor would be able to spend more time with her once he handed the reins over to Nick.

Victor comes in Jack's old office and tells him to leave.

Friday, February 4, 2005

Brittany was shocked to hear from the doctor in Cleveland that she was pregnant, especially since she'd been taking birth controls pills. The doctor said that accidents like this sometimes happened. When Bobby returned later with some chicken soup for Brittany, the doctor could tell that she didn't want to share her news with her husband. When Bobby left to sign her discharge papers, Brittany explained that her husband was going through a lot, including some financial problems. She didn't know how he'd react to this news; it might make him feel even more inadequate and overwhelmed. In fact, although she'd wanted children, she hadn't planned on it happening quite this early. The doctor assured her that many women felt the way she did, but by the time their babies came, they were emotionally ready. Bobby returned, and he and Brittany left the hospital without Bobby ever learning the truth.

Damon returned to the coffee shop in time to see Malcolm and Adrian sharing a passionate kiss. After Malcolm went inside, Damon joined Adrian, who was unaware that she'd been seen with Malcolm. Instead of asking her directly what was going on, Damon told her that Ashley said that he would be very busy at his job over the next few weeks. He wasn't sure how often he'd be able to see Adrian. Adrian reminisced about when she fell in love with him and told him how glad she was they'd reconnected. When Damon said he'd thought it might be the start of something special between them, Adrian said anything was possible; they should just take things slowly.

Malcolm was behind the counter when Dru tore in looking for Devon. When she realized her foster son wasn't there, she tried to leave. Malcolm stopped her, asking if she'd gotten the results of the DNA test yet. Drucilla said she'd tell him as soon as she knew anything so he could go ahead and ruin Lily's life. In fact, because she'd been so preoccupied with Malcolm's request for a test, she'd been neglecting Devon. Devon had been right when he accused her and Neil of having no idea what was going on with him. Malcolm calmed her down, telling her that she was doing the best she could. Devon was just a teenager doing the usual teenage things. He'd come home and everything would work out. In fact, as soon as Malcolm's shift was over, he'd go with Drucilla to look for Devon. Grateful, Drucilla returned Malcolm's comforting hug.

Gloria brought Michael and Kevin banana bread in an attempt to get Michael to give her some free legal advice. She wanted to know what role she could play at Jabot. Michael warned her to stay out of the middle of the fight between the Abbotts and Victor Newman. He was sure that John had provided for her in case anything happened to him, but his company would never be a part of Gloria's inheritance. If she was worried about it, she could just ask John directly what provision had been made for her. Gloria insisted that she was in love with John and was only concerned about his health. Kevin congratulated her on finding someone to take care of her. Gloria said her sons were doing all right, too. After all, Michael's girlfriend Lauren was a successful and rich businesswoman, and Kevin was getting involved with Mac, who was Katherine Chancellor's granddaughter. Kevin was astonished; he'd had no idea that Mac was so well connected. But he vowed that he'd care about her if she was poor. Michael rolled his eyes at both of them.

J.T. stopped Mac from leaving to meet Kevin by telling her that Kevin had once tried to kill Colleen. Shocked, Mac said the Kevin she knew would never have done anything like that. J.T. insisted that she didn't know the real Kevin at all. Kevin had been angry with Colleen for getting him in trouble with everyone about Lily. Although there was no evidence and Kevin denied it, everyone knew that Kevin had started the fire at Gina's and locked Colleen in the cooler. Mac could ask Gina, Colleen or her father, or anyone else. In fact, she could even ask Lauren. He shared information that Paul had given him about Kevin's obsession with Lauren. Mac slammed out of the apartment to confront Kevin directly. When Mac met Kevin at the coffee shop, she wasted no time asking him about his involvement in the fire. Kevin said that he couldn't answer her questions. Giving her any information could get her and other people in a lot of trouble. Mac said that sounded like something his brother had told him. Kevin said all he could say was that the Kevin Fisher sitting in front of her was not a man who could have done all the things he'd been accused of. Mac jumped up and said that before things could go further with them, there was somewhere he needed to go with her.

Victor told Jack that he should be doing his job at Chancellor Industries instead of hanging around Jabot causing trouble. Jack said that he had every right to be in the building as an Abbott and as his father's son. Victor disagreed and said that from then on, Jack was banned from the building. Jack was astonished at Victor's gall and said that his father might have something to say about that. Victor said his father would probably wonder why he wasn't doing the work he'd been hired to do by Katherine. How would Katherine feel if she knew how Jack was squandering his time? When Victor tried to call security to have Jack escorted out, Jack picked up the phone and told the security guard not to worry about it. He then told Victor he was going to have to do a lot better than that. Victor said that Jack needed to get out of that chair. It was no longer his, and Victor wanted to sit in it. Jack stood up, picked up the chair, and smashed it through the window, telling Victor that by all means he should sit in the chair. Jack then walked out.

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