The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 14, 2005 on Y&R

Kevin caught Mac and J.T. kissing. Malcolm gave Neil blood, and Neil began to recover. Nikki begged Victor to quit Jabot to spend more time with her. Nick planned to foreclose on Jabot so he could take over and fire Victor.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 14, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, February 14, 2005

Drucilla wonders why Olivia hasn't been by to tell them about Neil yet. Malcolm assures her that he will be okay. Malcolm wonders how Drucilla feels about Devon running off. Drucilla says she is upset with him about it but she also feels bad for forgetting his birthday.

Lily asks Devon why he wouldn't tell her about his birthday. Devon says that he didn't want her to go to her parents. Devon thinks that Lily blames him for Neil's accident. Lily says that she is at fault, but if Devon wouldn't have run off it never would have happened. Devon runs off and calls Miss Davis. When Miss Davis arrives, Devon says he wants to live in a group home again. He says that Neil is in the hospital and it's his fault. Miss Davis wonders what happened and Drucilla sees Devon talking to Miss Davis. When Drucilla finds out Devon wants to go back to a group home she asks to speak to Devon alone privately. She tells Devon that things can be hard in a family, but he is her son. They will work it out together. Malcolm goes to them and tells them that Olivia wants to talk to them. Neil is having complications with the surgery.

Victor asks Nikki what her plans are for the evening. She says she will take a bath and go to bed early. Victor says he will be working late. Nick comes to see Victor and asks that Victor spend more time with Nikki. When Victor realizes it Valentine's Day, he thanks Nick for letting him know. Victor comes home and tells Nikki to get dressed. At first she is reluctant, but he pursues. When she comes downstairs in a beautiful red dress, she sees Victor's surprise of candles and a romantic special dinner made by Miguel. Victor tells her she is beautiful and they dance happily together.

Kevin gets all dressed up to go out with Mac. Lauren arrives at Michael's for their special Valentine's dinner. Kevin asks for a ride to Gina's with them.

Mac reads the note from Kevin about their date at Gina's. She calls J.T. and asks that they postpone their date for a little later. Mac tries to call Kevin but realizes it's too late. She goes to Gina's and talks to Kevin. He is disappointed that she is not wearing the dress. She tries to explain to him that they are not ready to go on a romantic date together. She says that Kevin needs more help. Kevin is upset and blames J.T. for telling her what he did and leaves. J.T. appears and they sit down for a nice dinner together. As J.T. kisses Mac on the cheek, Kevin walks by and sees them.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dru, Lily, Malcolm and Devon are at the hospital where Neil is undergoing surgery. They are all anxiously awaiting news about his condition. Olivia has come to tell them that Neil will need a blood transfusion. Neil's blood is B-positive, she informs them. Malcolm tells her his blood is O-positive which, according to Olivia will be compatible with Neil's blood, if they can't find his exact type. Dru says she is A-positive, but Olivia says that won't be compatible. Lily, due to her feelings of guilt over the accident, insists on donating blood for her father, stating she may be exactly Neil's type, but not Malcolm's type for sure. Dru, Malcolm and Olivia all exchange concerned looks after hearing her say this. Dru immediately tells Lily that she may well also be type A, like herself. Lily continues to protest loudly that she wants to be tested to be a possible donor, when Malcolm makes the decision he will do it. He leaves with Olivia. Lily gets angry with Dru for not letting her get tested. Devon tells Lily to just think about's important to Malcolm that he give the blood since Neil helped save his life in the lion's den. Let Malcolm give back to Neil in this way, Devon urges. Lily realizes Devon is right and says she now sees this isn't about's about saving Neil. She and Devon hug each other. They all wait while Malcolm donates blood. Dru encourages them both to go to the chapel to pray for Neil while she goes to check on his condition. Lily says she has continuously prayed for Neil and wants to stay put in case there is any news. Devon says he is going to go to the chapel. He now realizes he is really a part of their family. Lily apologizes to him for their earlier argument.

Victor and Nikki are at the ranch enjoying their romantic Valentine's Day dinner. They compliment Miguel on the delicious food. Nikki tells Victor she's so grateful to have this time with him. As Miguel serves them a fancy flambé dessert, Nikki notes it is the 'flame of eternal love'. Victor asks if he is forgiven about earlier forgetting what this day was. Nikki is obviously melting to his charms. They agree to go for a walk later under the full moon.

Gloria storms into Michael's apartment where an obviously disturbed Kevin awaits her. She's irate that he called her while she was having dinner with John. Kevin is distraught and tells her he really needed her and begs her to there for him just this once. He proceeds to tell his mother about Mac and how he feels she just blew him off, not wanting to be with him tonight. Kevin wails to his mother that he saw Mac kissing her 'other date'. Now totally berserk, he explodes about his troubled childhood, and runs out the door. Gloria is now frantic.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, J.T. and Mac are having dinner. J.T. pulls a small gift out of his pocket for Mac. She is totally surprised, but touched. She opens it, and it's a barrette for her hair. She thanks him, telling him it's really beautiful. J.T. then asks her to dance.

Over at another table are Michael and Lauren, who then also proceed to the dance floor.

Also celebrating Valentine's Day are Nicholas and Sharon. Gina delivers flowers to the table for Sharon. Nick plays dumb and wonders who they are from. Sharon is surprised at receiving them. They are from the sly Nicholas after all. They then make a toast to enjoying more time with each other.

After their dance is over, Michael and Lauren stop by Nick and Sharon's table for a moment. Michael happens to mention to Sharon that he hoped their little chat the other day helped with her dilemma about either staying with Jabot or working for Nick at Newman Enterprises. They leave, and Nick expresses his surprise to Sharon that she had a discussion with Michael about changing jobs. He's obviously not too happy that she shared this with Michael, but Sharon tells him she was frustrated that day regarding the whole situation, feeling that she is some kind of pawn between Nick and his father. Nick shares with Sharon that he went to Ashley to tell her she should fire his father. Nick says he feels he has to take drastic measures to get Victor out of Jabot. He's generally worried about Nikki not having time with Victor and especially feels bad for her at this moment because he thinks his mother is sitting home alone this Valentine's day night.

After having left the table for a moment, Nick returns and assures Sharon that the kids are fine; he just checked with them by phone. Sharon again begins to discuss Jabot and questions what his plans are, but Nicholas says there will be no more talk of work tonight. They then head to the dance floor.

Michael spots Mac who sitting alone at the moment. He inquires where Kevin is. Mac informs Michael that Kevin isn't her date tonight. He quickly becomes worried. She explains to Michael that she already had made plans with someone else. She tells him how she met Kevin there at the Athletic Club and told him she couldn't be his date tonight, stressing to him that he must just concentrate on his therapy right now, again promising she will be there to support him with that. She says Kevin seemed to take it all right, but Michael is growing increasingly worried. J.T. comes back to the table, and Michael leaves, obviously very concerned about his brother. J.T. asks Mac what's up.

Back at the hospital, Phyllis comes into the room where Malcolm is donating blood for Neil. She seems concerned and inquires if Neil will be okay. She told Malcolm she was looking for him at the coffee house, and Trevor told her what happened with Neil. Malcolm tells her he's glad she's there. They begin reminiscing about Neil, with Phyllis telling Malcolm that she and Neil became quite close while Malcolm was in Africa. Malcolm gives a chuckle, saying what an unlikely pair the two of them must have been! Malcolm now sadly is regretting all the wasted years he spent being mad at Neil. He adds how much Neil's family needs him now, especially Lily because she was driving the car that hit him. Malcolm then turns to Phyllis and says he knows she's there at the hospital for a reason. He demands that she tell him what it is. After a short period of silence, she informs him she thinks she knows what is going on with him and Lily. He tells her that nothing is going on with Lily, but she insists she knows differently. Phyllis describes how obvious it is to her that Lily is the only one with whom Malcolm has formed a bond. Another thing, she adds, is the fact that Dru is pushing for him to leave town. Phyllis says she knows why he wants to stay in town. Phyllis then blurts out to him that it's because Lily is not really Neil's child.....she's Malcolm's!

Michael has now returned back to the table. His cell phone rings. He recognizes the call as being Kevin's phone number, but it's Gloria instead. He demands to talk with Kevin. That's impossible, Gloria hysterically informs him, because Kevin has run out of the apartment. Michael is reprimanding Gloria for encouraging Kevin to pursue Mac. Lauren returns to the table and asks who was on the phone. He just shrugs it off, but Lauren knows it meant something. Michael says he just wants to dance now. As they dance, Michael's mind begins wandering. His imagination takes him to a scenario involving Kevin....He pictures Kevin banging on Mac's door, flying through it, and accosting Mac and J.T. Michael has the distinct feeling that Kevin is definitely in trouble. He proceeds to J.T. and Mac's table and informs them that Kevin is on the loose.

Nikki and Victor have finished their romantic dinner and prepare to take their walk. Nikki looks beautiful in her white fur coat. Victor lovingly tells her she looks like an angel...he will always cherish this moment. He feels their souls are intertwined as one, and Nikki agrees. As they hold each other and share a kiss, Nikki asks why they can't stay like this forever. They gaze at each other lovingly.

A distraught Kevin is now outside the office of his psychiatrist, Dr. Woods. His hand moves to the door handle; he begins to turn the handle leading into the doctor's office....

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Gloria cast the blame for what was going on with Kevin on Mac, who she called "Miss Chancellor Industries" and said Mac thought she was too good for Kevin. Lauren and Michael insisted that Mac never had to lead Kevin on; he was only too good at making fantasies for himself. In fact, Michael accused Gloria of encouraging Kevin by telling him fairy tales. While they were arguing, J.T. and Mac showed up. While Gloria hid in the kitchen, Mac expressed her concern for Kevin, and J.T. was sure that Kevin was probably burning something down or trying to buy a chainsaw to come after him and Mac. When J.T. suggested going to the police, Gloria gasped, "No!" from the kitchen. Michael told Mac and J.T. that it was Kevin's aunt visiting; she was very fond of Kevin and wouldn't want him to get into any trouble. When J.T. continued expressing his conviction that Kevin was dangerous, Michael lost his temper with him, saying that J.T. had never suffered from anything more than a broken 10-speed. Maybe he should think about how he would have turned out if he'd had Kevin's life. Lauren had to come between them to settle Michael down, and J.T. said the entire family was crazy. Michael said they were just different.

At the therapist's office, Kevin talked about how people were always trying to hurt him. Something seemed to be eerie and off about his session as the therapist asked him questions and gave him advice. Kevin kept picking up things in the therapist's office and seeming on edge. She warned him that he couldn't control other people, only himself. Even if the things people did hurt and upset him, he could control his reactions to those things. Kevin finally agreed and arranged to meet her the next day for an appointment. When he arrived home to find J.T. and Mac there, Kevin told them that he'd been to see his therapist and that he was going to bed. After J.T. and Mac left, Gloria rushed in to hug Kevin and tell him that she was proud of him.

Nick went to the hospital to give his support to Drucilla. He told her and the kids that Neil would make it. Later, he walked Lily to the chapel so she could pray. Before he left her, Nick told Lily that while she was praying for her father, it was okay to pray for herself. Because no one blamed her or wanted her to carry Neil's accident around on her shoulders. Lily thanked him. After he was gone, Lily prayed out loud, saying she'd never meant to hurt her father and she was sorry for all the times she'd said hurtful things to him. Devon came in and stood in the back, listening to her pray.

Phyllis told Malcolm that she'd figured out what was going on because she knew Dru was getting DNA tests on Lily. She just didn't understand why Malcolm was doing this now that Lily was sixteen. Malcolm said that Lily was the only person he really connected with. She was special and wonderful, and if he'd had a part in making her, he'd know he'd done something good with his life. He didn't intend to do anything to come between Neil and Lily. Phyllis said that Drucilla would probably intercept the test results and lie to Malcolm about them. Malcolm said that he was not going to listen to her bad mouth Drucilla. Drucilla walked in and heard enough to know what was going on. She told Phyllis to mind her own business; she wasn't there because she cared about Neil, but because she was interfering. Their conversation was interrupted when Olivia summoned them. Dru got a call on her cell phone about the tracking number on the package. When she left her purse in the waiting room, Phyllis looked at the number to confirm that it was from the DNA lab.

Once Dru, Malcolm, Lily, and Devon were together, Olivia told them that Neil had come through surgery and there would be no further internal damage. He still had some hurdles to overcome, but he'd just overcome a big one. While they were talking, Neil was brought out of surgery and Drucilla hovered over him telling him how much they all loved him.

Jack told Jill that he had Traci's proxy, and Jill had just received Billy's. Jack told Jill they were going to have to approach Katherine very carefully about the purchase of Jabot by Chancellor Industries. When Katherine came in, she and Jill exchanged harsh words before Katherine went upstairs. Jack warned Jill that if she wanted to be allowed to run Jabot and didn't want to screw up their plans, she'd start getting along with Katherine. She needed to prove that she could work with an enemy. After Jack left, Katherine came back downstairs. Jill attempted to make peace with her, saying that she wanted things to be as they had been before the incident with Arthur. Katherine agreed to try while Esther eavesdropped. After Jill went upstairs, Katherine and Esther tried to figure out why Jill was buttering her up and what she wanted.

After Jack left the Chancellor house, he went to the athletic club restaurant, where he ran into Nick, who'd come looking for Sharon after his trip to the hospital. The two men sat at the bar and talked. Nick complained about the effect Victor's presence at Jabot was having on his mother. Jack said no one wanted to see Victor out of Jabot more than he did. Nick suggested that Jack use some of Chancellor Industries' money to buy the company, but Jack cagily said this wasn't the right time. Nick vowed that one way or another, he was going to find a way to get his father away from Jabot.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Drucilla feels as if the weight of the world has been lifted off her shoulders. She hugs Malcolm and tells him that she is happy he is there. She tells Devon the beauty behind the power of prayer. Drucilla sends Lily off to go see Neil.

When Lily is alone with Neil, she tells him about special memories she has had of her father. She tells Neil she was afraid she wouldn't have had the chance to tell him how much she loves him.

Drucilla tells Neil that the paternity test is to arrive today. She tells Malcolm that once the results are revealed she will destroy the evidence. No one is to know the truth. Malcolm tells her that Phyllis has already discovered the truth.

Jack tells Gloria and John at the breakfast table that he hopes Ashley takes her time creating a new product. He still doesn't and never will trust that Victor wants to help the company. As John takes off for work, Gloria asks if she can have a ride into town.

Gloria goes to Jabot and talks with Victor again. She wants to make sure that Victor is really trying to help Jabot. Victor assures her and Gloria believes him.

Nick goes to the Jabot shareholders and offers to buy up all of Jabot's debt. They agree. Frederick goes to see Jack to tell him what Nick has done.

Nikki wonders if Bobby isn't ready to be a father. He says that although this has come as a surprise, he is going to be the best father a man could be. Nikki says that she feels almost jealous at the prospect of being a new wife and mother like Brittany. Bobby tells Nikki that if she was his wife, he would give her the world.

Nikki goes to Victor and begs him again to quit working at Jabot. She wants him to spend more time with her. Victor says he simply can't, he needs to have work in his life. Nikki goes away upset.

Friday, February 18, 2005


Dru interrogated Malcolm at the hospital about what he wanted to talk to Neil about. He just wanted to thank his brother for saving his life and was annoyed with her continuous accusations. Phyllis arrived at the request of Dru and the two girls almost started a fight in the lobby. Malcolm calmed them down, Dru sent him home telling him NOT to open her mail, and the two women moved to a more private area to talk.

At the Winters apartment, Lily was working on a collage for her dad. It had pictures of the two of them and expressed her love for him. Devon came home and became irritated when Lily insisted that he was still upset about them forgetting his birthday. He started his same old song and dance about them not understanding him, but Lily stood her ground and again convinced him that the Winters would stick by him until he truly believed how much they wanted him to be part of their family. They hugged.

Jack called the Jabot shareholders to the Abbott home for an emergency meeting. He had heard from an anonymous source that Nicholas/Victor planned to buy their debt from the banks and foreclose to put them out of business. His plan to have Chancellor Industries take over 51% ownership of the company had to be ratified right away. Jack had Traci's proxy and Jill had Billy's proxy. Could Jack and Jill get the votes they needed to make this plan a reality?

At Jabot, Nicholas told his father about his plan to buy the Jabot debt and foreclose in order to get his father home with his mother once and for all. Victor was shocked and very angry when he heard about this. He knew what the Abbotts would think of him if this happened. He had promised to help, not take over the company. This put his reputation on the line and he would have nothing of it, especially from his son.

Nicholas told him that, if he went over his head on this one, it would prove once and for all that Victor had not really relinquished control of Newman to him after all. Nicholas would bow out in that case. Victor called the bankers together quickly and tried to persuade them not to take Nick's offer. He soon realized that he had no choice but to buy the debt himself so that the foreclosure wouldn't happen. The bankers agreed to it and Nicholas reacted as promised.

J.T. met up with Mac early that morning in the kitchen for coffee. She had been up early studying. He said something snotty about her "date" with Kevin and she refused to put Kevin down about it. They forced themselves to change the subject, and finally did after a couple more comments from J.T. Mac was wearing the barrette that he gave her and he told her how hot she looked the night before. She seemed to blush and they flirted playfully -- eventually coming closer and enjoying a kiss. . .

Nikki, Brad, John, and Gloria wanted proof that the rumors Jack had heard were true. Nikki tried to call Victor while he was in with the bankers and Victor would not take the call. She reported this to the others and things started to turn around. Jack brought it to a vote, but the only hands raised so far were Jack's and Jill's. . .

Malcolm returned home to Olivia's apartment and told her that he almost regretted insisting on the paternity test -- he could never hurt his brother or Lily by telling them the findings if he were Lily's father. Olivia told him that he still had his family and would make the best decision possible when the news came out.

Dru and Phyllis bantered back and forth about the issue at hand -- Dru telling Phyllis to stay out of her family's lives and Phyllis acting smug about what she knew. Dru thought the whole thing was due to the fact that Phyllis didn't get the department head job that was given to her. The two parted company.

Lily went back to her work on the collage, flipping through family pictures and keepsakes. She ran across an article from a French newspaper. It contained a picture of Malcolm and Dru. The headline mentioned how cozy this photographer and model were getting at the time. This was news to Lily. . .

The much-awaited package from the testing lab finally was delivered. The recipient handed the man some money and he said, "Thank you, Dr. Winters." It was not Olivia who received the package, however, it was Phyllis Abbott. . .

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