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Victor and Nick argued over their business tactics. Jill handcuffed Katherine to the bedpost. Katherine agreed to help Jack. Daniel discovered Lily's DNA test results. Brittany's parents disapproved of her pregnancy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 21, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, February 21, 2005

Phyllis reads the outside envelope of the paternity test results. She tucks the envelope under her arm and goes into Neil's hospital to visit him. He is happy to see her there. She says that she was worried about him. Neil thanks her and tells her how thankful he is to be alive. He says that he saw a light and fought with all his might to stay here for his family. As Phyllis leaves she tells him how glad she is that he's okay. She drops the envelope on the floor.

Jack tells everyone at Jabot that they out to raise their hands in agreement that Chancellor Industries will take over 51 percent of Jabot. At first they are reluctant, but eventually everyone agrees that this is their only choice. John talks to Jack and wonders if Jack is jumping to conclusions.

Jill spills the beans to Katherine about the Jabot takeover thinking that Katherine would be pleased. Katherine is irate that Jack would make such a decision without her say and goes off to see Jack to make him stop.

Nick thinks that Victor will try to take his company back from Nick. Victor says that won't happen. Victor is very upset that Nick tried to force him out of Jabot. As they are arguing, Gloria interrupts them. When Gloria and Victor are alone, Gloria tells Victor what Jack is planning to do. Victor wonders if it's all for the best. Victor goes to see Jack and John to explain that he had no part in Nick's endeavor to foreclosure Jabot. Victor has decided to pay for Jabot's debt. John guiltily looks at Jack.

Nikki goes to Nick to find out if Victor and Nick were together on the foreclosure plan. Nick says that his father had nothing to do with it, it was his plan. He wanted to fire Victor so he could spend more time with Nikki.

Malcolm can't believe the paternity test still hasn't arrived. When he goes downstairs and asks Lily if anything came in the mail, she says no. Malcolm tracks down the package and finds out it was signed by Olivia Winters.

Daniel goes to see Lily to tell her he's sorry about what happened to Neil. He sees Lily's present for her father and talks about how sweet it is. When Malcolm shows up looking for a package, Lily feels strange. She tells Daniel that she should be happy that her father is okay, but she knows something weird is going on between Malcolm and Dru. She wonders what it is.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Victor has just arrived at the Abbott home. Jack continues his tirade against Victor. Surprisingly, Brad wants to hear what Victor has to say, although he doesn't like the thought of Victor owning the entire company. Victor assures them it wouldn't be that way. John said Chancellor Industries will buy the company and pay off all debts, but according to Victor, this way the stock will be diluted, and John will lose control. Victor asks if Katherine Chancellor is aware of this deal. He also adds that Katherine might decide to cash out her company, which would result in Jabot being run by strangers. Victor assures everyone he's just there to help the Abbotts save their company. Jack hasn't let up... he reminds everyone in the room that all Jabot's problems were caused by a crooked competitor... Victor! Victor inquires about Nikki's whereabouts. He's told she has already gone home. He leaves to go try to convince her he wasn't lying about not wanting to take over Jabot.

After Victor leaves, Brad again says he feels like Victor may have a point. Jack and Brad then begin arguing. John intervenes, telling them the decision stands... the stockholders have voted. John informs Jack that he still feels this CI buyout of Jabot could be a huge mistake. John leaves the room. Jack and Brad glare at each other.

Jill is in Katherine's bedroom where they are still ranting and raving at each other. Katherine shouts at Jill that she should have been consulted before Jack made the decision for Chancellor Industries to buy out Jabot. Jill reminds her that Jack is honest and isn't robbing her like Elliot Hampton did. Jill accuses her mother of being against the takeover because she doesn't want her to get anything. Katherine wonders... get what? Get Jabot, Jill shouts at her! Jill asks Katherine if she wants all her friends who are investors in Jabot to lose out. Katherine wouldn't wish such a thing on her friends, she claims, 'But you would on me' Jill thinks out loud. Katherine screams at Jill that she refuses to let Jack use Chancellor Industries as a personal agenda. Katherine is ready to storm out. As Jill loudly goes on about the advantages of CI acquiring Jabot, there's a knock on the door. It's Esther, saying she was concerned about all the shouting. She's wearing her bowling shirt, planning to meet her friends for an afternoon of bowling. Katherine tells her to go on ahead... .Jill shoos her away like a pesky fly! Katherine stands quietly, with one hand on the bedpost.

Brittany and Bobby are sitting together at the ranch going over baby names. Brittany suggests if the baby is a boy that they name him Joshua. Bobby is touched and tells her that would be perfect. Brittany then tells Bobby now that she's pregnant; she's not comfortable at the ranch and suggests they get a hotel room until renovations are finished at the condo. Bobby doesn't look enthusiastic about the idea; he wants to stay at the ranch so they can save money but agrees to think about it. Bobby says he needs to get to the club, leaving Brittany deep in thought.

Olivia, Dru and Malcolm are all still pacing the floor, waiting for the results of the paternity test. The results have been signed for, but Olivia swears that SHE didn't sign for them. All of a sudden, Dru realizes who must have really signed for them. Dru and Malcolm immediately set out to confront Phyllis.

Phyllis hangs up the pay phone in the hospital corridor outside Neil's room, when she spots Lily. They greet each other, and then Lily shows Phyllis the collage she made for her father. As Phyllis looks at the pictures, she remarks to Lily that she has a beautiful family. Lily then asks Phyllis if she can talk to her for a minute, about her Uncle Malcolm, since Phyllis seems to know him well. Phyllis acts rather uncomfortable as Lily begins asking about 'how close' Malcolm and Dru were in the past. Phyllis tells her these are questions she needs to ask her mother and uncle. She said her mother admitted to only having a crush on Malcolm years ago. Phyllis is very vague with Lily. Lily asks if they are having an affair, and Phyllis emphatically assures her that they are not! Phyllis advises Lily that she shouldn't worry about things that are not true, to get it out of her mind and forget about it. Lily only needs to focus on her father, says Phyllis. Lily agrees and thanks her. Seemingly concerned, Phyllis watches as Lily heads toward Neil's room.

Inside the hospital room, the nurse checks on a sleeping Neil. She notices the envelope containing the paternity test results on the floor where Phyllis dropped it when she last visited Neil. The nurse sees a pile of get-well cards on a table and places that envelop on top of the pile.

Phyllis is waiting for the hospital elevator. The door opens, and an irate Dru and Malcolm storm out. They grab Phyllis and demand the letter. Malcolm angrily asks if Phyllis signed for the letter. Phyllis admits she has 'a letter'. Dru is attacking Phyllis, and Malcolm loudly reminds Phyllis that she promised to keep this confidential and not make a mess out of it.

Lily is sitting at Neil's bedside. Neil wakes up and is very happy to see his daughter. She then presents him with the collage she made. Neil loves it and reminisces about some of the pictures and memories Lily has included. Neil sees that something is on her mind and inquires what is wrong. Lily tells him it's nothing. Neil reminds her that they can talk about anything and can handle everything. Lily seems pensive. She admits she is just having trouble dealing with the accident, and Neil stresses again that she must not blame herself. Lily says she just wants her dad home.

Nikki and Victor are at the ranch discussing the takeover where Victor stresses to her that he had the best intentions. He says he could have saved the company and regrets that now he has no way to prove this to his wife. Nikki tells him she feels this is not totally bad news... for the two of them anyway, that it could be the thing she's been desperately looking for. Victor seems puzzled. He then surmises that what Nikki wants is for him to curtail his business dealings and devote all his time to her. He tells her that he can't just leave the whole corporate world... even for her! Victor feels he has given her everything but can no longer bring excitement to her life. He wants her to be happy but on the other hand refuses to completely change for her. Nikki hurtfully tells Victor that the way she got through all their troubled times was the thought that some day they would have time just for each other, with no interference from work. Nikki tells him she needs to be with someone who not only loves her, but also likes her and wants to be with her.

At the GC Athletic Club, Fred and Anita Hodges are waiting for Brittany. They are puzzled as to why she wants to see them. She arrives and after sitting down, she informs them she's pregnant. Their reaction is not good. Her father asks if she's 'crazy'. Brittany is obviously hurt. She tells them that seeing them was just a waste of time... she just wanted a little support. Fred then catches his daughter before she leaves. He convinces her to go back to the table, and they will all talk. There's an awkward silence. Anita then tells her that they just have concerns that they are still trying to deal with her marriage. She tells Brit she has no idea of the problems and costs of an unwanted pregnancy. Brittany casts them both a hurt look. Fred reprimands Anita, asking how she could say such a thing to their daughter. Brittany yells at her mother that she realizes she was a burden and knows Anita never wanted to be a mother. Brittany leaves, obviously very hurt.

Back in Katherine's bedroom, Jill tells her she absolutely cannot go and confront Jack about this, but Katherine is determined to do just that. Jill begs her not to go. Katherine, shaking her finger at Jill, demands she step aside. Jill, feigning concern over Katherine, asks what happened to her hand. Catching her mother completely off guard, Jill, in the blink of an eye, clicks a set of handcuffs on one of Katherine's wrists, cuffing her to the bedpost. A horrified Katherine screams at Jill to let her loose. Before deserting a screaming Katherine, Jill yanks the phone out of the wall. Katherine fights so hard that the bed is actually shaking!! Jill leaves Katherine screaming at the top of her lungs!!

Back at the ranch, Nikki enters the room looking for Victor. At that moment, Bobby comes in. She tells him Brittany has gone out. Nikki then, rather coyly, asks Bobby if he has a little time for her. Bobby then takes a few steps closer to Nikki.

The drama in the hospital corridor continues. Malcolm demands Phyllis give him the envelope. Following Malcolm's order, Phyllis searches her coat pockets. Her searching leads to panic. Phyllis discovers the envelope is not in her pocket where she previously placed it. 'It's gone' she exclaims.

In Neil's room, Lily is getting him some water and remarks about the growing pile of mail. She sees the top one is still sealed and asks Neil if she should open it. Lily seems to be staring at the envelope as if she has some sort of strange feeling about it...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Drucilla and Malcolm confronted Phyllis about the intercepted envelope with the DNA test results. Phyllis finally admitted that she'd posed as Olivia, but she'd done it because she didn't trust Dru to be honest about the results. The envelope was right in her pocket. Only when she looked, the envelope was missing. Drucilla and Malcolm began looking throughout the hospital for it, while Phyllis went into Neil's room in case it had fallen out in there.

Lily asked her father if he wanted her to open the one envelope that was on top of a stack of get well cards, but Neil said he was tired and needed some rest. He asked Lily to take all the mail home. Lily piled the envelopes into her purse, but as she was about to leave, Phyllis darted into the room. Lily suggested that Neil needed his rest and left. While Phyllis searched the room for the envelope, Lily ran into her mother and Malcolm outside Neil's hospital room. She said that what her father really needed was to get some sleep rather than having Phyllis and everyone else running in and out of his room.

When Lily got home, she pulled Neil's mail out and dropped it on a table. She found a note from Devon saying he'd gone to get something to eat. Before she could do anything, Daniel showed up, wondering if she'd talked to Phyllis. Lily said that she was more convinced than ever that something had gone on between her mother and Malcolm, but she believed Phyllis when Phyllis said they were not having an affair. Daniel said no matter how unpleasant the idea might be, it might be true. Lily got upset and said she just wanted to focus on her father and getting him well.

Phyllis had to tell Malcolm and Drucilla that she couldn't find the envelope. Malcolm was furious with her for interfering. Dru wondered if Phyllis's life was so empty that she had to destroy Dru's family.

Still upset after telling her parents that she was pregnant, Brittany went to the loft to talk to J.T., but only Mac was there. Mac said that maybe Brit should consider telling her problems to her husband instead of running to J.T. to cry on his shoulder every time something was wrong. Brittany accused Mac of trying to protect her turf; she knew Mac didn't really care about the state of Bobby and Brittany's marriage. Mac said that J.T. had lost something when Brittany married Bobby, then he'd been hurt again by Colleen. Maybe Brittany should give him some room to find another relationship. Maybe it would be with Mac, or maybe both of them would find someone else. But in any case, Brittany should be with her husband. Brittany left, wishing Mac luck in getting J.T. when she was still determined to be a virgin. Mac reminded her that J.T. had been willing to restrain himself for Colleen.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. confronted Kevin, telling him to stay away from Mac. Kevin told J.T. that Mac could make up her own mind about who she wanted in her life. J.T. said that didn't include a psycho like Kevin. Kevin wondered if he was a psycho just because he was seeing a therapist, and J.T. said no. He was a psycho because he'd tried to kill Colleen and was a danger to Mac. Kevin said J.T. had no proof of that, and besides, he would never hurt Mac. If J.T. wanted Mac to himself, Kevin could understand that. She was a really special person. But Kevin wasn't going to stop caring about her or hoping for a relationship. J.T. said Mac cared nothing for Kevin; she was with him because she pitied him.

Mac was studying when Kevin showed up at the loft. She let him in, wondering if he'd ever had a moment when he knew why he didn't like someone. Kevin said he'd just experienced that. Just then, J.T. walked into the loft and Kevin remarked that his experience had just arrived. He then repeated to Mac what J.T. had said. That there was no hope that they'd ever have any kind of relationship and that Mac only gave him attention because she felt sorry for him. Kevin wanted Mac to tell him if that was true while J.T. just stood by and shook his head with disgust.

Jill went to the Abbott house and confessed to Jack that she'd told Katherine about his plan to use Chancellor Industries to buy majority stock in Jabot. Jack was furious; he'd warned Jill to let him handle things. Jill said she'd made a mistake, because Katherine was now on the warpath, determined to stop the deal. When Jack found out that Jill had bought them some time by handcuffing Katherine to her bedpost, he was appalled. He said that he couldn't possibly put the deal together in time to circumvent Katherine's interference. Jill had ruined everything. Jill tore out of the house, vowing that she wasn't going to let Katherine ruin this. Jack just shook his head in disbelief and repeated, "Jill handcuffed her to the bed..."

Esther hadn't left for her bowling night yet and found Mrs. Chancellor handcuffed to the bedpost. She tried to use a bobby pin to free her, but it didn't work. Katherine ordered her to search for the key in Jill's room and to call Larry Warton. When Larry arrived, he laughed that Jill had done this to her. But when Katherine didn't laugh with him and got slightly hysterical, Larry promised to figure out a way to cut her loose. He got a power saw, but Katherine wouldn't let him cut the bed post. She finally agreed to let him saw through the link on the handcuffs. Jill ran in and stopped him by unplugging the saw. She swore to Katherine that she'd get the key; it would just take a few minutes. Katherine agreed to wait until Jill came back with the key. Jill ran from the bedroom and took out her cell phone.

Nikki thought about her most recent argument with Victor, in which he said that he wasn't going to give up business just to stay at home with her. When Bobby came in, she asked if he could spend some time with her and suggested that they might ride horses. Although Bobby was reluctant at first, she told him they'd only be gone an hour. Brittany was out; they'd be back home before she was. Bobby finally agreed. After they both had a good time, Nikki said maybe they could do it more often; she didn't enjoy riding alone. Bobby told her that he and Brittany had decided to move back into the motel until his condo was ready. Crushed, Nikki said she understood that they wanted to enjoy their time alone. But she would miss him very much. She impulsively kissed him. As the two of them stared at each other, a little stunned, the phone rang. It was Jill, asking if Nikki could come to Katherine's house at once because Katherine needed to talk to her. Nikki agreed and said goodbye to Bobby.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Jack goes to see Katherine but Jill tries to stall him. Nikki arrives and demands that Jill give her the key when she finds out what's going on. Nikki goes to Katherine and tries to make her calm down before releasing her. Nikki tells Katherine how much potential Jabot has and how much faith Katherine has always had in John and Nikki. Katherine asks Nikki to have Jack come upstairs. She tells Jack that Nikki has convinced her to allow CI to purchase 51 percent of Jabot -- but with one stipulation: Jill will never have an executive position there.

Bobby thinks about Nikki's kiss. Brittany returns and tells Bobby about her day with her parents. Bobby suggests they leave Genoa City to get away from everyone.

Kevin tries to talk to Mac about her feelings towards him. Mac tells Kevin that it's important for him to concentrate on going to his therapist right now. When Kevin asks if she will ever potentially have feelings for him; J.T. gets angry. Mac tells them if they are going to fight they should leave. Mac says that Kevin should already know the answer to his question. Kevin realizes that Mac is still giving him a chance and leaves satisfied.

Michael sees Sharon staring off into space at the coffeehouse. They sit down to talk and Sharon explains that she has been stressed out about her job. Michael tries to make her relax.

Dru, Malcolm and Phyllis try to figure out where the envelope is. They ask the nurse and find out that the envelope had been placed at the end of the bed. Malcolm and Dru go into Neil's room and begin frantically searching. Neil wakes up and says people have been going in and out of his room all day. When he asks what they are looking for he realizes that Lily must have taken the envelope home with her other cards.

Lily is convinced that Dru and Malcolm are having an affair. Olivia goes to the house looking for Drucilla but can tell something is wrong with Lily. When Lily explains that she knows Malcolm and her mother are having an affair, Olivia tells her that it's not true. Lily tries to get the real answer from Olivia, but she says that can't tell her the truth. Olivia sees the letters for Neil and suggests that she open them for Neil. Daniel offers to help Lily open the letters.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Olivia went by Drucilla's apartment to see if Dru was there. When she found Lily with Daniel, she could tell Lily was upset and asked what was wrong. Lily told her aunt that she thought her mother and Malcolm were having an affair. Olivia convinced her that she was wrong and told her and Daniel to keep themselves busy making a list of who to thank for Neil's get well cards. Lily decided that she'd been acting stupid; it was obvious that her mother was crazy about her father. She hoped that one day she'd meet a man who was just like Neil. Daniel listened with a grin and told Lily how great she looked. The teens were surprised when Phyllis came by, especially when she said she wanted to know how Neil was doing. After making a lame excuse about wanting to talk to Dru, Phyllis told them to behave and left. Later, when Lily went to the kitchen, Daniel opened the next envelope, which contained the results from the DNA lab.

At the hospital, Malcolm and Dru went into Neil's room to look for the envelope. Neil told them that it may have been put on his stack of get well cards; if so, Lily had taken it home. After waiting long enough to hear Neil talk about how much his family, especially Lily, meant to him, Malcolm and Dru finally got out of the room, where they ran into Liv. She told them about Lily's suspicions but assured them that she'd told Lily her mother and Malcolm were definitely not having an affair. When Dru freaked out about Lily being alone with Phyllis's son, Olivia told her not to worry. She'd given them something to do; go through all of Neil's get well cards. Drucilla realized that Lily could see the test results any minute.

Kevin was telling Michael about how Mac hadn't blown him off at J.T.'s urging when Gloria interrupted. She told Michael what had gone down at Jabot and wanted his help. Kevin was tickled to hear that Mac's grandmother now owned Jabot, but Michael realized what a loss the move had been to John and Victor. Gloria was convinced that Victor's intentions had been good. Michael agreed that perhaps Nick had acted hastily, and he was worried that it might come back to haunt him, since Victor had in some ways hired him to keep an eye on Nick. After listening to Gloria's account of everything, Michael said he'd give the situation some thought to see if there was a way to keep the company for John and out of Chancellor Industries' control.

Ashley arrived home from France full of excitement about all the things she had planned for Jabot. When her father told her what Jack had done, she was furious. After hearing about Traci's and Billy's proxy votes, she was even more convinced that Jack had been planning this all along and had created a crisis so he could make his move. He certainly hadn't tried to call her. John didn't understand why Ashley was so quick to take Victor's side all the time. Even though being a part of Chancellor Industries wasn't the best situation, it was still better than having their company run by Victor, who was certainly no saint. He cautioned her to slow down in any move she wanted to make against her brother.

Katherine heard out all that Jack had to say about how the Jabot acquisition was a good one for Chancellor. She agreed to have faith in him and let it stand, but on one condition. Jill was never again to hold any kind of executive position at Jabot. If Jack couldn't agree to that, Katherine would stop the deal. Jack agreed and went downstairs, where he found Jill with Larry, who'd suggested that she call him the next time she was all tense about work. After Larry left them alone, Jack told Jill that Katherine wasn't going to stop the acquisition. He asked Jill to meet him first thing in the morning, without letting her know Katherine's stipulation. Jill began happily making plans for the things she wanted to accomplish at Jabot.

Brad approached Victor at the athletic club to talk about everything that had happened. He wasn't sure that Jabot was in the best hands but he also wasn't sure things would have been any better with Victor still there. Victor explained how the situation had happened. The takeover had been all Nick's plan, but regardless, Victor had never wanted to do anything but save Jabot for John and Abby. Brad warned Victor that bringing Abby up was going to turn their meeting less cordial.

Their conversation was interrupted briefly by Jack, who was a little alarmed to see them talking together but was distracted by Phyllis's arrival. When Jack had a private talk with his ex-wife and told her what had happened, she was delighted that he'd gotten his company back and assured him that she'd always wanted him to win.

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