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J.T. caught Nikki and Bobby in a passionate moment, and he told Brittany. Gloria got a job at Jabot. Dru, Nikki, and Lily threw Devon a surprise birthday party. Brittany confronted Nikki about Nikki's feelings for Bobby. Brittany collapsed.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 7, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, March 7, 2005

Drucilla cries when she hears that Lily is not Neil's child. Malcolm tells her that he knew Lily was his because he felt it inside. Malcolm understands how much Neil is a part of Lily's life. Malcolm is overwhelmed because he always knew there was something in Genoa City that he had to get back to. Neil calls to tell him that Lily will be taking him home; saying that he wants to make Lily comfortable driving again. Neil hopes Malcolm will be there when he returns. Malcolm wonders if he should be hanging around.

Neil wonders why Lily is so upset with her uncle Malcolm.

Devon tells Sierra he hasn't opened her present yet. He opens himself up to Sierra and lets her know that he hopes the Winters family keeps him, but he doesn't count on it.

Brittany thinks Mac should be happy that she's leaving town. Mac says that she thinks Brittany has been using J.T. Paul wonders why J.T. is so upset

Sharon wonders why Nick is home early and in such a good mood. Nick explains that he let Victor help him with a project.

J.T. sees Nikki and Bobby making out. He is really upset and doesn't know what to do about it.

Bobby realizes that he needs to protect what he has.

Nikki wonders why Jack has sent Victor out of town. She is upset that he's out of town He suggests that maybe he call Nikki..

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Nikki comes rushing into Nicholas and Sharon's house in a state of total anxiety, saying she's desperate to find Victor. After making sure it's nothing serious, Nick tells her he's on his way to Detroit for Newman Enterprises business. She's relieved to know where Victor is. She tells Nick and Sharon that she must see him right away, that it can't want until he returns home tomorrow. She asks Sharon to make a call and see if she can get a flight out to Detroit tonight. Nicholas tells Nikki where Victor is staying, and Sharon hands her the flight itinerary. Nikki thanks them and quickly leaves.

Victor is in what used to be his office at Jabot, his plane having been delayed. He evidently came back looking for the little clay horse that Abby made for him a while ago, obviously very upset when he finds Jack threw it in the trash. Brad finds Victor in the office and wonders why he's there. They have a civil conversation, and Brad actually admits that maybe they should not have gotten rid of Victor after all. Victor is shocked to see that Brad appears to have crossed over to his side. Victor inquires how Ashley is, and Brad tells him they are just committed to raising their daughter. He wishes Brad and family well. Brad then asks how Nikki has been. Victor says she doesn't seem to understand him lately. Brad reminds Victor that he is indeed a very difficult person to understand. Victor leaves for the airport. His departing words for Brad: 'Watch your back'.

Jack then walks into the Jabot office, finding Brad still there. Jack tells Brad he knows that they both want what's best for Jabot and tells Brad that he appreciates his support. Brad has an uncomfortable expression on his face. Jack assures him that Jabot will be profitable and is counting on Brad's support...they need to set aside their differences. Jack says he needs to know that he and Brad are on the same page. Brad says they will be if Jack does all that he promised. They shake hands on that, and Jack leaves. Brad begins thinking out loud: 'It will take more than a smile and a handshake for me to forget.'

Gloria arrives at Michael's office, per his request. He proceeds to tell her about his visit from Ashley, Gloria says she knows what the visit was about even without Michael telling her, that she knows Ashley wants to prevent her from inheriting anything from John. Michael tells her he can't discuss his conversation with Ashley, as it would be a conflict of interest. Michael does, however, assure Gloria that he's not Ashley's attorney. Gloria tells Michael that whatever she gets from John's estate will go to him and Kevin some day, but Michael is not interested in John's money. Gloria's pushing too hard, he tells her. Gloria surmises that she must get it all in writing in case something should happen to John. After more arguing, Gloria points out to Michael that he was able to rise above his own past, forget Kevin's past, but he cannot forgive his own mother for her past mistakes. She's desperately appealing to Michael to finally allow her to be a good mother. Michael only wants to know when she plans on telling John who her children really are. He tells her John may change his will, but he will eventually find out who her children are. Gloria starts to say something -- 'Not if'....Michael finishes her sentence: 'Not if he dies first!' Gloria says that's what wills are provide for peoples' loved ones after they are gone. Michael spews back at her that the only way she would deserve part of John's fortune is if she is honest and admits who she really is. Gloria seems terrified that Michael will tell the Abbotts the real truth about her....he says nothing, seemingly letting her guess what he's thinking.

Ashley walks in the coffee house and spots Paul sitting at one of the computers. He suggests they get a table and have coffee. Paul asks how things are going with the Jabot/Chancellor venture. Ashley tells him that she would rather talk about something else. Paul then tells her about how his work is going and about the woes of sharing an office with Michael Baldwin. Ashley then tells Paul that she just came from seeing Michael for legal advice concerning Gloria getting some of John's money. She told him how strange she thought it was that Michael turned her down and didn't want to advise her on the matter. Paul assures her that he will keep his eyes and ears open. Ashley tells Paul she has to leave, as she needs to get some work done at the lab. This surprises Paul because it's so late. He suggests that the two of them go to a movie, and Ashley accepts his invitation.

Over at another table is Mac, intently reading. Kevin then walks in, playing with a toy yoyo, appearing very jovial. Mac notices that Kevin's yoyo has his picture on it; she wonders why. Kevin happily tells her it's a metaphor; sometimes he's up, and sometimes he's down....sometimes Mac is nice to him, and sometimes she's not, Kevin jokingly tells her. Mac makes it a point to assure Kevin that she's not trying to get rid of him. Kevin brings back their drinks, and they have some more light-hearted conversation. After a while, they both turn serious and Kevin shares with Mac an event about his childhood involving his father. Mac understands, as she felt some of the same things about her own stepfather. She asks Kevin how his therapy is going. It's going well, he tells her, and he is anxious to tell her about an assignment given to him by his therapist.

J.T. has come to visit Brittany at the ranch to try to talk her out of going to Chicago with Bobby. She's not happy about his attitude. He assures her he's telling her this for her own good and that if she does leave with Bobby, it will be the biggest mistake of her life. He takes Brit's hand, and they sit together on the couch. J.T. assures her that he's not trying to mess with her head but doesn't understand how she can trust someone like Bobby but can't trust him, the guy she has known all her life. They begin to argue, their voices rise, and Bobby walks in the door wondering what is going on....he could hear them from outside! Bobby and J.T. then go at it, and Bobby finally tells J.T. to get out. At that moment, Nikki walks in, and SHE wants to know what's going on. Brittany asks them both to just give her a minute alone with J.T. Nikki and Bobby walk out to the terrace. Brittany tells J.T. she wants to leave on good terms with him and promises she will call him and write to him. Their eyes lock for a few moments....J.T. lovingly tells Brit she will never be alone.

Out on the terrace, Bobby tells Nikki how J.T. was hassling Brittany. Bobby then asks her if she ever found Victor, and she informs him she's flying out that night to be with him and credits Bobby for putting some fire back into her. Since Bobby will probably be gone when she gets back, she takes this time to wish him the best. She gets up, and Bobby rather sadly watches her leave. J.T. also says his last goodbye to Brit. Bobby enters the room as they are embracing. J.T. gives him a cold stare while still holding Brit. A downtrodden J.T. leaves the ranch.

Now that Nikki has left, Sharon and Nick discuss her desperate desire to see Victor. They then get back to their own loving embraces. Nick seems to acknowledge a ringing phone, acting somewhat ambivalent about answering it.

Nick places a call to his mother. She's getting ready to leave to meet Victor. Nick tells her the plane has been delayed. Nikki wants to hurry so she can catch Victor before he leaves.

Victor receives a phone call from his pilot that he's sick and can't make the flight; another pilot will arrive shortly. At that moment Nikki walks in, relieved to see Victor hasn't left yet. He's very surprised when Nikki informs him that she's going with him to Detroit.

After the movie, Ashley and Paul drop by his office, finding Michael and Gloria there. All are in total surprise to see one another; Ashley immediately asks Gloria what she's doing there. Michael tells Ashley he will explain it all, to just hear him out, and she will understand.....

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

When Paul and Ashley walked into Michael's office to look for a file that Paul needed, Ashley was shocked to see Michael talking to Gloria. She asked what was going on, and Michael told her that he'd asked Gloria to stop by to see him. Ashley wanted to talk to Michael alone. Gloria left, and Paul went to work in Christine's office. Michael told Ashley that her concern had made him want to question Gloria himself. He had a lot of respect for John and wouldn't want to see him taken advantage of. He could see that it was a messy situation that he'd better stay out of. Ashley wasn't buying his explanation. She suspected that he might be turning around and giving Gloria information that Ashley had provided him. Furthermore, her father wasn't exactly a member of Michael's fan club, so she didn't think Michael's concern for John was genuine. Michael finally brought their meeting to a close by saying he had to meet with a client.

In Christine's office, Paul finished the work he was doing for Michael. When Chris suggested that the two of them have dinner, Paul told her that he was going to a movie with Ashley. Christine questioned him about having a date with the now-single Ashley, but Paul made light of it and asked Christine for a raincheck on their dinner date. Ashley came in and asked to speak to Paul alone. She then told him that she no longer felt like going out. Paul teased her into a better mood, and once he had her laughing, Ashley said she'd changed her mind again. She wanted to go to a movie with him after all.

Gloria went to see John and slyly let him know how his children had been treating her. She said that Ashley had gone to Michael Baldwin to try to keep Gloria out of John's estate plan, and Jack had suggested that she get a job. John was appalled to hear all this, but Gloria carefully planted the idea of a job for her at Jabot in John's head. She said that she wanted to prove to his children that she could be of some use to him and wasn't stupid. John resisted Gloria's best efforts, however, and said that it wasn't a good idea for her to come to work at Jabot.

Kevin told Mac that his therapist had given him an assignment. He was supposed to treat people the way he would if he knew it was their last day on earth. He'd decided there were some things he wanted to say to Mac. He thanked her for being a friend. He told her that she'd changed his life. From now on, he was going to keep all his Saturday nights open in case the time ever came that she would agree to go out with him. Mac told him she wasn't sure about that, but she was his friend. She wished that he wouldn't underestimate himself. After all, he was doing a lot to change his life. Kevin agreed, saying that he'd always evaded Michael's efforts to get him into therapy. But now that Mac had helped him take that step, he knew it was the right thing to do.

Sierra tried to get Lily to confide what was bothering her, but Lily insisted that nothing was wrong. When Devon came in, she apologized for not having gotten him anything for his birthday. Devon said it was no big deal and thanked Sierra for her gift. Lily tried to find out what had been going on with Devon, but while she was questioning him, Daniel came in and asked to speak to her. Lily walked away with Daniel while Devon watched. Sierra told Devon not to take it personally. The two of them said goodbye to Lily and Daniel and left Crimson Lights together.

Daniel and Lily talked about their mothers and how erratic their behavior was. Daniel said it was amazing how Phyllis got on to him for things, but she was the one who'd been arrested a couple of months before. Lily agreed that Dru was also a little bizarre, but her father was great. Daniel said her Uncle Malcolm seemed pretty cool, too. Lily said he was until you got to know him. When Daniel asked if Lily had ever figured out what the paper was that they'd found, Lily insisted that it was nothing important. Daniel seemed about to pursue it until he was distracted by the sight of Kevin and Mac together.

While Drucilla and Neil snuggled on the couch, Drucilla remembered Malcolm's promise that he would never tell Lily or Neil the truth about his paternity of Lily. Neil brought her back in focus by asking if she knew what was bothering Lily. He couldn't understand why their daughter was being so distant with Malcolm. Drucilla said that Lily was just being a moody teenager and Neil should give her some space. Neil was also worried about Devon. He said that Devon was saying all the right things, but Neil thought something was bothering him. He was going to make sure to spend some quality time with Devon. Drucilla said that Devon was lucky to have a man like Neil as a mentor and a father.

Brittany took a break from packing to have a long talk with Bobby, who wanted to know what J.T. had been so worked up about. Brittany admitted that J.T. had implied that Bobby was not to be trusted. Bobby angrily said that he'd never do anything to hurt Brittany. He wouldn't be unfaithful to her, nor would he lie to her. Brittany said that sooner or later, they would hurt each other. All married people did, even when they didn't mean to. Bobby insisted that he was fully committed to Brittany, their baby, and their future.

Victor was baffled by Nikki's behavior when she came aboard the Newman jet. He couldn't figure out what it was that Nikki wanted from him. Nikki said that she wanted them to be like one person, and she was no longer going to nag or beg him for anything. She was just going to make it happen. If she had to follow him to Detroit or sit in the office late at night with him while he worked, that was what she was going to do so that he would know how much she loved and needed him. Victor assured her that she was the center of his world.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

John finds out that Ashley went to see Michael. As Gloria and Ashley have it out, John becomes upset. He says that he has decided to have Gloria come and work for him at Jabot.

Paul interrupts an angry Michael once again. Paul inquires about the relationship between Michael and Gloria. Michael is unwilling to divulge any information.

Lily tells Neil not to go too hard on himself. When Drucilla asks Lily to put some things away, Lily is disrespectful to her. Neil wonders what is going on between Lily and Drucilla. Drucilla says that things have been strange since the accident. Drucilla finds out that Devon isn't sleeping in his bed and that all of his things are packed. She wonders if he is still upset that she forgot his birthday.

Miss Davis wonders why Devon isn't in school. He tells her it's a "free day." When Miss Davis wonders what that means, Devon pretends that it's president's day or a teacher's conference. Miss Davis asks that Devon go back to his therapist for a reevaluation. She wonders if he should go back on antidepressants.

Nikki and Victor share a special night together on his jet. He tells her that he needs her just as much as she needs him. She is happy to have tracked him down to tell him her true feelings.

Sharon sees Bobby looking at Nikki's picture. When she inquires about his feelings towards Nikki, he tells her that he's busy packing. Sharon wonders.

Mac is upset that J.T. didn't tell her about Brittany's pregnancy. Brittany goes to see J.T. to find out why he said she shouldn't trust Bobby. He admits that he saw Bobby and Nikki kissing. At first Brittany thinks that J.T. could be mistaken about what he saw. But when he tells her they looked like they were going to rip each other's clothes off, she runs away.

When Nikki returns home; Brittany is waiting for her. She wants to know the truth about her and Bobby.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Kevin went by Michael's office and, not finding him there, was leaving a note when Gloria came in. She warned Kevin that it was more important than ever that no one, including Paul, make the connection between her and her sons. Kevin wasn't impressed that she'd managed to get a non-salaried position at Jabot. Gloria told him the more involved she got in every part of John's life, the harder it would be for him to get rid of her when he found out she hadn't been completely honest with him. She considered the Jabot job her insurance policy so that John's bratty children couldn't put her out on the street when they found out about Michael and Kevin.

Ashley and Jack asked Brad to come to the Abbott house for a meeting. Brad listened as they voiced their concerns about Gloria's agenda. He wondered if they were worried about the problems Gloria could cause at Jabot or if they were worried about their inheritances. Ashley said both. Brad agreed that Gloria might be a problem at Jabot and promised to keep an eye on her. After Jack left, Ash told Brad that it was nice to see him getting along with her brother. Brad smiled and said they were all in this together.

When Brad got to work, he found Jill trying to reassure one of Jabot's distributors that the upper management transition was going smoothly. After she got off the phone, Brad needled her about Jack's broken promises that she could run Jabot. Jill said that she would be running it if her mother wasn't trying to punish her. But Jill wasn't giving up. Brad said that maybe if he was in charge, he'd be in a better position to help her. Jill was at first skeptical, then she agreed that the two of them might be able to work together to keep Jack from getting too powerful. After Brad left, Jill called Katherine and asked to see her.

When Gloria went back by the Abbott house before going to Jabot, she and Ashley exchanged words again. Gloria said maybe Ashley was the one who should be at work instead of worrying all the time about what Gloria was doing. Ashley said that when she wasn't in the lab, it was in the capable hands of Damon Porter. Besides, there was something else that she and Gloria needed to discuss---Michael Baldwin.

Bobby went to the loft to see J.T. and ask what kind of suspicions J.T. had been putting in Brittany's head. J.T. said they weren't just suspicions. He'd seen Nikki and Bobby going at it when he went to the Newman ranch the day before. Bobby exploded when he realized that J.T. had told Brittany. Not only was J.T. misreading a situation in which Nikki had been upset about something, but J.T. hadn't even considered how much he could hurt Brittany by planting doubts in her mind. Bobby stormed out.

At the ranch, Brittany demanded that Nikki tell her what had happened the day before. Nikki told her that nothing had happened. Brittany raged at Nikki, saying that Nikki had been after Bobby from the beginning. Nikki denied it. She said that Bobby was attractive and had a lot of chemistry; any woman would find that attractive. But Nikki knew that Bobby loved Brittany, just as Nikki loved Victor. A line had been crossed the day before, but nothing had come of it. Brittany should trust her husband. Brittany continued to insult Nikki's age and motives, until Nikki said she wasn't listening to any more and started to go upstairs. As Brittany was screaming at her to come back, she doubled over in pain. Nikki hurried back and ushered her out the door to take her to the hospital.

Lily wasn't sure that Dru and Neil's decision to throw a surprise party for Devon was a good one, but she agreed to call his friends and try to get them there. After everything was ready, Lily called Sierra at Crimson Lights. Sierra had been trying to reassure Devon that he was part of the Winters family, but he said it was just a matter of time before they got tired of him and sent him away. Sierra promised Lily to get Devon home.

Drucilla wasn't pleased to see that Lily had invited Daniel to Devon's party, but as she was scolding Lily about it, they heard Sierra outside the door. Everyone hurried to hide in another room while Lily let Sierra and Devon in. When Devon asked what was going on, the guests jumped out to yell, "Surprise!" Devon looked upset and ran to his room. Drucilla and, later, Neil followed him in. They assured him that he was part of their family. Sometimes they would fight. They would all make mistakes. But they'd get over it and have great times like nothing had ever happened. That's the way families were. Devon finally went back outside to his party. He was touched when Dr. Winters told him to call her "Aunt Olivia." He then thanked everyone for being there and said maybe he was finally beginning to believe that it was real and he was there to stay. When Neil came out with a cake full of lit candles, Neil, Dru, Lily, and Devon all moved together as a family.

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