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Michael paid 'Terrible Tom' to leave town. Bobby and Brittany received an anonymous gift for the baby. Cassie and Daniel were involved in an automobile accident. Daniel faced DUI charges. Cassie woke up from her coma and underwent surgery.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 2, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, May 2, 2005

Brittany and Bobby are both elated that they can feel the baby kicking. She says she's been feeling it for a few weeks and he becomes emotional, saying he is now really having a family. The doorbell rings and a delivery person gives Bobby an enormous box. They open it and it's a gorgeous bassinet, with no card attached. Bobby thinks it's from Nikki. Michael states that if Tom ever threatens Kevin again, he will personally make sure Tom lives to regret it. Michael offers him ten thousand dollars to go and leave town because he will file a restraining order if he ever sees him again. Phyllis and Dru bump into each other, both revealing their kids are out tonight but not worrying about them socializing with each other. At the park, the party is in full swing. Daniel tries to talk to Lily but she wants to be left alone. After Lily walks away Daniel is upset and opens up a beer. Cassie notices this and walks over to him, to make him notice her. Daniel shows her attention, but not much, saying he didn't think any freshman would be there. Later, Daniel suggests Lily and he go somewhere alone to really talk, but Devon comes over and pulls Lily away. Devon, Lily, and Sierra decide to leave to get pizza. Cassie says she will keep an eye on Daniel, since he's obviously in no condition to drive anywhere. Cassie is looking for Daniel when she sees his car is still there. She goes over to it and sees Daniel passed out in the backseat. She thinks she can drive him home, since she's driven around the ranch a few times. She takes his keys and drives off. Nikki interrupts Sharon and Nick's romantic evening because she wants the family to go on a month-long trip to Italy this summer. Nick says that the trip idea sounds great for Cassie, but just not for that amount of time. Later Sharon looks at her watch, knowing that Cassie is supposed to call her soon. The phone rings and it's Olivia, saying that Cassie has been admitted to the emergency room since she's been in a bad accident. Nick and Sharon rush to the hospital.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

After receiving the news of Cassie's accident, Sharon and Nicholas rush through the hospital doors. They are told the doctors are with Cassie. Dr. Olivia Winters informs them that Cassie is unconscious, that she was thrown from the car, and that she is presently going to undergo a CT scan. Sharon is very distraught, knowing they never should have allowed Cassie to attend the party. Nikki then joins them, obviously also concerned about Cassie. Nikki tells Sharon and Nick that Victor has gone to the airport to pick up Victoria before her plane takes off. Olivia comes out and informs them that Cassie was lucky....the car rolled, the occupants were ejected into an open patch. However, they are still evaluating Cassie's head trauma. Sharon goes into the next room, very distraught, knocking over a bunch of plastic cups.

Phyllis stops by the Abbott house, but Jack tells her this isn't a good time. She tells him she's not here to see him but to bring a cake to John for his homecoming. Phyllis informs Jack that Victoria has returned home to Italy. Jack's anger towards Phyllis is softening. Phyllis tenderly tells Jack she knows that he wants her back and wants to know why he won't just admit it. Gloria then comes into the room. Jack introduces them; they shake hands. The phone then rings. It's Olivia, and she wants to talk to Phyllis. She informs Phyllis that Daniel has been in a car accident and is unconscious. Phyllis leaves for the hospital immediately, with Jack accompanying her.

Detective Webber arrives at the hospital and wants to question Nick and Sharon about the relationship between Cassie and Daniel, as he was the other person in the car. At that time, Phyllis rushes in for news about Daniel, Sharon sees her, begins yelling, and physically attacks her. The two women have to be pulled apart.

Tom is in Michael's office. Michael hands him a check for $10,000.00 and tells him to get out of town. Tom states that he likes Genoa City, but he takes the check and leaves. A bit later on, Kevin arrives at Michael's office. Michael informs Kevin about giving Tom the check. Kevin is very upset that Michael caved in and gave Tom money. Michael says he gave the money to Tom for a stalling tactic, as they need to get Kevin ready for another possible confrontation with Tom. Tom also knows Gloria is married to John Abbott, Michael tells his little brother. Kevin wants to warn their mother, but Michael says to leave her alone right now, as she is at the Abbotts' with John.

John has come home, and Ashley is with him in the Abbott living room. Gloria then enters, welcomes John home, and announces everything is ready for him. Ashley doesn't want her there, but John informs Ashley he has invited her to stay. Ashley leaves the room, and Gloria thanks John for letting her stay. He reminds her that things are definitely not back to normal with them. Gloria reminds him of her vow....'in sickness and health, for better or worse'. She intends to abide by it. Terrible Tom is lurking outside, staring at them through the window.

Brittany and Bobby are at home trying to figure out who sent the bassinet. Brittany is sorting through the mail and finds the hospital bill. Bobby becomes upset about the hospital bill collector calling them at home. Bobby then announces to Brittany that he is going to go to the hospital and pay the bill right then. He shows Brittany the cash, saying he got it from a guy who owed him money. Brittany begins to question him, but he leaves.

Bobby arrives at the hospital to pay the bill. Nikki spots him, and they begin talking. Bobby assumes the gifts (blanket and bassinet) are from her, but she says they are not. Nikki tells Bobby of Cassie's accident; Bobby says he will light a candle in the hospital chapel. He tells Nikki to stay in touch.

Lily, Sierra and Devon are at Crimson Lights. Lily is concerned about Daniel and has the feeling he wanted to say something to her.

She questions her decision about leaving him alone at the party, as he had been drinking alcohol.

Phyllis is now at Daniel's bedside. His face is extremely banged up. He does recognize that Phyllis is there but tells his mother he's not really sure what happened. Phyllis tells him he ran into a pole; Daniel still has no recollection of the accident. Phyllis tells him he was giving Cassie Newman a ride Daniel is extremely puzzled. He really doesn't think Cassie was in the car, as he barely knows her. Phyllis is worried about a concussion, as Daniel can't seem to remember anything. She informs him that Cassie has been seriously injured; they both hope she will be okay. As Phyllis gives Daniel a kiss on the forehead, she tells him she is going to talk to the doctors.

Jack is out in the hall talking to Nikki. Nikki sees Phyllis walk by and tries to talk to her, but Phyllis states she can't talk about it now and leaves. Jack consoles Phyllis but has to leave. Detective Webber is looking on. He then approaches Phyllis and informs her that he's investigating Daniel and Cassie's accident and stresses that if Cassie doesn't pull through, Daniel could be looking at jail time for possible vehicular manslaughter.

Bobby informs the hospital billing worker that he's there to pay the bill and that he is angry about the calls Brittany received regarding the payment being late but is informed that the hospital did not call Bobby's home. Bobby then hands the envelope full of cash over. While the money is being counted, Bobby has thoughts of Vinny and is sure he was the one who made the collection calls.

Back at the apartment, Brittany has found the bag of diamonds. Shocked and puzzled, she puts the jewels back into the bag, grabs her purse and leaves.

Brittany walks into the club, approaches Angelo and tries to give him the diamonds. He says he knows nothing about this and tells Brittany to forget they ever had this conversation. He strongly advises her to take them home, put them back where she found them, and let this all go....Bobby will handle it. Brit looks very worried.

Finally, Nick, Sharon and Nikki are allowed to see Cassie. They find her attached to several monitors and tubes. Sharon kisses her hand and breaks down in tears. Obviously, all three are extremely worried.

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Brittany didn't tell Bobby that she'd found the diamonds, but she did question him about their finances. Bobby said the hospital bill was all taken care of; Brittany shouldn't worry about anything. When he left early for work, saying that he had to do inventory, Brittany couldn't resist going to look at the diamonds again.

Bobby went to the club and confronted Vinny, saying that he knew it was Vinny who'd called and scared Brittany about the hospital bills. He wanted Vinny to stay away from his wife. Vinny said he wasn't the problem; Brittany was. He told Bobby that Brittany had brought the diamonds to the club the night before and confronted Angelo about them. If Brittany didn't stop going around town with the diamonds, she was going to find herself in a lot of trouble.

When Gloria expressed her desire to start helping John with his physical therapy, Ashley and Jack told her they didn't want her to help him. Her inexpert assistance might do more harm than good. Gloria reminded John that he'd wanted her help, but John said the doctors were right, and he needed professional care. Gloria wasn't happy when the physical therapist they'd arranged for came in and proved to be a beautiful young woman who told Gloria that she worked alone. Ashley had set up the study with a bed and other equipment that John would need for his rehabilitation. When John and the PT left, Ashley told Gloria that she wasn't really interested in helping John. She was simply trying to worm her way back into his life. Gloria said that she was still John's wife; did Ashley really want her father to grow old alone? Gloria then left the house.

At Crimson Lights, Neil was sitting with Lily and Devon when a visibly shaken Dru joined them. She told them about the accident and that Daniel had apparently driven drunk with Cassie in the car. Cassie was in critical condition. Lily and Devon admitted that they'd been at the park but hadn't been drinking. Drucilla said this was proof that Daniel was a bad influence; she was glad Lily hadn't been with him. Neil said he hoped the police threw the book at Daniel. After the Winterses left, Lily expressed her confusion about Cassie's decision to ride with Daniel when she knew he'd been drinking. She felt guilty that they'd left them at the park instead of making sure they both got home okay. Devon had no sympathy for Daniel and told Lily she shouldn't try to see him.

Phyllis questioned Daniel about what had happened the night before, letting him know that she knew he'd been drinking. She couldn't understand why he was drinking or why he'd driven the car. While she was trying to get to the bottom of it, Det. Weber showed up. Phyllis refused to let Daniel talk to him until his attorney got there. Although she'd called Michael's office to get his help, it was Christine who showed up because Michael was in court. Christine let Det. Weber ask Daniel a few questions, but when Weber told Daniel he could be facing jail time, Christine cut the interrogation short, saying she needed to talk to her client. Weber warned Daniel not to leave town and left. Christine asked Daniel to call Danny and let him know what was going on, but Daniel said he couldn't until he knew how serious things were. He insisted that something didn't add up. He wasn't particularly good friends with Cassie, nor would he have ever gotten into the car without fastening his seatbelt. Christine promised Phyllis and Daniel that she'd do everything she could to keep Daniel from going to jail.

At the hospital, Victoria, Nikki, and Victor waited together for news about Cassie while Sharon talked to Nick about what had happened. She knew that Cassie had lied to them about going to the movies. She'd known they shouldn't let Cassie go out that night. Olivia came and told them Cassie was going to need surgery. She'd feel more confident about her hope for recovery if Cassie could regain consciousness. After Victoria assured Nick and Sharon that she was staying in Genoa City for as long as Cassie was in trouble, the two went to see their daughter. Sharon tried to wake Cassie, but it wasn't until she mentioned how much Noah wanted his sister to get well that Cassie opened her eyes. Nick and Sharon told her that she was in the hospital, and Cassie began to get scared when they couldn't reassure her that everything was going to be okay.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Bobby asks Brittany why she went to see Angelo about the jewels. Brittany was afraid Bobby was going against her back. Bobby says he will take back the jewels. When he goes to see Vinny, Vinny wants his money back as well as the jewels. Bobby says he will have to pay him back. He threatens Vinny to stay away from himself and Brittany.

Cassie wonders why Nick and Sharon won't tell her what's wrong. They admit to her that she has a head injury and will have to go to surgery. Detective Weber comes in and asks to speak to Cassie. Cassie doesn't remember anything about the car accident. When Detective Weber asks her about Daniel, Cassie remembers that he had been drinking. Cassie doesn't want to get Daniel in trouble and thinks not remembering might be a good thing. When Cassie gets prepped for surgery, Victoria, Victor, Nick, Sharon and Nikki all encourage Cassie to be strong. Cassie tells Nick to let Noah know he's the best little brother in the world.

Phyllis asks Nikki how Cassie is doing. Nikki tells her about the surgery. Phyllis wonders if there is anything she can do. Nikki advises her to leave the Tack house. Phyllis is happy to see Jack when she comes home. She tells him about Nikki and her worries that Daniel will go to prison. Jack offers that her and Daniel move in with him.

Gloria tells Kevin about John's new Swedish physical therapist. He thinks she may be overreacting. When the therapist comes downstairs and says she wants to ask Ashley about helping John five days a week instead of three, Gloria gets upset. When Kevin tries to intervene, the therapist says she knows all about the problems in the family. Gloria is furious that Ashley is brainwashing John's therapist.

When Daniel tries to talk to Lily, Dru and Neil get upset and drag her away. A reporter comes up to Daniel and asks him to comment about his drunk driving with a billionaire's granddaughter in the car. Daniel gets upset and shouts out that he's not a monster. Lily later finds him in the park and asks him what he wanted to talk about.

Friday, May 6, 2005

Katherine came over for a visit with Mackenzie. When she found out that Mackenzie was bothered by J.T.'s pretense of indifference, Katherine told Mac she needed to be less available to him. It was time to make J.T. understand what he was missing. Mackenzie finally agreed to move in with her grandmother for a while and play a little hard to get with J.T. Katherine reminded Mac to bring her laptop with her so she could check out what the geriatric set was up to with online dating.

Gita talked to John about his physical therapy plan and told him a little of her background. She'd been raised in Europe by her grandmother, a gypsy with a strong tendency toward superstition. Gita had gotten tired of all the moving around and "mumbo jumbo." When her grandmother died, she came to America and put herself through school to be a physical therapist. John admired her ambition. When Gita suggested that she move into the empty room at the pool house so she could spend more time on his recovery, John agreed that it was a practical solution.

Gloria and Kevin went to see Michael to complain about Gita's presence in John's life. Although Michael just wanted them to bicker elsewhere, he listened as Gloria explained that she was sure Ashley and Jack had hired Gita with the intention of driving a wedge between Gloria and John. She wouldn't be surprised if Gita didn't end up moving in to the Abbott house. Michael warned her to leave John's healthcare to the professionals, but Gloria wasn't easily persuaded. Kevin jokingly suggested that Gloria hire Paul Williams to look into Gita's background or to pull a "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" trick on Gita and serve her a rat. Gloria said that Kevin might as well dress up like an old woman and scare Gita in the shower like in "Psycho." Michael didn't appreciate their humor and told them to leave, not realizing that he'd planted an idea in Gloria's head when he said they might as well "Gaslight" Gita. Gloria and Kevin left to scheme about how to get rid of Gita.

Just back from working in the Milwaukee Crimson Lights shop, Malcolm checked in with Dru and Neil to find out what was going on. He'd heard about Daniel and Cassie's wreck. When he found out that Neil and Dru had forbidden Lily to see Daniel, Malcolm warned them that they'd only made Daniel more appealing to her by showing that everyone was against him. Neil suggested that Malcolm leave the parenting to Lily's parents, and Dru quickly intervened, saying that Malcolm only had Lily's best interest at heart and Neil was the one who'd wanted Lily's uncle to stay close to her. After Neil left, Dru told Malcolm to butt out, and Malcolm reminded her that he wasn't just Lily's uncle. He had an interest in what happened to her, too, as her father. Dru reminded him that he wasn't supposed to be talking about being Lily's father; they had an agreement.

In the park, Lily questioned what had made Daniel think he could drive Cassie home from the party at the park. Daniel said that he couldn't remember anything, but it didn't seem like something he would do. He was surprised when Lily told him what a huge crush Cassie had on him. He said he'd never looked at Cassie that way; she was just a kid. It would destroy him if anything bad happened to her because of him. Even jail would be better. Lily was appalled to hear that Daniel might go to jail. The two were interrupted by Malcolm, who showed compassion toward Daniel. He reminded him that he was only a kid and he'd made a mistake. Malcolm was sure that Phyllis would work with all her might to keep Daniel from going to jail. Lily assured Daniel that he wasn't alone; she was in his corner. After Daniel left to go home, Lily thanked Malcolm for being kind to Daniel. Malcolm said that her parents were worried about her. He wasn't going to tell them that he'd seen her talking to Daniel, but he thought she should go home. Lily thanked him again and left.

Christine went to the hospital to try to get more information about Daniel's wreck. As soon as Sharon found out that Christine was representing Daniel, she got hostile toward Christine and said she didn't care what happened to Daniel. What her daughter was going through was all Daniel's fault. She did tell Christine that Cassie couldn't remember the accident or the events leading up to it. While they were talking, Cassie's friend Ali joined them. Sharon had to leave to fill out some hospital paperwork, and Christine asked Ali a few questions. She told Ali that the Newmans already knew that Cassie had lied about going to the party that night. Ali was relieved that she didn't have to keep that secret, and she told Christine that Cassie had a huge crush on Daniel.

Christine went to the office and talked about Daniel's case to Michael. Michael sympathized with what the Newmans must be going through, but he also knew that Phyllis must be really upset. Christine agreed that Phyllis was and told Michael about Cassie's crush on Daniel. Michael said he hoped that Daniel hadn't been taking advantage of Cassie. Christine said that something didn't add up. She left the office and later went to see Daniel, who told her he was freaking out about the possibility of jail. Christine asked him bluntly if he was having sex with Cassie Newman, and Daniel vehemently denied it. Christine said she needed to know the whole truth about everything that had happened between the two teens.

Victor's specialist gave Victor and Nick some bad news about Cassie. Although he said that the staff at Memorial had been honest with the Newmans about Cassie's condition, and she was getting excellent care, there was a risk of infection caused by the skull injury she'd suffered. If she got an infection, she could very well die. After the specialist left, Nick asked his father whether he should tell the others. Victor told him that was a decision Nick would have to make. Nick decided that for now, he'd keep the information between them.

When Olivia came to tell Nick and Sharon that Cassie was out of surgery and that it had gone well, Sharon was relieved and wanted to see Cassie. When Sharon left, Nick stayed behind to confront Olivia about the possibility that Cassie might get an infection. Olivia said that was always a possibility; they weren't keeping anything from Nick. Nick said he understood why they minimized the risks to his wife and his mother, but from now on, he wanted to know every detail about what was going on with Cassie. Olivia agreed to keep him informed. Nick joined Sharon at Cassie's bedside and looked worried as Sharon commented that Cassie had been through the worst and was now on the road to recovery.

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