The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 9, 2005 on Y&R

Daniel was arrested. J.T. and Mac struggled to figure out what kind of relationship they had. Dru found Daniel and Lily together. John told Kevin that his feelings about Kevin and Gloria had not changed. Cassie had a dream about the automobile accident.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 9, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, May 9, 2005

Jack informs a surprised John, Gloria and Ashley that Phyllis and Daniel will be moving into the Abbott house.

Daniel panics as Christine informs him that he could be facing several years' jail time. Phyllis panics when Detective Weber arrives to place Daniel under arrest.

Devon asks for Lauren's help in picking out a Mother's Day gift.

Neil comforts Dru as she worries about her parenting skills. Neil advises Lily to make amends with Dru. Lily gives Dru a brooch as a Mother's Day gift and Devon presents her with a lovely poem.

Victor advises Nick to tell Sharon and Nikki the truth about Cassie's condition. The Newmans are concerned as the doctor informs them that Cassie has a fever, which could be a sign of infection.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Phyllis is at the police station, having just posted bail for Daniel. She is verbally attacking Christine, saying she must do something to help Daniel. Chris asks Phyllis just to work with her. Daniel is brought out from the jail, and Phyllis embraces him. He tells them about his night in jail. Daniel asks about Cassie and says he wants to see if she's okay. Christine advises him definitely not to go to the hospital, as that will only make things worse.

The Newman family are at the hospital keeping vigil over Cassie. Olivia informs them that Cassie's fever has stabilized. Victor and Nicholas are talking between themselves about possibly letting Noah visit Cassie now in case she doesn't make it. Nick decides that he does want Noah to see Cassie so Victor offers to go pick him up and bring him to the hospital. Nick then goes over to Sharon and convinces her to go to the cafeteria with him to get something to eat. After they leave, we see Daniel hiding in the corner with his hat pulled down.

Lily and Devon are talking; Lily can't seem to stop going on and on about Daniel. Devon can't understand why she's so worried about Daniel. They raise their voices to each other.....their first brother/sister disagreement.

Malcolm advises Lily that if she feels strongly about visiting Daniel, she should go ahead and see him.

Devon is now telling Sierra how he feels Lily shouldn't even be thinking of Daniel.....he's not right for her. Sierra questions Devon about Lily. He thinks she's cute, but she's his "sister" and he respects that.

Gloria and Gitta accompany John as he walks gingerly. Gloria offers to make John some coffee, but Gitta states that she already made him some. After Gloria and Gitta are alone, Gloria makes an effort to befriend Gitta. She apologizes that they got off on the wrong foot. She is convinced John will get better under Gitta's care. Gloria notices a pendant Gitta is wearing. Gitta tells a little about its history. Gloria tries to touch it, but a frightened Gitta quickly pulls back.

Christine is at Glenn Richards' office, and he is definitely not receptive to her representing Daniel. He plans to prosecute him to the full extent of the law and will not back off. Christine asks him if this is payback because of his past history with Phyllis and the fact that Daniel is Phyllis' son. Glenn assures Chris that he would not stoop to revenge on a 17-year-old boy but again stresses that he does plan to prosecute him and that he will serve time either way.

Malcolm is at Dru's door, but she doesn't want to let him in but finally agrees. Malcolm informs Dru that Daniel was arrested for a DUI and that if Cassie dies, he could be charged with vehicular homicide. They begin arguing about Lily. Malcolm she's sheltering Lily too much.

Phyllis is at the tack house packing their things and getting ready to move into the Abbott house, when there's a knock at the's Lily. She tells Phyllis she's looking for Daniel. Phyllis asks Lily if her parents know she's there. Lily admits they do not but feels that Daniel needs friends right now. Phyllis tells her about how Daniel had to spend the night in jail. Lily then asks Phyllis if they are moving and wonders if it's because of Daniel. Phyllis explains that the house does belong to Victoria, who is now back from Italy, but they are moving mainly because of Daniel. Phyllis thanks Lily for coming by and advises her that she thinks it best if she and Daniel don't get too close. Phyllis does tell Lily they are moving into the Abbott house.....Lily leaves. As Phyllis continues to pack, she's trying to convince herself that things will be okay again, when there's another knock at the door. This time it's Christine.

John and Gloria are finally alone with no Gitta in sight, but John continues to rave about Gitta's coffee and says he thinks Gitta is a 'good egg'. Gloria tells John that she wants to talk about Kevin, which John is naturally not that eager to do. Gloria tells John to think what Kevin did to help him and that he should let him know he's grateful. Kevin is trying to live his reputation down, Gloria stresses. She points out that he's allowing Phyllis and her son to move in but he won't even give Kevin even a minute of his time. John finally agrees to see Kevin.

Daniel walks into Cassie's room and calls her name. She opens her eyes and appears to recognize him. He tells her he's sorry about everything but doesn't really know what happened. Cassie asks if he's in trouble. He then holds her hand and again says he's sorry and that it's all his fault. Cassie replies by telling him it was only an accident and that she will be all right. At that moment, Nick and Sharon open the door to Cassie's room and are shocked to find Daniel standing by her bed.....GET OUT, they shout!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sharon and Nick were furious to find Daniel in Cassie's hospital room. Although Cassie behaved protectively toward Daniel, Nick asked Daniel to leave the room with him. After they walked out, Cassie asked Sharon if Daniel was in a lot of trouble. After a few minutes, Sharon went outside the room, where Nick was demanding that Daniel leave. In a rage, Sharon lunged for Daniel, and just then Victoria showed up with Noah. Daniel left, and at Olivia's suggestion, Sharon took Noah to wash his hands as a precautionary measure before visiting his sister.

Victoria and Nick stayed behind in the waiting room and Jack showed up. Nick was hostile toward him, saying he didn't want Jack to plead Daniel's case. Jack insisted that he was just there to offer his support, and Nick's attitude toward Jack wasn't going to make Cassie any better. Nick told Jack that Cassie might die. Shocked, Jack again tried to offer his support, but Victoria pulled him away. The two of them talked a while, and Victoria told Jack that Nick was acting out of emotion. Even though she was first and foremost a Newman, and the Newmans weren't feeling very forgiving toward Daniel, Victoria had no hard feelings at all toward Jack. Jack told Victoria that he hoped she'd stay in town for good; she belonged there and things weren't right when she was gone.

Noah gave Cassie a get well card he'd made. The two of them agreed that each was a good brother or sister and that they loved each other. Victoria came in and suggested that it might be time for her and Noah to leave. Noah didn't want to, but Cassie promised Noah she'd see him again. After they left, Cassie told her parents that she was really tired and wanted to sleep. Sharon was afraid that maybe Cassie was slipping away from them.

J.T. arrived home to find a note from Mac saying that she'd moved to her grandmother's. While he was trying to decide what to do, Paul showed up to get a tape from him. Paul wondered what J.T. had done that drove Mac away, and J.T. insisted he hadn't done anything. Paul said maybe that was the problem; he hadn't done something Mac wanted him to do. Paul thought maybe J.T. should pretend like he didn't care--but then again, Paul reminded him that advice was coming from someone who was single. Paul then left to meet Ashley for lunch, and J.T. muttered that if Mac wanted to move out, she could.

Mackenzie wasn't sure she'd made the right decision by moving out. Katherine warned her that she needed to stop moping around. She also told her not to call J.T., or she'd lose all the ground she'd gained by moving out. Mackenzie protested that she wasn't used to playing these kinds of games. Katherine invited her to lunch at the athletic club. After they sat down, J.T. came in and approached their table. He told a surprised Mac that if she really intended to move out, she still had to pay rent until he found someone else to move in.

While Ashley waited for Paul, Tom approached her. She asked how his tests had gone at the hospital, and he said everything was fine. He then steered the conversation toward Gloria. Ashley said that she didn't like her stepmother, who she was sure was only after her father's money. Tom said that wealthy people often thought everyone was after their money, but sometimes that wasn't true. He said if he were in John's place, he'd like to know there was someone who cared about him. Ashley warned him to mind his own business; he didn't really know her or her father, so he didn't know what he was talking about. Their conversation was cut short by Paul's arrival. After Ashley introduced them, Tom went to sit in a corner of the bar, and Paul joked that he might have to keep an eye on Tom in case he had bad intentions. At the very least, Paul knew not to be late for lunch again.

Phyllis was devastated to hear from Christine that Daniel would probably serve jail time even if Cassie recovered. She broke down and tried to get herself together when Daniel came home. After they told Daniel the truth, he asked where his father was, and Phyllis said she thought Danny was on his way to Europe. Christine warned Daniel not to run away; it wouldn't help matters. After Christine left, Phyllis hugged Daniel. She left him alone so he could rest while she took some boxes over to the Abbott house.

Lily and Devon had another spat about Daniel. Lily couldn't believe how unfeeling and judgmental Devon was being. Even though what Daniel did was wrong, he was her friend and the kind of person who was always honest about his feelings. She appreciated that about him, and she wasn't going to turn her back on him. Devon told her to go hold Daniel's hand, and Lily questioned whether or not he'd tell her mother if she saw Daniel.

Later, Daniel was touched when Lily showed up at his place. He told Lily how much trouble he was in and how alone he felt. He wondered if his best option wasn't just to run away. Lily told him that she'd go with him. The two clasped hands, and Daniel told her how much her support meant to him. Lily promised that she was going to find some way to help him, then she leaned forward and they kissed.

At the Abbott house, Kevin wasn't pleased to hear that Gloria wanted him to sit down and talk to John. He knew that John didn't really want that, and Kevin was afraid it might make things worse. Gloria reminded him that John was a gentleman; he would never treat Kevin the way Tom had. The door was opened for a short time, and Kevin needed to take advantage of it. Over Kevin's objections, Gloria then went upstairs, saying it would be best for Kevin to talk to John alone. After a few minutes by himself, Kevin got an attack of nerves and decided to leave. As he opened the door, he ran into Phyllis, and the two of them simultaneously said, "What the hell are you doing here?" and eyed each other suspiciously.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

When Kevin told Phyllis that he was at the Abbott house at John's invitation, Phyllis told him to leave. Kevin refused and asked how Daniel was, saying he hadn't seen him since the day of the wreck. When Phyllis found out that Kevin had seen Daniel that day, she accused him of being the one who bought Daniel beer. Kevin said maybe he'd have done something like that in the past, but he no longer did things that would get him into trouble. He certainly hadn't done it for Daniel, and he didn't know who had. Phyllis told Kevin to stay away from her son and warned him that she intended to give John Abbott an earful about Kevin's misdeeds.

Gloria came in and demanded to know why Phyllis was threatening her son. Phyllis said her son was a freak and needed to stay out of the Abbott house. Gloria pointed out that she was John's wife; therefore, her son had more right to be there than Phyllis and Daniel. Kevin said that Daniel needed the support he could find there, and Gloria pointed out how Kevin's concern for Daniel made him a better person than Phyllis, who was interested only in causing Kevin trouble. Phyllis went upstairs, and Kevin warned his mother not to make an enemy of Phyllis. Gloria said she wasn't afraid of Phyllis, but Kevin said he was. Gloria told him not to be rattled; he still needed to take this opportunity to talk to John. When John came in and wanted to know why Kevin was there, Gloria persuaded him to sit down and have a conversation with her son.

Drucilla expressed her frustration to Neil about Phyllis's absence from work. Neil reminded Dru that she'd had to take some time away from the office, too, when he was in the hospital. He promised to make some changes at work that would give Drucilla the Internet support she needed for her Seasons project. When Neil was leaving to go back to work, Drucilla left, too, saying she was going to the tack house to have a chat with Phyllis.

At the tack house, Lily was happy and relieved about how she felt after she and Daniel kissed. She told him that she'd been afraid, because of things from her past, that she would never feel good with a man again. Daniel assured her that there was nothing wrong with her, and he'd liked the kiss, too. He broke off another kiss with her later, saying that she didn't need to get involved with him, especially if he was going to jail. Lily vowed to stay by his side no matter what, and Daniel told her that she was amazing. He begged her to promise that if he took off, she wouldn't try to go with him. While they were talking, Drucilla showed up to talk to Phyllis. Daniel tried to get rid of her, but Dru spotted Lily's purse and came inside. She yelled at Lily for being there and accused Daniel of luring her daughter over. Lily yelled back at her mother, saying she was there by choice. She was not going to abandon Daniel. Drucilla grabbed Lily and dragged her out of the tack house while Daniel watched them go with a worried and hurt look on his face.

Katherine told J.T. if he was worried about Mac's rent, she'd give him a check. J.T. said that was fine, pretending not to care that Mac had moved out. Later, while J.T. sat at the bar, Mac told her grandmother that it wasn't in her nature to be sneaky. Katherine agreed that Mac was an honest person and said it was a good thing that Katherine wasn't. She was going to save Mac from herself. Meanwhile, at the bar, Bobby told J.T. his view of why Mac had moved out. Obviously she was crazy about J.T. J.T. either needed to make a move or let her go, because it was wrong to jerk her around. J.T. then took advantage of Katherine's absence to apologize to Mac for whatever he'd done and to ask her to move back in. Mac accepted his apology but declined his offer to come back to the loft, leaving the restaurant arm in arm with her grandmother to go shopping at Fenmore's.

Nick and Sharon again talked to Cassie's doctor, who said that Cassie's stabilized fever was a good sign that she wasn't getting worse. However, he'd feel better if the fever began to drop. If it didn't, they could try new antibiotics, but the next 12 to 24 hours would be critical. The important thing was for Cassie to stay calm and get plenty of rest. After he left, Nick and Sharon shared their frustration over being unable to do more to help their daughter. Sharon said it was hard for her to keep up a pretense to Cassie that everything was going to be fine when Sharon was starting to lose hope.

Ali came to visit Cassie and told her that Daniel had been arrested for drunk driving. He'd even spent a night in jail. Upset, Cassie said she had to do something to help Daniel. Although Ali said that she herself would want Daniel in jail if he'd hurt her, she agreed to help Cassie call Daniel to tell him that Cassie was on his side. But as Cassie began to dial, Nick and Sharon came into the room. Ali said they were just calling one of Cassie's friends. Sharon said Cassie needed to rest, and Nick asked Ali to give them some time alone with their daughter. Ali told Cassie she'd pass the message on to "their friend" and left. Later, while Cassie was falling asleep, she started having memories of the night of the party. She remembered the sound of the car crash and sat up in bed. Nick asked if she'd had a bad dream, and Cassie lay back down without saying anything.

Brad went to the ranch to see Victoria, who was staying with Noah at Nick's house. He offered to go on a run with her to take her mind off things, but Victoria didn't want to leave Noah alone. She said that Brad could divert her another way if he'd pose for her and let her paint him. Brad laughed and said the last time he'd had a painting done of himself, it hadn't ended well. Victoria remembered the painting of Brad and Jack that her father had destroyed and said Brad could put a new portrait in his next office. Brad said his ego wasn't that big, and Victoria understood his dig at her father. Brad let her know that he'd found out about Jack offering the CEO position to her. Victoria apologized for not having told him; things had been too up in the air then. Brad said it would have been a good opportunity for her; he regretted the way Jack had pitted them all against each other. He figured Jack was reaping what he sowed with Jill. Once his strongest ally, Jill now hated Jack's guts. When the subject turned back to Cassie again, Victoria admitted how worried she was and how hard it was to be strong for Noah. Brad offered her his shoulder, and Victoria nestled into his embrace on the couch.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Michael calls Lauren at the Boutique to invite her to dinner. She is upset that he hasn't called her since he went to speak to Tom. She isn't sure if she will come over or not. She tells Michael she has to go because she has a customer. It's Terrible Tom.

Tom tells Lauren he is looking for a special necklace. He says he doesn't want something too expensive, money is tight right now, but he plans to have money soon. When Tom and Lauren decide between two necklaces, Tom asks her to try them on. She puts them up to herself and Tom then decides he wants another necklace.

Gloria tells Michael that Kevin is talking to John. She wants Michael to do the same. Gloria says it's been extremely hard because all the people moving into the Abbott estate are against her. Michael says he has other things on his mind, but he will try.

When Lauren shows up at Michael's, she is very upset with him. Michael apologizes and has a special gift for her. It is a dress specially made for her by Eric Forrester. Lauren is impressed, but she still wants to talk to Michael seriously. He agrees if she lets him take her out to dinner.

Kevin thanks John for talking to him. John thanks him for saving his life. Kevin asks that John forgive his mother. John doesn't think he can do that. Kevin suggests that if John owes him, maybe he will forgive his mother. John says he only owes Kevin his thanks. Kevin tells John that even though he probably doesn't believe him, he has changed and his mom really loves John. Kevin thanks John for talking to him.

Katherine tells the pool boy she wants him to come by twice a week. Esther mentions that he is cute. Mac comes downstairs and is upset that J.T. hasn't called. Katherine is willing to bet Mac five dollars that he will call. Just then, J.T. calls. He wants the check for Mac's rent. He is coming by. Katherine asks that Mac go outside and talk to the pool boy. When J.T. shows up, he wants to see Mac after he gets the check. When J.T. sees Mac talking to the pool boy, he doesn't say anything. He leaves. Mac wonders why J.T. left. She is upset and thinks she shouldn't be listening to Katherine's schemes.

Daniel admits to Phyllis that Lily was there. Drucilla tries to talk to Phyllis about Daniel, but Phyllis is distracted by her son's troubles. Drucilla tells Phyllis that she should take a sabbatical to watch over her son. Phyllis begs to let her reconsider. Drucilla seems to have a change of heart and gives Phyllis another chance.

Neil tells Lily that he doesn't want her to see Daniel. Lily argues, but finally gives in. She goes to see how Cassie is doing and talks to her. Cassie admits that she has already forgiven Daniel and hopes that she will remember something that can help him. Lily goes to talk to Daniel about it. Daniel says he has decided to leave town.

Cassie is remembering the party. She remembers that it was her who was driving.

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