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'Terrible Tom' and Ashley had an impromptu fishing date. Mac informed Kevin that she and J.T. were together. Gitta made a play for Kevin. Cassie flatlined as Nick and Sharon sat at her bedside. Daniel ran away.
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Cassie died with Nick and Sharon at her bedside
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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Newman Family is devastated by Cassie's death

The Newman Family is devastated by Cassie's death

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

by Nel

At J.T.'s apartment, Mac kissed J.T. and asked why she was there and why she'd kissed him. Mac said she'd felt bad after J.T. had moved out of Katherine's home. Mac said she wanted to take a leap of faith and move back in with him-- but only if he wanted her to. J.T. asked if she was a glutton for punishment. Mac smiled and told him that an unlikely source had told her that she'd made a big mistake turning her back on him. She claimed she wasn't there to talk him into anything, but she wanted to be there with him. J.T. accepted and said that he was happy she'd returned. He said it meant a lot to him. He embraced her and welcomed her home.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Phyllis told Daniel that he had to trust Christine because she would get him out of the mess he found himself in. Daniel agreed. Lily stood to one side, listening. Phyllis sternly told Daniel that he had to stop sneaking around to see Lily. She thanked Lily for supporting Daniel, but it had to be the last time they saw each other for a while. She told Lily and Daniel to say their goodbyes. Phyllis entered the main part of the coffeehouse.

Phyllis was at the counter when Jack arrived at the coffeehouse. He said he'd been looking for her. Phyllis told Jack she was waiting for Daniel and that he was talking to a friend on the patio. Jack noticed that Phyllis appeared anxious. She told him that she was trying to pretend that she had things under control, but she was losing control. She claimed she was also losing her mind, and she was afraid of losing her job.

Jack asked if Dru had been giving Phyllis a hard time. Phyllis said that no matter how good she was at her job, Dru would fire her. Jack claimed that Phyllis had been in tougher situations, and she'd always managed to wriggle her way out of them -- and she would again. He insisted that Phyllis needed to relax that evening.

On the patio, Daniel told Lily the reason he hadn't disappeared was because he wanted to help finding Cassie. Lily told him that Cassie was safe and in the hospital. Daniel said that Phyllis thought she could hide him from the press. He told Lily that he didn't want to stay because everyone in town wanted to kill him for what had happened to Cassie. Lily suggested that it might not be the best idea to hide out at the Abbotts'. At that moment, Malcolm arrived and asked Daniel what had happened. Daniel claimed he'd had a long day and shouldn't keep Phyllis waiting. Daniel left.

Malcolm locked the doors to the coffeehouse as soon as the last patrons left. He sat down with Lily and asked her what was going on. He said he'd seen the look that had passed between her and Daniel. Lily told Malcolm that she and Daniel were friends. Malcolm pointed out that she was friends with a guy whose world was crashing down around him, but Daniel appeared very calm. Lily claimed that Daniel had learned to cope, but Malcolm wasn't buying it. He said something was going on, and he thought that Daniel didn't want to face the music. Malcom felt that Daniel was going to run, and he hoped that Lily wasn't planning on running with Daniel.

Malcolm was convinced he was right -- that Daniel couldn't take the heat and that Daniel and Lily were planning on running. Lily denied it. She claimed that Daniel wouldn't run. Malcolm said he wouldn't allow Lily to go with Daniel, but Lily stated that Daniel was going through the worst time of his life. She said he needed a friend, and she wouldn't abandon him.

Malcolm reminded Lily that people were suffering because of what Daniel had done, and he wouldn't allow Lily to be Daniel's next victim. Lily was adamant that that wouldn't happen. Malcolm asked Lily to promise him she wouldn't leave town. He said if she did, he would find her and take her back home. Lily promised him that she wouldn't run.

Phyllis and Daniel arrived at the Abbotts' to a swarm of reporters who shouted questions at Daniel. They wanted to know what had happened between him and his girlfriend Cassie. Someone mentioned that Cassie's condition was deteriorating. They also wanted to know how he would handle the vehicular manslaughter charge. While Phyllis tried to get Daniel away from the situation, one reporter asked if Daniel's lawyer was going to cut a deal with the D.A. At that point, Jack intervened and threatened to have all the reporters arrested for trespassing on private property if they didn't leave.

Inside, Jack and Phyllis cuddled, and Jack said that they should be somewhere remote, quiet, and beautiful, but Daniel couldn't leave town, so they would do it later, when everything was resolved.

At the hospital, Sharon kissed Cassie's hand while Nick tried to bring Cassie's temperature down by applying cold compresses. Nikki, Victor, Victoria, Noah, and Doris were also in Cassie's room. When Cassie opened her eyes, Sharon told her that Noah and Doris were there. Noah stood at the edge of the bed, crying. Cassie commented that Doris had cut her hair. Cassie called to Noah. She took his hand and told him that she loved him and that he was the best brother she could have asked for. She told Noah not to be afraid because she was going to be his guardian angel, and she would always look out for him.

Victor left Cassie's room to speak with Olivia and to get an update on the arrival of the specialists from Johns Hopkins. She told him that the airplane the doctors were on couldn't land because of the fog, and it was circling the airport. Victor asked Olivia to inform him as soon as the doctors arrived.

In Cassie's room, Victoria kissed Cassie on the forehead and said she would stay with Cassie until she got better. Cassie asked Victoria to take care of Nick. Victoria assured her that they would all take care of Nick, and so would Cassie. Sharon noticed that Cassie's fever was spiking, and she frantically said she needed more ice to bring Cassie's fever down. Cassie called to Victor. He sat down next to her, and he reminisced about the day that he, Nikki, and Cassie had gone horseback riding. It had been the first time that the three of them had done that together.

Nikki was next to sit by Cassie, and she reminded Cassie about the swarm of fireflies they'd seen. Cassie recalled that Victor and Nikki had given her a present, a star. Nikki said that Cassie had given them one, as well. Cassie said that it had been like a midsummer night's dream. Nikki was surprised that Cassie had remembered that. Victor said it had been a perfect night, and he added that when Cassie was better and out of the hospital, the three of them would go horseback riding again.

Olivia entered the room and asked if Cassie was in any pain. Cassie said she wasn't. Olivia instructed Cassie to tell her parents if she was, and her parents would have Olivia paged. Olivia and Victor left the room.

Outside Cassie's room, Olivia told Victor the doctors had arrived. However, Cassie's temperature was spiking at 105 degrees, and the infection was raging through Cassie's brain. Victor asked if anything could be done, but Olivia said that Cassie wasn't responding to any of the antibiotics. She said Cassie's condition was grave, and she didn't know how much longer Cassie had. She suggested that it was time for everyone to give Sharon and Nick some private time with Cassie.

Victor wiped his tears before he returned to Cassie's room. He whispered something into Nikki's ear. Victoria, Noah, and Doris left after kissing Cassie on the forehead. Victor kissed Cassie on the forehead and told her to sleep well and to get some rest. He walked over to Nick and gave him a comforting pat on the shoulder. Nikki also kissed Cassie and told her that God was watching over her and that Cassie would always be her shining star. Cassie told Nikki and Victor that she loved them. Victor told Cassie to get some rest. He hugged Sharon, and he and Nikki left.

Cassie commented that it was just her and her parents. Nick lovingly squeezed Cassie's arm while Sharon stroked Cassie's cheek. Sharon told Cassie to fight, but Cassie said she was "so tired." Sharon said that the doctors had done everything they could, and it was up to Cassie to hold on. Sharon cradled Cassie and said that she was their beautiful little girl. Nick said that when Cassie had come into their lives, everything had changed for the better. Nick said he would always be with her. Cassie claimed she'd been a pain. Sharon insisted that she hadn't been and that all families fought, but they always forgave.

Nick told Cassie that he cherished every moment he'd had with her, and she'd been an amazing daughter, one of a kind. Cassie told Sharon that one day, Sharon and Nick would have another little girl, but Sharon claimed they had their little girl. Sharon thanked Cassie for everything she'd given her and said that Cassie had blessed her life just by being there. She said there was no greater love than the love of a child and that Cassie had brought a lot of joy into their lives. Cassie said she loved them both "so much." She then whispered something into Nick's ear, and he looked momentarily surprised.

Nick began to sing "Brahms' Lullaby," but halfway through it, he had to stop because he was sobbing too hard. A montage of precious moments with Cassie and the family followed. Then the monitors flatlined. Precious Cassie was gone. Nick and Sharon broke down into heart-wrenching tears. Sharon placed her head on Cassie's stomach, and Nick lovingly held Cassie's hand. Sharon and Nick wept while the theme to The Young and the Restless played softly in the background.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Paul and Christine were having breakfast when Michael and Lauren joined them. Sensing that something was up, Christine questioned them, and Michael shared the news of his engagement to Lauren. As Lauren began describing Michael's romantic proposal, Paul abruptly left the table.

Later, Paul returned and went to the bar to get coffee to go. Lauren went to him and asked if he was troubled because it was Michael she was marrying. She assured him that Michael was a loving man, and she'd never been so certain of anything in her life. Paul said he didn't understand Lauren's rush. She told him that it was rare to find something so special that you just wanted to grab hold and not let go. Paul conceded that if she felt that way, she shouldn't let go, and he hugged her.

Across the restaurant, Christine offered her congratulations to Michael, saying that he'd looked happy lately, and she was glad he'd found the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Michael gently reminded her that he'd found the one once before and let her slip through his fingers. Later, Christine explained that she'd be working out of the office over the next few weeks because Daniel would be staying with her. As she was leaving the restaurant to pick up Daniel, she received a call on her cell phone and reacted with a shocked "No!" as she learned about Cassie's death.

At the Abbott house, Gloria was the only one in a good mood at the breakfast table. John asked if there had been any news about Cassie, and Jack said not yet. He said he was he going by the hospital to check on her after Nick's hostility the day before. John told him not to take that personally; the Newmans had to be beside themselves with worry. Jack told his family that Phyllis had been up half the night, pacing, and John hoped she didn't think Daniel wasn't welcome there. Jack said it was a good idea for Daniel to stay with Christine. As his attorney, she could shelter him from the press.

When Phyllis arrived downstairs, Ashley commented on Gloria's good mood, and Gloria confessed that Michael had asked Lauren to marry him. Gloria said she couldn't be happier. When no one at the table reacted, Gloria said that was exactly why she'd been reluctant to share her news, and she left the room. Later, John approached Gloria alone. He apologized for their lackluster reaction to her news and said that Michael was getting someone very special in Lauren Fenmore. Gloria was touched when John told her to convey his congratulations to her son.

Worried about Phyllis, Jack suggested that the two of them take the day off of work and do something that would relax her. Phyllis agreed that after Christine picked up Daniel and went into the office to take care of her most pressing business matters, Phyllis would spend some time with him. She thanked Jack for always knowing how to lift her spirits.

Later, Phyllis and Daniel talked while they were waiting for Christine to pick him up. Phyllis said that although she was sometimes upset with him for the consequences of what he'd done, she still remembered the little boy she'd held and wanted to protect Daniel from all of that. Daniel told her how much she meant to him. He wanted her to understand that none of it was her fault; she'd been a great mother.

While Phyllis went upstairs to finish getting ready before Christine's arrival, Daniel left. Phyllis returned downstairs and was hurt that he'd left with Christine without saying goodbye, so she was startled when Christine showed up at the front door. She asked if Daniel had forgotten something, and Christine said no; she was there to pick up Daniel. The two women shared a stunned look, both of them realizing that Daniel was missing.

Noah woke up on his Aunt Victoria's couch and asked her if it had been a dream. He wanted to know if his sister was really dead. While he cried, Victoria held him and told him that Cassie was in heaven.

Victor took some tea to Nikki, who was sitting alone at the piano and trying to cope with the fact that Cassie was gone. It didn't seem real to her. Victor felt helpless and wondered if there was something more he could have done to save Cassie. Nikki reminded him that he'd flown in the country's top specialists. There was nothing more that anyone could have done. Although she wasn't sure what to say to Nick and Sharon, the two of them agreed that the most important thing for them was to be strong for their children.

Sharon and Nick were downstairs at their house, both grieving their daughter. Sharon watched Nick with compassion until Nick said that he had to get out of there. Without telling Sharon where he was going, he left, and Sharon curled up on the couch to cry. When Victor and Nikki entered, they were concerned to hear that Nick had left Sharon alone without saying where he was going. Sharon asked about Noah, and Nikki reassured her that Miguel was with him; they were feeding the horses. When Sharon wondered about her mother, Nikki told her that Doris was resting at the house. Nikki signaled for Victor to leave them alone.

Nikki urged Sharon to eat something, but Sharon said she couldn't eat. She began to question why she'd let Cassie leave the house that night, blaming herself for her daughter's death. Nikki told her that Cassie had made some bad decisions, as teenagers often did. It wasn't Sharon's fault.

When Sharon asked if Nikki was saying it was Cassie's fault, Nikki said no. It was a tragedy, and no one was to blame. Cassie had left the house and returned home safely a thousand times before. There was no way anyone could have known it was going to happen. Sharon broke down, sobbing hysterically, and Nikki held her, urging her to let it all out. Later, Nikki watched over Sharon while she slept on the couch.

Nick went to the hospital room where Cassie had died. When the orderly who was making the bed realized who Nick was, he left him alone in the room so Nick could grieve. As Nick cried, Victoria arrived and held her brother, trying to comfort him. Finally, she told him there was nothing there for him anymore. They needed to leave.

Nick lashed out at his sister, wondering where he was supposed to be and asking her to leave him alone. Victoria refused, saying she needed to be with him. Nick said there was nothing he could do for Victoria. Victoria refused to walk away, sitting down next to her brother and putting her arms around him while he cried.

Devon couldn't understand why Lily was making sandwiches for her school lunch, but Lily evaded his questions. Devon said he was worried about her involvement with Daniel, who was in a lot of trouble. He didn't want to see Lily get caught up in Daniel's problems. Lily thanked Devon for his concern but said she had to stand by Daniel, who needed her support. Neil walked in as they were talking and wondered what was going on, but Lily and Devon both kept quiet on the subject of Daniel. They told him they were worried about Cassie.

While Neil, Devon, and Lily were talking, Victor called Neil and told him his granddaughter had died the night before. After Neil hung up, Lily reacted with shock at the news of Cassie's death. She hurried from the apartment, saying she wanted to be alone. Devon agreed with Neil that she was just upset about Cassie, but he looked worried about what Lily might be up to.

Later, Lily met Daniel at their secret place on the Abbott estate, asking if he'd gotten away without attracting notice. Daniel said that his mother thought he was waiting for Christine to pick him up. Lily had brought Daniel some food, and as he began taking it out of the grocery sack, he noticed Lily's somber mood. When he asked what was wrong, Lily gently told him that Cassie had died. After his initial shock, Daniel broke down crying in Lily's arms.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Christine and Phyllis couldn't believe Daniel had disappeared. Christine said that the worst had happened. Cassie had passed away the night before. Phyllis went to see if Daniel's passport was gone, and she couldn't find it. When Christine called Glen Richards, she found out that Daniel's charges had been changed to manslaughter. Phyllis was almost glad Daniel had left.

Lily told Daniel about Cassie. He told Lily to leave him. She still wanted to stay by his side. Daniel said he would feel responsible for Cassie's death for as long as he lived.

Victoria told Nick he should go home to be with his family. He didn't think he could handle it. He thanked Victoria for being there for them.

Vinny went to see Bobby and gave him another proposition to pay his money back. Bobby said no again. Vinny wondered what was wrong with Bobby's head. When Bobby went to work out after work, he saw Nick using the punching bag. Bobby wondered what was wrong. Nick mentioned Cassie's accident. He was obviously enraged at Daniel.

Sharon woke up and heard Noah calling her. He'd had a bad dream about Cassie. Sharon talked to him about Cassie in heaven. Noah wondered if he could still talk to her. Sharon told him that Cassie would always be there with them. Noah told Cassie how much he loved her. He hugged Sharon and told her he loved her, too.

J.T. returned to the loft and found that Mac was making breakfast for him. He had gone out to get some coffee and doughnuts. They had a nice breakfast together, and J.T. told Mac how happy he was to have her as his roommate again. Katherine stopped by and wished Mac luck.

Jill attacked Ashley for not telling her about Damon leaving. Ashley didn't like the way Jill was accusing her. When Ashley stormed off, Katherine witnessed them and told Jill that instead of yelling, she needed to learn how to lead people.

Gloria told Michael and Lauren that she wanted to be their wedding planner. Michael wasn't too happy about it, but Lauren liked the idea. They talked about having the best wedding around. Gloria got excited about the prospects.

Ashley went to Jack and told him that she couldn't work with Jill. She wanted to know what he would do about it.

Friday, May 27, 2005

At the gym, after Lily told Nick how sorry she was to hear of Cassie's death, Nick asked her if Daniel knew that he'd killed Nick's daughter. Lily said that he knew, and his heart was breaking. Nick wondered if Daniel would have the nerve to tell him that to his face. Lily explained that Daniel was too terrified to face Nick, but that didn't mean he didn't care. Nick said that Daniel should be scared, because the time for him to care had been when he'd decided to drive drunk with Cassie in the car. Lily could deliver a message to her "little boyfriend": Nick was going to make sure he spent the rest of his life in jail.

Later, Nick went home, where Sharon tried to talk to him about his feelings. She understood his grief; she shared it. However, she felt like Nick was very distant and cold. She suggested that it would be better if he didn't keep everything bottled up inside. Nick said that he couldn't give in to his feelings. He was so angry that he felt like killing someone. All he could think about were the things that Cassie would never do, like graduate from high school. He would never be able to walk her down the aisle.

Nick worried that if he let his feelings out, he might never stop. Sharon reminded Nick that she needed him; this was something they should get through together. Noah also needed him. Nick assured her that he'd be there for Noah; he just needed some time. Right then, he hated the world. He couldn't bear to live in a place where a fourteen-year-old girl was allowed to die.

Sharon went upstairs and carried Noah down. Nick was able to pull it together for his son, agreeing that maybe one day they'd all see Cassie again. He also admitted that he'd been crying and might cry again. Noah said that he and Sharon had done that, too. When Noah went to get a glass of water, Sharon asked how Nick could hate a world that Noah lived in. Nick said he had to sleep. He asked Sharon to tell Noah that he loved him and would see him later. Sharon looked worried as Nick went upstairs, but she snapped out of it when Noah called to her from the kitchen.

As Jack had a drink at the Athletic Club bar, Lauren greeted him. He asked her what on earth she was doing marrying into the Baldwin clan. Offended, Lauren told him that she and Michael were ecstatically happy. Not only that, but she liked Gloria, who was refreshingly direct. Jack agreed that Gloria was directly into his father's wallet. Lauren reminded Jack that the two of them went back a long way. She'd like for him to be at her wedding, but he should bring his good manners as a guest -- if he still had good manners.

After Lauren walked away, Bobby approached Jack and asked if Jack had heard about Cassie. Jack was shocked to hear that Cassie had died, and Phyllis walked up and confirmed it. Apologizing to Jack for being the one to give him the bad news, Bobby left to run an errand. Although Jack needed to get to the office, Phyllis begged him to go with her. Daniel was missing, and Phyllis needed Jack's help. They went to the coffee shop, searching for Lily. When Phyllis spotted her, she flew into Lily, who claimed to think that Daniel was with Christine.

As Jack tried to keep Phyllis calm, Phyllis told Lily not to pretend. She wanted to know where Daniel was immediately. Lily denied knowing anything about Daniel's whereabouts. After Jack left for work, Phyllis approached Lily again. She told Lily that Lily might have fooled Jack, but Phyllis was sure Lily knew where Daniel was. Daniel needed his mother then, and Lily should tell Daniel to call her. Lily said that, like Phyllis, she would never do anything to hurt Daniel. If she saw him, she'd tell him to call.

Kevin was excited to see Mac at Crimson Lights and said he'd missed her over the past few days. His mood plummeted when Mac told him where she'd been. She was hopeful that she and J.T. might finally be reaching a point of working out their relationship. Kevin warned her that J.T. had strung her along before, but Mac said that time was different. She hoped Kevin and she could still be friends. Muttering about the word "friends," Kevin pretended that he had something to take care of and took off.

At the Abbott house, Gitta received bad news. She couldn't continue to work in the country and would have to leave. John overheard her call and sympathized with her. Kevin's arrival interrupted their conversation. He was looking for his mother. John told him that Gloria wasn't home and that he couldn't wait inside. Gitta was surprised by the way John treated Kevin. She was also disappointed when John said he was going to the club -- alone. He was rewarding himself for his progress after all their hard work.

When John was gone, Gitta complained that she was no longer needed; she could leave the country, for all they cared. After some thought, Gitta went outside and invited Kevin in. By clever questioning, she found out that Kevin wasn't married and didn't have a girlfriend. Flattered by Gitta's attention, Kevin played it cool, but he was delighted when she suggested that he show her where to have a good time in Genoa City.

John spotted Lauren at the Athletic Club restaurant and sat down with her. Lauren was defensive, saying she didn't need to hear any more from the Abbott family about what a mistake she was making. John was sorry to hear that Jack had given her a bad time, but he didn't feel the same way. If Lauren was happy, then he was happy for her. Not only that, but he hoped she intended to invite him to her wedding. Lauren happily told him that he'd be at the top of the list.

Victor was concerned about Nikki as she tried to make arrangements for Cassie's service. Nikki told him that she couldn't bear thinking about what had happened. She felt like she'd been a bad grandmother, and this was the last thing she could do for Cassie. Victor hugged her, telling her that Cassie had loved her. He understood Nikki's need to keep busy because there would be time to grieve. After he left to help with the arrangements, Nikki agreed that Victor was right; they'd all have a lifetime to grieve.

Nikki notified the chapel that donations should go to organizations involved with preventing drunk driving, then she received a visit from Bobby. He offered his sympathy and reminded her of a time that she'd been there for him. He suggested they go riding to take her mind off of her loss. Nikki protested that there was no time for that, then she fell apart, saying that she wasn't up to the task of making all the arrangements. Bobby held her and finally persuaded her to go with him to visit Cassie's horse.

Ashley wasn't happy to get back to the lab and find Jill there, but Jill was in a conciliatory mood. She apologized to Ashley for the things she'd said earlier and suggested that the two of them try to compromise for the good of the company. At the end of a productive work session, Ashley felt surprisingly better, and Jill said they might end up being a powerful team.

After Jill left, Ashley received a visit from Victor. He told her about Cassie's death and how hard it had been for him to make some of the arrangements. Ashley understood. Victor felt that he had to be strong for his family and couldn't express his grief. But he could always do that with her. Victor gratefully hugged her and talked about how painful it was to think of Cassie being gone.

In his hideout, Daniel was being tortured by fantasies. First, he imagined that a kiss with Lily was broken up by the arrival of the police, as one of the officers dragged him away to jail while Lily screamed. Then he imagined Cassie's empty hospital bed. He broke down, expressing his sorrow over what he'd done to Cassie. Later, when he heard someone at the door, he thought he saw a man in a police uniform coming for him. But it was Lily, who'd taken him something to eat.

Lily said that she'd seen Phyllis, who was worried about Daniel and wanted him to call her. Daniel said that he couldn't do that yet. He asked if Lily had seen Malcolm and if Malcolm was willing to help them. Lily said she hadn't found her uncle, but she no longer thought it was a good idea for her to tell anyone where Daniel was. Daniel could tell that something was bothering Lily, but she wasn't about to tell him about Nick's anger and his threats.

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