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Gloria and Kevin schemed to get rid of Gitta. Malcolm made a deal to work for Jill. Lily and Daniel ditched his arraignment and took off in her car. J.T. and Mac took their relationship to a new level. Ashley accepted a dinner invitation from 'Terrible Tom.'
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 6, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, June 6, 2005

Victoria told Michael that she wished she had never let him get away. Michael said that he was sad she had, too, but everything had changed. Victoria was shocked to hear that Michael and Lauren were getting married. She hoped Lauren knew how special Michael was. He said he told her every day. Victoria and Michael agreed to be friends.

Gloria received a call from Immigration, telling Gitta that her request to stay had been denied for the second time.

Kevin was having a great time talking to Gitta at the coffeehouse. He saw Mac and introduced her to Gitta. Kevin could tell something was wrong with Mac, but she insisted on leaving them alone. Gitta asked Kevin if she could kiss him. Kevin said yes. When Gitta left, Gloria called Kevin, and they met at the coffeehouse.

When Kevin told Gloria about Gitta's flirtation, Gloria warned Kevin that Gitta might be using him to stay in the country. Kevin said two could play at that game. Kevin went to the Abbott home and told Gitta he thought she might be the one for him.

Mac told Brittany that she had moved back in with J.T. When Mac admitted that she had kissed J.T., Brittany said that she shouldn't read too much into the fact that J.T. had kissed her back. Mac said Brittany was just jealous. Even though Brittany was married to an older guy with a shady past and had gotten herself pregnant, she still thought J.T. belonged to her. Brittany called Mac a "bitch."

Nick returned to work but was distracted by thoughts of Cassie. Brad went to see Nick and said that he disapproved of Nick returning to work. Brad said that Nick should be with his family.

Brad went to see Sharon to offer his support.

Nikki didn't think it had been wise of Victor to offer to help Nick at work. Victor said he couldn't help it; Nick was his son. Nick showed up and said that he had decided to ask for his father's help.

When Nick returned home to tell Sharon he had asked for his father's help, Sharon tried to talk to Nick about the guilt that they both had to be feeling. Nick didn't understand; he didn't feel guilty. Sharon told him that when Cassie had wanted to go out, she had disapproved, but Nick had said it was okay. Nick wondered if Sharon was blaming him for Cassie's death.

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Sharon wished she could go back and not allow Cassie to go to the party. Nick stated that Cassie's death was not their fault -- that Daniel was the one to blame.

Christine revealed to Phyllis that Weber and Glenn suspected that Daniel had run off. She stated that if Daniel didn't show up in the courtroom the following morning, he would be considered a fugitive, which was the worst thing that could happen for him. Phyllis suggested that she go and speak to the judge the next day, but Christine told her to stay far away from the courthouse. Nick knocked on the door to see Christine, but froze when he saw Phyllis there. He couldn't believe Christine was representing a "murderer" and demanded to know why Phyllis had been at the funeral.

Kevin hit on Gitta, telling her that he thought she was the one. Gitta thought that if she slept with Kevin right then, he might not want to get married as fast, so she pulled away. He whispered in her ear, and she changed her mind, leading him up to the bedroom.

Later Gloria returned home and thought the house was empty. Kevin walked down the stairs in his boxers, and he saw Gloria, telling her that everything was fine, but to not let anyone go upstairs. He ran back upstairs, and John entered.

Kevin entered Gitta's room, made up to look like a vampire. Gloria asked if she could prepare John some dinner, and he agreed, but first he wanted to go upstairs and ask Gitta about the next day's schedule. Gloria persuaded him not to, and they ate. After the meal, John was about to go check on Gitta when he and Gloria heard a bloodcurdling scream.

Malcolm was surprised when Brad revealed he wasn't working at Jabot anymore. Brad filled Malcolm in on Jill's promotion to CEO, and said that eventually Jack and Kay would realize their mistake and give Brad the job. Later, Sharon entered and had a vision of Cassie at the bar, sipping a smoothie. She was rattled, and Brad saw her start to cry.

Jill had an idea on how to get Jabot up to speed and sought out Malcolm. She buttered him up, saying he was the best photographer that Jabot had ever had, and she wanted him to return to work for her. Malcolm stated that he was done with that life. Jill left, not entirely giving up on him yet.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

While John and Gloria were talking downstairs, they were shocked to hear a bloodcurdling scream. Gitta ran down the stairs and gave John her notice, saying she had to leave instantly. She would send for her things later. John protested, wondering what had frightened Gitta so much. She warned him that there was something wrong with his house. It turned people into something they weren't -- something evil.

After Gitta left, Gloria spotted Kevin standing on the stairs. She laughed off Gitta's fears about ghosts and promised John that she could help him with his physical therapy. John went upstairs to bed, and Kevin sneaked in to gloat with his mother about his successful efforts to get rid of Gitta. At first, he didn't want to tell her how he'd done it, but when Gloria persisted with her questions, Kevin showed her his vampire fangs. Gloria burst out laughing at him.

Paul ran into Brad at the steam room at the Athletic Club. They talked about Brad's idle time, but Brad said that after what had happened to Cassie, he just wanted to focus on his daughters. Paul admitted to Brad that he and Ashley had been seeing each other for a couple of months. Brad was glad that if Ashley had decided to date again, it was with someone like Paul.

Brad warned Paul that Ashley could be a little fragile. Paul agreed. He told Brad he had some competition, too -- a man who put off a weird vibe and didn't seem like Ashley's type. Brad was skeptical, too, when he found out that Ashley had uncharacteristically gone fishing with the mystery man.

At the Carlton house, Ashley enjoyed some time with Abby. Abby hoped that her mother's promise of more time together included her father, but Ashley said it would be just the two of them. Abby questioned Ashley about why Cassie had died, and Ashley told her that Cassie hadn't been wearing her seatbelt. When Abby realized that Victor was Cassie's grandfather, she said he had to be sad. She asked Ashley to tell him that she was thinking about him.

Just as Ashley was suggesting that Abby could tell Victor herself, Brad entered. Abby went to bed, and Brad and Ashley had a friendly chat. They agreed that Abby wanted them to get back together, and Brad told Ashley that he knew she was seeing Paul. He was okay with that; as long as she didn't date anyone who would cause harm to their daughter, he supported Ashley in going on with her life.

Katherine went to Jabot to apologize to Jill for not being more supportive earlier. She had told Jill what the problems were, and she was ready to offer a solution. She had some photographs by a woman that Jill could hire to revitalize Jabot's print ads. Jill explained that she already had someone in mind: Malcolm Winters.

At first Katherine was dubious about Jill's ability to persuade Malcolm to return to work, but she finally gave Jill her approval to do whatever it took to hire him. The two women seemed happy with their newfound relationship as allies. Katherine admired Jill's new self-confidence, and Jill told Katherine that she owed it to her.

Malcolm had a talk with Lily about Daniel's predicament. As much as she cared about him, she would be throwing her life away if she did anything drastic. Lily finally seemed to accept what he was saying. Although she didn't promise that she wouldn't run away with Daniel, she seemed more realistic than she had been.

After Lily left the coffeehouse, Malcolm went to see Jill. He admitted that he was tempted by her offer and wanted to return to Jabot. However, he had one condition. He wanted Lily to be the new Glo by Jabot model. Jill wondered about Lily's lack of experience, and she also questioned whether Dru and Neil would let their daughter work for the competition. Malcolm said Dru wouldn't be a problem, and Jill should just trust his instincts about Lily's ability.

Nick continued to question Christine and Phyllis about Daniel's whereabouts. There were some answers he wanted from Daniel. He was sure Cassie would never normally have gotten in a car with a drunk driver, so Nick felt that Daniel had exerted influence over Cassie and manipulated her. Phyllis argued that Daniel had barely known Cassie. Also, he had no answers about that night, since he couldn't remember what had happened.

As Nick lashed out at Christine for representing his daughter's killer and at Phyllis for having no idea what it was like to bury a child, Phyllis broke down. She admitted that she didn't know where Daniel was. She said that even though she thought he would return and face prosecution, she didn't blame him for running and wanting to avoid Nick. She told Nick that all the anger he was directing at Daniel wouldn't get Cassie back. Nick agreed but said that one way or another, he was going to make sure Daniel paid for what he'd done to Cassie.

Lily went to the hiding place to see Daniel, who was starting to panic. He knew that his time had run out. There was nothing anyone could do to stop him from going to jail, so he had no choice but to get as far away from Genoa City as possible. He told Lily that she couldn't go with him or help him any further. He wasn't going to destroy her life, too.

Lily insisted that she would stand by him no matter what, but Daniel wouldn't back down. He finally agreed to let Lily get him out of town the next morning, but that was the last time she could help him.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Nick thought that Christine had turned on him because she was defending Daniel. He told Sharon that Phyllis had revealed that Daniel was on the run. When Detective Weber stopped by, Nick told him to check out Lily.

Malcolm told Lily that he would be driving her to school. She was upset about it, but Malcolm insisted. Lily asked to go to the bathroom. Weber showed up and said that Malcolm needed to get Lily out of the bathroom so Weber could ask her questions about Daniel. When Malcolm had a female employee look for Lily, she returned with nothing. Malcolm tried to call Lily on her cell phone. He told her to get back right away.

Lily went to Daniel and told him that everyone was after him. They had to take her car and leave immediately.

Larry went to Sharon's house after hearing the news about Cassie. He took Sharon on a motorcycle ride and offered to help in any way he could. He told Sharon that Cassie had had a good life, and she had loved Sharon and Nick with all her heart. Larry's words made Sharon smile again for the first time.

J.T. made coffee for Mac. The news about Cassie had troubled her. J.T. suggested he make chocolate chip pancakes. Mac mentioned the chocolate donuts he had bought a couple of days before. J.T. thought they would be stale, but Mac had a secret trick. She bagged them and heated them up in the microwave. As they indulged on delicious donuts, they began kissing. J.T. asked Mac if she was sure she wanted to do that.

Phyllis went to Michael and was worried that Christine had not returned. She mentioned that she had reached Danny, and he was very unhappy. Michael asked her if she had any idea where Daniel could be. She thought that Lily knew something. She realized another piece of the puzzle and went to the coffeehouse to find Malcolm. Michael warned her not to make things worse.

Brittany went to see Nikki to offer her sympathy about Cassie. They talked about the baby, and Brittany mentioned that she was having a boy. Nikki knew Bobby would be happy about that because of Joshua. After Brittany left, Nikki received a surprise bouquet of flowers.

Brittany went to see Bobby at work. She told him that she had gone to see Nikki. He understood her sadness, and they hugged each other. Meanwhile, the man who had delivered the flowers to Nikki had another bouquet for Brittany. He was watching them.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Christine walked into her office, talking to Danny on her cell phone about Daniel's situation. When she realized that Nick was there, she cut her call short. Nick said that he'd heard Daniel hadn't shown up for his hearing. Once again, he demanded to know where Daniel was. Christine said she didn't know; all she knew was that they'd traced a cell phone call Lily had made to Daniel and knew he was still in the area.

Christine warned Nick not to seek vigilante justice; it wouldn't get Cassie back. She also suggested that Nick's place was with his family, by Sharon's side. Nick said that Sharon, like him, wanted justice and answers about why Cassie had died defending Daniel. Christine said she wanted those answers, too.

Later, Nick went home, barely able to force himself to go inside. Once he did, he read a sympathy card on some flowers then he finally exploded, hurling vases of flowers at the wall and knocking them off of tables. When he realized that he'd broken the glass on Cassie's photograph, he picked it up and sat down, hugging it as he cried.

As Mac and J.T. prepared to take their romance into the bedroom after Mac assured J.T. that was what she wanted, Paul interrupted by pounding on the door. He apologized for barging in and told J.T. that Daniel hadn't shown up for his hearing. The police had a warrant out for his arrest, and Paul wanted J.T. to question some of Daniel's and Lily's friends. He was pretty sure that Lily had been helping Daniel stay in hiding because of the tracked cell phone call. J.T. and Mac left to see what they could find out.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis continued to pressure Malcolm for answers. He admitted that he was relatively sure Lily knew where Daniel was, although Malcolm did not. Detective Weber had arrived to question Lily, and she'd sneaked out. Malcolm had reached her on her cell phone and told her to be back at the coffeehouse in fifteen minutes. Phyllis knew it had been longer than that and didn't have any faith that Lily wasn't going to help Daniel run.

At their hiding place, Lily refused to tell Daniel that she'd drop him off an hour out of town. She said that he couldn't possibly get away without help. He had no car and no money, plus his picture would be everywhere. Daniel stopped arguing, and Lily called Malcolm. Phyllis took the phone from Malcolm and ordered Lily to put Daniel on the line.

Daniel apologized for causing his mother so much trouble and said he was okay. Phyllis broke down, telling him that as much as she didn't want him to go to jail, she couldn't bear the idea of losing him and not seeing him. She begged him to return, vowing to stay by his side no matter what. Before Daniel could answer, they lost their phone signal.

Daniel told Lily he knew what he had to do. He'd ruined enough lives. He needed to turn himself in. Lily disagreed, saying that if he did that, they'd never see each other again. She couldn't bear that.

While Phyllis tried to figure out what Daniel would do, Malcolm mentioned how desperate Cassie had been to tell Daniel something. That was why she'd left the hospital and ended up collapsing in the coffee shop. Phyllis wondered if Cassie had been trying to tell Daniel something that would help him. Later, while Phyllis was on the patio, J.T. and Mac entered and told Malcolm how much trouble they were having getting any information on Daniel. Malcolm told them when he thought Lily and Daniel had started seeing each other -- after Neil's accident -- and then told them that Phyllis and Dru had forbidden the relationship.

Phyllis walked up and agreed, saying she'd done the right thing. If it hadn't been for Lily, Daniel wouldn't be in that predicament. While Malcolm defended Lily, J.T. began to contemplate Malcolm's words about a couple forbidden to see each other, obviously remembering Colleen. He grabbed Mac's arm and said they had to leave; he was sure he knew where Daniel was hiding. He asked Malcolm to call Lily and try to get her to stay put without tipping her off that anyone knew where she was.

When J.T. and Mac left, Phyllis tried to follow them, but Malcolm held her back, saying she needed to stay out of it. He then called Lily and apologized for being so rough on her. He said that he wanted to do something to help her and Daniel -- not help them run, but at least buy them some time. Lily thanked him and hung up.

Lily talked Daniel into leaving in her car, saying that Malcolm wouldn't have changed his mind that quickly. As they drove away from the Abbott estate, they met J.T. and Mac, who didn't realize Daniel and Lily were getting away. As they were celebrating their escape, they heard sirens behind their car. While Lily made Daniel hide under blankets in the back seat, J.T. and Mac arrived at the Abbott playhouse and found it empty.

Gina was embarrassed to have to tell Tom at the Athletic Club restaurant that his card had been declined. Before Tom could react, Michael intervened and told Gina he'd take care of Tom's bill. Tom refused to let him, giving Gina cash with a big tip. Michael sat down with Tom, asking what it would take to get him out of town.

Tom insisted that he had every right to stay in Genoa City. He had some financial dealings there, as well as a woman he was interested in. Tom suggested that Michael and Lauren's wedding would be a great opportunity for a family reunion. Michael warned Tom to stay away from Kevin and Gloria, and Tom said he wished Gloria only the best with her new husband. In turn, he warned Michael to stay out of his way.

Later, after Michael was gone, Tom spoke to someone on the phone about how difficult Michael was making things.

Michael got back to his office and found Paul talking to Christine. They updated Michael on Daniel's situation, letting him know Daniel was still in the area. When Christine talked about Daniel vanishing, Michael thought about Tom Fisher and said there was someone that he wished he could make vanish.

At the Abbott house, Ashley was shocked to hear that Gitta had abruptly resigned. She asked Gloria how she'd managed it. John defended Gloria, saying that Gitta had thought the house was haunted. As Ashley and Gloria bickered, John felt a pain in his hip. Gloria helped him work it out, using techniques she'd picked up from watching Gitta.

Sickened by the way Gloria was worming herself back into John's good graces, Ashley went into the kitchen. John was grateful for Gloria's loving touch and asked her to dinner. When he went upstairs to change, Ashley walked back into the room and told Gloria that she knew what Gloria was up to. Gloria called Ashley an ice queen and suggested she needed to get a life of her own instead of trying to ruin John's. Gloria added that apparently, no one wanted to date anyone as cold as Ashley was.

While Gloria and Ashley were talking, Ashley got a call on her cell phone from Tom. She agreed to meet him at the Athletic Club for dinner. After Ashley hung up, Gloria questioned her about her date, but Ashley breezed out the door. When John returned downstairs and asked Gloria where she wanted to have dinner, Gloria said she wanted to go to the Athletic Club restaurant.

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