The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 13, 2005 on Y&R

Nick destroyed his living room in a fit of rage after Daniel skipped out on his hearing. Daniel and Lily went on the run. Brittany and Bobby received a gruesome gift. Victoria temporarily became head of Newman Enterprises.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 13, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, June 13, 2005

Brad goes to Jabot and tells Jill that he's thinking of starting up his own company. Jill informs Brad that her and Jack have decided to give Victoria an offer to work at Jabot.

When Ashley sees John and Gloria at the Athletic Club, she suggests to Tom they go work out.

Phyllis tells Jack that Daniel has run off with Lily and her son is now a fugitive.

Malcolm doesn't know how to tell Niel and Drucilla that Lily has run off with Daniel.

Gloria asks John if he remembers how happy they once were. She has hopes of rekindling their relationship.

Sharon tells Nick that she needs him and he is not there for her.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Dru and Neil come into the coffee house looking for Lily. They ask Devon where she is, but he doesn't know. She didn't pick him up from school today. Malcolm is there and tells them he saw Lily, but now she's gone, that she has taken off with Daniel. He informs them that Lily had been hiding out with Daniel on the Abbott property. Both Dru and Neil are very upset at Malcolm because he didn't call the police when he found out where they were; Malcolm attempts to explain his reasons. Dru starts blaming Phyllis, but Malcolm is quick to defend her, pointing out that she's extremely worried about Daniel too. Malcolm confesses that Lily confided in him and that she was bringing Daniel food. He apologizes for putting Lily's life in danger. Neil has become very angry with Malcolm, tells Devon to go home, and proceeds to call Detective Webber. While Neil is on the phone with Webber, Dru has words with Malcolm. She accuses him to trying to buy Lily's love by helping her hide Daniel. Now she's gone, and Dru is terrified of what might happen to her daughter.

Lily enters a dingy motel room with the manager. She tells him that she's in town for her sister's graduation and will be there for one night. After a few minutes, Daniel comes into the room. Lily seems nervous but says she's just tired. She insists on staying with Daniel, despite his pleas for her to return home. Lily begins pacing and says she's warm. Daniel tries to turn the air conditioner on, but it's broken. They then try to watch television, but that is out of order too. Finally, they sit on the bed, but it too collapses.....they look at each other and have a good laugh!

Lily is so tired that she's now resting on the it broken or not. Daniel is telling her that he got as much money as possible from the ATM machine. He suggests that they change the license plates on Lily's car and then drive west. Daniel discovers that Lily hasn't heard a word he's said......she's fallen sound asleep. Daniel covers her with a blanket and tenderly kisses her goodnight. He turns the light off, sits down in a chair in the corner of the room, and begins to think.

Gloria and John are having dinner in the restaurant of the Genoa City Athletic Club. As she coyly pours a powered substance into John's drink without being seen, Gloria's thoughts go to the romantic evening she has planned with John later on at home. John wants to leave, but Gloria encourages him to drink his wine.

Tom and Ashley have been working out. He has left the area for a moment, when his cell phone rings. Ashley looks around for him. When she doesn't see him, she picks up the phone, but he then approaches and snaps at her, acting afraid that she may answer the phone. Tom immediately apologizes to Ashley for speaking to her like that, but Ashley is not too anxious to forgive him. She realizes that she doesn't know him that well and questions who he really is. He tells her his name is 'Tom Callahan.' He also includes some other trivial details about himself such as hobbies, etc. Ashley says she doesn't feel sure about him, but he begs for another chance with her. He explains that he freaked out when the phone rang because he has a business deal going which is now at a crucial stage. He wants to make it up to Ashley and buy her dinner. She first refuses, but Tom convinces her to go take a shower and to meet him in the restaurant in twenty minutes.....he will take care of everything.

Victoria is still picking up the mess Nicholas made when he threw things around the house in anger upon hearing that Daniel had run away and not shown up for his hearing. Nikki comes in, and Victoria tells her what happened. The phone rings; Victoria answers's Jack. He wants her to stop by his office to discuss something important. Nikki seems worried when Victoria agrees to meet Jack. Victor walks in the door just as Victoria is leaving. Nikki and Victor speak of the good relationship that Nick and Victoria have had since the death of Cassie. Their conversation then turns to Victoria's future at Newman Enterprises. Nikki seems to be overly persistent that Victor see what he can do to get Victoria working at Newman. Victor realizes she seems a bit overanxious and asks her about it. She admits that Victoria received a call from Jack tonight and worries that Jack will offer her a job at Jabot .

Lauren comes into the club after just returning from her trip out to Los Angeles. She orders a club sandwich and wine from Gina. Michael walks in, spots Lauren, comes up to her and gives her a long kiss. He wants to know why he's the last to know that she's back home. She explains that she has barely arrived home, having just been dropped off at the club. She explains that she didn't call because her cell phone battery went dead. He seems okay with that until he notices that she isn't wearing her engagement ring. She has the ring in her purse. She explains she didn't wear it while out on the West Coast because everyone would start asking questions, as they thrive on gossip in Los Angeles. Michael wonders if she's having second thoughts about their upcoming marriage. Lauren assures him that she definitely is not. Michael pays the bill, and they go home.

Tom then enters the restaurant and tells Gina he needs a favor. After a while, Ashley walks over to Tom's table. He presents her with a bouquet of flowers to apologize for their little spat. He tells her he has already ordered lobster for the two of them. Tom makes a toast to their friendship. Ashley reminds him that she meant what she said earlier. Tom promises it will never happen again. They click their glasses in a toast.

Victoria meets Jack at the office where he makes her an offer to be second in command to Jill at Jabot. She is definitely not enthusiastic about working under Jill. Jack insists that Jill will not micromanage her and proceeds to point out the perks of the job. Victoria says she needs to give this some thought.

John and Gloria finally arrive back home, but John is now complaining of pain in his hip and wants to postpone their evening together. Gloria insists she can make him feel better. She begins to work out the stiffness in John's hip. She helps him out of his clothes, he lies down, and the massage begins. John is thoroughly enjoying this and actually becomes a bit frisky.....the seduction begins!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

As Drucilla and Neil worried about Lily's whereabouts, Malcolm came to their apartment. Neil gave him another lecture about the perils of being Lily's friend instead of acting like a responsible adult. Drucilla found herself having to come between her husband and Neil before Malcolm was pushed by Neil's attitude into telling the truth about Lily's paternity. While they were arguing, Detective Weber showed up. He didn't have any news for them, but he was interested to hear that Malcolm had suspected that Lily knew where Daniel was hiding. Once again, Neil and Malcolm exchanged angry words, until Drucilla finally talked Malcolm into leaving with her to look for Lily and Daniel on their own. Neil said he was staying with Detective Weber.

Daniel and Lily woke up in their dirty motel room. When Daniel went to get breakfast, Lily was overtaken by guilt about how worried her parents must be. She finally called Devon, who was at Crimson Lights with Sierra. Since Sierra was at the counter, Devon was able to speak frankly to Lily, telling her what a mess Daniel was making of her life and how she should come home. He told her the impact her disappearance was having on Neil and Dru. Lily asked him not to tell anyone that she'd called and hung up. When Daniel got back to their room, he was a little upset that she'd called Devon in case the call could be traced. He again urged her to go home, but Lily vowed to stay by his side no matter what. Daniel said that as bad as he felt about messing up her life, he was glad Lily was with him. They kissed.

At the Abbott house, Jack was worried about Phyllis's state of mind. Phyllis said she was almost glad that Daniel was running. Jail was a worse alternative. Jack didn't agree, and while they were talking, Ashley came downstairs wondering why there were police all over the property. When she found out that Lily and Daniel were on the run, Ashley told Phyllis to stop apologizing, saying that she should keep her focus on Daniel.

When Phyllis went upstairs, Jack told Ashley about the offer he'd made to Victoria. Ashley couldn't believe that Jill had gone along with it, or that Victoria would consider it, but her main reaction was that Victor was going to explode. Jack said he was tired of Victor's temper tantrums. This was a good solution for all of them. Ashley wasn't so sure and warned Jack not to get too confident until after Victor had been told.

Victoria told her father about Jack's offer, and Victor reacted just as she knew he would, telling her it would be a mistake for her to work at Jabot. In fact, he had a better idea that would benefit the family. While Nick was taking time to mourn the loss of Cassie, Victoria should run Newman Enterprises. Victoria didn't think Nick would go for that, but Victor didn't plan on consulting Nick first. Victoria said she hoped her father knew what he was doing. Later, Victoria was sitting alone when Malcolm came in. After he talked to Gina about Daniel and Lily's disappearance and got her promise that she'd let them know if Daniel called her, Malcolm had his first reunion with Victoria since they'd both returned to Genoa City. She said it was a miracle that he'd come back to them after being presumed dead. She was concerned to hear that Lily was on the run with Daniel. She told Malcolm to keep her updated on any news.

At Crimson Lights, Devon changed the subject from Lily by talking to Sierra about how awkward things felt at the Winters' home with Lily gone. He didn't feel like he belonged there. He told her that he'd sometimes thought of looking for his mother to see if she'd overcome her crack addiction. But one thing he knew for sure was that his mother had no interest in knowing anything about him. While they were talking, Neil came up and asked Sierra if she or anyone had heard from Lily. Sierra said no. When Neil asked Devon, Devon admitted that Lily had called. Neil thanked him for being honest but reproached him for not telling him immediately.

Drucilla went to the Abbott house to confront Phyllis, accusing her of hiding Daniel on the Abbott estate. Phyllis defended herself against Dru's accusations, but when Dru insulted her parenting, Phyllis struck back. She said maybe Lily had decided to run because she couldn't stand living with Drucilla. As their argument escalated, Ashley came downstairs and demanded that Drucilla leave. On her way out, Drucilla got a call from Neil letting her know that Lily had called Devon. She managed to get out the door without telling Phyllis this news, and Phyllis watched her with suspicion, sensing that Dru was hiding something.

Drucilla went to Crimson Lights and began questioning Devon. Upset because he felt like he was being blamed for things he hadn't done, Devon broke away from Drucilla and walked off without answering any of her questions.

Jack and Victor had a run-in while they were working out at the athletic club. Victor let Jack know that he was aware that Jack had offered Victoria a job and that he wasn't pleased. Jack pointed out that at least he was offering Victoria a place in his family company. That was more than the Newman family could say. Victor walked out without answering, and Jack called Jabot to leave a message for Jill that Victoria was on the hook and halfway in to the boat.

Christine went to Nick's house to try to establish a spirit of cooperation between them. She pointed out that she'd always been supportive of the Newman family. But Daniel was like a son to her, and she felt that he was entitled to the best representation that she could give him. Christine was a little surprised when Nick agreed with her and apologized for his earlier behavior. However, Daniel would never be anything more to him than the person who'd murdered his daughter. Furthermore, Nick warned Christine that unless Daniel showed up the next morning, Nick was going to use all of Newman's resources to find Daniel himself. Christine begged Nick to let the legal system take care of punishing Daniel.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Phyllis realizes that she may never see Daniel or Lily again. She worries about Lily because Lily never did anything wrong. She goes to the coffeehouse to find Malcolm, and finds Kevin instead. She manipulates him into trying to find Lily and Daniel on the Internet using his expert computer skills.

Neil goes to see Michael looking for Paul. Michael informs him that Paul is out of town. Neil confides in Michael the story about Lily. Michael says there is a real possibility Lily could go to jail. He says Neil should find her as soon as he can.

Drucilla gets on Devon's case about Lily's phone call. Devon gets upset because he's telling her the truth.

Mac and J.T. talk about Lily and Daniel running away. J.T. thinks that Daniel is probably viewing the whole thing as a road trip. Mac remembers the time she ran away and says it wasn't so easy. It's probably much worse having the cops after you. Mac thinks about how so many tragic things have happened lately to the people they know. Mac mentions that Cassie will never get to do things girls always dream of. When J.T. wonders what Mac means, she asks him if he really cares about her. He does, and the go to the room together kissing.

Daniel returns to the hotel room with some clothes he bought at a thrift store. They have a blast trying on clothes. They realize though, that things are serious. They try to come up with a plan of where to go. Daniel suggests they use Lily's lap top for directions. As they look at the top news story, it's about Daniel on the run.

Victor asks Sharon how she is doing. She says she is holding up. Nick comes home and tells them that Lily has run off with Daniel. Nick wants Victor to get his best guys on the search right away. Victor thinks Nick should leave that to the police. Nick doesn't think so. Sharon wonders why all Nick can think about are angry, revengeful thoughts.

Victoria tells Jill and Jack that she has decided to turn down their offer. She will be temporarily running Newman in Nick's absence. Jack warns her that all her nightmares about herself and the family business will come true.

Bobby sets up a special picnic at the Athletic Club for Brittany. They talk about getting a dog, and Bobby wants them to buy a home in a small town like Kansas. Brittany says at one time all she wanted was to be popular and rich, but with Bobby and the baby, she would go anywhere with him. As they sit on the carpet and eat, Gina brings in a huge box. As Bobby opens it, he doesn't like what he sees.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Mac and J.T. were both feeling affectionate and relaxed now that they'd finally consummated their relationship. Mac was glad she'd waited for J.T. and thanked him for being so gentle with her. J.T. sang her a song he'd written for her, and Mac told him how happy she was.

Brittany was horrified when Bobby opened the latest mystery gift that had been sent to them. It was a child's casket, with a note attached warning that baby Joshua would soon be where his namesake was. Brittany freaked out, terrified that the mob was going to kill her child, and begged Bobby to call the police. Bobby insisted they were only trying to intimidate him, and he didn't intend to let that happen. He was going to make sure Brittany and the baby were okay, even if he had to send them away.

Nick asked Victor to make the Newman jet available to him. His people were hot on Daniel's trail, and Nick wanted to be able to leave at a moment's notice when Daniel's location was found. Victor refused to do that, saying Nick's place was with Sharon and Noah. When Sharon and Noah came in, Nick settled down long enough to congratulate Noah on making the all stars team and promised to be at his games. Nick then hurriedly left, leaving Sharon and Noah with Victor. Victor explained to Sharon that Nick was doing what he had to do; maybe it would all be over soon. When Sharon was reluctant to let Noah be part of the car pools necessary to participate in baseball, Victor said that Miguel would drive him everywhere. Sharon agreed; after she and Noah left, Victor told Miguel he hoped that Sharon wasn't getting too protective of Noah. Miguel said it would be understandable if she felt that way.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis continued to badger Kevin into trying to track Lily and Daniel using his computer. Kevin wanted to shut down the laptop because of the thunderstorm, but Phyllis reminded him that he owed her one. While they were trying to get a location on Lily's cell phone, Nick came in. He confronted Phyllis, who told him that she didn't know where Daniel was. She said that she was just as eager to find her son as Nick was, but she also told Nick that Cassie would be disappointed in Nick's need for vengeance. Nick told Phyllis to put herself in his place; how would she feel if it was Daniel lying cold and dead in the ground and the person responsible was getting away? Phyllis left, and Kevin told Nick that while he was sorry for his loss, the things Nick had said to Phyllis had been overly harsh.

Nick went home intending to tuck Noah in, walking inside just after Sharon had found a jacket of Cassie's and was overtaken by grief. Sharon put the jacket away before Nick could see it, then she begged him to let the police handle finding Daniel. Nick said that it didn't matter, but before he could explain what he meant, he got a call and rushed to the airport, where Wally had the jet waiting.

Lily and Daniel were appalled to find that the news of their disappearance was already on the Internet. Daniel wanted to take off immediately, but Lily had an idea. She left the motel room; while she was gone, Daniel picked up her phone because it was vibrating. He saw a text message from Dru begging Lily to come home. When Lily came back in, she had scissors and hair dye. She was going to make Daniel harder to identify.

At the Abbott house, Phyllis paced as the thunderstorm continued. When her cell phone rang, she snatched it up. It was Kevin with news. Lily's phone had been turned on, and he'd tracked their location. He gave Phyllis the room number in a motel outside St. Louis.

Brad was supposed to pick up Abby at Ashley's, but Ashley talked about what a wonderful day she'd had with her daughter, including going to a place where Abby made her own teddy bear. She didn't want their time to end. Brad agreed to let Abby spend the night because he had plans. When his phone rang, Ashley was curious about whether he had a date. He admitted that he was meeting Victoria but said it was a business meeting.

After Brad left, Abby asked Ashley if they could go see Victor. Ashley took Abby to the ranch, where Abby first went with Miguel to see the horses. When Victor came in and saw Ashley, he had no idea that Abby was with her. The two of them talked for a few minutes about the impact Cassie's death was having on Nick and Sharon. Victor was thrilled when Abby came in, but she had another surprise for him. She gave him the teddy bear she'd made, telling him the bear's name was Cassie, and she had a real heart inside just the way Cassie had. Victor hugged Abby with tears in his eyes.

Victoria was waiting for Brad at the athletic club so they could work out. She told him that she'd accepted her father's offer to run Newman Enterprises in Nick's absence. Brad understood, pointing out that family was the most important consideration. Victoria was curious about why Ashley and Brad had broken up; they'd seemed so happy. Brad said that it wasn't fully either person's fault, but that he'd let himself believe in things that couldn't be. Victoria was surprised to hear that Ashley still had feelings for Victor; she said that her parents seemed very happy together. Brad said that nothing had happened between Ash and Victor; it had just been a dream of Ashley's that she was finally over. When Victoria said that at least Brad and Ashley still shared their little girl, Brad said that was the best thing to come out of their relationship. It had been hard for him to accept that Victor was Abby's father, but everything had finally worked out. Completely shocked by his accidental revelation, Victoria asked him to repeat himself: Was he saying that Victor was Abby's father?

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