The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 11, 2005 on Y&R

The police apprehended Daniel and Lily. Michael became determined to find out why Lauren didn't want Scotty at their wedding. Nick fired Phyllis. J.T. looked like he had received a horrible beating, and he pulled a gun on Bobby.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 11, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, July 11, 2005

Lily sees Nick and Phyllis dragging Daniel to the café and wants to run out to him, but Neil holds her back. She breaks away calling out to Daniel, who calls back out to her, as they run together into an embrace. Everyone gathers around and Lily asks Neil if Malcolm told her what she told him that Daniel's memory is coming back, and he wasn't the one driving. Nick is about to explode when Neil tells Lily to stop and they will talk about it later. Lily and Daniel are handcuffed, and Neil tells Lily to not open her mouth until her lawyer meets her at the police station. Sharon hugs Brad in front of Victoria and worries that she'll probably make a big deal out of it. Sharon's phone rings and Nick tells her that he's got Daniel and the police are on their way. Dru is noticeably relieved when Neil calls with Lily. Nikki confronts J.T. about Brittany, and J.T. fires back about Nikki kissing Bobby. He asks if she still has feelings for him and she gives him a slap in the face. Gloria enters, sees Nikki, and asks if she could run a few wedding planning ideas by her. Gloria explains her extravagant idea, but Nikki doesn't share her same ‘vision' of how the wedding should be. Vinny wants Bobby to rough up J.T. as a test to see if the old Bobby still exists. Later, Bobby tells J.T. that he is going to have to mess him up, in order for the plan to keep working. Lauren tells Michael that she doesn't want her son Scotty at their wedding. Michael questions why and Lauren tells him not to bug her about it. Devon asks his mother, Yolanda, how he can help her. She tells him to go on back to the nice family that is raising him. Devon is upset but turns to go. Yolanda is about to cry but puts on a hard face when Devon turns back around.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Michael is in Victoria's office discussing business. She senses that there is trouble between Michael and Lauren, but Michael tells him all is fine. She continues to press him, but he clearly doesn't want to discuss it.

Dru is just getting off the phone with Lily. Brad is at her apartment, and he gives her the news that he has been hired at Newman Enterprises. Dru seems happy about this and wishes him well. They agree to meet later to discuss Dru's latest idea of the season fragrances. Dru suggests that they include Sharon in the meeting. Brad questions why she would want Sharon in the meeting.....he thinks she's not ready to plunge into work yet. At that moment, Devon comes in, obviously upset and a bit short with Dru and Brad. She tells him to greet Brad appropriately. Their business discussion being finished, Brad then leaves. Dru guesses that Devon has been to see his mother again. He tells her his mother is living in the park and doesn't look well, that she's still using drugs. Dru encourages him about her and gives him hope that she can be helped.

Nikki is relaxing at home and recalling her conversation with Sharon about her attending the Abbott pool party at the invitation of Brad. Victor walks in, and Nikki begins telling her about the conversation she had with Gloria about the wedding. Victor tells Nikki that Nicholas is on his way home. Nikki is obviously very happy he will be home soon and hopes he and Sharon will be all right. She tells Victor that she wants to take Sharon, Nick and Noah along on the trip Victor has planned for the two of them....he turns the idea down, stating that he wants some alone time with his wife.

Mac comes in the athletic Club. Gina tells her that J.T. and Brittany just left. Her thoughts turn to her last conversation with J.T. Kevin comes rushing into the club and practically collides with Mac. Kevin invites Mac to work out with him. She reluctantly agrees and begins pouring her heart out to Kevin about J.T. Kevin says she has helped him in the past, and now it's his turn to help her. They go to the punching bag. Kevin shows Mac how to use it, and she begins punching.

Bobby informs J.T. that to make his breakup with Brittany seem real to Vinny, he will have to actually physically hurt J.T. in some way. J.T. is very upset upon finding out how far this game is really going and says he wants out, that he will not agree to Bobby doing him bodily harm. Bobby says there's no other way.....J.T. leaves.

Devon has gone to see his mother in the park again....she shoos him away. A police officer approaches and tells her there are no shopping carts allowed in the park. Devon tells him to let go of his mother. He tells her he wants to take her to the shelter. He asks if she still has any of the money he gave her the last time he saw her. She tells him she needed a fix so she does not have it any more. She tries to get rid of him again and tells him to return to the home of Dru and Neil, but he first insists on taking her back to the shelter.

Victor and Victoria are in the office discussing business. She tells her father that she really feels good working at Newman Enterprises. This makes Victor happy. He then tells her that Nicholas is on his way back home. Victoria wonders if Nicholas will want to come back to work as soon as he returns and what his reaction will be upon learning she has stepped in for him.

Back at the Newman ranch, the doorbell rings: it's Bobby. Nikki's little encounter with J.T. has prompted him to come and tell Nikki to stay out of his business. She tells him she know there's more to the whole story of his and Brittany's breakup, that things do not add up. BUT, he steadfastly sticks to his story about Brittany and J.T.

Michael is in his office, his curiosity having peaked about the mysterious Scott, Lauren's son. He begins searching online and finds nothing about Scott Grainger, the boy's father -- only some biographical information about Lauren.

Nikki and Bobby's conversation continues.....she's still not convinced about the supposed relationship between J.T. and Brittany. She asks when Brittany had time away from Bobby to see J.T. Bobby's answer is that he was spending a lot of time at the club around that time. Bobby is getting rather hot under the collar about Nikki's inquisition into his affairs, and he angrily suggests that she concentrate on her own family. Nikki then tells him of her own confrontation with J.T. Bobby becomes even more angry and yells at her to stop sticking her nose in his business. She said how odd it is that he would say that, as J.T. told her exactly the same thing.

Nikki has just one more question for Bobby. "Vinny Trabuco," she asked. "Who is this guy and what does he have to do with all this?"

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

At the athletic club, J.T. tried to avoid Mac but she confronted him. She was beginning to see that he and Brittany had feelings for each other; this obviously wasn't just about the baby Brit was carrying. Pushed into a corner, J.T. told Mac that he loved Brittany, and Mac assumed he'd loved Brittany all along. As she rushed from the workout room, she ran into Kevin. They agreed to meet later, and Kevin walked over to J.T., telling him what a jerk he was for hurting Mac. J.T. warned Kevin to stay away from Mac, and Kevin told J.T. that he couldn't hurt her any worse than J.T. had.

Brittany was surprised to get a visit from Lauren, who said she'd heard the news. Instead of making Brittany feel bad, the way everyone else was, Lauren offered her support. She said whether or not Brittany got back with Bobby or raised her child with J.T., she understood that the most important thing in the world was to protect your child. Brittany was touched by Lauren's words, and grateful when Lauren agreed to let her come back to the boutique to work.

When J.T. got home, he told Brittany how badly things had gone with Mac. It drove him crazy to think of Mac turning to Kevin for support. Brittany insisted that once Mac knew the truth, that J.T. was lying to protect Brit and the baby, she'd forgive him. J.T. thought it was too late for that. But he warned Brittany that if Mac started getting too close to Kevin, he was going to back out of their deal.

Gloria approached Victor at the athletic club, telling him that Nikki had offered to help her with planning Michael and Lauren's wedding. Victor wasn't really buying Gloria's act, but he was polite to her. However, when Gloria asked Victor if he'd agree to be a groomsman in the wedding, Victor suggested that maybe she should let Michael make those arrangements. After Victor left, Gloria spotted Kevin coming into the restaurant. But he signaled her to leave him alone as he walked to Mac's table.

Mac asked Kevin what was wrong with her. Why did guys fall over Brittany whereas Mac ended up always getting hurt? Kevin said Brittany demanded that kind of attention, but it wouldn't last. Mac was a far more appealing woman than Brittany. After Mac left, Gloria came to Kevin's table and told him not to give up on Mac. She was sure things would work out. When Lauren joined them, Gloria said she needed to see Michael and left. Kevin could tell that something was wrong with Lauren. She said that she and Michael were having a disagreement about something unrelated to the wedding. Kevin assured her that they would work it out; they loved each other too much not to.

Michael assured Paul that he had every confidence Paul could find evidence that would clear Daniel. Paul wanted to know why Michael was buttering him up, but Michael denied it. Paul almost believed him, until Michael asked Paul to tell him everything he knew about Scotty Grainger. Paul refused to talk about Scotty or Lauren's past, telling Michael to ask Lauren. He also told Michael that if he really loved Lauren, he'd be patient until she was ready to talk to him.

After Paul left, Gloria arrived. Michael was furious to find out that she'd asked Victor to be in his wedding. From now on, she could pick the flowers or work on other minor details, but she would make no more of the big decisions. While they were fighting, Lauren came in. Gloria stormed out, saying she didn't know how Lauren could put up with him. After she was gone, Michael apologized to Lauren for pushing her to talk about her son. Lauren suggested they postpone that discussion for now. The two of them kissed and made up.

Nikki was dumbfounded when Bobby said that he'd gone back to his old life. He'd thought for a while that he could leave it for Brittany and their baby, but now he had no reason to go straight. Nikki angrily challenged everything Bobby was saying. When Bobby found out that Nikki had confronted J.T., Brittany, and Vinny, he told her to stay out of his business. Not even her friendship could save him. After he stormed out, Bobby stood outside her house, filled with remorse for having lied to her, while inside, Nikki fought her tears.

Later, at the athletic club, Bobby wasn't happy when Kevin came up to talk to him, saying he'd heard about J.T. and Brittany. When Kevin mentioned how J.T. had hurt Mac, Bobby warned Kevin to stay away from Mac. He hadn't forgotten all the trouble Kevin had been in at the strip club. Kevin reminded Bobby that he'd changed, and besides, he'd done nothing wrong at the club. That was the mob, and they'd set him up. Bobby warned Kevin that he was talking about his friends. Kevin mentioned that Bobby had helped bring the mob down, but Bobby said that he was involved with them again.

Sharon was ecstatic when Nick came home. But when she asked if it was all over now that Daniel was in custody, and if they could heal together as a family, Nick crossed the room to stare at Cassie's picture. The only thing he seemed able to talk comfortably about was Noah's ball team. But as he was looking at pictures from a game, he spotted a picture of Sharon with Abby and Noah at the Abbott pool. Sharon told him that Brad had invited them to the Fourth of July party. Nick immediately said he needed to go to work. Sharon was shocked and questioned why he was leaving, and before he could go, Noah came in. Noah hugged his father and asked if he was back for good. Nick said yes, and he wouldn't leave again without taking Noah. Noah asked if that included his mother, too, and Nick said yes. Noah said that even without Cassie, they were still a family, and Nick put one arm around his son and the other around Sharon.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Nick is telling Noah a joke when Sharon comes downstairs for breakfast. She is upset that Nick didn't wake her. When they are alone, Nick tells Sharon that he misses Cassie. Sharon tries to comfort him. She says that she is ready to listen to anything that he has to say. Nick isn't ready to express those feelings yet. He wonders if Sharon would mind if he went to work for awhile. Sharon tells him that Victoria has taken over for him while he's been gone.

Sharon is working out and thinking about all the happiness she and Nick have shared. When Brad sees her and asks how she feels now that Nick is back, she is uncertain.

Dru talks to Victoria about her new perfume campaign. She wonders if Nick will need to approve the project. Victoria tells Dru that she is the Interim CEO now, so her say goes. She doesn't think Nick will be coming back any time soon. Nick surprises Victoria at the door. He tells her that he wants her to continue working as Interim CEO for him while he spends time with Sharon. Victoria is pleased. Nick has only one condition. She has to fire Phyllis.

Phyllis talks to Paul about Daniel's chances. Paul says they have to find some evidence first. Jack comforts Phyllis in her time of need.

J.T. isn't having any part of Bobby beating him up. As he is about to leave, Brittany shows up. J.T. is still over the charade, and leaves.

Brad is having breakfast and Jill goes up to him. She wonders if he would like a part of Jabot once again. She expresses this great new idea Ashley has for hair products. Brad says he's working for Newman. Jill is angry and says goodbye.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Drucilla caught Devon trying to take money from her purse. Although he at first said he was looking for her DVD rental card, he finally confessed that he was going to take money to give to his mother. Dru told him that stealing from her wasn't the answer. She told him to stay put while she ran an errand.

In the park, Drucilla approached a drug dealer to try to find Devon's mother. When he said that Yolanda owed him money, Drucilla gave him the ten dollars. He then found Yolanda and sent her to Drucilla. When Drucilla begged Yolanda to let Devon go so that he could make something of himself instead of focusing on his mother, Yolanda agreed with Dru. She said that was what she'd been trying to do all along and had told Devon to stay away from her. What else could she do? Drucilla said she'd give her money to move away, even to get into a rehab program somewhere else. Yolanda said she wasn't going anywhere. Although she might not have much of a life, she intended to stay in Genoa City. She would continue to tell Devon to stay away from her, but she said that she was too selfish to try to get clean for her son.

When Dru told Devon she'd gone to see his mother and they were in agreement about his staying away from her, Devon told her to leave his mother alone. She didn't need Drucilla talking down to her and making her feel more ashamed than she already did. Drucilla insisted that it hadn't been like that and embraced Devon. Devon pulled away and told Dru that he was only following her advice: family came first, and he was sticking by his mother. While they were talking, Neil called and said he would be there soon with Lily. When Devon questioned how Drucilla could look so tearful and act so mad, Drucilla said that was the way mothers were. No matter how angry they were at their children, at the end of the day, they still loved them.

When Tom went to see Michael, Michael wanted to know if Tom was ready to accept his deal, leaving town and moving to Florida in exchange for money. Tom said he'd rather stay in Genoa City. He told Michael that he was no longer seeing Ashley, and Michael taunted him, saying that she must have come to her senses about what kind of man Tom was. Tom warned Michael to shut his mouth or he'd shut it for him. He then tried to make excuses for the kind of man he'd once been, saying that he'd changed. He wanted nothing to do with Gloria, Kevin, or Michael. Genoa City was big enough for all of them. Michael wasn't buying Tom's rewrite of family history and upped his offer. He'd give Tom twenty-thousand in cash to move to Florida, and send ten thousand a month for a year, as long as Tom was in Florida in person to cash the checks. He told Tom he had twenty-four hours to accept his offer.

Paul sat at the athletic club bar and got an update from Bobby about the increased pressure from Vinny. When Vinny walked in, Paul told Bobby that he had an idea and would tell him later. Paul then went to a table, where he was joined by Christine. He told her that the police had agreed to let him go over the car for more evidence that Daniel hadn't been driving that night. Christine said that if that turned out to be true, she was worried about its effect on Nick. In fact, she felt like she should go to Nick and tell him they were looking for evidence to clear Daniel. Even though her first commitment was to Daniel, she still considered Nick a friend and sympathized with what he was going through. After Christine left, Paul signaled Bobby that they'd talk later and left the club.

Sharon talked to Brad at the gym about what Nick was going through. Even though they were handling their grief in different ways, she was trying to support Nick as he dealt with Cassie's death. She even understood why he'd wanted to go into work for a while. Brad told her that while she was helping Nick with his feelings, not to ignore her own. Sharon said she wasn't. She then told Brad she appreciated his friendship and support, but she needed to go home. Brad agreed with her.

When Nick told Phyllis that she was fired, Phyllis turned to Victoria and said Victoria was the one who had to make the decision, since she was now CEO of Newman Enterprises. Although Victoria admitted that the timing was bad and she needed Phyllis, she stood by Nick's decision. Phyllis lashed out at Nick, saying he was pointing the finger at everyone else because he couldn't deal with his own guilt over letting Cassie go out that night. Furthermore, he was afraid that Daniel was telling the truth and it had been Cassie driving the car that night, not Daniel. She told Victoria that she couldn't fire her because she quit. After Phyllis was gone, Victoria asked if what Phyllis said was true. Nick said that Phyllis was grasping at straws, but she was right about one thing. He did blame himself. Victoria advised him to talk to Sharon about Phyllis's theory that Cassie was driving and about his feelings. Nick said that would only cause Sharon more pain. After Victoria left for a meeting, Nick stared at pictures of Cassie. When Christine walked in and said she needed to give him a heads-up, Nick didn't need to ask what she was talking about. He said that it wasn't true, and Daniel was responsible for his daughter's death.

J.T. saw Brittany packing and asked what the plan was. Brittany said that as soon as she heard from Bobby, they'd be taking off. She wasn't mad at J.T.; she understood that helping them had already cost him too much. Later, she received a coded call from Bobby and called him back at the club, asking what she should do. Bobby made his call sound like he was talking to someone about roughing up J.T. and asked what J.T. was going to do, run to Kansas City? Brittany understood that she was to take a flight to Kansas City. But before she could hang up, Bobby spotted J.T. coming into the club. J.T.'s leg was in a cast, he was on crutches, and his face was battered. Bobby told Brittany to stay put and hung up the phone. When Vinny asked Bobby if he'd been holding out on him, Bobby laughed at J.T. and asked if he'd had enough. J.T. pulled a gun out of his pocket and threatened Bobby while Vinny watched.

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