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Lily spent a night in jail. Brittany delivered a premature baby boy. Victor rescued Nikki. Lauren told Scotty that she and Michael were engaged. Brad suggested that Michael investigate Sheila. J.T. finally told Mac the truth. Sheila stayed at Scotty's apartment.
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Monday, August 1, 2005

Mac comes into the coffeehouse as Kevin is looking at the help wanted section. Suddenly, she has a great idea. She tells Kevin that she had suggested to Katherine to offer Kevin a job, but that Katherine had turned it down. Katherine did offer, however, to help Mac out with any business Mac became involved with. Mac thinks that since Nick and Sharon have been having complications keeping the coffeehouse up and running, maybe they should go into business together and buy the place. Kevin thinks it's a great idea, and they shake on it.

Dru tries to convince the police to let Lily go, but they won't have it. Dru offers to spend the night in jail with Lily. Lily said she would rather ask a favor. Lily asks her mom to give Daniel a letter from her.

Victor tells Vinny he wants his wife back, or else. Vinny takes off, and Victor goes to see Paul to see what can be done next.

Paul has a tracking device to watch Vinny's whereabouts. They see his car taking off and hope he is going toward Nikki. Victor shows up and they begin a plan. J.T. and Brittany decide to take Brittany home because she's not feeling well. In her stressful condition, she starts going into labor.

Nikki asks her kidnapper if she can go to the bathroom. As he is about to call Vinny, Nikki tries to escape, but it's too late, Vinny walks in the door. He demands to know what Marsino is up to, and where she's hiding the goods, or she's dead.

Chris tries to get Daniel's case pushed back, but DA Richards isn't having it. Chris goes to Nick and Sharon and asks for Cassie's clothes. She warns them when she finds out they are hiding evidence from her.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Victor, Paul and Bobby continue to electronically monitor Vinny's movements and have traced his car to a warehouse. Vinny has Nikki tied up in at the warehouse, threatening her. Nikki tells Vinny she will take what she knows to her grave. Luca and Vinny decide to take Nikki to Marsino's.

Victor, Paul and Bobby arrive at the warehouse, but there is no sign of Nikki or Vinny. Victor finds a cloth and smells Nikki's perfume on it. Then then notice a box on which the letters 'MAR' are written in blood. They deduce from this that Vinny has moved Nikki to Marsino's. They immediately leave for the club.

After Vinny and Luca arrive at Marsino's with Nikki, Vinny proceeds to tie her up again. He repeatedly threatens her and now has a gun to her head. Vinny begins to ransack the office but can't find what he wants.

Victor, Paul and Bobby walk into the club. Bobby goes over to Angelo who is tending bar and begins to ask him questions regarding the whereabouts of Nikki and Vinny.

Bobby finds Vinny and says he's there to make peace, but Vinny holds a gun to Bobby's head. Bobby then hears Nikki scream.

Back at the Newman ranch, Brittany has gone into labor. J.T. leaves to get the car to rush her to the hospital. Just then, the doorbell rings; it's Mac. J.T. tells her Brittany has gone into labor. Mac then quickly goes to call 911. While awaiting the arrival of the paramedics, Mac assesses the situation. She determines the birth of Brittany's baby is near and gives J.T. instructions to get towels, water, etc. Brittany has gone into hard labor; Mac instructs her on how to breathe correctly. Suddenly, Brittany screams that the baby is coming! Mac checks Brittany one more time, and indeed the birth is imminent. While preparing Brittany for delivery, she tells Brit and J.T. that while she lived on the Indian reservation, she worked in the clinic and assisted in many births.

Devon is visiting Lily in Juvenile Hall. He, of course, uses this as another opportunity to lecture Lily on how she has jeopardized her future because of Daniel. She asks him to deliver a note to Daniel. He begrudgingly agrees.

Devon continues on his way to see Daniel. After a few unfriendly words, he gives Daniel Lily's note. After Devon leaves, Daniel begins reading Lily's note. As he reads, he remembers their time in California at the beach and their last kiss goodbye.

Jack and Phyllis are at the Abbott house. She tells Jack she is going to go apologize to Dru. Phyllis leaves and promises Jack she will go swimming with him when she returns. After Phyllis leaves, Ashley comes in the room, and Jack tells her about Phyllis and how he hopes they can recapture the love they shared in the past.

Meanwhile, Dru and Neil are at home discussing Lily's upcoming case. There is a knock at the door; it's Phyllis, who proceeds to apologize to Dru. Dru lunges, but Neil holds her back. Phyllis agrees that the whole disguise idea was her fault and offers to go talk to the judge in the morning. Neil declines and tells her the damage has already been done. Dru seethes and tells Phyllis that if anything happens to Lily, it will be on her head.

Mac continues to coax Brittany through her labor pains. She instructs her when to push. After a very loud scream from Brittany, Mac states, "It's out." All are silent. J.T. holds a cold rag on Brittany's head. We hear the baby cry, and Mac announces the arrival of a beautiful baby boy. She hands him to Brittany, as J.T. looks on.

The next sound is the ambulance sirens approaching the ranch to transfer Brittany and the baby to the hospital.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Brad and Lauren shared a drink and some conversation in the athletic club restaurant, during which she admitted that she and Michael had hit a snag in their wedding plans. She didn't want her son at her wedding, and she didn't want to tell Michael the reason why. Brad thought that her fears from the past were unfounded, but Lauren said she'd spent Scott's whole life protecting him. Each time she started feeling like her son was safe, she'd get news about a disappearance or a breakout and she'd have to worry all over again that her son might be in danger. She'd been a good mother and had a good relationship with her son because she'd kept him safe in Toronto all these years. Brad was surprised to find out that Scott had never known he was in danger. Although he understood her desire to protect him, Brad still felt that she should trust Michael enough to be honest with him. If she couldn't do that, maybe she wasn't ready to get married.

Kevin went to Michael's office in a panic because he thought they should have heard from Gloria by now. Michael insisted that everything would be okay if Gloria did as he said. But when Tom showed up, the brothers found out that Tom had once again gotten the best of Gloria. Not only had he found the recording device that Michael had her plant, but he'd gotten Gloria's promise of financial assistance. He warned Michael and Kevin to stay out of his way, or he'd remind them of how he used to "take care" of them when they were kids, and it would involve more than fisticuffs.

Ashley was concerned about Gloria's sleeplessness and strange mood. Although Gloria didn't tell her that she'd seen Tom, she did say that her former husband had been on her mind. She recounted for Ashley how he'd not only been abusive toward her sons, but had been emotionally and mentally cruel to her. She'd never felt like she could stand on her own two feet. But things hadn't always been bad. Sometimes, even after Kevin was born and her husband resented him, they'd have fun like they had in the old days. He'd make love to her, buy her a gift, or take her for a ride on his motorcycle, and she'd believe that everything was okay again. Ashley looked a little thoughtful because of Gloria's words, but before she could put together that Gloria's husband had a lot in common with the man she knew as Tom Callahan, Michael arrived and asked to speak to Gloria alone.

When Ashley went upstairs, Michael begged his mother not to give in to Tom's demands. Gloria said that she could take care of Tom. She wasn't as weak as she'd once been. The only thing that could destroy her was losing John. Michael couldn't believe she was actually going to give Tom what he was asking for. He finally left, telling his mother that she was being as weak and scared as she'd been all those years ago. As Gloria turned off the lights and prepared to go upstairs, Tom showed up and stared through the door at her.

Michael went back to his office to find Lauren there. Lauren said she'd been talking to an old friend about feelings, trust, and secrets. She felt like there were some things they should talk about. Michael warned her that he'd already had a really rough day, and he wasn't ready to hear any more bad news.

At Marsino's, Bobby tried to intercede before Vinny and Luka could take Nikki from the building. They knocked him out, but Victor had found out from Angelo that Vinny might be in the dressing room. He went there, spotted Bobby's unconscious body, and broke into the room where Vinny and Luka were holding Nikki. Vinny held a gun on Victor so he and Luka could go through the stage curtain with Nikki. They made the patrons leave the building over Angelo's protests. Paul hid until Victor knocked Luka out, then he dove onto Vinny in time to keep him from shooting Victor. After both Vinny and Luka were knocked out, Victor comforted Nikki. When Bobby came in and apologized, Nikki was too hysterical to respond. Bobby then said he had to make a trip upstate, where he'd get enough information to put all these guys away. Paul called the police as Nikki begged Victor to take her home. Then she fainted into his arms.

At the ranch, Mac watched J.T. and Brittany with the baby. When the paramedics arrived, they congratulated Mac on the excellent job she'd done. Brittany thanked Mac for putting their differences aside to help her have the baby. After Brittany was taken to the hospital, Mac begged J.T. not to make her go, too. She said that Brittany was scared and needed to be with him. J.T. wanted to tell her that the baby wasn't his, but Mac left before he could. J.T. then went to the hospital, where Brittany was in a room with Joshua in an incubator next to her. She told J.T. that her heart had never been so full, and she promised Joshua to be with him every day until he could leave the hospital. She and J.T. were worried because Bobby wasn't answering his cell phone and wondered if something had gone wrong. She asked J.T. not to call her parents until Bobby had a chance to see the baby.

Kevin went to the athletic club, where he ran into Mac. He asked if she'd talked to the Newmans about buying Crimson Lights, but Mac admitted that she hadn't seen them yet. She'd gotten sidetracked by having to deliver Brittany's baby. Kevin thought what Mac had done was amazing, especially considering the circumstances. Mac said it was actually eye-opening for her. She knew that J.T. was really out of her life, and she believed that J.T. and Brittany would be good parents to their child.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Michael and Lauren apologize to each other about the way they left things. Lauren receives a call from Scott when Michael is out of the room. She tells Scott that she wants him to meet Michael. Scott admits to her that he already met Michael. When Michael returns, Lauren tells Michael she hears the weather's nice in Toronto. Michael admits that he went to see Scott. Lauren is furious with Michael that he went against her wishes.

Michael tells Brad about Lauren not wanting him to meet Scotty. Brad won't tell Michael the truth, but he does admit to him that he knows that Scotty's father is dead. Lauren goes to Michael's office to apologize to Michael. She thinks about her past with Sheila.

Sharon talks to Brad about not overworking herself yet. Brad says that will be okay, as long as Sharon stays in the loop about the business. Brad admits to Sharon that someday he hopes to have the top spot at Newman.

Victoria and Nick are looking for their parents. They have a drink together and actually joke about work. When Sharon comes by, she feels uncomfortable. When Nikki returns from getting looked at, she tells Victor all she wants to do is go home.

Brittany worries about her baby. She and J.T. get up to go to the nursery to see Joshua. Victor, Paul and Nikki come into the hospital. Brittany wonders where Bobby is. Paul explains that Bobby went to go get evidence to put Vinny away. Brittany worries that Bobby's life is in danger. She asks Paul to tell her son he will never meet his father. She wonders who will take care of her if Bobby's gone.

Jack asks Phyllis how it went seeing Dru and Neil. Phyllis says it didn't go to well. She says that Dru is crazy, but she is right about one thing. The fact that they tried to keep Lily and Daniel away from each other only made them get closer. Jack is reminded of the closeness and love he and Phyllis once felt. He says she's more beautiful today than the first day he met her. Then, Jack tries to say that Daniel can take care of himself. Phyllis is upset that he would suggest she desert her own son.

Friday, August 5, 2005

Michael met the Winters and Lily in the judge's chamber with Glenn Richards. Although the judge wasn't inclined to reinstate Lily's bail because she hadn't been contrite enough, he finally agreed that she wasn't a threat to society and said she would be released into her parents' custody. He warned her not to do anything wrong, including attempting to see Daniel again, or her bail would be revoked. The judge also instructed Glenn Richards to try Lily as a juvenile rather than an adult. Once the judge left, Dru and Neil thanked Michael before he also left. They then told Lily that they didn't want to hear any more about Daniel. She needed to focus on her own life instead of Daniel's problems. Although Lily resented her love for Daniel being treated as unimportant, she vowed to her parents that she would walk the straight and narrow.

Michael went to the athletic club restaurant, where he ran into Brad again. Brad told him not to pick up where they'd left off; he had no intention of getting in the middle of Michael's problems with Lauren. Michael was insistent that he had a right to know what the big secret was about Lauren's son. After telling Michael not to ask him about this again, Brad told him if he wanted to know what was going on, he should find out everything he could about a woman named Sheila Carter.

Scott was surprised when his mother showed up at his Toronto apartment. Lauren said she'd missed him and she wanted to know how everything was going with him. Scott caught her up on his activities in graduate school and as a teaching assistant and explained that he was working on a novel based on a true story. He didn't, however, think his mother had come there just to check on him. Lauren admitted that she had news for him. She told him that she was marrying Michael, but she downplayed the significance of their wedding, saying it would be something so small and simple that there was no reason for Scott to take time out of his schedule to attend. They would come back through Toronto after their honeymoon. While she was talking to Scott, Lauren had another flashback of her discovery that Sheila had kidnapped Scott when he was a baby. She shook off her anxiety and left. As soon as she walked out of the apartment, Sheila Carter stepped into the room from another room and commented on how exciting it was that Scott's mother was getting married.

Kevin ran into Mac at the athletic club restaurant. Although she could tell that Kevin was upset about his father's refusal to leave town, Kevin didn't want to talk about his problems. He was more interested in how Mac was doing, especially since she'd delivered Brittany's baby the night before. Mac said that she'd woken up that morning feeling like she was experiencing a new beginning. She had put J.T. behind her and wanted to move forward with her plans to buy Crimson Lights with Kevin. She was sure that Kevin was going to be a great business partner.

Nikki woke up from a nightmare to find that Victor had held her in his arms all night. He questioned how she'd gotten into so much danger. Nikki admitted that she simply hadn't believed Bobby and Brittany's story about the baby and had wanted to know the truth. By the time she realized how dangerous it was, she'd already gotten in too deep. But she assured Victor that she'd learned her lesson. She just hoped that Bobby got back safely and could know that he was a new father.

Bobby showed up in Christine's office to deliver all the evidence he'd gathered to Paul and Christine. He was sure he had enough to put the mob guys away for years. Christine told him that Brittany had delivered their little boy, and Bobby wanted to rush to the hospital immediately. Christine warned him that he had a small window of opportunity before he had to leave town. She'd arranged for him to be placed in the witness protection program, but he'd have to go alone. Later, Brittany and Joshua would also be taken into the program. For now, she urged him to see his wife and baby quickly. They assured Bobby that the hospital was being heavily guarded, especially Brittany's room and the nursery for premature babies.

Brittany was frantic to know Bobby's whereabouts, and J.T. tried to reassure her that everything would be okay. His promise seemed to come true when Bobby showed up at the hospital. Brittany was thrilled, thinking everything was over, and Bobby didn't have the heart to tell her that it was far from over. Instead, he walked to the nursery with her to see Joshua. While they were gone, Mac showed up in Brittany's room to see how she and the baby were doing. She wanted to leave as soon as she saw J.T., but he kept her there, insisting that he had to tell her something. Mac was stunned when J.T. told her that they'd all been lying about Joshua's paternity. Bobby was the baby's father, and their story had been meant to protect Brittany's life as well as the baby's. Although Mac wanted to believe him, she still questioned why he'd been willing to lie to her to protect Brittany. She felt like he didn't trust her. J.T. assured her that he'd been thinking of her safety, too, and kissed her.

While Bobby and Brittany visited the nursery, Angelo came into the hospital. He told a nurse that he was Bobby's brother and was there to bring flowers in honor of the new baby. The nurse told him that Bobby and Brittany were at the nursery. She gave Angelo directions, but he said he'd let them have their private moment and would just wait to see them when they returned to Brittany's room.

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