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Bobby saved his baby from Angelo and later entered the witness protection program. Michael probed Eric Forrester for information about Sheila and Lauren. Nick refused to give Cassie's clothes to Phyllis. Gloria persuaded John to help her pay off Tom.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 8, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, August 8, 2005

Michael tells Kevin that he has figured out why Lauren doesn't want Scott to know about their wedding. He looked up information on Sheila Carter, a nurse who used to be in love with Lauren's husband. Apparently Sheila stole Lauren's baby and replaced him with a boy she bought on the black market. The boy that Sheila bought had died, and Lauren grieved over him. Lauren only found out when Sheila tried to kill her own mother and Lauren in a house fire. Sheila had since escaped from a mental institution. Lauren comes in and Michael and Kevin become quiet. Lauren tells Michael she went to Toronto and told Scott about their wedding, that is, if there still is one. Michael says of course.

Sheila asks how Scott feels about Lauren getting married. He tells her he is surprised after his father died so long ago, and he's something she never wants to talk about. Sheila is pretending to be Brenda, a college student in need of Scott's help on a creative writing assignment. When she leaves, she promises Lauren she will get to know her son way better than Lauren will ever know him.

J.T. tells Mac how sorry he is for lying to her. She's still not sure she can trust him again. Mac says she has to go to her grandmother's and try to figure things out. She's not even sure she wants things to work out with J.T. after all the pain he has caused her.

Chris tells Phyllis she is trying to do everything she can where Daniel is concerned. Phyllis sees Nick at the athletic club and tells Nick she knows her son is not guilty.

Paul is trying to get some information about Cassie's clothes and finds out that the clothes were given to Nick. Paul informs Chris and Chris goes to talk to Sharon about it.

Vinnie is snooping around the hospital. He sees Paul and walks away quickly. Then Vinnie watches as Mac leaves Brittany's room.

Brad comes by to see how Nikki is doing. He also wants to talk to Victor about a little business proposition.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Again, Christine requests that Sharon hand over Cassie's clothes. Sharon still claims she doesn't have them, but Christine feels she is covering for Nicholas. Christine actually tells her that the clothes may hold new evidence. Of course, Sharon wants to know what it is, and Chris reveals it's the rubber on the shoes. Sharon says Cassie was wearing green sandals. Chris shows Sharon the rubber from the shoes, and Sharon said that is definitely not from Cassie's shoe. Christine says she will produce a search warrant if the clothes are not produced.

Victoria is on the phone with Brad. She compliments him on a business deal and says she will see him later in the office.

Nikki is at the hospital for some further tests....Victor is with her. The guards for Brittany and the baby are visible. Bobby comes up and greets Nikki and Victor. Victor leaves....Bobby and Nikki talk. We see Angelo lurking about the halls of the hospital.

Bobby tells Nikki he will be going into the Witness Protection Program. We see Angelo he has donned a white coat, has a chart in his hand, and is obviously trying to blend in as a doctor.

Bobby and Nikki continue to talk. He tells Nikki this could be the last time they see each other due to him having to go into the Witness Protection Program. Brittany and the baby will join him as soon as the baby is ready to travel, although he hasn't told Brittany about this yet. Bobby and Nikki look into each other's eyes. Bobby tells her she's the classiest woman he's ever known. Nikki is sobbing at the thought of losing her good friend. They then share an embrace. Nikki tells Bobby he's doing the right thing and that she's proud to have been his friend. Again, they share a last embrace. An emotional Nikki then leaves.

Michael finds Brad relaxing in the spa. He thanks Brad for giving him Sheila's name. He says he needs to find out more information so he can keep Lauren safe. Brad tells him there is just one person who can answer his questions about Sheila.....that is Lauren's ex-husband, Eric Forrester, in Los Angeles. Michael seems surprised to learn that Lauren was once married to Eric. He says he now feels bad about giving Lauren that Eric Forrester Original gown the night they became engaged.....maybe it dug up the past for her. Brad informs Michael that Sheila tried to kill Lauren twice.....once in Michigan and again in Los Angeles.

Lauren is in Paul's office. She tells him she's worried that Michael could suffer because of Sheila and is worried about putting him in danger. Paul suggests that Lauren just tell him the truth. Paul then suggests that she keep the wedding low profile so it won't be seen on the society page and maybe booking the hotel reservations under an assumed name. Lauren says she's glad she has managed to keep Scott safe, but she's now asking herself if she should just walk away from Michael in order to keep him safe.

At the Abbott mansion, John is with Gloria as she is looking at floral designs in a magazine. She tells John she wants to get some flowers for Michael and Lauren's wedding....he tells her to go ahead. She sees a problem in that she doesn't have a checking account of her own. John feels their joint account is just fine, but she convinces him to give her an account of her own. John then leaves for the office.

Ashley is with Tom and telling him that she doesn't feel comfortable keeping the necklace he gave her and wants to return it to him. He doesn't want to take it back. When she insists, he suggests she give it to her stepmother. This seems to arouse Ashley's suspicion about the fact that he has brought Gloria up so often in their conversations. Ashley finally forces him to take the necklace back....she leaves....Tom obviously is not happy.

Gloria answers the's Tom, and he's there for his money. Gloria hands over the money, but Tom tells her she's a grand short. Gloria said she will get it to him. Tom says he plans to get a room and stay at the Genoa City Athletic Club....all at John's expense. If Gloria doesn't comply, Tom threatens to go to John's office.

Victoria shows up at the hospital. She tells Victor she was worried about her mother and is there to see her. She offers to take Nikki home when she's done with her tests....Victor agrees. Victoria tells her father that she feels guilty that she hasn't been around for her mother lately. Victor consoles her and says that Nikki is very happy to have her home. Victor says goodbye to Victoria and reminds her to drive safely when she and Nikki drive back to the ranch.

Nicholas returns home. Sharon tells him of Christine's visit and that they are going to say Cassie was driving the car in court. Nick knows this but actually tells Sharon he doesn't want to talk about the trial and wants to concentrate on the two of them renewing their relationship and says he has planned something special for the two of them.

Michael is calling Eric Forrester in Los Angeles. He's not available, so Michael leaves an urgent message to return the call, that it's regarding a mutual friend.....Lauren Fenmore.

Bobby is walking in the hall after his emotional conversation with Nikki. He sees Angelo in the white coat lurking around the hall and, to his horror, sees what appears to be Baby Joshua in Angelo's arms. Bobby to Angelo: "What ya doin!"

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kevin was frustrated to hear that Mac was on the verge of forgiving J.T. for the way he'd treated her. Although he understood J.T.'s motives, he said there was never any reason for someone to be cruel to her. Mac admitted that she'd been on an emotional roller coaster. They changed the subject to Daniel's trial. Kevin sympathized with Daniel, saying if he was innocent, it was terrible to have everyone think he was guilty. Although Mac's issues about drinking made her less inclined to be forgiving, she understood how bad it had been for Kevin when everyone unjustly accused him of harming Brittany at the club. She told Kevin that she still wanted to buy Crimson Lights with him, but she thought he needed to focus on other girls instead of on her. She introduced him to a couple of girls then left, smiling, as Kevin sat in the hot tub talking to them.

At the hospital, J.T. warned Victoria away and watched with alarm as Bobby and Angelo talked. Holding a gun on Bobby, Angelo refused to hand over baby Joshua until Bobby gave him the evidence he was planning to give the feds. Bobby said that he had no intention of harming Angelo. The club was clean, so Angelo was in the clear. Angelo admitted that he'd borrowed money from the mob to keep the club running. He told Bobby he'd give him Joshua in exchange for the evidence. As Angelo started to leave with the baby, J.T. and Bobby worked as a team to stop him. J.T. knocked the gun from his hands as Bobby grabbed him from behind. When J.T. got the baby, Bobby held Angelo until the police took him away.

Bobby went into Brittany's room and told her what was going on. Federal agents would place him in protective custody until he could present evidence at the mobsters' trial. After it was over, Bobby and Brittany would take Joshua into the witness protection program. Although Brittany was distraught at the idea of leaving their friends and family, she agreed that the most important thing was that they could be together and be safe.

Victoria questioned J.T.'s role in what had been going on with Bobby and her mother. J.T. told her that he worked for Paul and asked if she had a job. Victoria told him that she was CEO of Newman Enterprises. J.T. was impressed and said that if she needed to get back to running the world, he could take Nikki home. Victoria said that she'd wait for her mother, but she couldn't understand how Nikki had gotten involved with Bobby in the first place. J.T. explained that it was a long story that he was sure her mother would explain to her. Victoria said people would do drastic things to protect those they loved, and J.T. agreed, thinking of Brittany. When federal agents arrived, he went into Brittany's room to let Bobby know. He promised Bobby that he and armed guards would keep Brittany safe. After J.T. left them alone, Brittany tearfully put Bobby's wedding band back on his finger. Bobby promised that he would see her again soon and left her room.

Christine went to Paul's office, venting her frustration that Nick and Sharon wouldn't hand over Cassie's clothes. She thought Sharon would have been willing to cooperate but was being influenced by Nick's anger. As much as she hated damaging the friendship she had with the Newmans, she'd already gotten a judge to issue a search warrant. They would go to the Newman house the next morning to try to retrieve Cassie's clothes. Christine wasn't sure it would do any good. Sharon had described what Cassie was wearing when she'd left the house on the night of the wreck, and it didn't match the piece of the boot they'd found lodged beneath the accelerator of the car. But the clothes might still hold some clue, so she had to get them.

Sharon tried to discuss Cassie's clothes, but Nick refused to talk about it. He had a romantic evening prepared for them because they needed to reconnect. He also suggested that after the trial, he and Sharon take Noah on a vacation, maybe to the Galapagos Islands so that Noah could see things in nature that he'd never get to see otherwise. Sharon agreed that it would be good for them to get away. She told Nick that she'd go anywhere with him. They began to kiss passionately.

Phyllis went to see Daniel and questioned if he knew what Christine was looking for, because Christine wouldn't talk to her. Daniel had no idea. The only thing Christine had asked him about was what Cassie was wearing on the night of the party. Phyllis quickly figured out that Christine's questions indicated that she didn't have Cassie's clothes, which the hospital had probably given to Nick and Sharon. Ignoring Daniel's warnings, Phyllis stormed out of there, determined to make Nick hand over evidence that might clear her son. She burst into the Newman house, interrupting their romantic night. Nick ordered her to leave, and Sharon insisted that they didn't have anything that would help Daniel's case. Phyllis told them that they would burn in hell for what they were doing and walked out. Sharon again tried to urge Nick to just cooperate with Christine, but he wouldn't budge. Sharon sadly walked upstairs, knowing that Phyllis had ruined their fragile attempt at being together without being overwhelmed by their grief.

Devon tried to cheer Lily up on the night before Daniel's trial began, but Lily couldn't stop thinking of how scared and alone Daniel must feel. She vowed that no matter what happened or what her parents wanted, she wasn't going to abandon Daniel. When someone you loved was in that much trouble, you couldn't just walk away. Devon understood how she felt and said that Daniel was lucky to have someone care about him so much. Lily knew that Devon was thinking about his mother. Devon angrily said his mother had chosen drugs over him. Lily said that his mother was ill. Her addiction was strong, but that didn't mean she didn't love him. In fact, her desire to keep Devon away from her proved that she cared about him. After Devon left, Lily thought about Daniel and a kiss they'd shared, while across town, Daniel was looking through the bars on his window and thinking of the same thing.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Eric Forrester visits Michael after his phone call about Lauren. Michael asks Eric to tell him everything he knows about Sheila. He says that he wants to protect her. Eric tells Michael that he and Lauren are safe, Sheila has been locked away in a mental institution.

Lauren tells Gloria that she doesn't want a big wedding. Gloria doesn't understand. Lauren says she will try to get Gloria and Kevin a flight to Hawaii for their small wedding, but she's just not up to the big wedding plans. Gloria takes her story with a grain of salt.

Nick tells Sharon that he's going to pick up Noah but he won't be late for the court date. Sharon tries to talk to Nick about Cassie's clothes, but Nick doesn't want to talk about it. She wonders what he did with the clothes, did he destroy them? Sharon is worried that they will be charged with obstruction of justice. Nick doesn't seem to care.

Detective Weber shows up at the Newman ranch after Nick has left. He has a warrant to search the property. Sharon tries to call Nick, but he doesn't answer. Weber informs Sharon that they have evidence stating that Nick picked up Cassie's clothes.

Daniel tells Chris that he's worried about his mother. He is afraid that he's going to jail for a long time, and is unsure how she will cope with this. Chris tries to tell Daniel to be strong for his mother, she will do everything humanly possible to get evidence for Daniel.

Weber calls Christine to tell her that they didn't find anything. Chris is worried.

Friday, August 12, 2005

In Scott's apartment for a tutoring session, Sheila shared one of her story ideas with him. The story she told was basically an account of her past with Lauren, when Sheila tried to take Dr. Grainger from Lauren and kidnapped Lauren's baby. Only in this version, Sheila changed roles with Lauren, making herself look like Lauren's victim. When Scott said it sounded like Sheila was talking about real people, Sheila said it had happened to someone she knew. She wasn't ready to make a novel of it, so she freely offered the idea to Scott, saying, "It's your story." Scott had no idea that she was telling him the truth with a few embellishments.

Kevin found Christine in Michael's office doing some last-minute preparation before Daniel's trial. When Kevin asked where Michael was, Christine said he'd gone out of town and should be back the following day. Lauren came in and overheard her, but Christine had no more information to give her. After Christine left, Lauren called her son, but Scott said he hadn't heard from Michael. Lauren then went to Michael's computer, hoping his history trail would tell her where he was. But his computer needed a password, so instead she glanced at the papers on his desk, finding printouts of news stories about Sheila Carter. She frantically demanded that Kevin explain what was going on, and Kevin said Michael had wanted to know what had Lauren so frightened and how he could protect her. Lauren said the only way to be safe from Sheila was to stay far away from her. She couldn't believe Michael had ignored her request that he stop digging in her past and hoped that he was okay.

At the mental institution in Hemet, California, Michael questioned the warden about Sheila's condition. The warden told him that Sheila had escaped, but later she'd come back and turned herself in. Since then, she'd been under heavy sedation. Michael asked to see her. When the woman they thought was Sheila was brought to him, Michael scrutinized her. She did look like the woman in the pictures, so he thanked the warden and left.

Lily was at the athletic club spa with Devon when she got a call from Daniel, who pretended to a police officer that he was calling his attorney. Lily apologized for not being in court, but Daniel said that he understood. He knew she was on his side. After they hung up, Lily begged Devon for his help. She wanted him to go to the courtroom and offer Daniel some signal of support so Daniel wouldn't feel alone. Devon refused, saying that he was supposed to begin a new job that Neil had gotten him at Newman Enterprises. Lily told him to make an excuse and start a day later, but Devon wouldn't give in to her.

Victor and Nikki went to Nick's house to find Sharon trying to straighten things up after the police had searched for Cassie's clothes. When Sharon explained what was going on, Victor said that Nick and Sharon should just cooperate with the police, especially if the evidence Christine was looking for wouldn't be provided by the clothes. Sharon was telling them that she thought Nick would go out of his mind if Daniel wasn't convicted when Nick walked in. Again, Victor said they should cooperate with the police, but Nick said he wasn't going to help Christine come up with some bogus defense of Daniel. He told his parents that they didn't need to come to court. He and Sharon knew they supported them, but Nikki needed to recover from her recent ordeal with the mob, and Victor should stay with her. When Nick went upstairs to get ready, Sharon repeated her conviction that Nick was hinging everything on Daniel's conviction.

Phyllis and Jack were sitting in the empty courtroom. He noticed her anxiety and suggested they take a walk, but Phyllis said she wanted to stay there and put good vibes in the courtroom for her son. When Glenn Richards came in, Phyllis accused him of ignoring evidence in Daniel's case, or allowing Nick to hide it, because he was out to get her and could only do it through her son. She said he was taking pleasure in sending an innocent teenager to prison. Glenn said that when someone drove drunk, as Daniel had, he became an adult. He warned Phyllis that if she continued to badger him for doing his job, he could ask the judge to remove her from the court. While he was chastising her, Christine and Paul came in, and Christine gave Phyllis a warning look. Phyllis and Jack stepped out of the courtroom for a few minutes. She urged Jack to go to work; she could call him on his cell phone if she needed him. Jack reluctantly agreed when Phyllis promised him that she'd be okay.

Paul asked Christine how she was feeling, and she admitted that she was nervous. She'd never started a trial with such a weak defense. She wondered if her feelings for Daniel made her the best choice for his attorney. Paul assured her that she'd do fine. After Paul left, promising to keep searching for evidence, Nick and Sharon came in. Glenn Richards assured them that even though this was a bench trial instead of a jury trial, Daniel was not going to get away with what he'd done.

Phyllis saw a disguised Lily walking into the courtroom and hurried inside, blocking Glenn Richards' view of Lily. She told Lily that her presence was not only violating her bail conditions, but she could damage Daniel by being there. Having Jack, as a strong businessman in the community, on Daniel's side carried some weight. But having Lily there, who'd not only helped Daniel jump bail but had since gotten into trouble again herself, was not in Daniel's best interest. While they were talking, Daniel was brought into the courtroom. He spotted Lily and mouthed that he loved her. As much as she hated to leave, once Lily knew that Daniel had seen her, she left the courtroom. Glenn and Christine made their opening statements to the judge while Sharon listened with tears in her eyes and Nick glared at Daniel.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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