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Nick's visit with Alice offered him some resolution concerning Cassie's death. Lauren went ballistic when she learned that Michael had met with Sheila. Daniel's future looked gloomy. J.T. and Brittany planned to move into the Chancellor estate.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 15, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, August 15, 2005

Kay offers offered to go to court for Nikki and Victor so Nikki can could rest. Phyllis likes liked Christine's opening statement and believes believed she is was on the right track. The judge re-enters entered and proceeds proceeded with the trial, calling Officer Cole to the witness stand. HeOfficer Cole talks talked about finding Cassie and Daniel at the scene when he arrived. Christine questions questioned him, asking what side of the road they were both thrown onto, and he states stated they were both thrown to about the same area.

Glenn calls called an EMT to the stand as Paul entersentered, saying that no retailer in town had sold any member of the Newman family a pair of the boots from that matched the rubber sample. Glenn proceeds proceeded to question the EMT, and Christine later takes took her turn. Kay enters entered and sits sat down. Dr. Jun is was now called up, and when Christine asks asked about the time when Cassie got out of her bed, Nick, Sharon, and Phyllis all start started to speak up at once. The judge calls called for order in the court, and Nick leavesleft, not able to hear any more of it. Nick thinks thought of Cassie's last words to him, and wonders wondered if he is was wrong about Daniel.

Neil compliments complimented Devon on the good job he did had done working at Newman todaythat day. He is was glad to see he Devon has had something to do to occupy his time, and Devon asks asked if he means meant '"occupy [his] time away from Yolanda.' " Devon says said he isn't wasn't going to see her again. Neil feels felt for Devon, and tells himsaid that he Devon is was in control of his own life now, with getting an education and starting a job.

At the park, Yolanda pleads pleaded with Isaac to give her a fix, but he says said he won't wouldn't until she has had some money. Devon sees saw her and pulls pulled her away. Jack tells told Brad to watch his back. Nikki doesn't didn't want Victor to get caught up in a business war with Brad and Jack. Victoria loves loved the Power Point presentation Brad has had just showed shown her about the new '"Seasons' Seasons" and hair care product lines, but is was apprehensive about launching the line by Christmas. Neil doesn't didn't think this it would be a good idea at all.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sharon is was currently being sworn in, about to take the witness stand. Glenn Richards begins began questioning her regarding Cassie. She confirms confirmed they all did things together as a family. She felt they knew Cassie well. Sharon confirmed that Cassie had never had any driving lessons and had never tried to drive a car. Nick then interrupted, and the judge demanded order in the courtroom. Sharon added that Cassie was too smart to take a car out on the road. The judge asks asked Christine if she has had any questions; she does did not, and the prosecution restsrested.

Katherine and Christine are were talking while on break from the trial. Katherine says said she is was not on anyone's side. She feels felt bad for all concerned. Phyllis rudely interrupts interrupted them and begins began to criticize Christine's handling of the case. Christine angrily tells told Phyllis not to tell her how to do her job. Katherine then leavesleft, and Christine lights lit into Phyllis, demanding that she behave in the courtroom. Jack walks walked into the room in the middle of the argument and takes took Phyllis out.

During the court break, Christine and Paul are were discussing Phyllis' actions and the case itself. Christine tells told Paul she's she was scared..... -- that she knows knew Daniel has had faith in her. Paul promises promised Christine that he will would continue delving into Daniel's case, looking for clues.

Sharon and Nick also return returned home during the lunch break from court. Nick then begins criticcriticized izing Glenn Richards and how he had handled his questioning of Sharon on the stand. They then begin began to look through a photo album, bringing to mind many of the milestones of Cassie's life. Sharon then tells told Nick that she wants wanted to get to the truth, that maybe they need needed to surrender Cassie's clothes. Nick still maintains maintained Cassie's innocence. Sharon points pointed out that Cassie had really had a crush on Daniel, but they were had not been aware of it. She feels felt Cassie would want them to give Daniel a chance.

Lily and Dru are were at home. Lily is was still depressed over Daniel and continues continued to believe in his innocence. Dru insists insisted Lily needs needed to concentrate on her future. Dru feels felt her daughter has had forgotten about her family since meeting Daniel. She remains remained steadfast in her decision for Lily to have no more to do with Daniel. Lily finally seems seemed to relent and says said she will would try. Lily adds added that she really does did listen to what her parents tell told her and realizes realized they may might be right. Dru leavesleft, and Lily is was deep in thought, shaking her head, and saying to herself that her mother just doesn't didn't get it.

Devon sees saw his mother in the park, ready to but buy drugs. He shoos shooed off the drug dealer and convinces convinced Yolanda to go with him.

Victoria, Brad, and Neil are were meeting at the Jabot office. Victoria is was filling Neil in about Brad's idea about Seasons. Neil said he had already had a discussion with Brad about this the subject, and now Brad has had gone to Victoria behind his back. Neil again says said he is was against rushing to get Seasons on the market. Victoria agrees agreed and leavesleft. Neil tells told Brad he wis as suspicious of his Brad's motives.

At the hot tubs, a strange, but rather handsome man walks walked up to Ashley and observes observed that she looks looked rather lonesome. After a bit of small talk and Ashley telling him she's she was waiting for Abby, the man says said goodbye to Ashley and leavesleft. Abby then joins joined Ashley. She asks asked her mother about Daniel. After a brief explanation from Ashley, Abby leaves left to go swimming again.

Dru drops dropped in to see Neil at the office and tells told him about her conversation with Lily. They go went on to discuss Devon. Neil tells told Dru that Devon went had gone to see his mother in the park. Dru is was not happy about thisthat, but Neil said he had gave given his permission.

Jack and Phyllis are were strolling in the park during the break from court. Jack doesn't didn't want her to get her hopes up. Phyllis tells told Jack she must needed to believe all will would be okay and Daniel will would be found innocent. She actually tells told Jack that if he cannot could not have a positive attitude about thisit, she does did not want him in the courtroom.

Devon later brings took Yolanda back to the Winters' Winterses' home. He convinces convinced her to go take a shower. He then tries tried to get her to eat something. Dru and Neil then returnned home and are were shocked to find her there.

Daniel is was brought led into the room to meet with Christine. Daniel is was very discouraged about how the case has had gone so far. Chris tries tried to reassure him that they absolutely will would not give up on his case. Lily then walksed into the room. Chris immediately tells told her she does did not belong there. Lily sternly announces announced that she wants wanted to tell what she knows knew in order to prove Daniel's innocence.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ashley and Brad talked at the spa about the suspicions Jack had earlier expressed. Ashley wondered if Brad was trying to manipulate her by threatening to give her less time with Abby if she didn't cut back her workload. She also accused him of deliberately manipulating Jill to get information that would benefit Newman. Brad denied everything and warned Ashley that Jack was the one who was manipulating her. Ashley seemed skeptical, noticing changes in Brad's behavior. Brad insisted that he was just trying to ensure that Ashley had the same opportunity to enjoy time with Abby that he'd experienced when he was between jobs.

Lily went to the courthouse to try to persuade Christine to let her testify on Daniel's behalf. Christine told hersaid that as much as she'd like to question Lily on the stand, it would jeopardize Lily's own case, and Michael would be furious. Daniel convinced Lily that he was fine, so she finally left before the trial resumed.

At the Winters' Winteres' house, Dru and Neil were shocked to find Devon's mother there. When she went to change into some clothes that Dru had put aside for donation, Devon reminded them that they'd once given him a chance to turn his life around. All he was asking was the same for his mother. If she could spend a little more time with him, he might be able to persuade her to go into rehab.

Dru and Neil appeared to be wavering when Yolanda came backreturned into to the room. She thanked them for allowing her a place to clean up and for the clothes, but she insisted that she was leaving. After she was gone, Devon stormed off to his room. Before they could follow him, Lily came returned home. Dru demanded to know where she'd been, and Lily told her parents she needed to tell them something that wasn't going to make them happy with her.

As the hearing resumed, Glenn Richards questioned Daniel, making it look like he habitually drank to try to manage his anger. He also questioned how Daniel could say he was both unconscious in the back seat and would never have allowed Cassie to drive, then turn around and say that he'd seen Cassie driving just before the accident. In the middle of the examination, Nick stood and asked Sharon to leave with him. Reluctantly, Sharon followed him, while the judge watched them with a thoughtful expression. Daniel insisted that he'd never driven his car drunk and never would have. That was why he'd gone to sleep it off in the back seat. He'd never given permission to Cassie to drive his car, but he knew she'd been driving.

After the judge decided they would resume the next day and left the courtroom, Phyllis assured Daniel that he'd done fine in his testimony. After Daniel left, Katherine approached Christine's table. She said that she'd never presume to tell Christine how to do her job, but she felt like it might be best for Daniel to change his plea. Phyllis exploded, telling Katherine that it was none of her business, and she didn't want to hear any of that.

Phyllis left the courtroom in a rage, and Christine told Katherine she wasn't going to change her defense of Daniel. Once Katherine left, Paul showed Christine the notes he'd been going over. He wanted to know exactly what Lily had heard Cassie say on the night of the party. While they were talking, Drucilla called Christine and told hersaid she'd better not try to make her Drucilla's daughter testify on Daniel's behalf. Drucilla wouldn't allow it.

Lily couldn't believe her mother had called Christine, and as she was arguing with her parents, Christine and Paul arrived. The Winters Winterses let Paul ask Lily exactly what Cassie had said on the night of the wreck, and Lily said that Cassie had said she'd make sure Daniel got home okay. Paul pointed out that the first time, she'd said Cassie said Daniel would be okay. Lily said that Sierra and Devon had also been there when she had talked to Cassie and could back her up. Paul wondered why they'd lied to him about that night, and Lily said everyone had been afraid they would get in trouble for what had happened to Cassie. Christine turned to Dru and said that she surely wouldn't stop Devon from testifying and telling the truth.

When Sharon and Nick got home, Sharon asked if he was ever going to say anything again. Nick wondered what she wanted him to say. Sharon said that he should be satisfied because; hadn't he had gotten what he'd wanted in the courtroom? . Nick said that it seemed that way, but he looked troubled.

Michael reflected on having seen "Sheila" in the institution in California. When Lauren came walked over and tore into him for investigating her past and going to see Sheila, Michael calmed her down. He told her that Sheila had voluntarily turned herself in. She was under twenty-four-hour supervision, and she was heavily sedated. There was no way she was ever going to escape again. Lauren's long nightmare was over. Flooded with relief, Lauren embraced Michael, told him that she loved him, and said that for the first time in years, she didn't feel afraid.

Scott continued to tutor "Brenda," who was Sheila in disguise. Sheila questioned how things were going with his mother's situation, and Scott said they'd worked that out. If his mother wanted a private wedding without him there, he accepted it. Sheila then began to plant doubts in his head about Michael, encouraging his anxiety that there might be something about his future stepfather that Lauren didn't want him to know. The two agreed to meet again the next morning to discuss her "stolen baby" story in more detail.

When Scott went to take a shower and get ready for a date, Sheila researched Michael on the Internet and started getting information about his criminal past. She couldn't believe that Lauren thought he was the man of her dreams, and she vowed that Michael had better do nothing to hurt her "little Scotty."

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mac has had lunch with Katherine and expresses expressed her confusion towards J.T. Katherine has had an idea. She tells told Mac to call J.T. and invite him and Brittany over to her house.

Brittany tells told J.T. how much she is was going to miss him when she is was gone. She says said he is was her best friend. J.T. confides confided in Brittany and tells herthat he's he was not sure if Mac will would ever take him back. Brittany says said before he knows knew it, Mac will would call. The phone ringsrang.

Devon is was unhappy to hear that he must needed to testify for Daniel. Michael tells said him that if Daniel had needed to testify on Devon's behalf, wouldn't Devon would probably want him to do it? When

Devon testifies testified, D.A. Richards introduces introduced himself to Devon and asks asked him a few questions. Then he asks asked Devon his name. Because Devon can't couldn't remember, Mr. Richards tries tried to say how the memory can could play tricks on you.

Nick goes went to see Alice to talk to her about Cassie. He wants wanted to know some things about Cassie that he had never heard before. Alice tells told him about a time that her perfume bottle was had been broken and how Alice's mother had tried to cover it up. Cassie had to make sure that Alice knew that she was the one who had broke broken it. Cassie had always had to be honest. Nick is was happy to hear something new about Cassie. He thanks thanked Alice and returns returned home.

Sharon is was upset to find that Nick has had left town again. Brad comes stopped by the Newman ranch to ask Sharon how she is was doing. Sharon tells told him about Nick and that she's she was worried about having to testify at the trial.

Chris is was happy to she Sharon come intoenter the courtroom. She asks asked her Sharon to take the witness stand.

Sheila "Brenda" asks asked Scott how his date wenthad gone. He says said not so well. He is was excited to talk more about the story. Sheila tells told Scott more about the horrible woman who had stole stolen the nurse's baby. She says said that the nurse had ended up in an insane asylum. Scott has had an idea where the son ends ended up a doctor and finds found the nurse there.

Lauren wakes woke up from having a horrible nightmare about Sheila. She tells told Michael that she wants wanted to go see her Sheila for herself. Michael says said he will would go with her. Scott calls called, and Lauren happily invites invited him to her wedding. He wants wanted to come seevisit her in Genoa City right away. She agreesagreed.

Sheila comes backreturned to Scott's to seeand saw him smiling from ear to ear. She wonders wondered why he's he was so happy. He tells told her that his mother wants wanted him at the wedding, and she has had invited him to come visit Genoa City.

Friday, August 19, 2005

After getting J.T. and Brittany to the Chancellor estate, Mac listened with surprise as Katherine pitched an idea to them. Rather than staying at the loft, they should be her guests. Her security was on patrol of the grounds twenty-four hours a day, and the police could be posted at the gate to keep away intruders. Brittany and her baby would be much safer there than at the loft. Brittany was resistant to the idea at first, but when Katherine and J.T. went into the kitchen to pour them all some lemonade, Mac told Brit she thought it was the best solution.

When Brittany said that Mac had her own reasons for wanting them there, Mac agreed that she'd like to spend more time with J.T. However, she had no idea where things were going with them. When Brittany found out that J.T. had told Katherine he was ready to move in if Brittany changed her mind, Brittany agreed to Katherine's plan. As she and Katherine went upstairs to pick out her bedroom, Katherine looked back to see J.T. embrace Mac and tell her that it was about time they were roommates again.

Gloria arrived at Michael's apartment, ready to do battle with him and with Lauren. She said that Lauren was making a big mistake by having a small wedding without family and friends present. Gloria was startled when Lauren agreed to the big wedding they'd been planning. In fact, Lauren even wanted to add another person to the guest list: her son Scott would be attending. Gloria wondered why Lauren had changed her mind, and Lauren said it was Michael who'd made it all possible. Later, when they were alone, Lauren nestled into Michael's arms and thanked him for the new peace of mind he'd brought tocreated in her life. She was excited about finally getting to spend time with her son in Genoa City.

In Toronto, Sheila was dismayed to hear that Scott would have to postpone work on their collaborative novel so that he could go to Genoa City. She hated losing the momentum they had. Scott agreed that it was an untimely interruption, but his mother's wedding was more important, as was the chance to spend a significant amount of time with his mother. He was not only excited about getting to go to the city where he'd been born, but he wanted to become better acquainted with Michael, too. Sheila agreed that family came should be first and began packing her things, covering up how upset she was at this the change in plans. Scott told her that he had a solution. Why didn't -- she come could go to Genoa City with him? . That way, they could continue to work while he spent time with his family.

Christine called Sharon back to the witness stand and established that Sharon hadn't always known what Cassie was doing. While Sharon admitted that Cassie had just begun showing the first signs of typical teenage rebellion, Sharon drew the line at the idea of Cassie driving a car that night. Christine said that the trouble with teenagers was that they drew their own lines. Glenn Richards and Christine then presented their closing arguments. Richards mocked Daniel's attempt to place Cassie in the driver's seat that night.

Christine admitted to the judge that she had a personal relationship with Daniel, and pleaded with him to let reasonable doubt favor Daniel's assertion that Cassie had been driving the car. After the judge left to deliberate in his chambers, Phyllis congratulated Christine on her closing remarks. Christine quietly told Daniel that they were going to need a miracle. And Sharon looked at her watch with frustration, wondering where Nick was, before she left the courtroom.

Back at home after having seen Alice in Madison, Nick stared at pictures of Cassie and longed to be with his daughter again. He then imagined Cassie coming walking through the front door, promising that she was home and wasn't going anywhere. In a series of poignant fantasies, Nick imagined Cassie going to her prom, wearing her cap and gown on graduation day, going off to live in a dorm at college, and finally coming walking down the stairs, dressed as a bride on her wedding day. In each scene, Cassie hugged her father and expressed her love and happiness.

After his visions faded, Nick said that it wasn't fair that they would never share all those moments because of what Daniel had taken from them. Then he heard Cassie's dying words repeat over and over: "Don't blame Daniel. It wasn't his fault. It was me." Nick left the house and later, on the grounds of the Newman estate, began using a shovel to dig up something.

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