The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 12, 2005 on Y&R

'Terrible Tom' extorted more money from Gloria. Sheila disguised herself as 'Jennifer Mitchell,' and she got a job at Gina's. Sharon decided to sell the coffeehouse to Kevin and Mac. Brad refused to sell his Jabot stock.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 12, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, September 12, 2005

In Sheila's motel room, Tom is unnerved by "Brenda's" disguise. Sheila convinces Tom to be her ‘eyes and ears' in town in exchange for her helping him get rid of Michael. Tom doesn't want to be a part of her scheme until she kisses him passionately and they have sex. When Michael goes to the Abbott's to speak with Gloria, Ashley tells Michael how furious she is that he didn't tell her Tom's real identity. John and Gloria arrive just as Michael is about to reveal why Tom is really in town, and Michael states that Tom was trying to blackmail him. At the Chancellor Estate, Katherine asks if J.T. will become jealous of Mackenzie and Kevin's new partnership. J.T. states that he just wants to look out for Mac and prove that he really wants to be with her. Later J.T. asks Mac out on a date but is overshadowed when Kevin says that Nick wants to meet with them. Jill is livid when she returns home and finds out that Brittany and her baby will both continue to live in her home. Mackenzie and Kevin walk around the coffeehouse, excitedly discussing their ideas on what to change once they buy it. Daniel enters and reveals that he and Phyllis got their own apartment. Mac suggests finding something that he and Phyllis can enjoy or do together. Jack and Phyllis agree they want to spend more time together but Phyllis reminds him that Daniel is going to have to come first in her life. Later Daniel enters with a gift for Phyllis—a video game system that can become their new family tradition. Tom calls Gloria and demands she meet him in (Sheila's) motel room. Ashley is curious who called Gloria and calls the number back, finding out the name and address of the motel Gloria is going to.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Gloria enters Tom's hotel room, where she tells him to stay away from her. In a chilling voice, he tells Gloria that she owes him. Gloria hisses back that she will no longer play his game. Tom says he wants payback because he protected her marriage. He also makes threats about Michael declaring him dead.....that it's fraud and that Michael could lose his license. Tom then tells Gloria he wants her to buy him two tickets to Las Vegas and give him some spending money for a 'little trip.'

Downstairs, Ashley asks the desk clerk if Tom Fisher is registered; he is not. Ashley then describes Gloria and asks the clerk if she went upstairs; he said she did. Meanwhile, Sheila, in yet another disguise, lurks in the background. She then pops out at Ashley pretending to be Gloria's old friend, Jennifer. Gloria comes downstairs and is startled to see Ashley in the lobby. Sheila/Jennifer rushes up to Gloria pretending to be her old friend and whispers in her ear to go along with her that she's her old friend, Jennifer. Ashley then leaves. Sheila/Jennifer tells Gloria that she's an acquaintance of Tom and warns her not to forget that she did her a 'favor'.

Sheila then goes upstairs and tells Tom about Ashley being in the lobby the same time as Gloria, but she was able to take care of the situation. He then invites Sheila to go to Las Vegas with him, but she turns him down.....there's people she needs to see, but she gives him a big kiss goodbye.

Lauren is home. She comes into Michael's apartment, and he's very happy to see her. He surprises her with Scott being there, which makes her ecstatic. Scott tells his mother that Kevin invited him to stay at the loft. Scott tells Lauren and Michael about the novel he's writing, that he's corroborating with someone else and that this will be the novel to give him a name in the writing world. Lauren asks him what the plot is about.

Mac and Kevin are nervously waiting to meet with Nick about whether or not he has accepted their offer to buy the coffee house. Nick enters and gives Mac and Kevin the bad news that he and Sharon are not ready to sell the coffee house yet, that the timing is bad. Needless to say, Mac and Kevin are depressed at being turned down.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther gives Brittany some baby supplies. Brit tells Esther and Katherine that the baby is totally healthy now. Jill is still complaining. Jack has come by for a meeting with Jill and is cooing at Joshua. Jack, Jill and Katherine discuss Newman Enterprise's Seasons line and the fact that it will be on the shelves by the holidays. Katherine is worried that their sales will surpass those of Jabot during the holidays.

Katherine and Esther have left the room, leaving Jill, Brittany and Joshua. The baby begins crying, and Brittany can't seem to calm him down. Jill, rather angrily, tells Brit to give the baby to her. Brit hesitates, but as soon as Jill has the baby in her arms, her heart seems to melt. She begins cooing and talking to him, and he stops crying. Brittany watches from the other room and is pleasantly surprised.

Over at Newman Enterprises, Sharon tells Victoria that she's ready to get back to work, but Victoria tells her that some of her job duties may change. She will be working under Dru instead of Brad. Sharon is clearly disappointed at hearing this. Victoria leaves the office and Brad comes in. He sprays a sample of Seasons winter fragrance on Sharon's neck and is in the process of smelling it when Victoria comes back in. He and Vicki leave to have lunch together.

Scott then leaves Michael's apartment, and then his cell phone rings. It's Sheila/Brenda telling him that she changed her mind and is already in Genoa the Genoa City Arms Hotel. She tells him she came here to work with him on the novel.

After hanging up, Sheila eerily says to herself, 'Lauren, you think you have a hold on him, but he's still my son.....he's still running to me.'

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dru returned from taking Lily to boarding school and had a talk with Neil about how to handle Devon's desire to help Yolanda. They agreed that it might be time to play good cop/bad cop. Meanwhile, Sierra was trying to convince Devon that the Winters cared as much about his as they did Lily. They weren't just going to let him put his own life on hold to help his mother. When Neil and Dru went to check on Devon, Dru suggested that it was time for him to leave the hospital and go home. Devon exploded, insisting that he wasn't giving up on Yolanda. Under pressure from Sierra and the Winters, Devon only got more obstinate, until Neil told him that he'd stay with Yolanda when Devon went home. Devon's mother was more likely to listen to another former addict than to Devon. Devon finally left with Dru and Sierra. When Neil walked into Yolanda's room, she was obviously strung out and started throwing things at him. Neil patiently waited for her to get it out of her system so they could talk.

Mac and J.T. ran into each other at the gym, where J.T. assumed Mac was working off her anger at the Newmans because they'd decided not to sell Crimson Lights to her and Kevin. Mac said that she wasn't angry; she understood that they weren't ready to sell. J.T. proposed a different career path for Mac. How would she like to work with him at Williams Investigations? Mac laughed off the idea of being a PI and said that she owed it to Kevin to try to find a business venture together. J.T. told her the offer would stay open, kissed her, and left the gym.

Sharon was watching some teenage girls and thinking of Cassie at Crimson Lights when Nikki and Victor came up. Nikki was a little surprised to hear that Sharon had gone back to work at Newman. She wondered if Sharon was rushing things. Sharon said she needed to stay busy. When Nick came in with Noah, Victor and Nikki retreated to the patio to give them some time alone. Sharon was a little disappointed to hear that Nick and Noah were going to a ball game without her, but she covered it up so Noah wouldn't get upset. Noah insisted on making Sharon a smoothie before he left, and Nick helped him. Then Nick kissed his wife goodbye and left her alone.

As Victor and Nikki watched Nick and Sharon, Victor expressed his concern that the two were moving in different directions now that Sharon was returning to work and Nick was being a stay-at-home dad. Nikki said that she was watching a happy moment; she would prefer to think that things were okay between her son and Sharon. As Victor left the coffee shop to go work out, he ran into J.T. He thanked him again for handling himself well during Nikki's recent ordeal. Then he suggested that J.T. come and see him; he might have a job for him. After Victor left, J.T. approached Nikki and repeated what Victor had said. But Nikki was barely aware of him, and J.T. noticed that her hands were shaking. Nikki denied that anything was wrong and snapped at J.T. for implying that she wasn't herself.

Sharon went to the gym to work out, hoping that it would make her feel better. While there, she ran into Victor. He told her that he was concerned about the way things were going with her and Nick. Sharon said that they were having a hard time finding a common interest, so it was a good thing they had Crimson Lights. He was interested when Sharon said that if Nick had his way, they might be getting rid of the coffee shop.

Sheila hid her Jennifer disguise and turned herself into Brenda when Scott arrived at her motel room. He was glad to see her and couldn't wait to show her around Genoa City and introduce her to his mother. Sheila said that she was hoping not to be there for long; she wanted to return to Canada and get back to work on their novel. Scott told her that he'd given up his teaching assistantship for that semester so he could spend more time with his mother. He wasn't sure how long he'd stay in Genoa City because Lauren and Michael hadn't even set a wedding date yet. Sheila began to get edgy about Scott's enthusiasm for spending time with his mother and snapped at him, then apologized. Scott agreed that they should dive into work right then.

At the health club spa, Lauren thanked Michael again for helping her achieve her newfound peace of mind. She was excited about being able to spend time with her son after all the years she'd kept her distance from him so Sheila couldn't find him. Michael and Lauren decided to throw Scott a spontaneous "welcome home to Genoa City" party. Gina agreed to put it together, although she admitted that it was short notice and she was short-staffed. Michael called Christine and asked her to meet them there. Lauren called Scott and told him that she needed to see him immediately. When she found out that "Brenda" had come to town, she invited Scott to bring his writing partner along. Although Scott asked, Sheila/Brenda declined and told him to have a fun evening with his mother.

Christine got to the spa first and was curious about what kind of surprise Michael and Lauren had for her. When Scott walked up, her eyes filled with tears at seeing her nephew for the first time since he was a little boy. She told Scott that she had all kinds of pictures of his father to show him, and Scott was eager to spend time with his Aunt Christine. None of them were aware that Sheila, disguised again as Jennifer, was watching their reunion from the doorway and remembering the first time Scott had seen Scotty as an infant. Michael and Christine left to make a quick stop at their office, but Sheila didn't budge as she watched Lauren with the young man that Sheila thought of as her son, not Lauren's.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

At the coffeehouse, Nikki is startled as a waiter drops a tray and she begins having flashbacks of her kidnapping. She bolts for the door, and a worried J.T. chases after her. She admits to him that she's been having emotional episodes. He insists upon giving her a ride back to the ranch. At the gym, Victor and Sharon discuss Nick's plan to sell the coffeehouse to Mac and Kevin. Victor tells her that selling the coffeehouse is a good idea, as it will help her and Nick to put bad memories behind them. At the gym, Mac tells Sharon that she understands her reluctance to sell the coffeehouse, since she has so many memories of Cassie there. Moved by Mac's memories of Cassie, Sharon agrees to sell the coffeehouse. An excited Mac calls Kevin and tells him to meet her at the coffeehouse. Victor offers J.T. a job doing background checks for a new company that he's buying. J.T. accepts. Later, Nikki begs J.T. not to tell Victor about her emotional episodes, fearing he might cancel their upcoming trip. J.T. reluctantly agrees. Dru tries to comfort Devon about Yolanda's condition. She asks him why he initially told the Winters that his mother was dead, and he admits that he thought they would keep him longer. Meanwhile, Yolanda yells at Neil to get out of her hospital room. He challenges her to break her addiction to drugs for Devon's sake. Finally, Yolanda admits that she's afraid to fail. Disguised as "Jennifer," Sheila spies on Scott at the spa. She calls Scott on his cell phone and invites him to dinner. He accepts. Lauren arrives and invites Scott to his big welcoming dinner. He tells her about his plans with "Brenda," and Lauren tells him to invite her to the dinner. Scott invites "Brenda" to dinner with Lauren, but she turns him down. After he leaves, she launches into a tirade against Lauren. Later, she types something on her laptop and prints it out. Disguised as "Jennifer," Sheila presents a resume and asks Gina for a waitress job at the GCAC. Gina hires her, as she is short on wait staff for the big party that Lauren is hosting.

Friday, September 16, 2005

When Neil got to Crimson Lights, Devon asked if he'd been able to get through to Yolanda. Neil reminded Devon that he needed to focus on his own life and let the hospital do what they could for his mother. Devon said that his mother didn't need more lectures. When he went to get some water, Dru told Neil that she was starting to feel overwhelmed by how things were going for Devon and Lily. Neil reminded her that they were teenagers; all they could do as parents was their best, and Lily's situation was finally under control. When Devon returned, Drucilla suggested they go out to dinner, but Devon said he'd like to stay at Crimson Lights alone for a while. He promised not to run away or to go back to the hospital.

Sharon was working out at the gym when Brad approached her. He told her that everyone understood that she needed to ease herself back into work, but he was excited about the project they'd be working on together. Victoria came in for her workout with Brad and drew his attention away from Sharon, who told them that Nick and Noah had gone to a baseball game. As Brad and Victoria worked out, he couldn't help but notice that Sharon looked lonely and sad. Victoria suggested that if he wanted to spend time with Sharon, he could, but Brad let Sharon leave alone. Victoria then asked about his investment at Jabot; didn't he see that as a conflict of interest? Brad said that their agreement was that he didn't have to run every little detail past her. He would sell his interest in Jabot when the time was right. A little surprised by his tone, as Brad went to take a shower, Victoria mused that he should remember who was CEO.

Remembering her breakdown with J.T., Nikki asked Victor if J.T. would be spending a lot of time at the ranch because of his new job. Victor was curious about why J.T.'s presence seemed to bother her. Nikki brushed it off and they began talking about their upcoming cruise. As they started getting romantic, Sharon came in. Nikki wasn't happy about the interruption, but Sharon sat down and directed the conversation to work. She thought Victoria was going to be very involved with Brad on their new project. When Victor praised the work they were doing, Nikki reminded them that it had been Drucilla's idea and Nick's project first. Sharon said that with Dru's and Nick's other concerns, it was good that Brad and Victoria were moving forward with it. But she seemed a little uncomfortable with Nikki's suggestion that Victoria's relationship with Brad went beyond professional interest.

Kevin didn't believe Mac at first when she told him that Sharon had changed her mind and was willing to sell the coffee house to them. While they were celebrating, J.T. showed up and told Mac that he'd gotten his own client: Victor Newman. He was hoping she'd change her mind and agree to work with him since the Crimson Lights deal had fallen through. J.T. wasn't thrilled to hear that the deal was back on and that Mac and Kevin would be buying the coffee house after all. Kevin then asked if Mac wanted to go with him to the family dinner for Scott so they could share their good news with everyone in person. J.T. reminded her that they'd made plans, and Mac asked if they could get together later. This was a one-time opportunity to celebrate their news with Kevin's family. J.T. told her to give him a call.

Christine had to drop off Scott and go on a business trip, so he arrived at the restaurant alone. No one was aware that Sheila was posing as Jennifer, the newly hired waitress, so she could keep her eye on Lauren's party in honor of Scott. The more the Fishers, Abbotts, and Fenmores talked about the upcoming wedding, the more upset Sheila got. She felt like Lauren was taking Scott away from her and didn't deserve him.

There were a lot of undercurrents in the room, since John wanted to keep his distance from Michael, Gloria didn't want to talk about Tom with Michael, and Mac fielded a call from J.T., who asked her to meet him at the spa later. Finally, goaded by Lauren's happy reaction to Scott's suggestion that he might want to stay in Genoa City permanently, Sheila approached their table with a large knife. Gina intercepted her, asking what she was doing. Gloria looked up and recognized Sheila as Tom's friend Jennifer and began to choke. No one else realized that she was choking, and Sheila pulled free of Gina and ran to assist Gloria while everyone looked on.

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