The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 26, 2005 on Y&R

'Terrible Tom' stopped Lauren from making a delivery to 'Brenda.' Brad signed his shares of Jabot stock over to Victor, and he received Newman Enterprises stock in return. Jack wondered why Sharon constantly met with Brad. Victoria and Brad shared a kiss.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 26, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, September 26, 2005

In the G.C.A.C. dining room, Scott questions Kevin about Lauren's past, saying that he thinks Kevin is keeping important information from him. He storms out, telling Kevin that he's not a real friend. Across the room, Michael grills Gloria to see if she's heard from Tom. Michael is furious when Gloria reveals that she gave Tom more money to leave her alone. Tom stops Lauren in the hallway of the motel in time for Sheila to see who is there. Lauren and Tom both demand to know what the other is doing there. Tom tries to threaten Lauren but she leaves before he can do anything to her. Then, Tom demands to know how "Brenda"/Sheila knows Lauren, and she admits that Lauren is her worst enemy. Later that night, Scott arrives at the motel and informs "Brenda" that he is going to find out the dark secrets of his past by any means necessary. Michael sees Lauren at the bar and surprises her, which only makes her more jittery. Lauren reveals that she ran into Tom. At the G.C.A.C, Nikki tells Paul that she is looking forward to her vacation, even though a concerned Paul can tell that something is desperately disturbing her. She says that she worries J.T. might be in over his head with his new job working for Victor. Sharon and Dru brainstorm slogans for the new "Seasons" line, but Sharon reveals to a surprised Dru that they should pitch them to Victoria, since Brad may not be working at Newman's much longer. In Victor's office, Brad trades Victor his Jabot stock for Newman Enterprises stock. Victor exits, leaving Victoria and Brad to celebrate their new partnership. In Phyllis' apartment, Jack and Phyllis make love, then revel in their newfound happiness with each other and that fact that she has a new job at Jabot. Jack leaves for a few minutes and Dru enters, reluctantly begging her to come back and design the website for "Seasons." Phyllis insists she will be working for Jabot, and suggests that ‘the best woman will win.' In Sharon's living room, Victor says he is throwing Nikki a dinner party with the whole family, and hopes she, Nick, and Noah will be attending. Jack is livid when he learns that Victor has traded Brad's shares in Jabot for shares of Newman Enterprises.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lauren reveals to Michael that Tom is staying at the Genoa City Motor Arms hotel, and says that Tom threatened her. She worries that Michael will do something violent, and cautions him to stay away from Tom. Michael wonders if Scott's writing partner could give him any information on locating Tom. In Sheila's motel room, Scott wonders aloud why his family seems to be keeping his past a secret from him. "Brenda"/Sheila firmly tells Scott to let Lauren tell him in her own time, if she ever wants to. Not wanting Scott to press the issue further, she tells Scott that she came here to work on the novel and if he only wants to discuss his personal life, then she'll go home. Scott apologizes and is about to agree to go back to Toronto when Lauren calls. Scott decides to stay in town and spend more time with his mother. When Scott leaves, Sheila vows to destroy Lauren's wedding so that Lauren can feel pain like she has all these years. In Nikki's living room, Nikki tells Kay that she's been feeling anxious and asks Kay if she'll give her some pills. Kay is appalled that she would ask, and Nikki apologizes, saying that her vacation will do wonders for her spirit. Kay reveals that she and Victor are having a dinner party for her tonight, but Nikki becomes upset and tells Kay to leave. Victoria and Brad are in Victor's office, complementing each other on how well they are working together. Victor enters, inviting both to Nikki's party. Brittany apologizes to Jill for snapping at her. Jill says she'll stay away from the baby, and Brittany wants to know why Jill is holding a grudge against her. Brittany says that she is learning a lot about being a mother from watching Jill, and Jill softens, saying she'll watch Joshua while Brittany gets something to eat. Mac tells J.T. that she wishes she had the kind of close relationship with him as he does with Brittany. J.T. says they will have that, with time. Nikki visits Dr. Nora Thompson at her office, saying that she is leaving for a cruise tonight and is feeling anxious. Nikki asks if she can write her a prescription for her anxiety and reluctantly, Dr. Thompson agrees. Ashley and Abby stop by the Newman ranch, and Victor tells Ashley about Brad's stock switch, which makes Ashley furious. Nikki enters, not pleased to find Ashley and Abby there. Ashley is surprised to find Michael waiting for her in the Jabot lab. He asks her to help him get revenge on Tom.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ashley tells Michael that she may have an idea of how to get rid of Tom—she might start dating him again to find his weakness. Gloria calls some pawn shops, asking how much cash they would give her for various expensive objects she's found around the house. Michael enters, revealing that Tom is back in town. He apologizes for getting on Gloria's case about Tom, and says he will let her make her own decisions where Tom is concerned. Tom pushes his way past Gloria into the Abbott house, demanding more money. Gloria is horrified by his threats and throws him some more cash. At the GCAC, Ashley comes up to Tom at the bar, saying she wants to move on, and that she wants to help him try to make amends with his family. She asks him to meet her for dinner tonight. Victor tells Nikki that the pilot is ready to go when they are, and Nikki reveals that she knows about his surprise dinner for her. Victor is disappointed, but is glad that she wants to go through with the party. He informs Nikki that he switched stock with Brad, so that he now owns a piece of Jabot, and Nikki is stunned. Katherine invites J.T. and Mackenzie to the ranch for dinner but J.T. is hesitant, not wanting to keep Nikki's secret about her mental state from Victor. At the G.C.A.C, Jill tells Phyllis about Brad and Victor trading stocks. Jack arrives and Phyllis tries to cheer him up. In Victor's office, Sharon pitches Victoria and Brad some new slogans for the "Seasons" ad campaign. Nick and Noah enter to pick up Victoria for the party; Sharon is surprised when Nick reveals he's going to help coach Noah's soccer team. At the Newman ranch, the guests arrive for the dinner party. Victor asks Kay if she knows about anything going on with Nikki, which Kay denies, saying that Nikki just wants their vacation to be perfect. Nikki is taken aback when she sees J.T, worried that he will say something to Victor about her condition.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Victor, Nikki, Katherine, Jill, Paul, Nick, Sharon, Noah, J.T, Mackenzie, and Victoria gather for dinner at the Newman ranch. When Miguel pops open a champagne bottle, Nikki is so jolted that she drops and smashes her plate to the floor. Nikki catches J.T. looking at her, worried, and later tells him to stop staring at her. After the party, Nikki rushes upstairs to compose herself, as many of the guests leave. Brad says goodbye to Sharon, and Victoria invites him to her house to listen to a new CD. J.T. asks to speak with Victor, and just as he's about to disclose how worried he is about Nikki, she comes running down the stairs, screaming at J.T. to stop. Victor sees the fragile emotional state she's in and wishes she would've confided in him sooner. Nikki insists she's fine and begs Victor not to cancel their trip. Dru tells Neil how excited she is for "Seasons" to hit the shelves. Neil is pessimistic; saying he wishes Brad wouldn't rush the project. He tells Dru about Brad's stock swap, upset that he's been working for the company for years and never had the opportunity to own stock. Later, Neil tells Dru he's thinking it might be time for a career change. Dru doesn't like the idea of him giving up on the good job that he now has. At the Abbott house, Phyllis tries to help ease Jack's sour mood by making him a drink. Jack says that he won't feel good again until he puts Brad in his place for being a traitor to Jabot. At the coffeehouse, Devon brings Daniel a smoothie and thanks him for buying his mother breakfast the other day. Daniel questions Devon about Lily, and he states that she is doing fine. Daniel asks Devon to tell Lily that he loves and misses her, which Devon unenthusiastically agrees to do.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Ashley calls Michael and tells him to ‘put on a show' when she brings Tom to the GCAC. In her motel room, Sheila is furious when she catches Tom peeking over her shoulder to see that she's researching poisons on the Internet. Tom reveals that he knows a little bit about poisons, and in exchange for his knowledge, she agrees to leave the motel for a few hours in case his date with Ashley heats up. Ashley and Tom go out on a date at the G.C.A.C. John and Gloria enter and upon seeing them, John marches over to Tom, demanding to know what he is doing with his daughter. Ashley says that she wanted to see him; meanwhile Michael and Lauren go over and demand that he stay away from Lauren and the rest of his family. John punches Tom and Gina demands that Tom leave. Ashley leaves with him. Tom invites Ashley into his motel room. Lauren reveals to Michael that she didn't tell Scott about Sheila, but will do it soon. Alone with Brad at the Newman ranch, Victoria pours some wine and begins flirting with him. Their playfulness turns chemical, and they kiss passionately. Sharon is hit again with the emptiness and distance that has come between her and Nick. Nick admits to Jack that he wishes he felt more normal so that he wouldn't be disappointing Sharon. Jack says he hears that Sharon's a real hit around the office, but warns him not to trust Brad. Nick is shocked when Jack informs him about Brad and Victor's stock switch. At the rehab center, Neil asks Yolanda how she is doing and tells her that he and Devon are proud of her for trying to clean herself up. Mac tries to comfort J.T, saying that he did the right thing by making Victor aware of Nikki's post-traumatic stress. She admits that she admires him for always being there for the people that need help, and they begin to kiss.

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