The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 3, 2005 on Y&R

Neil told Dru that he had spent the night at the rehab center. Scotty presented Lauren with a necklace, unaware that Sheila had laced it with poison. Ashley planted something on 'Terrible Tom's' motorcycle. Brittany's baby was kidnapped.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 3, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, October 3, 2005

Michael confesses to Lauren that he is plotting with Ashley to get Tom to leave town. Brittany apologizes to Katherine and Jill for all of Joshua's crying. Kay tells Brittany not to worry, and that Jill will even miss them both when they leave. After making love, J.T. and Mac fall asleep together. In the morning, Mac tries to sneak back into the Chancellor estate unnoticed, but Kay, Esther, Jill, and Brittany are already up eating breakfast. They tease her about the night with J.T. Brittany receives a call from the FBI, revealing that Bobby is testifying today and that she and Joshua will be leaving tomorrow. At the motel room, Ashley suggests Tom go get some ice to put on his swelling face, but Tom asks if she is planning on ditching him once he leaves the room. She says she isn't, but asks for a glass of water. When Tom is in the bathroom she looks around the room and notices a half-smoked joint. Ashley goes to inform Michael that Tom has a pot-smoking habit. Tom doesn't want to get involved in Sheila's schemes, but she demands that he call his marijuana suppliers and get his hands on the chemicals to make a poison. Brad and Victoria end their kiss, both feeling attracted to each other but wary how far they should take their relationship. Sharon tells Victoria to be mindful that she could start a lot of gossip, both inside and outside the company, by dating Brad. Ashley criticizes Brad for accepting Victor's offer to trade stocks; now he'll use that as a tool to be able to see Abby whenever he wants. Brad denies the accusation, saying that Victor realizes how well he and Victoria work together. Dru is surprised to learn that Neil spent the night at the clinic with Yolanda. Devon is grateful that Neil did that, but wants Yolanda to get well for her own sake, not for him.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Tom doesn't back down from Sheila, telling her to find a way to get her hands on some poison herself. John shocks Gloria when he says he wants to have a talk with Tom about not seeing Ashley. Gloria tells Ashley that she shouldn't see Tom, but Ashley retorts back that she can take care of herself. Gloria confesses that he threatened her and John. Ashley vows to do whatever it takes to get rid of him for good. At the spa, Kevin tries to tell Michael how excited he is about how his life is going, but Michael is too distracted thinking about Tom. Tom enters, saying he wants to make peace with his family. Michael calls him out, saying that he only wants to get on Ashley's good side. Scott meets with "Brenda"/Sheila for a writing session. He tells her about a beautiful necklace he got Lauren, which makes Brenda jealous, until a messenger delivers the day planner Scott bought for Brenda. She overreacts, telling Scott that this is the best gift anyone has ever given her. Nick asks Sharon why he's the last person in the family to find out about the swapped stocks. Sharon surprises Nick when she reveals that it was Victoria's idea. Nick tells Victoria that he doesn't trust Brad, and doesn't like the fact that he owns shares of Newman Enterprises. In Victor's office, Brad tells Victoria that he arranged for four top fashion magazine editors to come and sample the "Seasons" line. Victoria is ecstatic until he says they need to be in Chicago tonight, and she reminds him that she has a big meeting today. Brad suggests taking Drucilla. Brad is frustrated that both Victoria and Drucilla can't go with him to the pitch meeting in Chicago, but Sharon volunteers to go instead.

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Nick arrived at Crimson Lights with Noah. He was ready to sign over ownership of the coffee house to Mac and Kevin. He couldn't help but feel a little sad, though, as he remembered when he and Sharon had first bought the place and how excited they'd been. Mac and Kevin were equally excited about their new venture, and when they approached Nick, he sent Noah to the office so they could make their transaction. None of them was aware that Tom Fisher was watching with interest from the patio. Mac and Kevin assured Nick that they'd take good care of the place, and Nick said that he knew they would. After their transaction, Nick went to find Noah.

Kevin gave Mac a present to celebrate their new partnership: a purse that Lauren had helped him pick out. Mac loved it. When she took a business call, Kevin walked out to the patio, where he found Tom. Tom pretended to be excited and happy about Kevin's new business. Kevin kept waiting for the inevitable put-down, and when it didn't come, he told Tom to save his congratulations. Kevin had learned long ago to trust nothing that came out of Tom's mouth.

Brittany returned to the Chancellor estate and admitted to J.T. how rough it had been to tell her parents goodbye for the last time. Later, Katherine, Jill, and J.T. listened as Brittany had an anxious reaction to a phone call. The FBI told her that two attempts had been made on Bobby's life, so they were moving up her departure time to seven that night. Jill exploded, saying this was a bad idea, and they were putting baby Joshua in jeopardy. Brittany asked J.T. to take her on one last drive around Genoa City.

After they left, Katherine begged Jill to stop making Brittany more afraid than she already was. She said that she understood Jill's affection for Joshua. Having a baby around reminded Jill of regrets from the past. Jill admitted that she was sorry for the early years she'd missed with Billy. Katherine gently said that it wasn't just Billy. She had another son she was thinking about. Upset, Jill told Katherine not to bring up Phillip III. Katherine then apologized for the way she'd behaved all those years before. She, too, had regrets. She was sorry for the way she'd treated Jill and for denying Phillip III his birthright. Katherine knew that her husband, Phillip II, had really loved Jill. Moved to tears, Jill said that she'd made mistakes, too, but she'd been so young and so in love with Phillip II. Katherine then said that she regretted all the years she'd missed with her one and only daughter, and the two women clasped hands.

When J.T. and Brittany arrived at Crimson Lights with their police escort, they gave Mac and Kevin their congratulations about the coffee shop. J.T. hid how put off he was by the gift Kevin had given Mac. Brittany said she wouldn't be able to come to their grand reopening; she was leaving town that night. Later, Brittany overheard Noah tell Nick that he didn't want him to sell Crimson Lights because it had been Cassie's favorite place. Brittany intervened, telling Noah that no matter who owned Crimson Lights, it would always stay Cassie's favorite place. And no matter where Noah went in the world, the places that he loved would always be a part of him. Nick thanked her. Brittany then looked around one last time before she left with J.T. Nick did the same, then he and Noah left Crimson Lights.

Tom called Ashley and asked if he could see her that night. After she agreed, she went by Newman Enterprises to leave Abby with Brad, but Brad wasn't in his office. When she went by Victoria's office looking for him, Victoria said that he was in Chicago for a business meeting. Victoria's expression turned sour when Abby stepped in and said hello to her. She was uncomfortable when Abby said that they were sisters. Ashley sent Abby to Brad's office for a moment and confronted Victoria about her attitude. Victoria said that she wasn't okay with the means by which she and Abby had become related. Ashley warned Victoria that if she was going to be working so closely with Brad, she'd have to get over her issues with Abby.

Brad and Sharon held their business meeting on the Newman jet at the Chicago airport. Their colleagues were wowed by Sharon's presentation, and one of them congratulated Brad on what a good thing he had. After they left, Brad was full of praise for the way Sharon had presented their products. Sharon was grateful for Brad's approval, saying that she needed to keep herself occupied while Nick worked out his problems.

As Victoria wrapped up her paperwork, Ashley returned to her office after taking Abby home. Ashley said their conversation wasn't finished. She couldn't understand why the Newmans had been so eager to make the stock swap and let Brad have a part of their company. Victoria said that she and her father had thought it was a good business move as a way to hold on to someone as valuable as Brad. And now Brad had severed all his ties with the Abbotts.

While Victoria and Ashley were talking, Brad called to tell Victoria that he was on his way back. Victoria was impressed to hear how well the meeting had gone until she heard Sharon's voice. She'd thought Dru was going with him to Chicago. Brad said that Dru hadn't been able to go, so he'd brought Sharon, who'd done a great job. Ashley watched with a little smile as Victoria's displeasure at this news showed on her face.

After Victoria's call ended, Ashley left. On her way out, she got a call from Brad. Some bad weather was delaying his flight back. Ashley told him that she had plans, but Brad said it couldn't be helped. When they hung up, Ashley called Tom to reschedule their date. When Tom found out why, he suggested that Ashley bring Abby with her. Ashley's quick refusal made him suspicious. Didn't she know that he would never hurt her child? That was the old Tom. Ashley glossed over her reaction, reminding Tom that it was a school night. Abby couldn't stay up late. So could they get together the next night? Tom seemed a little skeptical and said maybe they'd reschedule.

Scott typed Brenda/Sheila's story into her computer as she narrated it. Of course she switched all the details, making herself look like the victim of the evil rich woman. She even said that she'd been tied up and left to die in a fire, but she'd escaped. Scott said that she was like a phoenix rising from the ashes. When he started packing up his things to leave, Sheila was disgruntled that he was going to spend time with his mother. She managed to slip the necklace that he was planning to give to Lauren from his backpack. After Scott left, Sheila held up the necklace and with a gleam in her eye, she said that Lauren would never want to take it off. In fact, she never would take it off.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

On the jet, Sharon tells Brad that she wants to be the new spokesmodel for the new line. Brad isn't opposed, although he says they'll have to discuss it with Victoria. Sharon reveals to Victoria that she wants to be considered as the spokesperson for the new line. Victoria states that she will consider her, along with all the other candidates, which surprises and upsets Sharon. Victoria invites Brad to dinner, and he agrees as long as Abby can come with, since it's his night with her. Reluctantly, Victoria agrees, realizing that she should get to know her half-sister. Phyllis enters the Chancellor estate to go over her new website ideas with Jill. She thinks she's hearing things when she hears a baby cry. Jill explains the situation with Bobby, Brittany, and Joshua, and Phyllis is aghast that Jill would let Brittany endanger Joshua and leave their house with the Feds. Scott doesn't understand the magnitude of Kevin's hatred for Tom, saying only that he wishes he could spend just one day with his father, whom he never knew. Kevin says that he's been waiting for a kind word from his dad his whole life, and now that he's heard it, he thinks Tom is conning him. Michael meets Ashley in the coffeehouse and hands her a purse with everything they'll need to get rid of Tom. Ashley calls Tom and invites him to dinner. "Brenda"/Sheila calls Scott, saying she ‘found' his necklace for his mother in her room. She dips the necklace into the poison she concocted, knowing that it will absorb into her skin and mess with her body.

Friday, October 7, 2005

Brittany waited with Jill, Katherine, Mac, and J.T. at the Chancellor house until it was time to go to the airport. She thanked Katherine for being there for her even when her parents were not, including letting her and Bobby get married in the Chancellor house and giving Brittany and baby Joshua shelter there while they were in danger. Esther was staying behind, and Jill suggested that she, Jill, take the baby to the airport while the rest of them went in one car.

Once they got to the airport, Brittany began to get alarmed because Jill wasn't there. Mac assured her that Jill just probably wanted to spend more time with the baby. The two girls shared a friendly goodbye, both of them willing to put their contentious past behind them. Then J.T. said an emotional goodbye to Brittany, with the two of them vowing to love each other always. Jill arrived with the baby carrier just before Mac and J.T. left. She was sitting alone when the FBI agents walked up and asked for the baby. When Jill said she'd give Joshua to Brittany, one of the agents stuck a gun in her back. Jill handed them the carrier and they walked out with the it, flashing their badges. When Brittany hysterically asked Jill where her baby was, Jill said that the two men who took him weren't really federal agents.

Victoria had dinner with Brad and Abby at the rooftop spa, but she clearly wasn't at ease with Abby. After she changed for a swim, Abby begged Brad to go in the pool with her, but Brad said he couldn't. Victoria made the excuse that she didn't have a swimsuit. So Abby went by herself. Meanwhile, Brad and Victoria talked business. When they spotted Nick's arrival with Sharon, Victoria told Brad that both her brother and sister-in-law had lectured her about seeing Brad socially. They thought it might give the wrong impression about why Brad was being given so much responsibility at Newman. Brad was a little surprised, especially at Sharon, but he still championed Sharon's desire to be the cosmetics spokesperson. Victoria reiterated that she would be considering all qualified candidates, and Sharon wasn't a shoe-in just because her last name was Newman. Brad reminded her that someone named Victoria Newman had once been spokesmodel for Brash and Sassy and that had worked out okay. When Abby came back to the table and shook her wet hair, flinging drops of water on Victoria, Victoria got her usual unhappy expression at having to be around Abby.

Sharon was happy to be out with her husband. When she spotted Brad and Victoria, she turned away from them, obviously intent on enjoying a nice evening with Nick. Nick saw them, too, though, and told Sharon he wasn't exactly happy about the amount of time his sister was spending with Brad. He didn't trust Brad. However, he was more interested in giving attention to his wife; he was sorry he'd been spending so much time with Noah lately and had been caught up in selling Crimson Lights. Sharon told him how excited she was about the meeting she'd attended in Chicago. She hoped that the fact that she'd had words with Victoria about Brad hadn't colored Victoria's attitude toward her, because Sharon really wanted to be the Newman cosmetics spokesperson. Nick thought she'd be great for the job and said that he intended to let his sister know his opinion on the matter. When Abby spotted them and ran over, Sharon hugged her as Nick smiled at them. Abby apologized for getting Sharon wet, and Sharon said it didn't matter. She'd rather have the hug. From a distance, Victoria watched them with an annoyed expression and muttered that Sharon was good with children, too; no telling when that might come in handy. Brad was puzzled by Victoria's words.

Tom was out of the motel room when Scott arrived to get Lauren's necklace. Since Sheila/Brenda had already put poison on it, she told Scott that she'd polished it, so it would be better for him not to touch it and get fingerprints on it. After Scott left, Tom returned with the flowers he'd gotten for Ashley. Sheila/Brenda told him she was going out, and as she got into her Jennifer disguise, she warned Tom not to give all his attention to Ashley because room rent was due. After she left, Ashley arrived. Tom began to teach her how to play poker. When Ashley asked if he could get her a soft drink from the vending machine, Tom suggested they go out to dinner. They went to his motorcycle, and Ashley asked if she could have a helmet. Tom went back to the room to get it, and Ashley opened up the gear on his motorcycle and took something from the oversized purse Michael had given her.

At the rooftop spa, Michael insisted to Lauren that he had things under control with Tom. Lauren warned him not to do anything to get himself in trouble, and Michael said it was all in Ashley's hands now. When Scott arrived, Lauren was delighted by the necklace he gave her. Sheila, disguised as Jennifer, watched with satisfaction as Scott clasped the necklace around Lauren's neck. But she was shocked when Lauren mentioned inviting the Forresters to the wedding because Lauren included Taylor's name. This was the first time that Sheila had heard Taylor wasn't dead. As Sheila/Jennifer tried to leave, Michael spotted her and hurried to stop her. He thanked her for saving his mother's life when Gloria was choking. Sheila/Jennifer insisted that she didn't want any attention or reward, and said he was making her uncomfortable. Michael told her that if she ever needed anything, to look up Michael Baldwin's number. After she was gone, Michael returned to Lauren and Scott between phone calls, telling them that he'd tried to thank the woman who'd saved Gloria's life, but she was very uncomfortable about being approached.

Sheila made it back to the motel room and took off her wig. If it was true that Taylor was alive, then Sheila wasn't guilty of murder. She could get her identity back. She could get the fake Sheila out of the prison asylum. She could live her life again. The only person who was standing in her way was Lauren, and as soon as the poison did its work, Lauren would be out of her way, too. When she thought she heard Tom's motorcycle, she wondered if Ashley would come back to the room with him. She decided not to leave, saying it was time Ashley knew that Tom had another woman living with him.

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