The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 10, 2005 on Y&R

'Terrible Tom' was arrested for possession of crystal meth. Jill saved Brittany's baby from being kidnapped. Lauren started to have hallucinations from the poison. Lauren locked herself on the roof and had horrific images flash before her, including one of Sheila.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 10, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, October 10, 2005

At the airport counter, Brittany becomes hysterical, thinking that someone took Joshua. Kay sends the two real cops to chase after the imposters, and Jill reveals that she put a doll into that carrier. The cops report that the imposters already got on a plane, and will be arrested once their plane lands. Brittany wants to go back to the Chancellor house right away to see her baby. Mac tells J.T. that with Brittany gone, he doesn't need to live at the Chancellor's anymore. Suddenly Brittany, Kay, and Jill enter. Jill explains what happened, and Brittany demands to know what would've happened if the agents had been legit – would Jill have kept Joshua? Jill says that she didn't really think that far ahead – she just felt that something was odd about this situation. In the garage, the police arrest a mortified Tom for possession of the ingredients used to make crystal meth. They also take a surprised Ashley down to the station for questioning. At the police station, the police decide to let Ashley go. Tom apologizes, and says that when he straightens this mess out he'll call her. Kevin receives a call from Tom, asking him to come down to the police station and help him out, but Kevin refuses. Later Kevin has a change of heart and goes to the station, but only to find out why Tom was arrested. Tom asks Kevin to help him, but when Kevin refuses, Tom asks him to at least tell Ashley that he's not a drug dealer. At Michael's apartment, Ashley enters, telling Michael that everything went according to plan with Tom. Lauren enters, hearing the end of their conversation, but is reluctant to believe they have gotten rid of Tom so easily. Nicholas confronts Victoria, saying he isn't happy about all of the decisions she's been making lately, especially about giving Brad some of Newman Enterprises' stock.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Phyllis asks Neil to come work at Jabot. Neil turns her down, saying he has loyalty toward Newman Enterprises. She leaves and calls Jack, revealing that Neil didn't take the bait. Meanwhile, Brad apologizes to Victoria for failing to check the clearances for the hair care line of "Season's," not realizing that name was already in use by another company. They successfully brainstorm a new slogan for the "Beauty of Nature" line. At the spa, Gloria, Lauren, and Gina are continuing to make plans for the wedding. Sheila watches, wondering why the poison hasn't started to work yet. Suddenly a wave of nausea hits Lauren but she brushes it off. Lauren tells Gina that she wants to surprise Michael with a rooftop dinner. Kevin confides in Scott that he wants to throw Michael a bachelor party next week. Satisfied that her poison is working, Sheila decides that she needs to be present for Lauren's last breath, and to let Lauren see that she is still alive and ‘won' the battle for Scotty. Scott reveals that he and Kevin are going to plan a bachelor party for Michael, and Sheila convinces him to do it tonight. Scott leaves without his cell phone. At the police station, Christine introduces herself to Tom, saying she will be representing him. She is shocked to learn that Tom is Michael's stepfather, and that Tom thinks Michael set him up. Christine reveals that Michael is her law partner and she has no intention of representing him. Later, she tells him that she will be replaced tomorrow, but she has to represent him at his bail hearing today. Neil and Dru are proud of Devon for doing well at school. Devon goes to visit Yolanda at the rehab center, and Yolanda immediately embraces him. She says that she wanted Devon to see how much she has improved, and Devon shows her his "A" paper. Dru enters, ordering Devon to go to school, and demands to talk to Yolanda.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Drucilla had a talk with Yolanda after Yolanda's call to Devon made him skip school. Dru warned her that Devon had a chance to make something of himself, including going to college. Yolanda apologized for thinking only of herself, promising that from now on, Devon came first. Touched by Yolanda's desire to overcome her drug addiction, Drucilla offered her a bag of makeup, in case she wanted to look nice the next time she saw Devon. After Yolanda left for her group therapy session, the doctor warned Drucilla that Yolanda's time in rehab had run out since she had no money or insurance. He said that Yolanda's call to Devon indicated that she wasn't playing by the rules. He felt like Yolanda was at great risk for taking drugs again.

Tipped off by Jack, a reporter called Neil to get his reaction to Brad's position and Newman stock ownership. Annoyed by the way Brad was getting control at the company, Neil confronted Victoria. She reminded Neil that Brad only had influence over one small division, whereas Neil was COO of all of Newman Enterprises. Neil said that he'd always been a team player, but apparently that wasn't the way to get ahead. He questioned several of Brad's and Victoria's decisions, insisting that this wasn't personal, but about the good of the company. Victoria apologized if Neil thought she had slighted him in some way, but she refused to acknowledge that her trust in Brad was misplaced.

Dru arrived home in time to hear Neil leaving a message to Phyllis, in which he expressed an interest in hearing what Jabot had to offer. Dru thought he was making a big mistake to have anything to do with Phyllis. She reminded him of all that he'd invested in Newman Enterprises, but Neil said things were at the point wherein he would consider any offers made to him. When Dru told him about Devon skipping class and about Yolanda's dilemma in rehab, Neil said that Yolanda was going to have to beat her problem on her own. They couldn't help her through this; it was her responsibility. Furthermore, if they did help her, and she started doing drugs again, Devon would blame them. In any case, he was more worried about his own problems right now than Yolanda's.

After getting word from the reporter that had talked to Neil, Jack went to the gym and approached Victoria. She said she was tired of hearing him say again that Brad wasn't to be trusted. Jack questioned the personal relationship Victoria might be getting into with Brad, since Brad and Ashley were still married. Victoria covered up her surprise at this news, reminding Jack that divorces sometimes took months. Jack said that was true, if the first papers had even been filed. But in this case, they hadn't. After Jack left, Victoria brooded, obviously disturbed by Jack's news.

Ashley confronted Brad about his relationship with Victoria, saying that Abby wasn't comfortable with it. Abby had picked up on the fact that even though they were sisters, Victoria didn't seem to like her very much. Brad tried to minimize Abby's suspicion, saying that Ashley was just upset because Brad had moved on. Ashley said that he'd moved on all right, taking a job at Newman, getting his hands on Newman stock, and now professing to simply be interested in Victoria's company. Ashley suspected that Brad literally meant the company, Newman Enterprises, rather than Victoria's companionship. Annoyed, Brad left Ashley at the table.

When Brad went downstairs and spotted Victoria, he mentioned that Abby felt like Victoria didn't like her. Exasperated, Victoria didn't think there was anything she could say that would help the situation, although Brad felt like it was something they needed to talk about. Victoria pointed out that Brad hadn't been exactly forthcoming either. For example, she'd just found out that he was still married to Ashley.

Christine went to Michael's apartment looking for Michael to let him know that she was at least temporarily Tom's public defender. Michael wasn't there, and Chris was startled to hear that Kevin had gone to see his father at the police station the night before. She told Kevin that Tom felt like he'd been set up. Kevin said whether or not he was dealing drugs, Tom deserved to be in jail. Christine said that was only true if Tom had actually done what he was charged with. If there were a way to prosecute Tom for the things he'd done to Kevin as a child, she would. But in the meantime, if he wasn't guilty of this crime, he deserved an attorney to represent him.

As Ashley prepared to leave after her conversation with Brad, Kevin approached her. He told her that he'd gone to see Tom after his arrest, but he hadn't done anything to help him. Kevin repeated what he'd said to Christine, that as far as he was concerned, jail was exactly where Tom should be. He just couldn't understand why Ashley had ever given his stepfather another chance. Ashley said that was all over. Now that she knew Tom had some involvement with drugs, she had no intention of seeing him again. Kevin passed on Tom's message that he wanted to see Ashley.

At the jail, Tom accused Michael of setting him up. Michael dismissed the notion, insisting that he would never risk his career or his reputation on a lowlife like Tom. Tom wasn't buying it, and he assured Michael that when he got out of there, he would prove that this was all Michael's doing. Michael was shocked when Christine walked in. Christine said that she was only going to represent Tom at his bail hearing, then another public defender would take over. Tom accused Michael of setting him up, and Michael brushed it off. Christine asked Michael to leave them alone, and Michael left to the sound of Tom's threats to get back at him. Christine asked Tom if there was anything about his past that she needed to know, but Tom said there wasn't. So she was furious later to find out that he'd been arrested once before for possession of marijuana. Now the system considered him a flight risk and his bail was high.

Michael found Ashley and told her that everything was going according to plan. Ashley just wanted to put all this behind her; she'd simply wanted to protect her family from Tom. She freaked out when Michael told her that Christine was representing Tom. He assured her that it was a temporary thing. Ashley said that Kevin had already talked to her and passed on the message that Tom wanted to see her, which Kevin said was a really bad idea. Ashley reminded Michael that no one could find out what they'd done. Michael promised her that Tom wasn't getting out of jail.

Phyllis ran into Daniel at Crimson Lights and questioned why he wasn't in school. Daniel admitted that some students in his new school were giving him a hard time because of what had happened to Cassie. They were treating him like a criminal. Phyllis wanted to do something to help, but Daniel said there was nothing she could do. He was just glad to have her and know that she believed in him. Later, after Phyllis left him alone, Daniel reminisced about his last meeting with Lily and wished that he could see her again.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

J.T. tries to convince Mac to let him accompany her to the business conference but she claims it would be a big distraction. After thanking Jill for her help, Brittany is thrilled when an FBI agent brings Bobby to see her. Confirming that he is still married to Ashley, Brad advises Victoria that the marriage is over except for being Abby's parents. Victoria counters that she cannot get involved with a married man. After Victoria leaves, Brad ends up arguing with Ashley again about him dating Abby's step-sister. Getting the loft ready for his brother's bachelor party, Kevin boasts to Scott that he's also invited a special woman to attend. As Scott leaves for "Brenda's," Tom calls but Kevin hangs up on him. Meanwhile, Michael and Ashley discuss whether she should visit Tom in jail as he's requested. When Gloria interrupts, Ashley runs off. Michael warns Gloria not to allow Tom to browbeat her for bail money. However, when Tom calls, Gloria meets him at the jail but refuses to bail him out. Tom then calls "Brenda" and asks for her help getting him out of jail. When she faces him with her bad news, he grabs her arm to threaten her but "Brenda" orders him to back off. Gina brings the romantic dinner to Michael's place so that Lauren can surprise him tonight on their one-year anniversary. Still feeling strange, Lauren tells Gina she's not going to allow herself to get sick. When Michael comes home unexpectedly, Lauren sends him over to see Kevin who called with a frantic request to see his brother. At the loft Kevin greets Michael with a martini.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Neil scolded Devon for skipping his first class so that he could go and see Yolanda. Devon said that if Neil wanted to kick him out, he could, but Devon was going to continue to support his mother through rehab. When he found out that Yolanda's time at the rehab facility was up, he was worried that she'd go right back to taking drugs. Neil had to get back to Newman Enterprises, but he promised Devon that he'd go by the rehab facility and see if he could extend Yolanda's stay.

Yolanda's doctor explained to Neil that it was time for her to try to make it on her own. She could receive support from other organizations, but their facility was only set up to deal with her detox period. Now she had to move on, but hopefully she would have Neil and Dru's support to help her. After the doctor left, Yolanda came in, having put on the makeup that Dru left her. Neil complimented her on how well she looked. When he expressed his disapproval of Devon skipping school, Yolanda apologized and said that from now on, she'd only hope to see Devon during his free time. She explained that the facility had come to seem like a home where she could spend quality time with Devon as his mother.

Brittany was thrilled to see Bobby and took him upstairs to spend some time with Joshua. But when they came back downstairs, she expected to say goodbye to Jill and J.T. and leave with Bobby. He told her that there had been some changes. He hadn't come to get her; in fact, it would be a while before they could be together. When Jill and J.T. left them alone, Jill told J.T. that something wasn't right. She didn't think Bobby was being entirely honest with Brittany, and she also felt like there was something "off" about the government's involvement in his case. Later, Bobby spoke to J.T. privately, getting his promise that he'd look after Brittany. J.T. agreed, but when he asked Bobby what was going on, Bobby just said that it was complicated. Bobby then said goodbye to Brittany, who promised him that no matter how long it took, she'd be there waiting for him. When Bobby left with the federal agent, Brittany wondered why her husband hadn't kissed her.

Michael was surprised by a bachelor party at Kevin's loft. As Michael, Kevin, Scott, and Nick partied, Michael left a message for Lauren telling her that he'd be delayed. He didn't realize that she was planning a surprise rooftop celebration in honor of their first anniversary of dating. When someone knocked on the door, Kevin gave a big buildup to imply that he'd hired a stripper, but when he opened the door, it was Phyllis. Nick promised her that they could get along because it was Michael's night. As the group partied, smoked smuggled Cuban cigars, and played poker, Michael tried again to reach Lauren on her cell phone.

Gloria went by Jennifer/Sheila's motel room to see if she knew about Tom's arrest. She warned her that Tom was very angry so Jennifer should be careful. Jennifer said that she was merely an acquaintance of Tom's; she had no intention of posting his bail. When she manipulated Gloria into talking about Lauren, Gloria was put off to hear that Jennifer didn't think Lauren was all that special. After defending her future daughter-in-law, Gloria left, and Sheila called Scott on his cell phone, making sure that he was at the bachelor party. Scott said they were having a good time and it would probably be a late night, so he'd be in touch with her the next day.

Lauren kept having dizzy spells and hallucinations. Overheated, she took off her jacket and tossed it on top of the phone, so she didn't see that she had a message from Michael. When Gloria came by with a bottle of champagne to help make their night special, Gloria was concerned about Lauren. She was sure that Lauren was getting sick; maybe she should postpone this celebration. Lauren insisted that she was going through with it.

Each time Lauren went up to the roof, she had another episode. She thought she saw an attack dog, but then realized that it was a hallucination. As she was pouring water into the glasses, she thought it was blood that ran over onto the tablecloth and ruined all the food. Then she thought a plate of food turned into a pile of squirming worms. Finally convinced that something was wrong, she took out her cell phone, but imagined that it was a large rat. She hurled it across the rooftop and it began to ring, because Michael was trying to call her again. But when she started to go pick it up, she hallucinated the attack dog again. She finally began to pull on the door to get off the roof, but it was locked. Frantic, she looked around and saw a figure in a black, hooded cape. Lauren kept reassuring herself that it was only another hallucination, but then the figure pushed back the hood to menacingly tell Lauren that she knew exactly who she was: Sheila.

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