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Scotty began to have doubts about 'Brenda.' Nick called Phyllis to help with Newman Enterprises' computer problems. Paul told Michael that 'Jennifer' had paid 'Terrible Tom's' bail. 'Brenda' confronted Scotty about the picture that he had swiped.
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Monday, October 31, 2005

At Sheila/Brenda's motel room Scott stared at the picture he found of Sheila/Brenda with a group of nurses in front of a portrait. He slipped the picture into his pocket. Sheila/Brenda entered from the bathroom and was upset with Scott for going through her things. Scott apologized and said he was just going through some notes and knocked her purse to the floor. Sheila/Brenda apologized for snapping at him. Scott said he knew that Sheila/Brenda was a private person and wondered why she was sharing her story with him. Sheila/Brenda thought that their chances of getting the book published were slim, but Scott had high hopes. Sheila/Brenda suggested going over some notes, but Scott begged off. Sheila/Brenda understood that he felt that way after all that had happened and told Scott to get some rest. Scott left the room, and Sheila/Brenda vowed that she wouldn't leave town "for as long as it takes." In the hallway outside Sheila/Brenda's room, Scott wondered about the picture and if it perhaps would help Sheila/Brenda to find her son.

Paul stopped by Lauren's hospital room with a teddy bear gift for her. He was shocked to hear that the wedding was postponed, and was glad to hear that she is doing better. Lauren said that the postponement was Michael's decision, and Paul agreed with Michael. Paul asked if they had set a new date for the wedding. Lauren said they hadn't because she wanted to put the whole poisoning thing behind her -- Michael said that until they figured out what poisoned her she couldn't do that. Paul suggested that perhaps it wasn't an accident. Lauren asked Paul if he thought someone was doing this deliberately. Paul said it was something they needed to consider. Lauren said that she remembered seeing Tom in her hospital room, but that she had also seen Michael, and she couldn't have seen one without the other -- could she? When Michael suggested that Lauren needed to concentrate on getting better Paul agreed and they told him they would let him know when they set a new wedding date. As Paul left, Scott came in and Paul and Scott briefly reintroduced themselves. Paul left. Michael made an excuse to leave and followed Paul out. In the hallway outside Lauren's room, Paul asked Michael if he thought Tom might have something to do with Lauren's illness. Michael thought it was definitely worth checking out since Tom had been making threats (since Tom hates Michael) and that he's a dangerous man facing many years in prison for drug charges. Paul assured Michael that he would look into it.

In Lauren's hospital room Lauren tells Scott that the necklace he gave her was missing. Scott asked her if she thought it might have been stolen, but Lauren doubted it. Scott told Lauren that he would get her another one, and that he was worried about "Brenda" as she had come all the way from Toronto and they hadn't gotten much work done. Lauren reiterated that she wanted to meet "Brenda." Scott left the room, ran into Michael, and told Michael about the hacking of the wedding cake -- which it looked like it had been done with a knife. Michael seemed perplexed. Scott got on the phone and left a message for "Brenda." As he turned to leave he noticed on the wall the same portrait that is the background of the picture of Brenda/Sheila that he had in his pocket. He remembered Brenda/Sheila saying that she had never visited Genoa City. Scott wondered what Brenda/Sheila is keeping from him.

Gloria is enjoyed a martini alone at a table at the Athletic Club and looked at the bride and groom figures from the top of the now-ruined wedding cake. Tom came over and taunted Gloria about how they had once been "happily" married -- unlike Michael and Lauren. Gloria wanted to know how Tom learned that the wedding was postponed. Tom said that he had "bigger fish to fry." Gloria told Tom that she was expecting John and Tom was pleased -- that he needed to have a chat with John, and if Gloria didn't want Tom to have the chat, she needed to give him whatever he asked for . Ashley noticed Gloria and Tom together from a distance. Gloria and Tom continued quietly arguing about money -- Gloria told Tom that she didn't have any -- that she had bailed him out. Tom said he's going to have some major lawyer bills. Ashley walks over to the table and Tom said how sorry he was that the wedding was postponed. Tom said he now understood why Gloria was so upset -- all that wasted planning and money. Ashley assured Tom that Gloria was more concerned about Lauren's health than the wedding. Gloria notices John and leaves. Ashley joined Tom, and Abby (dressed as Raggedy Ann) entered, excited to see her mom. Ashley introduced Tom and Abby, and told Abby they needed to leave for the costume contest. Tom leaves, telling Abby what a pleasure it was to meet Abby. Ashley asked Abby to join Brad, Sharon and Noah while she went to talk with John.

John was upset to see Ashley with Tom and Abby but Gloria calmed him down, and asked John for a check for a florist. John didn't understand the poor way that Gloria was handling all the finances. He wondered where all the money was going. Gloria made the excuse that she didn't have her checkbook with her. John was upset and reminded Gloria that he told her to give all receipts to his accountant -- until she did that there wouldn't be any more money. Gloria thought that John didn't trust her, but John just wanted to make sure that she wasn't being taken advantage of. Ashley came over and told Gloria that she should listen to John -- that the phone was ringing off the hook with vendors needing to be paid.

In the CEO office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria remembered sharing a kiss with Brad. Nick came in and informed her that Lauren's wedding had been postponed. Nick had a folder with him and Victoria asked what was in it. Nick told her that it was a contingency plan Neil put together in case there were problems with the new product line launch -- Nick wanted someone to be accountable in case there were problems. Victoria assumed he meant Brad and she expressed the utmost confidence in Brad. Nick wasn't so sure -- he felt that Brad railroaded Victoria into this project. Nick told Victoria that Brad was an opportunist and was taking advantage of her -- Victoria informed Nick that they had ended their personal relationship. Nick bet that that was Brad's idea. They had a mild argument about the meddling in Victoria's business and personal life. Nick invited Victoria to meet Sharon and Noah at the Athletic Club for the Halloween party. Victoria declined the invitation and Nick left.

At the Athletic Club Sharon perused proofs from her photo shoot as Brad joined her, as they both wait for their children to prepare for the Halloween party. They discussed the proofs, and Brad flirted a little with Sharon. Noah came in dressed as a pirate. Abby joined them. Sharon told Abby that her Raggedy Ann outfit was cute and Noah mentioned that Cassie had one just like it -- he remembered from a picture of Cassie in the outfit with a trophy. Abby and Noah teasingly argued about who was going to win the trophy today. Nick showed up and apologized for being a little late. The kids come back to grab the adults for the costume judging. Abby mentioned that Halloween was Cassie's favorite holiday. As they left for the judging Victoria showed up, having changed her mind. Victoria told Brad that she needed to discuss something important -- but that it should wait until after the judging.

After the judging, they all returned to the Athletic Club dining room. Abby won the trophy but gave it to Noah so he could put it beside Cassie's trophy. All but Victoria and Brad left. Brad asked Victoria what the crisis was. Victoria told Brad they couldn't go on this way.

At Sheila/Brenda's motel room, Tom was upset about not yet getting cash for from Gloria. Sheila/Brenda wasn't really interested and wanted to know if the wedding had been rescheduled. She let Tom know that she certainly wasn't hiring a lawyer for him. Tom ranted about how Michael set him up -- Sheila/Brenda said that he was a thorn in her side as well. Sheila/Brenda advised Tom to trust no one, particularly Ashley. Sheila/Brenda thought that Ashley was involved in Tom's arrest and that Ashley had probably suggested the motorcycle ride. Tom remembered that he had suggested it. Sheila/Brenda suggested it was odd that Ashley dumped Tom and then became friends with him again just before he was arrested. Sheila/Brenda played on Tom's paranoia and told Tom it looked like he had been tricked.

At Crimson Lights, Mac put the finishing touches on a carved pumpkin. Kevin wanted to know how everything was going with Brittany. Mac told him that Bobby's death hadn't sunk in yet, and Kevin thought it was nice that there were a lot of people to look after the baby. When Mac suggested that Brittany was probably relying heavily on J.T., Mac said she was okay with that. Kevin warned Mac not to trust Brittany.

In the Chancellor living room, Brittany finished up a phone call as J.T. entered. J.T. told Brittany that he informed Nikki of Bobby's death, and Brittany told J.T. that her parents (who were on the phone) were moving to New York due to Mr. Hodges' new job. Brittany told J.T. she wasn't going to New York -- that it hadn't even been discussed, and that her parents hadn't even seen Joshua. Brittany said that her parents hadn't been her family for a long time -- that her family was now J.T., Jill, Mrs. Chancellor, Mac and Esther. Times have been tough, and Brittany is glad to have all of them here. Joshua started to cry and J.T. offered to get him. Brittany went and came back with Joshua. J.T. got Joshua to burp and Brittany was amazed at how good he was with the baby, it was as if he knew that J.T. were responsible for him being here. Esther offered to take Joshua for a walk. J.T. commented that he was the only male figure in Joshua's life, and told Brittany that she could count on him as a substitute dad for the baby. As Brittany told J.T. that meant a lot to her, they embraced and began kissing.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

At the hospital, Scott learns that the portrait on the wall is the same one in the background of the photo that he got out of "Brenda's" wallet. Scott goes to Sheila's motel room and asks if she would mind setting the novel in Genoa City. Phyllis catches Daniel looking at Lily's boarding school website and tells him that he should start to make new friends and meet new girls. Daniel protests and says that he only wants Lily. Daniel asks Dru if he could write Lily a letter, but Dru tells him to forget about her. Gloria asks Kevin to do her bookkeeping to cover and forge receipts from the wedding expenses so that John won't know how much money she really spent paying Tom's bail. Kevin grudgingly agrees to take her receipts and see what he can come up with. Victoria tells Brad that she doesn't want to take their relationship slow and kisses him. Dru enters Victor's office to see Nick frustrated with the internet. He says that the Newman Enterprises website is down, and Dru suggests that Phyllis must have done something to it. Nick calls Phyllis, but she says that helping him would be a conflict of interest with Jabot. When she tells Jack about the call, he surprisingly tells her to go fix their website. Nick tells Phyllis that if she fixes their website, he'll owe her a favor. She agrees, but says that it will take most of the night to fix the problem. Brittany tells J.T. that they have a deep connection, and that they and Joshua are meant to be a family. She persists, trying to kiss him again but J.T. holds her back, saying that she is trying to create a fantasy, but that he is going to continue to be with Mac. Mac walks in and Brittany runs upstairs. J.T. tells Mac what happened, saying that she is the one that he wants.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Brittany was dealing with J.T.'s rejection when Jill came into the Chancellor house. Jill realized that moping around wasn't doing Brittany any good, so she talked to her about getting on with her life. When Katherine came in, she added her voice to Jill's. They told Brittany to remember who she used to be, before she was Brittany Marsino. Britt laughed about the way she'd once run things at Walnut Grove and remembered a time that she'd been full of hopes and dreams. Katherine persuaded her to call her parents, saying that Joshua could be the miracle that reconciled Brittany with Frederick and Anita. When Brittany called her mother, Anita was happy at the idea of her daughter and grandson coming to New York. Although Jill was devastated to see Joshua go, she called J.T., who was brooding at the athletic club about his encounter with Brittany. He came home, and Brittany shared a tearful goodbye with him, Esther, Jill, and Katherine. She told Jill that she was welcome to visit them in New York any time, then she took her son, said goodbye to J.T. at the front door, and left to start her new life as Brittany Hodges once again.

At the hospital, Paul and Michael talked about Tom. Paul had looked at the hospital security tapes, and Tom had arrived and left the hospital on his motorcycle about the same time that Lauren thought she'd hallucinated seeing him in her room. Paul was going to continue to investigate Tom, and Michael said he wanted to know who'd bailed him out. That might give them more answers about what Tom was up to. The two men were relieved that Ashley had agreed not to have anything to do with Tom.

Disturbed by having seen Ashley and Michael deep in conversation at the athletic club, Tom still defended her to Sheila. He couldn't believe Ashley would betray him. Sheila warned him not to let his emotions cloud his judgment. He'd surely had experience getting what he wanted from women, even if it meant slapping them around. Tom said he was a different man now. But later, as he sat at the athletic club, he thought over the possibility that Ashley had helped set him up. Taking Sheila's advice, when Ashley came in, Tom walked over to her and said it was his lucky day. Ashley forced herself to smile and asked why.

Nick and Phyllis had spent the night in the Newman CEO office so she could rewrite the web site code and stop the Newman site from crashing. Brad and Victoria were shocked when they came in and found them there. Both spoke harshly to Phyllis, who said it was her own fault that the site had crashed. A lot of the information she'd used to set it up was in her head, because she hadn't anticipated being fired. But now their IT people should be able to maintain the site. Sarcastically noting that they hadn't thanked her, Phyllis left. When she went home, Jack asked if she'd actually fixed things or if she'd set up the system to crash later. Phyllis evaded answering him, insisting that the site was working fine when she left the Newman building. Jack had to be satisfied with her answer, because she refused to discuss it further.

Brad questioned Nick's judgment in letting Phyllis work on their computer system. Nick was offended by Brad's tone, and he noticed that when Brad received a call that he had to take, Brad touched Victoria on his way out the door. Disgusted, Nick said he now understood Brad's cocky attitude. He couldn't believe his sister was going to get personally involved with Brad. Victoria told him that it was none of his business. She resented the way he'd spoken to Brad and asked him to please make more of an effort to get along with him. After she left, Brad came back. Nick told Brad that he'd always done very well for himself because of the women he'd been involved with. Victoria, however, was not going to be one of those women.

At the Winters' home, Yolanda was grateful to have been invited to stay. She was anxious about the meeting she had to go to later, but Neil told her that she'd find a lot of support there. Dru left for work, and Neil helped Devon with an essay while Yolanda took a shower. After Devon left for school, Yolanda thanked Neil for all that he and Dru had done for her son. She thought Devon was lucky to have met them. Neil said they were the lucky ones; Devon was a fine young man. He again encouraged Yolanda to make the most of the rehab meetings she was going to, then he left for work.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Tom sees Ashley at the club. He goes over and talks to her. After some small talk, Tom offers her a drink and they sit down to have a conversation. Ashley goes into how she feels bad about turning him down for dinner. Tom wonders if there was something wrong with her. He says that he saw her the other night talking to Michael, and she looked upset. She was able to convince Tom that she was talking to Michael about the wedding and why it was canceled. Ashley lays it on pretty thick to Tom to make him believe that she is sorry about not going out with him. She says she would still like to go out to dinner with him if he was willing. They set a time to meet for dinner later that evening.

Sheila calls the hospital and finds out that Lauren had been discharged. She vows to get Lauren. She was also very upset that Lauren wasn't out in time for her wedding and that she messed up her plans. Later, Sheila and Tom talk about Ashley. Tom admits that he has feelings for Ashley and would be very upset if he found out that she was in cahoots with Michael. Before Tom leaves to get ready for his date, Sheila tells Tom to be careful.

Jill and J.T. talk about how quiet it is around the house and how they are sad. Mackenzie walks in and J.T. tells her that Brittany and Joshua are gone. Jill leaves and says she is going to the club. J.T. tells Mackenzie that Brittany has moved to New York with her family. They talk about how attached Jill became and how Mackenzie saw a new side of Jill. They both talk about how they are going to miss Joshua. Mackenzie then talks about how she is concerned about the relationship between herself and J.T. J.T. assures her that things are fine. Mackenzie is still worried that Brittany would be able to come between them. J.T. assures her again that they will be great. Meanwhile, Jill is at the club. Katherine walks in and they discuss her drinking. They also talked about the attachment to Joshua and Brittany. Jill begins to cry and reminisce about her own two sons. Katherine changes the subject to Jabot and tries to get Jill back into work again.

Victor and Victoria talk about Newman Enterprises. Victor asks how things are going now that Nick is back. Victoria assures him that things are well although there are some bumps along the way. Victor gets a phone call from the security at Newman. He is informed that Phyllis was at the office all night with Nick. Victoria says that she knew, and that Nick had called Phyllis to help with the website that was having problems. She informed Victor that she thought it was a terrible idea because Phyllis worked for their biggest competition. She then told her father to trust Nick and herself to run the company.

Tension is heavy while Brad and Nick discuss the future of Newman Enterprises. Brad confronts Nick about his feelings toward Victoria. Nick lets Brad know that he will not climb the corporate ladder to Victoria's right hand man. Brad then tells Nick that Victoria and Victor have trust in him. He then tells Nick that he needs to not worry about what he is doing. He also lets Nick know that he feels that he is impulsive. After a bunch of name calling by Nick, Brad lets Nick know that he is in for a fight if Nick is trying to get him out of Newman.

Scott welcomes Lauren home. Lauren and Michael talk about her being worried. Lauren says that she is uncomfortable but Michael assures her that the entire place has been sanitized. Scott goes and gets beer for the three of them so they can celebrate Lauren's homecoming. Scott's phone rings and it is Sheila. He tells her his mother is home. They discuss meeting later to continue writing their story. Once he hangs up, Scott, Lauren and Michael talk about his novel and Scott informs them that he has sent a sample to a publishing company. He leaves. Michael and Lauren talk about her getting rest and the doorbell rings. Paul stops by to check on Lauren. Lauren leaves to take a nap.

Paul tells Michael about the surveillance that he has provided for Lauren and Michael. The doorbell rings again and it is Ashley. She informs them about her date with Tom later on that evening. Paul and Michael are against the idea. Ashley lets them know that they are going in two separate cars and that she is not worried about her safety. They talk about protecting Ashley and going to the club just in case something goes wrong.

Scott talks to a nurse at Memorial. He asks her if they have records on past nurses. The nurse agrees, after much begging on Scott's part, to look up Brenda. She returns and lets him know that there is no record of Brenda there. He then asks her if there is a nurse that has been there for a while. The nurse says there is a nurse there (that works in ICU) that could possibly help him. Scott asks if he could show a picture of Brenda to the particular nurse. The nurse says that she will do that for him on the nurse's next break. Scott is wondering why Brenda has lied to him.

The scene changes to Sheila who is looking through her wallet after paying for food, and notices that her picture with all of the nurses is gone.

Tom shows up at Ashley's home. After (being surprised) she asks him what he is doing there, Tom informs her that there has been a change in plans.

Friday, November 4, 2005

J.T. arrived at Newman's offices for a meeting with Victor and overheard Victoria and Nick arguing about Nick's interest in Victoria's personal life with Brad. After Nick left, Victoria invited J.T. to stay and wait for Victor. She could sense that something was bothering him, so she offered to call her father. But J.T. told her about how Brittany's life hadn't turned out the way she'd dreamed. Although she was now with her family in New York, which was probably the best thing, he would still miss her. They went back a long time. Victoria told J.T. that sometimes when dreams didn't turn out the way you planned, the best thing to do was wait. Their conversation was interrupted when Victor called, apologized to J.T. for being late, and asked him to come to the ranch.

At the ranch, Victor met with Phyllis, who was furious that Victoria and Brad suspected her of sabotaging the Newman computer system. She'd done a favor for Nick out of the goodness of her heart. She never forgot Cassie and the role that Daniel had played in what happened to Victor's granddaughter. Now it was upsetting to think that Victor suspected her, too. Victor reminded her that he owed her a debt of gratitude. At the darkest moment of his life, she'd been supportive of him, even testifying for him in court. Phyllis noted that testifying for him had ended her marriage to Jack. Victor thanked her for coming to Nick's rescue and fixing the glitch in the computer system that was causing it to crash, which could have delayed their new product launch.

After Phyllis left, J.T. arrived at the ranch. He told Victor that he'd been doing the background checks and had information for him. But Victor had another job for J.T. He wanted him and Paul to find an expert in computer espionage who could determined whether the Newman system had been tampered with.

Sharon arrived at the athletic club and saw Brad sitting alone at the bar. When she tried to talk to him about the spokesperson campaign, she could see that something was bothering him. Brad said he couldn't discuss his problems with Nick with her. Sharon said that it wasn't surprising that two strong, opinionated men might have some difficulty working together. She wanted to help if she could. Nick arrived, and Sharon suggested that Brad join them for dinner. Nick said he didn't want to talk about business, and he was sure Brad had other things to do. Brad agreed that he did and left the club.

As Nick and Sharon sat down, Nick wondered what the two of them had been talking about. It didn't surprise him that Brad would confide in Sharon about his problems, because Brad couldn't be trusted. Sharon said that Brad had been a good friend to her after Cassie's death, and had gone to bat for her at work many times. She was insulted by Nick's implication that she was some girl who could be easily manipulated. She'd lost her appetite and got up to leave, saying that she'd see him whenever he came home.

At the hospital, the nurse helping Scott explained that the ICU nurse who'd been working at the hospital for years was gone for the night. She would return the next morning. Scott left the photograph of "Brenda" with her, asking if she could find out if the nurse recognized the woman in the picture. They agreed to talk the next morning, and Scott left for "Brenda's" motel room.

Sheila figured out that Scott had taken the picture from her wallet. When he arrived to work on their novel, she sent him out to get soft drinks and searched his computer case. When she didn't find the picture, she decided to question Scott. She wondered if people were asking questions about his co-writer, and Scott said they were, but it didn't bother him. He felt like Brenda had opened up her life to him because she trusted him. Sheila said that trust worked both ways. When Scott asked what she was getting at, Sheila said that she knew he'd taken the picture from her wallet. What she wanted to know was why, and what he'd done with it.

Paul told Michael that a woman named Jennifer had bailed out Tom. Michael freaked out, saying that if Tom had an accomplice, it was possible that he'd had a hand in poisoning Lauren, even though he'd been in jail at the time. That made Tom a worse threat than they'd realized, perhaps even capable of cold-blooded murder. When Paul tried to call Ashley to warn her, he got her voice mail. The two men went to the restaurant hoping that they could signal Ashley to be even more careful with Tom. When Tom and Ashley never showed up, they split up to look for them. Both of them ended up at the Abbott house, where Gloria listened in bewilderment as they tried to figure out where Tom could have taken Ashley. Paul had someone tracking Ashley's phone. If it was turned on, they might be able to get a location on them.

Ashley wasn't comfortable when Tom showed up at her house with a change in plans. Tom said that since it was such a nice night, they could ride his motorcycle to the club. Ashley finally agreed and went upstairs to change clothes. While she was gone, her cell phone rang. Tom took it from her purse, saw that Paul was calling her, and turned off her phone, putting it in his pocket. However, after they left, he didn't take Ashley to the restaurant as planned. Instead, they went to the park, where he'd left all the things for a picnic. Although Ashley tried to talk him into going to the club, she finally gave in.

Ashley told Tom that when she and Michael had talked about the postponed wedding, Tom's name had come up. Michael didn't think it was a good idea for her to be seeing Tom because Tom had threatened Michael's family. Tom denied it, but Ashley said she could see how angry he got whenever Michael's name came up. Tom asked if she could blame him. Thanks to Michael setting him up, Tom was facing twenty years in jail. Ashley said that she didn't want him to do anything that would get him in more trouble with the police. Maybe he should talk to someone so that he could find a way to deal with his anger.

Ashley then mentioned that they'd never called Gina to cancel their reservations. When she reached into her purse and found her cell phone missing, she asked Tom if she could borrow his, but Tom said he didn't have it with him. When he left to get more charcoal for the fire so they could roast marshmallows, he dropped his jacket and Ashley saw a cell phone sticking out of the pocket. She picked it up and opened it, and Tom grabbed her from behind, asking her what she was doing.

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