The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 21, 2005 on Y&R

Phyllis promised Nick that she would delete the files that allowed secret access to Newman's computer system. 'Brenda' told Scotty that she was returning to Toronto. Abby's fever interrupted the evening that Victoria had planned with Brad. Victor fired Kevin.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 21, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, November 21, 2005

In the room where the Newman webcast just concluded, Sharon and Brad broke apart from their kiss. They agreed that the questions people asked about Cassie's death during the webcast were inappropriate. Brad said that the kiss was inappropriate and that it wouldn't happen again. Victoria entered and asked if the people asking questions about Cassie's death upset Sharon Sharon said that it did at first and Brad said they needed to put a better call screening process in place for the next webcast. Victoria informed them that the webcast was a huge success and people were rushing into stores to sample the new products. Victoria wondered where Nick was she knew he had a problem with the early launch of the product line, but since the sales were so strong she was surprised he wasn't there to celebrate or to comfort Sharon. Sharon surmised that he was watching from home. Victoria suggested they celebrate, but Sharon wanted to go home. When Victoria flirted with Brad Sharon glared at her. After Brad complimented Sharon again on the way she handled the webcast Sharon left, taking one last look at Brad and Victoria together. Victoria complimented Brad on saving the day by stepping in to help Sharon out during the difficult questions. They hugged, and as Brad suggested they go out to have some champagne, Victoria suggested that he come home with her. Brad agreed that that was a better idea.

Kevin was in the CEO office at Newman Enterprises worried that he bit off more than he could chew by taking on the computer security job at Newman. He heard Phyllis' voice approaching and ducked out of sight in the office. Nick and Phyllis entered the office where Phyllis promised to undo everything she had done to the Newman computer system. Kevin listened to their entire conversation as Phyllis talked about how well she had planted the "backdoor access" to the website. Phyllis told Nick that she could have remotely typed in a password and gotten into the computer system and done anything. Nick teased Phyllis that she should set up that kind of access to the Jabot system. Phyllis gave Nick the honor of pushing the button that deleted the "backdoor access." Phyllis hoped that she had regained Nick's trust by deleting the "backdoor access." As they decided to go out for a drink, Nick told Phyllis that even though she was afraid that Kevin would have found out about the "backdoor access" that there was no way he could have broken all those codes. After Phyllis and Nick left, Kevin grabbed something off of the desk and left.

At the Abbott house John was looking at the phony files that Gloria gave him to account for the wedding expenses. Ashley asked John if everything was okay. Ashley volunteered to look at the information he didn't know how much a wedding would cost and he didn't want Gloria to think he was not trusting her. John's cell phone rang and he left the room to take the call. Ashley wondered to herself how Gloria could possibly spend that much.

Ashley was getting off the phone with John's accountant when Gloria came home. Ashley immediately accused Gloria of paying Tom's bail. Gloria at first denied it, but Ashley told her that the amount that the bills were padded was almost exactly $50,000 the amount of Tom's bail. There was even a $25,000 invoice from a flower shop which went out of business a month before the wedding was scheduled. Gloria realized she had been caught, and asked Ashley if John knew. Gloria begged Ashley not to tell John but Ashley told Gloria that even if she didn't tell John (which she was planning to do) that the file she had was only a copy that the accountant had the original. Gloria told Ashley that she would get the money back in a week when Tom's trial started. Ashley informed Gloria that she wouldn't get the money back until the trial was over. Ashley wanted to know why Gloria would embezzle from her father when she was just starting to regain his trust. Gloria was shocked that Ashley called it embezzlement. As Ashley left she told Gloria that she almost felt sorry for her.

Later at the Abbott house John answered the phone. It was Stan the accountant, and John told him that perhaps they were going overboard in examining all the wedding expenses. Stan informed John that he discovered that the bills were padded and that Gloria was playing fast and loose with his money.

At the Athletic Club, Gloria ran into Katherine, who saw that Gloria was upset. Katherine asked Gloria if the reason she was upset had something to do with family and Gloria told Katherine she couldn't discuss the reason she was upset, but she felt that John, who was the sweetest man she had ever known, would end the marriage when he found out. Katherine told Gloria that confession can be good for the soul and that perhaps John would forgive her. Gloria decided that Katherine was right and she was going to talk to John right now. Katherine wished Gloria luck as Gloria left. When Gloria was gone Katherine said to herself that Gloria would need it.

Sheila was finishing changing back from Jennifer at her motel room when she had a "chat" with the "phantom" Sheila in the mirror. The "phantom" Sheila congratulated Sheila on how clever she had been by finding the necklace, cleaning it up, and planting it in the hospital so it would just look like it had been missing so there would be no more evidence linking Sheila to the necklace. "Phantom" Sheila asked Sheila if she had done it in time to stop Tom from telling anyone who had poisoned it.

At Michael's condo, Lauren told Scott that the news of the discovery of the necklace in the hospital laundry would shock Michael. Scott felt that it blew the theory of Tom poisoning Lauren. Lauren started to call Michael to tell him but stopped dialing and wondered if it would be better to tell him in person.

At the Athletic Club, Michael, Paul, and Tom were negotiating over Tom telling them who poisoned the necklace in exchange for Michael and Paul getting Tom cleared of the drug charges against him. Tom suggested that he write the name of the person down and give it to a neutral person to hold, and thought Ashley would be trustworthy. Paul quickly nixed that idea. Michael gave Tom 10 seconds to make up his mind and as he was counting down his cell phone rang Lauren was on the phone to tell Michael that they found the necklace in the hospital laundry. When Michael asked where the necklace was now Lauren told him they were holding it for her. As Paul told Tom that time was up Michael told Paul they needed to leave immediately. Tom wanted to know whether or not they had a deal as Michael and Paul quickly left, leaving Tom confused.

At Michael's condo, Scott wanted to know how Michael reacted to the news about the necklace turning up. Scott felt that Michael should have been overjoyed that the necklace wasn't stolen, because that meant that it couldn't have been used to poison her. Lauren agreed that it seemed that way. Scott's phone rang and it was Sheila/Brenda, who wanted to see him immediately. Scott told her he would do what he could to see her but that he was with his mother now. Lauren asked Scott if Brenda was back in town, and they wondered why. Scott surmised that perhaps she changed her mind about the book deal. Lauren hoped that was the reason, as getting his book published should be his first priority. Scott left to see Brenda.

Back at her motel room, Sheila talked to herself hoping that Scott would come over, as she wanted to find out what had happened with the necklace. She swore this would be the last time that Scott put Lauren's needs ahead of hers. Scott does show up at her room and Brenda/Sheila informed him that she was returning to Toronto tomorrow. She told Scott she owed him an apology for letting her emotions get the best of her the last time they talked. Scott wondered if this meant they could go forward with the book. Brenda/Sheila said they could, as long as it was completely fictionalized, there was to be no publicity, and that she wouldn't do book tours. Scott agreed to all of this, and asked her why she was returning to Toronto if they were going to continue to collaborate on the book. Brenda/Sheila said she had things to do and that he was distracted by all that was going on with Lauren. Brenda/Sheila then began fishing for information about Lauren. Scott told her about the theory that someone stole the necklace and poisoned it, and Brenda/Sheila acted surprised and shocked. Scott told her that Michael thought it might have been Tom Fisher, but that Tom was in jail when Lauren was first poisoned so they thought that Tom may have had an accomplice Jennifer Mitchell. But Scott told Brenda/Sheila that all seemed okay now the necklace turned up in the hospital laundry, which was a huge relief. Scott told Brenda/Sheila that Lauren and Michael were worried about her since they knew she knew Jennifer. Brenda/Sheila said they just had a passing acquaintance. When Scott told Brenda/Sheila that Gloria thought they were very close friends, she told Scott that Gloria was crazy. When Brenda/Sheila suggests they say goodbye now, Scott said he'll be back tomorrow to give her her Thanksgiving card. Brenda/Sheila told Scott he was the sweetest young man she knew. After Scott left, Sheila told herself that of course Scott was sweet because he was her son.

Tom stopped by the Jabot Lab and frightened Ashley, who wondered how he got by security. As Tom admired all the lab equipment he told Ashley that he thought he might be cleared of all charges as soon as tomorrow with Michael's help. Ashley feigned surprise that Michael was helping him since Tom felt that Michael had set him up. Tom told Ashley that he had dug up some old information and was in the process of cutting a deal with Michael. Tom was upset that Michael was going to get off free when he had planted the drugs. Tom then reminisced about a high school sweetheart whose father wouldn't let him see her when he found out that Tom was "from the wrong side of the tracks." Tom expressed his hope that Ashley wouldn't treat him that way. Tom left to let Ashley get back to work, telling her that he hoped that he would be a free man tomorrow.

Back at Michael's condo, Michael came in and assured Lauren that it was indeed her necklace found at the hospital, but that it didn't mean they were out of the woods yet. Paul came in and told Michael and Lauren that the necklace was tested and it was 100% clean of any poisons. Michael still suspected that Tom had something to do with Lauren's illness. Lauren left the room to make tea and Paul told Michael that he shouldn't involve people who weren't involved like Ashley. Ashley called Paul and tells him that she needs to see him at the lab immediately. Lauren came back in with the tea, but Paul tells them he needs to leave. Lauren and Michael share a romantic moment, realizing that they are two of the luckiest people in the world that they had both suffered abuse in their lives, but they couldn't give the people who abused them (referring to Sheila and Tom) power over them. They shared a passionate kiss.

Tom went back to his room to retrieve the necklace from where he had planted it. He talked to himself and said that he needed to give Michael the necklace and the charges would go away, and that it was too bad for Brenda. Brenda/Sheila showed herself and Tom told her he had been out riding his bike. Brenda/Sheila told Tom he wasn't riding his bike he was trying to sell her down the river.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ashley demands to know why Michael's making deals with Tom behind her back. Michael says that Tom was bluffing, and that they are far enough into the plan now that they can't back out until Tom is in jail. John demands to know why Gloria cooked the books of her wedding expenditures. Gloria confesses that Tom has been blackmailing her and threatened her new family if she didn't give him money to supposedly leave town. She reveals that she used the money to bail Tom out of jail. Ashley enters and backs up Gloria's whole story. Tom enters the Abbott house through the back door, planning to leave Ashley flowers and a poem he's written for her. He hears John, Gloria, and Ashley talking and starts to eavesdrop on their conversation. He is struck with hurt and anger when he hears Ashley say that Tom repulses her and that she goes out with him only to try to extract information from him. At the gym, Jack demands to know what Kevin has found out about Phyllis's computer espionage. Jack gets a call before Kevin can say anything, and leaves. Victor comes up to Kevin and demands to have a progress report on the same topic. Kevin doesn't have any progress to report, and is relieved when an impatient Victor fires him. Phyllis and Nick make amends for all of their past problems. Nick rushes out when he realizes he missed Sharon's webcast. At home, Sharon asks Nick why he wasn't present during the webcast. He says that he was busy, and Sharon is disappointed that he didn't see it. At the tack house, Victoria invites Brad to her family's Thanksgiving dinner. They start to kiss, and just as things start to become more passionate, Brad's phone rings; Abby has a high fever. Sheila learns that Michael and Lauren's wedding has been rescheduled for December 9 in the Colonnade Room.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nikki overheard Victor talking on the phone to Ashley about Abby and told him that she hoped he wasn't inviting the two of them to Thanksgiving dinner. The day was going to be hard enough without Cassie. Victor told her that Ashley and Abby were spending the holiday at the Abbott house. Nikki left to borrow some nutmeg from Victoria.

Brad came to the tack house to see if Victoria's invitation stood. Victoria assured him that he was still invited to Thanksgiving if he still wanted to be there. As Brad kissed her, Nikki spotted them through the window. She came in to get the nutmeg and found out that Brad was coming to dinner. Although not really happy, she told Brad he was welcome to join them.

Nick came in from his run and told Sharon that Brad's car was at Victoria's. Sharon wondered if he'd just arrived, and Nick said he might have spent the night. Sharon said she was glad; if the two of them were happy, they made a nice couple. Didn't Nick agree? Nick said that he still didn't trust Brad. He told Sharon that they didn't have to go to the main house for Thanksgiving, and Sharon seemed about to back out, but Noah ran in and excitedly asked if they were ready to go. Sharon said that they'd be ready soon.

Phyllis ran into Daniel at the athletic club. She admitted that she'd forgotten to thaw their turkey and was hoping Gina would have one, but Gina claimed to be out of turkeys. When Daniel received a box from a waiter, she asked him what was in it. He admitted that he had an errand he'd wanted to run alone, but now he wanted his mother to go with him.

Victor was gracious about Brad's unexpected appearance, and the whole family was together when Sharon, Nick, and Noah joined them. Brad almost embraced Sharon, but the two of them awkwardly drew away from each other. Nick had brought Sharon's homemade cranberry sauce, and Sharon had something, too. She pulled out a paper turkey that Cassie had made one year and explained that she'd found it in the attic a while back and had planned to put it on the table this holiday. She'd never imagined that Cassie wouldn't be there to laugh about it with them. When Sharon went to the dining room to put Cassie's turkey on the table, Nikki followed her and gave her a comforting embrace.

As the Newmans were about to eat dinner, Phyllis and Daniel arrived to drop something off. While everyone stared uncomfortably, Noah asked Daniel what was in the box, and Daniel said it was a pie he'd wanted to give them. Noah took it, and Phyllis said they should be on their way. When Nick walked them to the door, he asked Phyllis how her turkey was coming along. Phyllis admitted that was a story she'd have to share with him later.

After Phyllis and Daniel left, Noah asked why they hadn't been invited for Thanksgiving dinner. He would like it if they could join them. When Nick admitted that he didn't think they had special plans, Victor suggested that Nick call the guard house and have Phyllis and Daniel sent back to the house. Sharon nodded reluctantly as the others looked on. When Phyllis and Daniel returned, everyone sat down for dinner. As the others talked and laughed, Sharon stared at Daniel and Noah, imagining the sound of Daniel's car crashing on that fateful night when Cassie tried to drive him home. She then heard her own voice begging Cassie to live. In tears, Sharon jumped up and ran outside. Brad seemed about to follow her, but realized what he was doing and sat back down as Nick followed his wife.

Sharon admitted to Nick that she was overcome by her memories of Cassie. Nick gently reminded her that it was their first holiday without their daughter. Everyone would understand if Sharon wanted to leave. Sharon said she couldn't run away; she had to learn to go on without Cassie. Nick told her that she was amazing, then the two of them returned to the table. Just as Phyllis and Daniel decided it might be time to go, Victor asked everyone to hold hands. He expressed his gratitude that they could all be together, safe under one roof, with an abundance of food. They were much more fortunate than many other people.

Dru was finishing cooking her Christmas feast and flirting with Neil when Devon came home. Yolanda had disappeared while they were on a run to the store, and Devon was worried about where she was. Just as he was suggesting they go to the park to look for her, Yolanda arrived with a bag full of groceries. She wanted to make Devon's grandmother's special cookies with him. As Dru and Neil looked on with big smiles, Devon and his mother began baking together. Later, Yolanda realized that she should have cut the recipe in half, because they had way too many cookies.

Sheila, pretending to be Brenda, told the motel manager that she was leaving, but her friend Jennifer Mitchell would be staying in her room. Later, Scott came by to give Brenda a Thanksgiving card before she left town. When he found out that her flight to Toronto wasn't leaving until late that night, he told her that his mother was insisting that Scott bring her to Thanksgiving dinner. As Sheila tried to graciously decline, Scott's phone rang. It was Lauren, wanting to speak to Brenda directly. Sheila took the phone, but as Lauren was talking, Sheila disconnected them and pretended the cell phone couldn't get a signal in her room. She finally persuaded Scott to go without her, promising to see him in Toronto in a couple of weeks. Scott left to go by Crimson Lights before he went to the Abbott house.

At Crimson Lights, Mac, J.T., and Kevin were getting ready to serve a big Thanksgiving meal to the homeless. J.T. picked on Kevin for getting fired by Victor, but Kevin said that the computers had been clean. Anyone else that Victor could hire would tell him the same thing. Scott arrived to help get things ready, and Tom came in looking for Michael. Kevin told him to leave. But before Tom could leave, Michael showed up. The two men talked on the patio, and Tom asked if they still had a deal. Michael said Tom could drop the act. The information about the poisoned necklace that Tom had been promising was just another of Tom's lies. The necklace had been found at the hospital and had no trace of poison on it. But that was okay with Michael; he said he'd been yanking Tom's chain, too, because he would never lift a finger to keep Tom out of prison.

After Tom left, Michael gave Kevin a generous check to help pay for the food they were serving to the homeless. Embarrassed by everyone's gratitude, Michael left to pick up Lauren for dinner at the Abbott house. Mac realized that they'd forgotten dessert. As they were trying to figure out what to do, the Winters arrived with Devon, Yolanda, and two large containers of cookies.

At the Abbott house, Ashley spoke privately to her father while Abby helped Gloria in the kitchen. She praised him for the way he'd handled Gloria's news about Tom's blackmail, saying that he must love his wife very much. John agreed that he did; he just wished Gloria had trusted him enough to come to him in the first place. When John went to make a call, Ashley spotted some flowers with an envelope attached that contained a poem from Tom. While she was stressing out over that, Michael and Lauren arrived. Lauren went to help Gloria in the kitchen, and Ashley told Michael that they'd gotten in way over their heads by setting up Tom. Michael assured her that getting Tom behind bars was going to make everyone's lives easier.

Tom arrived at the motel to confront Sheila/Brenda about the necklace. Brenda told him that he'd been willing to sell her out to Michael, and she couldn't let that happen. As Tom began to drink, he admitted to Brenda that Ashley had been lying to him all along. But he would get even with her. Sheila smiled, put her arm around him, and reminded Tom that she was his only friend. Together, the rest of them wouldn't be able to beat them.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the entire CBS lineup of daytime dramas was pre-empted. Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 28th with a new episode and pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the entire CBS lineup of daytime dramas was pre-empted. Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 28th with a new episode and pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

On behalf of everyone involved with Soap Central, we'd like to thank you once again for making this site so successful. Without your loyal visits to the site and patronage of our many sponsors, we simply could not have marked our 10th anniversary this past year. All the best to you, your family and your loved ones.

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