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Monday, January 9, 2006

At the chapel, Michael was still sadly waiting for the memorial service to start. He turned around and saw Lauren standing in the entryway. He couldn't believe that it was really her, but they embraced and kissed and Michael realized that indeed Lauren was alive. Lauren told Michael that she had never given up hope of seeing him again. Michael wanted to take Lauren to the hospital to have her checked out, but Lauren just wanted to stay there with Michael's arms around her -- an hour ago she felt like she was in hell but now she felt like she was in heaven. Lauren related the story of what happened: Michael told her he knew that Sheila was behind this because they found her prints, and Lauren confirmed that he knew that Brenda was really Sheila, but that he found out only after the yacht blew up. Lauren told Michael that Sheila was behind the poisoned necklace and the night on the roof. She told Michael how when she was alone with Tom she convinced Tom that Sheila was planning on killing him too, and this indirectly saved Lauren's life. She told Michael how Tom had drugged them and brought them to a bomb shelter in a house just a few miles out of Genoa City, and how the whole time she was trying to reach Michael. Michael laughed and realized that he wasn't in denial -- that Lauren really was alive, as he thought. Lauren continued the story: that when she and Sheila heard on the radio that Tom was dead they realized that they would have to dig themselves out. Michael was astonished that Sheila and Lauren worked together. She told Michael that she was hit in the head with debris, and that Sheila could have left her to die but that Sheila actually helped her out first, and Paul then pulled her to safety -- just before the roof collapsed. She said that Sheila saved her life and lost hers in the process. They continued to embrace in happiness.

At the abandoned farmhouse, Paul was with the firefighters -- they were trying to find Sheila but the Captain said it was too dangerous to go down to the bomb shelter due to the gas. Eventually they cleared the gas and the Captain said it would be safe to go down there soon. The firemen search the bomb shelter and tell Paul that there is no one there -- no one alive, and no one dead.

At Genoa City Memorial, Ashley told Gloria to stop asking her questions about the night of Tom's death. Gloria reiterated that there was no way for Ashley to have gotten the gun the way she said she did -- and that her whole world was being turned upside down, what with John in the hospital and Lauren murdered -- and she didn't want to have to worry about John being the one who really shot Tom. Through the door John exited his room for a walk with the nurse. Ashley told Gloria that she had everything under control, but Gloria finally realized that Ashley was taking the blame for John's murdering Tom. Gloria told Ashley what a wonderful daughter she was, but what was going to happen when John remembered what really happened? Gloria reminded Ashley that John had forgiven her so many times for lies and deceptions, but might not forgive her for allowing Ashley to take the blame for a killing he had committed. Ashley became angry and told Gloria that it wasn't about her. Gloria told Ashley that since it was so easy for her to figure it out, it would be easy for the police to figure it out as well.

Outside in the hallway, John was walking with the nurse when Katherine, Jill, and Esther came for a visit. They told John how great he looked and Katherine asked him why they were still keeping him there. He told her it had something to do with his heart condition and his memory problems -- that he couldn't remember 3 hours of his life. Esther chimed in telling John that he probably didn't know about Ashley. When John asked about Ashley, Katherine and Jill tried to shut Esther up and told John that Esther was just running her mouth off. John was persistent in knowing what was going on with Ashley -- Jill said he would probably find out sooner or later so.... John said find out what?

Gloria and Ashley heard John yelling in the hallway, demanding to see Ashley, and they rushed out there. John asked Ashley if it were true that she killed Tom Fisher. Esther apologizes for letting the cat out of the bag as Jill and Katherine rush her out. John asked Gloria if she knew about this and Gloria explained they hadn't told him because of the fragile state of his health. When John asked how this had happened, Ashley assured him not to worry -- that it was self-defense. John asked if Tom had broken into the house but Ashley told him it happened in the alley behind Roman's Steakhouse. John said that he had been there and Gloria and Ashley react -- but then John said that it had been several times for dinner. He asked Ashley if Tom had hurt her and Ash said that he was going to. John said that he was glad that Tom was dead. As Gloria tried to calm John down, he doubled over in pain and Gloria frantically yelled for a doctor.

A little while later, an anxious Ashley wondered what was going on in John's room. The nurse came out and told them that John was stable but that he couldn't be upset any more. Ashley asked Gloria if she now realized that John could never know the truth. Gloria was concerned about what would happen to John if Ashley went to jail, and Ashley said that wouldn't happen -- as a woman she would get off on self-defense. Ashley swore to Gloria that she would never tell John that she knew that it was really John who was the shooter.

At Mac and J.T.'s apartment, Kevin and Scott discussed how horrible the situation with Lauren was. Scott said he was on the verge of forging a new relationship with his mother and Kevin reminded him that Sheila Carter ruined that. They discussed the plan of hoping that Sheila would turn up at Lauren's memorial service looking for Scott. Kevin said it had to be scary to have some psycho obsessed with you. Scott said he was too mad to be afraid, and that he wanted Sheila to pay. Kevin mentioned moving in with Michael (as he had overheard the conversation between J.T. and Mac where J.T. suggested that they move out), and that Scott was welcome to move in with Michael as well. Scott probed Kevin about his feelings about Mac, and Kevin admitted that he was hurt that Mac depended on Kevin for friendship and moral support, but that he became the "invisible man" as soon as J.T. was around. He also said he thought Mac could do a lot better than J.T. Kevin realized that he didn't have a chance romantically with Mac, and that being her friend and business partner was all he expected now. Kevin left, saying he had something to do.

At Crimson Lights, a glum J.T. entered and told Mac that the investigation was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Mac reminded J.T. about Lauren's memorial and J.T. told her that Paul was handling security. J.T. said there was no rush moving Kevin and Scott out of the apartment with what they were going through. Mac told J.T. that she decided she didn't want Kevin and Scott to leave. The two of them went back and forth over the issue -- J.T. accused Mac of over-consoling Kevin and Mac told J.T. that he had an incredible ego and was jealous. When J.T. realized that his continuing to live with Mac hinged on allowing Kevin and Scott to stay at the apartment, he agreed to let them stay. Mac was happy, and as they kissed she told J.T. that when they closed the bedroom door they had as much privacy as they needed.

A few minutes later Kevin came in to the coffeehouse and told Mac that he and Scott were going to move out as they thought it best for Michael not to be alone. As Mac told Kevin she wished they would stay, J.T. joined them and Mac told him that Kevin was talking about moving out. Mac and J.T. assured Kevin that it wasn't what they wanted. Kevin thanked them and went to the office, after suggesting that they all go to Lauren's memorial together, picking up Scott on the way. When Kevin was gone, Mac thanked and hugged J.T.

At Nick and Sharon's, they were finishing their romantic lovemaking and professing their love for each other. Sharon said how much she needed this -- to feel close to Nick again. A little while later, Nick stared at a picture of Cassie when Sharon came downstairs. They discussed the fact that tomorrow would have been Cassie's birthday. When Sharon suggested that perhaps they not remind Noah about it, sparing him another day of sadness, Nick snaps at her and disagrees with the idea. Nick apologized for snapping at Sharon, and as they hugged, Noah entered and told them he had heard something bad at school about Abby's mom. Nick told Noah that Abby was going to have a rough time and Sharon said that they had to do everything they could to support the family. Noah told them he was lucky to have parents like them and they all hug as Nick told Noah that he loved him.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Brad were kissing -- then Brad told her about his visit from Victor, and how he had given Brad a hard time about the engagement. Brad told her that he assured Victor that everything would be low key. Victoria told Brad that she and Sharon had discussed the same thing, and Brad told her he appreciated her sensitivity, with everything Abby's mother was going through. Victoria took her engagement ring off but Brad objected. Victoria suggested a compromise -- she put the ring on a chain around her neck. Security called to tell them that Abby was downstairs and Victoria went down to get her. Abby was dressed for a birthday party when Victoria and Abby came back up -- Brad told her she looked like a movie star as they hugged.

Victoria and Abby went into a corner of the room to put a comb in Abby's hair when Brad got a phone call from Mrs. Austin -- the mother of the birthday girl, Emma. Brad assured Mrs. Austin that he understood what she was saying and got off the phone, motioning to Victoria to come over. Brad told Victoria that Mrs. Austin thought it best that Abby not go to the party because the talk would be about Abby's mother. Abby came over and told them she was ready to go to the party. Brad told Abby that she wouldn't be able to go. When Abby asked if the party was cancelled, Brad told her it "sort of" was and Victoria suggested they have their own little pizza party. Abby saw through this and told Brad that none of the kids wanted her around because of Ashley. Brad assured Abby that the kids wouldn't really care about that and that they still liked her, but that all the talk about what happened with Ashley might ruin the party. When Brad asked Abby if she understood, she went over and hugged him as a concerned Victoria looked on.

At the loft apartment, Scott was dressed in a suit, staring out the window, waiting to be picked up for Lauren's memorial service. There was a knock at the door. Scott opened the door and Sheila was standing there.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Michael and Lauren were still embracing and telling each other how they knew they would be with each other again in the chapel where Lauren's memorial service was to be held. Michael said he'd better start making some phone calls as half of Genoa City was probably on the way to her funeral. Paul entered and told them that Sheila had escaped, and although there was an APB out on her she would probably try to skip town. When Lauren mentioned that Sheila's burning passion was to get back at her, Paul realized that Sheila was probably headed to Scott's. Paul tried to call Scott but got his voicemail. The three of them left for the loft.

At the loft apartment, Scott invited 'Brenda' in (acting as if he didn't know she was Sheila.) Sheila's voice was very hoarse and she told Scott that she had a cold. Scott invited 'Brenda' to go to Lauren's memorial service, and that he didn't know how to say goodbye to his mom. Sheila told Scott she wanted to be there for him and they hugged, as behind his back Scott dialed a number on his cellphone. Scott asked 'Brenda' for help writing a eulogy for Lauren, but 'Brenda' said she didn't think that would be appropriate as she wasn't family. Scott said that he thought 'Brenda' would be the perfect person to paint a picture of who Lauren was. Sheila then saw Scott pushing buttons on his cellphone, grabbed it, and threw it against the wall. When a shocked Scott asked Sheila why she did that, Sheila grabbed a knife and held it to Scott's throat, saying that he probably thought she was crazy like everyone else did. Sheila accused Scott of trying to call the police because Lauren wanted her arrested. Scott pulled away from Sheila and told her that Lauren couldn't want anything as she was dead. Sheila, pointing a knife at Scott, asked him if Lauren was the one he loved. Scott then revealed that he knew what was going on -- how 'Brenda' had made Lauren the villainous character in their book and he said he couldn't believe he couldn't figure this out before -- that Sheila was never his friend and was just using him for revenge against Lauren. Sheila said she would never hurt Scott but she wanted to destroy Lauren. Scott said that she already had -- that he knew that her name was Sheila Carter and that she murdered his mother.

Scott lunged at Sheila and he received a relatively minor chest wound. Scott then lashed out at Sheila, telling her that she was the sickest person he had ever met, that Sheila had stolen him as a baby, pretended that he was hers. Sheila told Scott that the thought of being with him was what kept her going when she was locked up -- that because of Scott she was still alive. Scott grabbed what looked like a knife and he and Sheila were in a standoff as Sheila tried to run out the door. Detective Hawkins was there with an officer and told her to drop the weapon. Sheila hesitated but then dropped the knife, and the officer cuffed and took Sheila away, but not before Scott told her how much he hated her, that he would never forgive her for what she did to Lauren and how glad he was that they were putting her way. Hawkins wanted Scott to go to the hospital to have his wound checked, but Scott assured him it could wait. Hawkins commended Scott on keeping his cool, and secretly dialing 911 so they could track his location.

A few minutes later Michael and Paul showed up at the loft apartment and they were shocked to see the blood on Scott's shirt. Scott filled them in on what happened -- that Sheila had visited and stabbed him. When Paul asked how the police knew that Sheila was there, Scott told him he had surreptitiously dialed 911. Paul wanted Scott to see a doctor, but Scott refused because he wanted to get to Lauren's memorial. Upon hearing this, Paul decided to leave to let Michael and Scott have some time together to talk. When Michael said that this seemed to be a day for good news, Scott said that after what he had been through with that psycho-bitch Sheila" he could handle anything. Lauren entered and said, "Yes you can, sweetheart." Scott was completely stunned. When Scott realized that indeed it was Lauren and that she was alive, they embraced as Michael happily looked on.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Abby were working on an art project. Abby was sullen as Brad entered the room. Brad suggested that Abby take a nap in the waiting area and Abby agreed. When Abby asked if she had to go to school the next day, Brad reassured her that all her friends were there and that she loved her teachers. Abby said they weren't her friends -- that all they would talk about is the party that she missed and that she didn't care about anything. Brad hugged her as he and Victoria shared concerned looks.

A few minutes later Brad returned and told Victoria that Abby was asleep. Brad asked Victoria what she thought about the idea of hiring a tutor for Abby until the whole thing blew over, but Victoria thought it was a bad idea -- that missing school would be worse. Victoria expressed her wish to be able to help Abby. Brad told her that he wouldn't blame her if she gave back the engagement ring. Victoria told Brad that people in love supported each other through good times and bad, and getting through the bad times makes the good times seem even better. Abby came running into the room screaming and crying that she had a bad dream that someone came and took her mommy away forever. Brad hugged and tried to console her.

At Genoa City Memorial, Jack was surprised to see that Ashley hasn't yet left for Lauren's memorial. Ashley told Jack that she was worried about John since he found out that she had been arrested for Tom's murder. Jack told Ashley he was worried about John but was also worried about her. She told Jack that she was fine but that she would be leaning on him a lot. She said that she could handle the pressure but was concerned about Abby. She told him about Abby being "disinvited" to Emma's birthday party, and that it wasn't fair for Abby to have to pay for what Ashley did. Jack reassured her that Abby had a loving family, but he wasn't sure about Brad. When Ashley reminded Jack that Brad would be raising Abby if she went to prison, Jack said that wouldn't happen -- that Michael was an excellent attorney and that if it went to trial no one would believe she was a cold-blooded killer. Ashley didn't share Jack's confidence, saying that Tom wasn't armed and there was a lot of evidence against her. When Jack told Ashley that she had been through some rough patches in the past and had acted in abnormal ways, Ashley wanted to know if Jack thought she was crazy. Jack denied that, saying that Tom had been threatening the family for months and that no one would blame her for snapping at that point. Ashley's cellphone rang -- Brad was on the line telling her to get over to Newman as soon as possible -- that Abby needed her.

Gloria and John were talking outside John's room at the hospital. John wanted to get out and do whatever he could to help Ashley. John didn't understand how one minute he could be home and the next minute he could wake up in a hospital bed having had a car accident the same night that Tom Fisher was shot. Gloria chalked it up to coincidence, but John didn't buy that. John said that after what Tom had done to their family he would have killed him given the chance. When Gloria told John that she had to leave for Lauren's memorial, John said that it was driving him crazy that he couldn't remember what happened during those few hours. Gloria tried to get John to stop trying to remember -- but John was wondering why he had gone out in the first place. Gloria said (lying) that there was no food in the house and he was going to the grocery store. John said that didn't make any sense at all. He wanted to go back to the accident scene with the hope that it would jog his memory. Gloria told him she didn't know where the accident scene was, which surprised John. When John said he was going to check with the police, Gloria stopped him, telling him there was nothing he could do about it now. John said that it had better be soon -- and that he wished he could take Ashley's place. Gloria's eyes widened in shock. Gloria urged John to go back to bed and tells him not to worry -- that Ashley had the best legal attorney possible -- Michael. John didn't think it was a good idea for Michael to represent Ashley with what he had just gone through but Gloria assured him that Michael thrived on work, and would figure a way out of this. John said if Michael couldn't that he would, as there was no sacrifice he wouldn't make to help Ashley. Jack walked over and asked Gloria if she was ready to go, and told John that he heard that he had learned about Ashley's arrest. An upset John told Jack that he wished that his family didn't feel the need to hide things from him. Jack apologized.

Back at Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Brad were reassuring Abby that grown-ups have bad dreams too, just as Ashley arrived, telling Abby that she was there for her. Victoria left to give the family some time alone. Abby told Ashley about the dream, and Ashley said that she never meant to hurt anyone. Abby asked her if she had and if Tom had hurt her. Ashley said that Tom had frightened her and Abby asked if that's why she killed him. Ashley explained that sometimes things happened where you feel like you have no choice -- that you have to and want to protect the people you love. When Abby asked Ashley if it was okay to kill someone if you were afraid of them, Ashley said that something bad had happened, and that she wasn't going to lie. When Abby asked if they were going to put Ashley in jail forever, Brad said that no matter what they would keep Abby safe. Ashley said she would do everything in her power to always be in Abby's life.

In the Winters' living room, Dru is cleaning junk up. Neil told her that Devon was in with Yolanda while he did his homework. When they realized they had the place to themselves again, Dru grabbed a game off the table, started to put in on a shelf and told Neil she would beat him to the bedroom. As she put the game on the shelf she found a large manila envelope addressed to Devon from the University of Boston. They opened the envelope and were incredibly excited to find out that Devon has been accepted to the University with a full scholarship -- that it was Devon's first choice school. When they wondered why Devon hadn't said anything about applying, Dru theorized that it was because he would have been embarrassed if he had been rejected -- but that didn't seem plausible as his SAT scores were so high. Neil had a question -- why was the envelope stashed away on the bookshelf behind the books?

In Yolanda's room, Devon was working on the computer and Yolanda was trying on outfits for work. Devon told Yolanda that he wished Lily could have come back with them. When Yolanda said that maybe she would come back soon since she broke up with Daniel, Devon said that maybe it was better if she didn't come back because she would just get back together with Daniel, who was bad for her. Devon admitted to Yolanda that he had a "thing" for Lily and asked her if she thought anything was wrong with that. Yolanda reminded Devon that they weren't blood relatives and simply lived under the same roof, so there was nothing wrong with Devon's feelings. When Devon said he couldn't ask her out because they live in the same house, Yolanda told him that she might have her own place soon and he could come live with her, alleviating that problem.

Dru and Neil knocked and entered to congratulate Devon on the acceptance and scholarship to the University. Yolanda congratulated him as well. Devon looked disturbed during all of this. When Neil asked why he didn't tell them, Devon said it was because he didn't want them to know. Devon mentioned that Boston was very far away but Neil painted a great picture of college life -- the dorms, the new friends, etc., and Dru said not to worry about being homesick -- they would visit frequently. Devon angrily said he wanted to stay in Genoa City and stormed out of the room. Neil followed him out to try to talk him out of his decision, while Drucilla accusingly asked Yolanda if she had known about this.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Kevin told J.T. that he hoped he understood how much Mac cared about J.T. She wasn't just playing house; she was sincerely committed to their relationship. J.T. said that he was, too, and he again told Kevin that he and Scott didn't have to move out anytime soon. Kevin said that he felt like he should move in with Michael because his brother needed him, and Scott would be going, too.

Daniel told Mac about his letter from Lily and how desperately he wanted to talk to her to find out if their breakup was really her choice. Mac assured him that even if that turned out to be the case, she knew from her own experience that even though there was nothing like first love, it was possible to recover and love someone again. However, if Daniel needed to know the truth about Lily's feelings, what was stopping him?

Dru tried to reason with Yolanda about Devon's reluctance to accept his scholarship to college in Boston. Yolanda said that it was Devon's decision to make. Soon he would be 18, and nothing any of them could say or do would prevent him from making his own choices. Meanwhile, Neil questioned Devon about his attitude, correctly surmising that Devon didn't want to be away from Yolanda. To Neil, that indicated that Devon was willing to let his mother stand in the way of his entire future. When Drucilla and Yolanda joined them, Neil told Dru that Devon was thinking of moving in with Yolanda when she got her own place. Neil and Dru continued to try to make them understand what Devon could be giving up. In the middle of their discussion, Daniel called to ask about Lily, and Devon said it wasn't a good time to talk.

Scott was overjoyed to realize his mother was alive, and Lauren and Michael told him everything that had happened to her. One thing was bothering Lauren, though. She couldn't understand why Sheila would have attacked Scott, since he was the only person she cared about. And it didn't make sense that Sheila helped Lauren get out of the bomb shelter only to turn on Scott. Lauren wanted to go to the police station and see Sheila for herself and get some answers. Michael finally agreed as long as he could go with her, and Scott said he'd find Kevin and tell him that Lauren was alive.

Scott found Kevin with J.T. and Mac on the patio of Crimson Lights. They all said they were about to leave for the memorial service, and Scott told them there wasn't going to be a service. Kevin assumed that Michael couldn't go through with it, and they were all surprised when Scott told them that his mother was alive. Kevin said that Michael had never believed she was dead. Scott had some other information for Kevin. They would never know what Tom's plans had been, but he had saved Lauren's life on the boat. Tom Fisher wasn't a murderer. In his joy over Lauren and his relief about his father, Kevin hugged Mac, and Scott noticed how uncomfortable that made J.T.

At the police station, Detective Hawkins finally agreed to let Lauren see Sheila when she was being transferred to a more secure facility. When she was brought out, Lauren immediately noticed that she wasn't limping and asked to look at her ankle. Lauren then insisted that the woman they had in custody wasn't Sheila, whose injured ankle she'd splinted herself. The woman said she'd been trying to tell them who she was. She was Sugar, and she'd gone after Scott because he was the reason Sheila had done so many horrible things to her, including having her face altered. She told them that none of them were safe as long as Sheila was free. Later, Detective Hawkins confirmed by fingerprints that the woman they'd arrested for the attack on Scott wasn't Sheila Carter. Lauren wondered aloud to Michael where Sheila was.

Sheila was in an office thanking an unseen person for rescuing her once again. But she needed another favor. This was going to be their biggest challenge yet. She slid a picture across the desk and said that she needed to be made to look like the person in the photograph.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kevin and Gloria burst into the police station, thrilled to see Lauren alive. Gloria tells Michael that Ashley shot Tom in self-defense, and Michael asks how she knows that, since Ashley hasn't told him that yet. Gina tells Jack that she's sorry to hear about Ashley's situation, and says that if anyone hated Tom more than Ashley, it was John. Nick enters the living room and tells Victoria that Lauren is alive. Later, Nick asks where Victoria will fit into Brad's life if his primary concern right now is Abby. Phyllis coyly asks Sharon about the state of her marriage with Nick. Sharon says that she doesn't know what brought Nick around to focusing on their relationship again, but she's so glad that he is. Dru pleads with Devon to reconsider going to school in Boston. At the coffeehouse, Yolanda tells Devon what Neil said about her being selfish, and reveals how much that hurt her. She says that after all the Winters' have done for him, that he should repay them by going away to school. Victoria tells Sharon that she and Dru will be going on another tour tomorrow. Sharon is hesitant to commit since it will be Cassie's birthday. At Michael's apartment, Lauren tells Michael that she's no longer afraid of Sheila, since Scott now knows the full story, and Sheila saved her life. At the police station, a cop tells Detective Hawkins that Ashley's gloves had no trace of gunpowder on them. At the G.C.A.C., Jack tells Phyllis that Lauren is alive, and Phyllis asks Jack if they can get back together. Kevin tells Ashley that he will testify about Tom's violence for her if she goes to trial.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Michael decorated his condo with a tropical theme as a surprise for Lauren. He said that since she'd been cheated out of her honeymoon, he wanted to create a paradise there for her. Later, the two of them made love, talking afterward about how lucky they felt to be together.

Mac left the decision to J.T. about whether Kevin and Scott could continue to live with them. While Kevin and Scott were talking over their plans, J.T. approached them. He knew that things had changed, and Michael and Lauren would want their privacy, so he asked the two of them to remain at the loft. Scott and Kevin agreed. Mac overheard and thanked J.T. for making that decision. Kevin received a phone call and left the coffee house without telling Scott where he was going.

Kevin went to the morgue to identify Tom's body and pick up Tom's personal possessions. He asked for a few minutes alone with his dead father. Kevin talked about how desperately he'd wanted Tom to love him while he was growing up. He'd always waited for Tom to say just once that he was proud of him. Kevin then imagined Tom talking to him. Tom told Kevin that he was proud and that he loved him. He assured Kevin that he had a much better life than Tom had ever had. He had a business he loved, a good place to live, and many people who cared about him. He'd already done better than his father. When Tom told Kevin that he'd been trying to change before he died, Kevin said that he was only imagining Tom saying what he wanted to hear. He intended to walk out the door and never think of Tom again.

Later, the morgue attendant handed over Tom's effects, which included what looked like a key to a safety deposit box. When he asked Kevin what he wanted done with Tom's body, Kevin said that they could bury it in a county grave. But when Kevin realized there'd be no service for Tom, he couldn't just walk out. He promised to make arrangements to have Tom's body picked up. Just before he left, he imagined Tom watching him with a knowing expression.

Sierra found out that Devon had a second note from Lily that was a love letter to Daniel. She was furious that Devon refused to let Daniel know that Lily hadn't really broken up with him. When Daniel came to the Winters' house to question Devon, Devon kept cutting off Sierra's attempts to tell Daniel that Lily still cared about him. Crushed, Daniel finally walked out. Sierra told Devon that he was doing the wrong thing, and she knew why: Devon thought that Lily would be better off with him than with Daniel. Devon asked Sierra to back off and said that Daniel had never been anything but bad news for Lily. Lily was better off without Daniel, and Daniel would find himself another girlfriend and forget all about Lily.

Victor and Nikki read the newspaper story about the discovery that Lauren was alive. When Victor talked about what great news it was, he could tell that Nikki was upset about Cassie. They discussed how to best handle Noah's feelings the next day, which was Cassie's birthday, and Nikki thought it would be a good idea to have a family gathering and talk about their happy memories of Cassie. Victor agreed with her, and even thought it could become a yearly family tradition.

Sharon found Nick on the patio at Crimson Lights staring at Cassie's portrait. Nick knew that she'd been there earlier and said they must both need to feel close to Cassie. He and Sharon were still in agreement to play the next day by ear, letting Noah determine how they dealt with Cassie's birthday. When Sharon went to get hot chocolate, Nick intercepted a call from her travel agent confirming her hotel reservations for the following night. When Sharon came back, he confronted her, wondering why she'd said they could keep a close eye on Noah when she was planning to leave town. Sharon angrily explained that trip had been sprung on her by Victoria, who had told Sharon that if she couldn't make it, Dru could handle it. Sharon had decided not to leave her family, and she couldn't believe that Nick thought she'd do anything else. As she walked away, Nick tried to stop her, but Sharon left.

Later, Daniel bought a bottle of liquor from someone and sat in Crimson Lights brooding about Lily. He called Phyllis and told her that he was spending the night with a friend. As he surreptitiously poured alcohol into his soft drink and started to take a drink, Nick stopped him. He reminded Daniel that the following day was Cassie's birthday and all the things that she would never experience because of her death. He reminded Daniel that he was on probation and that he was giving talks about underage drinking as part of his community service. Daniel told Nick that Lily had broken up with him. And he didn't want to go home, because his mother knew how upset he was and would freak out. Nick invited Daniel to stay at the ranch.

Nikki went to tell Sharon and Nick about her idea for a family get-together, and Sharon told Nikki that they'd decided to keep Cassie's birthday low key. When Nikki found out that was Sharon's decision and Nick had agreed, she said that she needed to talk to her son. Sharon lost her temper, telling Nikki this was a decision she had agonized over. It was up to her and Nick how they wanted Noah's day to go, not Nikki's, and they didn't even know if Noah remembered that it was Cassie's birthday. When Nick and Daniel came in, Nick could tell his mother and wife were fighting. He sent Daniel to the guest room and found out what was going on, then took Sharon's side. Nikki left, and Sharon thanked Nick for standing by her. Nick apologized for having ever thought that she would put anything else before Noah. He said that dealing with the loss of Cassie was hard on them all.

Jack and Phyllis were at her apartment. She was worried about Daniel, and Jack said they had some other things to talk about. Phyllis said that the reason the wellness centers would cause problems down the line was because Jack couldn't stand not to control her. She wanted more than just the work she'd been doing at Jabot. She wanted new challenges. Jack promised her that if she'd consider pulling out of the wellness centers, he'd find a more creative position for her at Jabot. While they were talking, Nick called to let Phyllis know that Daniel was staying with him. He'd tell her more details the next day. Phyllis was relieved, and when she hung up the phone, Jack said that she must have been talking to Daniel, because no one else could have put that happy look on her face. Phyllis agreed to sleep on Jack's business proposal. Before Jack could follow her upstairs, he got a business call with some information that seemed to make him happy about his options for stopping the development of the wellness centers.

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