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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 30, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, January 30, 2006

In the alley behind Roman's Steakhouse, John realized that he shot Tom, and told Michael that he was on the way to the police station to confess when he had his car accident. John realized that Ashley was taking the blame for the shooting he committed to spare his health and that it wasn't right for Ashley to lose everything just to spare him. When Michael told John it might be too late to save Ashley, John said it was never too late. Michael asked John for a couple of days of continuing to pretend that he didn't remember to give him time to figure out what to do. Michael took John home.

At the Abbott house, Jack realized from conversing with Gloria that John really killed Tom. Jack said it was crazy for Ashley to be doing this. Gloria told Jack that John must never find out the truth. When Jack mentioned Ashley's jam, Gloria assured him that Michael would get Ashley acquitted. Jack told Gloria that it would destroy Jabot if word got out that Ashley was taking the blame for the shooting that John did. When Gloria asked if Jabot was more important to him that his father's health, John told her never to question his commitment to his father -- and that Jabot and John Abbott were synonymous. Gloria told Jack she wanted John alive and healthy for his golden years, and that's why Jack must never mention this to John. Jack told Gloria that he would never do anything to hurt John, but that he didn't take orders from her. Jack left.

Later, Michael and John returned and Gloria greeted them. When Gloria started doting over him, John said he wished that everyone would stop treating him like he was on his last legs. Gloria offered them dinner but John said he wasn't hungry and wanted to go upstairs and spend some time alone, thinking. After he headed upstairs, Gloria asked Michael what was wrong -- that John didn't seem himself. Michael blamed John's mood on his realization that Ashley might go to prison. When Gloria told Michael that he looked discouraged, Michael told her to prepare herself for the fact that Ashley might be going to prison, despite his best efforts. Michael asked if she was more concerned about Ashley or about John's health. When Gloria said she hoped that John would survive this ordeal, Michael saw John at the top of the stairs, and said that he did too.

Gina served Daniel a sundae at the Poolside Café at the Athletic Club. He told her that he was through being miserable about Lily, and Gina mentioned Colleen as a possible "replacement." When Daniel acted embarrassed, Gina told him she would butt out and she left. Devon entered and Daniel called him over and told him to give Lily a message -- that it was cool for her to have broken up with him, although he wished she had the guts to do it in person. When Devon said that Daniel didn't mean that, Daniel said he did -- that he would never forget Lily but it was time for them to move on. Devon told Daniel he was making the right decision. Daniel told Devon to tell Lily to have a nice life and that he wouldn't bother her again.

At another location at the Athletic Club, Jill was yelling at a tabloid reporter on the cell phone about Ashley's trial, and she hung up on him. Jill told Gina how bad the media circus had become, and also confided to Gina that this has all been bad for business. Just then Jack walked up and asked Jill when she was planning to tell him about this. Jill told Jack she was planning to bring in a professional damage control specialist, unless he thought this would all die down. Jack said he thought it would get worse, and that Jabot may never recover. Jill suggested that they bring John back to Jabot to help the company's image and Jack told her that whatever she planned shouldn't include John -- he just wanted her to find someone to do it quick, no matter what the cost.

A few minutes later, Daniel came over to Jack and asked if he and Phyllis had patched things up. Daniel said he hoped so, as he couldn't imagine his mother with anyone else.

Dru returned home and Neil filled her in on the situation with Yolanda -- about her assumption that Neil cared for her, and that when Neil set her straight she tore out of there like a hurricane to see her cousin in Seattle. Dru asked how Devon was doing and Neil said it was hard to tell -- that Devon seemed okay but he wondered if Devon was hiding his real feelings. Dru said that Devon fought so hard for his mother. When she asked if Devon knew about Yolanda coming on to Neil, Neil told her that Devon had seen enough to get the picture. Dru was afraid that Devon would blame them for Yolanda's leaving. Devon came in and said that he had been stupid to get his hopes up about Yolanda. Neil assured Devon that Yolanda was coming along -- it was just taking time. Devon told Dru and Neil that he was worried that he had been treating them badly lately -- when they were more like parents to him than his mom ever was. The family hugged.

At Newman Enterprises, Sharon came into the office and told Brad that she and Dru decided to return early as they had finished their last PR event. Brad told Sharon the numbers were great -- Sharon said that she wanted to surprise Nick and asked Brad if he knew where Nick was. Brad said he hadn't seen him around much today. Brad told Sharon that things were rough personally. Victoria came in and congratulated Sharon on the great job that was done in Denver. Sharon asked Victoria if she had seen Nick and Victoria told her that he was at the Athletic Club with Phyllis -- that Phyllis was having a meeting with Victor and Nikki and Nick just happened to be there. Victoria filled Sharon in on Phyllis and Nikki's project, and that they would be using some Newman office space. Victoria told Sharon that Nick wasn't involved in that enterprise.

At the motel room, Nick asked Phyllis if she was leaving -- she said she thought it was for the best, but as she started to leave she and Nick started passionately kissing. Phyllis said she didn't think Nick was coming. Nick asked Phyllis if she knew that Sharon was away and Phyllis said she did, but didn't want to pressure Nick. They started kissing again and began removing each other's clothes.

A while later, they were lying in bed discussing the nature of their relationship -- Phyllis said that Sharon never need know and that they should just live in the moment when they were together. They started kissing as Nick's cell phone rang. It was Sharon, and Nick and Sharon agreed to meet at home. Nick got out of bed to leave to see Sharon.

Back at Newman, Sharon told Brad that she had reached Nick. Brad told Sharon how glad he was that things were working out between Sharon and Nick. Victoria entered and thanked Sharon again for the successful trip. Sharon left as Victoria commented that she hadn't seen Sharon that happy in ages. She told Brad that she was jealous that Nick and Sharon were already married but that they couldn't even announce their engagement. Victoria wanted to tell Abby, but Brad didn't think she could handle it. Victoria asked Brad if he was having second thoughts about the marriage. Brad passionately kissed Victoria and asked her if that felt like a man who was having second thoughts.

Nick arrived home to find Sharon in a negligee. They briefly discussed Sharon's business trip. Sharon told Nick she had done a lot of thinking about them -- how tense things had been and how she hoped that all of that was behind them. They hugged. Nick suggested that they have some hot chocolate or some wine, and Sharon suggested they go upstairs since Noah was spending the night at a friend's. Nick told Sharon he would rather just sit by the fire and hold her. They sit on the couch and cuddle in each other's arms.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis and Jack run into each other. Jack told Phyllis he needed her tonight -- and asked her if she wanted to throw everything they had together away over a petty argument. Phyllis told Jack it wasn't petty to her. Jack apologized. Phyllis told Jack that loving someone shouldn't be this difficult, and that their marriage hadn't worked out. When Jack said they wouldn't make the same mistakes twice, Phyllis told Jack that she loved him and always would, but for his own sake he should move on. Jack looked completely bewildered.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

In a corridor at Newman Enterprises, Phyllis arrived with a box of stuff. Nick, happening to pass by, helped her into the office that she and Nikki were going to share to launch their wellness center project. Phyllis was very pleased with the office. Phyllis asked Nick if he was okay with her working there. When Nick said he thought it was dangerous, Phyllis said they should look at it as an opportunity. Phyllis told Nick how happy she was going to be to get up in the morning and see him. She told him to relax about the situation: that she wouldn't be underfoot. Nick asked if the arrangement was worth the potential awkwardness for her. She said it was, and Nick said that he wanted to say no, but that Phyllis convinced him it was worth it.

At Nick and Sharon's, Victor came by to look at a report that Nick had left for him. Victor asked Sharon if she knew of any reason that Nick would be opposed to Nikki and Phyllis using office space at Newman. Sharon said that she had no idea, but maybe it was because Victor hadn't asked Nick's permission first. Sharon said she was on her way to work, and asked Victor if he wanted her to ask Nick. Victor said yes, and agreed that perhaps Nick thought that he had overstepped by not first consulting Nick.

Later, Victor was reading the report when there was a knock at the door. A woman asked if he was Victor Newman and when he said he was, she handed him some papers and told him that he had been served. Victor quickly perused the papers and said, "well I'll be damned ... so Jack Abbott... you want to play hardball... bring it on."

Back at Nikki and Phyllis' office at Newman, Nick and Phyllis were still discussing whether they could carry on a relationship at the office when Sharon knocked. She came by to welcome Phyllis on her first day. Sharon said that Victor told her that Nick didn't want her here, and jokingly told Phyllis not to cause trouble. Phyllis told Sharon that Nick had been great. Nick said that he was upset about it because Victor hadn't consulted him first. Sharon suggested that it would be great to do tie-ins between Newman and the wellness centers. Phyllis agreed that it was a good idea. Nick was adamantly opposed. Phyllis left to take a phone call from Daniel, and Sharon and Nick argued about why Nick was opposed to Newman and the wellness center project working together -- why he was opposed to family working together. When Nick reminded Sharon that Phyllis wasn't family, Sharon reminded Nick of how close Daniel and Noah had become. Sharon also told Nick that the sales figures were up 35% since she had done her personal appearance. Nick said that he knew Sharon did a great job, but that he was absolutely opposed to the joint venture. When Sharon asked why, Nick said it was complicated. Sharon left angrily, telling Nick that obviously he didn't like her idea.

Later, Victor came into the office and told Phyllis that Jack had filed an injunction against her project -- that Jack was determined to stop it before it got off the ground.

At his apartment, Daniel was playing videogames when the doorbell rang. It was Devon and Sierra, who told Daniel they heard he didn't have school today, and that Daniel and Devon had a nice talk last night, and thought it would be nice for all of them to be friends again. The doorbell rang again and it was Mac arriving with coffee and muffins. Then Colleen arrived and asked if this was where the party was. Daniel asked what party, as Colleen asked Mac where J.T. was. Devon told Daniel that they were surprising him. Mac said it was because they knew he had been down about Lily. Sierra revealed that Phyllis had called them and suggested they do this. Daniel told them not to listen to his mom any more. Colleen again asked Mac where J.T. was -- when Mac asked why she was so interested, Colleen said it seemed that Mac and J.T. were joined at the hips these days. The doorbell rang again -- Colleen answered it and it was Kevin. Both Colleen and Kevin were unpleasantly surprised. When Mac said she had invited Kevin as he was one of Daniel's friends, Colleen sarcastically remarked how sweet that was. Kevin told Daniel that he would leave if that would be easier. Daniel asked Kevin to stay. Colleen told Mac that she and Kevin had brainwashed the whole town into thinking that Kevin had changed. When Mac told Colleen to give Kevin a break and that he was really trying, Colleen said he was trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. Mac told Colleen that the only person there causing any trouble was Colleen. Colleen said that if everyone believed Kevin had changed she would give him a chance -- that she was requiring him to leave a room any time she entered. The whole room was shocked at Colleen's suggestion. Kevin said this wasn't worth it and he would leave after Mac told Colleen that she should leave. Even Devon came to Kevin's defense, which annoyed Colleen because Devon was Lily's foster brother, and she reminded Devon of what Kevin had done to Lily. Colleen mentioned to Daniel that she tried to get in touch with Lily for him again, and Devon blew up -- he said that Daniel had lied to him last night about forgetting about Lily. Daniel told Devon that he was serious about putting Lily behind him.

In another corner of the room, Kevin asked Sierra how he was supposed to deal with this. Sierra told Kevin that she thought he was a good guy and to just steer clear of Colleen. At this point Daniel flipped out and threw everyone out of the apartment. He then called Phyllis and chastised her for setting up this surprise -- where he had to watch Colleen act like a bitch towards Kevin. Phyllis said she just wanted to do something nice for him -- Daniel told her the next time that urge hit her to clear it with him first. The doorbell rang and Colleen had returned. She said she was there for two reasons: one, that she spoiled the party, for which Daniel forgives her, and two, she thought that Daniel could use a good friend right now.

At the Abbott House, John asked Abby if she was looking forward to seeing Brad. Abby said that she wanted to stay there as she was scared that the police would come and take her mommy away while she was gone. John assured her that wouldn't happen -- that he wouldn't let it happen. Ashley observed this interaction from the top of the stairs. Ashley sent Abby off to Brad's.

At Brad's (Victoria is there also), Abby told him that she wanted him to stay home from work with her. When Abby mentioned her fear of the police taking Ashley away while she was gone, and that John had said he wouldn't allow that to happen, Brad assured her that John would do everything in his power to make sure it wouldn't. Brad sent Abby upstairs to start doing her reading, as Frances would be there soon to help with her school work. As Abby went upstairs, Victoria questioned whether it was a good idea to keep Abby out of school. Brad said she was still too upset about what was going on to return to school. Victoria accused everyone of catering to Abby's every whim -- that all Abby had to do was say she was sad and every adult in the vicinity comforted her. Brad and Victoria started getting angry with each other, with Victoria saying that Abby knew which buttons to push to get what she wanted, and that she needed to resume her life -- and that she was going to be Abby's stepmother and should have some say in the way Abby was being raised. Brad and Victoria continued to argue about the situation, and Victoria said she was tired of treating their engagement like a dirty little secret. Brad said she was sorry she felt that way but they need to keep Abby's needs first. Victoria said she was -- she should be at work but she was there waiting for a nanny. Brad angrily told her no one was forcing her to stay. A hurt Victoria said she would leave then -- just as she is about to go Abby came downstairs to ask her for help with a book report cover. Brad told Victoria (who seemed genuinely touched by Abby's request) it was okay for her to stay there with Abby until Frances came, but he had to leave for a conference call at work. After they finished the cover, Abby told Victoria she wished her friends at school could see it. Victoria agreed, saying it would be a shame if her friends didn't see it.

At the Athletic Club, Jack was finishing a phone call with his lawyer when he ran into Michael Baldwin, who was poring over some papers at a table. Jack asked Michael how he was going to keep his sister out of prison. Michael said he was working very hard on it. Jack took the papers that Michael was reading -- which were titled "False Confessions in a Homicide Case -- Relevant Precedence." Michael realized that Jack knew that John had shot Tom. Michael told Jack that Ashley hadn't told him yet. Michael told Jack that he learned of it from John, who remembered everything about shooting Tom, and that as an officer of the court he was required to tell the DA about the changes in the facts of the case, and that Ashley could be charged with obstruction of justice, lying to a police officer, etc. Jack decided it would be best for Ashley to stand trial for Tom's shooting, as she was looking at jail time either way, and that John couldn't stand the stress of a trial, but Ashley stood a good chance of beating the charges. Michael told Jack that he had to follow the law, but Jack asked Michael for a little time to talk to Ashley about the situation.

Back at the Abbott House, Ashley told John that it was irresponsible of him to give Abby false hope by saying the police wouldn't take her away. John then told Ashley that he knew the truth -- that he had killed Tom. After Ashley futilely argued that he didn't, he told Ashley that he had gone back to the alley and that everything came back to him. John told Ashley that she had so much to lose and he wasn't going to allow her to take the fall for this -- that he was going to confess to the DA, as Ashley wasn't a killer. Ashley said that neither was John -- that what he did was in self-defense. Ashley told John she wouldn't let him go to the DA, as he had a heart condition and the stress could kill him. John reminded her that there would be a lot of stress associated with seeing her go to jail. Ashley said that, as a woman, she would have a greater chance of being acquitted due to self-defense. Ashley's cell phone rang and it was Jack calling from the Athletic Club -- he told her not to mention his name and to go into the study so they could talk privately. In the study, Jack told Ashley to keep John talking and not to let him leave the house until they had a chance to talk. Meanwhile out in the living room John was putting his coat on. Ashley said that she would do what she could. Jack said he was with Michael Baldwin and that they both knew the truth -- that John shot Tom.

Ashley came out of the study and frantically searched for John. She couldn't find him -- she then looked out the front door and saw him lying face down on the walkway. Ashley rushed out to the unresponsive John and started dialing her cell phone.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Phyllis was furious when Victor told her and Nikki that Jack had issued an injunction against the wellness center project. She didn't have a copy of her contract, so she didn't know if it contained a non-compete clause, nor could she access the Jabot computer system to print out a copy of her contract. After raging in their new Newman office for a while, Phyllis finally left to confront Jack. Nikki said that it was just one drama after another with Phyllis, and Victor reminded her that she could drop Phyllis as a partner. Nikki said that she didn't want to, and Victor assured her that he would support her, even if it meant fighting Jack. Nikki gratefully hugged him.

Michael arrived at the hospital as Jack and Ashley were learning about John's condition. Their father hadn't had a heart attack, but the doctor warned them that John couldn't handle any stress. While Jack went to see his father, Michael told Ashley that she'd added fuel to her false confession by bringing her entire family into the conspiracy. Ashley blamed him for helping her father figure out the truth, but Michael said that he'd tried to stop John. Short of tying him up and dragging him away from the alley, there was nothing he could do to stop him. Now, even though he couldn't violate Ashley's confidentiality because she was his client, as an officer of the court, he was obligated to tell the D.A. what he knew about John's actions that night. Ashley called Michael a hypocrite, because he hadn't been acting as an officer of the court when he set Tom up for the drug bust. Michael wondered if she had that comment on a loop and finally agreed to give her 24 hours to figure out what to do.

Jack talked to John, who was upset that Ashley was taking the blame for shooting Tom. Jack told him that she was only protecting her father. She had a much better chance of proving self-defense than John did, and a trial and possible prison were not something John's health could withstand. John told Jack that he didn't want them to tell Gloria what was going on; he would call her himself later after he got some rest. Jack left, thinking that his father had agreed to let things go on as they were, but once John was alone, he called the D.A.'s office and asked to speak to him about Tom Fisher's case.

After Jack got home, Phyllis stormed in to confront him about the injunction. Jack tried to tell her that he wasn't in the mood to discuss it, but Phyllis was determined to have it out with him. She wanted to know what was in her contract that Jack was using against her. Jack couldn't believe she didn't have a copy and that she hadn't read it before signing it. Phyllis reminded him that she'd trusted him back then; she hadn't felt it necessary to read the fine print. When she asked to what extent he'd destroyed her, Jack lost his temper. He reminded her that there were news trucks lining the street outside his home. His sister had been charged with murder, and his father was in the hospital with a bad heart. What part of not wanting to talk about her work situation did Phyllis not understand?

Colleen returned to Daniel's to apologize for her behavior when everyone had been at Daniel's for breakfast. She knew that Daniel hadn't been in town when Kevin was at his worst, so he didn't realize how bad the things he'd done were. But Lily could back her up that Kevin was a dangerous person. Daniel pointed out that he couldn't talk to Lily. Furthermore, he felt like Colleen should give Kevin a chance. He might have done some terrible things in the past, but he had made efforts to change.

Kevin approached J.T. at the athletic club spa to talk about the incident at Daniel's. J.T. wasn't really interested in talking to Kevin, but since he knew he'd hear all about it from Mac anyway, he told Kevin to go ahead and tell him what had happened. Kevin said that Colleen refused to believe that he was a different person now. J.T. didn't blame her; he also would never forget the things that Kevin had done to Colleen. Kevin thought he and J.T. had been getting friendlier, but J.T. said he only tolerated Kevin to make Mac happy. He would never try to influence Colleen. Kevin tried to make an implication about J.T. still having feelings for Colleen, but J.T. brushed him off, saying that he and Colleen would always be friends. When he got a call on his cell from Colleen, J.T. left to meet her at her father's house. As soon as he walked in the door, Colleen wrapped her arms around him, letting him know how upset she was.

Sharon and Brad had a talk regarding Victoria's attitude about Abby. Sharon told him that maybe he should give Victoria a break. Although Victoria wasn't a parent, she was trying very hard to get close to Abby and do the right thing for her. However, Sharon agreed with Brad that it was his place, and Ashley's, to make decisions about Abby. Victoria was going to have to learn to live with that and abide by their decisions instead of going full-speed ahead with what she wanted to do.

At the Carlton house, Victoria carefully led Abby into a conversation about school. When Abby expressed her desire to show the picture she'd drawn to her friends, Victoria offered to take her by her classroom so she could do that. Abby was confused about having to make the decision for herself, but she finally agreed to go to school if Victoria stayed with her and held her hand.

Later, Victoria took Abby to Newman. Brad and Sharon were surprised to hear that Abby had gone by her school. When Brad suggested that Sharon take Abby to get some juice, Victoria stopped them. She told Abby to tell Brad how things had gone at school. Abby said things had been fine. Her friends were nice to her. In fact, after she had her juice, she wondered if Victoria could take her back to school. Brad said they'd talk about it, then Sharon and Abby left. Victoria asked Brad if he was mad at her, but he said he wasn't. Apparently, all they'd needed was Victoria's objective view of the situation. Sharon overheard them talking, and her face seemed to indicate that she wasn't as convinced as Brad that Victoria had done the right thing.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Glenn arrives in John's hospital room and John confesses that he shot Tom Fisher. At the Abbott estate, Phyllis tells Jack that she just can't be there for him any longer if he wants to choose his vendetta against Victor over her. Gloria enters, demanding to know where John is since she can't find him. Ashley reveals that John remembered everything about being in the alley and shooting Tom. Jack lets it slip that John is in the hospital and Gloria becomes frantic. Ashley says that John doesn't want her to come see him because he won't be in the hospital long, but Gloria thinks that they think that she is the cause of this whole problem. At the G.C.A.C. spa, Michael tells Lauren about Ashley and John's predicament, revealing that he isn't totally innocent, either. Kevin enters carrying a box and tells Michael that it's Tom's ashes. Michael and Lauren are proud of Kevin for taking care of the burial arrangements. Kevin says that he's going to put Tom's remains in a closet, since that would be the most fitting place for him. J.T. tries to comfort Colleen, revealing that he still has his doubts about Kevin, but he's learned to deal with him when he has to. Colleen tries to bring up memories from the past, but J.T. downplays it until he has to leave. Sharon tells Nikki to stop meddling in her and Nick's marriage. In her office, Phyllis and Nick flirt like crazy, trying to set "ground rules" for how they will interact with each other at work.

Friday, February 3, 2006

J.T. agreed with Colleen's doubts about the changes in Kevin, but he did feel like Kevin was trying. However, J.T. hadn't forgotten carrying Colleen out of Gina's after it burned down. He promised Colleen that he'd always be there for her, even during those times when she felt insecure about Kevin.

Later, J.T. met Mac at the athletic club spa for dinner. She wondered where he'd been that afternoon, and he told her that he'd had a meeting. Meanwhile, Colleen and Daniel also came in to have dinner. Daniel suggested going somewhere else, but when Colleen saw J.T. and Mac together, she decided to stay. When the couple came over to say hello, Colleen apologized to Daniel and Mac for what had happened at Daniel's that morning. And she apologized to Mac for jumping on her. Mac thanked her for her apology and said that they'd probably never agree about Kevin, but she was willing to talk about it. Colleen then managed to mention that J.T. had made her feel better after spending the afternoon with her.

Back at their table, Mac asked J.T. why he'd lied to her. He insisted that he hadn't lied. He hadn't told her that his meeting was with Colleen because he knew she'd get upset. Mac said she was only upset because he felt like he had to lie about it. She understood that he wasn't Kevin's biggest fan. Nor did she mind if he saw his ex-girlfriend Colleen. But it bothered her that he felt like he couldn't be honest with her, and she wasn't sure what that said about their relationship. She then told J.T. that she needed some time alone and left.

After Mac and J.T. went back to their table, Daniel chided Colleen for what she'd just done. Colleen insisted that she wasn't trying to cause trouble between Mac and J.T. But when she saw Mac leaving alone, she couldn't stop herself from smiling.

Gloria got home to find Jack alone. She asked where John was, and Jack tried to cover up the news that his father was in the hospital. Gloria was suspicious, especially after Ashley came in. She demanded to know what was going on. Jack said that John had his memory back. He remembered shooting Tom that night. Gloria panicked, but Jack said he'd persuaded his father not to say anything until all of them could sit down with Michael to talk things over. But when Gloria, against Jack and Ashley's wishes, called the hospital to check on John, she found out that the district attorney was with her husband. The three of them rushed out the door to go to the hospital.

Will Bardwell had taken over Ashley's case from Glenn Richards while Glenn was on special assignment. An old acquaintance of John's, Bardwell was concerned that perhaps John should wait until he was feeling better to talk about Ashley's case. But John insisted that it wasn't his daughter who'd shot Tom Fisher, but John himself. He told the entire story to Bardwell. Just as he finished, Jack, Ashley, and Gloria rushed into the room. Gloria accused Bardwell of taking advantage of John's frail health, but Bardwell told them that John had called him and insisted on seeing him. He told them John said he'd gotten his memory back and confessed to killing Tom Fisher. But Bardwell didn't believe it. He believed John's confession was the act of a father who was trying to protect his daughter.

Victor told Nikki that he wondered if putting Nick and Victoria in charge of Newman Enterprises had been the right decision. Nikki was shocked and pointed out what a good job they were doing. Victor agreed, but he said what was good for them hadn't been good for him. He missed the business world. When Nikki saw some notes he'd made about the wellness centers, she made him a proposition. She wanted him to be a full partner in her business with Phyllis. Victor wondered if Phyllis would agree, but Nikki was sure that Phyllis wanted to succeed and would welcome Victor's input.

Nick and Phyllis were having a sexually charged conversation in Phyllis's office when Sharon showed up. At first it seemed like she was suspicious of what was going on between them, but she said she wanted to apologize for the way she'd left things earlier. She shouldn't have made the suggestion to Nick to merge Nikki and Phyllis's business venture into Newman Enterprises, and she was sorry if she'd made them uncomfortable. Both of them assured her that everything was fine. Phyllis left abruptly to give the couple some time alone.

Sharon thought Phyllis was acting a little strangely, but Nick brushed her concern aside. Although he'd been hoping to see Phyllis later, when Sharon asked if they could have a special dinner at home alone together, Nick agreed to wrap up his business day and meet her at home. After Nick left for his office, Sharon waited for Phyllis. When Phyllis came back, Sharon again apologized for putting her in an awkward position with Nick earlier. The more Sharon talked, the guiltier Phyllis felt, so she was relieved when Sharon finally left her office. Neither of them noticed that Sharon's keys were still on the table.

Nick was walking by Phyllis's office and noticed how pensive she seemed. When he stopped to talk to her, she suggested that he close the door. He did, and Phyllis said that she'd had an uncomfortable talk with Sharon, who had apologized again. As Nick and Phyllis talked, the sexual energy between them was obvious, and Nick locked the office door and began kissing her. Meanwhile, on her way out of the building, Sharon realized that she'd left her keys in Phyllis's office and turned to go back.

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