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Monday, February 13, 2006

At the Athletic Club, Lauren was angry with Paul -- she felt that Paul was happy that Michael was "paying for his sins." Paul assured Lauren that he didn't want her to get hurt no matter what he thought of Michael. Lauren told Paul how her life had been devastated since her marriage and Paul said it wasn't his fault -- Michael had broken the law by planting false evidence and then got Ashley involved, while Lauren said that Ashley was just as much to blame. When Paul told Lauren that he was having John's coat checked because there was some blood on it, Lauren told Paul they needed to get to Bardwell's office immediately before Michael confessed. Paul said it wouldn't do any good because the blood still needed to be typed. As Lauren continued to urge Paul to go with her to Bardwell's office, Paul's cell phone rang.

Michael was at Bardwell's office and offered to tell him what happened the night that Tom was arrested, and started to hand Bardwell an envelope with the evidence that Michael said would prove it. When Michael said he wanted some guarantees before he handed over the envelope, Bardwell said he didn't make deals.

In the hallway outside of Bardwell's office, Ashley asked John if he was sure he wanted to confess, and John said he was never more sure of anything in his life.

Back inside Bardwell's office, just as Michael was about to hand the envelope to Bardwell, John knocked at the door and told Bardwell he needed to see him right away. Michael put the envelope back in his pocket. John told Bardwell that Ashley was there to retract her previous confession and back his admission that he shot Tom. Ashley said she confessed to protect John. Bardwell said that without any hard evidence he wasn't going to arrest John demanded a lie detector test. When Bardwell refused, John threatened to have one done privately and then show the world that Bardwell was being unfair to Ashley. Bardwell changed his mind and had his secretary set up the test immediately.

While John was being tested, Ashley and Michael had a talk out in the hallway. He told Ashley that he was there to confess -- that he had an affidavit from the clerk who had sold him the medication that was used to manufacture methamphetamine -- that that was the only way he could destroy Bardwell's argument that Ashley had a motive to kill Tom. Michael said that if Bardwell didn't accept the test results he would do what he had to do -- that one way or another he was going to make sure that Ashley didn't go to prison.

After the test was finished, Bardwell told Michael, Ashley, and John that the test confirmed that John was telling the truth, but that with the absence of hard evidence, he still wasn't going to arrest John, as the polygraph was inadmissible. At that moment, Paul and Lauren rushed in and Paul said it sounded like he was just in time -- that he had exactly what Bardwell was looking for.

At the Athletic Club, Lily and Daniel were passionately kissing and telling each other how much they loved and missed each other. Daniel told her how glad he was that she told him about the second letter he had written. They agreed to keep up the deception that they were no longer dating. They agreed that they couldn't trust Devon. They decided to leave separately before they were missed. As Daniel left, Colleen came out of hiding -- she had seen the whole scene but assured Lily that she wouldn't rat her out. Lily asked Colleen if she would "fake" dating Daniel to throw Neil and Dru off track, but Colleen said no -- although she said she was rooting for Lily and Daniel and they left.

At Crimson Lights, Sierra gave Devon a hard time about him not having given Daniel the second letter from Lily, and because of that now they'd broken up. She told Devon that he needed to admit how he felt about Lily.

Mac thought that J.T. forgot about Valentine's Day coming up -- she said she considered it their first anniversary since he took her out just after Colleen left town. J.T. assured her that he hadn't forgotten. Mac told J.T. that they should plan something special.

A few minutes later, Daniel caught J.T. looking at a woman's magazine and teased him about it -- J.T. told him he was trying to get an idea of what to buy Mac for Valentine's Day. Daniel suggested a diamond ring, but J.T. didn't appreciate Daniel's input.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Devon saw Lily come in and apologized again for not giving Daniel the second letter, saying that he didn't want to go against Neil and Dru's wishes. Lily told him never to do anything like that again. Devon asked Lily what she was doing for Valentine's Day -- he wondered if they could hang out together. Lily was about to say no but when she looked inside and saw Daniel smiling at her she told Devon she would hang out with him. Daniel continued to tease J.T. about his gift for Mac, telling J.T. that if he didn't get the right gift for her he would be sorry. J.T. told Daniel to leave it alone, and then kissed Mac goodbye. When Mac asked where he was going, he said that he needed to have some secrets too.

At the Athletic Club, Nick joined Sharon, who wanted to know about their plans for Valentine's Day. He told her that whatever she decided would be fine, but a disappointed Sharon told Nick that in the past he usually planned these things. Nick suggested the Colonnade Room, and Sharon agreed that would be fine. Nick had to leave quickly. Sharon saw Brad and sensed that something was bothering him. He informed her about he and Victoria calling off their engagement. Brad said he was going to do everything in his power to get Victoria to change her mind, and that he was going to talk to her right now. Brad left, and Sharon stood there, still looking disappointed.

At the Newman ranch Victoria told Nikki that she and Brad had broken off their engagement because Brad decided not to divorce Ashley. Nikki was shocked, and said that it showed where Brad's priorities lied. Victoria defended Brad and wondered if she overreacted. Nikki asked her to think things over for a few days before making a decision on whether to forgive Brad.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor told Phyllis that there was a non-compete clause in her Jabot contract. Phyllis said that she was an idiot for having trusted Jack. Victor said that at that moment his lawyers were fighting the injunction against Phyllis working on the wellness spa project. Phyllis asked if he and Nikki would continue with the idea if Jack got the injunction, and Victor implied that they would. When Victor asked if she and Jack were over, Phyllis said that when she got the knife out of her back she would see if she could forgive him. After asking why she would want to, Victor told her not to bother Jack now -- that so many things were going on with the Abbott family now. Phyllis thanked Victor for his advice.

Later, Victor was on the phone with his lawyers getting an update about the injunction when Nikki came to tell him the news about Victoria and Brad breaking the engagement. Victor was happy with the news, and also with the fact that Brad was sticking with Ashley through her ordeal. Nikki expressed her concern that Victoria might change her mind, but asked Victor to stay out of it, as Victoria might think that Victor was gloating if he got involved. Victor said he wasn't going to gloat -- that he was just going to point out some irrefutable facts.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria opened the door to Brad. He said if they truly loved each other they could make it work out. As they hugged, Victor showed up and said that Nikki was right -- that Victoria was reconsidering her decision to break off the engagement. When Brad told Victor it was between him and Victoria, Victor pointed out that if his engagement to Victoria was back on again, it could negatively affect Ashley's case. Victor said that the only place they could have privacy would be in the office, and that Brad should be running the company in the office. Brad told Victor that he loved Victoria, and where there was a will there was a way. He told Victoria he would see her when he got back from his business trip, and left. The phone started ringing as Victor and Victoria stared at each other.

At the Abbott House, Jill was complaining to Jack about how badly things were going at Jabot -- that some long time suppliers were nervous because John had been away from the company for so long, and because of the front page news about Ashley. Jill calmed down when Jack reminded her of the horrible things the Abbotts were going through, but Jill said that they needed John back as soon as possible, and that it wouldn't hurt to have Phyllis back there as well. Phyllis came in and apologized to Jack for being unsympathetic about John's plight earlier. She then asked Jack to drop his attempt to get the injunction. Jack got angry as he thought her visit was about them, not about the spas. Phyllis urged Jack to do something nice -- that it would come back to him. They began arguing and Jill told them to stop -- that neither of them would change their minds. Phyllis thanked Jill for reminding her that Jack was an unreasonable man and stormed out. Jack told Jill that he had to be tough with Phyllis and that she would come around -- that she knew how much he loved her. Jill said that something seemed different -- as if Phyllis had moved on. As Jill left, she ran into Victor, who came over to brag to Jack that he had just received a phone call that Jack's request for an injunction against Phyllis was denied. Victor left as an angry Jack closed the door.

Nick stopped by Phyllis' office and he wanted to know why she was so nervous. She told him about Jack and the injunction -- she didn't understand why Jack would destroy something she put so much time and energy into. Nick told her that he thought it would all work out and she and Nikki would make history. Phyllis gave Nick a Valentine's Day gift -- a Gameboy video game so he could practice and perhaps beat her some day. When he told her that he hadn't gotten her anything, she said that just having him in her life was present enough. Nick told her about his plans for dinner with Sharon at the Colonnade Room. Phyllis rushed Nick off -- saying that if he didn't leave soon she wouldn't be able to control herself.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

At Bardwell's office, Paul and Lauren have just rushed in with what Bardwell correctly guesses is new evidence in the Tom Fisher murder. Paul told Bardwell that he sent John's overcoat to a lab for testing, and although the DNA testing isn't back yet, the spot of blood on John's coat was Type A positive -- the same as Tom's. Bardwell asked to see John's drivers license and pointed out that John is also Type A positive and therefore the evidence proved nothing. Ashley hugged John as John insisted that the blood was Tom's and not his. They all told Bardwell that he was wrong -- that everything pointed to John being the murderer. Bardwell said he had heard so many versions of the story that he wouldn't be satisfied until he saw conclusive physical evidence, and asked them all to leave and not to return until the DNA results were in. As John left, he told Bardwell that he was playing this wrong. Bardwell replied that they would see when the DNA results came in.

Later, in the Abbott living room, John reminisced about his wonderful life -- his children, grandchildren and loving wife and how nothing could take that away from him. Ashley reminded John that they could take him away from them. John wanted to change the subject and asked about Abby. Ash told him that Abby went with Brad on his business trip -- Brad thought it would be good for Abby to get away from the situation for a while, although Abby missed exchanging Valentines with her classmates. Ashley expressed her wish that Abby could stay that age forever, and John empathized.

At the Winters' apartment, Devon asked Lily if she wanted to go to a Valentine's event at a skating rink, and she agreed. Dru and Neil came in with a better idea -- that they all go to the Valentine's Day party at the Athletic Club. Lily complained that she didn't have an outfit to wear, but Neil gave her a gift -- a charge card to cover a new outfit. Lily was thrilled, and Neil reminded her that all this depended on her staying away from Daniel.

At Crimson Lights, Mac gave Daniel a Valentine's Day gift -- but Daniel acted cynical and said that Valentine's Day was a scam created by greeting card companies and florists. He told Mac that when you had just broken up with someone it was the worst day of the year.

At the Fenmore Boutique, Colleen ran into J.T., who was picking out a Valentine's gift for Mac. Colleen reminded J.T. about how this brought back a lot of memories -- like last year when he sang for her and Shiloh saw him. Colleen wondered if she had been more mature if they would still be together. J.T. said that things happened for a reason and they weren't meant to be together. When Colleen questioned J.T.'s relationship with Mac, J.T. told her that they were happy. Colleen said she didn't see them as a couple -- she saw J.T. as "Laguna Beach" and Mac as "Little House on the Prairie." J.T. told Colleen that he and Mac had done some crazy things as he picked out a gift and told Colleen that he would see her around.

Lily came into the boutique and told Colleen she needed emergency help picking out an outfit for the party that night. Colleen told Lily she had a change of heart and agreed to pretend to be Daniel's girlfriend and go the party with him. Lily was thrilled and used Colleen's cell phone to call Daniel, who at first thought it was Colleen from the caller id. When he realized it was Lily they wished each other a Happy Valentine's Day. Lily informed Daniel that they could say that in person tonight at the Athletic Club dance, as Colleen had agreed to be his date for the evening. Although they knew there would be minimal interaction, at least they would be in the same place at the same time.

At the Athletic Club party, J.T. and Mac came in and Mac was happy with how romantic it all looked. She gave J.T. a gift -- a new MP3 player. J.T. gave Mac her gift -- the bracelet he had purchased earlier at the boutique. Mac was blown away by it and J.T. helped her put it on as he kissed Mac's hand.

The Winters family entered the party and took a table. Dru wanted to know why Lily was looking around -- Lily said she just thought people she knew might be there. Colleen and Daniel then came into the Club. Dru noticed and pointed them out to Neil. A few minutes later, Neil cornered Daniel and asked him what he was doing there. Daniel said he was there on a date with Colleen. Neil asked if Daniel knew that Lily would be there, and if he and Colleen were now dating. Daniel told Neil it was none of his business, but when Neil told him he was making it his business, Daniel said he didn't want any trouble and walked away. Dru cornered Colleen, who informed Dru that Daniel was her date, which Dru thought odd. Colleen walked away.

A few minutes later, Lily was at the bar ordering a drink when Daniel whispered into her ear that she looked great. Devon noticed, and after Daniel walked away he asked Lily what that was about. Lily said it was nothing, and when Devon asked if it bothered her that Daniel was there with Colleen, Lily replied that Daniel could be there with anyone he wanted to be with -- that she didn't care.

Colleen walked over to Mac and told her (snidely) how beautiful the bracelet that J.T. gave her was. Colleen said it was almost as nice as the necklace that J.T. pawned his guitar to get for her. Mac told Colleen that it was sad that she was so pathetically immature, and that she didn't like the way she was using Daniel, who still wasn't over Lily (meanwhile Lily is mouthing "I love you" to Daniel across the room.) Colleen said she wasn't using Daniel, and that she thought if Mac saw her and Daniel together that Mac would stop worrying about her and J.T. Mac told Colleen that she wasn't the least bit worried. Lily and Devon, Daniel and Colleen, and J.T. and Mac begin slow dancing. Colleen stared down Mac, while Daniel told Colleen that perhaps she was being a bit too convincing and asked her if there was something going on. Colleen said she was just trying to help out Lily. Lily and Daniel continued eying each other. J.T. and Mac decided to leave and while Mac went to get her coat, Colleen began talking to J.T. When Mac returned, Colleen commented that she was surprised that they were leaving so early. Mac told Colleen that they wanted quality time by themselves. As J.T. and Mac left, Colleen said to herself that Mac should enjoy it while she could.

Lauren took Michael to the now closed boutique. She told him that she was trying hard not to be mad at him, since he had come so close to wrecking their lives by trying to destroy Tom -- that that was the "old" Michael coming out. Lauren said how proud she was that Michael was willing to turn himself in in order to secure Ashley's freedom. Lauren then asked Michael to close his eyes and start singing Auld Lang Syne. Michael reluctantly did so, and Lauren came out of the back with a small Christmas tree, a New Years Eve tiara, and some Valentine's Day gifts. She reminded Michael that they had missed their first Christmas and New Years together, so she was making this evening a combined celebration, and that this was the day they were going to start the rest of their lives. Michael told Lauren he couldn't love her any more than he did at that moment. They kissed and got their "party" started.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria told Nikki that she wished she hadn't told Victor that her engagement to Brad was off. Nick and Sharon came in and Victoria told them about calling off the engagement. Victoria told them that she and Brad were still in limbo and she was glad Brad was out of town. Sharon didn't understand -- she thought that Brad and Victoria were so happy. Victoria explained that they were but because of the mess with Ashley they couldn't go public with their relationship without every tabloid reporting on it. Nikki suggested that they have a family Valentine's dinner at the ranch. Victoria told them they didn't need to change their plans for her but Nick said that he and Sharon just had a mellow evening planned and that she shouldn't be alone tonight. Nick remembered that he had to do something at the office but said he would be back in time for dinner as he left.

Victor came downstairs and handed Nikki a black bag filled with uncut diamonds for his "diamond in the rough." Nikki was moved to tears and Victor suggested that when the wellness spas were successfully launched she take them to a jeweler and have a one-of-a-kind piece made to celebrate the grand opening.

Nick stopped by Phyllis' office -- Phyllis was surprised to see him as she thought he and Sharon were going to the Colonnade Room. Nick told her that there was a change of plans -- they were going to have a family dinner at home for Victoria's sake. A deliveryman came in with a dozen roses and a box for Phyllis, who assumed they were from Nick. Nick told Phyllis they weren't from him. The flowers and gift (a toy hatchet) turned out to be from Jack, along with a note saying that he would like to "bury it" (the hatchet.) Nick said the whole thing was transparent -- that Jack was just doing this because his injunction against Phyllis was denied, and he didn't understand why Phyllis would cut Jack any slack. Phyllis defended Jack, saying that it was just a Valentine's Day gift and no big deal. Nick left to get back to his family as Phyllis told him she thought he was jealous. Nick smiled at her.

Back at the Newmans', Sharon was concerned that Nick hadn't returned yet. Just then Nick returned and said he wanted some time alone with Sharon before they sat down to eat. They went out on the terrace where he gave her tickets to Paris as a Valentine's Day gift. Sharon was excited and touched, and as she told Nick how much she loved him, she presented him with his gift -- tickets for the NCAA basketball Final Four, which she hoped they could make into a family trip with Noah. Nick was very excited, and they passionately kissed.

A deliveryman came by with flowers from Brad for Victoria -- Victoria read the card out loud -- "I'm not giving up -- Love, Brad." Sharon and Nick returned from the terrace and Sharon commented that it sure looked like Brad wanted to hang on to what they have. Victoria questioned what they have, and what they could have in the future.

Back at Phyllis' office, Jack showed up and Phyllis was honestly happy to see him. She told him how his gift made her laugh. They decided Valentine's Day was not a good time to be alone. Jack said he would always care about Phyllis, who had some chilled champagne to make a toast -- that her life was more interesting with Jack in it. Phyllis wanted to know if Jack would always be there for her. Jack said he would. They toasted to burying the hatchet, and wished each other a Happy Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jack came downstairs to find an irate Gloria, who'd just read on the front page of the business section that Jack's injunction against Phyllis and Nikki had been denied. She told Jack that his inability to manage things at Jabot would cause his father more stress. Jack's actions had caused public humiliation for the family and would never have been necessary if Jack had only been open to the wellness center project in the first place. Jack warned Gloria that she knew almost nothing about business, and fighting with him would also be stressful for John.

After both of them suffered a sleepless night, John and Ashley joined Gloria and Jack. Gloria lost what was left of her composure upon hearing that Ashley had recanted her confession and John had confessed. John said the D.A. hadn't believed him, but he'd taken a lie detector test that proved he was telling the truth. There was also physical evidence on his coat being tested by a lab that would prove to be Tom's blood. Gloria lashed out at Ashley, and Jack was upset, too. John said that until the two of them could start being more supportive of Ashley, he didn't want to talk to either of them. Ashley followed her father upstairs. Jack made a call to Phyllis and left. Gloria called the lab, pretended to be Paul's employee, and said she had to pick up John's coat right away. As she left the house, she vowed that she'd burn the lab down if that's what it took to protect John.

Nick and Phyllis met in her office. Her lunch date had just canceled, so the two of them agreed to get a room and meet for lunch. After Nick left, Phyllis went to the boutique to buy some lingerie. But while she was picking it out, Sharon came in and saw her. Phyllis let Sharon assume that she was buying the lingerie because she and Jack might be getting back together. Sharon was glad, because she thought they were a good couple and could work through their problems. Before Phyllis could go to meet Nick, she got the call from Jack. He was still upset about the scene at his house with John, Ashley, and Gloria. When he told her that he needed to see her, Phyllis agreed to meet him.

Sharon ran into Nick at the athletic club restaurant just after his business meeting had ended. She was surprised to see that he was looking at information on the wellness centers, and Nick said he was reconsidering her idea about the centers and Newman partnering on the project. Sharon thought it would be great if the entire family was working together on something. While they were talking, Nick got a call from Phyllis, but he let it go to voice mail. Sharon told him that she'd run into Phyllis, and judging by the lingerie Phyllis was buying, she and Jack were back together. After Sharon left to go back to work, Nick listened to Phyllis's message that she had to cancel their lunch because something had come up. Nick wondered aloud if it was something, or someone--namely, Jack.

Mac and J.T. had a talk at the loft about the way Colleen was behaving. J.T. assured her that he'd moved on from Colleen and was happy with her. Mac trusted him, but she wasn't as sure that Colleen had moved on. She'd made some insinuations to Mac the night before at the dance. J.T. said he'd be glad to talk to Colleen and straighten things out, because he didn't want Colleen to upset Mac any more.

When Mac got to Crimson Lights to relieve Kevin, he explained that Dylan would be taking care of the shop so she could finish inventory. Mac wasn't feeling well, but she agreed and went to the back, and Kevin prepared to leave.

Daniel and Colleen met at the coffee house, and Daniel begged her to help him meet Lily that morning. Colleen agreed to arrange it. After Daniel left, Colleen saw Kevin, who confronted her on the patio. Colleen said that she'd been watching him, and she still wasn't buying his so-called change. She blamed Kevin for everything her family was going through. Kevin said that he was upset about the Abbotts' troubles, and he wasn't going to keep trying to convince Colleen of that. If she wanted to hate him, that was fine with him.

At the Winters' house, Neil and Dru told Lily that one of the conditions the court had imposed was that she had to register in school immediately. Lily was fine with that but wondered where she could go since she'd been expelled from Walnut Grove. Devon suggested that she go to GCU, but Dru and Neil weren't too hot on that idea because Daniel was also in school there. Lily assured them that wouldn't be a problem, and Devon said he could keep his eye on Lily. They said they'd talk about it and get back to their daughter with their decision.

While they were talking, Lily got a call from Colleen to let her know that she'd set up a meeting between Lily and Daniel. Dru and Neil agreed that Lily could meet Colleen for breakfast, although Dru was curious about why Lily wasn't mad at Colleen for dating Daniel. Lily said that she wasn't going to let Daniel cause problems between her and her best friend. If Colleen wanted to date Daniel, that was her mistake.

After Neil and Dru left, Devon wanted to talk to Lily about the note he'd never given Daniel, but Lily said that was behind them. She got angry, however, when Devon gave her the note and she realized that he'd opened it and read it. She told him that he'd invaded her privacy and made him promise not to do that again. Then she tore up the note in front of him.

Daniel confided the truth to Gina that he and Lily hadn't really broken up; they just wanted everyone to think so. He got Gina's reluctant promise to help them see each other now and then at the athletic club restaurant. She tucked Daniel into a secluded area of the restaurant, and when Lily arrived, she led her to him and left them alone. Lily told Daniel about Devon and the note, then they talked about how happy they were to be able to see each other.

Mac told Dylan that she wasn't feeling well and had to go. After she left, J.T. showed up because she'd forgotten her daily planner, so he was bringing it to her. When he found out she'd gone home sick, J.T. started to leave, but Colleen stopped him. She didn't understand why J.T. was being so cold to her, and he told her that he didn't particularly want to see her.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dru and Neil worry whether they should trust Lily to stay away from Daniel now that she is home, since it could get her in trouble with the courts again. Dru wonders if Lily is really out with Colleen right now. At the G.C.A.C, Lily and Daniel are kissing and catching each other up on their lives. Dru enters, looking for Lily, but just misses catching them together. Colleen enters, and Dru asks Colleen where Lily is. Colleen lies that Lily's in the bathroom, and just as Dru is leaving runs into Daniel. Colleen saves Lily again, pretending to be thrilled to see him, and kissing him. J.T. tells Colleen that she needs to accept the fact that he is with Mac now. She says that she's accepted that, but is having a hard time dealing with the one-woman man he's now become. Kevin tries to take care of a sick Mac, but only ends up making her upset by bad-mouthing J.T. They both apologize to one another, and Mac reminds him what a great friend he is to her. Paul becomes explosive when Ashley suggests that she's sorry she let her father come clean to the D.A, but calms down when Ashley admits that she's glad to have her life back. She thanks him for sticking by her side and they kiss passionately. Gloria tells John that she is burning his coat so that he will never be convicted, but he rushes to the fireplace to pull it out, furious with Gloria. At the club, Phyllis is stunned when Jack reveals that John killed Tom, and there is a good chance he'll be convicted. He says that this does not bode well for the image of Jabot, and blames the whole mess on Gloria's presence in their lives. Phyllis comforts him, telling him what a strong person he is. Nick enters and is stung when he sees Phyllis and Jack seemingly back together. Nick enters Phyllis's office and admits that he was a little jealous when he saw her with Jack. They both become emotional, realizing how much chemistry they have together. Suddenly Neil knocks on the door.

Friday, February 17, 2006

J.T. and Victoria talked at Crimson Lights. She told him things were off with Brad because of the situation with Ashley. She was upset and resented Ashley, but she felt she had no choice. J.T. said he was doing all right. He liked his job, and he was happy with Mac. Some of his friends weren't very supportive of his relationship, however. Victoria suggested that it might be time for J.T. to get some different friends. She was grateful for the way that she could always talk to him honestly about her own life.

With a little help from Gina, Daniel and Colleen convinced Dru that they were at the athletic club together. After the couple walked out, Lily came in and accused Dru of not trusting her. Drucilla said it sure seemed like Daniel had moved on. After she left, Colleen came out of hiding and told Lily that Daniel had sneaked out through the kitchen. Lily thought Colleen might be going a little far by her public kiss with Daniel, and Colleen assured her that she was still interested in J.T. Lily wondered where that left Mac, and Colleen said J.T. didn't really love Mac. They were only playing house, and J.T.'s eyes didn't light up with Mac the way they had when he was with her.

Having been told by Kevin that Mac was feeling sick, Katherine showed up at the loft to visit her granddaughter and bring her a container of Esther's chicken soup. Mac told her that she didn't have the flu. She'd taken a home pregnancy test and it was positive. She didn't know how she felt about that. She was just starting her business with Kevin, and she didn't want to pressure J.T. with an unplanned pregnancy. Katherine told Mac that J.T. had the right to know the truth. After Katherine left, J.T. came home. Mac tried to tell him about the pregnancy test, but he had to run back to the office first to pick up something.

Jill and Jack met at the athletic club. Jill wanted him to sign off on a press release saying that John's return to Jabot was imminent. Jack said he couldn't do that. Thanks to Gloria Fisher, his family's life was more screwed up than ever. John might not be coming back to work. Jack, however, was going to take over and make himself the public liaison between Jabot and all of their distributors. Jill was relieved to hear that Jack was going to take action to reverse the decline of the company's fortunes.

At the Abbott house, Gloria told a disbelieving John and Ashley that she'd burned John's coat in the fireplace. She was going to remove any evidence that would support John's confession. When Michael arrived, he lashed out at his mother for what she'd done, but Ashley was more sympathetic than John and Michael were. As they all fought about it, Paul showed up. Gloria's attempts had been futile, because the lab had already done the test. There was now DNA evidence linking John to Tom Fisher on the night Tom had been shot.

As the arguments and recriminations continued to rage at the Abbott house, John called the D.A. and asked him to come over. When Bardwell got there and saw Paul's proof from the lab report, he told them how much he'd been putting together. Michael had known his stepfather was in town long before anyone else had. Tom had been blackmailing Gloria. Paul had given John the gun that shot Tom. And Ashley wasn't as innocent as she'd been pretending to be. Therefore, he was going to arrest John for shooting Tom, but he was also going to arrest Ashley for obstruction of justice and other charges.

Jack came into the Abbott house with a policeman hot on his heels. He was just in time to see his father and Ashley get arrested. As his sister and John were taken away, with Michael and Paul going along, John told Jack it was his responsibility to take care of Gloria. Jack was furious with Gloria as she broke down and sobbed in his arms.

Neil overheard Phyllis and Nick arguing about their relationship, but he believed their explanation that they'd been disagreeing about something work-related. Neil thought maybe it had something to do with the wellness centers, but Nick insisted that it was about the Jabot web site. Neil talked Nick into going to lunch with him so that Nick could cool off. While they were eating, Neil told Nick that he thought a partnership between the wellness centers and Newman would be a great idea. Not only would he like to be part of it, but he thought Nick could be a huge asset, as well.

Daniel went by to see Phyllis and let her know he wasn't going to be home for dinner. Phyllis asked if he was seeing Colleen, and Daniel told her that they were going out, but only as friends. Phyllis said that sometimes the best relationships began as friendships. Daniel left just as Nick arrived. Phyllis reminded Nick that they'd promised this was only a physical relationship. Nick agreed that it had begun that way, but it no longer was for him. He was falling for her.

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