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Monday, February 27, 2006

In the courtroom, the Abbott family, Michael, and Victor were still reeling from Judge Borden's decision to sentence John to 7 years in prison. Jack asked Michael why the judge sentenced John to the state penitentiary rather than a minimum security facility -- Michael went to talk to the judge. Victor told Ashley that he would do anything in his power to help John -- Ashley told Victor that perhaps there was something he could do -- and she was very mysterious about it. Victor expressed his sympathy to John, and as he left he told Ashley to call him. John was upbeat while his family was upset. Michael returned to tell them that he reminded the judge that the DA had recommended a minimum security facility and the judge was changing the order. John told Gloria he wanted to go back to the house with Colleen, and that she should ride back with Jack and Ashley. Colleen and John left. As Michael started to leave, Jack stopped him to tell him that he had blown the case. Jack argued with Michael and Gloria -- Ashley intervened and asked Michael if there would be any last minute miracles that could save John from going to jail. He said there weren't, and that he wasn't sure how much of the sentence John would actually have to serve. When Michael and Gloria left, Ashley told Jack they needed to put Plan B into action, and Jack agreed.

Later, at the Abbott House, as Colleen and Gloria went to make John a snack, Jack expressed his contempt for Gloria. Ashley told Jack not to worry about her. Jack took a mysterious call on his cell phone, saying "all set -- not one minute more" and told Ashley that Plan B was officially in motion. Colleen returned and said that even though John was outwardly okay, she knew that he was dying inside. Jack told Colleen to go upstairs and rest in preparation for Traci's visit, and that he would tell her if anything important happened.

Later, Gloria told John that she was worried about his children turning on her once he is gone. John assured her that no one was going to turn on her -- that his children promised they would deal with this as a family and that she was part of the family. They expressed their love for each other.

Ashley and Jack returned. Jack said they had a green light in 20 minutes, and that the cars were ready. John entered the living room and saw Jack with John's overcoat and a hat. When John said he was not leaving yet, and asked what was going on, Ashley said there had been a miscarriage of justice calling for extreme measures, and that he was leaving the country tonight. Gloria came downstairs. When John reminded them that he surrendered his passport, Jack told him they had top-notch fakes made. Jack revealed the plan -- there was a rental car in the back and John's car was in the front -- Jack would act as a decoy for the reporters camped out by wearing John's overcoat and hat while Ashley would drive the rental car, with John hiding in the back seat and she would take him to Toronto where he was booked on a morning flight to Ireland, which doesn't have an extradition treaty with the U.S. When Gloria asked what this meant, Ashley said it meant John could live the rest of his life as a free man, and told Gloria she would have plenty of time with John later. Gloria looked shocked as Ashley and Jack started to get things moving.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki was shocked when she learned from Victor about John's sentence. He told her about Ashley's mysterious remark that he may still be able to help John, that he didn't know of any strings that he could pull, and that Ashley had been very secretive. Nikki implored Victor not to get involved in any scheme of Ashley's -- that she often made bad choices, and that he had his own family to worry about -- that although Sharon and Nick seemed to be on the right track, she was worried about Victoria.

Michael arrived angrily back at his condo, and told Lauren about John's sentence. When Michael apologized to her, she asked why, and told him not to make things more complicated -- that he had to let things go, and that although it upset her that John was going to prison, John had pulled the trigger -- not Michael. Later, Michael came from the bathroom after taking a relaxing hot shower. They expressed their love for each other, with Michael telling her that he didn't deserve her, and embraced and kissed.

Daniel and Lily were on the Crimson Lights patio discussing the Abbott's terrible situation, and Daniel gently touched Lily's face. Devon saw this as he came onto the patio and Lily immediately began a (fake) scene, yelling at Daniel never to touch her again. Daniel played along with the charade. Devon went after Daniel and just as they were about to begin fighting, Neil and Dru entered and Neil broke them up. Neil told Daniel he'd better watch it as Daniel left. Devon told Neil and Dru that Daniel was hassling Lily -- and when Neil reminded Devon that he wasn't supposed to be getting into any fights, Devon said he only went after Daniel to protect Lily. Dru left to have a "serious" talk with Daniel. Lily told Devon it was sweet of him to stick up for her. Devon left, leaving Neil and Lily together to talk over a cup of coffee. Neil asked about her social life, and mentioned that perhaps Devon could show her around town again. Lily told him it would be uncool for her foster brother to do that. Neil told her how happy he was that she was home, but looked at her suspiciously as he said that they now all knew what secrets could do to tear up a family. Lily said there would be no more secrets. Later, Neil took her to Fenmore's Boutique to buy her something to cheer her up. Lily protested, but Neil insisted, placed a cap on her head and told her how cute she looked.

Dru showed up at Daniel's apartment and reminded him that he and her daughter were going in different directions and that Lily wasn't interested in him anyway. She told him there were "oodles" of girls who would be happy to date him. Daniel apologized, saying he was out of line, and that it was hard for him to let go. Dru told him that was his problem -- not hers and not Lily's.

At Sharon and Nick's, Nikki came in looking for Nick, and Sharon heard her and came into the living room. Sharon told her that the highway was cleared and that Nick was on his way home, and that she was preparing an anniversary dinner instead of going to the Colonnade Room, as Nick would probably rather relax at home, having had a rough couple of days. At the front door, Nick thought to himself, "I've got to tell her about Phyllis, but how?"

Nick entered and as he prepared to talk seriously to Sharon, Nikki came out of the kitchen, interrupting the moment. Nikki left after congratulating them on 10 years of marriage, which she said was quite an accomplishment in this day and age.

Sharon thought Nick might be angry that she found her anniversary gift, the hybrid SUV, in the Newman garage, and insisted that they go for a drive around the lake before dinner. When they returned, Sharon asked Nick if it was okay that they were staying home tonight and Nick said of course it was, that he wanted to be alone with her tonight. They reminisced about the first gift he gave to her -- their house. She told him that Noah was at basketball practice, but that she could probably arrange for him to be invited to a friend's to spend the night, so they could be alone.

As Sharon got the table ready for dinner, Nick came downstairs and looked at her, thinking that there was something wrong with him. Sharon asked him if he was all right, and Nick said he was fine. She said that she thought they were back on the right track again -- that Nick was smiling and was almost his old self, he played with Noah again, and knew it was okay to be happy in spite of Cassie's death. He told her that these 10 years had been the best in his life because of her -- but that there was something wrong with him -- something was missing. Sharon looked upset and asked Nick if there was another woman. As she demanded an answer, Nick came back to reality and we saw that his conversation with Sharon was a fantasy.

As he came out of his fantasy, Sharon told him that dinner was just about ready. When Nick asked if they could sit down first, Sharon seemed to sense that something might be wrong. He told her how beautiful she was, and (like in his fantasy) the last 10 years had been the best in his life -- but he needed to tell her something. Sharon told him he was doing great so far -- and he should just go ahead and say what he had to say.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

At Crimson Lights, Katherine asked Mac if she had told J.T. about her pregnancy yet. When Mac protested that she wasn't ready, Katherine told her that if they loved each other then J.T. had a right to know right now.

At the loft apartment, Kevin was on his way out as J.T. came in. He told J.T. he was going to the Abbott's to see if could help out, and told him about John's sentence. Kevin explained to J.T. that Michael had done his best, but that John wanted a different plea than Michael had arranged. When J.T. remarked that Colleen must be devastated, Kevin invited J.T. to come along with him, J.T. said that it was a family thing and that he didn't want to intrude, but to send his best wishes to her. Kevin left.

At the Abbott's, Jack again told John about the plan to smuggle him to Ireland -- that Jack would disguise himself as John to divert the media, and that John and Ashley would drive over the border to Toronto where John would take a flight to Ireland, which doesn't have an extradition treaty with the United States. Gloria urged John to go -- that she would join him and they could start a new life together. Ashley and Jack urged John to leave. Colleen came downstairs and also told John to go. When John asked Gloria if life on the run was worth living, Gloria said that with him it was. John rejected going along with the plan, and wanted to pay the price for having killed a man, even after Gloria reminded him of what a terrible man Tom was. John asked Colleen to help him prepare and they left for the study. Gloria then blamed Jack and Ashley for not letting her in on the plan sooner -- she said that if she had had more time to talk to John about it then he most probably would have agreed to it. They began to argue, with Gloria blaming the two of them for what happened to John, telling them they had messed up everything from the beginning. Jack told Gloria to get out of his sight or he might say something he would regret. She told him to say whatever he liked, but that she was going to pack a bag for John, and she left. Jack told Ashley he wanted to toss her out on her ear, Ashley agreed but reminded him of how much she means to John.

In the Abbott study, John and Colleen were packing things as Gloria came in with a bag for John. Gloria told John that she had left enough room for books and mementoes -- but by the look on John's face she realized that John could only bring a minimal amount of personal effects with him. John told her the material things didn't matter -- that what mattered was what was in his mind and in his heart.

Kevin arrived in the Abbott living room, telling Ashley he stopped by to see if there was anything he could do. Colleen came back in from the study and told them that John was trying to stay strong but she could see how much this all hurt him. She went upstairs to be alone. Jack told Kevin there was no need for him to be here as this time was for family. Gloria returned from the study and told Jack that Kevin was family, which angered Jack. John asked Jack to join him in the study.

In the study, John told Jack that everything was in order with his will and his trust documents. He also told Jack that he was counting on him to take care of things while he was gone, and what a rock he had been for him through all of this -- and that he couldn't be more proud of Jack than he was now. John and Jack tearfully embraced as John said they would get through this, told Jack how much he loved him, and how much he was going to miss him.

Back in the living room, John suggested take out from the Athletic Club. Jack said he would take care of that. Ashley went to check on Colleen and Gloria left. John told Kevin he wanted a private word with him before he left. He told Kevin that he would be away for a long time, and due to the tension between Gloria and his children he wanted Kevin to keep an eye on Gloria and keep him informed of any problems, as Kevin was the only person he trusted as far as Gloria was concerned. Kevin agreed, and he left, passing Katherine on his way out.

Katherine and John spent a few moments together saying goodbye. Katherine told John that she had put some sparkling water on ice to celebrate his release, and they agreed that it was a date. They discussed how much their friendship meant to each other. They embraced, said goodbye, and John saw her out.

Later, Ashley and John were looking over some family pictures -- he saw one of Ashley at a tennis tournament that meant a lot to both of them. Ashley broke down and started to cry, as they expressed their mutual love and how much they would miss each other. John told Ashley they would get through this as a family.

Jack and Gloria arrived together at the Athletic Club to make their take-out order. Jack asked why she really wanted to go along and Gloria said she wanted to talk to Jack about a truce, as it would mean a lot to John if he knew they were getting along while he was in prison -- that they should settle their differences. Jack told her that the day John met her was the worst day in John's life, so he didn't know how they could possibly settle their differences.

Phyllis came into the Athletic Club, running into Michael, and remembered Nick telling her that he couldn't go on like this -- that he had to do something. Michael noticed the look on her face and asked her what she was up to -- she said nothing was going on. He told Phyllis about John's sentencing and Phyllis was shocked. The waiter brought out Michael's take-out order and Michael assured Phyllis he would figure out what was going on with her -- why she had a big smile on her face.

At Sharon and Nick's, Nick was telling Sharon how the last 10 years of his life had been the best, but that he needed to tell her something. Just as he was about to, the phone rings -- it was Daniel telling them that Noah was injured during basketball practice and they should come to the emergency room right away. They quickly leave. When they arrive at the emergency room they find Daniel, who told them what happened at practice -- Noah had fallen and hit his head and the paramedics put a neck brace on him. Daniel blamed himself, but Nick and Sharon reassured him that it wasn't his fault, and there was no need for him to stay -- they would call him when they got news about Noah's condition. Daniel left and later received a phone call from Phyllis telling him that she was finishing up some work, and would meet him at home later. Daniel told Phyllis about Noah's accident. After they hung up, Phyllis stared at her phone thinking about making a call, but then flipped the phone shut.

At the hospital, Dr. Walker told Sharon and Nick that Noah was most likely going to be okay -- that he had what they thought was just a mild concussion, but they needed to wait on the MRI results to make sure.

Sharon and Nick were sitting by Noah's bedside when Dr. Walker came in with the good news -- the MRI confirmed that Noah's concussion was minor. He asked for a moment alone to examine Noah. In the hallway, Sharon and Nick expressed their relief -- after what happened to Cassie, Sharon was afraid that their lives might be ripped apart again. Sharon then asked Nick what he was about to tell her when Daniel called them. Nick looked up and saw Phyllis standing just a few feet away.

At Fenmore's Boutique, Lily was trying on various outfits -- she reluctantly showed Neil one blouse she picked out but Neil said it was too low cut -- that she should be dressing like a model student. Later, Lily came out in a dress that Neil had recommended and Lily agreed it looked great on her. The dress reminded Neil of one that he saw her wearing in a picture of her by the Eiffel Tower. Lily mentioned that she got that dress from Malcolm, who was living with Lily and Dru then. Lily then realized that she might have hit a nerve for mentioning that, and apologized to Neil. Neil told her not to worry about it -- that it was ancient history. She told him she liked the way things were now, being together with him and Dru. Lily and Neil decided to go get some coffee, as they didn't want their lovely time together to end.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Neil told Lily that Devon was gone on an overnight trip with a school club. He then got a phone call from Dru asking for help with a late night conference call. Lily noticed Daniel at the counter. Neil told Lily he had to leave to help Dru, and that they probably wouldn't be back home until at least midnight. They told each other how much the day together had meant, and Neil left. Lily went over to Daniel and asked him what was wrong -- she could tell something was bothering him. He told her about what happened with Noah and that it was too much like what happened with Cassie. Lily suggested that they talk someplace more privately -- they could go to her apartment, as Neil and Dru were working late and Devon was gone. They agree to leave separately for the Winters' apartment to avert suspicion.

Back at the loft, Mac returned looking dizzy and exhausted. She was pleased that J.T. had purchased a movie that she really wanted to see and had picked up some take out Thai food. While they were cuddling on the sofa, eating and watching the movie, Kevin returned from the Abbott's, and told them that everyone there was taking the news of John's sentence very hard, but that he didn't have time to give Colleen J.T.'s message. When Kevin told J.T. that Colleen was taking it particularly badly, J.T. wondered if the "stalker" was bothering her again. Mac told J.T. it was okay to go to see Colleen to make sure she was okay. When J.T. left, Mac was angry with Kevin -- it seemed to her like he was trying to get J.T. and Colleen together. Kevin protested, saying he just told J.T. that Colleen was upset. Mac suddenly had a pain and left for the bathroom. She returned and apologized to Kevin for snapping at him. Kevin said he was concerned about her and offered to make some ginger tea to settle her stomach. Mac said that it wasn't morning sickness and then doubled over in agony. A frantic Kevin asked her if she was okay, but she was in so much pain she couldn't reply.

Colleen was alone in the Abbott living room when the doorbell rang. She answered it to J.T., who expressed his sorrow about John's sentence. Colleen said she was sorry too -- that John was a wonderful man and didn't deserve this. J.T. took Colleen in his arms and embraced her.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Victor watched from a distance as Gloria and Jack argued at the athletic club while Jack was picking up food. Gloria was sure that Jack and Ashley would do everything in their power to get rid of her, and she threatened to tell John how Jack was treating her. Jack said that all of John's problems had started with Gloria's lies, and he wasn't surprised she'd waste his father's last few minutes at home making everything about her. She never thought of anyone but herself.

At the Abbott house, John spoke privately to Jill, telling her not to let Billy come home and disrupt his life. Jill said that John had to let people make their own decisions about how they wanted to react to what was happening to him. She promised to visit him often in prison and made him laugh by saying she'd bake him a cake and put a hacksaw in it.

Later, Jill seemed a little curious about J.T.'s presence at the Abbott house, and J.T. said he'd been worried about Colleen, who'd recently been stalked by a tabloid photographer. But eventually, J.T. left so that John could be alone with his family. Colleen was happy when her mother Traci arrived.

Brad brought Abby to say goodbye to her grandfather. Brad and John shared an emotional farewell, then Brad left Abby there with Ashley. After Jack and Gloria came back, John stood watching his family, remembering different moments he'd shared with his children, Jack, Ashley, and Traci. Then he thought about Jill when Billy was born, and finally he thought back to moments he'd shared with Gloria.

The family was surprised when Victor showed up and asked to see John alone. When they went into John's study, Victor said that he was concerned about what would happen to Gloria after John was taken to prison. Later, Victor came out and told Gloria to give John a few minutes. When Gloria finally joined him, John gave her an envelope to be opened after he was gone. Gloria and John then joined the others. John told his family he had no bitterness about anything, and he didn't want them to, either. While Jill, Jack, Ashley, Traci, Colleen, and Abby cried, John hugged Gloria and left. Gloria turned around and exchanged a hostile look with Jack.

Brad went to the athletic club to see Victoria. She told him she thought what was happening to John was tragic. But Brad wanted to talk about their future. Ashley had agreed to an immediate divorce, and Brad was going to try to get the judge to waive the waiting period so he and Victoria could get married as soon as possible. But Victoria told him that even though she knew he loved her, she didn't have the feelings she should have before she could say yes. So she was turning down his proposal.

Sharon was surprised when Phyllis came to the hospital after Noah's accident. Phyllis said that Daniel had told her what happened. Sharon said no one was blaming him. Later, the doctor gave Noah a release to go home. While Nick finished the paperwork, Sharon took Noah to the car. Phyllis told Nick that she understood that Noah needed him, and Nick agreed. Phyllis then realized that Nick was ending things between them. Nick said they'd known this day would come, and Phyllis pretended not to be as affected as she was. After Nick left, Phyllis began to cry.

Kevin rushed Mac to the hospital because she was having cramps. Dr. Walker was going to do an ultrasound, but before he could, Mac was again bent double with cramps. Kevin and the doctor helped her to a room. Later, Mac came out and told Kevin that she'd lost the baby. Kevin took her home, commenting on how J.T. hadn't been there. Mac said J.T. hadn't known; it wasn't his fault. Mac at first pretended to regard the miscarriage stoically, but when Kevin acknowledged that she had lost something, Mac broke down in his arms.

Drucilla and Neil were at the office, talking about the future years when Lily would be away at college and how things would be for them then. When their conference call was canceled, Neil said he was going to stay and work for a while. Dru said she was going to take advantage of the time and spend it with Lily.

Daniel wasn't comfortable about being in the Winters' apartment, and he talked Lily into going skating with him. But after he left to get his skates, Dru came home. Lily tried to get out of there before Daniel came back, but when Daniel showed up and knocked on the door, Dru opened it and jerked him inside, threatening to call the police. She told Daniel that if he didn't leave Lily alone, they'd get a restraining order against him and send Lily away to school again. Daniel agreed not to bother Lily anymore and left. When Lily asked Dru if she'd really send her away again, Dru warned Lily not to put her parents in that position.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Jack thanks Phyllis for her support, and then invites her over tonight but Phyllis is wary to jump back in to a relationship with him. Gloria takes out the letter that John gave her and becomes emotional when she reads it. Jack enters and threatens Gloria, saying that since John is no longer around, he's not going to pretend to like her anymore. Gloria retaliates, saying that John gave her his proxy for Jabot. Jack is furious, and Gloria says that she's going to learn everything she needs to about running a company. Mac wakes up late and snaps at J.T. when he teases her about it. J.T. answers the phone after Mac has gotten in the shower, and is surprised to hear that it's the doctor's office, wanting to ask Mac a few follow-up questions. J.T. confronts Mac, and she reluctantly tells him that she went to the hospital last night because she was pregnant. J.T. is stunned, but Mac tells him that she lost the baby. Daniel calls Noah to check up on him, and Sharon tells Daniel that she'd like to have him and Phyllis over for dinner again soon, as a way to say thanks to Daniel for helping out with Noah's basketball team. Nick feels uncomfortable with this and brings up the family trip to Paris. Later, when Noah is asleep, Sharon tells Nick to go to the gym for a while so that she can set something up at home. At her apartment, Phyllis tells Daniel how proud she is of him. He states that she shouldn't be—he is still together with Lily. Lily arrives and Daniel reveals that Phyllis knows about their relationship. Lily wishes that she could tell her mother the truth. Dru and Phyllis get into a heated argument on the morals of their children. Phyllis tells Dru that if she tries to mess with Daniel, she will let Neil know that Lily isn't his biological daughter. Lily comes down the hall, overhears the conversation, and is devastated.

Friday, March 3, 2006

Jill went to the Abbott house in response to a call from Jack. Jack told her that Gloria was likely to turn into a threat, so he and Jill needed to maintain a united front. Jill couldn't understand how Gloria could affect them, and Jack told her that John had signed over his proxy to Gloria. He had no doubt that Gloria planned to thwart any ideas or suggestions that he made. Jill couldn't believe John did that, but she reminded Jack that it didn't give Gloria a lot of power. Jack agreed, but pointed out all the damage Gloria could do by making things difficult for them or calling the press. Jill agreed that they needed to deal with Gloria.

Phyllis warned Drucilla that if she kept harassing Daniel, Phyllis would tell Lily and Neil the truth about Lily's paternity. Drucilla warned her not to ruin Lily's life, and Phyllis said it was up to Dru. If she laid off Daniel, Phyllis wouldn't say anything. Neither woman was aware that Lily was standing outside Drucilla's office door and heard their argument. As Phyllis left, she saw Lily and told her that her mother was alone if she wanted to see her. Lily pretended that she hadn't heard anything and said she was there to see her father, not her mother. But now there was someone else she needed to talk to. Phyllis warned her that if it was Daniel, she needed to tell her parents the truth before they found out another way. Lily left without making any promises.

Victoria interrupted the romantic evening Sharon was trying to have with Nick. She was there to check on Noah after his concussion, and Sharon asked her son to come downstairs. When Noah told his aunt that he wanted some peach cobbler, Sharon offered to pick some up at the athletic club restaurant. After Sharon left, Noah went upstairs, and Victoria told Nick that she'd broken up with Brad. Having to put their engagement on hold made her realize that she was moving too fast. She worried that she would never find another man who'd make her feel the way Ryan had. Nick told her not to give up; there would be someone else for her. Victoria said that was easy for Nick to say; he had Sharon. No matter what the two of them went through, they always found their way back to each other.

While Nick and Victoria were talking, Phyllis called Nick. He said it wasn't a good time to talk. Later, he started to call Phyllis back, then reminded himself that he shouldn't. What had happened between them was over. It had to be.

Phyllis went to see Jack, who was glad she'd changed her mind and come over. Phyllis admitted that she'd done something bad to Drucilla, hitting her below the belt. She was afraid Lily might have overheard. But she'd only been trying to protect her son. When she apologized for dumping her problems on Jack, he kissed her. After a few minutes, she led him upstairs. Later, she came down alone to get her wine, sat on the sofa, and began to cry as she thought about Nick.

J.T. was upset by Mac's news that she'd miscarried, but when he found out that Kevin had been with her at the hospital and had known before he did that Mac was pregnant, he was furious. He reminded her of how upset she'd been when he hadn't mentioned seeing Colleen. Mac was a hypocrite for keeping her pregnancy a secret from him, and it was even more upsetting that Kevin had known. Mac told him that sometimes it was easier to tell a friend things; she hadn't known how to tell J.T. her news. J.T. surmised that Mac had thought he'd walk out on her.

When Kevin came in, J.T. accused him of happily being there for Mac during this time. He felt like Kevin was just lying in wait for him to screw up so he could move in on Mac. Well, if Kevin wanted Mac, he could have her. Mac tried to stop J.T. as he walked out the door. Kevin told Mac that J.T. shouldn't have treated her that way, considering all that she was going through. Mac said she didn't blame J.T. for being angry with her. She told Kevin to go to bed; she was going to wait up for J.T.

Sharon ran into Brad at the athletic club. When she mentioned that she'd just seen Victoria, she wondered if they were taking a night off. Brad told her that Victoria had broken things off with him. Sharon asked if he'd be okay, and Brad said he would handle it. Brad wanted to know how she and Nick were doing, and Sharon said things finally seemed okay between them. Brad said he was happy for them. As Sharon got up to leave, Brad took her purse and handed it to her. As their hands brushed, they looked at each other for a moment, then Sharon turned to go home.

J.T. was drinking at the bar in the athletic club when Victoria came in. He admitted that he'd had a fight with Mac, and it might be something they couldn't patch up. Victoria had planned to work out, but J.T. talked her into having a drink with him. She told J.T. that her engagement to Brad was off. When she saw Brad sitting at a table with Sharon, she suggested that they have their drink somewhere else. J.T. went back to her place with her, and they did shots. After they talked for a while, Victoria stood to find them something to eat, but she stumbled and fell into J.T.'s arms. When she told him she was sorry, J.T. said he wasn't and began kissing her.

Daniel went to the Winters' house after getting a call from Lily. When he saw how upset she was and asked why, Lily told Daniel the truth about her paternity and her mother's lies. Daniel warned her to be careful about her reaction. She needed to take her time before she did anything. After Daniel left, Drucilla came home, and Lily confronted her mother with the truth. As they two of them argued, Neil came home and wanted to know what was going on.

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