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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 13, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, March 13, 2006

In Victoria's office, Victoria asked Nikki if everyone in town knew she spent the night with J.T. Nikki was shocked. Brad entered the office and Nikki left. Brad kissed Victoria and they discussed how happy they were that they were giving their relationship another chance. Victoria felt the need to be completely honest with Brad and told him that she had spent the night with someone else, but she didn't tell him who, even after he constantly prodded her. An upset Brad left, leaving Victoria alone in tears.

At Crimson Lights, Colleen tried to console a depressed J.T. -- she told him that she was sorry things didn't work out between him and Mac, but admitted that she never thought that J.T. and Mac were right together. J.T. got down on himself for screwing up all the good things in his life. Colleen told him she would be there if he ever wanted to talk and they hugged before J.T. left. Colleen told Lily about the break up, but Lily wasn't excited about the news, and told Colleen that her parents were going to send her back to boarding school. Lily said she wasn't going.

Later at Crimson Lights, Lily asked Daniel if she could stay with him and Phyllis, as she was not going back to either boarding school or her parents. When Daniel said that he didn't think Phyllis would go for it, Lily insisted that he talk her into it.

At the loft apartment, Kevin told Mac that they couldn't continue living with J.T. and that if she wanted to stay she should tell J.T. to leave. Mac asked Kevin to stay out of the situation, and that she was planning on leaving the apartment. J.T. returned to pick up his stuff but Mac told him he could stay -- that she would stay with Katherine. Mac sent Kevin off to pack up her DVDs. J.T. and Mac had a heart to heart talk -- he apologized for ruining things. Mac said that the fact that he slept with another woman couldn't be fixed. He asked Mac to leave some pictures of them together. J.T. hoped that one day they could be friends. An increasingly emotional Mac told him that she had to get out. They hugged and she left, as Kevin returned with the DVDs and glared at J.T.

At the Baldwins', Michael asked Lauren to cancel the dinner party they were having with Ashley and Paul because of his earlier fight with Ashley about Gloria's role at Jabot. Lauren said that it was too late to cancel, but Michael suggested that she call and tell them that they had Ebola Fever.

At the same time, at the Athletic Club, Ashley told Paul she wanted to cancel and came up with chicken pox as the excuse. Paul told her to lighten up -- and Ashley shuddered when Paul asked what was the worst that could happen?

At the Baldwins' dinner party, Ashley and Michael started arguing about Gloria's role at Jabot: Paul and Lauren intervened and discussed who was going to win the NCAA championships. As they ate, Lauren teased Paul about Mary's sauerkraut and ribs and asked Ashley if Mary had started to meddle in her life yet. Ashley wondered why Paul hadn't introduced him to his mother, thinking perhaps he wasn't telling her because of Ashley's recent situation. Sensing the tense moment, Lauren and Michael went to bring in the dessert. Later, as Paul and Ashley left, Paul told Lauren how much fun the dinner party was and that they should do it again soon. When they left, Michael acted as if he had just been through a horrible ordeal, and said that the best thing about that night was the fact that it was over and they were alone together, as he carried Lauren off to the bedroom.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki joined Gloria and Katherine. Gloria was thrilled to be with two of the most powerful women in Genoa City and asked Nikki what she needed to know to become the 'next Nikki Newman.' Gloria thought that she and Nikki's situations were similar, but Nikki disagreed. Nikki and Katherine passed looks at each other as Gloria continued to put her foot in her mouth, telling Nikki that she had bought her way into Jabot, while she (Gloria) got John's proxy. Gloria told them that she had been reading up on Jabot and Chancellor Industries, and told Katherine that she didn't know that she had "married" into her company. Nikki told Gloria that reading was no substitute for hands on experience. Gloria thought that Ashley might be helpful (she commented on how it would be interesting to see how cosmetics were made,) but that Jack might be a problem. Nikki suggested circumventing Jack, and Katherine agreed. Nikki told Gloria that another way of getting ahead was sucking up -- and it was obvious that Gloria had mastered that.

At the Winters apartment, Neil came in and asked Dru where Lily was. Dru lied and said that Lily was saying goodbye to her friends. Neil was angry with Dru for letting Lily leave, and when Dru tried to get Lily on her cell phone, Lily didn't answer -- Dru left to go look for her. Later, Devon came home and Neil asked if he knew that Lily and Daniel had been seeing each other. Devon was shocked to learn this, but disagreed with Neil's decision to send her back to boarding school -- he thought it would only make Lily more determined to be with Daniel -- that if he and Dru backed off, she would realize that Daniel wasn't all that special.

At Phyllis and Daniel's, Daniel asked Phyllis if Lily could stay with them. As Phyllis expressed her skepticism at the idea, Dru came by to look for Lily. The three of them started fighting, and Daniel really stood up to Dru about the fact that she had lied to Lily. Dru blamed Phyllis. Daniel blamed Dru. Phyllis threw Dru out, but not before Dru said that Daniel was disrespectful and she would turn over every rock to find her. After she was gone, Phyllis told Daniel that Lily could not stay with them -- that she was a minor, he was on probation, and if they were really in love they could stand another few months apart until Lily turned 18. Daniel said they would have to figure something else out.

At the Carlton's, Lily was with Colleen, who told her that running away would only make matters worse. Lily said that her father had left her no choice, and as long as she and Daniel were in town they would figure out a way to be together. When the doorbell rang, Lily hid as Colleen let Dru in. Dru was hostile to Colleen, saying that Colleen had to know where Lily was. When Lily heard Dru browbeating Colleen, she came in and told her to stop. As Dru and Lily nearly came to blows, Brad came in and demanded to know what was going on, and Colleen covered by saying that she had forgotten to call Dru to tell her that Lily was spending the night. Lily asked Brad if it was okay for her to stay -- Brad said it was fine as long as it was okay with Dru. Lily told Dru that if she let her spend the night there she would leave without a fight the next morning. Dru agreed, promised to be back bright and early, apologized to Brad, and left. Brad asked why Lily was being sent back to boarding school and learned it was because she was seeing Daniel again. Brad was surprised, as he thought Colleen and Daniel were dating, but Colleen again told him they were just friends. Lily said that at least Brad had eventually given J.T. a chance (when he started to see Colleen,) which is more than Neil had done with Daniel.

Later, Daniel and Lily were together at his place. He told her that Phyllis nixed the idea of her staying with them. Lily said she couldn't get on the plane tomorrow -- that they wouldn't be able to survive until she turned 18. Daniel said they had done it before and could do it again. Lily reluctantly agreed, and asked when Phyllis would be home. When Daniel said it would be a little while, Lily started kissing him.

Dru returned home to an angry Neil who didn't understand why she was suddenly letting Lily call all the shots. When he said she should have dragged Lily home, Dru said it didn't make any difference -- that she was leaving for New Hampshire tomorrow morning anyway. Neil apologized for being upset with her. Dru hoped they were making the right decision -- Neil insisted that they were.

Back at the Carltons', Colleen and Brad had a father-daughter talk. Colleen lied and told him that Lily had fallen asleep. Brad defended Neil's actions, saying that perhaps Neil just needed some time. Brad asked Colleen if she was with J.T. again, since J.T. and Mac had broken up. Colleen said that perhaps it would work out for her and J.T., as he was her first love. Brad warned her to take it slow, and asked why Mac and J.T. had broken up. Colleen told him they fought because J.T. had spent the whole night out. Brad said that he understood where Mac was coming from -- that once trust was lost, love wasn't enough to sustain a relationship.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis ordered a strong drink and sat next to Victoria, who was having a martini. Phyllis told Victoria that she might have broken her son's heart but that she did the right thing -- Victoria said she was re-examining her policy of being honest all the time. Phyllis said there was honesty -- but also sometimes what people didn't know wouldn't hurt them. When Victoria started to wax philosophical about Phyllis' comments, Phyllis just smiled and asked Victoria to pass the nuts.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dru, Neil, and Devon were having breakfast. When Neil asked where Lily was, Dru told him that she was having breakfast with Colleen, as her flight back to New Hampshire had been delayed until that evening. Devon questioned Neil's decision to send Lily back and thought perhaps they could come up with a way of punishing Lily without her having to leave. Neil said that they were way past that point -- that Lily had lied about her relationship with Daniel and had to pay the price. He became increasingly angrier and left to go to Brad's to get Lily.

At Brad's, Colleen left a message for J.T. asking him if he wanted to meet for coffee later that day. Brad asked how J.T. was doing -- Colleen said he was fine considering he had just broken up with Mac. Neil showed up to get Lily. When Colleen told him that Lily wasn't there, Neil accused her of possibly lying, but Brad reassured Neil that he had seen Lily that morning. Neil apologized to Colleen and asked her to tell Lily to come home if she saw her, then he left. Colleen told Brad how badly she felt for Lily -- that she just wanted to be with the guy she loved. When Brad said that the Winters disapproved of Daniel, Colleen wanted to know if he was on their side -- he said that he knew where they were coming from, although he admitted he had made a mistake by misjudging J.T. when she and J.T. started dating.

Neil returned home and he and Dru argued about Lily. He didn't understand Dru's change of attitude -- she used to want Lily and Daniel apart -- but things seemed different since the day he walked in on them arguing. He wondered why Dru was making it seem like he was the bad guy. She remembered what it was like to be a teenager and having a mother who didn't listen to, or understand her -- and how that eventually led to her living on the streets. Neil said he was hurting about the situation as well, but that the situation was Lily's fault -- not theirs. Later, Dru tried calling Lily but she wasn't answering. Neil started freaking out and Dru tried to calm him down -- saying that they should band together as a family before Lily left. Devon came into the living room and asked Dru and Neil if it was possible that Lily had already left for the airport -- as her suitcase was gone!!

At Phyllis and Daniel's, Phyllis wished a glum Daniel a good morning. She felt badly about the way things had turned out for him and Lily, and that she had spoken to Neil, who was hell bent on sending Lily back to boarding school. Daniel wondered why Neil hated him so much. Phyllis said that no matter what happened that Lily was a lucky girl to have a guy like him. When Daniel said that he couldn't believe that Dru didn't come through for them, Phyllis asked him if he understood why she couldn't let Lily stay with them. Daniel did, but wondered if there was some other solution, as Lily did not want to return to New Hampshire. Phyllis reminded Daniel of the adage that 'love conquers all' but Daniel said he wasn't sure he believed that any more. Daniel left to spend some time with Lily before school.

At the Athletic Club, Daniel delivered the bad news to Lily -- that Phyllis couldn't allow her to stay with them. A disappointed Lily suggested that she and Daniel run off somewhere. Daniel reminded her of how difficult it was being on the run -- that they had gone through that last summer. When Lily said she couldn't believe that Dru didn't come through for them, he said that perhaps she tried and couldn't -- but that she couldn't tell Neil that Malcolm was her real father, as that would destroy him. He told her to go home so they would know she was safe, but she said she didn't want to talk to either of them again. Daniel suggested another way -- that maybe they could get a place and live together. Lily asked what they would do about her parents. Daniel said he couldn't see her this miserable anymore and there was no way he was going to let her leave again. She said they would need to work on a plan today, and he said they needed to get on it. Lily hugged him and thanked him, telling him that he saved her life.

Later, Brad was remembering Victoria's confession that she slept with another guy during the time the two of them broke up. Colleen interrupted his reminiscing. He asked her if J.T. had returned her call -- he hadn't. Brad cautioned her to be careful with J.T. -- that he was just coming off a break-up. She reassured Brad that she just wanted to be a friend to him -- that she had hurt J.T. a lot when she left town and he wasn't ready to forgive her yet. Brad said that it was amazing what could be forgiven, and told her that he and Victoria had reconciled, although they still had some issues to resolve. Colleen asked if they were going to marry and Brad said that was the plan. A skeptical Colleen asked Brad if he was sure -- that Victoria seemed a little flighty to her, and wondered if Brad could trust her. Brad said that of course he could -- that he and Victoria both knew how important it was not to keep secrets. Colleen said in that case she was happy for him. Brad kissed her and left.

At Nick and Sharon's, Sharon yelled goodbye to Noah (who was on his way to school) and told Nick how excited Noah was about his basketball game later that day. Nick was disappointed that he couldn't make the game because of a meeting, but that Daniel was going to fill in for him -- he just needed to get the playbook to Daniel. Sharon volunteered to drop it off, but Nick said he would drop it off on his way to the office. Nick left quickly, without having any breakfast, and Sharon had a suspicious look on her face.

Brad showed up at Nick and Sharon's wanting further clarification on her earlier remarks that he should end his relationship with Victoria, and told her that Victoria had told him about her one-night stand. Sharon blurted out that the one-night stand was with J.T., which Brad didn't know, and he was shocked. Sharon felt badly that she told him but Brad was glad. Sharon didn't think Victoria had any real feelings for J.T. Brad was forgiving of Victoria, saying that he didn't have an exclusive claim on her after they broke up -- and that one had to learn to forgive when one was in a relationship. When Sharon said that Victoria and Brad were no longer in a relationship, Brad told her that they had reconciled, and although he wasn't happy about learning about Victoria's tryst, it took courage for her to tell him the truth. Sharon told Brad she didn't want him to get hurt and to keep his eyes open. Brad said they were open, but perhaps he would have been better off not knowing.

Gloria and Ashley met at Crimson Lights. Ashley told Gloria that she had an assignment for her to do for Jabot. Gloria asked if Jack knew about this -- Ash told her he didn't but that she really needed her help to analyze industry-wide sales figures for the sunscreen industry and note changes and trends -- that Jabot was finished testing their "miracle" cream and were ready to start the promotional phase and that Gloria would be supplying her with critical information. Gloria said she would get right on it as Paul joined them. Gloria left Paul and Ashley alone. Ashley presented Paul with a 'relationship starter kit' so that he could learn more about her -- it contained all of her favorites -- movies, books, music, potato chips -- and also a gift certificate for skydiving -- so they could experience that adventure together. Paul said he would do it under one condition -- that he be allowed to give her a box with his favorites. One step ahead of him, Ash gave him an empty box. Ashley realized she had an attitude problem at dinner with Lauren and Michael the previous night, but that spending time with them had been helpful for her. When Paul said that Lauren and Michael were good for each other, Ashley looked at him and said that was like two other people she knew -- as they took each other's hand.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor asked Victoria why she changed her mind and got back together with Brad. She said she acted too quickly breaking up, and that she still loved him. He told her that he didn't think Brad was right for her and that he wasn't the true love of her life. She said that Ryan was the true love of her life but that he died and that Brad was the man she wanted to be with now. Victor said that Brad was a user and a climber and he would never even try to support their relationship as he left.

Victoria called Brad's house to try to locate him -- Colleen answered the phone and told her he was at the office. Victoria said that no one had seen him and was about to hang up when Colleen told Victoria that she knew that she and Brad were back together -- and that she had better not hurt him this time -- that he deserved a woman who treated him right -- and that Victoria had a lot to prove. They hung up, leaving Victoria with a puzzled look on her face.

Victor joined Gloria at the Athletic Club. She congratulated him on the spa project and Victor reminded her that Jack had passed on it. Gloria agreed that Jack had made a major mistake by doing that and told Victor she was in the process of meeting the major Jabot stockholders. Victor told her that he owned stock but had nothing to do with the company's direction -- that was Jack's territory. He also told her that he was the one who suggested to John that John give her his proxy before he left for prison, as it would give her security. When Gloria commented that her having the proxy also annoyed the hell out of Jack, Victor said she was learning fast and told her that if she had any business questions not to hesitate getting in touch with him. Gloria told him about the project Ashley had given her -- Victor told her if she wanted to make progress not to rely on Jack's help -- that Jack would be of no assistance. Gloria thanked him, and as Victor was leaving he told her he thought their relationship could be mutually beneficial.

Nick went to Phyllis' to drop off the playbook for Noah's basketball team. Nick came in and they shared an awkward moment. They discussed the ending of their relationship -- Phyllis said she really didn't expect anything more as she had gotten involved with a married man. Nick was glad she didn't hate him. She said it was all crazy and they would take what happened to their graves. He thanked her for being so understanding. Phyllis told him his smile lit up the room -- Nick told her she made him smile. She said he should probably go, but as they were at the door their hands touched, they kissed passionately, and started to undress.

After they made love, while laying undressed on the sofa, Nick apologized, saying that he didn't mean for the sex to happen. Phyllis was not sorry that it did and they should look at it as a final farewell and treasure it always. He told her he would cherish every moment as they kissed, while right outside the apartment door Daniel was taking out his key, getting ready to enter!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Phyllis and Nick were lying on the couch in her apartment, naked, after having made love, when Daniel entered. All three were shocked. Phyllis said she wanted to talk to him about it, but Daniel left.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon found a despondent Daniel, and told him how excited Noah was about the basketball game. Nick showed up as Daniel told her that he wouldn't be able to coach the team anymore. Sharon was obviously disappointed, and said that Noah would be also. Daniel said he wished he could continue and walked out to the patio. Nick followed him and they had a heated conversation -- Daniel asked him how long it had been going on. Nick told Daniel that he regretted it, and he knew that anything he said now would seem hollow. Daniel's cell phone rang, and assuming it was Phyllis calling, Nick told Daniel to answer it, as she was worried about him. He told Nick not to tell him what to do. Sharon came out to the patio and asked Nick to walk her out, and asked Daniel to reconsider his decision. Nick and Sharon left.

Phyllis once again tried to call Daniel, who was staring at the Cassie memorial at Crimson Lights. He didn't answer. Jack joined him and told him that he looked like he was having a rotten day. Daniel became emotional and told Jack that he was so sorry about what John had gone through. When he told Jack how much he had done for him and Phyllis, Jack said he couldn't have gotten through the ordeal without Daniel's and Phyllis' support. Daniel told Jack he was down because of what he was going through with Lily, and he got Jack up to speed -- that he and Lily had never broken up. Jack offered to talk to the Winters, but Daniel said that wouldn't do any good. Jack felt that Daniel deserved better after what he had been through last year. Daniel thanked him for always sticking with Phyllis and him -- that he would never forget it. When Jack said that Daniel was making it sound like a goodbye, Daniel said that it wasn't, but that he had to go, and he quickly left, leaving a confused Jack.

Nick went to his office and after briefly chatting with Victoria (who saw that he was stressed out) he called Phyllis at her apartment -- she told him she still hadn't heard from Daniel. Nick told her that he had seen him at the coffeehouse, bitter as hell. Phyllis was deciding whether she should look for him or not when an angry Daniel came in. He ripped into Phyllis, who assured him that although her relationship with Nick had been going on for a while, it was over as of today. She admitted that she had felt guilty about it, but when he asked her why she hadn't stopped, she said she didn't know. He told her that he couldn't even look Jack and Sharon straight in the eye when he saw them earlier. Phyllis said that she loved Jack, but that she and Nick shared a special bond, possibly arising out of their hatred of each other a few months ago. He asked Phyllis if she had been using Daniel as a cover for seeing Nick, and he was starting to believe what Danny and Christine had told him about her -- that she destroys lives. He reminded her that she had destroyed Lily's life by revealing that Malcolm was Lily's biological father, but Phyllis protested that that had been an accident. Daniel said that proved that she couldn't control herself and that she was a hypocrite -- she wouldn't allow Lily to stay with them, yet was having an affair with a married man. When Phyllis said that having Lily there would make things worse, he said that at least he and Lily were honest with each other, unlike her. She said that sometimes you had to keep the truth from people to avoid hurting them. He said that somewhere along the line he learned the right thing to do -- and he was going to do it right now, as he left.

At the Winters, Neil was frantically worried about Lily's whereabouts, what with her and her suitcase missing. Dru thought she might be at Colleen's, but Neil was through giving Lily the benefit of the doubt and left, telling Dru he was going to take care of this right now.

Lily called Colleen and told her she needed a huge favor. Later, Colleen stopped by the Winters' and told Dru she hadn't seen Lily seen she left her house that morning and didn't know anything about Lily leaving town -- she was sure that Lily was still in Genoa City, but that she was upset and didn't want to return to boarding school. When Colleen asked if there was anything she could say to change Dru's mind, Dru said there wasn't, as Neil was hell bent on sending her back. Colleen told Dru that Daniel and Lily really loved each other. When Dru asked if she had ever been in love, she said she had been in love with J.T., and Dru reminded her that that came to an end. The phone rang and Dru excused herself to answer it.

Colleen returned home -- Lily was there and asked her if she had gotten her passport from her apartment. Colleen said it was in the drawer where she said it would be, and that she was able to get it easily as Dru had stepped out of the room. When Colleen asked her if she was sure she needed to do this, Lily replied that since her parents wouldn't let her see Daniel, the only possible course of action was for them to get as far away as possible. As Colleen handed Lily the passport, she said she sure hoped that Lily knew what she was doing.

Sharon stopped by the Winters' to have Dru sign some paperwork. Sharon saw that something was wrong, and Dru told her she was afraid that Lily had run off with Daniel. Sharon told her that she had just seen Daniel at the coffeehouse, and that out of the blue he had decided not to coach Noah's basketball team any more, with no explanation why. When Dru said she wished that Daniel had never returned to Genoa City, Sharon reminded her that there were some things that couldn't be changed -- that she wished that Cassie was still around, but at least Dru still had Lily, and that Dru had a strong and loving family and they would get through this -- that she and Neil just had to have faith.

Neil met with Christine, brought her up to speed on the Lily/Daniel situation and wondered what his legal options were. Neil realized that this might be a conflict of interest for Christine because of her closeness to Daniel, and Christine tried to convince Neil that Daniel was a good kid -- that he had even become close with Sharon and Nick -- that he wasn't the same kid who went on the run with Lily last summer. Neil was convinced that Daniel would ruin Lily's future -- he was feeling Lily slip away from him, and he wasn't going to allow that to happen. Christine told him that, from a legal standpoint, what he needed to do was to notify the prosecutor's office that Lily was violating her agreement and that he wanted her back in boarding school. Then a hearing would be held, and the court would take action.

Neil returned home and learned from Dru that Daniel was still in town. He told her that he had met with Christine to find out what their legal options were. Dru was shocked as her told her that it was time for the situation to be in the hands of the law -- that after they talked to the prosecutor Lily would meet with a judge who would decide if she was going back to boarding school or sent to juvenile detention!

At the Athletic Club, Victor ran into Jack. Victor told him he thought that Jabot's new "miracle cream" was quite a coup and that things were looking up for Jabot. When Jack said that Victor never liked the idea of Jabot succeeding, Victor said that on the contrary he was trying to help things along. Jack was unpleasantly surprised to learn that Victor had suggested to John that he give his Jabot proxy to Gloria -- who, in Jack's words, had destroyed the Abbott family and would now possibly destroy Jabot. Victor felt that Gloria might bring some "much needed balance" to Jabot. He wished Jack luck with the new product, and after he left, Jack, talking to himself, told him not to get too comfy -- that he should start watching his back.

Gloria stopped by the Jabot lab to see Ashley to get additional information she needs for her sunscreen marketing analysis project. Ashley, in a rush to get to a meeting, told her she would get it to her as soon as possible. After Ashley left, a man dropped off a report for her -- titled "National Sunscreen Trends and Market Analysis 2004-2005" -- the exact project that Ashley had given Gloria! Gloria went to Kevin's and after some chit-chat about the situation with Mac and J.T., she told Kevin that she was making some progress at Jabot -- Nikki, Katherine, and her new ally, Victor, were being supportive. Kevin suspected that Victor might be using Gloria, but Gloria implied that perhaps she was using Victor. She told Kevin that Jack was a lost cause and that Ashley was slippery -- that Ash had given her an important project but had also given it to someone else -- that it was just busy work to keep her off Ashley's back. Gloria said she was going to write the best report that Ashley had ever seen and play nice with her and Jack, and then when they least expected it she would give the "high and mighty Abbott children" a dose of reality -- her plan was to find every piece of dirt she could on Jack and Ashley -- and if she couldn't find anything she would make it up!

At Newman Enterprises, Brad was remembering Sharon telling him that J.T. had slept with Victoria, but Sharon didn't think that J.T. meant anything to her. Back to the present and Brad reminded Victoria that today was the Ides of March and that Julius Caesar should have listened to the soothsayer who told him he was doomed. Just as Victoria asked Brad if he thought they were doomed, J.T. knocked and came in to (allegedly) tell Victoria that everything turned out fine during a routine check of their security system. As J.T. left, Brad sarcastically thanked him for dropping by. When Victoria asked Brad if something was wrong and if there was something he wasn't telling her, Brad said he was full of secrets.

Later, J.T. stopped by the Carltons' to pick up Colleen for lunch. He was surprised to be greeted by Brad, who had decided to work from home. Brad informed J.T. that the lunch wasn't happening today -- or ever. When J.T. asked why, Brad told him he wasn't comfortable with someone who slept with his fiancÚ having anything to do with his daughter. J.T. said that wasn't what it seemed, Brad replied it was exactly as it seemed. When Colleen came to the door, ready to leave, J.T. told her that he had to cancel. She suggested meeting later, but an uncomfortable J.T. said he was going to be tied up a long time. Colleen seemed puzzled as J.T. left, saying it made no sense. Brad told Colleen she was better off without J.T. -- as a matter of fact he didn't want her around him. Colleen realized that Brad had forced J.T. to cancel their lunch. Colleen didn't understand what the problem was -- until Brad told her that he knew for a fact that J.T. had been cheating on Mac.

J.T. stopped by Victoria's office again, wondering if Brad said anything to her after he had left earlier. When Victoria asked about what, J.T. told her that Brad knew that he was the guy she slept with -- and he wasn't very happy about it.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament -- March Madness -- today's entire CBS Daytime lineup will be preempted. Look for all your favorite CBS soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light -- to return to their regular broadcast times on Monday, March 20th.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament -- March Madness -- today's entire CBS Daytime lineup will be preempted. Look for all your favorite CBS soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light -- to return to their regular broadcast times on Monday, March 20th.

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