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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 27, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, March 27, 2006

At Phyllis' apartment, Dru, Neil, and Phyllis anxiously awaited the return of Lily and Daniel after getting word from Paul that they offered him no resistance to returning home. When Daniel and Lily entered the apartment, all 3 of the parents started yelling at them. Daniel told them that they had gone to Las Vegas and were married. Naturally, all 3 of them were shocked. Dru told Lily that she isn't old enough to marry, but Lily said they got married, as their parents were not supportive of them -- wouldn't let them be boyfriend and girlfriend and the Winters wouldn't even give Daniel the time of day. Lily realized that was because of what happened to Cassie, but even the Newmans had forgiven Daniel for that. The kids kept expressing their love and desire to be together to their parents. When Phyllis commented that they could annul the marriage the kids didn't care -- they said they would just remarry.

Dru, Neil, and Phyllis asked them how they were going to support themselves, where they were going to live, what about school, etc. Lily and Daniel told them that Jack had offered them a shack on the Abbott estate. Lily said they would finish high school, but when pressed about college, Daniel said they hadn't figured it all out yet -- but they would both get jobs and "live on love." Neil was unpleasantly amused by this remark -- saying, "so you're gonna stay in a shed, work in a fast food joint, and live on love?" Neil asked if Daniel and Lily would wait outside as he wanted to speak to Dru and Phyllis alone.

After Daniel and Lily left for the hallway, Dru and Phyllis began arguing again. Neil broke it up, telling them they only had one option -- he realized he had been too tough on Lily and that for now it was best for them to do nothing. Phyllis and Dru were somewhat argumentative but agreed to it.

Daniel and Lily returned from the hallway. Dru told Lily that she would love her no matter what, and that if she ever needed anything she could turn to her. Phyllis said the same thing to Daniel. Neil asked Phyllis and Daniel if he could spend time with Lily and Daniel and Phyllis went into the hall. With them out of the room, Neil wanted to make absolutely sure that marriage is what Lily wants -- that it wasn't too late to change her mind. Lily insisted the marriage was not a mistake and she knew that Dru and Neil had dreams for her, but she had to live her own dreams, not theirs. She re-expressed her love for Daniel, and said what they have is special. A crying Dru hugged Lily. Neil and Lily expressed their mutual love.

Out in the hallway, Phyllis wondered to Daniel if had married Lily because of what he had recently witnessed (between Phyllis and Nick.) Daniel insisted that wasn't the reason. She also told Daniel that he missed his probation meeting that morning, and he said he intended to call his probation officer as soon as possible. Phyllis was concerned about Danny's reaction to the marriage.

Neil found Phyllis and Daniel in the hallway -- Phyllis went back inside and told Daniel to take care of Lily. She then went upstairs, asking Neil and Dru to find their way out. After Daniel and Lily left, Neil blamed himself; Dru blamed herself for the problems with Lily.

At Nick and Sharon's, Sharon was examining the pen from the Genoa City Hotel that she planted in Nick's jacket -- she then reminisced about what has been going on recently -- remembering the monkeys that both Nick and Phyllis have -- going through the phone bill and finding a lot of calls to Phyllis -- finding a receipt for the Genoa City Hotel -- seeing the picture of Nick and Phyllis together at the Baldwin wedding. A knock at the door brought Sharon back to reality -- it was Victor, who sensed there was something wrong with Sharon. Victor reminded her that tomorrow was the launch of the NVP project, but Sharon said she might not be there as she was coming down with something. He remembered to give her a leather glove that Nikki found in the riding stables. When Sharon looks at the glove, she realizes it's a match for the one she found in Phyllis' drawer.

Nick returned and told Sharon and Victor how excited Noah was about his science project. While Nick and Victor talked, Sharon imagined Phyllis standing next to Nick. Sharon asked Nick if he had spoken to Phyllis, and when he asked why she was asking, she covered by saying that she was wondering how the search for Daniel was going. Victor left. After Nick learned that Sharon's stomach was bothering her, Noah returned and while Nick was playing with him, Sharon imagined Nick saying the words, "Phyllis Abbott is my girlfriend." Nick and Noah went to the kitchen to prepare dinner, and while they were gone Sharon looked into a mirror and hallucinated seeing her face change into Sharon's. The imaginary Phyllis began laughing at her, and Sharon wondered why she wasn't enough for Nick, that she loved him so much. Nick and Noah returned with sandwiches. Sharon was extremely preoccupied when Nick asked her if she was feeling any better -- he wondered if there was something on her mind. Sharon said that she was looking forward to the launch of the NVP product line -- that it was going to be quite an event!

At the loft apartment, Kevin was watching soccer but J.T. wanted to watch a tape of an NCAA basketball game. He received a phone call from Colleen (at Crimson Lights) asking if she could come over, but he told her that Kevin was there, and besides, he was planning on watching basketball. After they hung up, Colleen went up to Mac behind the counter and asked where Kevin was. Mac said wherever he was she hoped he was having a good time.

Victoria came into Crimson Lights and ran into Colleen. They sat down to chat, and Victoria asked her if she was planning to stay in Genoa City. Colleen said she was, and Victoria wondered if one of the reasons was because of a guy -- she mistakenly assumed that Colleen was seeing Daniel, but Victoria saw a napkin upon which Colleen has scribbled "J.T." numerous times. She asked Victoria for her help in convincing Brad that J.T. was really a good guy -- that Brad had freaked out when he learned that J.T. had slept with someone other than Mac (right before he broke up with Mac.) Victoria was hesitant about the whole thing, and told Colleen that perhaps J.T. was just on the rebound from his relationship, and was turning to Colleen just because they had been close at one time. Victoria advised Colleen to find someone trustworthy as she left.

Later, Colleen made a phone call from the Crimson Lights patio to Mac, faking that she was the coach of a team -- she asked Mac if they could be ready for 40 people from a high school team in half an hour. Mac assured her that they could. Colleen smiled into the main room as she saw Mac immediately get on the phone with Kevin (still at the loft apartment) to ask him to come in and help with this large party.

At the loft apartment, Colleen showed up to see J.T. She told him how much she had always liked the apartment -- when J.T. said he could do without his roommate, Colleen agreed. J.T. offered to watch the game another time if Colleen wanted to watch a 'chick flick' Colleen said she had gotten into basketball and wanted to watch the game with him. Later, as they were snacking on popcorn, J.T. stopped the tape and once again wondered why Colleen was suddenly so interested in basketball.

Kevin showed up at Crimson Lights to help Mac. As time passed, Kevin became leery as to whether or not the group was going to show at all. They called the high school and found out that the team didn't even have a game this evening. They realized it was a prank, and as Kevin told Mac she had been suckered, she was deep in thought, wondering who would do this!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A very depressed looking Sharon continued to stare at the photo of Nick and Phyllis from the Baldwin wedding. Nick came downstairs and wondered if Sharon was feeling better -- Sharon said she couldn't sleep because she was nervous about today's press conference launching the NVP wellness centers. Nick said that it was hard to imagine Nikki, Victor, and Phyllis working with each other, Sharon snidely said it was really hard.

Later, Nick ate breakfast and told Sharon she should eat something. She said she couldn't -- that she wasn't hungry. She snapped at Nick when he kept insisting she eat. Noah came downstairs, talked about his science project, and asked Sharon to fix something for him for breakfast. She gave Noah a huge hug and Noah wondered what it was for -- Sharon said she felt like it because she loved him. Nick told Noah that he would be making breakfast today. As they headed to the kitchen, Nick stared at the clearly disturbed Sharon.

In her office, Phyllis reminisced about the conversation where she and Nick decided to break up -- where they declared that they loved each other but their relationship would end up hurting too many people. Returning to the present, Phyllis told herself that that was the past -- and now it was time to concentrate on the future.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki and Victor were having breakfast when Victor said he wouldn't be at the press conference because he didn't want to take any of the spotlight from her. Nikki was appreciative, and asked Victor what he was doing today -- he had a meeting with Paul to discuss some security matters. Nikki told him to make sure that Paul didn't hand over any of the work to J.T.; when Victor questioned this Nikki told him that Victoria and J.T. had slept together. Victor was quite shocked as he thought Brad and Victoria had reconciled, but Nikki told him that it happened during the time they were broken up. Victor said he would deal with the situation. He wished Nikki luck (saying she didn't need it) before she left for the press conference.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. ran into Colleen and bought her her favorite coffee drink. As Colleen was getting them a table on the patio, J.T. received a call from Victoria asking him to meet her at the Athletic Club -- he said he would. Later, J.T. gave Colleen a neck rub on the patio as they discussed basketball rules and the Final 4. Colleen asked if she could watch the games with J.T., but then remembered that Kevin lived at J.T.'s as well. They wondered when they could get rid of him. J.T. left to meet Victoria -- on his way out he ran into Mac, they said quick, terse hellos to each other and J.T. left, as Mac saw a smiling Colleen on the patio.

At Newman, Brad told Victoria that his divorce from Ashley was final -- the judge waived the 6 month waiting period. He then gave Victoria her engagement ring back, and asked Victoria to help set a date -- he picked one month. Victoria initially hesitated but then agreed. Brad wanted a celebratory dinner that night as Abby was with Ashley and Colleen had other plans -- Brad told Victoria that Colleen had come in late last night and he thought she was probably with J.T., which he had forbidden.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria and J.T. met. She showed her engagement ring to him and he expressed his happiness that things had worked out. Victoria started to press J.T. for details about his relationship with Colleen and he insisted that he and Colleen were just good friends. Victoria questioned whether Colleen knew that. J.T. said that she did -- and then told her that he knew that this wasn't about protecting Colleen's feelings -- that she didn't want J.T. to see Colleen because it upset Brad. After J.T. started teasing Victoria that if things didn't work out with Brad that he was available, Victoria warned him not to play with other people's feelings. Victor sat down at the bar, but saw J.T. and Victoria talking. Victoria told J.T. she needed to get to work and left.

The press conference for NVP was starting at Newman. Nikki greeted Brad, and then Sharon and Nick came into the room. Phyllis walked over and cheerfully asked them if this was wild or what?! A subdued Sharon said that it was a good turnout. Phyllis walked away and Nick told Sharon he wanted to talk to Nikki. Sharon stared as a photographer snapped pictures of Phyllis.

Nikki spoke first (Victoria came in while Nikki was speaking) and announced that the first NVP center would be at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Then Phyllis spoke (Sharon stared at her and Nick while she talked) -- Sharon started hallucinating the sound and it sounded to her like Phyllis was laughing demonically. Phyllis introduced Sharon, who slowly approached the podium, thanked all the reporters for showing up, talked a little about NVP, then said there was something else she'd much rather talk about (as Nick, Phyllis, and Nikki started to get nervous.) She went on to say that Nick Newman, her husband of 10 years and father of her son had been sleeping with the red-headed slut Phyllis Abbott!!!! Naturally pandemonium breaks out, as we come back to reality and see that this was Sharon's fantasy.

In reality, a reporter prompted her to start speaking and she gave a real speech talking about NVP, and that Nikki and Phyllis were a terrific team. She said that it was enough with the speeches -- now it was time to make NVP a success!!

Later, with everyone mingling, Brad went up to Sharon -- she asked him if he had seen Nick and Phyllis. Brad said that he had seen them a few minutes ago, and Brad, seeing she was upset, asked if there was anything he could do. Sharon said she wished there was as a reporter pulled her away. Nikki noticed the engagement ring back on Victoria's finger and asked Victoria if she was sure -- Victoria said that she was.

In the CEO office at Jabot, Phyllis was frantically searching for something -- Nick was right behind her and she told him she was missing the photo of the two of them at the Baldwin wedding -- that she always kept it in her desk drawer. Nick mentioned that he had seen Sharon in Phyllis' office yesterday morning, and Sharon had said she was looking for NVP notes. Phyllis said that she had been getting weird vibes from Sharon all morning and wondered if she knew anything. Nick said she wouldn't have given that nice speech if she knew.

Back at the press conference room, Phyllis asked Sharon what she had been looking for in her office. An evasive Sharon said she found what she was looking for -- and told Sharon she would really like to be more involved in this project -- that she wanted to be the spokesperson for the whole thing. When Phyllis said she would talk to Nikki, Sharon warned her not to disappoint her -- because there was no one she wanted to work with more closely than Phyllis. Sharon walked away, and Sharon, Phyllis, and Nick exchanged suspicious glances.

In the Abbott living room, Gloria mentioned to Ashley that Jabot was in the news again and showed Ashley an article about Gloria's role at Jabot. They started discussing their hopes for GloAgain, and Gloria reminisced about tampering with the first batch in the lab by adding some sort of chemical solvent. They went back and forth about whether Jack was right in passing on the NVP project, but Gloria said that GloAgain was sure to make a huge sensation.

At the Baldwins, Michael was reading the paper and saw the article about Gloria in the business section -- and the new clout she might wield at Jabot. He began getting angry, which Lauren couldn't understand. Michael explained that he was upset because he thought the article might push the Abbotts too hard. He then noticed the skimpy outfit that Lauren had on and his mind quickly went to his wife -- but as they started kissing Kevin showed up and knocked at the door, with donuts! Lauren amusingly yelled "Donuts!!" and told Michael to open the door for Kevin as she left to get dressed. Michael asked Kevin why he was so happy and Kevin said it was because of Mac.

Gloria showed up at Michael's and was glad to see her sons together. Kevin discussed his evening with Mac, and that he had Colleen to thank. He was sure that Colleen made the crank call to Mac to get Kevin out of the loft apartment to Crimson Lights, since when he got home he found J.T. and Colleen together on the couch. Gloria said that Kevin shouldn't trust Colleen, but Lauren defended her, then left for work. Kevin asked Gloria if everything was okay at the Abbott's -- she told Michael and him that she had spoken to John this morning and was going to see him next week. She added that as far as the situation with Jack and Ashley, nothing had changed, but big changes were going to happen soon. Michael didn't like the sound of that and advised Gloria to proceed with caution -- not to play games with people who could hurt her. Michael and Kevin both left -- leaving Gloria alone in the apartment.

When they left, Gloria took out a bottle of GloAgain, took a painkiller tablet, rubbed "numbing" cream on her forehead, and then had to work up the nerve to put some on her forehead.

Back at the Abbott House, Abby asked Ashley if she could play with Ashley's makeup and Ash said it was okay. After some chit-chat about her daddy taking her to the movies this weekend (and if they should invite Victoria, which seemed to bother Ash,) Ashley received a phone call. While Ashley's attention was diverted from Abby, Abby took out a bottle of GloAgain and started smearing it on her leg!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Nikki thanked Sharon for her speech on behalf of NVP at the press conference. Sharon said she wanted to be the spokesperson for the wellness centers and recommended that Nikki talk it over with Phyllis. When Nikki suggested they have a family dinner, Sharon said that she already had plans with Nick. She wanted to surprise him with a belated anniversary celebration. Later, Sharon went to the boutique and told Lauren she wanted to buy something special. Then she made reservations for the room Phyllis usually reserved at the Genoa City Hotel.

Nick found Phyllis among a bunch of shopping bags in her office. She said she had some returns to make. She also told Nick that Sharon was behaving strangely. She almost felt like Sharon knew about their affair. Nick said that if Sharon knew, she'd have confronted him. Phyllis conceded that he probably knew his wife better than she did. She told Nick they'd made mistakes, and now both of them needed to move forward. Nick agreed. Later, Phyllis went to return her unworn lingerie to the boutique, and Lauren noted that Sharon had been in earlier and bought the same set of lingerie.

J.T. was surprised when Victor wasn't angry about what had happened between J.T. and Victoria. Victor said that Nikki preferred Victor no longer do business with J.T., but Victor disagreed. He trusted J.T. more than he trusted Brad. He had further background checks for J.T. to do on Newman business partners, but he thought J.T. should make his reports directly to Victoria. After Victor left, J.T. went to Crimson Lights. He called Victoria to tell her how oddly her father was acting, but their phone conversation was interrupted by Victor's arrival in Victoria's office.

When Victoria told her father that she and Brad were engaged again and planned to marry the following month, Victor was furious. He told his daughter that Brad was an opportunist who had a history of marrying wealthy, powerful women to increase his bank account. Brad's pretense that he wasn't angry about her one-night stand with J.T. was evidence that he was up to something, because any normal man who was in love with her wouldn't have forgiven her so quickly. As far as Victor was concerned, Brad had no place in his daughter's life and no place at Newman. Victoria lashed out at her father, saying she would date whom she pleased and work with whom she pleased. Victor was no longer in charge of Newman Enterprises. Victor told her that could change in a moment and called her "little girl."

After Victor left her office, Victoria was in a rage. When Nick walked in, she told him the things her father had said. She thought he might even fire her from Newman. Nick wondered if their father really hated Brad that much, and Victoria said Victor's reaction wasn't about Brad. It was a refusal to let his daughter live her own life and make her own decisions. She told her brother that Victor hadn't mentioned Nick, but she warned him that if he did anything of which Victor disapproved, Victor might also kick him out of Newman Enterprises. Nick looked worried, obviously apprehensive that his affair with Phyllis might be exposed.

When Gloria arrived at the Abbott house, Jack noticed a rash of some kind on her forehead. Gloria pretended to be shocked by her appearance and told Jack it was beginning to cause her a lot of pain. She begged Jack to take her to the emergency room. He did, and later, when he was questioning what might have caused such a reaction, Gloria told him the only thing she'd done differently was use Ashley's new GloAgain cream on her forehead. Jack refused to believe it, and was stunned when Ashley ran into the emergency room holding a sobbing Abby.

Brad went by Nikki's office to talk to her, and Nikki told him that she knew his engagement to Victoria was on again. She didn't understand their need to rush into marriage. Brad said that whether or not Nikki and Victor approved, he and Victoria would make their own decisions about their future. Before Nikki could react, Brad got a call that Abby was in the emergency room, and he hurried out. He got to the hospital in time to hear that Abby, like Gloria, had used GloAgain cream on her leg and had a painful reaction to it.

Nikki was annoyed to hear about Victor's fight with Victoria. She told him that regardless of her own concern about their hurry to get married, it was Victoria's choice. Victor refused to stand by and let his daughter marry a man he called an "opportunistic gigolo." He told Nikki that Brad was not just after Victoria's money. He was after the company that Victor had built. Nikki was exasperated and regretted ever telling him anything about Victoria and Brad.

Mac told Colleen about the prank call she'd received the night before. It was interesting that she'd had to call Kevin in to work for a group that never showed up, thereby leaving J.T. alone at the loft. And Kevin had told Mac that when he got home, Colleen was there with J.T. Colleen asked Mac if she was accusing her of being the one who made the call, and Mac said no. But it had worked out well for Colleen, hadn't it? Colleen pretended to be hurt that Mac, who had once been a friend, now suspected her of doing such a thing.

Later, J.T. joined Colleen as Lily and Daniel were telling her about their elopement. Colleen pretended to be upset at all the secrets they'd been keeping from her, and Lily and Daniel went along with it, knowing she was trying to garner sympathy from J.T. Lily took all the blame for Colleen's "misunderstanding" about Daniel's feelings toward Colleen. J.T. said he didn't appreciate seeing a friend of his hurt and misused the way Colleen had been. Later, when they were alone, Daniel asked Lily why Colleen was so eager to get back with J.T. that she'd lie to him. Lily said that J.T. was the love of Colleen's life.

After Mac and Kevin discussed the possibility that it had been Colleen who set them up to believe a large group was expected at Crimson Lights, Kevin managed to talk to Colleen for a few minutes alone. He congratulated her on being so deceptive. Colleen again denied that she'd had anything to do with the phone call, but Kevin clearly didn't believe her. He said he hadn't trashed her to Mac, though, since her little plan had worked out well for both of them. After J.T. interrupted their discussion, Colleen told J.T. that Kevin hadn't been bothering her. She was grateful that J.T. was always looking out for her, though.

In the Crimson Lights office, Mac told Kevin that it made her sad to suspect Colleen. They'd been friends once. Kevin offered her some comforting words, and Mac thanked him for always being such a good friend to her. She then leaned forward and kissed him and this time, it was more than just a friendly kiss.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Victoria vents to J.T. that Victor threatened to fire her because she set a wedding date with Brad, but J.T. tells her that Victor just hired him for a job and told him to report to her. In the coffeehouse, Kevin pulls back from Mac's kiss, amazed, then he passionately kisses her back. They start to make out when Gloria enters, and they are taken aback by her rash. Gloria says that it is under control and leaves, and Mac tells Kevin that she's sorry if she led him on, but that she's not ready to get into another relationship yet. Later, Gloria tries to talk up Kevin and tell Mac what a great guy he would be to her. Kevin overhears and gets upset with Gloria for humiliating him in front of Mac. After flirting at the coffeehouse, J.T. is about to kiss Colleen when Mac enters, and J.T. pulls away. At the hospital, Ashley and Jack realize that they need to make a plan for damage control for the new lotion line right away. Jack receives a phone call from one of his suppliers, saying that his wife is in the hospital after putting on Jabot's new cream. Nikki tells Phyllis that she is uncomfortable with the idea of Sharon being the N.V.P. Retreats spokesmodel, and Phyllis agrees. Nikki asks what is bothering her, and she announces that Daniel and Lily eloped. Sharon rents a room from the Genoa City Hotel for tonight. Sharon has champagne open and ready for when Nick comes home, and tells him that they are going to celebrate their tenth anniversary tonight, since they didn't get to on the actual date due to the snowstorm. Phyllis opens up her laptop at her desk and finds her missing glove lying there, and realizes that Sharon knows about her affair with Nick.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Daniel had a meeting with Lorena Davis about missing his meeting with his probation officer. Lorena told him he'd done the right thing by rescheduling it as quickly as possible. When Lily joined them, Lorena expressed her surprise that Lily's parents had signed for them to marry. Although Neil overheard her as he came in, he didn't tell Lorena the truth. After Lorena was gone, Lily and Daniel thanked Neil for not telling the truth and getting Daniel in trouble. Later, when the couple was alone, Lily and Daniel hoped his silence meant that Neil was beginning to accept their marriage. Although they were a little nervous about how they were going to make enough money to live, at least they were finally together.

Neil had hired Paul to get copies of the paperwork Lily and Daniel used to get married. Paul wondered why Neil hadn't told Lorena the truth about not giving his permission for the marriage. Neil said getting Daniel in trouble would just drive a further wedge between his daughter and him. When Paul gave Neil copies of the forms Lily and Daniel had used in Las Vegas, Neil thought it was a little morbid that they'd listed Drucilla as deceased. But what really baffled him was that Lily had listed Malcolm Winters as her father on the consent form. He didn't understand what his brother had to do with any of this.

Jill and Katherine were talking over the latest disaster to have befallen Jabot. Katherine told Jill not to let Jack take the lead on this; she wanted Jill to get to the bottom of what was wrong with the GloAgain cream. When Jill found out that Lauren had a sample of the cream at the boutique, she and Katherine left to pick it up.

Kevin and Gloria went to the boutique to find a gift for Mac. When Gloria spotted the GloAgain cream, she went rigid and asked what it was doing there. The promo packets were supposed to go out the following week. Lauren said that some of them had been sent out early, but apparently to no avail, since something was wrong with the cream and it had to be returned. As Gloria tried to get the jar and throw it away, Katherine and Jill came in and stopped her. Gloria showed them the rash on her forehead and said it was from GloAgain. She accused Jack and Ashley of being in such a rush to get the product out that they hadn't tested it properly.

Kevin carefully persuaded his mother to leave the boutique with him. When he was alone with Gloria, he noted that this fiasco had worked out rather well for her. Gloria said that instead of accusing her, he should just ask her if she was responsible for what had happened. When Kevin asked her if she'd tampered with GloAgain, Gloria admitted that she had. But she'd intended to be the only one who actually used the cream, since it wasn't supposed to ship out for another week. She was sorry Abby had been hurt, but Kevin was looking at a new Gloria Abbott. She was going to help run her husband's company. Kevin worried that her actions would be discovered, and Gloria said she couldn't get caught. Only two people knew what she'd done--herself and Kevin. If Kevin told, and Gloria was kicked out of the Abbott family, they'd both end up with nothing.

Victoria divided Brad and Jack as they almost came to blows in the waiting room. After Jack got a call from Katherine asking him to meet her at the boutique, Brad complained to Victoria that Jack didn't care about Abby, just his company. Victoria was sure that Jack was worried about Abby, too. Brad said it wasn't just Abby. What would it do to John to hear about GloAgain? Victoria suggested that John might never have to know. Brad then wondered if Jack had even considered what Ashley must be going through? She'd pinned all her hopes on GloAgain, and now not only was her product in trouble, but her daughter was injured. Victoria didn't look entirely happy about Brad's concern for Ashley and the Abbott family.

Jack had to admit to Katherine and Jill that Gloria and Abby weren't the only two people who'd been injured by GloAgain. A buyer's wife had been hospitalized after using the cream. Katherine wondered if Gloria was right, and they'd rushed the product out too quickly. Jack assured her that Ashley had done all the adequate testing. Katherine told Jack that he needed to contain any further damage to Jabot from the incident. As Jack left, Katherine muttered that this was unacceptable.

After saying goodbye to her daughter, Ashley went back to the lab and began going over all the data about GloAgain. When Jack joined her, letting her know how upset Katherine was, Ashley said none of it made sense. There was nothing in the formula that should have caused an allergic reaction, and no reaction had ever been experienced in test groups. Jack insisted that there was an answer and they'd find it.

Phyllis was in a panic after finding her missing glove tucked into her laptop. She realized that Sharon knew about Phyllis's affair with Nick. After frantically leaving messages on Nick's cell phone, Phyllis was stopped by Victor as she tried to leave the office. He wanted to congratulate her on the success of NVP and thank her for the things she'd said about Nikki. Phyllis discouraged Victor from setting his expectations of her too high or of considering her part of the family. Victor noted Phyllis's anxious behavior and asked if everything was okay. Phyllis insisted that nothing was going on that she couldn't handle.

After Victor left, Phyllis tried again to reach Nick and found out from Miguel that Nick and Sharon were spending the night at the Genoa City Hotel. She went there and gave a message to a room service employee to deliver to Nick with champagne and fruit. The note Phyllis wrote told Nick that it was urgent that he call her immediately.

Although Nick was a little put off by being in the same room with Sharon that he'd shared with Phyllis on the night of Michael's wedding, he quickly began to feel close to his wife again. Although Sharon had plans for confronting him about Phyllis, she began to soften toward her husband after they talked about their memories. She'd never doubted they would end up together because sometimes when something was right, you just knew it. Before their evening became more romantic, however, they were interrupted by room service. It was Sharon, not Nick, who ended up with the note from Phyllis.

Sharon undressed so Nick could see the lingerie she was wearing and asked if he recognized it. Nick didn't, and Sharon said that it was the same outfit Phyllis had bought. When Nick wondered how he'd have known that, Sharon said that Phyllis bought it to wear with him. Maybe it had been on the night they were in this same hotel room. Or maybe she'd worn it when they were together in the stable. Or maybe it had been in that cheap motel room where they'd stayed when they were snowed in. Nick looked sad as Sharon asked how many times Nick and Phyllis had been together and how long their affair had been going on.

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