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A client that tried the Jabot moisturizing cream died, and Kevin admitted to Michael that it was Gloria who contaminated the cream. A detective began to gather evidence about the case, and Ashley offered to take a lie-detector test. Daniel got an internship at Newman, and Lily got a job at the Boutique. Sharon insisted on getting rid of Phyllis, and Nick tried to move the NVP office. Daniel angrily shouted that he should have never have seen Phyllis and Nick together and Victor overheard. Victor saw Phyllis in the elevator and said it was good she is leaving, and asked where he should send her things.
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Kevin admitted to Michael that Gloria who contaminated a Jabot cream that killed a client
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Monday, April 10, 2006

Sharon watched Nick and Phyllis talking at the Genoa City Hotel bar. Nick told Phyllis that he would be spending the night at the hotel as Sharon didn't want to see him. Sharon walked up to them which shocked them. Nick told her it wasn't what she thought -- that they just happened to run into each other. Phyllis backed him up and started to leave but Sharon stopped her, letting her know that she knew she had spoken to Nikki about being the NVP spokesperson. Sharon told Phyllis to mind her own business, but Phyllis reminded her that she was only doing what Sharon had asked. As Phyllis left, she ran into Jack, who invited her to stay for a drink. Phyllis declined and Jack reminded her that she could always count on him for support. She told Jack what a wonderful man he was and left.

Nick gave Sharon the permission slip for Noah's field trip, and remarked that Noah was excited about the trip. Sharon said she was glad that Noah had something positive to focus on. Sharon was about to leave when Nick grabbed her arm and swore up and down that his meeting Phyllis was only a coincidence. They began arguing, and Nick brought up Sharon's past flings -- Cameron Kirsten and Diego. Sharon said she had been waiting for Nick to throw that in her face. Nick said he would do anything it took to try to reconcile -- marriage counseling -- anything to put their marriage back together again. Sharon said she couldn't do anything like that now. When Nick congratulated her on getting the NVP spokesperson job, she told him that she wasn't going to take it, as she had to manage her time better -- since she was going to be raising Noah as a single mother. Jack was in the background watching Nick and Sharon argue. When Sharon left, Jack sat down with Nick, told Nick he had seen them argue and asked if there was anything he could do to help. Nick said there wasn't. Jack asked if he saw Phyllis in the bar as it seemed there was something bothering her -- he thought out loud that it was probably Daniel getting married. Jack mentioned that there was a distance between him and Phyllis now -- and advised Nick to try to get back on track with Sharon -- to fight for their relationship.

Nick went home and Sharon asked what he was doing there. Nick continued to press Sharon to talk about their marriage -- he also said that it was inevitable that he and Phyllis would run into each other from time to time as they worked in the same building. Sharon asked Nick to fire Phyllis, but Nick said he couldn't as she wasn't a Newman employee. She then demanded that Phyllis not have offices in the Newman building -- and until that happened, she wanted Nick out of the house. Noah came downstairs and told Nick how happy he was that he was back from his business trip and that he missed Nick.

Paul and Ashley had dinner at the Athletic Club. When Paul suggested they go to a movie, Ashley declined -- saying that a woman had used a Jabot product and died. Paul said they couldn't assume that GloAgain caused Emma Gibson's death until an autopsy was performed. Ashley wished that there was something she could do (aside from financially) to help Emma Gibson's family. Paul said that probably wasn't a good idea -- that it was better to avoid contact for the time being. He saw DA Will Bardwell come into the club. Ashley and Paul approached Bardwell and Paul asked him what was going on with Jabot. Bardwell said he wanted to get to the truth. Ashley told Bardwell that that was her goal as well, and she would cooperate in every way possible. Bardwell insinuated that Ashley (and her whole family) had not been cooperative at all in the past. Later, Jack joined Paul and Ashley and they told him about their encounter with Bardwell -- and that he implied that the Abbotts obstructed justice. Jack said that they needed to cooperate fully with Bardwell -- they needed to become his new best friends.

Victor met with J.T. to find out how his background investigation on Brad was going. So far J.T. had come up with only standard stuff -- Victor wanted him to dig deeper, as Brad had been in Genoa City for many years and always used women to advance himself -- but no one knew anything about him. J.T. put the folder containing a picture of Brad and background material in his backpack. J.T. received a phone call from Colleen -- Victor asked if he was going to be placed in an awkward position because of his relationship with Colleen. J.T. insisted that he and Colleen were not together, and they would cross that bridge when they came to it. He promised that for the time being only Paul would know about the investigation. Victor thanked J.T. for coming by and J.T. left.

Victoria and Brad were together -- Victoria was going over wedding plans as Brad teased her. She asked Brad for a list of his wedding guests, as he had only given her names of some co-workers and friends from the Athletic Club. Brad said he wasn't close to his family. When she asked him if he didn't even want his parents there, Brad asked her if it would bother her if they didn't come. She said she would love to meet them, but it was okay if that was what he wanted. The phone rang -- it was Victor calling to tell Victoria that he had thought about her request and that from now on J.T. would be reporting to him, rather than to her. She told him how much she appreciated it. When she got off the phone she gleefully told Brad the news. Brad was skeptical -- he didn't think that this meant that there would be a new spirit of cooperation from Victor. Victoria commented that Brad knew Victor very well. Victoria kept pressing Brad for details about his past -- she assumed that it was painful, and wished that he felt comfortable enough to talk to her about it. He said perhaps one day he would. She asked him to tell her just one thing about his past and he told her a story about when he was a kid -- he saw a bicycle that he really wanted but his family couldn't afford to buy it. A radio station had a contest to give away the bike, Brad didn't win, but a kid down the street did -- and allowed Brad to ride it when he got tired of it. They kissed, and Victoria told him that the reason she was interested in his past wasn't because she was nosy -- it was because she loved him so much and wanted to learn everything about him. When Brad said that some day he would tell her more, she said there was nothing he could say that would change the way she felt about him. As she told him this, Victor was staring at a picture of Brad and sighing.

At Lily and Daniel's, Colleen and Lily were preparing for the party (of four.) Daniel was having trouble finding a job -- no one was hiring. Colleen suggested that Daniel use Phyllis for help in getting a job -- Daniel was dead set against it. Later, Daniel was on the phone calling around for jobs when Lily asked if this couldn't wait until the next day. Daniel gave in and helped the girls prepare for the party. Colleen was nervous about J.T. showing up -- she thought it was possible that he was protecting the girl he was with after he broke up with Mac. Lily told her to forget about that girl. J.T. arrived with a gift -- a toaster. After Daniel made a snide remark about it, Lily told Daniel to stop it -- that they were there to have fun. When J.T. asked where the party guests were Daniel told him that this was it. Phyllis came by unexpectedly with a wedding gift. Daniel was very cold to her. When Phyllis suggested that she help Daniel find a job, Daniel rejected the suggestion, and made it clear with his attitude that he didn't want Phyllis there. Phyllis left. Daniel asked Colleen where her CD's were -- they were at the Abbott house and Lily went with Daniel to get them.

After they left, J.T. asked Colleen (teasingly) to admit that she lied about the number of guests at the party. Colleen said it was a "controlled experiment" -- and then kissed him. J.T. told her how nice that was and they kissed again. When Colleen suggested they go somewhere more private, J.T. noticed that the folder containing the picture and material on Brad had fallen out of his backpack onto the floor. He diverted Colleen's attention and stuffed the material all back in.

At the Abbott house, Lily tried to talk Daniel into forgiving Phyllis -- she pushed for a reconciliation but told Daniel that it was his decision to make.

Lily and Daniel returned to their "home" -- Daniel suggested they go for ice cream after dinner, but a suddenly nervous J.T. said he had things to do and had to leave now. When Lily asked what that was about, Colleen had a surprised look on her face.

Phyllis arrived at the NVP office to find Victor waiting. He asked her if anything was wrong and she said it was the situation with Daniel -- that he needed a job and he wouldn't let her help him find one. Victor said that he could offer Daniel a job and tell him that it was her idea -- thus bringing them closer together. Phyllis said that he wouldn't work near her, and also that Neil and Drucilla hated him. Victor told her not to worry about Drucilla and Neil -- but that it was up to her if she wanted him to offer Daniel a job or not. Phyllis said they should go for it -- after all, what was the worst that could happen?!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

At the Abbott House, Jack was trying to console Ashley about Emma Gibson's death and suggested they send flowers. Gloria questioned whether that was a good idea from a legal perspective, and Ashley reminded Jack that they weren't supposed to do anything without running it by the Jabot legal department. Jack remarked that one of Jabot's products may have killed someone and that it would only get uglier. Gloria left.

At the Athletic Club, Kevin and Michael met for breakfast. Michael wondered why Kevin was so tense. Kevin said he was upset about Mrs. Gibson's death and wondered how Michael could be so calm. Michael wondered why Kevin was so concerned. When Kevin didn't answer, Michael surmised it had something to do with Gloria. Kevin told him that he was concerned about her, as she was part of Jabot. Michael said that even if Jabot was held accountable, he doubted it would affect Gloria. Kevin wondered if Jabot would be held accountable, and whether or not someone tampered with the cream. Gloria joined them and, after hearing Kevin's remark, quickly tried to change the subject to something more pleasant. She said that everyone was acting as if a family member had died. Kevin told her that Michael was about to tell him what would happen if it was found that the tainted cream was a result of tampering, and not an accident. Gloria thought it was foolish to discuss it without all the facts.

At Jabot, DA Bardwell and an investigation team were going through the lab when Jack and Ashley arrived. They were upset and told Bardwell they hadn't received any notification about the search. Bardwell showed them the warrant. Jack said he understood why the evidence people were there, but didn't understand why the District Attorney was there for the search. Bardwell said he had taken a personal interest in the case.

In the hallway outside the lab, Jack called Michael (still at the club with Gloria and Kevin) and told Michael to stay there -- that he was on his way over. When Michael told Gloria and Kevin that Jack was coming over, Gloria grabbed Kevin (who didn't want to leave) and made a quick exit. Michael looked suspicious as they left.

Inside the lab, one of the evidence-gathering people told Bardwell they found something. He left for a minute -- when he returned Ash asked if they had found anything. He told her that they found a cleaning solvent identical to the solvent found at the production facility -- which meant that the contamination could have occurred either at the plant or in the lab. Ashley insisted it couldn't have occurred at the lab, as they were meticulous about their procedures. Bardwell said he would file that away.

Back at the Abbott House, Gloria chastised Kevin for asking Michael leading questions that might lead to suspicion falling upon her. Kevin felt Michael needed to know, as this had gone further than a few people getting rashes -- a woman died. Gloria said there was nothing to tie her to the .... and Kevin finished her sentence... saying "crime." Gloria broke down and said it wasn't supposed to happen this way -- that only she was supposed to get a rash -- and blamed all that happened on Jack and Ashley for moving up the date the promo kits were sent. Kevin told Gloria that she needed someone to look out for interests -- and that he was moving in to the Abbott house tonight!

Jack met Michael and they discussed the fact that Bardwell had such a bad attitude and that he was taking a "personal interest" in the case. Michael said there wasn't much they could do as far as Bardwell was concerned but that there were always other options. Jack told him to do what he needed to do. Michael called Paul and told him to get the autopsy report on Emma Gibson as soon as possible -- and to get everything available on her medical history.

As Noah left for school, Nick commented to Sharon that he seemed to be in a good mood -- Sharon thought that it was because he didn't know what was going on. Nick said that Noah didn't notice that he had slept in the guest room and hoped that Sharon would let him stay there, as that was the only way they could salvage their relationship. She said there was no chance of that happening unless he got Phyllis out of Newman Towers.

At Newman, Victor offered Daniel a part-time job as a paid intern for Nick. Victor commented that he didn't mention Phyllis as he knew that she and Daniel weren't getting along well. Daniel rejected the offer, saying that there were people at Newman who wouldn't want him there, particularly the Winterses. Victor told him not to worry about Neil and Dru. Daniel thanked Victor for the offer, saying that between the Winterses and his mother, it was best for him to say no.

Later, with Victor gone, Daniel called Lily and told her the job interview was interesting. Sharon entered and he abruptly ended the conversation. He nervously told Sharon that Victor said that he could use the phone, and he also told her about Victor's job offer and the fact that he had rejected it. Sharon realized that Daniel knew about Nick's affair with Phyllis, and he said that he knew that she couldn't stand to look at him because he reminded her of Phyllis -- that he knew she probably hated Phyllis now and he couldn't blame her. He also told her he couldn't understand how Nick could do this to her and Noah -- or how his mother could sit at the Newman dinner table and look Sharon in the eye. Sharon understood why Daniel stopped coaching Noah's basketball team and also why he wouldn't want the job at Newman. She told him that the situation was not his fault -- and that he should reconsider taking the job -- as a newlywed he could surely use the money.

At Lily and Daniel's, Lily told Colleen about Daniel's job interview and how she had her fingers crossed. She asked Colleen about what transpired between her and J.T. the previous night and Colleen told her that they had kissed twice but when Lily and Daniel returned from the main house he left really quickly. Colleen still felt that J.T.'s hesitance had something to do with the girl he slept with after he broke up with Mac -- that this girl was her competition -- and she was going to get to the bottom of the situation.

Daniel arrived home and told Lily more about Victor's job offer -- that he hadn't taken it but after his talk with Sharon he was reconsidering. Lily thought he should take the job, then teased him about having to avoid half the company. She said it was his decision -- he decided that if it didn't work out he could always quit. He decided he was going to call Victor and tell him that he changed his mind.

At the NVP office, Phyllis called Jack to ask him why he hadn't called last night. She offered to come over, but Jack said it was going to be a rough day. Phyllis understood, and Nikki entered the office as she and Jack finished their conversation. Nikki told Phyllis she didn't even need to ask how he was doing -- that everyone at Jabot was sick about what happened. When Phyllis wondered why Nikki was in so early, she said that since they were opening their new location they needed to come up with new ideas for publicity in order to "amp" things up, particularly now that Sharon had turned down the spokesperson job. Nikki thought there was something strange going on -- that Sharon at first begged for the job and now was turning it down.

Later, Phyllis and Nikki were reviewing some promotional ideas for NVP when Nick showed up with some "good news" -- that he had found the perfect location for NVP corporate headquarters. Nikki was shocked, while Phyllis acted excited about the idea. Nikki asked if he was throwing them out. When Victor entered, Nikki told him about Nick's idea. When Victor questioned him, Nick acted as if he was doing Phyllis and Nikki a favor by finding a penthouse suite in a beautiful location by the lake. Nikki continued to ask why Nick never discussed this with them, and Phyllis continued to say it was exciting. Sharon came in to drop off some files. Nick argued that NVP having office space at Newman was only supposed to be temporary and that he had already made plans to move a subsidiary into the space, although he had not yet committed to it. Victor said there was no problem then -- that NVP could stay. When Nick told him that it wasn't his decision to make, Victor reminded Nick that it was HIS company and that NVP ain't gonna move -- he then left.

Later, with Nikki gone from the NVP office, Nick was screaming at someone on the phone. When Sharon remarked that nothing seemed to be going Nick's way today, Nick pointed out that he tried to get NVP out of the building, but Victor would not let that happen. Nick said he did what he could do. Sharon said that if Nikki and Victor were staying there, that she wanted Phyllis out of NVP. When Nick asked if she was serious she said she was -- that she wanted Phyllis to quit!

At Crimson Lights, J.T. reminisced about Victor giving him the assignment to dig up dirt on Brad -- how initially J.T. wasn't interested, but then Victor talked him into it. J.T. then bumped into Victoria -- she thanked him for getting Victor to change his mind and have him report to Victor rather than to her. Victoria pressed J.T. for details on how he got Victor to change his mind -- he said he thought that Victor respected him for being straightforward. He told Victoria that Victor was only looking out for her. When Victoria said that sounded like Victor, J.T. suggested she take more time before marrying so Victor could realize that Brad was okay. Colleen observed the two of them talking. Victoria said that Victor had had years to realize that Brad was okay -- that she wanted him to walk her down the aisle but if he couldn't be happy for her, she would surround herself with people who could.

Colleen walked up to the two of them, and J.T. left to do some work. Colleen told Victoria she really wanted to talk to her, as Victoria and J.T. had become friends when they worked together. Colleen then told her that something was going on with J.T. -- and asked Victoria if she knew who the person he had slept with after he broke up with Mac was!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Brad talked to Phyllis about the owner of a company that Newman was thinking of acquiring. Phyllis was surprised that Brad wanted her advice, but she was familiar with the man and told Brad how to prepare to negotiate with him.

Colleen asked for Victoria's advice about the woman J.T. had slept with while he was still with Mac. Victoria said J.T. hadn't discussed that with her, but if Colleen had doubts, maybe that was a signal for her not to jump into a relationship with J.T. Colleen agreed to be in Victoria's and Brad's wedding as the maid of honor.

Nick and Sharon disagreed about her expectations of Phyllis. Nick said that their problems weren't because of Phyllis, and Phyllis's absence wouldn't make them go away. Although Sharon understood that, she insisted that she wouldn't get past what had happened if she had to see Phyllis every day. While they were talking, Brad came in to ask about the private island they'd gone to a few years before. They both agreed that it would be a romantic place for his honeymoon with Victoria. After Brad left, Sharon softened. She said she wasn't being vindictive; she just wanted Phyllis completely out of their lives. Nick agreed to talk to Phyllis.

Brad wasn't happy to hear that Colleen had been talking to Victoria about J.T. He wished his daughter would give up her infatuation with her former boyfriend. Victoria improved his mood by telling him that Colleen had agreed to be her maid of honor. Now she just needed to ask Abby to be her flower girl. Brad was thrilled to have his daughters included in their wedding plans. He then surprised an ecstatic Victoria with his intention to take her to the South Pacific for their honeymoon.

Phyllis told Nick that she hoped Sharon realized that he'd tried to move NVP off site. Nick said Sharon did know that, but since his parents refused to relocate the offices, Sharon had another idea. Phyllis couldn't believe that Nick would actually ask her to quit her job. As much as she wanted him and Sharon to work out their problems, she had no intention of giving up her career. Later, Phyllis went to the ranch and told Sharon the same thing. She was shocked to hear that Daniel had spoken to Sharon about her affair with Nick. Phyllis suggested that Sharon was probably thrilled that Daniel would have nothing to do with her. Sharon said she could never be happy about Daniel being hurt. All of them were hurt, even Noah, who didn't understand why Daniel had quit coaching his team, and they all needed to heal. Phyllis wouldn't budge; her job was all she had left, and she wasn't resigning from the company.

Lauren was trying to tell Michael something when Gloria showed up. Gloria was obviously upset about the situation with Jabot. Lauren said that if someone had tampered with Glow Again, they should pay for Emma Gibson's death. Michael agreed that it could lead to a charge of murder. After Gloria left, Lauren continued to drop hints to Michael about drinking milk, watching a show about storks, and redecorating the guest room in pink or blue. Michael was too preoccupied by work to understand what she was trying to tell him, so she finally just stated straight out that he was going to be a father. After a few minutes of shock and anxiety that he might not be a good parent, Michael said that he was happy, and the two of them laughed and cried as they hugged each other.

Kevin was talking to J.T. while he prepared to move out of the loft. J.T. was startled to hear that Mac had left town for a while without even saying goodbye to him. Later, when Colleen showed up, J.T. left her alone with Kevin so he could change a flat tire for her. Although Colleen was glad to hear that Kevin was moving out, she was less happy to know that he was moving in to the Abbott house. She said that just because his mother had married her grandfather for money didn't make them family. Kevin was sure it wouldn't be long before she was living with J.T.

After Kevin left, Colleen checked J.T.'s cell phone for any clues about who his mystery one-night-stand had been. As she was opening a drawer that held the file folder with the dossier on her father, J.T. came back in. He asked her why she was snooping, and she admitted that she wanted to know if there was another woman in his life. J.T. assured her there was not. She promised not to snoop through his things again, and they made a date to meet later for dinner.

Kevin found his mother sitting alone at the Abbott house. She admitted that she was scared, and Kevin told her they needed to tell Michael the whole truth. Gloria said no; this was a secret that would remain between the two of them. When Kevin asked about the man who'd sold her the cleaning solvent, Gloria said he had as much to lose as she did. There was no way anyone could ever trace the tainted Glow Again samples to her. Kevin finally agreed that he wouldn't tell Michael anything, but he was clearly concerned about the emotional strain Gloria's guilt and fear were placing on her.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Michael listens to Lauren's tummy. He's extremely happy, and tells Lauren that he finally feels like he's doing something right with his life. Lauren is glad Michael is so happy about the baby. They agree to keep it a secret for now.

Kevin tells Jack and Ashley that he's moving into the Abbott home to help his mother in her emotional state. Jack becomes worried and calls Michael when he finds out that Will Barnwell wants to come over to discuss the investigation. Jack calls Michael and tells Will that he won't talk to him until his lawyer shows up. When Michael arrives, Will tells them that only the moisturizer that went out in the promotional packets was tainted. This means that someone in the processing room deliberately contaminated the cream. Kevin goes back to Michael and begins asking a lot of questions about the case. Gloria follows them and tries to get Kevin to leave. Michael becomes suspicious and Kevin says that it was Gloria who purposely contaminated the moisturizer.

Nick tells Sharon that he's trying to do everything she wants, but she's asking too much. Sharon accuses Nick of wanting the same thing and getting it, so how is this any different? Nick talks with Phyllis about keeping their affair a secret.

Daniel and Lily are nervous about their new jobs. On Daniel's first day, he talks with Victor about the job. Daniel overhears a phone conversation Victor has with an extremely rich person named Federico. Daniel is impressed with Victor and asks how he can be like him someday. Victor says to know what you are and to work harder. When Daniel runs into Phyllis talking to Nick, he tries to avoid them. Phyllis tries to talk to Daniel, but Daniel doesn't want anything to do with her. When Daniel yells out that he wished he never saw Phyllis and Nick together, Victor walks by.

Dru shows up on Lily's first day at the Boutique and buys her clothes. At first Lily turns her down, but Dru insists. When Neil stops by to see how Lily's first day is going, Lily tells him about Dru. Neil is worried that the job will affect Lily's schoolwork. Lily says that Lauren even set up a special break for her to study. When Neil thanks Lauren, he finds out that Dru was involved with getting Lily the job at the Boutique.

Neil and Dru discuss Daniel working at Newman. Drucilla doesn't approve that Phyllis set up a job for Daniel. Neil mentions that Drucilla has done the same thing with Lily.

Michael is stunned by Kevin's revelation that Gloria tampered with the cream

Michael is stunned by Kevin's revelation that Gloria tampered with the cream

Friday, April 14, 2006

Kevin gave J.T. a check for an extra month's rent to help him out now that Kevin had moved into the Abbott house. Colleen walked in just as J.T. asked how Mac was doing. When Kevin was reluctant to answer, Colleen said she didn't mind that J.T. was asking about his ex. Kevin said he hadn't heard from Mac, who was obviously taking time away from everything until she felt better.

Later, Colleen and J.T. picked up takeout food and went to his apartment. They reminisced about when they first started being friends while Colleen was helping J.T. prepare for college courses by a program of summer reading. Colleen was amused when she saw her name written in one of J.T.'s books and started teasing him. Their playfulness ended in a passionate kiss.

Against Jack's better judgment, he and Ashley went to the district attorney's office because she was willing to take a polygraph test. When Bardwell came in, she explained that by clearing her of any wrongdoing, Bardwell could focus on finding out who was really responsible for the tainted Glow Again samples. The DA finally agreed to find someone who could administer the test.

Michael was stunned by Kevin's revelation that Gloria was the one who'd tampered with the samples. Gloria insisted that no one else was supposed to have used the cream except her. It was Jack and Ashley's fault for sending out the samples early. Michael was dumbfounded by Gloria's refusal to accept responsibility for her actions and reminded her that a woman was dead. Michael said he had two choices. He could tell Jack and Ashley the truth and beg them to let him continue to represent them, which he thought was very unlikely. Or he could go to the police and tell them everything. Gloria couldn't believe her son would turn her in. While they were arguing, Jack called to tell Michael to be there when Ashley took her lie detector test. Michael stormed out of his apartment without telling Gloria where he was going.

Gloria tracked Kevin down at the coffee shop and yelled at him for telling Michael the truth. Kevin told her that she needed an attorney. She had to start realizing how much trouble she was in. Gloria said that everything she'd done was for him. Kevin was furious and told her never to say anything like that to him again. She'd thought only of herself and getting revenge against Jack and Ashley.

Michael waited with Jack and Ashley to hear the results of the polygraph test. When Bardwell told them that Ashley had passed, the Abbotts told him they would help him in any way necessary to find whoever was responsible. Michael reminded them that there was no proof that any of this had been done deliberately. It could have been one of the cleaning people who accidentally spilled the solvent and didn't tell anyone. Ashley insisted that they had safeguards in place to keep something like that from happening. Bardwell left and came back with a log detailing the identity and time of every visitor to the lab during the period when the cream was there.

Daniel was apologetic that Victor had overheard his fight with Phyllis, but he was still angry with his mother. Phyllis told him that what happened between her and Nick hadn't been planned. They'd connected in some way that neither of them had expected. They'd never wanted anyone to get hurt, and they'd called it off so that no one would. She told her son that she was human. Couldn't he at least give her that much? Daniel calmed down and was nicer to his mother before he left her.

Victor didn't tell Nick how he'd found out about his son's affair with Phyllis, but he did talk calmly about it. Nick felt better after being able to unburden himself to his father. Although he cared about Phyllis, he really wanted to save his marriage. He just didn't know if that was possible. Victor sympathized with the way Nick felt that Phyllis had brought him back to life after Cassie's death. But he told him to do whatever it took to hold on to his marriage to Sharon.

Nick went to see Phyllis, who realized that Nick must have talked to his father. She didn't tell him that she knew how Victor had found out the truth. Phyllis was hurt when Nick suggested that one way to avoid any unpleasantness with Victor and Nikki was for Phyllis to quit her job. Phyllis tearfully reminded Nick that her career was the only thing she had left. Nick felt torn between Sharon's demands and his feelings for Phyllis. He hated seeing her suffer this way. Phyllis gently reminded him that he needed to get back to work.

Victor went to talk to Sharon and offer his support to her. He gave her the same advice he'd given Nicholas: to hold on to her marriage no matter what. She shouldn't let Nick's one indiscretion cost them everything, especially for Noah's sake. Sharon said it wasn't just an indiscretion. Nick had feelings for Phyllis. Victor told her that was just infatuation and would pass. As he embraced Sharon, Sharon told him that all she wanted was not to see Phyllis's face every day. Phyllis reminded her of things that were too painful.

Later, Sharon called Daniel and asked him to come over to visit Noah. Her son had wished Daniel could help him with baseball, but he figured now that Daniel was married, he'd be too busy. Noah was thrilled when Daniel showed up, and the two of them went outside to practice pitching in the barn.

When Nick came home, he told Sharon he had no idea how his father had found out the truth. He knew Victor was upset about it. Sharon wondered if Phyllis had told Victor, but Nick couldn't think of any reason why she would. When Sharon said that Phyllis must really enjoy watching her squirm, Nick took up for Phyllis and their discussion escalated into an argument. Sharon broke it off abruptly when Daniel and Noah came in, but it was too late. Her son had heard them arguing.

Phyllis decided her best option was to talk to Nikki directly instead of waiting for Victor to tell her about Nick's and Phyllis's affair. She hurriedly left her office to go the ranch, but when the elevator doors opened, Victor was standing there. He told a stunned Phyllis to let someone know where they could ship her things.

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