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Monday, April 17, 2006

In the NVP office at Newman, Phyllis called Miguel to check if Nikki was at the ranch. When she learned that Nikki was, Phyllis started to leave the office but ran into Victor. Victor sternly asked her where she wanted her things sent. Phyllis realized that Victor knew about her affair with Nick, and told him that it was over. Victor said that didn't matter -- he had backed her project and she paid him back by trying to rip his family apart. He told her that she took advantage of Nick when he was vulnerable -- after Cassie's death -- and that he didn't trust her -- and he couldn't work with someone he didn't trust. Phyllis said that she was a founding partner in NVP and that Victor couldn't push her out. When Victor said he could pull his financial backing away, Phyllis asked if he would do that to his wife. Victor doubted that Nikki would be interested in working with her once she learned about the affair. Phyllis told Victor he was making this personal -- he said damned right he was -- and told her to clear her things out before he left.

Nikki was with Sharon at Sharon and Nick's -- she told Nikki that for months Phyllis and Nick were having an affair. At first Nikki had a hard time believing it, but eventually did. Sharon started crying and Nikki consoled her -- Nikki realized that this was the reason Sharon didn't want the spokesperson position and why Nick had asked them to move to other offices. Sharon said she couldn't stand seeing Phyllis every day, and assumed that Nikki would feel the same way. Sharon asked Nikki to fire Phyllis, but Nikki told her it wasn't that simple -- although Nikki thought that what Phyllis did was deplorable, it had nothing to do with work, and she couldn't be fired for it. Sharon said that if Phyllis had a shred of decency she would have already quit. Nikki said that perhaps Nick should quit too, as she would think that seeing him would be as painful as seeing Phyllis, and told Sharon to try to work things out with Nick for Noah's sake. Nikki reminded Sharon that she had been unfaithful to Nick and Nick had forgiven her -- that it had been a horrible year and that Sharon needed to keep the family together. Sharon told Nikki that if she meant that she would get rid of Phyllis.

Later, Sharon was helping Noah with his math homework when Noah asked Sharon what was wrong. Sharon said nothing was wrong but Noah said he wasn't dumb and could tell there was. She told him they were just having a few disagreements, that the situation was complicated. He said that she and Nick always figured things out and made up, as they hugged.

At the NVP office, Phyllis and Nikki got into it about Phyllis' affair with Nick. Nikki wondered what they were going to do -- they were in the process of launching a new business and Phyllis' presence was disruptive. Phyllis said that NVP was her idea, not Sharon's, that she had put everything into the business and that it was unfair to ask her to quit. Phyllis said she would avoid Sharon, or work from home. When Phyllis said that they make a great team, Nikki replied that they "made" a great team. Phyllis told Nikki not to do this -- that this was their dream and she shouldn't let Sharon and Victor push her out. She begged Nikki to let her stay and work with her.

At the loft apartment, Colleen and J.T. kissed, but J.T. pulled away. Colleen suspected it was because of her father, and told J.T. he didn't need to worry about Brad -- that she was an adult now and could make her own decisions. When J.T. said that Brad could still make life miserable for her, she said that she didn't know why Brad was being so overprotective -- that maybe Brad's parents were strict with him. J.T. asked her if Brad ever talked about his parents, but she said that he didn't like to talk about his past. Colleen changed the subject and told J.T. she wanted to be with him -- and wondered if he felt the same way. J.T. said he wasn't sure and didn't want to rush things -- that he needed to think. They kissed and Colleen left. After she was gone, J.T. took out the folder on Brad, and wrote the words BRAD'S CHILDHOOD on a piece of paper.

At Crimson Lights, Brad and Victoria gave Abby a pink Easter egg that contained a ring -- they told her it was a gift from the both of them. Abby liked the ring and Victoria told her that she got a ring like that when she was Victoria's age. Abby asked to see it some time, and Victoria told Abby how happy she was that they were getting closer. Brad then told Abby that he asked Victoria to marry him -- and that he hoped that she was as excited as they were. At first Abby looked concerned and asked if she would have to call Victoria "mommy," but they assured her that Ashley would always be her mother -- that everything would be the same (including living in the same house) except that their family would be a little bigger. Abby suddenly asked if she could be the flower girl and Victoria and Brad were thrilled that Abby was accepting their marriage. Jill came over to the table and commented on the fact that everyone looked so happy. Abby told her that Brad and Victoria were marrying and that she was going to be the flower girl. J.T. came in and noticed Jill and Brad talking. Brad, Victoria, and Abby left as Jill congratulated them. After they were gone, J.T. started pumping Jill about Brad. Jill told J.T. that she hired him to be the groundskeeper at the Abbott estate when she was still married to John -- and that then he got involved with Traci and joined Jabot. J.T. started asking where he lived before he came to Genoa City, and Jill asked him why he suddenly was so interested in Brad. He said it was because he was beginning to become interested in Colleen again and wanted to know more about her family -- Jill then told J.T. that she knew virtually nothing about Brad before he came to Genoa City. Later, J.T. called the Abbott accountant and told him that he was compiling background reports on top-level executives at Newman for Mr. Newman himself -- and wanted all the information he had on Brad Carlton from the time he was employed as the Abbott gardener.

At Brad's, Brad and Colleen chit-chatted about Brad and Victoria's wedding when Colleen broke the news that she was on the road to getting back together with J.T. Brad saw that Colleen was happy about that, though he was obviously unhappy. He told her he thought she was making a huge mistake. When Colleen reminded Brad that he used to like J.T., he reminded her that J.T. had cheated on Mac. Colleen defended him by saying that Mac wasn't the right girl for him. Brad told her she deserved someone better. Colleen said she didn't need to be protected -- she reminded Brad about Neil's reaction to Daniel and how the Winters had lost Lily because of it. Colleen also told Brad that he was acting toward her and J.T. the same way that Victor was acting towards him and Victoria. Colleen said she trusted J.T. -- that she loved him and had always loved him. They hugged.

In the Newman executive suite, Victoria thanked Victor for letting up on J.T. Victor told her that he had found another project for J.T. She told him that she and Brad had told Abby about the wedding and that Abby was excited. She then told Victor that if even Abby could accept the wedding, then why couldn't he? Victor suggested waiting, but she said that she wanted to marry now, as she learned that happiness is fleeting. She asked Victor to settle his differences with Brad for one night and to walk her down the aisle and give her away. Victor said he cannot and will not give her away to that man. As he left, a tear streamed down Victoria's cheek.

At Michael's, Gloria showed up and again started to make excuses for what she had done -- that it was just a horrible accident, that she hadn't meant for a woman to die, etc. Michael said it wasn't an accident -- that it was felony murder. He told her that DA Bardwell had the security logs from Jabot that day and that it was only a matter of time before he hauled her in for questioning about the tainted cream. She insisted that the DA couldn't connect her to what happened -- that hundreds of people worked at Jabot and that the DA had no reason to suspect her. Michael said that all those people would have alibis -- except for her. She said she had been very careful about not letting anyone see her there. Michael suggested that she confess, and joked that this would be a way for her to be closer to John. She became even more upset, and told him that he didn't need to open his mouth -- that all he needed to do was clear Ashley and Jack and keep Jabot from being liable. Michael said that would be obstruction of justice and that he could be disbarred and charged as an accessory after the fact. He told Gloria he had an obligation to report what she had told him -- and that he could probably arrange a plea bargain where she would serve very little prison time. Gloria said she couldn't go to prison -- Michael got angry and told Gloria that ever since she came to town he had been covering up her lies -- and that it was ruining his life. He might have kept it to himself a few years ago, but now he was married and had too much to lose. Gloria asked him how he could sleep at night knowing that he had abandoned his mother. Michael said that abandoning her was probably the only chance he would have of sleeping at night.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Ashley rehashed Ash's lie detector test, and that she had made a point by passing it. She hoped that Bardwell would focus his attention elsewhere. They tried to think of an employee or ex-employee who would hold a grudge and taint the cream -- Jack said he couldn't think of anyone in the company's history who would do something like this. When Jack suggested that Victor Newman might have something to do with it (as he had been in the lab that day), Ashley became outraged and told Jack that she was with him every minute, and this just wasn't the kind of thing that Victor would do. When Jack mentioned that Victor had convinced John to give Gloria his Jabot proxy, a light bulb went off above Ashley's head -- she remembered that Gloria's name was in the log book for that day -- and she specifically remembered that Gloria had requested a sample of GloAgain. She told Jack that she had run into Gloria outside the lab and Gloria said she was looking for Jack to return the report she was working on. Jack wondered why Gloria would be looking for him outside the lab. They both agreed it was weird, and wondered what Gloria was really doing there!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Nikki was going through the mail from the chapel and the florist (for Victoria's wedding) when Victor came downstairs. Victor told her that Victoria asked him to be a part of the ceremony but he had refused. Nikki was angry, but Victor told her that the marriage was a big mistake. When Nikki asked him to put aside his differences for the sake of the family as they are going through a difficult time, Victor asked if she was referring to the affair between Nick and Phyllis. Victor insisted that Phyllis leave NVP. Nikki said that was her first reaction but upon further reflection she realized that losing Phyllis would cause a negative impact on NVP. Nikki thought everyone was treating Phyllis like a scapegoat in the affair, when Nick and Sharon also deserved part of the blame. As Nikki was about to leave, Victor implored Nikki to get rid of Phyllis -- that family had to be put first. Nikki said family was always first with her, but that Victor was only the "V" in NVP and therefore he was outvoted and Phyllis would stay. Nikki left.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Jill was talking to a Chronicle reporter (telling him that if anything new developed in the GloAgain investigation that the Chronicle would be the first to know) when Phyllis joined her. Jill told Phyllis that the Jabot manufacturing plant was back in production, but that the lab was under close forensic scrutiny. Phyllis asked how Jack was doing -- Jill told her he was hoping for the best, as were they all, until they figured out who was responsible for the tainted cream. Phyllis said that when she was at Jabot she marveled at how dedicated Ashley was to quality and safety. When Jill said that Ashley still was, and would never make a mistake like this, Phyllis concluded that sabotage had occurred. When Jill asked Phyllis if she was happy that she left Jabot before all this happened, Phyllis said that her life was easier when she worked at Jabot. Jill was shocked to hear that, as she knew the spa project was a lifetime dream for Phyllis. Jill realized that Victor was somehow causing a problem -- Phyllis told Jill that they needed, and still need, his money. Jill said that she and Nikki should stand up to Victor -- Phyllis said that Nikki never would, being Victor's wife. Jill offered to help, but Phyllis said no, thanked her, and left.

Nikki went into the NVP office at Newman and Phyllis immediately went on the defensive, telling Nikki that she was a founding partner of NVP and they couldn't get rid of her -- no matter what Victor said. Nikki told her to shut up and listen -- that she had no intention of getting rid of her. When Phyllis asked what about Victor, Nikki said to hell with him -- if he doesn't like it, he can get out.

Back at the Newman ranch, Victor was on the phone with his banker, canceling all his funding for NVP as of right now.

At the Winters, Neil was working at his computer when Dru came out and they discussed what was obviously a night of lovemaking -- Neil said his favorite part was the whipped cream and the high heels. Dru asked Neil why he had gotten up in the middle of the night -- Neil told her that he was working on a big deal to acquire Granville Global -- that he was waiting for an email from George Granville. Dru asked if he was worried that he hadn't heard back from Granville -- Neil said he was a little, but the delay was probably just a negotiating tactic. Neil explained to Dru that this could be great for his career -- what with all the Newmans jockeying for power. He said that Brad would be wanting a big chunk of the action now that he was marrying a Newman, and thought that closing this deal would earn him high marks and a bonus. Dru asked for some attention to the "home front" -- that she was high maintenance and needed attention from Neil. Neil picked her up and they made love again. Later, Neil said he needed to leave so he could impress Nick and Victoria with the acquisition. Neil left.

In the CEO office at Newman, Brad was on the phone as Victoria entered. When he finished the phone call he was extremely excited, and he told Victoria that he had just closed the deal with Granville Global. Victoria was distracted and Brad asked her what was wrong -- she told him that Victor refused to give her away at their wedding. Brad told her not to let Victor get to her -- that Victor would never see Brad as the son-in-law of his dreams. Victoria said that she allegedly was in control of the company, until she did something that Victor didn't like, and there was nothing she could do about it. Brad said there might be now -- that they should form a power base within the company outside of Victor's reach. He suggested that he be put in charge of Granville Global as a start -- that it was a perfect fit for his division. Victoria agreed that might make the potential power base possible -- she then remembered that it was Victor who started checking out Granville Global. Brad told her that Neil was working on it -- but that he (Brad) had gotten a tip this morning that they were losing their edge -- he found the CEO on vacation in Australia, upped the bid, and closed the deal. Brad said he didn't have anything against Neil, but that he was a little too conservative. Victoria said that putting Brad in charge would reward his initiative while diminishing Victor's influence. Later, Brad came back with a hard copy of the deal and caught Victoria shopping on-line -- but she wouldn't tell him what it was for. When Brad said she was a mystery woman, she kissed him and left.

Later, Neil came in looking for Victoria and spotted the agreement papers on her desk -- he picked them up and was reading them when Brad came in. Neil told Brad that it was his deal, not Brad's, but Brad said that he had to act quickly in the middle of the night and he didn't want to disturb Neil, though he said that Neil should have been informed. Neil crumpled up the agreement and tossed it at Brad. Brad had a smile on his face as Neil left.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Ashley were talking as Gloria entered. Jack told Gloria that DA Bardwell was convinced that the tainted cream was not as a result of an accident. When Jack asked her what she thought about that, Gloria said that until Bardwell had proof they were all just guessing. Jack then asked her if she had any idea who was responsible for this. She said she didn't. Ashley reminded Gloria that she ran into her outside the lab -- Jack asked her if she noticed anyone suspicious around. Gloria started ranting about how she knew Jack and Ashley didn't want her in the company -- they refused her a seat on the board, they gave her that bogus report to do, etc. When Jack suggested she watch her blood pressure, she said her blood pressure was fine and that the two of them had stooped to a new low by implying that she had anything to do with the tainted cream -- that she would never jeopardize the health of hundreds of people -- that Jabot was her husband's company, and hurting it would only hurt herself, and that she would never intentionally injure herself or Abby. Jack and Gloria argued -- Jack saying that things had gone badly for the Abbotts ever since Gloria joined the family. Ashley said they weren't accusing her of anything, and Jack said they were just trying to make the best of a difficult situation. Gloria told them they had said enough, and she left. Ashley asked Jack if they overdid it with Gloria, and he said that Gloria was right about one thing -- that if she hurt Jabot she was only hurting herself, but that anger and resentment made people do scary things. Ashley thought Jack was going too far -- that Gloria loved John and would never do anything to hurt him. Jack again suggested that Victor was in cahoots with Gloria, and Ashley told him to keep that theory to himself. Jack said he would try -- but one thing wouldn't change -- he didn't trust Gloria and he never would.

Michael was preparing a breakfast-in-bed tray for Lauren and remembered his conversation with Gloria -- when he told her that she had lied to John, etc. -- Gloria said she needed Michael and he said that he was sick of cleaning up her messes and that she was on her own. Gloria had said that she didn't know how Michael would sleep at night if he abandoned his mother, while Michael replied that the only way he could sleep at night is if he did abandon her.

Lauren came out and Michael came back to reality. She told him that she had just told Scott the good news about her pregnancy, and that he was thrilled. Michael told her to go back to bed so that he could serve her -- he wanted to pamper her. Lauren sensed that something was bothering Michael, but he insisted he was all right. Lauren commented that he had slept restlessly, but he said it was just a bad dream. She asked Michael if he was worried about Gloria -- with John in prison and Jabot in trouble. Michael said he wouldn't be too sympathetic to Gloria. Lauren asked Michael how he could say that -- after all, it wasn't Gloria's fault that the chemical got into the moisturizer! Lauren told him that she wanted to be there for him. Michael covered by saying he was worried about his ability to be a good father -- after all his role models were a deadbeat dad and Tom Fisher -- Lauren said that he would be a wonderful father -- that he was sensitive, and just needed to work on his patience a little more. Lauren admitted that she had doubts about her parenting skills but Michael assured her that she had done a great job with Scott. Lauren reminded him of his promise that he would always be honest, and asked Michael if there was anything he wanted to say. He said there wasn't, and she left to shower.

The doorbell rang, and a none-too-thrilled Michael opened it to find Gloria. Michael told her that he just had to lie to his wife because of her. When Gloria asked if he was going to tell Lauren, he said he didn't want her to know that his mother was a common murderer. Gloria changed the subject to her -- and told Michael that Jack and Ashley cornered her -- that they suspected her of sabotaging the cream -- and if they were looking at her as a suspect then perhaps others were as well. Michael told her she should have confessed when he told her to. As a shocked Lauren came out of the bathroom, Gloria told Michael that he couldn't desert her when she needed him the most!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Jack ran into Sharon and figured out that she and Nick were still having problems. He told her that all relationships had their rough times, but she should remember how things were when she and Nick worked. Sharon figured out that Jack had given Nick the same advice and mentioned what a good friend Jack had always been to Nick. Jack could tell there was something Sharon wasn't telling him, but she left before he could question her.

Nikki told Phyllis that Victor had withdrawn his funding from NVP. But Nikki wasn't giving up. She planned to try to find financial backing elsewhere. Phyllis ran into Nick and told him the news. Nick tried to talk to his father, but Victor insisted that this was the best solution. For the sake of Nick and Sharon's marriage, the entire family needed to sever ties with Phyllis. Victor told Nick to stop worrying about Phyllis's job and start trying to save his family.

Phyllis saw Sharon come into Newman and considered talking to her, but then she turned away before Sharon saw her. She called Jack and told him that Victor had pulled out of NVP. Because she had to help Nikki try to find other backers, she had to cancel their lunch. Later, Phyllis spotted Daniel in the hall at Newman. He warned her to stay away from the conference room because Jack was in there arguing with Victor.

Jack confronted Victor about his decision to pull funding from NVP. He didn't understand what would compel Victor to change his mind that way. Not only was it disrespectful to Nikki, but it was a terrible way to treat Phyllis. Victor told Jack that if he wanted to know why he'd made his decision, maybe he should ask Phyllis, who'd just stepped into the conference room.

After Victor left, Jack offered Phyllis his full support. Although he hadn't thought Jabot should take the risk of the wellness centers, he understood that it was her dream. He said that it was time for someone to stand up to Victor, and Jack was willing to do that on her behalf. Phyllis then asked Jack if he would consider taking her back at Jabot.

Nikki was having trouble lining up financial support for NVP. When she saw Victor, she was furious with him. She told him that she'd be willing to sell her Jabot stock if that's what it took to keep her company going. While they were arguing, Phyllis came in. She told Victor that she was willing to resign from NVP as a partner as long as she could retain her stock in the company. Victor said he could live with that. Phyllis apologized to Nikki, who was now even angrier at Victor. After Phyllis left, Victor made a call and reinstated his funding. Instead of thanking him, Nikki said she'd learned her lesson. Never do business with Victor Newman. Then she walked out on him while he was still talking to her.

Nick and Phyllis talked briefly, and she told him her decision to leave. He knew it wasn't what she wanted, but it might be for the best for everyone. When he offered to help her find another position, Phyllis said she already had something lined up. Jack needed her, so she was going back to Jabot. After Nick left, Daniel spotted his mother packing her office. Although she told him that he should be happy because he'd no longer have to work where she did, she broke down when Daniel hugged her as a gesture of compassion for what she was going through.

Nick told Sharon the news that Phyllis was leaving. Sharon knew that Phyllis had only made that decision because Victor had forced her out. Nick said whatever the reason, they could now focus on rebuilding their marriage. Sharon said it was too late. Their marriage was over.

When Lauren overheard Michael and Gloria arguing, she wanted to know what was wrong. Gloria managed to evade her questions. Michael got a call from Paul asking Michael to meet him. After Michael left, Lauren felt sympathy for everything Gloria was going through. She decided to tell her the good news that she was pregnant. Gloria was thrilled to hear that Michael and Lauren would be parents and she would be a grandmother.

With Paul's help, Michael got some inside information on the district attorney's investigation of the toxic Glow Again cream. When Gloria met him at the athletic club restaurant, she was ready to break out champagne to celebrate his good news about Lauren's pregnancy. But Michael had to bring her back down to earth by telling her that he had new information. Although Gloria hadn't seen anyone else the day she'd gone to the lab, a security guard had seen her, and the DA knew it.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sharon tells Nick that their marriage is over. Nick says he can think of three reasons not to end their marriage-Noah, Sharon and himself. He tries to plead with Sharon that their marriage is worth saving. Sharon has tears in her eyes, but keeps her distance. She tells Nick there is no chance of them ever getting back together. Sharon and Noah are already packed to go away to Paris. After Noah says goodbye to Nick, Nick sits and thinks about Sharon. He calls her and leaves a voice message on her phone, telling her how much he misses her already and hopes she will find the peace she needs to want to come home to her family.

Phyllis tells Jack that she saw Daniel and that he spoke to her. Jack is happy for Phyllis. Phyllis says that she has quit NVP and is serious about working for Jabot. Jack wants to celebrate, but Phyllis isn't in the mood. She goes home with a quart of ice cream and drowns her sorrows. Jack calls her to say he's thinking about her. Then, Nick calls. He says that he needed to talk to a friend. Phyllis listens as Nick tells her about Sharon leaving for Paris. She consoles him, saying that Nick and Sharon have a lot to hold on to. Jack knocks on the door bringing champagne, so Phyllis has to say goodbye.

Neil tries to talk to Victoria about her decision to let Brad take over his project. He thought that Victoria had more respect for him than that. Victoria says it's not about respect; Brad was just in the right place at the right time. When Neil goes to Brad, Brad appears not to care that he stole Neil's project from right under his nose. He offers to let Neil work on the project with him. Neil refuses to share a project that was rightfully his. Brad says that Neil will change his mind.

Neil goes to Victor to tell him about Victoria and Brad's latest business dealings. Neil is certain that Brad is using Victoria to get higher up in the company. Victor goes to Victoria and wonders to what and whose expense she will go to for her own personal reasons.

Brad finds Victor and Victoria talking when he comes home. When Victor leaves, Brad wonders if he gave Victoria a hard time about Brad taking over the project. Victoria says that Victor congratulated them, and didn't say a word about it.

J.T. tells Paul that Victor has hired him to investigate Brad. Paul says that he has investigated Brad before, when Brad was going to marry Ashley. Paul tells J.T. what he knows about Brad's past, but wonders if J.T. might be getting in over his head. He warns J.T. that he may find something that could hurt the people that are close to him. J.T. goes to Victor to give him some information on Brad. Victor isn't pleased, he already has all the information that J.T. gathered.

Friday, April 21, 2006

When Dru and Neil were coming in to work, they saw Nick. Dru confronted him about Victoria's decision to put Brad in charge of the deal that Neil had initiated. Nick said he didn't know anything about it. Later, Neil received an offer from another company for a CEO position. Dru was supportive of Neil taking the job, but Neil said he first had to make sure that Victor didn't have something better to offer him.

Kevin asked Lauren to meet him for breakfast at the athletic club. When Lauren became suspicious about Kevin's concerns regarding her diet, Kevin admitted that he knew she was pregnant. He promised that he'd be a good uncle to her son or daughter. Lauren said that all of them had things to regret about their relationships, but she hoped to be a better mother to her baby than Sheila had allowed her to be to Scotty. And she was thrilled about the effect her pregnancy was having on Michael.

Michael accompanied Gloria to a meeting with the district attorney. He warned Gloria not to offer up any information, just to answer Bardwell's questions. Later, when Bardwell asked her what she was doing near the lab, Gloria said she'd been looking for Jack to give him a report. She then said that the report had been for nothing, because Ashley had asked someone else to do the same thing. Although Michael tried to put a stop to Bardwell's questioning, Gloria couldn't resist accusing Ashley of being unorganized and possibly responsible for everything that had gone wrong with Jabot in John's absence. Later, Michael warned Gloria that she hadn't deflected Bardwell's suspicion to Ashley. Instead, she'd just piqued the DA's interest in Gloria.

Victor was annoyed with his entire family at Newman. Victoria was away making wedding plans. Nikki was complaining about not being able to handle the many decisions at NVP without Phyllis. And Nick admitted that he didn't know about Victoria's decision to reward Brad instead of Neil for the recent business acquisition. Victor told Nick that he needed to return his focus to work and stop worrying about Phyllis, Nikki, and NVP.

Ashley understood that Jack hadn't just asked Phyllis back because Jabot was in a crisis. Jack admitted that he was hoping Phyllis's return would help them get close again. Later, Ashley was alone at the athletic club when Victor walked in. He sympathized with Jabot's troubles and told her that he might have an idea that would help.

Phyllis left a message for Nick to let him know that she hoped everything was okay with him. She then received a call from Nikki about NVP. Phyllis was happy to help Nikki with her problems, but she had to cut their call short when Jack came in. He told her again how happy he was to have her there. While they were talking, Nick returned Phyllis's call. He wished her the best. After they hung up, Phyllis told Jack that the call had been from Nick, who hoped she was getting settled in okay. Jack said it was nice of Nick to call her.

Later, when Phyllis was alone, Katherine came in and asked why she was there. Phyllis admitted that she'd left NVP. Katherine was curious about why, and what impact it had on Nikki. Phyllis tried to evade her questions, but finally admitted that she and Victor hadn't seen eye-to-eye on business decisions. She promised to do a good job for Jabot, and Katherine said she wanted to see results.

Ashley came back to work and told Jack about Victor's offer. Although Jack didn't trust that Victor would do anything without expecting payback down the road, he agreed that Victor's solution--to offer Jabot products in NVP spas--would help their company. Ashley was happy that Jack agreed. Later, she was confronted by Bardwell, who had some questions for her. Ashley said that although she'd agreed to cooperate, she'd been advised not to answer his questions. As she got on the elevator, Bardwell followed her. Ashley reminded him that she wasn't talking, and he said that was why he was leaving. But at that point, their elevator stalled, trapping them together.

Nikki was annoyed to overhear Nick on the phone with Phyllis. She reminded him that his relationship had damaged his marriage and ended her business partnership. But when she found out that Sharon had taken Noah to Paris and had offered Nick little hope to save their marriage, Nikki sympathized with her son. She also warned him that Victor was going back to his old ways, bossing everyone around and giving orders. Nick said he knew; he'd already endured a visit from Victor earlier.

Later, Victor came to Nikki and told her his idea to sell Jabot products in the wellness centers. Nikki reminded him that they had an exclusive contract with Newman. Victor said he would release them from that; Jabot was in trouble and needed help. Furthermore, he and Nikki owed stock in Jabot. If the company thrived, it benefited them, too. Nikki said he was only doing this for Ashley, and she wouldn't allow it. Drucilla overheard part of their discussion and came in to remind Victor that she'd been doing all the publicity for the partnership between Newman and NVP, focusing on the exclusivity agreement. When Victor told her that she needed to change that, Drucilla left muttering about all the crazy decisions going on at Newman. Nikki told Victor that she agreed with Drucilla. This was a mistake. But Victor's mind was made up. He reminded Nikki that he was NVP's sole financial support, then he walked out on her. Nikki regretted that Victor didn't just pull the plug on NVP.

Neil had a meeting with Victor. He told him about the offer from the other company, and Victor reminded him that he planned to make things right for Neil at Newman. If Victor could give him specifics, would Neil agree to stay? Neil said that if Victor had an offer for him, of course he would stay. Victor then stood and closed the door so no one could overhear what he had to tell Neil.

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