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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 24, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, April 24, 2006

At Michael's law office, Paul questioned Michael about the strange reaction he had when he told Michael that Gloria was seen outside the Jabot lab by a security guard. Michael said he was just a little surprised and Paul asked if Gloria had been interrogated yet. Michael told him that during Bardwell's questioning Gloria once again demonstrated her big mouth. Paul guessed correctly that Gloria was extremely critical of Jack and Ashley. Paul told Michael that the Gibson family checked out clean -- no criminal records, no frivolous lawsuits -- and that they hired a reputable attorney, Alana Stevenson. Michael was depressed by this news until Paul told him that he learned that Emma Gibson had suffered a severe bout of food poisoning 3 days before she used GloAgain. Michael thought this was significant and it all came down to the autopsy report -- if it showed that Emma died from a reaction to the cream Bardwell wouldn't let up -- but if she died from complications of food poisoning then no criminal charges would be filed.

Ashley and Bardwell were still stuck in the elevator at Jabot -- Ashley spoke to Al the maintenance man on an intercom and told him about their predicament. Bardwell tried to question Ashley, but she said she wouldn't talk to him without her attorney present. Bardwell spoke about Gloria's statement that she was outside the lab to present the report which turned out to be redundant -- and that Gloria claimed that this was evidence that Ashley was overwhelmed and disorganized. Ash became upset when she learned about this. Bardwell convinced Ash to tell her side of the story -- she admitted that they gave her the assignment on purpose because John wanted her involved at Jabot, even though she knew nothing about business. Ash didn't understand the relevance of Gloria's assignment to Bardwell's investigation, and told Bardwell that he was annoying her -- but then apologized, saying it was the stress of being in the stuck elevator. Bardwell added that he probably wasn't helping by trying to find out if there was gross negligence in the lab. But Bardwell told Ashley how impressed he was with the organization in her lab -- he had been a chemistry major before causing a lab explosion that convinced him to go to law school. They laughed over that as the elevator shook. Bardwell asked how John was doing and told Ash how much he admired him for taking responsibility for what he had done. Ash told Bardwell the time she was spending with him on the elevator was the most peaceful time she had all week. Al finally got the door open and Paul walked up to the two of them -- Bardwell took a call and walked away as Paul told her that it may have been food poisoning, and not GloAgain, that killed Emma Gibson -- that they needed to wait for the autopsy report. Bardwell walked back over and told them that the phone call he received was from the medical examiner and that Emma's autopsy results were on the way.

At Lauren's boutique, Victoria was helping Colleen and Abby pick out clothes and accessories for her wedding. Lily and Colleen chatted about clothes and Lily's employee discount, which she hadn't been able to use because she was not rich. Lily told Colleen that Daniel was doing well over at Newman Enterprises. Colleen held up a dress that Victoria liked and Lily thought that J.T. would like it as well. Abby told Lauren about her ring -- that Victoria and Brad had given it to her. Victoria gave Colleen a maid of honor gift that she wanted Colleen to think of as a friendship bracelet -- she didn't want Colleen to think of her as her stepmother but as her friend. Colleen said she would like that, and Victoria said that her wedding was about all of them becoming a family.

In the vacant CEO office at Newman, Daniel was delivering mail when he decided to check out what it would be like to be the big boss -- he sat in the boss' chair, put his feet up, and simulated a phone call where he bought a company and fired everyone. When he heard J.T. knocking at the door, he quickly ducked out of sight -- but overheard J.T. calling Victor to tell him that he was expecting to hear soon about the information on Brad's activities while he was in Italy. As J.T. walked toward the elevator he ran into a snide Brad. J.T. tried to get away from Brad, but he dragged J.T. into the CEO office where Daniel was hiding behind a wall. Brad warned J.T. to stay away from Colleen, but it was obvious that J.T. was not going to heed his advice. Brad said there was no way that he could be invited to their home knowing that he had slept with Victoria -- his bride and Colleen's stepmother. Daniel (still in hiding) was shocked to hear this. J.T. told Brad that only the Newmans, and not Colleen, knew about his one-night stand with Victoria and that Brad seemed to be the only one who had a problem with it. Brad told J.T. not to cross him -- that too many people's happiness were at stake.

Brad arrived at Lauren's boutique just as Abby and Colleen were finishing up their shopping. Colleen received a call from J.T. (at the Athletic Club) wondering when she was going to meet him there. Brad overheard as Abby greeted him. Before Colleen left, she told Brad not to wait up for her -- that she and J.T. were going over to Lily and Daniel's. Brad asked her if that was J.T. who just called -- Colleen confirmed that it was before she thanked Victoria and left.

Later, Michael visited Lauren, who was now at the boutique by herself. He showed her a baby album he bought and Lauren thought it was great -- that everyone needed some way to relive memories. When Michael said that he didn't want to relive the memories of his father or Tom Fisher, Lauren again reassured him that he was going to be a wonderful father. He told Lauren that Gloria never learned anything from her mistakes -- that she was screwing things up now as much as when he and Kevin were growing up. Lauren was puzzled about what he specifically meant.

At the Athletic Club, Colleen showed J.T. the bracelet Victoria had given her and told him that the more she got to know Victoria the more she was liking her. They ordered takeout to bring to Lily and Daniel's.

At Lily and Daniel's, Lily was telling a preoccupied Daniel about the large commission she had made that day. When she saw that Daniel wasn't listening, she pressed him about what was bothering him and he told her that he had learned that Victoria was the "other woman" J.T. slept with when he broke up with Mac. Lily was shocked, and vowed to tell Colleen. Daniel tried to talk her out of it, but Lily said she wasn't going to keep this secret from someone she cared about. An angry Daniel implored her not to -- Lily said that Colleen was her best friend and she needed to. As Daniel told Lily it was the wrong thing to do, Colleen and J.T. arrived.

At dinner, Victoria and Brad chatted about how great it was that Abby was accepting Victoria, and that perhaps Victor would accept Brad. Brad mentioned his encounter with J.T. and his concern about keeping him and Colleen apart. Victoria warned him not to make a big deal out of it -- Brad realized that that might push the two of them closer together.

Nick and Phyllis (who was looking for a folder she left behind) ran into each other at Newman and Nick apologized for what Victor did. Phyllis said they needed to move on. He told her that she looked more relaxed than she had in a long time and asked how she liked being back at Jabot. She said she would rather be at NVP. She asked him how he was doing and he said he was re-involving himself with the business to take his mind off other things. When Phyllis said that burying themselves in work was a good way to forget about each other, Nick said that there wasn't any way he would ever forget about her -- and that she would always be in his life -- even if it was as a happy memory. Phyllis said she had been too greedy and always wanted more -- she told Nick it was good to talk to him and left.

In the Newman living room (which was decorated with flowers), Nikki yelled for Victor to come down, that they weren't done discussing what he had done to NVP. Victor came downstairs and told her they had a lot to discuss. Nikki told him that what he had done to Phyllis was so "Victor Newman" -- and that, as usual, he thought he could make up for it by buying her flowers. She said the flowers weren't going to reset things back to normal. They argued -- Victor said that Phyllis had to go because of sleeping with Nick. Nikki admitted being upset about that but that now she was doing the job of two people and there weren't enough flowers in the world to make up for that. Victor said that he didn't want Phyllis' firing to come between them -- that they already had so many family problems -- Nick's cheating, Victoria's marrying a man they disapproved of. Nikki again accused him of using family as an excuse. When Victor said he had expected Nikki to get rid of Phyllis, she said she needed Phyllis -- she couldn't run NVP alone. Victor suggested the two of them run NVP as a team. Nikki liked the idea, but was somewhat skeptical that Victor wouldn't try to take control again. She also sensed there was something bothering him besides NVP issues. Victor told her there was -- and that she would find out shortly.

Later, Nick and then Victoria arrived. Victor informed them that he had planned to have a romantic dinner with Nikki but that she had questioned his motives for his recent actions. He told them all that he had something to say -- that as of today he was taking control of his company again -- that he was reinstating himself as the CEO of Newman Enterprises!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

At the Newman ranch, Victoria, Nick, and Nikki were reeling from Victor's news that he plans to return as CEO of Newman Enterprises, effectively demoting them. Victoria and Nikki tried to talk to him, but Nick was somewhat subdued. They thought Victor's move was drastic but he assured them that he had thought it through carefully. Victor told Nick and Victoria that their lives were a mess -- Nick's marital problems as well as Victoria marrying Brad, a man he disapproves of -- and they are in no shape to run the company. He told Victoria that Brad would be awfully close to the CEO and its power once he married Victoria. Victoria thought that was ridiculous and argued with Victor. Nikki asked Victor not to do this but he once again insisted that his mind was made up. Victoria asked Nick if he thought Brad would be detrimental to Newman, but Nick said that he was blown away and needed time to let it all sink it. Victoria stormed out of the house.

After she left, Nick told Victor that he had come down really hard on him for neglecting his work, and he had been looking forward to immersing himself in it, but Victor told him it was much more important for him to work on his marriage. Nick told him how bad things had gotten -- that Sharon was out of town and that she had told him the marriage was over. Victor told him that he needed to fight for her when she returned, and Nick said he could see the logic of his demotion using that argument. Nick realized he had no choice but to accept Victor's decision and left.

Nikki told Victor how disappointed she was in him, but Victor asked her not to burden him with a guilt trip. Nikki said that was impossible -- that no one could make Victor feel guilty once his mind was made up. Victor said there were times when he had to be dictatorial, but said he had mellowed from being the "old Victor Newman." Nikki said she had thought that, but now she wasn't sure -- and she didn't appreciate the fact that Victor hadn't discussed his decision with her. She also said that the timing was outrageous -- that this would rip the troubled family apart even further. Victor firmly told her he had to do it, as Victoria and Nick were running the company into the ground -- that he had built the company from the ground up, and that one day she would realize that he had made the correct decision. He left Nikki teary-eyed.

At Newman Enterprises, Brad walked into a meeting that Neil was having with George Granville. Neil introduced Brad and Granville, and told Brad that he and Granville were just discussing how Granville Global would transition into Neil's division. Granville left, and Brad told Neil he assumed he had heard wrong when Neil said that Granville would be a part of Neil's division -- he was concerned that Neil would be embarrassed when Granville found out that the company was being run by Brad's division. Drucilla came in and asked Brad if he felt foolish presenting himself as something he was not. Brad condescendingly told Neil that there would always be a place for him at Newman -- Dru sarcastically said, "isn't that generous, honey?" -- her sarcasm annoyed Brad. Neil informed Brad that he had been given the job of overseeing Granville Global by Victor himself. When Brad said that Nick and Victoria were running the company, not Victor, Brad and Dru got into a shouting match, but Brad told Neil he wouldn't be drawn into an argument with Dru, and expressed his hope that Neil would work as part of the team. Dru told Brad he didn't know what the meaning of teamwork was. Neil quickly dragged Dru into another office and told her that Victor wanted to make the announcement that he was taking over the company again himself. Dru asked Neil if he wanted payback -- Neil said that knowing he soon was going to be in charge was payback enough. They then changed the subject to Drucilla's business trip -- she's off in the morning -- and she promised him a fun night ahead at home.

Victoria stormed into the office and told Brad about what Victor had done. Brad realized why Neil had been so smug about the Granville deal. She asked Brad if he thought they should fight him -- Brad thought so -- and Victoria told him about the scene at the ranch -- that it was the "old Victor Newman" all over again. She said she couldn't stand the thought of him getting away with this. Brad asked about Nick's reaction to the news, and she told him Nick didn't act as badly as she thought he would have. When Brad questioned why, Victoria said it was possible that things in Nick's marriage may be worse than they knew. Brad invited her out for a drink, but she begged off -- she just wanted to go home, take a hot bath, and wallow in the situation. She left.

Later, Nick showed up at the office and Brad told him he heard what happened -- that Victoria was flipped out and said that Nick took the news in stride. Brad asked Nick if he knew this was going to happen, and Nick asked Brad if he was accusing him of something -- then asked Brad to leave the office. After Brad left, Nick called Victoria and left a message for her -- "Vic.... it's me ... Dad may think he's won but it's not over .... if he wants a fight he's going to get one."

Michael (in his office) called Lauren at the Athletic Club to cancel their dinner plans -- he said there was a big development in the Jabot case -- Emma Gibson's autopsy report was in. As Gloria knocked on his office door, he quickly said goodbye to Lauren. Paul ran into Lauren just as she was about to leave and they dined together. When Paul questioned Lauren as to why she wasn't having her usual glass of Chardonnay, Paul correctly guessed that she is pregnant. Paul congratulated her, and she asked if Michael had told him. He said no -- Lauren said that some attorneys can keep secrets, and she assured him that Michael was a changed man and would make a good father.

At Michael's office, Gloria, Jill, Ashley, and Jack gathered to wait to hear the findings from the Gibson autopsy report. Michael told them Paul had learned that it was possible that Emma died from complications of food poisoning and not from the toxin in GloAgain. Jack questioned why Bardwell was leaning so hard on Jabot -- if it was possible he was trying to score political points by protecting the public from an "evil corporation." Michael said if that was the case it wasn't time to start celebrating yet.

At Bardwell's office, he received the autopsy report, perused it, and called Michael to tell him the report is in. Michael let the Jabot gang know, and Ashley, Jill, and Jack left to go over. Gloria stayed behind and asked Michael if it would be good if they learned that Emma died of food poisoning. Michael said it would, but he wanted her to be prepared if it didn't go their way. Gloria said it would. He said that if it didn't and Bardwell continued to investigate, she would fall under further suspicion. She said she had covered her tracks -- Michael wasn't so sure.

At Bardwell's office, he informed the Jabot gang that the autopsy report was inconclusive. When Michael said that that meant Bardwell couldn't prove GloAgain caused Emma's death, Bardwell said it couldn't be ruled out either. When Jack asked Bardwell if he was planning to file criminal charges against Jabot, Bardwell said he thought sabotage was involved and he was keeping the case open -- though not filing any charges at this time. As they began filing out, Jack started arguing with Bardwell about why he was picking on Jabot, but Michael, Jill, and Ashley got Jack out of there before he could cause any real damage.

Later, back at the law office, Paul was questioning Michael about why he was so involved in the Jabot case -- Paul thought it was weird. Michael said he was looking out for Gloria. Paul said he had known Michael too long and there had to be an ulterior motive -- and then congratulated him on Lauren's pregnancy and also told him that Lauren trusted him. Michael told him all this was none of his business, and Paul said that he would give Michael the benefit of the doubt this time. Michael said that was big of him -- Paul said it probably was.

At the Abbott house, Ashley was chiding Jack for arguing with Bardwell and that they were lucky that "Will" didn't reconsider filing charges against Jabot. Jack said that he couldn't -- that it was obvious that this was sabotage and not negligence. When Ashley asked Jack why he hated "Will," Jack wondered why she was defending him and was on a first name basis with him. Jack and Ashley decided their energy would be better spent on exonerating Jabot publicly, and left for the study to talk to the Jabot public relations department. When they were gone, Gloria told Jill she would do whatever she could to help with this predicament -- but said the whole thing happened in Ashley's lab -- and that perhaps Ashley was losing her grip -- Jill said that if it was sabotage there was nothing that Ashley could have done, but Gloria said Ash should have been paying more attention. Gloria then attacked Jack and said that this might not have happened if John were there... but she stopped, saying that she knew Jill had complete faith in Jack and Ashley. Later, as Jack and Ashley returned from the study, Jill was getting off the phone -- she told them that she just spoke to the legal department and that the Gibson family was suing Jabot for 35 million dollars!

At Lily and Daniel's, Colleen was teasing J.T., while Daniel was begging Lily not to say anything to Colleen about the fact that J.T. and Victoria had slept together. Later, over dinner, Colleen showed Lily the friendship bracelet Victoria had given her and talked about how cool Victoria was. Colleen, sensing something wrong with Lily, suggested that they go to the main house to get some ice cream for dessert. After they left, Daniel and J.T. argued -- Daniel told him he had no respect for a cheater and didn't know what Colleen saw in him. They decided to spend the rest of the evening not speaking. At the Abbott house, Colleen kept pushing Lily to find out what was wrong -- she thought there was something freaking Lily out. Lily then told Colleen that Daniel had told her that the "other woman" who J.T. slept with after breaking up with Mac was Victoria Newman. Colleen absolutely refused to believe it, telling Lily she was crazy. When they returned to Lily and Daniel's, Colleen confronted J.T. and realized that it was true. Colleen was devastated, while J.T. was apologetic. J.T. told Colleen it happened before they started dating again, but Colleen removed Victoria's friendship bracelet, told J.T. he had to know this would kill her, and left. J.T. screamed at Daniel, asking him how he found out. When Daniel said he overheard J.T. talking, J.T. accused Daniel of being an eavesdropper and a rat and stormed out.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nick told Victoria and Brad that he had no intention of working for Victor again. But before he would tell them his plan, he wanted to know that Brad would be on their side. Brad and Victoria were curious about what Nick had done to disappoint his father, but Nick refused to talk about his problems with Sharon. Brad finally agreed to join any effort against Victor with Nick and Victoria. Nick told them that his plan was to get the board to push Victor out, but before they could do that, they needed to get Brad on the board.

Nikki was still annoyed with Victor's decision to retake the CEO position at Newman. She wondered if it was only a matter of time until Victor pushed her out of NVP. Victor told her that he had no intention of doing that; NVP was Nikki's company, not his. She said she understood his decision to force Nick to focus on his marriage, but what he was doing to Victoria was pure spite because she wouldn't change her mind about marrying Brad.

When Victoria came home, she told her father that she wanted to talk to Nikki about the wedding. After Victor left them alone, Victoria ascertained that her mother disapproved of what Victor was doing. She then told her that they needed her help. She, Nick, and Brad planned to take control of Newman Enterprises from their father.

Ashley cautioned Jack not to respond too hastily to the wrongful death lawsuit Andrew Gibson was filing against Jabot. But Michael, who wanted the matter cleared up quickly to protect Gloria, said they should settle it sooner rather than later. Ashley said she felt this might make Jabot look guilty to the public, and Jack instructed Michael to insert a clause in any settlement agreement that absolved Jabot of guilt in Emma Gibson's death.

Kevin tried to reason with Gloria about her attitude over the entire Glow Again fiasco. Although Gloria professed to feel guilty about Emma Gibson's death, she was fixated on blaming Jack and Ashley's mismanagement of Jabot for all their problems. She was tired of being judged by her sons. She felt like Michael had turned against her, and Kevin wouldn't believe that everything she did was for John's legacy and her own two sons.

After Jack and Ashley went home, Ashley tried again to reason with Jack, but he was determined to charge ahead with the settlement. When Ashley went upstairs, Gloria and Jack had a heated exchange. He reminded her that a woman had died, and he and Ashley felt terrible about that twenty-four hours a day. It would be nice to get a little support from Gloria. After Gloria stormed out, Kevin came in and confronted Jack about his mother's departure. Jack told him to mind his own business.

Katherine and Jill had a discussion about the way Jack was handling matters at Jabot. Jill admitted that her confidence in Jack was faltering. She thought it might be time to change who was in charge.

Jack and Kevin's conversation was interrupted by Jill's arrival at the Abbott house. She wanted to know what Jack was doing, and he told her that Michael was meeting with Andrew Gibson and his attorney and offering a settlement. While they were talking, Michael arrived and told them that Gibson had refused the settlement. It wasn't because of the amount of the money. It was the clause absolving Jabot of responsibility. Gibson wanted Jabot's management to admit that the company was at fault for his wife's death.

Gloria ran into Katherine at the athletic club and told her that Jack was hoping the offer of a settlement would end this nightmare. Gloria wasn't surprised. Jack and Ashley were always willing to throw money at a problem because they'd always been handed everything. They didn't know, as their father did, what it meant to build a company from nothing. While they were talking, Victor joined them. He told Katherine that he was again CEO at Newman. Gloria asked how his children had taken it, and Victor admitted they weren't happy. After he left, Gloria expressed her admiration for the way Victor could make a decision without a lot of emotion because it was best for business.

Lily was supportive of Colleen, who said things were over between her and J.T. He was the same old person who'd have sex with anyone. Victoria was just a repeat of what had once happened with Anita Hodges. Lily knew that Colleen wasn't as strong as she pretended to be. Colleen said she mostly felt bad because of the way J.T. and Victoria had pretended nothing had happened. She decided she had to tell her father the truth and stop his marriage to Victoria, because Brad didn't know what kind of person Victoria really was.

Colleen went to see her father at his office. When she told him the truth about J.T. and Victoria, he admitted that he already knew. Colleen was angry because he hadn't told her, and Brad said he hadn't wanted to see her get hurt. Colleen also didn't understand why Brad had forgiven Victoria and was still willing to marry her. Brad reminded her that he and Victoria had been broken up when she slept with J.T., and she'd promised him it would never happen again. Because he loved her, he was willing to put it behind them. Colleen insisted that she would no longer be part of their wedding. Victoria could find another maid of honor.

J.T. went to Newman to confront Daniel about what he'd done. He should never have told Lily what he overheard. Daniel said that he didn't keep secrets from his wife, and because Lily was Colleen's best friend, she'd felt obligated to tell her the truth. Later, J.T. ran into Colleen as she was leaving her father's office. Brad stood behind his daughter as J.T. begged to talk to her. Colleen asked him to leave. She didn't want to see him again. After J.T. left, Colleen spent some time alone with Daniel, who said that he and Lily were trying to learn from their parents what mistakes not to make in a marriage. He wondered if Colleen really intended not to be part of her father's wedding. Colleen said that she hoped there wouldn't be a wedding.

J.T. went to see Lily. He asked her to talk to Colleen for him. Although he understood why Colleen was angry with him, he really hoped she wouldn't let his mistakes ruin her relationships with her family. Lily made no promises to J.T. about talking to Colleen on his behalf.

Nick arrived home from Newman to find Sharon back from her trip to Paris. She'd dropped Noah off to see his friends. She said she'd relaxed in Paris, and Nick said the separation was good for him, too. He knew how badly he'd hurt her, and if she still wanted a divorce, he wouldn't fight her. Sharon wondered if that was what Nick wanted and if it had anything to do with Phyllis. Nick said no, it was only Sharon he was thinking of. He didn't want their marriage to be over, but he didn't want to hurt her anymore. Sharon confessed that she was no longer sure what she wanted.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sharon returns home early from Paris. Nick tells her if she really wants a divorce, he won't fight her on it. Sharon says she is having second thoughts about divorcing Nick. She said that she saw it in Noah's eyes that he knew she was hurting. Sharon remembers that tomorrow is a year from the day that Cassie died. Nick said that he felt responsible. Sharon said that ever since Cassie died, their marriage begin to fall apart. Nick admits that he cheated with Phyllis in hopes to bring their marriage to fight or flight situation. As they talk about Cassie and their family, Nick hugs Sharon. They start kissing.

Jack talks to Daniel about their living arrangements. He says that it's okay for Lily and Daniel to stay there as long as they need. Daniel says that it will be a year ago tomorrow that Cassie died. Daniel says that he still feels responsible for messing up so many people's lives. Jack says that Daniel has come along way and that a lot of people love him, his mother included. Jack says that he's not sure what came between Daniel and Phyllis, but she's the only mother he's got.

Colleen is looking miserable. Gina offers to talk to Colleen. Just as Colleen begins talking about cruel people, Kevin shows up and asks if J.T. has already screwed up. At first, Colleen is disgusted with Kevin. But then she realizes that Kevin used to be J.T.'s roommate. Kevin says that the only time J.T. didn't come home was when Mac and J.T. got in a huge fight. J.T. shows up at the bar after Colleen leaves. Kevin tells him that maybe he should try calling Colleen.

Colleen goes to Daniel and Lily's. She asks to stay over so that she doesn't have to see her dad. She calls her dad to let him know where she will be. Then, she calls Victoria. She tells Victoria that she knows about her and J.T. She says that she shouldn't get her hopes up about marrying her dad.

Nikki is shocked at Victoria's idea of a takeover. She wonders why Victoria would go to such extremes and further tear their family apart. Victoria thinks she is playing her father's game. Victoria tries to persuade Nikki to join her and Nick in the takeover. Nikki says Victoria is putting her in a hard position. Nikki understands that Victor may think he means well, but sometimes can be a difficult person to love. When Victor calls Nikki and asks her if she wants to meet him for lunch, she asks if he thinks she should just forget everything that's going on. Victor says no, but then hangs up on her.

Victor talks to Ashley about NVP carrying their products. Ashley is happy that Victor is still pursuing the idea. She reads about NVP's position and thanks Victor for giving her hope again. As Victor holds her hand, Nikki sees them.

Michael calls Paul on the phone to see if anything new has sprung up in the case. Lauren stops by and tries to get Michael to spend more time with her. She says that Michael has been home late from work every day this week. Michael apologizes and says he will try harder, but tonight will be another late night. Gloria comes by and Gloria scares Lauren off, offering to shop for maternity clothes. Gloria asks Michael if Mr. Gibson settled. Michael says that Mr. Gibson wants to hold Jabot responsible. Paul comes in and says that he has some news. Mr. Gibson's wife had terrible food poisoning the night before she tried the Jabot moisturizer. There is paperwork from a doctor that states that her sickness was related to a mom-and-pop restaurant Mrs. Gibson had eaten at. Michael thinks this may be enough to get a settlement out of Mr. Gibson.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Phyllis went to the Abbott house with Jack, where they talked about Daniel. She had something she wanted Jack to deliver to Daniel, but he thought it might be a good idea if she saw Daniel herself. Phyllis wasn't sure her son wanted to see her, but Jack told her that the anniversary of Cassie's death was bothering Daniel. Finally she agreed to go with Jack to visit her son.

Brad wanted to talk to Victoria about the possibility of winning Nikki over to their side in their fight against Victor. But Victoria had other things on her mind. She told Brad that Colleen had confronted her about the one-night-stand with J.T. She not only didn't want to be in Brad and Victoria's wedding, but she didn't want the wedding to take place. Victoria wondered how long Brad had planned to keep it from her that Colleen knew the truth. Brad told her that he'd intended to have a long talk with Colleen, work things out, and hopefully never have it affect Victoria. When he found out what Colleen had said to Victoria, he started to call her, then he realized that she'd left him a message to let him know she was spending the night with Lily and Daniel. Victoria warned Brad that Colleen wouldn't just drop this. While they were talking, J.T. showed up looking for Colleen. Brad ordered J.T. again to stay away from his daughter, who didn't want to see him.

Jack and Phyllis went to see Daniel and Lily. Jack was pleasantly surprised to see his niece Colleen there. Phyllis told Daniel she'd been thinking about him and wanted to give him and Lily their video games and player. Although things were a little awkward between Daniel and his mother, it was another step toward their reconciliation. Later, when they were alone, Jack promised Phyllis to always be there for her. Phyllis was grateful for his support, but never told Jack why Daniel was upset with her.

J.T. showed up at Daniel and Lily's place to talk to Colleen. Daniel and Lily took a walk to give them some privacy. J.T. told Colleen that what happened with Victoria hadn't meant anything. Colleen didn't agree that it was something she should just get over. She asked J.T. to leave and told him that she didn't want to see him anymore. After J.T. left, Lily and Daniel returned to find Colleen crying and comforted her.

Nikki went to find Victor and found him in an intimate conversation with Ashley. Ashley thanked Nikki for letting NVP sell Jabot products. Nikki said that if it didn't work out, there were going to be two companies in trouble. When they were alone again, Nikki let Victor know that she didn't appreciate his continued obsession with Ashley. In fact, there was very little that he was doing that was making her happy. Firing Phyllis, pushing their children out of the co-CEO positions, and spending time with Ashley were all making her question Victor's motives and judgment. Her mood hadn't improved by the next morning, but Victor seemed oblivious to how his wife was feeling as he began to immerse himself in running Newman Enterprises again.

While Gloria was making a secretive phone call and offering someone information, Kevin was getting a call from John Abbott, who wanted to see Kevin the following morning. When Kevin went to the prison, John admitted that he was worried about how things were going for Gloria and if Jack and Ashley were still making her feel unwelcome. Kevin said they weren't being too bad, plus he'd moved into the house to look after his mother. John was happy to hear that and told Kevin he'd turned into a fine young man that he was proud to call his stepson. Kevin was moved by John's words.

Ashley confronted Jack about the meeting that had taken place with him, Michael, Paul, and Gloria. She felt like as president of Jabot, she was entitled to be part of any such meetings, especially if they involved Andrew Gibson's case. Jack said they'd gotten new information about Gibson's plan to sue the restaurant where his wife got food poisoning. To a jury, it might look like Gibson had gone for Jabot's deeper pockets. So they were hoping he'd accept a new settlement offer. Gloria ruined their hopes when she came in with a newspaper. Gibson was telling reporters that the Abbotts were trying to buy his silence.

Although they'd had a passionate interlude after talking about their grief over Cassie, Sharon was still unable to forget Nick's infidelity with Phyllis. She wasn't sure that she would ever trust him again. Nick promised her that everything between Phyllis and him was over. He would never hurt her that way again. The next morning, Sharon hurried out just as Victoria arrived. Victoria was still curious about the problems between Sharon and Nick, but they had more pressing matters to discuss. She didn't think their mother was going to side with them against Victor, so they needed to come up with another plan. Later, Victoria went to see Colleen and talk to her.

Brad spotted Sharon after she arrived at work. When he realized that she didn't know what was going on, he led her into an empty office. Sharon listened in stunned disbelief as Brad told her that Victor had retaken control of the company, but that he, Victoria, and Nick intended to fight Victor. Sharon was speechless and looked miserable as she put her arms around Brad and rested her head on his shoulder.

Nick went to see his mother. He told her that Sharon was home, but things weren't really resolved between them. But that wasn't the reason he'd come to see her. Nikki said she knew why he was there, and she'd made her decision. She was going to join her children in getting Brad a seat on the board and trying to reinstate Nick and Victoria as co-CEOs at Jabot.

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