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Monday, May 8, 2006

From her hospital bed, Nikki called Phyllis and pled with her to cover for her at an NVP appointment Nikki had that afternoon. Phyllis agreed as Victor walked into Nikki's room. Nikki told Victor that she had asked Phyllis to cover for her at the meeting. Fearful of Victor's reaction, Nikki asked him what he thought of her decision. Victor agreed that Phyllis was the appropriate substitute, which put Nikki's mind at ease. Nikki also phoned Nick to warn him that Phyllis would be in the Newman Enterprises building that afternoon.

Daniel was handling some mail and shipping for Victoria -- he passed Brad and they exchange helloes as Daniel left. Brad and Victoria agreed that Daniel was doing a good job. Victoria told Brad that Colleen was not going to be her maid of honor. Brad was disappointed and said he would talk to Colleen, but Victoria said not to try to force her. They both hoped that Colleen would at least come to the ceremony. They thought it was ironic that Colleen -- not Abby -- was the "tough sell" on their marriage -- which is scheduled for tomorrow. Victoria said she would find someone else -- even if she had to hire them off the street -- that all she cared about was becoming Mrs. Bradley Carlton.

At the loft apartment, Colleen was begging J.T. to be her escort to Brad and Victoria's wedding, and J.T. was clearly growing more irritated -- he thought that the only reason she wanted him there was to stir up more trouble by creating a scene and hurting Brad. Colleen said that wasn't true -- and that she realized she had to go, as she would be upset if Brad didn't attend her wedding. J.T., who had enough, said, "THEN GO!!" He was saved by a phone call from Paul, who wanted to see him. As he was leaving, Colleen told him that she didn't want to watch her dad making this horrible mistake by herself. J.T. reiterated his NO, and warned Colleen that he did not want to talk about it any more when he returned.

Victoria went to visit Nikki -- Victor was still there. Nikki asked her if she was getting nervous -- after all she was getting married in less than 24 hours. When Victoria said she was too busy to be nervous, Nikki apologized for not being able to do more -- but Victoria told her that having her there was all that mattered. As Victor was about to leave to make some phone calls, Victoria stopped him and pleaded with him to change his mind about walking her down the aisle. She thought that perhaps Nikki's shooting would make him realize that life was precious and it wasn't worth holding onto a grudge. Victor said that he would be at the wedding but he still didn't think Brad was the right man for her and thus would not be able to walk her down the aisle. Victoria was practically in tears. Dr. Ryan came in and told Nikki that she could go home -- that he had written a prescription for pain medication and she should take no more or no less than he had prescribed. An elated Victor told Dr. Ryan that Nikki's physical therapy was arranged for -- Victor thanked Dr. Ryan as the doctor left.

Later, Victoria told Nikki that tonight would be her last night at the ranch -- and that she couldn't wait to be Mrs. Brad Carlton -- it would be like a new beginning for them -- and she wished it could be a new beginning for them all (Victor reacted to all of this.) After Victoria was gone, Nikki tried talking Victor into walking Victoria down the aisle, but he refused, saying that Brad Carlton did not love Victoria.

Sharon and Drucilla discussed an upcoming promotional tour -- Dru thanked Sharon for everything she was doing, what with Nikki in the hospital and Victoria's wedding. Sharon told Dru that she and Nick were having marital problems.

Phyllis and Nick ran into each other at Newman -- Nick wanted to talk to her. Phyllis asked how Nikki was doing -- when Nick told her she was doing well Phyllis asked him how Sharon was doing. He told Phyllis that he and Sharon were separating -- and he wanted to make sure that she didn't blame herself. At the same time, Sharon stopped by Brad's office, but he was on the phone so she left -- and saw Phyllis and Nick in conversation. Upset, Sharon went back to Brad's office and spilled her guts out to Brad about Nick's affair with Phyllis, which shocked Brad. Sharon told him that she stayed with Nick after finding out, but she should have ended her marriage. When Brad said he was sorry, Sharon said she didn't want sympathy, but that no one should be with someone they didn't want to be with. Sharon asked Brad if he wanted to be with her, but Victoria came in and interrupted the conversation before he could answer. Victoria asked Sharon to be her maid of honor -- Sharon was reluctant and came up with excuses why she shouldn't be, but Victoria said she thought this might be the beginning of a better relationship between the two of them. Sharon finally agreed, and Victoria hugged her, telling her how much it meant to her and Brad. Brad and Sharon made long eye contact with each other.

In the Jabot boardroom, Katherine told Jack that the public relations specialist she had hired had arrived from New York and was on her way over. She also told him that she expected him to be gracious, although she knew that Jack wasn't thrilled with the idea, as Carmen Mesta was one of the foremost authorities on corporate crisis communication. Jack said that the Jabot public relations department could deal with what was going on, but Katherine said they didn't have experience with a consumer product boycott. Jack reminded her that it was only a few hundred signatures on an internet petition -- but she was concerned about where it could lead -- perhaps to the millions?! She said they needed someone to protect Jabot.

Later, Katherine introduced Carmen to Jack. Carmen mentioned her impressive client list, and the fact that she had handled several product tampering cases. She said that she had read everything Katherine sent her, as well as what was on the internet -- she felt that the print stuff was bad -- but the internet stuff (particularly Jack's sound bites about Mr. Gibson) were REALLY bad. Carmen said she came up with a three part plan. Part One was improving Jabot's image by really moving on the deal with NVP to market Jabot products. She said that Newman's reputation for quality would rub off on Jabot. Part Two was to show that Jabot wanted to give back to the community via Chancellor Industries' charity work and Katherine's foundation. Jack strongly agreed with that. Carmen didn't think Jack would agree with Part Three of her plan -- that Jack had to absolutely keep a low profile -- no interviews, press releases, etc. -- because Jack had actually become the story. Jack reacted somewhat harshly when Carmen said she didn't think it was yet necessary for Jack to work from home if he kept a low profile. Katherine agreed with Carmen and told Jack that if they were going to salvage Jabot, that Jabot had to distance itself from Jack. Later, after speaking to Jill on the phone about the meeting, Katherine asked Jack what he thought of Carmen. He said he thought she was sharp (had nice legs) and seemed to know her business. Jack said he would do anything to save his father's business (including keeping a low profile,) which pleased Katherine. Jack said, though, that he wanted to see if Carmen could come through on her promises.

In Neil's office, he continued to press Lily about the email meant for Daniel that she mistakenly sent to him, which said that Dru had lied about Malcolm and everything else. Lily continued to evade Neil's questions about what she meant about Malcolm. He asked her if something happened between Dru and Malcolm. Lily continued to evade Neil's questions, and he asked her to tell him what was going on. Lily said that she couldn't because she had promised she couldn't. When Neil asked if the promise was to Drucilla, Lily quickly left Neil's office. She ran into Daniel in the hall and told him they needed to find Dru right away -- they checked her office, kept calling her cell, and ended up at the Winters' apartment. Lily said that if Neil found out that Malcolm was her biological father it would kill him. She started writing Drucilla a note and asked Daniel how things got so messed up. Daniel assured her that all would be okay, and that Neil knew he was her father in every possible way. Lily hoped that Daniel was right.

Dru entered Neil's office absolutely raving about how she had dazzled everyone at a meeting she just attended. She wanted to celebrate, but Neil showed her the email that Lily had accidentally sent him -- Dru read it out loud. Neil told her he tried to get Lily to tell him what happened between her and Malcolm and why Dru forced her to keep it secret, but he couldn't get anything out of her. Neil point blank asked Dru if she and Malcolm had slept together after Paris -- when Dru said no Neil asked if she had slept with Malcolm before Paris. Dru said they only slept together once -- and it was so long ago. Neil freaked out (as he and Dru were married at the time) and Dru explained that it was a misunderstanding -- that Neil was away on business and she had a cold. She wanted to feel better for Neil's return, and took some medication but had a bad reaction to it, and thought she was making love to Neil but then realized it was really Malcolm! Neil angrily told her that he did not believe that. Dru insisted it was the truth, but Neil stormed out of his office as Dru cried out after him.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

At the Newman ranch, Nikki was in a wheelchair. She told her nurse she was in a little pain and needed a pain pill. Victor came in and told the nurse he would take over. He was very attentive to Nikki and her needs. She thanked him for that and reminded him that a close call like the carjacking could change one's priorities -- and she hoped it would change his outlook on Victoria and Brad's wedding, which was happening today. She said that today Brad would become a family member and that she hoped he could make peace with that, for everybody's sake.

At Sharon and Nick's, Sharon remembered her recent conversation with Brad where she told him that she didn't think marriage was about pretending and settling for someone -- and wondered if it wasn't too late for her and Brad. Brad reacted with shock as Victoria entered -- we returned to the present where, at the wedding chapel, Brad had remembered the same conversation. Nick came in with their suits and asked Brad if he was nervous. Back at Sharon's, she thought about making a call on her cell phone, then closed it when a very animated Victoria knocked and came in. She told Sharon she was a little nervous, but would be in heaven when the marriage actually began. She expressed her gratitude to Sharon for filling in as matron of honor at the last minute. She called Brad at the chapel to see if there had been any word from Colleen -- Brad told her there hadn't been. Victoria told him how supportive Sharon had been (Sharon had a wistful, sad look on her face while overhearing the conversation.) She told Brad she loved him, then hung up. She told Sharon how relieved Brad was that she was stepping in to substitute for Colleen at the last moment. They hugged, and Victoria left.

Back at the chapel, Nick told Brad that he put their suits in the groom's room. Brad asked Nick if everything was all right with him and Sharon. Nick questioned why Brad was asking, and Brad said that he was acting as a friend, though he didn't want to get in the middle of things. Nick told him that no matter what Sharon had told him he intended to fight for his marriage. Nick left to check on the minister.

Back at the ranch, Victoria hugged Nikki and told her how happy she was that they released her from the hospital in time for the wedding. Victoria asked Victor if he had changed his mind about standing up for her, but Victor said they had discussed that enough and he didn't want to talk about it anymore. Nikki said she was thankful that Victor was going to be there at all, Victoria agreed and thanked him before she left.

At Jabot, Jack thanked Phyllis for her help in counteracting the negative publicity about Jabot via the Jabot website. He told her that it had been decided that he needed to keep a lower profile both at Jabot and Chancellor until the mess blew over. He then invited her to be his date at Victoria and Brad's wedding, but she said she wasn't planning on being there. Jack thought he knew why -- that it was because of what happened the night of Michael and Lauren's wedding. Jack apologized for having been a jerk that night -- he wanted to erase that bad memory and replace it with a good one. Phyllis remembered what she had done that night -- made love with Nick. Jack said that although it would be fun, they didn't have to go if she didn't want to. Phyllis changed her mind and decided to go with Jack.

At the loft apartment, J.T. asked Colleen why she wasn't dressed for the wedding -- she said she wasn't going unless he had changed his mind and would go with her. A clearly upset Lily knocked -- when Colleen asked her what was wrong, Lily said she did something that really hurt her dad, but before she could give Colleen more details, J.T. interrupted and asked Lily if she was having any luck convincing Colleen to go to the wedding. Lily told Colleen that if she had the chance to do anything to make Brad happy she should do it and not think twice about it. Colleen asked Lily to talk to J.T. about taking her, and J.T., resigned to his fate, finally agreed. Later, when Colleen and J.T. were dressed, Lily wished them luck, told Colleen to behave herself, and then left.

At the chapel, Noah and Sharon arrived -- Noah was wondering where Nick was when Brad came out of the groom's room and made intense eye contact with Sharon across the chapel. He ducked out of sight when he heard Nick talking to Noah. Nick wondered why Sharon wasn't dressed for the wedding, and Victoria popped in and told him that Sharon's dress had just arrived -- that Colleen had bailed on her and Sharon was taking Colleen's place. Sharon asked Nick to watch Noah as she and Victoria went to the bride's room.

Victor and Nikki arrived and Nikki asked him again if he would reconsider standing up for Victoria. When Victor made it clear he didn't wish to discuss this, Nikki told him he might one day regret not doing it.

In the bride's room, Sharon tried on her dress and Victoria joked that maybe she shouldn't have asked her to be her matron of honor -- that Sharon looked so beautiful that Brad might forget who he was marrying. The remark made Sharon start to cry. When Victoria asked her why she was crying, Sharon covered by saying that it was because weddings were so emotional. Nikki and Victor stopped by to visit, and Sharon and Victor left Nikki and Victoria alone to share a mother-daughter moment before the ceremony. Victoria told Nikki that she thought having Nick and Sharon in the wedding would be a good idea -- but after seeing them together she wasn't sure it was.

In the chapel, people started arriving -- first Ashley and Abby -- Brad told Abby how pretty she looked. Ashley asked if Colleen was coming, Brad told her it was probably for the best that she didn't.

Noah was upset that he couldn't sit with Nick and Sharon, he said it felt like they weren't a family, but they explained to him that they had to be up front as they were in the wedding party. They told him that he should sit with Nikki, as it would make her feel better.

Katherine and Jill arrived and told Abby how pretty she looked. They chatted a bit with Victor about the carjacking. Jack and Phyllis arrived and Katherine grabbed Jack to remind him about keeping a low profile -- she also told him that she wanted him to meet with Carmen after the wedding. With Jack's attention on his conversation with Katherine, Nick and Phyllis made eye contact. Jack rejoined Phyllis and told her that Katherine had wanted to give her some advice -- but now they could enjoy themselves.

Sharon and Brad ran into each other and she told him she shouldn't have said what she did last night -- but she wondered where things stood with them. Brad told Sharon that he cared for her, but Sharon reminded him that he once said he loved her. Brad said it was best for them not to go down that road. She asked if he was really going to marry Victoria and he told her that things had changed -- he loved Victoria very much.

Colleen and J.T. arrived outside the chapel -- J.T. said that this was as far as he was going -- that his presence there would only disrupt things -- and that she needed to go in alone. Colleen agreed and started inside.

In the bride's room, Nikki gave Victoria something borrowed, old, and blue -- an old garter that Victoria correctly guessed was from Nikki's stripping days at the Bayou. They shared a laugh as Victor and Sharon entered. Victor wheeled Nikki out and Sharon asked Victoria if she was ready to get into her gown. Victoria said she was ready -- that she was marrying the man she loved.

The ceremony began -- the music started playing -- Abby walked down the aisle spreading the flowers -- Sharon walked down the aisle (and made eye contact with Brad.) Victoria appeared as the bridal music started. A teary-eyed Victor joined her -- and he kissed her and started walking her down the aisle!

Earlier, at the loft, Lily had called Dru to tell her that she was worried about Neil. An angry Dru told her it was a little late for that -- that Neil knew about Dru's night with Malcolm -- but didn't yet know that Malcolm was Lily's biological father. Dru told her that Neil never came home last night -- that she didn't want to talk to her, and hung up.

Neil arrived home and told Dru he had been up all night walking and thinking. Neil was still angry at Dru for having spent the night with Malcolm those many years ago. Neil said he felt betrayed, and Dru said it meant absolutely nothing. Neil wondered why, if it meant nothing, Dru had kept it secret for so many years. He also said he noticed a "weird vibe" between Malcolm and Dru during Malcolm's recent stay in Genoa City. Dru said that it hadn't even come up -- and if it had they would have been fighting about it. She said Malcolm also thought the night meant nothing. Lily called again to find out what was going on -- Dru told her that Neil was home but didn't yet know about Malcolm being her father. Neil and Dru continued to argue -- Dru asked him to let go of it. He went over what happened that night -- that Dru had taken medication that made her feel woozy, that she thought Malcolm was Neil, and Malcolm thought that Dru wanted to make love to him. Neil said he hated Malcolm -- and started to realize that things didn't add up. He didn't understand why Lily would be so incredibly upset just learning that Malcolm and Dru had a one-night stand many years ago, and he wanted to know what Lily meant by "everything else" at the end of her email. As Neil started screaming at Dru to explain all this, Lily rushed in, hugged Neil, and told him that it didn't matter -- that he would always be her father!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Victoria was surprised when her father walked her down the aisle to Brad at her wedding ceremony. When a relieved Nikki looked around the church and saw Colleen standing in the back, she nudged Victor. Victor went to escort Colleen to her seat next to Ashley and Abby, and Brad and Victoria turned to see what was going on. Brad was relieved to see his daughter at his wedding.

After the ceremony, Brad wondered aloud to Nick if Victor's behavior showed that he was willing to accept Brad as his son-in-law. Nick warned Brad not to read too much into it. He also warned his mother and sister that their fight with Victor for control of Newman Enterprises probably wasn't over. Victor's actions at the wedding, and his later toast of the bride and groom, didn't convince Nick that his father had given up his intention to run the business. Instead, in a private conversation with Phyllis, Nick expressed his certainty that Victor's actions meant that he was up to something.

Colleen wasn't comfortable at the wedding, even with Ashley's approval and her father's gratitude. She called J.T. and asked if he'd go to the reception at the ranch with her. J.T. refused, saying that he was doing some work for Paul.

J.T. wondered again if he should be investigating Brad's past for Victor. He didn't like keeping it from Colleen. Paul told J.T. that he was in too far; he had to follow through on the commitment he'd made to Victor. They got a package of information from Cleveland regarding Brad's past, the same documents that Paul had once delivered to Nikki and left sealed without reading. Paul said that this time, he intended to find out what Brad might be hiding. When Paul and J.T. examined the papers, they discovered that Brad Carlton had gotten in a little trouble as a teenager. Nothing serious, just some shoplifting and vandalism. The only problem was, the photo of the teenager who had the same social security number as Brad wasn't the same person. The person that Paul and J.T. knew as Brad seemed to have taken someone else's identity and married well--several times--based on that identity.

Sharon was miserable as she watched Brad and Victoria exchange vows. Not only did she feel like her marriage was over, but she felt like another chance at happiness--with Brad--was slipping away. Later, she put a bright face on it and told Brad she was happy for him. Brad embraced her and assured her that whether or not things worked out for her and Nick, Sharon would be fine.

After the wedding, Katherine and Jill asked to speak to Jack privately, which left Phyllis standing alone outside the church. Nick joined her, and Phyllis wondered if the fact that Nick and Sharon had both been members of the wedding party meant that they'd reconciled. Nick told her no. In fact, Sharon had asked him to move out, so they were officially separated. However, he intended to fight for his marriage and family. Their conversation was interrupted by Jack, who told Phyllis that he needed to get to Jabot. Instead of following his advice that she go to the ranch for the wedding reception, Phyllis said she wanted to go to Jabot with him.

At the ranch, Noah was having a hard time accepting the situation with his parents. He wouldn't take Abby to the stables until Nick assured him that he'd be there when Noah got back. After the kids left, Sharon asked Nick how he could mislead Noah. Nick said he wasn't. Sharon might have made him leave their house, but his parents' home was a place where he'd always be welcome, and Sharon couldn't do anything about that. Later, when Sharon took Noah home, Nikki and Victor asked Nick why he wasn't going with them. They were upset to hear that he and Sharon had separated.

Phyllis stayed with Jack while he met with Jabot's new image consultant, Carmen Mesta. Carmen's ideas for Jabot didn't exactly sit well with Jack, but he agreed to do as she'd said. After Carmen left, Jack thanked Phyllis for staying by his side and offering her support. Phyllis reminded Jack that he'd always been there for her, too, when it mattered. Jack told Phyllis that he adored her. After he left the office, Phyllis got a call from her doctor, who delivered news so shocking that Phyllis didn't believe it. The doctor told her that she was pregnant.

Neil didn't understand why Lily rushed in vowing that he'd always be her father. As he tried to put together the pieces of the past, Drucilla did her best to steer him away from figuring out the truth. Lily, too, realized that Neil didn't know and tried to protect him and cover for her mother. But Neil suddenly realized the implications of everything he'd found out. He couldn't believe that Malcolm was Lily's biological father. He assured Lily that nothing had changed between them. He would always love her as his daughter. But when he persuaded her to leave so that he could talk to Drucilla, he lashed out at his wife. Even if things had happened exactly as she said, and she hadn't found out until recently that Lily was Malcolm's daughter, Dru had owed Neil the truth over all those years. He should at least have known that it was a possibility. When Dru tried to comfort him and get comfort from him, Neil walked out on her.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Having breakfast at Gina's, Phyllis thinks about her doctor telling her that she is pregnant. She calls another doctor and says that she needs to see her immediately. Gina is surprised when Phyllis orders decaf coffee. Nick comes in and sits down with Phyllis. He asks her if she going to help his mother with NVP while she is recovering. Phyllis says she will help in any way she can.

Phyllis goes to the doctor to see if she really is pregnant. The doctor gives Phyllis an ultrasound and they discover that she really is. Phyllis can't believe this, especially after she tried so hard to get pregnant before. As she imagines having a family with Nick and her miracle baby, she remembers also sleeping with Jack.

Jill tells Jack to continue to keep a low profile. Carmen tells Jack he will be making a public apology to Andrew Gibson. Gloria meets Carmen and is all aglow about the new situation. Jill finds out that Emma Gibson never tried the Jabot moisturizing cream. Jack tells Phyllis that he plans to secretly meet with Mr. Gibson to apologize in person. When Jack meets Andrew Gibson, Andrew tells him that he will never forgive Jack for what he's done. Carmen sees them talking and is disappointed with Jack.

Lily is worried that if her parents break up it will be her fault. Daniel tells her that it's not her fault; this is something her mother did. Neil is very upset and will not speak to Drucilla. When she begs him to talk to her, he tells her that he can't trust anything she says to him. Neil takes Devon out to breakfast and tells him the news. Devon is worried about Lily and calls her. Lily goes to see Devon and they talk about the news. Devon is surprised that Lily knew about this for months and never said anything. Lily says the reason she got married was so she could have her own family where they didn't keep lies from each other. Devon says that Drucilla and Neil will always be there for Lily, and that's no reason to get married.

Nick sees Daniel at Newman. He says that there are a lot of opportunities at Newman for Daniel. Daniel says that he realizes this. Nick offers to help in any way he can. "Like you helped my mother?" Daniel asks.

Mac comes home to tell Katherine that she has decided to live in New Orleans with her father to help him with his construction company. Katherine is surprised Mac would want to leave Genoa City, especially now that Mac and Kevin own the coffeehouse. Mac says that things went to fast for her in GC, and her miscarriage and breakup with J.T. were the final straw. Mac says that she feels that she doesn't belong here anymore. Katherine says if it is what Mac wants, she will approve. Meanwhile, Kevin is working hard to keep the coffeehouse afloat. When Mac shows up, he is relived to see her. Mac explains to Kevin her situation. Kevin doesn't want her to go, she's his best friend, and he is in love with her. Mac begs Kevin not to be mad with her; this is something she feels that she must do. Kevin says that he can't stay mad at her, but he will definitely miss her.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Daniel and Lily came by Phyllis's to give her some homemade muffins for Mother's Day. Phyllis was happy to see her son, and she made it clear that she welcomed not only him, but Lily as her daughter, into her life. Lily was touched and hugged Phyllis with gratitude while Daniel looked on.

Later, Phyllis tried to imagine talking to Nick and then Jack about her pregnancy, depending on which of them was the father of her baby. Jack called to see how Phyllis was doing and was happy to hear that she'd seen Daniel. When Phyllis could overhear commotion at the Abbott house, Jack told her that Gloria had invited people over. Phyllis said she was in the middle of something and got off the phone. She looked at the ultrasound picture of her baby and placed her hands on her stomach, thrilled by her "miracle" pregnancy.

Although Katherine was sad that Mackenzie would be moving to New Orleans to work with her father on rebuilding the city, she told Mac she should do what she thought was best. Gloria wasn't as understanding when Kevin told her that Mac was leaving. In fact, she spoke privately to Mac and implied it would be best if Mac made a clean break, letting Kevin get over her without any hopes for a future together. Later, when Kevin asked Mac what she and his mother had been talking about, Mac acted like it was nothing important.

Jack and Ashley returned from a visit to their father to find Lauren, Michael, Katherine, and Mac invited for brunch. Jack told Katherine that she was always welcome there, even if they didn't see eye to eye on the best way to handle Andrew Gibson. Ashley was glad to be sharing her Mother's Day with Abby, and agreed that next year, Abby should also get Victoria, her new stepmother, a gift. Michael and Lauren made the announcement that they were expecting a child. Kevin knew it must be affecting Mac, because of her miscarriage, but she assured Kevin that she was fine.

Devon offered to make coffee or breakfast for Dru for Mother's Day. While they were talking, Neil came in. In an effort to make things more civil, Devon told them that he'd spoken to his mother, who was still doing fine at his aunt's house. She was even holding down a job. He hadn't told her anything about the Winters family's problems. He felt like that was their private family business. But he didn't regret staying with them, even though things were strained. He knew he was where he was supposed to be.

Dru was happy to see Lily on Mother's Day, but she made it clear that Daniel wasn't welcome there. Devon, too, spoke quietly to Daniel and told him that he should have let Lily come there by herself. Neil welcomed his daughter with open arms and reminded her that he'd always love her. Lily promised him that she knew it. When Lily and Daniel jokingly bickered about the muffins they'd brought, Dru said they sounded like an old married couple. Feeling defensive, Lily decided to leave with Daniel. After they were gone, Devon listened in dismay as Neil lashed out at Dru for the way she was treating their daughter. Later, Drucilla found a Mother's Day present from Neil that he'd thrown into the trash.

Nick found Sharon looking at an old homemade Mother's Day card from Cassie. She said that all she'd ever wanted for the occasion was to be with her children. When Noah came down, he gave her a coupon book he'd made for her. Later, Nick told her that he wanted to do something special for Cassie, like setting up a foundation in her name. Sharon was touched and agreed to work with him on it.

Although Nikki was in a lot of pain, she was delighted by Victor's Mother's Day gift, a large donation to a women's center in her honor. When Nick, Sharon, and Noah came over, Victor and Nikki hoped it meant they were working on their marriage. So they were disappointed to hear that Nick was moving out the following day and they planned to tell Noah later that night. Victor later questioned Nick about it, and Nick told him that he needed to give Sharon space. When Nikki questioned Sharon, Sharon told her that they just couldn't live together right now. And instead of blaming her, maybe Nikki should blame Nick, who hadn't been thinking of his family when he'd had his affair with Phyllis.

Nick, Nikki, and Sharon were all shocked to hear that Victor intended to turn control of Newman back over to Nick and Victoria, who would be co-CEOs again. While Sharon privately asked Victor if he was doing the right thing, Nick and Nikki talked it over. Both of them thought Victor's decision was either temporary or might be part of a larger scheme. Nikki assured Nick that he and Victoria would have her support if Victor changed his mind again.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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