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Monday, May 29, 2006

At the prison, Jack looked at John through the window into the visiting room. He remembered what Gloria said about John thinking she was Dina -- John's first wife. When Jack entered to see John, John at first seemed fine but he suddenly started becoming agitated and talked about finding Dina -- that she needed to come home, and that maybe they could get some information on her whereabouts from Brent Davis, with whom she was having an affair. A stunned Jack told John that Brent had been dead for years and Dina had been gone for years. John couldn't accept that, and Jack told him he thought he might be a little confused. John continued to insist to Jack that he find Dina.

At Jabot, Will visited Ashley to bring her up to speed on his efforts to get John out of prison. She told him that the prison doctor didn't seem particularly interested in helping John at all. Will told her that there didn't seem to be much of a chance of getting John out early. He mentioned possible legal remedies but said that there was only a slim chance they would work. He also warned Ashley that he was already crossing the line between his prosecutorial duties and his personal life, and wondered why Ashley was so concerned about John's mental state. Ashley told him what Gloria said (about John's thinking she was Dina), but Ashley thought that perhaps Gloria was overreacting, as she often did. Will hoped that was the case, and told Ash there was one last slim chance of getting John out -- that he was talking to a friend on the parole board, but because of his role as prosecutor, if his friend was willing to help, Ash would have to take it from there -- he couldn't go any further. She understood and agreed.

Gloria was using the computer in Michael's office when she remembered about John's confusion during her visit to the prison. As she continued working on the computer, Michael came in (none too pleased to see her) and she told him she had been doing some research on John's condition. When Michael told her that he thought John's confusion was stress-related, Gloria mentioned that she had come across something called TIA's -- they are basically tiny strokes that could cause the symptoms that John had -- but Gloria admitted that there were many other things that could have caused John's problems as well. When Gloria asked Michael what they were going to do to get John out of that hellhole, Michael suggested they start with a visit to the prison to see him, and they left. At the prison, a nervous Gloria and Michael waited to see John, and Michael surprised Gloria by telling her that he admired her strength. John came in and greeted Gloria -- and he was perfectly normal and lucid! He even discussed details of some Jabot business deals with Michael. Gloria asked John if he remembered calling her Dina on her last visit, but John said that he didn't, and told Gloria that SHE must be imagining it.

Jack stormed into Jabot to find Ashley but ran into Jill who was not happy to see him there. When Jack reminded her he owned a lot of the company, she said his being there might make it look like they were reneging on their agreement. Jack couldn't care less about what she was saying and just wanted to find Ashley. When Jill suggested Phyllis' office, and then told him that he had better not have had anything to do with Ashley firing Phyllis, Jack told her to stuff it and walked off.

At the Abbott House, Ashley asked Will if he had any good news for her from his friend on the parole board. Will said that he had news but that it wasn't good -- a mere risk to John's health wouldn't cut it for early parole -- it had to be a life-threatening condition that currently existed. Jack came in, overheard that, and told them that wouldn't be hard to do -- that he had just come from seeing John, and that what Gloria said was true -- that anyone who talked to John would see that there is a real problem.

In Michael's office, Phyllis was yelling to him about Ashley -- that she didn't care if her last name was Abbott -- that she couldn't just fire her because of a grudge. Phyllis thought of suing, but didn't feel like spending the remainder of her pregnancy in a courtroom. Phyllis whined about the horrible state of her life, and then told Michael about the job offer from Victor at NVP -- but said that wasn't an option for her because she didn't want to face Sharon every day. Phyllis then talked about her other problem -- she didn't know if Nick or Jack was her baby's father -- and she was scared that the father would take the baby away from her, as Danny had done with Daniel. Michael tried to calm her down, but she continued to freak out about father's rights, etc. When she mentioned her past history (with Danny and Daniel) Michael reminded her that a lot of time had passed and that she had changed. Michael told her that staying upset wasn't good for her or for the baby. Phyllis said that Michael was the only one who knew about the baby, but that soon she would start to show and neither Newman nor Jabot would want her and she wouldn't be able to get a job. When Michael again tried to calm her, Phyllis said she would calm down because the only thing that mattered was the baby -- that she had to take care of the baby. The two of them nodded in agreement.

At Jabot, Phyllis was packing when Victor walked in, and he asked her whether she would bring the stuff she was packing to Newman Enterprises. She wondered why Victor was putting so much pressure on her to return to NVP, as he had recently fired her. She also asked him if he had thought about the burden it would put on certain other people, but Victor said that other people would have to learn to separate their business lives from their personal lives. Phyllis told Victor this seemed unreal -- that his attitude was so unlike him. He told her that it was unlike her to turn away from the NVP dream that she and Nikki created. When Phyllis told him that she might pass because her stomach could no longer take the roller coaster ride, Victor said he was sorry.

Later, Jill came in with an assignment for Phyllis and found her packing. Jill was shocked to learn that Ashley had fired Phyllis, and that she, as CEO, outranked Ashley as president. When Phyllis said that she didn't want to start a war between Ashley and Jill, Jill told her to stay right there. Jill found Ash and read her the riot act about firing Phyllis. She told Ash that she was the only remaining Abbott at Jabot, and that if she wanted it to remain that way, that she had better go and apologize to Phyllis and offer her her job back. Ashley contritely went to Phyllis' office and said that perhaps she had overreacted and offered Phyllis her job back. Phyllis informed Ash that she had already received a juicy job offer, and she didn't know which job to choose from. Ashley told her that Jabot needed people of her caliber. Phyllis suggested a re-signing bonus -- Ashley told her to take that up with Jill.

At a basketball court, Lily and Daniel were waiting for Noah to stop by for a coaching session. Daniel was worried about Noah's state of mind because of his parents' divorce. Daniel talked about pulling stunts to get Danny's attention when Danny was on tour in Europe. Noah showed up and told Lily and Daniel the news -- that his parents were back together. As they practiced, Noah told Daniel how sad he was when Nick left and how happy he was now. When Noah left, Daniel was concerned that Nick was such a jerk that he would disappoint Noah again -- that Nick was undependable. Lily asked Daniel how his speech for Cassie's benefit was coming along and he said that he would try it on her later -- but that it was ironic that he wouldn't be this close to Noah if it weren't for what happened with Cassie. She told him what an amazing husband and guy he was -- that she knew that and so did Noah. Daniel promised to never disappoint her -- and that they would never make the same mistakes their parents did.

In a Newman conference room, Sharon reminisced about kissing Brad when Brad walked in. She told him that things were going great with the benefit -- that everything was set with Jewel's appearance. Sharon said that she made a fool out of herself going as far as she did to try to get him to go to New York. Brad told her she hadn't made a fool of herself. She told Brad that their friendship was too important now and that she wouldn't ruin it by throwing herself at him again.

Later, Sharon brought Brad some paperwork that he needed to sign off on and he mentioned that he heard that Daniel was giving a speech at Cassie's memorial. Sharon told him that was true, and Brad was pleased, as he thought Daniel had become a conscientious kid. Sharon left and ran into Phyllis getting off the elevator. They got into a "catfight" -- Phyllis said that she would be there as long as Nikki needed her, and Sharon replied that Nick wasn't there today. Phyllis said she didn't care. Sharon told Phyllis that she did care -- that she wanted to lure Nick away from her -- but that wouldn't happen, as Nick had moved back in. Phyllis accused Sharon of trying to push her buttons, but told her that she knew what was really going on -- that they were still planning a divorce and that Sharon shouldn't try playing happy homemaker with her. Sharon told Phyllis that Nick had just used her and then threw her away -- that he only wanted her for sex, and that Phyllis was a tramp and that was why she didn't have any female friends. Phyllis told Sharon not to push her -- that it wasn't in her best interest. Sharon started to walk into the hall as Phyllis followed her. Sharon told Phyllis that she was the most selfish bitch she had ever met. As Sharon started to leave, Brad got off the elevator and Sharon complained to him about Phyllis. Brad reassured her that soon Nikki would be well enough to handle things on her own and Phyllis would no longer be around. Sharon prayed that day would come -- she never wanted to see Phyllis again. Brad told her that soon Phyllis would be out of her life.

Phyllis went to Victor's office and asked him if the job offer was still good. Victor asked if that was her answer and Phyllis asked when she could start. Victor said right now!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

At the Abbott House, John's doctor, Dr. Campbell, stopped by and was greeted by Gloria and Jack. Gloria told Jack she called Dr. Campbell because she wanted him to examine John in prison. Jack thought it was a waste of time, since both Christine and Michael told him that John couldn't see his personal physician. Gloria told Dr. Campbell that John wasn't well, and Jack told him about his visit yesterday where John thought he was living in 1976. When Campbell commented that it wasn't unusual for someone stressed to be living in the past, Gloria told him that when she and Michael went to visit him later he was perfectly normal. Campbell told them he would need to examine John before he could hazard a diagnosis, but Jack said he had been examined by the prison's physician, who didn't think anything was wrong. The doctor suggested approaching the prison warden, and Gloria and Jack agreed.

At the prison, the warden informed Gloria and Jack that they wouldn't be seeing "Prisoner Abbott" today, as his privileges had been suspended for throwing his breakfast tray at a guard. Jack told the warden that they had noticed some serious personality changes in John and that John's personal physician wanted to run tests on him. When the warden told them that the prison physician had examined John and found nothing wrong with him, Gloria (turning on the charm) asked if Dr. Campbell could see John. The warden denied the request -- telling them that the Abbotts may snap their fingers and get what they wanted on the outside, but it didn't work that way in prison. Gloria and Jack pleaded with the warden, telling him that John's life may be in danger, but all the warden did was tell them that they could file a request to submit to the prison doctor to allow an outside physician to examine John. Gloria became livid, and told the warden she would go the press (starting with Leanna Love) and tell them that the prison was hiding something -- maybe that they had roughed John up! The warden told Gloria that was outrageous. When Gloria asks the warden if he was going to like his name in the headlines, the warden still would not change his mind, and Jack whisked Gloria away.

Jack and Gloria arrived home -- Jack was on the phone with Christine about the forms that would have to be filled out. Gloria asked Jack if he thought she had gone overboard with the warden, but Jack was pleased with her outburst -- he said she did just great. Just then Dr. Campbell arrived and told them that he got a call from the warden -- he would be allowed to perform any test he wanted to on John without any paperwork, and that he was on his way there now. After he left, Jack told Gloria that apparently her tirade paid off. Gloria told Jack that if she hadn't done it, then he probably would have.

At Sharon and Nick's, Sharon was holding Cassie's "family picture" when Nick came up behind her and told her how much good the benefit was going to do -- raising money to promote teen awareness of the dangers of alcohol, as well as getting people to remember Cassie. When Sharon said that she wished she had Cassie here now, Nick said that she wasn't, but that everything being done would keep Cassie alive in their hearts. They then started playing the blame game -- Sharon accused Nick of trying to destroy the family, as well as talking her into allowing Cassie to go out that fateful night over a year ago. She told him that forcing his way back into the house and making a bunch of promises wouldn't fix anything, but Nick said a divorce would only make things worse. Noah showed up just in time for the arrival of the school bus, and he wanted to make sure they were going to pick him up after school to go to the benefit together. Nick looked at Sharon as he escorted Noah to the school bus.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor was talking to Carmen Mesta about the great job she did with damage control at Jabot. She told Victor that she wanted to use some ideas from the Beauty of Nature campaign for NVP -- and that featuring Newman and Jabot products together would show the consumer they really cared about him/her, instead of some silly corporate competition. As they continued brainstorming, Brad came in with some papers that Victor needed to sign. Victor introduced them and told Brad that he had just hired Carmen to do some public relations for Newman and NVP, as he had heard enough of her ideas to know that she would be a good fit. Victor told Carmen that the Beauty of Nature campaign was Brad's brainchild, though Brad contritely told her that it was a group effort. Victor's phone rang and Brad and Carmen went into the hall where Carmen told Brad that after everything she heard she didn't expect Victor to be so nice. Brad had a smug grin on his face as Carmen walked away.

At the Winters', Dru asked Neil to join her for the benefit and Devon came in and asked them if Sierra could join them. Dru said it was fine, and Devon tried to get an answer out of a preoccupied Neil. Dru told Devon that Neil was trying to maximize the potential of Granville Global, the company that Newman just acquired. Neil said there didn't seem to be any use showing anything to Victor, and when Dru and Devon tried to cheer him up by telling him that Victor would be impressed, Neil said not to count on it -- not to count on anyone for anything -- ever. Neil stormed out.

Later, Neil met with Victor and told him that he felt unappreciated -- that he felt cut out of the Granville deal by Brad. When Victor reminded him that Newman was a family company, Neil said he might have to start circulating his résumé out there. Victor asked Neil not to leave as he appreciated him both as a colleague and a friend. Neil said he didn't want to leave -- but this was about business. As he started leaving the office, he ran into Carmen. Victor introduced them and asked Neil to show Carmen around, and asked Carmen to try to talk Neil into staying at Newman. Out in the hallway Carmen told Neil that she had read the company history and that if he did leave it would be a loss for Newman. Neil told her that unless you were a Newman -- or married to one -- you could always be replaced. Later, in the break room, Carmen was telling Neil an amusing story when Dru came in. Neil introduced her to Carmen, and Dru told Neil she needed to talk to him right away. Carmen left, and Dru informed Neil that she wouldn't be going on the European Beauty of Nature tour. When Neil reminded her that she had made a commitment to Nick and Victoria, she said that family came first and she just didn't think it was a good time for her to be gone. Neil glared at Dru and left the room, with Dru following him.

Later, Dru ran into Carmen and apologized for not being friendly earlier but that she had a lot on her mind. When Carmen mentioned Dru's European Beauty of Nature tour, Dru said she changed her mind -- that she had too much stuff there to handle.

Dru and Sharon ran into each other and Dru offered her sympathy about Nick and Sharon's marital problems. When Dru learned that Nick was cheating with Phyllis, she went ballistic, calling her a bitch and a whore -- and that she should be tarred and feathered. Sharon agreed. When Sharon asked how things were going with her and Neil, she said that they were having a rough patch. Sharon wished her luck in patching things up, and said she always thought the two of them had ideal marriages. When Sharon left, Dru was deep in thought.

Neil and Devon played basketball at the Athletic Club court. Neil just wanted to talk about the game, but Devon wanted to talk about the "scene at home." When Neil said that he and Dru loved him, Devon said that sounded like pre-divorce talk. Neil assured him that a divorce was not imminent. Dru came by to tell Neil she changed her mind about the Beauty of Nature tour. She told Neil how much she loved him and didn't want anything to happen to them, but Neil said it already had. He then received a call from Victor and had to leave to see him -- but before he did he told Dru he thought she made the right decision. After Neil left, Devon cheered Dru up by telling her that he thought she was a loving, caring person and the first person he ever trusted -- that she was "good people." Neil showed up at Victor's and Victor told him that he had found a way to reward him. When Neil reminded Victor that there were no vacant seats on the Newman Board, Victor told Neil that he was giving him his personal jet (including maintenance, etc.)! Neil was blown away and asked Victor why he is doing this. Victor told him it's simply because he can.

Nick and Victor ran into each other at Newman. Victor told Nick how happy he was that things seemed to be on the mend between him and Sharon, and how relieved Noah must be. Carmen walked up and Victor introduced them. Carmen told Nick that she would see him at the benefit tonight, that she thought what he and Sharon were doing would help teens make better choices.

In the conference room at Newman, Sharon was fantasizing how nice it would be if Brad were going with her on the trip to New York. Back in reality, Brad showed up and asked Sharon if she could add a New Jersey stop to the trip. She agreed, and Brad told her he would be going to Boston to close an acquisition deal. Sharon then broke down and started to blame herself for driving Nick to Phyllis, but Brad reassured her that it was not her fault at all. Nick came in and told Sharon the caterer wanted to talk to her, and Sharon left. Nick asked Brad if they were talking about the trip to New York that Sharon wanted Brad to take. Brad said that he would have gone with Sharon if not for his Boston trip. Carmen entered and asked Brad for help in finding the database of press releases, and Brad took her away to help her find it on the computer.

Brad introduced Sharon to Carmen, who pointed out that Sharon might be a great spokesperson for NVP also. Nick came by, and Sharon told him that after the benefit their marriage was over.

A secretary approached Nick to sign a requisition -- for a computer for Phyllis Abbott, who would be working there! Nick reacted.

Victor ran into Sharon and he told her how happy he was that she and Nick seemed to be patching things up. Brad eavesdropped on the conversation, as Victor told Sharon that he was worried about Nikki -- that she had been working too hard and that Phyllis could be a great help -- that he hoped Sharon could block Phyllis out of her mind. When Sharon said it sounded like a done deal, Victor said it was. After a secretary called Victor away to take a phone call, Brad walked up to Sharon who said, "Phyllis here! Isn't this nightmare ever going to end?!"

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

At the ranch, Sharon was questioning whether she'd be able to get through the benefit for Cassie without crying. Brad told her that if she had any bad moments, she should look for him. Sharon warned him that he might regret saying that.

Daniel was surprised to see his mother at Newman. She explained that Victor had rehired her at NVP. Daniel thought that her decision to return was a terrible mistake. Phyllis said she was finished apologizing for the things she'd done, and she felt like other people needed to get used to her presence. Daniel said that he wasn't worried about other people; he was worried about her. He also begged her not to go to the benefit, even to hear the speech he planned to make. Phyllis finally agreed, but gave Nick an envelope with a check to give to Sharon and Nick.

J.T. and Paul returned from Cleveland and talked about their trip. J.T. wished he could warn Colleen about Brad, because clearly, if Brad had stolen someone else's identity, he had something to hide. Paul warned J.T. that he couldn't tell anyone who or what they were investigating. When Colleen came in and wanted to know where they'd been and what case they'd been working on, Paul jokingly said if they told her, they'd have to kill her. After Paul left, J.T. asked if Colleen was going to Cassie's benefit. Colleen said she didn't feel like seeing her father and Victoria being all romantic together, but because she'd cared about Cassie, she'd decided to go.

Dru and Neil talked about her decision to go on the promotional trip to Europe. She was startled when Neil told her to take the Newman jet because Victor had given it to him. She asked her husband not to tell the kids yet that she would be out of town for a while. She knew Devon was worried about their family breaking up.

Nikki was pleased to see Katherine and Jill at the coffee house for Cassie's benefit. Both Katherine and Jill had their own reasons for remembering the dangers of alcohol, as Katherine's wreck while driving drunk had killed Phillip Chancellor, Jr., and Jill's son, Phillip III had died when he wrecked his car after driving drunk. Nikki thanked Katherine for the generous donation she'd made, and later, Jill began a bidding war against Victoria on a Forrester original gown during the silent auction.

Nick told his father that he dreaded addressing the crowd later. He felt like everyone would think he was a hypocrite for turning away from Sharon after Cassie's death and having an affair with another woman. Victor reminded Nick that in the dream Nick had, Cassie had told him to forgive himself. He and Sharon had been through a lot over the past year, but this could be a new beginning for them.

Devon told Lily that he was worried that their parents were on the verge of breaking up. Later, Lily sat with her parents and talked about how good it felt for the four of them to be together again. But later, when Dru left, Neil didn't want to go home with her. Devon left early so Dru wouldn't have to go home alone. Devon and Lily exchanged a worried look as Devon walked out with Dru. Neil talked to Victor and Nikki, joking to Victor that for his next bonus, maybe Victor should give him the ranch or at least a few horses. Nikki was surprised to hear that Victor had given Neil the Newman jet. When Victor told her that he wanted Neil to feel valued, Nikki said that he certainly should feel that way now.

Katherine was surprised to hear that Carmen Mesta was now doing some publicity work for NVP and Newman Enterprises. She hoped that Carmen would continue to make Jabot's situation a priority. Carmen tactfully handled Katherine's concerns. Later, Carmen sat down at a table with Neil, and Lily seemed a little suspicious of her.

J.T. and Paul came to Crimson Lights for the benefit. Paul hooked up with Christine, who was surprised to see that he wasn't there with a date. When she asked him about the case that had taken him out of town, Paul didn't tell her that he was investigating Brad's background. Meanwhile, J.T. tried to make peace with Brad for Colleen's sake. But Brad wanted nothing to do with J.T. and told him that he would never trust him.

Colleen was polite to Brad and Victoria, but she was clearly still uncomfortable with Brad's choice of a wife. She did tell Victoria that she'd cared about Cassie and extended her sympathy to the Newman family. Victoria thanked Colleen and said they could celebrate Cassie's life, not mourn her death.

Daniel managed to get some time with Noah and asked if Noah could be his little brother. Noah liked the idea. Daniel reminded him that as brothers, if Noah ever needed anything at all for any reason, he could turn to Daniel. Noah gratefully hugged Daniel. Although Daniel had been aloof to Nick when he'd given him the donation from Phyllis, Nick was happy to see that things looked okay between Daniel and Noah.

When Nick and Sharon took the stage, they said that Cassie had gone out that night without permission, and when a friend got drunk, instead of calling her parents for help, she'd decided to drive him home. That error had ended her life. After providing some statistics on underage drinking, they encouraged parents to talk to their children about the dangers and to always be there if their kids needed them. The couple then introduced Cassie's favorite singer, Jewel, who performed a song.

Sierra was at the benefit, as was Ali, who spoke to Nick and Sharon and said that Cassie would have loved being there, especially hearing Jewel. Later, Sharon told the crowd that they'd exceeded their fundraising goal. All of the money would go to a new organization, Cassie's Challenge, which would educate people about underage drinking. Daniel then spoke to the crowd, admitting that he was the friend Cassie had tried to help that night. If he'd never gotten drunk, Cassie would still be alive. He repeated Nick and Sharon's plea that parents talk to their kids about these issues.

When Jewel sang again, Nikki led Victor outside, concerned by the amount of emotion he was feeling about Cassie. Nick took Sharon's hand, but after a minute, she pulled away from him and went outside. Later, Nick walked to the door to the patio and saw Sharon crying as she stared at Cassie's picture.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Victoria gives Brad a Karma Sutra book to read on his trip. She says she already has some passages memorized that she wants to try on him when he returns. As Victoria and Brad kiss goodbye, Sharon watches them. Brad and Sharon get into the elevator together, and wish each other well on their trips. When Sharon walks away, Brad watches her.

Sharon looks out the window of the airplane. When she gets to New York, she daydreams. Brad also stares out the window of the airplane. Over the intercom, it is announced that his flight has been delayed and will stop in New York.

Phyllis shows up at Daniel and Lily's to get her ticket to see her son graduate. Phyllis can tell something is wrong with Lily. Daniel admits that Lily is worried about her parents' situation. When Phyllis asks about Cassie's benefit, Lily gloats about how wonderful Daniel's speech was. Phyllis sympathetically says what a wonderful young man Daniel has turned out to be. She says it seems like just the other day when she held Daniel in her arms when his was a baby. Daniel wonders why Phyllis seems to be so emotional. Lily gets a package from her mom, with a note that says how proud her parents are of her. Lily is hopeful that the graduation celebration will help bring her parents back together.

Neil congratulates Devon for graduating with honors. He is very proud. Devon doesn't seem overjoyed. He gets especially worried when he finds out that Drucilla is going on a business trip. Neil seems to want to talk to Drucilla before he leaves, but shakes it off. Then, he comes back and tells her that he is proud of Devon, and he knows that things never would have gone so well without her. Drucilla says that Neil played a role with Devon too. Neil asks when Drucilla will be back. She wonders when he wants her back. Neil is silent and Drucilla admits that maybe it's better not to be asking such a question.

Devon goes to see Lily to talk to her about their parents. Devon says that he's worried that Drucilla's trip may not be just a business trip; she may be leaving for good. Lily is interrupted by a telephone call from her teacher. She has flunked Physics and she will not graduate.

Phyllis sees Lauren at Dr. Thompson's office. Phyllis tries to pretend she is there for an exam, but Lauren can tell something is up with Phyllis. When Michael shows up, he talks to Phyllis about her pregnancy. She is worried that if she tells Nick and Jack that they might be the father of her child, they will try to take her baby away from her like Danny did. Michael tells her that was because Phyllis and Danny's relationship was based on lies, and if Phyllis stays clean that it can't happen. When Lauren tells Michael of her suspicions about Phyllis, Michael admits he gave her some advice. He just hopes that she takes it.

Nick runs into Phyllis at Newman. She apologizes for taking the job back, but says it was something she must do. Nick admits that his mother needs help from Phyllis now. Phyllis is about to tell Nick something, but shrugs it off. Then, she turns around and says that she needs to speak to him.

Nikki says she has never been happier with her marriage. Victor is pleased that she's happy. When Nikki sees Nick, she can tell that Nick is still angry. Nick says that Phyllis working for NVP again is not helping his marriage. He says that having Phyllis there is like throwing a bomb in the room and telling him to ignore the ticking.

Friday, June 2, 2006

Jack, Gloria, and Kevin worried about John's health while his doctor scheduled a full battery of medical tests for him. John's behavior had continued to be strange. He was in solitary confinement for attacking another inmate. Later, the doctor came and spoke to Gloria and Jack. He'd ruled out every other problem and was inclined to believe that John's medications were reacting adversely on him. He wanted to change the dosages and monitor John's health. Later, as Gloria and Jack celebrated the news that there might not be anything seriously wrong with John, Gloria realized that his return to good health might prevent him from getting an early medical release from prison.

Phyllis wasn't exactly happy to hear Victor and Nikki's plans for her. Scouting new locations for NVP meant she'd be spending a lot of time out of town. She reminded them that Sharon wasn't so delicate that she couldn't endure being in the same building with her, but Victor insisted that he was only making Phyllis travel so Nikki could stay close to home until she was well.

Brad's flight couldn't land in Boston because the airport was fogged in. He called Victoria, saying he'd probably take an early train to Boston the following morning. In the meantime, his flight had been diverted to New York, so he'd be staying there overnight.

Victor lavished several gifts on Nikki to make her more comfortable. Along with some slippers, he gave her an upscale coffeemaker because she'd complained about the quality of the coffee at Newman Towers. Then he gave her a model of a new jet, one he'd bought to replace the jet he'd given Neil. Nikki loved being spoiled by all his gifts.

Victoria had a talk with her brother, who admitted that Sharon still wanted a divorce. He was hoping if he just kept pretending like nothing was wrong, maybe Sharon would change her mind. Victoria had other ideas. She told him it was possible his best option was to end his marriage and start over. In fact, if Phyllis had made him so happy that he'd been willing to risk his family, maybe she was the one Nick was supposed to be with. Nick didn't agree. He said what he and Phyllis had shared was over, which was the best thing for both of them.

Phyllis told Nick that she was going to do everything she could not to antagonize Sharon when she was at Newman. She thought the three of them could coexist peacefully. But later, after she found out how much traveling she'd be doing for NVP, she told him she felt like she was being shipped off. Nick told her not to look at it that way. He also promised her a videotape of Daniel's talk at Cassie's benefit, since she'd stayed away on Sharon's behalf.

Phyllis agreed with Nick that Cassie was probably with him during the benefit, and she was much more interested than Sharon had been when Nick mentioned the dream he'd had of Cassie. When she heard that Nick and Sharon had a new baby in the dream, she asked if that was something Nick wanted. He said those days were probably behind him, but in the dream, at least, the baby had given him hope. Their conversation was interrupted by Noah, who told them all about his ball game. He also told them that he and Daniel were brothers now, which had been Daniel's idea. As Nick and Noah left to go home, Phyllis watched them with a wistful expression.

When Victoria ran into her parents in the Newman employee lounge, she watched as they expressed their affection for each other. She told them that she hoped she and Brad were as happy when they'd been together as long as Nikki and Victor had. Victoria was touched to find out that her father had recommended her for a consulting job that involved selling art. When Victor told her how proud he was of her, Victoria said she was starting to really believe that.

Sharon was alone in her hotel room when Noah called to tell her about his ball game. She congratulated him on how well he'd played and promised to be at his future games. Then she ordered from room service, and as the waiter delivered her meal, she spotted Brad through the open door. She invited him to share her dinner with her. Later, they went for a walk in Central Park together. When they returned, a conversation about business took on new meaning, and Brad decided to take a risk and kiss Sharon. She asked him if he was sure, and Brad helped her undress, both of them falling to the bed in a passionate embrace.

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