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Monday, June 5, 2006

At Newman, Nick was on the phone with someone asking if the order he had placed would arrive in New York that morning. He was assured that it would.

In the New York hotel room, Sharon was in bed when Brad woke her up by rolling in a cart filled with her favorite breakfast items. When she asked Brad how he knew what she liked, he said he remembered what she had in St. Louis. Brad said he hoped the fact that they had made love wasn't going to complicate things. Sharon said that for the first time since she found out about Nick's affair with Phyllis, she was happy. When Sharon asked if they were still friends, Brad said that what happened last night didn't change anything. They agreed that fate had "meant" for them to end up in New York together. They made love again.

At Newman, Victoria was rescheduling Brad's Boston appointment when Nick came in. When he asked her if she had heard from Brad, she changed the subject and asked Nick what he thought about a virtual cell biology project, but Nick said that he was more interested in the company that Brad was looking at in Boston. Victoria hoped that the trip to Boston was worth it, as she thought Brad should be there for the meeting when he would be voted on to the Newman Board of Directors. Nick said that he originally thought it was a good idea to have Brad on the Board to help fight Victor, but now that Victor had given the company back to him and Victoria, that it might not be a great idea to have Brad on the Board, as it might be giving him too much power and he already owned Newman stock. When she sarcastically said that Brad wasn't going to oust his own wife from the company as they worked incredibly well together, Nick thought that was justification enough to leave things the way they were. Victoria told him he was holding a grudge against Brad because Brad fought with him about the way he treated Sharon, and that he should expect Brad to defend Sharon, as they were friends.

Later, Victoria called Brad while he was still in bed with Sharon. He told Victoria how much he loved her and missed her, and Victoria told him that he had been booked on a flight to Boston. She wished him a safe flight, and he told her again how much she loved him. Victoria found a note that Brad left before his trip in the note he told her how much he missed her, and wondered how they lived before they found each other. He signed it, "All my love, Brad."

Back in New York, Sharon and Brad were dressed when there was a delivery of roses to the room. She thought they were from Brad, but they were from Nick (and Noah) wishing her luck at her presentations in New York. Brad tried to reach Victoria but reached Nick instead he asked Nick to tell her that he was leaving for Boston. Brad told Nick that he had dinner with Sharon. Nick found it ironic that Brad couldn't go to the presentation in New York with Sharon, but ended up in New York with her anyway. Nick asked him if he would be back in time for the Board meeting Brad said he hoped to make it. Nick said he would hate for him to miss it that they hadn't had anyone new on the Board for a long time and that it should be interesting. Brad said he would see Nick then.

At the Abbott House, Gloria told Jack that John was once again allowed visitors. When Jack said he would go see him today, Gloria asked Jack if it would be okay if she went there first. Being conciliatory, Jack agreed. When Gloria said she hoped John was better this morning, Jack reminded her that the doctor said it might take a few days for his memory problems to go away if the problems were due to a drug interaction. When Gloria said that the prison doctor was irresponsible and that she was thinking of suing him, he asked her not to make John's life any harder. She said she knew that John would be fine but she just wished there was a way to bring him home.

At the prison, Gloria was shocked to see how bad John's eye looked. He told her that he started a fight with some guy because the guy changed the channel on the television he didn't understand why he would act that way. Gloria told John it was due to the combination of drugs he had been taking, and that he was already better that he recognized her. John told her that it had already gotten around the prison how she had taken on the warden and won he seemed very proud of her. John grew tired of speaking about himself and asked how other things were Gloria broke the news that Lauren was pregnant and that John would be a step-grandfather. He was thrilled and asked her to convey his best wishes to Michael and Lauren. Gloria told him that she missed waking up and having him there. He said that one day he would be there that one day he would be leaving prison.

At Dr. Thompson's office, Lauren was extremely nervous about her examination and Michael was trying to calm her down. Dr. Thompson came in and told them Lauren's test results showed an abnormally high level of Alphafeto-protein (AFP), a substance produced by babies during pregnancy, which meant there was an increased risk of certain types of birth defects, but that there was a 90% chance that everything would be okay. She wanted to schedule Lauren for an amniocentesis. Lauren freaked out and demanded that Dr. Thompson re-run the blood test, even though the doctor told her that they had already been done. Michael told Lauren they should talk about this at home. Dr. Thompson implored them not to worry, as the odds were in their favor.

At Michael and Lauren's, he tried to assure her that she hadn't done anything wrong but she talked about the risks of pregnancy over 35 and also talked about the time in her life when Dylan (the baby Sheila switched with Scotty) died and that she could not go through anything like that again. Michael told her their baby's life was not at risk, and she went off to rest. Gloria showed up and told Michael that they had to get John out of prison. She asked him if John could fake his symptoms to obtain a medical release. Michael told her that it was illegal and that she should count her blessings. He told her about Lauren's AFP levels, and a shocked Gloria said she thought the Fisher family curse had died with Tom Fisher. Michael told her not to start that superstitious stuff. Lauren came into the room, and Gloria told her not to worry that the baby would be fine.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis and Carmen were having a breakfast meeting when Daniel and a glum Lily stopped by. After making introductions, Carmen told Daniel how much she enjoyed his speech at Cassie's benefit. Lily spotted Neil and went over to talk to him. After Lily left, Phyllis asked Daniel what was wrong with her. He told her that Lily had flunked physics and wouldn't be able to graduate.

Neil started to have a heart-to-heart talk with Lily and told her how proud he was of her that in spite of all the distractions in her life, she was about to graduate from high school. Lily broke the news that she wouldn't be able to graduate, and Neil, though disappointed, told her he wasn't angry. Lily told him that Dru didn't know yet, as she herself had only learned of it last night. Daniel came over and assured Neil that Lily would make up the class in summer school. Lily said she was still going to the graduation to support Devon and Daniel. She asked Neil if Dru would be there and Neil said that of course she would. Daniel went off to get some juice and Lily asked Neil if Dru was leaving town. He told her that she was going on a business trip. She told Neil that Devon was freaking out about Dru's leaving that she was the first person to believe in him and he thought that she and Neil were breaking up. Neil said he knew that and that he had told Devon not to worry about it. When Neil told Lily that he didn't know how long Dru would be gone, Lily asked if Dru and Neil were splitting up.

Later, Lily ran into Dru at the Athletic Club. Dru told her about her trip to Europe. Lily asked her how long she would be gone, and Dru said it would be at least a few weeks. When Lily questioned Dru as to whether her job was more important than her family, Dru reassured her that Genoa City was her home. Lily told Dru that she flunked physics and wasn't going to be graduating. Dru was disappointed but told Lily she had faith in her, and they hugged.

As their meeting continued, Carmen asked Phyllis why she kept bouncing between Jabot, Newman, and NVP. Phyllis said she left NVP to help Jabot during their crisis and now that the crisis was over she was going back to her dream job at NVP. Carmen questioned why Phyllis had left Jabot right after Jack did, and Phyllis' back went up she wondered why Carmen was asking her all these questions. Carmen told her she was sorry if she overstepped, but that she was interested in the personal dynamics of the situation. Phyllis said the situation between her and Jack was complicated Jack overheard and asked what was so complicated. Phyllis said it was their relationship that although their marriage didn't last they remained friends. Carmen received a call and walked away, and Phyllis thanked Jack for being diplomatic in front of Carmen. Carmen returned and Jack told her he owed her an apology and that he wanted to take her out to dinner. Daniel saw Jack and gave him a ticket to his graduation. Jack put the ticket in his pocket and spotted Nick. When Jack began to cause a scene, Phyllis begged him not to. Jack went on to taunt Nick and Phyllis with the news that Phyllis was Victor's second choice to work at NVP that Victor had begged Jack to take the job, though they didn't believe him. Jack said that he was impressed that Nick was standing up for his "ex-mistress," but he wondered what Sharon would think about it.

Later, Jack called Carmen (who was still eating with Phyllis) and made specific plans for their dinner date with a great big grin on his face he told Carmen he was looking forward to it.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

In the Newman CEO office, Nick and Victoria were working as Brad returned from his business trip. He said the trip went well and the Boston company they were trying to acquire was ready to come under the Newman umbrella, though Nick had some questions about the price and the bid. Sharon knocked and entered and was surprised to see Nick there. Sharon told them that her speech (in New York) had gone well -- that were a lot of questions and answers. Nick said that was a good sign that people were listening. Victor came in, welcomed Sharon back with a kiss, and reminded Brad that tomorrow would be the day when the process of his joining the Newman Board of Directors would begin.

In the Newman break room, Nick told Sharon that he and Noah had a great time together but Noah really missed her. He said both he and Noah were cool with the trip -- him particularly, as he knew she needed her space. She thanked him for the flowers that he had sent to New York. Sharon said she was waiting -- when Nick asked for what, she said for him to ask her about Brad, since she and Brad were in New York together. Nick remained nonplussed, acting as if it was no big deal -- that they simply ended up in the same city at the same time.

Victoria told Brad about Victor's recommending her to consult for a fine arts brokerage firm -- she finally believed that her father had some faith in her -- Brad said that it looked like Victor had faith in both of them. When Victoria told him about the hoops Nick needed to jump through to get his board seat, Brad thought that maybe that was why Nick had turned on him. Victoria told him not to worry about Nick -- she told Brad how fabulous her life was -- that she had it all -- everything that she wanted as a little girl.

Later, in the break room, Nick congratulated Brad on the good work he had done in Boston, but he wanted to know the rest of what happened in New York. Brad told him that all that happened was that his plane landed at LaGuardia instead of Logan due to fog. Nick said that it was nice of Brad to continue to encourage Sharon. Brad said he was glad to be of help, and left.

Nick arrived home and found Sharon tidying up. He was hoping they could stay up and watch "King Kong" together as a family, but Sharon said Noah was up late last night. The tension between them was palpable as Nick offered to help clean up and Sharon said that she really didn't need his help. She told a disappointed Nick that she was going up to say good night to Noah and then do some work. Before she went up, she commented that it was interesting to see how Victor was now endorsing Brad for membership on the Newman Board -- that it was interesting how things changed. She walked away.

At the loft apartment, J.T. talked on the phone with Paul about Brad -- or whoever he was -- that he had to have a past -- that all traces of a person couldn't be wiped away. He told Paul he was going to continue to look into Brad's past as Colleen entered. Colleen tried to pump a little information out of J.T. about his case and when he gave no clue as to what he was working on she told him she was glad she didn't have his job because it was always about someone missing or lying or using other people. Later, Colleen asked J.T. if he would go with her to Brad and Victoria's to get the rest of her stuff -- she had decided to live there full-time paying half the rent. J.T. said that was fine, but didn't want to do it now as he thought Brad and/or Victoria might be there. Colleen assured him that Brad was out of town and that Victoria would probably be working late, so the coast would be clear.

At the Carlton house, J.T. teased Colleen about the size of her wardrobe as he was bringing some bags downstairs. She asked him if it would be okay for her to run some errands as long as they were there. J.T. (eyeing Brad's personal computer) told her that would be fine -- he would stay there and check out some sports scores on the internet while she was gone. When she left, he went over to the computer. A while later, he was popping a disk out of the computer and pocketing it just as Victoria entered. When she asked him what he was doing there, he told her that Colleen was moving her stuff out, and that he was just checking out scores on the internet waiting for Colleen to return from her errands. Colleen returned and Victoria offered them drinks -- but a distant Colleen told her maybe some other time, and they left. When Brad came home, he suggested that Victoria slip into something more comfortable but he wanted to call Colleen to let her know that he was home. Victoria then broke the news to Brad that Colleen already knew -- that she ran into her and J.T. gathering the rest of her stuff as she was moving in with J.T. for good. Brad said that the "clown" who had talked her into that wasn't even man enough to talk to him about it face to face. Later, as they cuddled on the couch in their robes, Victoria teased him about how it was all going to be downhill after the honeymoon. They then raced upstairs to the bedroom.

Back at the loft, J.T. was using his laptop to check out the disk he made from Brad's computer (some of the folders were marked "Personal") when Colleen asked him if she could use the computer to shop for a birthday gift for Lily on-line. J.T. was emphatic when he said no -- that there was sensitive material on it and that Paul would kill him if he let her use it.

At Newman, Jack picked up Carmen for their dinner date. They ran into Phyllis as they were getting on the elevator -- she asked where they decided to go to dinner. Jack excitedly told her they were going to the Athletic Club and as the elevator doors closed, Phyllis yelled after them to have a great time. Later, Phyllis met with Nikki regarding some NVP business -- Phyllis said she had gotten over the fact that she would be doing a lot of travel scouting locations for future NVP spas. They decided that Phyllis should start in the Pacific Northwest, looking for locations in Seattle and Vancouver. Phyllis thought that perhaps she should work her way down the west coast, but Nikki told her she didn't need to do everything in one day! Victor popped in to pick up Nikki for dinner. Phyllis said she had dinner plans as well and they all walked out together.

At the Athletic Club, after apologizing to Carmen about his behavior towards her when she arrived in town, Jack thanked her for her hard work in saving Jabot. When she asked him if he missed working there, he asked her if she liked working with Victor. Carmen told him that she found Victor gregarious and open-minded -- a pleasure to deal with. Jack was shocked and perplexed to hear this. Carmen received a phone call from a colleague who needed some assistance, and told an understanding Jack she needed to leave. Jack offered to get her a cab, but she assured him she was capable of doing that herself, and they made tentative plans to go out again. Carmen left -- Jack was about to when he saw Victor and Nikki come in. After Victor and Nikki were seated, Gina came over and Victor asked how things were coming along -- Nikki realized that Victor had something extra special planned for dinner and Victor went with Gina to the kitchen to see how things were going. As Victor walked towards the kitchen, a waiter dropped his tray and broke some dishes. Victor began helping him clean the mess up as a VERY perplexed Jack watched -- Jack thought about the bandage on Victor's head as he walked Victoria down the aisle. Jack went over to talk to Nikki -- he hadn't seen her since the carjacking and was pleased to see her looking so well. Jack started asking questions about Victor's injuries during the carjacking attempt -- Jack learned that Victor had suffered a blow to the head for which he hadn't sought any medical attention.

After dinner, Victor talked to Nikki about how much he hoped the two of them could spend more time together now that Phyllis was back on board at NVP. Nikki told him that although Phyllis was certainly going to be a great help, that she was still planning on doing a lot of work -- that she was getting goosebumps watching the project evolve, and that she couldn't believe that the first spa would open right there at the Athletic Club. Victor acted extremely disappointed -- when Nikki asked what was wrong he told her that he had been looking forward to going camping, touring the Grand Canyon, and visiting Las Vegas with her, but because she was planning to work so hard none of that would happen. A while later, they had to go back to Newman to pick up some papers that Nikki forgot. Nikki stepped into the elevator, but a slightly spaced-out Victor stayed in the hall until Nikki called to him. Victor said he thought this was going to be "their" evening, and a worried-looking Nikki told him that as soon as the spas were up and running they would have all the time in the world together.

At the Baldwins', Lauren was working on the computer. Michael walked over and saw that she was doing research on the high levels of AFP that her blood work showed. Michael tried to reassure her that there was a 90% chance of their baby being fine. Lauren said they needed to be prepared if the worst happened. Michael told her to take a deep breath and remember that the test had a high rate of false positives. He also told her to relax until after the amniocentesis results -- that she should continue taking care of herself -- resting, eating well, etc. because the stress she was putting herself under couldn't be good for her or the baby. Phyllis showed up with take out Mediterranean food thinking that she had dinner plans with the Baldwins. When she saw that things looked intense between Michael and Lauren, she started to leave but Lauren told her to stay -- that they could use the company. After dinner, Phyllis asked Lauren when she was planning to take maternity leave. Lauren suddenly said she felt tired and needed to go to bed. When Phyllis questioned whether she had said something wrong, Lauren told Michael to go ahead and tell Phyllis -- that he needed his best friend right now. Michael told Phyllis about the test results -- he said that when they talked about their kids growing up together that he didn't even realize that something like this could happen -- that he might have a disabled child. Phyllis told him that his baby was going to be the most adorable in town. Tears rolled down Michael's face as Phyllis told him that she was going to think good thoughts even if he couldn't. She reminded him that they had made a promise to be there for each other. Michael thanked her, and as she left she told him she loved him and to think good thoughts.

Out in the hallway, Phyllis called Dr. Thompson's office to get her AFP test results -- she knew they weren't scheduled to come in until tomorrow but she hoped perhaps they had come in earlier. The person at Dr. Thompson's office told her that indeed the results had come in early -- and that her AFP levels were normal.

At the Abbott House, Dr. Campbell told Jack that John seemed to be getting better. Jack (referring to Victor) mentioned a friend going through some problems. The doctor told Jack that there could be any number of causes for personality changes but that the trauma of nearly losing a spouse could trigger the change. Jack told the doctor that this "change" was of an incredibly grand scale -- that he had known this man for over 20 years -- that he was capable of being kind but that he wasn't the kind of man you wanted to cross -- but suddenly the man had become a saint. Jack asked if a blow to the head could cause these changes. The doctor said that the person should have absolutely been examined -- that he would recommend the man see a doctor as soon as possible for x-rays and a CT scan -- that the changes could be a sign of something serious. The doctor left, leaving Jack deep in thought.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Lily and Daniel met their families at the athletic club before the graduation ceremony. Gina took pictures for Daniel and was surprised to hear that Lily wasn't graduating. Lily told everyone that she'd graduate in the summer after she passed her physics class. In the meantime, she didn't want anything to spoil the day for Devon and Daniel. Phyllis took video of Daniel throughout the day, and Daniel was happy when Jack came to see him graduate. When Phyllis thanked Jack for being there for her son, Jack said that even though Phyllis sometimes put her own life ahead of her son's, he would always be there for Daniel. Although he hurt Phyllis's feelings, she managed not to say anything back to him.

Earlier in the day, Jack had been researching head injuries online. He was trying to determine if Victor's altered behavior might have been caused by brain damage during the attempted carjacking. When Ashley came in and talked about how much better their father was doing, Jack closed the computer. He agreed that John was lucky, because some problems with the brain weren't as simple to fix as just adjusting medication. Later, he was surprised to hear from Dru that Victor had given Neil the old Newman jet. Then Gina agreed with Jack that Victor had behaved with uncharacteristic kindness toward a clumsy waiter, but she was grateful for Victor's helpfulness. Finally, Jack overheard Neil on his cell phone talking about Victor's support of Brad becoming a Newman board member. Jack mentioned to Neil that Victor had once distrusted Brad, and Neil chalked up the change in Victor's attitude to Brad's marriage to Victoria.

After the graduation party, Daniel and Lily went with the others to the Winters's apartment. Dru bade Lily a tearful goodbye and told Daniel to take care of her daughter while she was in Europe. After Devon and Neil left to accompany Dru to the airport, Lily told Daniel that she was afraid she'd just said goodbye to her family. Both she and Devon were worried that Dru's trip meant their parents' marriage was over.

At Newman, Neil and Nick had been trying to derail Brad's nomination to the Newman board. Although they were able to get the two outside board members to stall on the nomination, Nick wasn't able to convince his mother to vote their way. Nor would Victor hear of not nominating Brad. In spite of all Nick's efforts and suspicions about Brad, he wasn't able to keep the nomination from going through. Victoria was annoyed with her brother for his interference.

When Phyllis arrived at Newman Enterprises, she ran into Sharon. She told Nick's wife that she wasn't up for any more confrontations with her. She was only there to work with Nikki on NVP projects. Sharon said that Phyllis no longer had any connection to her or Nick, so she really didn't plan to be bothered by her presence. Phyllis was glad to hear it, but Sharon gave her a sour look as she walked away.

Sharon was surprised that Brad was so nervous about the board meeting. She told him that no matter how things went, it wouldn't change her good opinion of him. Although Brad acted as if that meant a lot to him, he was still determined to get on the Newman board. When the two of them were with Nick and Victoria later, Victoria congratulated him and told Sharon that Brad was the newest board member. While Sharon shook his hand, Nick looked on. When words were exchanged between Nick and Brad, Brad said he hoped they'd be able to work together without contention. Sharon left after hearing that Victoria had a romantic evening planned with Brad, and Nick left, too, still clearly suspicious of his brother-in-law's plans at Newman.

Other than the board meeting, Victor spent his day with Noah and Abby, enjoying their company and playing with them. Ashley spent a few minutes with Victor when she picked Abby up. When the two of them got home, Jack looked speculatively at the angel Victor had cut out for Abby. While Abby and Ashley went into the kitchen, Jack remembered many of the confrontations that he and Victor had over the years. Both of them had said and done destructive things to each other. Jack was even more convinced that Victor wasn't himself. He called his nemesis and told him that if the NVP job offer was still on the table, he'd like to accept it. Victor was delighted and told Jack he could take his place as NVP. Jack smiled to himself and said that Victor was allowing some of his longtime dreams to come true.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Gloria and Jack run into each other getting ready in the morning. When Gloria inquires where Jack is going, he tells her about his new position at NVP. Victor tells Nikki that Jack is coming to work for NVP after all. Nikki is upset by this news and goes to Jack to stop him. Jack says that the moustache held a carrot over him and he had to bite. When Phyllis finds out that Jack is going to work for NVP, she is skeptical as well. She can't believe that Jack would ever work with Victor again. She asks Jack if he's turned to the dark side. She says that she hopes with all her heart that things will work out with Jack working there.

J.T. overhears Brad telling Jill that he has become a board member at Newman. Colleen calls, and asks J.T. if she can use his lap top. J.T. is adamant about his privacy. Colleen doesn't understand, and goes to the coffeehouse, feeling like J.T. doesn't trust her. When she comes back, J.T. tries to explain to her about the secrecy of his job, but she doesn't seem to understand. J.T. is saved when Brad calls and is upset that Colleen and J.T. came to get all of her things. Colleen is happy to hear that J.T. wants her there just as much as she does.

Jill is shocked that Victor would appoint Brad to his team after everything they have gone through. When Gloria tells her that Jack is also working at NVP, Jill wonders what Victor is up to. Gloria shares an idea for Jabot. She thinks that the Ashley line should become a classy, yet discount line. Gloria says we could call it JC. Jill thinks Gloria has really put some thought into her ideas, but doesn't think the Gloria has enough experience yet for such a position.

Phyllis runs into Nick and Sharon at the elevator. Nick is surprised when they are civil to each other. Sharon says that she has come to a truce with Nick's mistress. Nick says that he has also come to a truce with Jack.

Kevin says hi to Michael at the coffeehouse. Michael is impressed when the new girl seems interested in Kevin. When Kevin asks her out on a date, she says yes. Colleen goes to the coffeehouse and tells the new girl that Kevin once tried to kill her. She says that he claims to have changed, but she will never forgive him for it. Kevin gets upset about Colleen's desire to ruin him in front of the new girl. He begins taking it out on his mother, whom he accuses of never being a good enough mother to get him away from Tom. When Gloria realizes that Kevin's anger is directed towards something else, she is upset to hear Colleen's accusations against him. Kevin says that he won't let Colleen get away with it.

Friday, June 9, 2006

Before a meeting with all the major NVP players, Jill and Ashley had a talk about Gloria's idea for a new sporty Jabot line. Ashley reminded Jill that John had always shot down the discount line concept, and it would take at least a year to get such a project off the ground, so it wouldn't solve their need for immediate profits to help their cash flow problem.

Nikki was annoyed when she came in to find Ashley and Victor laughing together over a photo Ashley had taken of Victor and Jack to document their friendly working relationship. Both Phyllis and Nikki were taken off guard when Jack began discussing new concepts for the Jabot-NVP tie-in. Carmen, Ashley, Victor, and Jill all seemed to approve of Jack's ideas. Gloria looked a little disgruntled, since Jack was now supporting the wellness center concept after turning it down for Jabot.

Later, Nikki told Victor that she didn't like the way Jack had surprised them by bringing up ideas he hadn't discussed with her and Phyllis first. Victor promised to talk to Jack. When he found out that Nikki was also unhappy about his working relationship with Ashley, Victor went to the Abbott house alone. He told Ashley that from here on out, she should discuss any business ideas with Jack instead of him. They would always be friends, and he would always want to talk about Abby with her, but he confirmed Ashley's suspicion that this decision was to make Nikki more comfortable.

Later, when Victor returned to work, Nikki intercepted a call on his cell phone from Ashley. When Ashley wanted to run one thing by Victor, he reminded her that they were no longer conducting business together. Ashley was a little bewildered by Victor's uncharacteristic behavior when she hung up the phone, but Nikki was glad to hear Victor's decision. As she hugged her husband and talked to him, she didn't realize that Victor was hearing only a confusing roaring in his head, probably the result of a head injury that had happened during the attempted carjacking.

When Gloria tried to talk to Ashley about her idea for a new line, she found out that Ashley had already refused to consider it. Ashley told her not to take it personally. It was an idea that had come up before, and John had always said no. Gloria didn't entirely believe that Ashley wasn't just turning it down because it was Gloria's idea. Later, she ran into Jill at Crimson Lights. Jill could tell that Gloria had talked to Ashley, and she told her that she couldn't support the idea as long as Ashley didn't. But she warned Gloria not to approach John, because not only would he be on Ashley's side, but she'd make an enemy of Ashley. She understood Gloria's need to take control over her own future, though. She hadn't been content to just spend John's money when she'd been married to him, either.

Kevin went to the loft and confronted Colleen about the way she was badmouthing him to other people. No matter what she thought about him, he'd changed, and he didn't deserve harassment from her. Colleen said that he hadn't changed; there was still something wrong deep inside him. As their argument escalated, J.T. came home and made Kevin leave. Colleen insisted that Kevin didn't scare her, and J.T. said all the same, she needed to stay away from him for a while. He also gave Colleen a present--a new laptop. Colleen knew that J.T.'s gift was mainly a way to keep her from using his computer. The two of them reminisced about the time they'd been stranded in the country after she wrecked J.T.'s car. Colleen told J.T. she knew she could always trust him.

Gloria went to the coffee house and asked Kevin if she could see his financial reports. She didn't want to know all the details of his business, she just needed to get a sense of the bottom line. Kevin agreed to show her. Kevin also talked to the employee who'd previously canceled their date. When she apologized, Kevin told her no explanation was necessary. He knew that she'd listened to Colleen's accusations about him. When she denied it, telling him that she was having to help a friend move, Kevin told her not to lie to him and walked away from her.

While Jack and Carmen had dinner together at the athletic club, Phyllis and Neil came in and sat down at the next table. Although Neil and Phyllis were making peace about Daniel and Lily, it was hard for Phyllis not to be distracted by Jack, who was making a show of his attraction to Carmen. Neil planned to give Lily a surprise birthday party and invited Phyllis. He also told her that he was beginning to appreciate Daniel more. Phyllis was happy to hear that Neil's attitude was changing, and Neil told her that Daniel was a good kid. What he and Lily shared was real, so maybe they'd surprise all of them and their marriage would last.

Lauren and Michael went to get her amnio test to determine why she was getting worrisome results from other tests. When they were back home, Michael told Lauren how much he admired the way she was handling things. When Gloria came over, she seemed a little distracted. Gloria was having visions of herself homeless, with Ashley and Jack tossing her coins and laughing at her because she was hungry and poor. Gloria snapped out of it, saying something to Lauren and Michael about how her stepchildren looked down their noses at her. But she was determined to prove them wrong.

Phyllis kept out of sight until Jack, Carmen, and Neil had left the club. She then called Michael and told him that she was spotting. She was scared and on her way to the doctor. Michael told her to stay calm and promised to meet her at Dr. Thompson's office. After he hung up, he asked Gloria to stay with Lauren and not let her do anything strenuous. He then left without giving the women any explanation about where he was going.

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