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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 12, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, June 12, 2006

Michael and Phyllis waited for Dr. Thompson to see her – Phyllis told Michael that although she wasn't hemorrhaging, she was spotting a lot of blood and she wished the doctor would hurry. A few minutes later Dr. Thompson was asking Phyllis questions – the doctor told her that spotting occurred in about 25% of all pregnancies under 20 weeks but that just to make sure all was well that they should do an ultrasound and a pap smear. Michael called Lauren who reminded him that he promised to cook tonight – he said he would pick up something on the way home. Phyllis and Dr. Thompson returned -- Phyllis told Michael that the ultrasound was normal and that the doctor also did a nuchal translucency screening test which showed that Phyllis' chances of having a normal baby were in the high 90 percentile. Dr. Thompson still thought it would be a good idea for Phyllis to have an amniocentesis to rule out any genetic abnormalities. She gave Phyllis a couple of days to think about it and told her in the meantime she wanted her to relax – avoid stress, etc. Michael said he would make sure she followed the doctor's orders. The doctor told Phyllis that she had a good friend in Michael, and Phyllis agreed.

Back at the Baldwins, Michael surprised Lauren by bringing Phyllis over for dinner. When Michael went through the dinner bag, he realized that their salads were missing – then Gina called to tell him that she was having them delivered. Michael decided to wait for the deliveryman downstairs. With Michael gone, Phyllis confided in Lauren that when she ran into her at Dr. Thompson a few days ago it was because she was pregnant also. When Lauren asked if Phyllis told Jack, she said that she couldn't until she was certain the baby was his – that she had an affair with Nick Newman and there was a possibility that the child was Nick's. Phyllis was embarrassed and wanted to leave but Lauren was kind and asked her to stay. Lauren asked her who she wanted the father to be and Phyllis chuckled and said "Michael?" Phyllis told Lauren that she went to see Dr. Thompson today because she was spotting, and that the doctor wanted her to have an amniocentesis. Lauren told Phyllis she would go with her for moral support, as she had just been through the procedure. Michael returned and Phyllis said she needed to leave and go to a surprise birthday party for Lily. Michael insisted that she call Daniel and not go – and invited her to stay for dinner and spend the night in their guest room. Phyllis asked if she should ask for a paternity test when she had the amniocentesis. Michael said that it might be a good idea to know who the father was before the baby was born. Phyllis reminisced about the days when she worked in a paternity lab – that so many women came in not knowing who the father of their child was, and now she was one of those women.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. told Paul that he was not quitting the case until he found out why Brad changed his name, and wondered why things had to be so complicated. Paul told him that was what happened when you investigated your girlfriend's father. Paul said they were on the same team – but that J.T. needed to be more patient.

At Daniel and Lily's, Colleen told Lily that J.T. had been acting weird about her using his computer. Lily said it was probably because he had sensitive material on it from work. Colleen said she needed to find out what J.T. was up to, and told a reluctant Lily that she found some software that when downloaded takes a picture of everything that's typed in, and that by using it she could find out J.T.'s password. Daniel came in – he had been shopping for Lily and gave her a purse, which she thought was cute. When Daniel questioned what Colleen was working on on the computer, Lily said it was just something for school. She whisked Daniel away to show her the dress she's wearing tonight. Colleen looks at the computer screen which said "Spy On U is loading to desktop." Colleen takes off. Daniel won't tell Lily what he has planned for her 18th birthday tonight – but Lily hoped he's planning to take her to the new hot over-18 club ‘Fine Line.' When Lily asked what time ‘Fine Line' opened, Daniel teased her that he wasn't going to get anything out of him but a kiss.

Colleen went to Crimson Lights – as she entered she was on her cell with Lily telling her the spy program was on Lily's computer and that all she needed to do was to burn it onto a disc and give it to her. Lily, still reluctant about doing this, asked Colleen if it was okay if she told Daniel about it. Colleen said they needed to keep this to themselves. Lily was saving the program to disc when Daniel camr back in – she quickly moved the program into the "Recycle Bin." When Daniel asked her if she was checking her email she said that she was just copying something for Colleen. Lily left to get dressed, and Daniel opened the "Recycle Bin" and saw what it was – "Spy on U 2006 – A hidden application that has the ability to secretly record information, detect anyone's password, etc." Later, Lily, changed for her night out, took the CD out of the computer and put it in her purse.

Back at Crimson Lights, Paul and J.T. continued to talk about the Brad Carlton case – Paul told him he made the rookie mistake of taking on a case when he was personally involved. J.T. didn't understand why Victor wanted to drop the case, but he wasn't going to let it go. Paul said that he, in J.T.'s shoes, probably wouldn't either. Paul said they should wait to see how it played out. Colleen walked up to them and asked how what would play out? Paul invited Colleen to join them and she reminded J.T. about Lily's party – he said he would be there. Colleen thanked J.T. for the computer and then went off to see Neil and Devon on the patio. Paul asked J.T. if he had let Colleen use his computer, but J.T. told him that she had continued to pressure him to use his laptop, so he bought her a new one. Paul told J.T. to forget about being patient – that they needed to figure out this case as soon as possible.

Lily was disappointed when she thought Daniel was bringing her to Crimson Lights for her birthday, but was pleasantly surprised out on the patio when Neil, Devon, J.T., and Colleen threw her a surprise party. Phyllis called Daniel to tell him that she wasn't feeling well and wouldn't make it. Lily blew out the candles and made a speech thanking Neil, Dru (who couldn't be there), Devon, Colleen and J.T. Devon told Neil that he had bought a present for Lily and labeled it from Dru in case Dru's gift didn't arrive on time. Neil was touched. J.T. was looking for Colleen and went inside where he saw Lily handing Colleen the CD – she said she was going to download it right away and try to get J.T. to go online that night. J.T. wondered what was going on – Colleen told him not to be paranoid and Lily said it was just some stuff off the GCU website. J.T. said he would have to check it out. Colleen asked why he would have to check if out since he already went to GCU. Daniel came up to them and told them that Neil wanted to open the presents now. Out on the patio, Devon was about to present "Dru's" gift when a deliveryman arrived with Dru's real gift. Devon quickly pulled the "From Dru" gift tag off of the box. Colleen put the CD in her purse as J.T. looked on suspiciously.

At Newman, Sharon was running after Noah, who was running to see Nick. Noah told Sharon and Nick about his day and the funniest part was watching Victor making a photocopy of his face. Nick got a text message and had to go to his office. Sharon set Noah up with a DVD so that she and Nick could get some work done. In the hallway, Sharon and Nick got into it – Sharon accused Nick of not giving Noah consistency by working late. Nick said that what Noah needed was his family living together. Sharon told Nick that she hadn't changed her mind yet about getting a divorce and that Nick had better get used to that.

Victoria and Brad met with a lawyer about setting up a trust fund. The lawyer asked Brad if he had any other children besides the two and Victoria joked not unless he had children she didn't know about. He commended them for doing this, as most couples didn't. Brad said it wasn't the most pleasant thing to do – that it reminded one of one's mortality. The lawyer reminded them that they wanted their heirs taken care of, and asked them to look over some papers.

Nick was watching Noah asleep in the break room as Sharon came up. Nick wanted to talk to Sharon and they went into the hallway. Nick told her that their 10 year marriage was worth fighting for. Sharon said that the person hurt most was Noah, and that time wouldn't change anything – there were consequences for what he did. Nick reminded her they had gotten through hard times before. When Sharon told her they wouldn't this time, Nick reminded her of her affairs with Cameron and Diego (Sharon flashed back to making love to Brad in New York.) Nick saw her daydreaming, told her that obviously she couldn't care less, and walked away just as Brad walked up. She told Brad that Nick reminded her that she didn't have a great fidelity record, and that he was right -- after all, look what happened to the two of them in New York. Brad said that was different – it wasn't about sex – that they had loved each other for a long time and couldn't say no any more. When Sharon asked Brad if that meant that he loved her, Brad said yes, but that he loved Victoria too, and that it was possible to love two people at the same time. He said he didn't regret what happened in New York but that he was committed to a future with Victoria, and told her she should fix things with Nick, if not for her sake, then for Noah's.

In the CEO office, Victoria brought in some paperwork for Nick – she apologized for it taking so long but she and Brad were meeting with their lawyer. Nick teased that their marriage must be the shortest in Newman history – but Victoria assured him their marriage was fine – they were just setting up a trust for their heirs. Nick said he wished he could set up some trust with Sharon. He continued to tell her that nothing he tried was working. He was concerned that Sharon might try to maneuver and keep Noah away from him. They heard Noah screaming, "Daddy! Daddy!" When they ran down to the break room , they found Sharon holding Noah – he had a bad dream and Sharon asked if he wanted to talk about it. He told her that he dreamt that Nick had left them and was gone. When he asked if that was true, Nick assured him it wasn't – that he was right there. Noah ran into Nick's arms. Later, at the elevator, Sharon told Noah that Nick was going to take him home. She said she had some work to finish up. As the doors to Nick and Noah's elevator closed, Sharon looked depressed and unsure of herself.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

At Sharon and Nick's, Nick and Noah were preparing to barbecue some teriyaki chicken, and go out to fire up the grill. A confused Sharon called Brad to discuss whether or not to file for divorce. She told Brad how happy Noah is when Nick is around. Brad suggested that she get out of the house and spend some time alone to clear her head. Nick came in with a plateful of food, but without Noah. He told Sharon he sent Noah up to the main house to eat with Nikki and Victor so they could spend some time alone. Sharon said she wasn't hungry and needed to go out for a while, but would eat when she got back. When Nick asked her if she wanted company, she said she needed to be alone to think, and Nick told her to take all the time she needs.

Victoria asked Brad if he had become Sharon's private shrink – Brad said he was just giving her advice to reconsider the divorce for Noah's sake. Victoria said that Nick would be shocked that Brad was actually taking his side. Victoria thought it might be too late – that there were things that a woman could forgive, but cheating was not one of them. Later, Brad returned to see Victoria and told her that Abby would be spending the night with Ashley so they would have the house to themselves. Victoria said she needed to spend some time unpacking – Brad thought that was incredibly boring. They joked with each other about who would get the master closet – Victoria told Brad he was being relegated to the closet in the guest bedroom. Victoria teased him about all the clothes he had – and she asked him if he ever considered modeling. He said he had at one point – when Victoria asked why he hadn't pursued it, he quickly changed the subject to the closet situation, and jokingly suggested that they build a huge house with two master closets. Victoria reminded him that the talk shows said that building a house was one of the most stressful things a couple could do. Brad said he didn't know that – Victoria left and told Brad she would see him at home.

Brad checked up on Neil, who was setting up a video conference with all the Granville Global offices tomorrow. Neil was not happy that Brad has made some changes in his script for the conference – but realized that it just figured. Brad told Neil that he knew that he and Nick had worked to keep him off the Newman board, and Neil said they had legitimate concerns. Brad said that they might have – but Victor didn't and that was all that mattered. Later, Brad returned to tell Neil that he had been a little harsh earlier. Neil said, "I live for your approval." Brad went on to suggest that Neil leave for a few weeks to spend some time in Europe with Dru. Neil said he couldn't as Devon was here. When Brad asked if he was afraid that Devon would throw some wild parties, Neil said (very pointedly) that Devon was not that kind of young man – that he was smart and sensitive and understood other people's feelings.

Jack told Phyllis that he set up a meeting for her with the merchandising people tomorrow. Phyllis said she couldn't attend as she was meeting with the interior decorator. Jack asked her to change that appointment, but Phyllis said she couldn't. Daniel was wheeling his mail cart by the door and overheard their conversation. Jack told Phyllis that this wasn't a request – it was an order. Jack left and ran into Daniel, who told him how surprised he was that Jack was working there. Jack told him to get used to it – that he was heading up NVP – that Victor made him an offer he couldn't refused – then Jack took off.

Daniel went in to visit Phyllis, who confirmed that Jack was her boss now. Daniel told Phyllis to quit – that Jack would make her life miserable. Phyllis told him not to worry about Jack – that Jack had a right to be angry about what happened, but Daniel told Phyllis that sometimes it was forgotten that Phyllis got hurt also. When she told Daniel she had taken the job because she was looking out for herself, Daniel said that she wasn't the only one looking out for her, which touched Phyllis. Jack came back in and told Phyllis that he had rescheduled the merchandising meeting so that Phyllis would be free to attend her meeting with the decorator. After Phyllis thanked him, Jack said he didn't want to create a conflict for her, and left. Daniel and Phyllis talked about a bit about Lily's birthday party and the trials and tribulations of being a teenager (and the parent of one.) Daniel was still worried about Phyllis, but she reminded him that the "P" in NVP stood for Phyllis and that she had clout. She said she wasn't afraid of Jack, and pointed out that he had backed down about the meeting. She hoped that that attitude would last.

Jack ran into Sharon at the Athletic Club bar and they went over what had happened to their relationships. Jack said that Phyllis had picked Nick because he was married and had a child and didn't have to make an emotional commitment – something that Phyllis was scared to death of doing. Sharon wondered what Nick's excuse was – she understood the excitement of an affair, but that Nick was not afraid of intimacy. Jack reminded her that they had been having problems since Cassie's death, until this "crazy redhead" came around. He asked her if she thought that Nick was in love with Phyllis and she said she did – and perhaps he still was. Jack thought that Phyllis didn't mean to fall in love with Nick, but she just couldn't help herself. When Sharon asked him if he believed in soulmates, he said his problem was that when you think you find a person you want to spend the rest of your life with, there are all sorts of complications. Sharon said she felt like she didn't have any control over anything, and didn't know what to do. Jack said he wasn't going to live his life that way – that he was going to take control of things. He told Sharon that life is too short – that you needed to decide what you wanted and go get it.

Nick went into the break room and found Phyllis making a large sandwich. He went on to tell her how much he disliked Brad – that he was smug, and that he hated smug. When Phyllis reminded him that Brad was on the board, he said he could handle confidence, but not Brad's smugness. Nick asked her how it was working under Jack again, and when Phyllis said it was okay, he jokingly called her a liar. She said that Jack had her washing windows, vacuuming, etc. Nick laughed and told her to tell him to be nice to her or he would bust him up. Phyllis reminded him that last time that happened Nick took the brunt of it. They had a laugh before he told her that he needed to pick up Noah. Phyllis told him he was a great dad – Nick thanked her and told her it was nice to see her again.

Brad ran into J.T. at Newman – Brad was curious as to what he was doing there. J.T. said he needed to go over some security issues with Neil. Brad said he wanted Colleen to move back home, and when J.T. said she just didn't want to interfere in their marriage, Brad said they both knew that wasn't the reason she moved out. When J.T. told Brad that he didn't have to worry – that he and Colleen were just friends – Brad said he wished he could believe that – but that J.T.'s track record spoke for itself. J.T. pointedly told Brad not to judge him by mistakes from his past – that he was sure that Brad wouldn't want other people judging him that way.

Victoria called Brad – told him she was still unpacking – and asked him to pick up a DVD on his way home. Brad said he didn't think they would actually watch the movie and Victoria liked the sound of that. After Brad got off the phone, Nick passed by, talking to Noah on his cell, telling him he didn't know where Sharon was but that he would be home soon. Brad, having overheard the conversation, called Sharon and told her he was glad he took her advice and got out of the house. Brad stopped by the Athletic Club to make sure Sharon was okay. Sharon said she felt like a hypocrite because of what happened between them in New York, and that in another life, things might have been different. Sharon told Brad to go home, and thanked him for helping her sort out her priorities.

Neil was meeting with J.T. when Nick entered and angrily told Neil that it would take a nuclear bomb to get that cockroach Carlton out of there. Neil left for a meeting, and J.T. asked Nick if Brad was on his list. Nick said that he figured J.T. would be on Brad's list for living with his daughter and his one-night stand with Victoria. When J.T. asked Nick why he hated Brad, Nick said he just didn't trust him – and that he had Sharon thinking he walked on water.

Phyllis and Neil ended up on the same elevator – she asked what he had heard from Dru, and if he was lonely. Neil said he had Devon. Phyllis said she had peace and quiet now that Daniel was married and out of the house – but that she was used to it, since she had been alone most of her life. When Neil asked her if dinner was going to be takeout or if she was cooking, she said she would just pick up some ice cream and watch TV. They said goodbye. Jack was at the Athletic Club, eating dinner alone, not looking happy.

Sharon arrived home – Nick started to walk out and Sharon told him not to leave. When Nick said he wanted to make sure to give her space, Sharon told him she decided not to file for divorce!!

At the Carlton's, Victoria found an old box in Brad's closet while unpacking. She opened it and lifted up a sailor's uniform. Brad came in and asked her what she was doing!

At Crimson Lights, Colleen and Lily were discussing the ethics of Colleen using spyware to obtain J.T.'s password when he walked up and asked what they were up to. Colleen said he had been a PI too long – that not everyone was up to something sneaky. Colleen told him that Lily had sent her a joke and she sent it to him, but she couldn't bring it up again. Lily left. J.T. told Colleen he would try to find the joke in his email -- logged on to Colleen's computer and (typing in his password to get access to his email) agreed that the joke was funny. Later, Colleen asked J.T. if his job was dangerous and he supposed it could be. Colleen told him that she was going home to take a bath and then go to work – she promised to fill in for someone else's shift. J.T. got a phone call from Paul and left.

Colleen went to Lily and Daniel's and told Lily that everything she needed should be on a USB flash drive. Just then Daniel (imitating Ricky Ricardo) arrived home and presented Lily with flowers. When Daniel asked Colleen what she was doing with her computer, Lily told him that she was checking something on J.T.'s hard drive. Daniel got angry and said it was crazy to do that behind his back. Colleen said she wanted to see J.T.'s work files, as she was worried about his line of work. Daniel told Lily she was crazy for encouraging her. Colleen left, but Daniel and Lily continued fighting, Daniel said what was on J.T.'s computer was none of Colleen's business. When Lily reminded Daniel that hiding things could mess things up, Daniel reminded her that she told him that she wished she had never found out about Malcolm – she countered saying that he told her that he wished he never found out about Phyllis and Nick. Daniel said that if J.T. found out what Colleen was doing he would never speak to her again. Lily asked if Daniel thought it was okay to keep secrets from someone you care about – he said that sometimes it is. Lily then accused Daniel of doing that in their relationship – and she told him that Colleen was legitimately scared of J.T.'s line of work. He said that no one forced J.T. to become a PI. They continued fighting – when Daniel said that she and Colleen did something stupid, Lily flipped and asked if Daniel was calling her stupid. She told Daniel she couldn't believe he was acting like this – after what their mothers put them through.

At the Athletic Club, Colleen was looking at her computer, saying, "Oh my God!" when the waiter Eddie walked up and told her that Gina wanted her to start.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sharon told Nick that she'd decided not to go through with the divorce, but she was making her decision based on what was best for Noah. Nick wanted to know exactly where that left their marriage. Sharon said it wasn't a postponement. The things Nick had said about her infidelity had hit home, and she better understood why he'd gotten involved with Phyllis. Although she wasn't ready to live as husband and wife again, she did think Nick should move back to their bedroom so Noah would feel more secure that this was permanent.

Noah was excited to see that his parents were working things out. When he asked Nick if he could download some songs from the Internet, Nick said he'd have to hear them first and see if they were appropriate. A disappointed Noah then went to Sharon and got her permission. When Nick found out how Noah had played them against each other, Sharon worried that it was just like Cassie. Nick said it wasn't going to be that way. They'd handle Noah together, and would consult each other on things that weren't an automatic yes or no.

After talking together to Noah, Nick and Sharon went to their bedroom. Nick watched Sharon get ready for sleep. When they both got in bed, they looked at each other a little awkwardly. Sharon didn't move away when Nick kissed her. Nick turned over with a little smile, happy that things seemed to finally be working out between them.

Brad came home as a shocked Victoria looked at the contents of a box she'd found in Brad's closet. It was a Navy uniform. Brad admitted to Victoria that he'd joined the Navy right out of high school. Although he was proud to have served his country, he'd realized that it wasn't for him. He wasn't meant to follow orders. Victoria wondered how many things she didn't know about Brad. He deflected her questions by agreeing to try on the uniform for her. They then played out a little fantasy about Brad being on leave for a week and Victoria being a neglected wife who craved attention from a handsome sailor.

Gloria wasn't pleased that Kevin seemed ready to forgive Jana for breaking their date. She told Kevin that he needed to date someone who was more than a waitress in a coffee shop. Kevin reminded her that he worked in a coffee shop, and she pointed out that he owned it. Besides, maybe it was time for Kevin to move on to a better job. Kevin reminded her that it hadn't been that long since he was unemployed and living in Michael's spare room. Or since she'd been nothing more than an obscure Detroit housewife. The two stopped sparring when Michael and Phyllis joined them. Gloria was a little curious about why Phyllis was so interested in how Lauren had done after her amniocentesis test, and Phyllis said it was because she and Lauren were friends.

To defy his mother, Kevin asked Jana out that night. They went to the athletic club to shoot some hoops. Jana had never played before so Kevin taught her some basics. Later, when they talked about Michael, Jana mentioned that Kevin and Michael had different fathers. Kevin questioned how she knew that, since he'd never told her.

Gloria carefully pitched Kevin to Jill at Crimson Lights. She showed Jill the web site for the coffee shop that Kevin had designed, and they went through it looking at all the links. Gloria pointed out how Jabot's site could have something like that. When she said that Kevin was all self-taught, Jill mentioned that Phyllis was, too. Gloria then talked about how Victor had hired Kevin to help with some Newman computer security issues. Jill finally said that if Kevin was interested in a job at Jabot, he should submit a resume through the usual channels. However, Jill was interested in talking to him. Gloria said she was sure Kevin would be glad to.

Michael went with Phyllis to get her amnio test done. Phyllis said that she wanted them to go ahead and determine paternity. She just had to figure out a way to get samples from Nick and Jack. While they were in the doctor's office, Michael got a call on his cell phone from Sharon, who told him to stop the divorce proceedings; she'd changed her mind. Phyllis realized that the call was from Sharon and tried to get Michael to tell her what was going on, but Michael wouldn't. Phyllis, however, correctly deduced that Nick had been right. Sharon wasn't going to ask for a divorce after all.

Jack found Carmen at Newman Enterprises and began flirting with her. Carmen insisted that she didn't date coworkers, but Jack tried to change her mind. Carmen got Jack to admit that he'd initially asked her out to make Phyllis jealous. Jack said that now, however, he was really interested in Carmen. He liked a woman who could give as good as she could get. After some coyly flirtatious conversation, Carmen locked the door. She and Jack shared a steamy embrace, then Carmen began to undress.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Michael goes to see Lauren at the Boutique. He tells her that he's nervous about waiting to hear the news about the baby's amino report. Lauren is also worried and hugs him tightly. When they go to see Dr. Thompson, they are relived to hear that their baby has a clean bill of health. Dr. Thompson asks if they would like to know the sex of their baby. They decide to keep it a mystery. Dr. Thompson wishes Michael a happy Father's Day.

Jack tries to talk to Victor about an idea that he has for restructuring NVP. Victor asks that they talk about it later over lunch. When Phyllis sees the paperwork for Jack's idea, she is less than pleased. She accuses Jack of stealing from NVP. She says that he will never get away with it.

Lily calls Neil to remind him about meeting her and Devon for Father's Day. Neil says he wouldn't miss it for the world. Victor runs into Neil playing basketball. When Victor asks Neil about his family, Neil tells him that things are hard right now. Neil is grateful for what Victor has done for him, especially for giving him the Newman jet, but admits that he doesn't think he will go any farther with his career at Newman. Victor tells Neil to do what he needs to. Jack tracks Victor down and tells him that he must speak to him about NVP. Phyllis finds them and informs Victor that Jack is trying to get more of the profit for Jabot than for NVP. Victor tells Phyllis that he appointed Jack to handle NVP's accounting. Phyllis is discouraged. Neil suggests that Victor and Jack shoot some hoops. As Victor makes a basket, he turns around and wonders why Jack is still there. He thought Jack already left. Jack realizes that Victor's memory is failing, and plays it off. He said he did leave a few minutes ago, but returned to talk about taking some of the responsibilities off Nikki's hands. Victor is pleased with the idea.

Phyllis talks to Dr. Thompson on the phone about the status of her amino. Dr. Thompson says that she hasn't had a chance to thoroughly look through it, but so far it looks fine. Phyllis goes to the Boutique to shake off her stress. She tells Lauren that noting can cure a headache better than a spontaneous purchase. Lauren agrees. Phyllis also shares her disappointment that Nick and Sharon are getting back together. She is ashamed with herself for having feelings about it. She also tells Lauren about Jack and Carmen and Jack's meddling with NVP. Phyllis tells Lauren that so far her Dr. said that her amino appears to have no problems. Lauren wonders if Phyllis will try to find out who the father is.

Victoria and Brad discuss going to the ranch for Father's Day. Brad wants to be wherever his family is. When Victoria asks about Colleen, Brad says he will try to talk her into it.

When Colleen comes home, J.T. is furious. He wants to know why she broke into his computer after telling her that he wanted his privacy. Colleen says that her actions do not excuse what he's done. She asks him why he has her father's hard drive on his computer. J.T. admits that Victor hired him to check out Brad. Colleen wonders why that wouldn't be a conflict of interest. J.T. says if it makes her feel any better, he did it to protect Colleen. She asks if he found anything out of the ordinary. J.T. tells her that he found nothing, so Colleen goes and deletes the files from his email. She is upset that the two of them had to go through such measures to uncover secrets they kept from each other. Later, J.T. uses a secret password to regenerate the files. Brad shows up at the loft to ask Colleen to join him and Abby for a BBQ at the ranch. Brad tells Colleen that no matter what, they should never let anything get between them.

Nick comes downstairs and is pleased to be back at home. He tells Sharon that it was amazing sleeping next to her. Sharon shrugs it off as if it's nothing. She tells Nick not to overanalyze their relationship. Noah is happy to have his parents back under the same roof. Sharon and Noah show up at the Boutique and Lily shows Noah some things to get for Father's Day. Sharon sees Victoria looking for a present for Victor and Brad, and talks to her about calling off the divorce. Victoria is pleased, and asks them to join the Newman BBQ. Sharon says that she will have to talk to Nick about it.

Victoria goes to Nick to congratulate him about getting another chance with Sharon. She invites him to the ranch for a Father's Day BBQ, but warns him that Brad will be there. Nick is happy to go if Sharon wants to. He says he will be the main man on the grill. Brad comes in and says that there's going to be a cook-off.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Michael and Lauren were having a pleasant breakfast at home on Father's Day. They jokingly decided to call their baby "Tangerine." When their morning turned romantic, they headed for the bedroom, only to be stopped by the arrival of Gloria and Kevin. Every time either of the women tried to make Michael's impending fatherhood exciting for them all, Kevin started talking about Tom Fisher and all his bad memories of his father's abuse. When Gloria tried to make him stop, Kevin went out for air, and Gloria followed him.

At Newman, as Jack said to Carmen, the only people who were working were those who didn't have a reason to celebrate Father's Day. Phyllis was a little annoyed about all the NVP plans Jack and Carmen were making, and Carmen promised to include Phyllis in the loop. When Phyllis was in the kitchen worrying about her pants getting tighter, Jack came in. She nonchalantly mentioned her pants, and Jack told her that he hadn't noticed. Later, Jack and Carmen decided to take a break, leaving Phyllis with a lot of financial work to do for NVP.

Phyllis went to Lauren and Michael's to give Michael a Father's Day present. She'd bought matching outfits for their babies to wear as newborns. As she thanked Lauren and Michael for all their support, Phyllis got emotional. Although she was glad that Nick and Sharon were working things out, and she suspected that Jack's relationship with Carmen was just to throw it in her face, she still felt very alone except for her friends. Lauren assured Phyllis that she was going to be exactly what her baby needed.

When Lauren took Phyllis shopping to cheer her up, they saw Jack and Carmen at the Boutique shopping for a Father's Day present for John. Lauren could tell that Phyllis was jealous. When Jack walked over to them, Lauren asked if he'd heard from Kyle. Jack had sent him a card the week before, and he said Diane often sent photos of his son, but he never got to see Kyle because Diane's job kept them in Europe. He wondered if he'd known from the beginning that Kyle was his if he would have been a better father. Instead, all of Diane's lies and deceptions had ruined the chance of a relationship with his son. Phyllis said that wasn't true. She told him that he'd been a great father to Kyle, and Kyle would always remember that. And since Kyle wasn't there to say it, she'd say it for him: happy Father's Day. Jack seemed touched by Phyllis's tact and kindness.

When Kevin and Gloria came back to Michael's, Michael was appalled to realize that Kevin had Tom's ashes with him. Kevin said it wasn't good enough to just keep Tom in the closet. He then said some harsh things to the box of ashes before handing it to Gloria. Gloria said that if it weren't for Tom's greed, he'd probably still be alive and John wouldn't be in prison. When Kevin insisted that Michael say something, Michael said that in the future, whenever he was unsure about what to do as a father, he'd just think about Tom and do the opposite. Then, to Gloria and Michael's horror, Kevin grabbed the ashes and started dumping them down the kitchen sink with the garbage disposal running.

Dru called Neil from Paris, but Neil wasn't in the mood to talk to her. He said it was a strange Father's Day now that he knew the truth about Lily. When Devon came in later, Neil made it sound like his conversation with Dru had gone okay. Along with his own presents to Neil, Devon gave him a gift that Dru had gotten for him. Neil didn't understand why a pen and pencil set was supposed to be special, then he found a box of lime Jell-O in his present. He started laughing and said he and Dru had a lot of good memories together.

Daniel talked to Danny on the phone to wish him a happy Father's Day. He saw that Lily was still writing something in a card and reminded her that she was going to see Neil; she could tell him what she wanted to in person. Lily said she was writing the card to Malcolm. She disagreed with Daniel that Malcolm had let her down; the situation was more complicated than that. Later, when Neil and Devon came over, Neil gave the newlyweds some dishes so they could entertain in style. Then all four of them posed for a picture together using the timer on the camera. Lily hugged Neil and wished him a happy Father's Day.

Noah made Nick breakfast for Father's Day, then Sharon went with them to Victor and Nikki's. Nikki had been a little surprised, not altogether pleasantly, when Victor came in with a new puppy. She didn't understand what had made him get a dog. For Father's Day, she gave Victor soccer shoes, a tool box, and a trip itinerary for the two of them to go to Las Vegas. When Noah came in, he had the puppy with him.

Later, Victoria and Brad came over. Victoria gave Victor a painting she'd made, and Sharon tried to get Brad and Nick to talk to each other. Their conversation was strained, and Nick finally walked away. When Abby joined them, she'd made clay ducks for both Victor and Brad. While Abby and Noah went to play with the new puppy, Victor assured Brad that even though Abby was special to him, he would never come between her and Brad, because Brad was such a good father to her.

Nikki seemed a little surprised by Victor's mellow attitude, and Nick also seemed to think that Victor was behaving in very unusual ways. No one but Abby, however, noticed when Victor forgot the name he'd given the puppy. Abby thought Victor was just teasing her, so she didn't make a big deal out of it. Victor tried to cover up his confusion and forgetfulness.

Nick and Sharon went back to their house alone for a while. Nick thanked Sharon for the way she'd turned down Noah's request to get a puppy of his own. Sharon said she knew it wasn't a good time for them to do that, although she really only wanted to make the people she loved happy. She did have a gift for Nick, though. When Nick opened it, he found an empty photo album. Sharon told him that it was empty so they could start filling it with new memories, and Nick gave her a grateful look.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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