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Monday, July 10, 2006

Victor reveals to Nick that he's been having hallucinations. Brad stops by, and he asks Victor why he wanted Paul to investigate him. Victor states that he was looking out for Victoria, just making sure that Brad checked out ok, but that he didn't even read the report when J.T. gave it to him, and has since shredded everything. Brad confronts Paul about his background check, but Paul says that he can't talk about that with him. Brad tries to dig deeper, but Paul leaves before Brad can demand any further information. At the coffeehouse, Colleen spots a short article posted on the back wall about Kevin's new job at Jabot. She tells Jana that she's glad Kevin won't be around the coffeehouse anymore, just as Kevin walks by and overhears her. Colleen leaves to go sit with Lily, and tells her that she is tired of always being on edge around her dad, because he hasn't done anything out of the ordinary, yet she believes that there must be something awful in his past. Colleen finds a note on the table telling her to "watch her back." Kevin doesn't know what to do about the coffeehouse now that he has another full-time job. Jana suggests that he let her run it, and Kevin can't believe that his dilemma might be solved so easily. Sharon and Phyllis are shocked from their crash, and Phyllis is livid with Sharon that she almost killed them. She tells Sharon that they now blew their appointment with the latex artist, and won't be able to get another one for weeks. Sharon tells Phyllis to come walk with her to find a payphone, since her cell doesn't get service, but Phyllis refuses to go, saying that it's Sharon's mess to deal with. Sharon asks what is wrong with Phyllis, and she blurts out that she thinks something is wrong with her baby. A roadside assistance vehicle drops Sharon and Phyllis off at the hospital, and Sharon finds a doctor for Phyllis. Sharon calls Brad, saying that she and Phyllis were in an accident. She asks Nick to come pick her up at the hospital. Victor watches Nick on the phone and sees a halo of light, then a mystery woman appears, telling Victor that she's missed him.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Neil and Carmen were working on a project together when Neil decided it was time to quit work and look at a constellation. Later, while watching TV in Neil's apartment, the phone rang -- it was Dru telling Neil that she was on her way back home from Europe. Neil was cold towards Dru on the phone. With the mood broken, Carmen decided to return to Newman to finish up some work. While Neil was stargazing outside his apartment, Carmen was daydreaming over the computer at Newman -- she fantasized that Neil was there kissing her. When she snapped back to reality, she stared at her computer, which showed Dru's Beauty of Nature tour itinerary. Neil phoned Lily to tell her that Dru would be home tomorrow. At Newman, Victoria ran into Carmen, and Carmen suggested that they extend Dru's tour in Europe to include Prague! Victoria told her to email her the information and she would check with Dru to see if she was okay with adding another stop to the tour.

At the hospital, Sharon told Nick about the car accident. She asked him if he wanted to stay to check on Phyllis and he said no. His cell phone rang -- it was Phyllis calling from her room telling him that Sharon knew she was pregnant. When Phyllis' doctor walked by, Sharon asked if Phyllis could have visitors, as Nick was anxious to see her. She told a shocked Nick that he should go see the woman who's carrying his baby. Sharon was upset, telling Nick that she had forgiven him and wanted to trust him again -- and what a mistake that was! Michael and Lauren came by. Nick told Michael that they were keeping Phyllis overnight, and Michael went in to see her. Nick told Sharon that they should go home, as Michael and Lauren would be there for Phyllis. She said that Phyllis was pregnant with his baby and that he needed to get used to it. Nick said they may not have to, as the baby might be Jack's. When Sharon found out that Nick had already taken a DNA test, she flipped out and wondered how long Nick was going to keep this from her -- and that it didn't matter whether or not the baby was Jack's -- that she should have been informed. She asked Nick if he wanted the baby to be his -- he said no. An angry Sharon berated Nick for allowing her to go on about having another baby when he knew Phyllis was pregnant, and she wondered if he and Phyllis got some sick thrill out of getting caught.

Seeing Lauren, Sharon went to talk to her. Lauren told her how badly she felt that Sharon had to find out this way. Sharon wondered how many other people knew. Lauren told her that she didn't feel it was her place to tell her, but that her heart ached for her. Sharon told Lauren she wished she hadn't let herself fall in love with Nick again.

In Phyllis' room, she told Michael that there was a chance that the placenta had detached from her uterus, and that Dr. Thompson was on her way over to do an ultrasound. Phyllis blamed herself, saying that she was a bad person and that this was "retribution" for the fact that her errand with Sharon was a ploy so that Nick would have time to take the paternity test. Phyllis suddenly blurted out that she wished the baby were Nick's. When Phyllis once again said she was horrible, Michael sarcastically agreed, and said that in one year that he, her, and Lauren would be on the beach playing with their two healthy redheads.

Michael returned to the waiting area, and Nick asked him how Phyllis was doing. Lauren and Sharon walked over at that moment and Sharon told him to go in and see for himself. When Nick said no, Sharon said she knew what it was like to be pregnant and alone -- and that she wouldn't wish that on anyone -- not even Phyllis.

Phyllis reminisced about her conversation with Nick on the plane, with Nick assuring her that if the baby was his, he would be supportive. Nick entered her room and when he asked her how she was doing, she said she was concerned about him. Nick told her he made it to the lab for the DNA test. When Phyllis brought up Sharon, Nick told her to concentrate on herself and the baby. She told Nick that there might be problems and that Dr. Thompson was on her way to do an ultrasound -- and that she was worried. She told Nick to spend time with Sharon and he said he would -- in a few minutes. As Nick took Phyllis' hand, Sharon peeked in and saw.

Sharon called Brad (at Newman) and told him about the accident and Phyllis' pregnancy -- that the baby was either Nick's or Jack's. She made him swear not to tell anyone -- not even Victoria -- and told him that he was the only person she could trust. As she asked Brad what she should do, Victoria came into the office and Brad became very business like. Sharon realized that Brad was no longer alone. He told her he would "call to set up a time to discuss the situation" and hung up. When Victoria asked who it was, Brad said it was a financial analyst from Tokyo who must have forgotten about the time difference.

At Crimson Lights, Colleen showed Kevin the handwritten note that said "WATCH YOUR BACK" and came close to accusing him of writing it. Jana overheard them and interrupted. When Colleen showed her the note, Jana agreed that it was "very freaky," but that Kevin couldn't have written it as he had been with her. She told Colleen she would be on the lookout for suspicious characters, as she was going to be taking over running the coffeehouse and that it would be bad for business if people thought it was a dangerous hangout. Kevin and Colleen started going at it again, and Kevin told her that if she was harboring a grudge against him, he would prefer it if she stayed out of Crimson Lights, and he walked away. Jana told Colleen it was obvious that there was a lot of bad blood between her and Kevin. When Colleen told Jana that Kevin was a creep, Jana offered her a smoothie on the house.

Later, Jana asked Kevin what caused the bad blood between the two of them. Kevin didn't go into great detail. Later, as they there closing, Kevin asked her if she was ready to take off. (Jana was writing something on a notepad that looked suspiciously like the one that Colleen's note had been written on.) She said she was almost ready, but there was something she wanted to do first. She went up to Kevin and kissed him.

At the loft apartment, Paul told J.T. that Brad knew they had been investigating him, and that he had given his file to Brad per Victor's request -- but that he had weeded out the important information they had gathered. J.T. and Paul agreed that now that Brad was on to them, they needed to work fast to finish the investigation. Paul told him that he uncovered some new leads -- that "faux" Brad had been a Navy SEAL (he showed J.T. a picture of him in uniform) -- and that only the fiercest, toughest people did that. They reviewed the information they had -- they knew that the real Brad Carlton was a senior in high school the same year that the impostor Brad joined the Navy; that all 4 yearbooks from real Brad's high school had pictures of the real Brad but not impostor Brad, meaning that they went to different schools. Since the picture of impostor Brad in uniform was taken 3 months after high school graduation, they needed to focus on June through September of that year -- which is when the real Brad disappeared and impostor Brad stole his identity. The real Brad's father died after impostor Brad joined the Navy, yet he had never filed a missing person report, and they wondered if impostor Brad knew that real Brad and his father didn't have a close relationship. They agreed they needed to return to Ohio and investigate those months -- to see if there were any mysterious deaths, "John Doe" deaths, etc. Paul left as Colleen came in. Colleen showed J.T. the "WATCH YOUR BACK" note and as J.T. put it in a plastic bag, she wondered if the note had something to do with her dad's real identity. J.T. thought that maybe it did -- that her dad's past hadn't caused her any harm yet -- and there was no reason to believe that changed -- but he told her that her father knew that he and Paul were investigating him. Colleen thought the situation was getting out of control. J.T. told her he was concerned about her -- they declared their love for each other and he made her promise that she wouldn't go anywhere along -- that she should call Lily or Daniel if she had to until he figured out what was going on. When she asked why she couldn't call him, he told her he was going back to Cleveland with Paul so they could figure out what was going on.

At Newman, Brad asked Victoria if a background check had been run on him when he was hired at Newman. Victoria said she didn't think so, as everyone knew him, and that it would have been a waste of time and money to have J.T. (who did the Newman Enterprise background checks) run one on him. He agreed with her, saying that he was feeling a little paranoid.

Later, Brad was on the phone telling someone to double the frequency of the patrols by their home. Victoria told him she couldn't get used to all the security cameras around. With a light bulb going off above his head, Brad started writing an email to the head of security at Newman requesting a DVD of some surveillance footage. Later, now alone, he received the DVD, put it in his computer, and saw J.T. surreptitiously leaving an elevator at Newman and heading down the hall. Brad remembered telling J.T. that someone had been poking around in his computer files, and that it was disturbing. Back in the present, Brad had an extremely worried look on his face!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sharon is memorizing her speech when Brad comes in. He asks how she is doing. Sharon says that she is okay, but Phyllis is still in the hospital. Sharon admits to Brad that she is upset that Nick has known about Phyllis' pregnancy without telling her. She wonders if there is any hope left for their relationship. When Sharon sees Nick, she asks him for help with her speech. Sharon begins getting angry with Nick. She asks why Nick secretly got a DNA test and didn't tell her about Phyllis' pregnancy when he found out. When Nick is on the phone with Memorial hospital, Sharon accuses him of trying to find out about Phyllis' condition. Nick says that it's not Phyllis he is calling about-it's his father. He's worried because Victor's medication has been giving Victor complications. Sharon goes to hug Nick sympathetically and then stops herself. She can't get over the idea that there might be an everyday reminder of Nick's affair with Phyllis. Victoria enters Nick's office and can tell that there is tension in the room. Sharon says it's okay, she was just leaving.

Nick tells Victoria that Phyllis is pregnant. He admits that the baby may be Jack's. Victoria says that Nick is probably praying that the baby isn't Nick's-he's trying so hard to save his marriage. Nick says that he's not so sure. He's still in love with Phyllis.

Neil shows up to work in jeans and sunglasses. Brad wonders if he is working. Neil says that once a week he has decided to come dressed causally. Brad informs Neil about the strict rules of dress at Newman. Neil sees Carmen and walks away. Neil offers to finish working on the project with Carmen. Carmen admits to Neil that she finished it. Neil said that he's been trying to get Carmen to relax. When she sees Brad, she excuses herself and turns in the project to Brad. She admits that Neil helped her. Brad looks at Neil knowingly and thanks them.

Victoria asks Neil how he would feel if Drucilla stayed in Prague a little longer. Neil says that he will talk to Victoria about it. Lily and Neil discuss how she feels about Drucilla staying in Prague. Since Drucilla is okay with it, Lily is okay. Carmen sees Devon at the coffeehouse and they decide to go back to the Winters' home. Carmen comes over with Devon and brings Neil a coffee. Neil is impressed with the gift, and Lily takes a long look at Carmen. After Lily leaves, Carmen asks Neil if he wants to go to a concert with her over the weekend. When she realizes that Drucilla will be back in town, she says that maybe she can get another ticket for Dru.

Jack asks Nick why Phyllis hasn't shown up for work. Nick tells Jack that Phyllis got into a car accident and Phyllis is in the hospital. Nick assures Jack that everyone is okay. Jack goes to the hospital to see Phyllis. Phyllis wonders how Jack knew she was there. Jack says that Nick told him. He admits that finding out from Nick speaks volumes for their relationship. Jack says that all he could think of was if she is okay. Phyllis says that she is fine. Jack admits that it's odd that Phyllis is there and not Sharon. As Jack is about to leave, she stops him. She tells Jack that she has something to tell him. She's pregnant. Jack is shocked. He doesn't know what to say. He barely manages to get out congratulations. Phyllis tells Jack that he might have to be congratulated as well. There is a chance that the baby is his. Jack wonders if Nick knows about the baby. Phyllis says that both Nick and Sharon know, and that Nick is taking a paternity test. Jack wonders why Phyllis told Nick and not him. He wonders if the reason is because she secretly hoped that she'd never have to tell Jack about the baby. Before Phyllis can say anything, Daniel arrives to pick his mother up. He can tell something is going on between Phyllis and Jack, and Phyllis asks Daniel for a minute. She tries to explain to Jack, but Jack won't listen. He tells her he's glad that she and the baby are okay, and leaves.

Daniel comes into Phyllis' room and asks what's going on. By seeing Jack's expression, he's worried that something is really wrong. Phyllis tells him the truth about her pregnancy. At first, Daniel doesn't say anything to her. Phyllis tells Daniel how sorry she is that she continues to disappoint him. When Daniel leaves to get Phyllis' clothes, she calls Nick. After Jack's and Daniel's reactions, she is extremely distraught. She tells Nick what a horrible person she is. When Daniel enters the room, Phyllis hangs up on Nick. She begs for Daniel not to hate her. Daniel says that Phyllis screwed up big time. But, she's his mother, and she stood by him when he didn't have a friend in the world. He tells her to get ready, they are going home.

Jack goes to see Nick. He tells him that he wants to know the results of the paternity test as soon as Nick finds out. Nick tells Jack how sorry he is about everything. He knows how bad Phyllis and Jack wanted to have a baby when they were married. Nick asks Jack if he is over Phyllis. "What do you think?" Jack asks. Nick admits that Phyllis isn't someone that is easy to get over. Jack says that he can't believe after all this time that he and Phyllis may still have a chance because of this baby.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sharon was surprised to see Phyllis at work and wondered why she wasn't at home resting after getting out of the hospital. Phyllis insisted that she and the baby were fine. Nikki walked in and sensed the tension between them. After both women walked out, Nikki followed Sharon and asked why she and Phyllis were no longer getting along. Sharon told her that Phyllis was pregnant and didn't know if the father was Nick or Jack. But Sharon felt like her marriage had received another blow. Nikki reminded Sharon that Nikki had been forced to accept Abby as Victor's child. No matter how upsetting it might be, if Sharon felt her marriage was worth it, she would cope with this new development.

Nick went by his parents' house to see how his dad was doing. Victor was designing a dog house and seemed a little distracted. But he insisted that things were going fine, and Nikki was worrying about him needlessly. Nick then told his father the truth about Phyllis's pregnancy and said he wasn't sure how he felt about it or what he planned to do. Victor suggested that Nick be honest with himself about what he really wanted the results from the paternity test to be.

When Jack and Phyllis ran into each other at work, she thought he might be planning to fire her. Jack assured her that she didn't have to expect the worst from him. No matter what, he wasn't planning to retaliate against her. Later, Phyllis went to see Nick in his office. She was regretful about all the trouble she'd caused. Nick ran his hand down her arm and said that no matter how things played out, he loved her. Nikki came in and witnessed their closeness before Phyllis hurried from Nick's office.

Nikki told Nick that she knew the truth about Phyllis. She advised him to continue to focus on putting his marriage back together. Before Nick could really explain his feelings to his mother, Victor called Nikki. He'd just had another hallucination in which he saw a figure bathed in white light. He didn't tell Nikki that, but did ask her if she would come home. Nikki hurried from Nick's office without telling him that it had been Victor on the phone.

When Nikki arrived home, Victor seemed to have forgotten calling her and acted like everything was okay. Nikki told him that he'd sounded upset on the phone, and Victor pretended that he'd only called her to see if she'd come home and eat lunch with him. Nikki agreed to stay home for lunch but continued to watch Victor with concern.

Daniel talked to his mother at work. Phyllis told him that she was tired of everyone walking on eggshells around her. Daniel wondered what Nick was going to do if the baby was his. Did he plan to leave Sharon and Noah? Phyllis said she didn't know what Nick planned to do. But she was confident that she would be fine as a single mom.

Later, Daniel talked to Neil about his and Lily's living situation. They'd almost saved up enough to move into their own apartment. Although Neil was distracted by the sight of Carmen, he finally focused on what Daniel was saying and said it was good news. According to Neil, sometimes it was necessary to move on to something better.

Jack wasn't having a good day at work because of feeling anxiety about Phyllis's pregnancy and waiting for the results of Nick's paternity test. When he and Carmen ran into each other, he was grateful for someone who greeted him so positively. He was unaware that Carmen was being attentive to him so that Neil would see them together. Jack and Carmen left work to have lunch together while Phyllis watched them from a distance. Carmen took Jack to the Newman corporate suite where she was staying, and instead of sharing a meal, they ended up sharing a bed.

Although Dru had decided to stay in Europe for a couple of more weeks and Neil was looking forward to more stargazing with Carmen, he declined her invitation to go to a jazz concert with him. He said that he had plans with his kids. Later, however, Neil spotted Carmen and Jack talking in the office and also saw them leave together. He called Carmen's cell phone. When she didn't answer, he left a message saying he'd changed his mind. He'd go with her to the concert after all.

J.T. suggested that Colleen invite Daniel and Lily to stay at the loft with her while he was in Cleveland, and Lily agreed. Later, she and Colleen ran some errands together before ending up at the boutique. When Colleen left, she found a note on Lily's car and took it back to her. Lily thought it was a parking ticket, but when she opened it, it was a warning that "he was lying" to her. Both she and Colleen jumped to the conclusion that the note must have been meant for Colleen and was evidence that she really did have a stalker.

When Daniel came to the boutique, Colleen left after being a little absentminded with him. Daniel asked Lily what was wrong with her, and Lily said she had no idea, because Colleen wouldn't tell her. She then asked Daniel if he wanted to stay at the loft for a few days while J.T. was in Cleveland on business. Daniel agreed that it was a good idea, but he still felt like there was something Lily wasn't telling him about Colleen.

Colleen went back to the loft and told J.T. that her car had been repaired, and she was sure Lily and Daniel would be staying with her over the next few days. J.T. questioned why she was trembling, but Colleen didn't tell him about the new note that was in her purse. She distracted him by kissing him.

Noah came by the office with his babysitter to confess to Nick that he'd been in a fight. Sharon overheard the constructive and understanding way that Nick handled their son. Later, she expressed her approval to Nick, who smiled as he remembered being taught by his father to fight when he was a kid. Sharon said she'd reached a decision. If Phyllis's baby turned out to be Nick's, she would welcome it. While they were talking, Daniel delivered an envelope to Nick, who pretended it was just business. When Sharon left for an appointment, Nick opened the envelope, which contained the lab results for the paternity test that he'd taken.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Sharon walked into Nick's office to find Phyllis there holding an envelope from the lab. She assumed that Phyllis had been going through Nick's mail and had opened the lab results. Phyllis said that the envelope was empty when she got there. Apparently, Nick had gotten the results and taken them with him wherever he'd gone. Sharon called Nick's secretary and found out that he'd canceled the rest of the day's appointments and left the building without saying where he was going. After Phyllis walked out, Sharon left a message for Nick on his cell phone. She said she knew he'd gotten the results and she needed to talk to him.

Phyllis went back to her office, where she called Nick and left a message similar to Sharon's on his cell phone. A while later, Phyllis got an email from Nick saying that he'd gone away for a few days to think. When Jack came in, she quickly closed the email. They talked about business for a minute. Then Jack asked if she'd heard the results of the paternity test yet. Phyllis snapped at him, reminding him that she'd promised to let him know when Nick shared them with her. So obviously, she hadn't heard anything. Later, she apologized for being so abrupt with him and promised to let him know anything as soon as she did.

Jack returned to his office and brooded about the situation with Phyllis. When Victor came in, Jack could tell that Victor knew what was going on. Victor admitted that he did and offered to spend time working out with Jack to help take his mind off of things. Jack thanked Victor for being concerned, but said he just wanted to wait to hear the results of the paternity test Nick had done.

Sharon got a text message from Nick that told her the same thing he'd told Phyllis: He just wanted a few days alone to think. Sharon confided in Brad, telling him she wasn't sure if Nick needed to be alone to cope with the idea of impending fatherhood or to deal with his disappointment that Phyllis's child was Jack's. Brad became annoyed with Nick and told Sharon that sometimes, he just wanted to wrap his hands around Nick's neck and squeeze. Then he apologized to her, saying he knew that wasn't politically correct. Sharon thanked him for his honesty, saying she could always count on Brad to be up front with her.

Victor went to Nick's office looking for his son and found Sharon alone. Sharon told him that Nick had gotten the DNA results and then gone away for a few days. Victor told her that he understood what Nick was doing. He, too, had sometimes had to spend a few days alone to figure out how he wanted to cope with something that seemed overwhelming. Victor assured her that Nick loved her. After all they'd been through, even if Nick had a child with Phyllis and loved the child, it wouldn't take away any of his love for Sharon and Noah. Victor reminded her that he'd experienced this firsthand because of his relationships with Hope and Ashley and the children he had with them. Sharon said she was glad that Victor and Nikki's marriage was strong, but she wasn't sure it was worth it to always feel insecure about her own marriage and family.

After Victor talked to Sharon, he went home. While there, he had another of his hallucinations. He saw the figure of a woman surrounded by light. When she called his name, Victor wondered aloud if it was Hope that he was seeing.

After talking to Brad and Victor, Sharon went to see Phyllis again. Phyllis admitted that she'd gotten an email from Nick that said basically the same thing his text message to Sharon had said. Sharon remarked that he obviously didn't want to talk to either one of them. She left Phyllis and once again called Nick on his cell phone, telling him she was worried about him. No matter what the results were, even if they were bad, she wanted to talk to him about everything. While Sharon was leaving a message for Nick, Phyllis was calling the DNA lab where Nick had gotten the test done. The doctor there wouldn't give her any information that would violate Nick's privacy.

Brad ran into Daniel in the lounge and found out that Daniel and Lily were staying with Colleen at the loft for a few days while J.T. was out of town. Brad asked Daniel if he knew where J.T. was. Daniel wasn't really sure but thought it might be Cleveland.

Paul, the woman who was his Cleveland contact, and J.T. were holed up in a motel room going through hundreds of files of cold cases, crimes, and missing persons. Although Paul seemed to be enjoying a flirtatious banter with his colleague, J.T. couldn't get his mind off of Colleen and the warning note she'd received. He called home to check on things, and Colleen assured him everything was fine except for a hang-up call. J.T. told her to let the answering machine screen all their phone calls. Later, when Paul and J.T. were alone, they found a potential match for Brad. A teenage boy in the Cleveland suburbs had gone missing after his family was brutally murdered. But the lead seemed to go nowhere when J.T. read that the boy had been found dead three months later, the victim of a hit-and-run.

Colleen and Lily were trying to enjoy an afternoon together at the loft, but strange things kept happening. First Colleen got a hang-up call. Then, after Colleen talked to J.T. and began screening calls, the girls listened with dismay as someone called and did nothing but breathe heavily. They were startled when someone knocked on the door, but it was only Brad. He said he'd heard from Daniel that J.T. was out of town. He offered to take Colleen to dinner, but Colleen said she'd rather not, since Lily and Daniel were there. Brad casually asked why J.T. had gone to Cleveland, and Colleen said he was looking for a bail jumper. When the phone rang, Brad was a little curious about why Colleen didn't answer, and Colleen said it was probably just another sales call.

After Brad left the loft, the phone rang again, and this time, Lily picked it up. A man's voice said that she couldn't hide from the truth. After Lily hung up, and she and Colleen tried to pretend like nothing was wrong when Daniel showed up. But he could tell something was bothering them and pressed for an answer to his questions. Colleen jumped on him, saying she didn't appreciate his telling Brad where J.T. had gone. J.T. was entitled to privacy when he was working on cases. Even though Colleen backed off and apologized so Daniel wouldn't get suspicious, he could still sense that something was going on. He walked out to take a shower, but came back in as the phone rang again. Colleen answered it, but instead of talking, she began blowing a whistle into the receiver.

In his office, Brad took out a picture of a boy in a baseball uniform and tore it up, dropping it into the wastebasket. For a few minutes, he was lost in the memory of a teenage boy exchanging the contents of his wallet with the wallet of a boy who was lying on the ground. Then Brad picked up the phone, called someone, and said that they had a problem.

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