The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps for the week of January 4, 2021

Lauren gave Michael a ticket to New Orleans so that he could go and find out more about his family. Paul and Colleen became concerned when they could not locate J.T.. J.T. was bound a gagged by a mysterious stranger. Dru observed some changes in Neil and later blasted Phyllis for carrying a married man's child. Colleen threatened to go to the police if her dad didn't come clean with the truth about his past. Nicholas and Sharon told Noah about their divorce. Daniel panicked when he realized that his secret could destroy his marriage. Victoria fired Sharon from Newman.
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J.T. was bound a gagged by a mysterious stranger. Dru blasted Phyllis for carrying a married man's child. Victoria fired Sharon. Daniel panicked when he realized that his secret could destroy his marriage.
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Monday, July 24, 2006

At the office, Lauren stopped by to check on Michael, who was going to have dinner with Phyllis at the Athletic Club. Lauren surprised Michael by giving him airline tickets for that night to New Orleans, where he needed to start looking for his father. An emotional Michael couldn't believe that Lauren would do such a nice thing for him, but he didn't feel right about leaving Lauren alone. Lauren said she would be fine -- and that it was important for Michael to find his father, both because of possible genetic problems for their baby and also because it would be a healing process for Michael. Michael said that he was scared -- that he wanted to do this -- that he had always had a fantasy of his father returning to get rid of "Terrible Tom" Fisher -- and that Lauren was right -- that now was the time. He kissed Lauren and thanked her.

At the Athletic Club bar, Nick was about to tell Victoria that he saw Brad and Sharon kissing in the parking garage when Brad suddenly appeared behind them. When Victoria said she needed a few moments alone with Nick, Brad pointedly let it be known that he wanted to speak with Victoria first. There was a lot of tension between Nick and Brad. After Brad and Victoria left to talk, Jack came into the Athletic Club and congratulated Nick on his impending fatherhood, though Nick wasn't in the mood to deal with Jack. Jack left for a table and Phyllis came into the club looking for Michael, who hadn't yet arrived. She joined Nick and told him that Jack had not taken the news that Nick was the father well. They heard Jack laughing and joking with someone at a table behind them.

At the table, Jack was speaking with a doctor friend about TLE, the disease that Victor had been diagnosed with. The doctor told Jack that a lot of research had been going on, and that people with TLE tended to have profound bursts of creativity, and that they could have profound spiritual and emotional awakenings -- and the world might think the person was crazy but to the person who had TLE the awakenings were real. When Jack asked what it meant if they say they've been in touch with the spirit world, the doctor said that if you looked at their brain activity at that time it would appear as if they were having a seizure. After the doctor left, Colleen came by to collect Jack's tab and was pleased to see that he left a large tip. Jack asked her to do him a favor and she asked the bartender to get drinks for Phyllis and Nick, who were reminiscing about Michael's bachelor party. On his way out, Jack smiled sarcastically at the two of them.

Victor stopped by Nick and Sharon's with a kite he made for Noah, who was asleep. Sharon said she would give it to Noah tomorrow. She told Victor that Nick was back. Victor thought that was good, as now they would have some answers. He offered to play a game with Sharon to distract her, but Sharon seemed perplexed, and told Victor she didn't know who she was. Victor said he understood -- that he had been going through things -- that life was about growth and change -- and if people didn't understand that they would grow apart. Later, Sharon was upstairs checking on Noah as Jack stopped by to get Victor's input on some NVP business figures. Victor told Jack he knew he hadn't come out there to get Victor's business input -- that he had really come over to check on Victor's state of mind. Victor said he was doing wonderfully and owed it all to Jack! He told Jack that he had heard him when he said he was on the edge of a spiritual revelation and he didn't push the medications on Victor (as others would have done) -- he told Jack that he had switched the medication with aspirin, but that had to be their little secret! Sharon came down, surprised to see Jack, and Jack left -- but had a strange look on his face outside the front door.

Brad took Victoria out to the basketball court and told her about what happened in the car with Sharon -- that it might have gone a little too far, but that Sharon was hysterical. Brad asked Victoria to be mad at him -- to hit him or yell at him. When Victoria asked if he had ever had sex with Sharon, Brad lied and said no -- and that what happened in the car happened in the heat of the moment -- when Sharon found out that Phyllis' baby was Nick's. Victoria sarcastically said she was glad that Brad could take her mind off of that. Brad told her that Nick had seen them in the car. Victoria accused Brad of being honest because he got caught -- and then told him that she couldn't stand to look at him.

Victoria was crying walking back through the Athletic Club when Nick went over to find out what was wrong. Both Phyllis and Colleen looked on intently. Nick told Victoria that he thought something had been going on between Brad and Sharon since their business trip to St. Louis, although Sharon said that a kiss was as far as it went. Victoria was angry that Nick hadn't told her sooner, but Nick said that it happened months ago, before she and Brad were engaged. She told Nick he should have told her so she would have known that Sharon would be coming after her husband. As she left, Victoria said she couldn't let this happen again.

Nick went home to talk to Sharon. Sharon apologized for what she had done with Brad, but after a long talk about the misery the past year had brought to both of them, they decided it was best to divorce. Teary-eyed, Sharon told him she would call her attorney in the morning. Nick, also teary-eyed, agreed.

Paul stopped by the Athletic Club to see Colleen -- Colleen was concerned that J.T. hadn't returned with him. They were both concerned that they hadn't heard from J.T., but Paul made excuses -- his cell phone may have died, etc. While they were talking, we saw that J.T.'s Cleveland motel room is in shambles. Paul tried to call J.T. again, but got his voicemail. Paul was livid when he found out that Colleen told Brad that J.T. was in Cleveland investigating him. Colleen said that Brad had acted calm when she told Brad, but Paul said Brad had been anything but calm when he approached him. Colleen began getting frightened. Later, Paul arranged to fly back to Cleveland and Colleen wanted to go there with him, but Paul told her no -- and told her to call him if she heard from J.T.

Colleen went out to see Brad on the basketball court, but when she started questioning him about possible problems with Victoria, Brad quickly changed the subject to J.T. and asked if he was back from Cleveland. When Colleen said he hadn't returned, Brad said it couldn't have anything to do with him -- that he had nothing to hide. Colleen said that he was probably right and that Paul probably had J.T. working on another case. Brad said that must be it. Later, alone on the basketball court, Brad was on his cell phone, telling someone, "I'm handling it -- I know what I'm doing -- of course I'm being careful! The money's on its way." He then closed his cell phone.

Brad found Victoria in her office at Newman and told her they needed to meet this head-on. Victoria said she realized that what happened was because of Nick's affair and Sharon wanting to get back at Nick -- but she wondered why Brad didn't try to stop her. Brad said it was because of her one-night stand with J.T. Victoria thought that was a lame excuse. Brad said he was sorry. Victoria accepted his apology -- and said they were now even and could move on -- unless he was in love with Sharon. Brad said he wasn't -- and Victoria said that she could put Sharon out of her mind and that he could put J.T. out of his.

Paul arrived at the Cleveland motel room and found it completely ransacked. He called Colleen to ask her to do him a favor -- he gave her the combination to his office safe -- he wanted her to get all the material on Brad's case and fax it to him. Colleen was confused as to where J.T. was (since he had all the material as well), but Paul tried to calm her down by saying that J.T. probably was just following another lead.

In a dark alley, behind a fence, J.T. is sitting on a chair -- beaten, bound, and gagged!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A seemingly happy Brad and Victoria were going over some work at Newman. Victoria told Brad that she was married to the hottest guy in the world, while Brad said she wasn't too bad herself. Later, he spoke to Sharon and told her that he fessed up to Victoria about their messing around in the car, as Nick was about to tell her anyway. He told Sharon that Victoria was handling the situation surprisingly well and was being understanding. Sharon asked if he told Victoria that they had sex in New York, but Brad said no -- she wouldn't be THAT understanding. She told him that she and Nick were divorcing -- Brad comforted her while she again mentioned her fantasy about getting in a car with him and driving off to anywhere. Although touched, Brad said it would be too big a risk for them. Victoria entered and pointedly told Brad to leave -- that she wanted to speak to Sharon alone. With Brad gone, Sharon apologized for what happened, but Victoria said it was too late for that. Sharon protested, saying that this was partially Nick's fault -- Victoria agreed and told her she had spoken to Nick. Victoria fired Sharon from Newman Enterprises. Sharon told Victoria that she couldn't fire her from NVP -- Victoria agreed and told Sharon that if she was in the building it had better be for NVP business or she would have security throw her out. She also warned Sharon that she didn't want anyone to find out about her tryst with Brad -- that she was going to take it to her grave and that Sharon had better do the same or she would be digging early graves for both Sharon and Brad. She then threw Sharon out.

At the elevator, Sharon ran into Jack, who asked her about doing some speeches for NVP -- he wanted her to check her Newman schedule because he knew that took precedence. Sharon saved face by telling Jack that she no longer worked for Newman but that it had been her own decision. Jack was happy with this news. Sharon also told Jack that she and Nick had mutually decided to divorce. When Jack asked if she thought that Nick would go with Phyllis now, a teary-eyed Sharon said she didn't know.

Jack went to Brad to give him some information about the NVP-Newman tie-in, and told Brad that he heard that Newman was looking for a new spokesperson, since Sharon was working exclusively for NVP now. Brad faked like he knew this. Later, Sharon talked to Brad, who said he heard about Victoria firing her from Jack. Sharon protested that she never told Jack she was fired, but told him that she needed a break. Brad said that explanation worked for him, but he was sorry as he knew how much Sharon liked working at Newman. Sharon said she was just worried about making things right with him and Victoria. Brad said she didn't sound like a woman who moments ago said she wanted to go to the ends of the earth with Brad. She said she didn't mean it -- but then Brad told her his life had become very complicated recently -- that it had to do with his past. When Sharon commented that he had always kept his past to himself, Brad said it was for good reason. Sharon said he could tell her and trust her -- and Brad admitted that he was in some sort of trouble. Sharon said that she would be there if he needed to talk to her -- that she would always stand by him.

At the Winters', an upbeat Dru told Neil that she was going to fix him his breakfast favorites as Lily was coming over. Neil said he needed to leave, which was for the best because it would allow Dru and Lily to spend some quality mother-daughter time together. As Neil left, Dru commented on how casually he was dressed.

Lily showed up a while later and Dru started whipping her up a breakfast feast. They made some small talk about Lily's job and Dru's trip. Lily told her how proud she was of the work Daniel was doing at Newman, and that she thought he would work his way up. When Dru asked how Neil was when she was gone, Lily told her that he seemed relaxed -- he was wearing casual clothing to the office, he was cooking more, and he seemed to accept Daniel. When Dru asked if Neil was happier, Lily said that it probably had to do with what was going on at work, though Dru wondered if the attitude change was coming from elsewhere.

At the Athletic Club, Neil ran into Carmen. As they were seated by Gina, Carmen asked if things were going well now that Drucilla had returned -- that it must be great to be a family again. Neil said that he and Dru hadn't had a chance to speak much.

Later, at Newman, Neil and Carmen arrived, and Dru noticed them laughing. Dru made her presence known and Neil reintroduced them. Carmen thanked her for the great job she did on her tour. Before Carmen left, she told Neil she would talk to him later about a tie-in they were working on. Dru asked Neil about the tie-in -- and Neil brushed her off by saying that it was something in the early stages. He then quickly left for a meeting -- leaving an unhappy Dru.

Dru and Sharon were happy to run into each other. Sharon told her she really needed a friend to talk to -- and then told Dru everything -- about Phyllis' pregnancy by Nick (which led Dru to say a few choice words about Phyllis), and the fact that she and Nick were divorcing. When Dru urged her to try to work it out, Sharon said that she and Nick were just in love with the idea of being in love. She said she was looking at this as a new chapter in her life. Dru told Sharon she only deserved the best, and made Sharon promise her that she wouldn't let that "bitch" make her bitter.

Later, Dru ran into Neil and told him everything that Sharon had told her about Nick and Sharon's divorce and Phyllis' pregnancy. Neil was shocked, but when Dru started going off on Phyllis getting pregnant by a married man and not being able to keep her legs together, Neil got angry at her for raking Phyllis over the coals for having a child with someone she wasn't married to -- which was exactly what Dru had done! Neil left angrily and got on the elevator, with Carmen staring at him, and Dru staring at Carmen -- starting to get the picture.

Daniel talked to Jack about telling Lily the truth about Alex -- that Alex had called him that morning. Jack urged Daniel to tell Lily the truth, as secrets always had a way of coming out, and that once Lily knew the truth then Alex would no longer have control over them. Daniel called Lily and told her he was coming home to talk to her. At home, they started talking about keeping secrets and Lily mentioned that maybe Brad's secret should have stayed secret -- and also that she was worried about her parents splitting up due to her telling Neil that Malcolm was her biological father. All this made Daniel a little nervous about talking to Lily, but he was saved when Neil called him and told him to see him as soon as possible, as he had some important packages to be messengered. Back at Newman, Jack asked Daniel if he talked to Lily, but Daniel said that he just couldn't. Jack was concerned.

In the ransacked Cleveland motel room, Paul questioned the maid if she or any of the staff had seen anything suspicious. Colleen phoned to tell Paul she had the case documents she needed and Paul gave her a fax number. There was a knock at the door, and Colleen was standing there with the files in her arms! Paul was initially angry that Colleen had come to Cleveland, but Colleen demanded to help and Paul realized he could use her to help go through the files. As they were going through the files, Lily called Colleen, and Colleen told her that it appeared that J.T. might be missing and that she was scared that something bad might have happened to him. Lily told her to call her if she needed her.

Colleen asked Paul if he had seen the Kaplan article about the Kaplan family being bludgeoned to death -- and she wondered what it might have to do with her father. Paul said that it seemed like a dead end -- but then a lightbulb went on over his head as he realized that he had asked J.T. to look at it again. They went over the police report -- the Kaplan family had been bludgeoned to death and the murder weapon was a baseball bat -- and that 17 year old George Kaplan was being sought for questioning. Paul looked at the picture of "Brad" on the baseball team. He told Colleen that her dad would have been about the same age as George Kaplan. Colleen realized that the Kaplans were killed with a baseball bat -- and she asked Paul if he thought her father was George Kaplan and had killed his family and the real Brad Carlton. Paul said that was a possibility, but certainly not a probability, as there were millions of kids who had baseball bats. Colleen said her dad could never kill -- but Paul told her that most killers are people who are pushed beyond the limit. Paul told Colleen he needed to leave but wanted her to stay there in case J.T. called -- he warned her not to open the door for anyone but him or J.T. and not to let her imagination run away with her. He left.

In a dark alley, a mysterious man ungagged the tied up J.T., who started yelling at the man and asking him what he wanted. J.T. was really out of it and the man threw some water on his face to revive him. The man stood behind some plastic, shielding his face from J.T. He asked J.T. who he was and what he was looking for. When J.T. said nothing, the man told J.T. he knew he was lying -- that J.T. had been asking around about George Kaplan. J.T. told him sarcastically that if he untied him that could go out for a beer and discuss it -- but that he wasn't answering questions tied up like this. When J.T. said he needed some water, the man said he would get some after answering some questions. J.T. again said he wouldn't say anything until he was untied. The man told J.T. that a friend of his was watching the hotel and that he noticed a young attractive brunette entering that day.

Back at the hotel room, the phone rang -- it was the man holding J.T. captive -- and Colleen answered. The man held the phone up to the gagged J.T.'s mouth -- he tried to talk but he couldn't -- but he realized (after hearing her voice) that the girl the man was talking about was Colleen!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nick told Victoria that he and Sharon had decided to get a divorce. He said he thought it was for the best, as they both agreed. Victoria said maybe it was best that Sharon was out of the family, and Nick reminded her that Sharon would always be Noah's mother. He also didn't understand why Victoria was willing to relieve Brad of any of the blame for what had happened between Brad and Sharon. Victoria said Brad was reacting to the episode between Victoria and J.T. Now they were even. Nick wasn't so sure that Brad didn't have real feelings for Sharon. He also thought that maybe Victoria just didn't want to admit that the family had been right when they'd warned her about Brad. Victoria said her marriage was on solid ground.

Phyllis had an upset stomach, but at Nick's request, promised to catch up with him to talk privately later. When she ran into Neil, Neil told her that crackers had always settled Dru's stomach when she was pregnant. Phyllis was surprised that Neil knew the truth. He told her that Sharon had told Dru. But he reminded Phyllis that no matter what, a baby was a gift. It didn't matter who the baby's father was.

Later, Phyllis and Nick talked in his office. He told her about the divorce, and Phyllis sympathized. But when Nick's feelings for her became obvious, Phyllis warned him that she wasn't going to be his rebound relationship. Nick said since she was already pregnant with his child, that didn't seem possible. But Phyllis said she had to think of what was best for their baby, and too many people could be hurt if they jumped back into a relationship.

Daniel and Lily were getting ready to go back to their place when Lily picked up a call from Alex. He pretended to be calling from Newman and told her to remind Daniel about a tape delivery. When Lily gave him the message, Daniel suggested they go by Newman for a while so he could take care of it.

At Newman, Dru noticed an energy between Carmen and Neil that made her suspicious. She pretended to befriend Carmen to try to get a better read on her, and Carmen said she'd like to be friends. Later, when Lily and Daniel arrived, Dru noticed the tension between Lily and Carmen. After Daniel left, Neil came in and sat down with Dru and Lily. But when Carmen walked in, Dru once again sensed something going on between her husband and Newman's PR rep.

Sharon was willing to do whatever Brad needed her to do, no matter what secrets were in his past. Brad carefully played Sharon's emotions, pretending he didn't want to get her involved. When she swore she'd do whatever he wanted even without knowing the truth. Brad said he had to get something ready for her to deliver. While Sharon was waiting for Brad, Dru came to talk to her. She wondered if Sharon had noticed anything going on between Neil and Carmen. Sharon said Carmen seemed nice to her, and she'd never picked up on any vibes. Then again, she had been distracted. Dru apologized for bothering Sharon when she had so many problems of her own.

After Dru left, Brad came in. He gave Sharon a bag and a set of directions on where to deliver it. Sharon took the bag home, read the instructions, then burned them. She was startled when Nick came in to pack some things. The two of them agreed not to tell Noah anything about their divorce until he was home from camp. When Nick noticed the bag Brad had given Sharon and asked if she was going somewhere, Sharon insisted that what she did was no longer Nick's business. After Nick left, Sharon picked up the bag, gave a last look around her house, and walked out.

Phyllis called about some baby room furniture and asked if it was something she could assemble by herself. As she settled in for a night alone, Nick arrived. He told her he was afraid if he stayed at the athletic club, he'd get fat eating all their Italian food. Phyllis, on the other hand, was a terrible cook. If he crashed with her, he'd stay lean and mean. Phyllis warned him that she was now a great chef, but Nick said he'd take his chances. The two of them fell into each other's arms and began kissing.

Daniel and Kevin talked on the phone about Alex's warning phone call to Lily. Kevin was at the athletic club restaurant with Gloria, and again tried to persuade her to give him the twenty-five thousand that Alex was demanding. When Daniel arrived, Gloria presented them with a better option. They needed to catch Alex on tape doing something to another girl. Then they'd have evidence that was so damaging to him that he'd leave town. Daniel and Kevin flatly refused to go along with it, and Gloria said she'd give them the money the next day.

While Lily was with her parents at Newman and Daniel was with Kevin, Alex was breaking into the loft. He went through the suitcase Lily had packed, finally taking a hairbrush before he quietly let himself out of the loft. Meanwhile, Brad broke in on the Winters to ask Lily if she knew where Colleen was. Lily said she'd gone to visit a friend in New York, but she wasn't sure who. After Brad walked out, Neil privately asked Lily if she'd lied to Brad. Lily said she was covering for Colleen because Colleen wasn't getting along with Brad. Neil warned his daughter not to get involved in their problems.

After Daniel left the athletic club, Gloria told Kevin that she'd lied about giving them the money. She was going to find another way to take care of Alex. She wasn't going to let him blackmail Kevin forever. As Gloria was leaving, Alex came in. Gloria watched from a distance as Kevin assured Alex that he was going to get everything that was coming to him. Alex misunderstood and thought Kevin was planning to give him the money.

Daniel went back to Newman to pick up Lily. He'd changed his mind about going back to the carriage house, however. He told Lily that he'd cleared it with Jack for them to stay in the Abbott house. When Lily wondered why, Daniel said he wanted to be cautious because of the person who was stalking Colleen. Lily disagreed and insisted that they go back to their own place.

Drucilla cornered Neil in his office and tried to get a little romance going before Neil had to leave for his next meeting. When Neil rebuffed her, Dru snapped. She asked how long he and Carmen had been flirting with each other. Neil denied it, saying they were merely colleagues. Dru said maybe Neil felt that way, but she was definitely picking up a romantic interest in Neil from Carmen.

Victoria met privately with a divorce attorney to ask her some questions. She said she and Brad weren't planning on getting a divorce, but she did need some information. The attorney understood and promised to be discreet. She explained the division of property between the two if they decided to separate. Victoria said she was most interested in getting back stock Brad owned in Newman. Before the attorney could answer, Brad came in. The attorney left as if they'd been having a simple business meeting, then Victoria was all smiles with Brad. She told him that Nick and Sharon had decided to get a divorce, and Brad pretended that it was news to him. Victoria asked if that changed anything, and Brad said no. It was Victoria that he wanted to be with.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Victor brings Zapato into work and tells Nikki that she hurt Zapato's feelings when she didn't say goodbye in the morning. Nikki rolls her eyes and asks Victor if he's been taking his medicine. He thinks about when he threw away his medication and swapped it for aspirin. Victor says the medication is working fine, and asks Nikki to look after Zapato for a moment. As Nikki is holding Zapato, Victor starts seeing a light, and Hope speaks to him. Jack walks in and sees Victor having a hallucination. When Victor comes out of it, he tells Jack that he had another wonderful vision.

Phyllis wakes up and Nick is beside her. They go to work together, and Nick shuts down the elevator and they begin kissing. Sharon sees Phyllis and Nick come in together. She asks if they came together. Nick admits to her that they did.

Nick and Phyllis come in and tell Nikki and Victor that Phyllis's baby is Nick's. He also says that Sharon and his relationship is over. Nikki is shocked. Victor congratulates Phyllis on her baby, but says he is sorry that Nick and Sharon's relationship is over. Nikki is shocked that after all Victor has tried to do to keep Nick and Sharon together, he just says, "sorry."

Victor goes to see Sharon and tries to comfort her. He says that she is always welcome in the family and he will do anything she needs.

Victor tells Phyllis to take care of the baby. Jack interrupts, inquiring if Victor has thought about his proposition for expanding NVP. Victor says he has thought about it, and the answer is no. Victor says that he talked to an expert about it. Victor nods at Phyllis. Jack continues to Pesther Victor. Victor tells Jack that his mind has been made up, and he better not be trying to take advantage. Jack apologizes and suggests that maybe Victor do something for himself, like take a vacation.

Nikki talks to Jack about the baby. Jack says that he thought the baby might have been his, and it made him sad when he found out that it wasn't. Nikki is shocked that Nick and Sharon's marriage is over. When Nikki tries to talk to Sharon about it, Sharon tells her that she's glad of one thing; Nikki won't be her mother-in-law anymore.

Victoria talks to Brad about going away on a vacation. Brad receives a phone call from Sharon, saying that she dropped off the bag. He assures her that everything is taken care of now. Victoria wonders who Brad is talking to on the phone. Nick talks to Victoria about firing Sharon. Victoria says that it was the right thing to do. She wouldn't want her working with her husband in tighter quarters.

Colleen thinks about her father. She remembers what he said to her about his family. Paul tells Colleen that he found out that George Kaplan came from a family of immigrants, people that changed their last name. Colleen remembers Brad telling her about his family, and how they wouldn't tell him their real name. She remembers that Brad's family was from Italy, and that Brad traveled to Italy. Colleen tells Paul that she is sure that Brad has something to do with J.T.'s disappearance. There is only one thing she can do: go home and tell her father everything. Paul warns her. Even though Brad is her father, that does not mean he is not dangerous. Colleen goes to Brad. He asks her what's going on. Colleen tells him that she's not okay. She lied to Brad, she wasn't in New York. She was in Cleveland, and she would like to know how he's involved in J.T.'s disappearance.

Friday, July 28, 2006

In Cleveland, Paul's contact was going over all the paperwork with him on the Kaplan case. She recognized the name of the neighbor who'd found the Kaplans' bodies when they were murdered all those years ago. The woman, Cindy, had just been in the news again. The day after J.T. had questioned her, Cindy had been mugged and killed on the street. Paul became even more concerned about what might have happened to J.T.

Phyllis went back to work after enjoying an afternoon tryst with Nick. Victoria wanted her to fly somewhere to take care of NVP business, but Phyllis said she couldn't go. Not only were they about to open their flagship location, but this wasn't a good time for her to travel. Victoria said Phyllis must be happy to have gotten what she wanted, since Nick was divorcing Sharon. Phyllis protested that Nick and Sharon's marriage had been in trouble before she came along. Victoria seemed lost in thought and said that was true; no one really knew what was going on in a marriage except the two people involved.

Dru came back from a shopping trip with new clothes for Neil, but he brushed her off and said he had work to do. Phyllis saw what happened, and later, she talked to Neil about it. He admitted that things hadn't been the same for him since he'd learned the truth about Lily's paternity. Dru wanted to pretend like everything was okay, but Neil had been relieved while his wife was in Europe. Now that she was back, he couldn't act like nothing had ever happened. Phyllis understood how Neil felt. Dru, however, did not. She made plans for a surprise romantic dinner at Yves. But when she told Neil, he insisted that he had to work late. Dru asked what was going on between them, and Neil said he didn't know and walked out.

Nick went home to talk to Noah with Sharon about their plans to divorce. Although they both did their best to present the information in a positive light, Noah freaked out. First he ran out of the house. When he came back, he listened to what they had to say. But when they assured him that they would always be a family, Noah ripped up a drawing he'd made for Nick and said they'd ruined everything. After he ran upstairs, Nick said maybe Noah should stay with him for a while. Sharon wasn't pleased by that idea, especially since she suspected that Nick was staying with Phyllis.

Nick went back to work and told Phyllis that things hadn't gone well with Noah. He said his son just needed some time. Phyllis asked Nick if he needed time, too. Nick assured her that he was going to continue to be the best father he could to Noah, but also to their child. Later, Phyllis was alone when Sharon ran into her at work. Phyllis told her that Brad had gone for the day, but Sharon said she was looking for Victoria and abruptly walked away from Phyllis.

Colleen told Brad the things she knew about the Kaplan and Carlton families in Cleveland and demanded that he tell her the truth about himself. Brad said he would, but not at Newman. Colleen agreed to go home with him. Once they were there, Brad told her that he was George Kaplan, but he hadn't killed his family. It was his aunt, not his mother, who'd been killed with his father and sister that day, and Brad and his mother had been forced to go on the run and get new identities to protect their own lives.

George's mother, Rebecca, the daughter of a wealthy Italian family, had been forced to catalog stolen art to avoid dying in a concentration camp during World War II. The rest of her family had died in camps. After the war, Rebecca, along with George's father, had moved to the States and changed their name. But Rebecca had remained a target, perhaps of someone connected to her Nazi captors. She might also be the intended victim of someone with a vendetta, because after the war, Rebecca had helped families recover millions of dollars worth of art stolen by the Nazis and the fascists.

After his father, sister, and aunt were murdered, George and his mother had gone on the run. His best friend Brad Carlton had helped them. But while they were in hiding, Brad was killed by a hit-and-run driver, and George switched identification with Brad. When the real Brad's decomposed body was found, the police assumed it was George Kaplan and the Kaplan murder case had been closed, since they assumed George had killed his family. Meanwhile, George had been living as Brad Carlton ever since he came to Genoa City, and his mother was still alive. Brad showed Colleen photographs of his mother, Rebecca.

Just as Colleen and Brad had left Newman Enterprises, a man got off the elevator. He asked Neil where George Kaplan's office was, and Neil said no one by that name worked there. The man asked about Brad Carlton, and Neil directed him to Brad's office. The man went inside the office and began searching it, but he was interrupted by Victoria. He claimed to be working on a real estate deal with Brad. She told him to leave and make an appointment with Brad's assistant if he wanted to see him. The man agreed and left the office.

Victoria arrived home to find Brad and Colleen together. Brad said he'd planned a spontaneous trip to Hawaii for both of them as well as Colleen and Abby. Ashley had agreed that it would be a fun trip for Abby. At first, a surprised Victoria was reluctant, then she agreed to go. She told Brad about the strange man in his office, and Brad brushed it off like he'd been a salesman. When Victoria went upstairs to get Abby, Colleen told Brad she'd keep all his secrets as long as he promised to help her and Paul find J.T. Brad agreed. As the four of them were leaving, Brad went back inside the den and got a gun, which he concealed from them. When they got to the Newman jet, a woman was on board. Brad introduced her to Victoria, Colleen, and Abby as his mother, Rebecca.

Sharon went to the Carlton house looking for Brad. She was puzzled when she found the front door ajar. She walked inside Brad's house, calling his name. Suddenly a black gloved hand clamped over her mouth as she was grabbed from behind.

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Alley Mills joins General Hospital
New details revealed for upcoming Y&R and B&B crossovers
DAYS alum to play Johnny Depp in new film
Alley Mills joins General Hospital
Kate Linder's OpportuniTea postponed until spring 2023
Michael Damian reprising role as Y&R's Danny Romalotti
The Young and the Restless' Rory Gibson is engaged
Trevor St. John opens up about return to daytime, Y&R role
The Young and the Restless launches new audio-only "showcast"
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