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Monday, July 31, 2006

Nick and Jack ran into each other at Newman Enterprises. Jack wanted to talk about the two of them working together they talked about what a good relationship they had in the past and how Nick saw Jack as a father figure in many ways and Jack looked at Nick as a son. They agreed to share the blame in the current situation (with Phyllis), shook hands, and buried the hatchet. Nick received a phone call and left.

In the break room at Newman, Nikki and Victor talked a little NVP business, but Victor changed the subject to the fact that he wants to go on a vacation. He showed Nikki information on a retreat in India in the outer Himalayas and said it was the home of Tibetan Buddhism and that he could arrange a private audience with the Dalai Lama. Victor said that he felt he was missing something from his life, and Nikki took it personally. Victor told her not to that he had questions and that life was a gift that he was wasting. Jack entered with samples of the NVP spa ware robes and noticed that they were distracted. She told Jack that Victor wanted to go on a "spiritual" trip and left. Victor asked Jack if he could keep a secret he told Jack about his visions of his ex-wife Hope. Jack thought it might mean that Hope was dead, but Victor said she was very much alive that she appeared as a white light and spoke to him and told him he could contact him any time he wanted. When Victor asked Jack if he thought he was crazy, Jack said no but he thought that explained why he needed spiritual guidance. Victor said he had to find answers that it was driving him crazy. He said that it was important not only for him but for the world and asked Jack to help him. Jack said that once he got the answers perhaps he would want the visions to go away. Victor said if that happened he would come back and take the medication. Jack told Victor that Nikki wouldn't understand but volunteered to handle Nikki for her.

Nikki ran into Nick in the break room and he told her he was worried about how Noah was handling the news about his divorce from Sharon. Nikki told him that all Noah cared about was keeping his family together. Nikki asked him if he and Sharon had discussed custody. Nick said he would always be there for Noah, but for now Noah would be staying at the ranch with Sharon. Nikki told him that they needed to work out the details so there would be no confusion later. She made Nick promise to talk to an attorney, and left. Nick tried to call Sharon on her cell phone but just got her voicemail. Victor joined Nick and asked him if he had found some place to live. Nick said he was staying at the Athletic Club, and that Noah knew about the divorce. Victor was worried about Noah. He told Nick that he was going on a personal trip by himself but that Miguel would be looking after Zapato and Noah could visit Zapato to cheer himself up. Victor left.

Later, Jack showed Nikki a note saying he was going on a trip that he had already left. When Jack said he thought the trip would do Victor a world of good, Nikki accused Jack of being an opportunist, and possibly using Victor's absence to advance his position. Jack denied it, though Nikki was skeptical. Nikki said she was suspect that Jack and Victor were new "best friends."

Nikki found Nick in the CEO office and after he told her about Victoria's sudden trip with Brad, she told Nick that Victor had left and wondered if he had told Nick about where he was going that Victor had been talking about going on a retreat to India to visit ashrams and monasteries a spiritual retreat. Nick joked about seeing Victor on the ground with his legs crossed chanting, but Nikki didn't think Victor should be alone in his condition. Nick tried to call Victor but he didn't answer. He said that as long as Victor was on his medication, perhaps the time alone would be good for Victor. Later, Nikki learned from Victor's driver that Victor had taken one of the corporate jets. When Jack mentioned that Victor had taken off abruptly before, Nikki said that this time he hadn't said goodbye.

A worried Nick tried Sharon on her cell phone again, and left a voice mail asking where she was that he knew that the situation was tough but that she should call him when she could.

Victor was on a jet, staring out the window. Later, he entered Hope's farmhouse and asked if anybody was home. Hope was surprised that Victor was there.

Brad, Victoria, Colleen, and Abby boarded the jet that is supposed to take them on their getaway to Hawaii. Victoria said hi to an older woman who was on board Brad introduced her as his mother. Needless to say, Victoria was shocked. Colleen introduced herself as her granddaughter. Abby asked if Rebecca was her grandmother too and Brad said she was. Victoria was clearly disturbed about this and Brad took her aside to begin to explain the situation to her. He told her that there was a good reason that his mother was in hiding and why he couldn't tell her about Rebecca. Victoria was upset that she was learning one secret after another. Rebecca entered and overheard the end of the conversation, realizing that Brad hadn't told Victoria the whole story yet. Rebecca said she didn't want to scare the children, but they needed to leave as soon as possible. Rebecca went back out to the main cabin. When Victoria realized that Brad wasn't planning on flying out with them until he "tied up a few loose ends," Victoria insisted that she wasn't going either.

Victoria and Brad promised Abby and Colleen that they would soon meet them in Hawaii. Rebecca told Brad that she never thought that "they" would find Brad again she thought his family would be safe forever. She blamed herself, but Brad assured her it wasn't her fault. Brad and Victoria said their goodbyes (Colleen made Brad promise to tell her if he heard anything about J.T.) and got off the plane. Abby asked why Rebecca never visited them before, and Colleen said it was because she lived in Europe. After they took off, Abby went to use the restroom and Rebecca wondered how much Brad had told Colleen. She said they she knew about the stolen art and the murdered family and about the real Brad Carlton. Rebecca said that then she knew everything. Colleen said she couldn't believe Brad never told her he was Jewish. Rebecca said that the real Brad wasn't Jewish so they thought it was better if they hid that. Rebecca said she was sorry that what she had done had affected Brad's family but the one good thing is that she got to meet her grandchildren. Later, Colleen told Rebecca about returning to Genoa City from New York and about her boyfriend J.T. and how he had been missing since he went to Cleveland to investigate her father. Rebecca was concerned when she heard about J.T.

In the car, Brad apologized to Victoria for not telling her the truth, and said that his mother was in danger. Victoria wondered then why Brad would bring her around the children. Brad said he didn't want to lose his family again and that was why he wanted Victoria and the girls at the safe house in Hawaii. When he told Victoria that he would tell her all at the office, she demanded that he start telling her now. He began by telling her that Brad Carlton wasn't his real name that his real name was George Kaplan -- that he had been forced to change his identity 20 years ago after his father, sister, and aunt were all murdered and the evidence pointed to him -- but he said he was set up. When Victoria asked him if he went to the police he said no -- that he was just a scared, grieving kid and that the killers were after his mother -- they had killed his aunt thinking she was Rebecca. Victoria asked why they would want to kill Rebecca and Brad said they didn't want her to reveal secrets that she's known for over 60 years -- and that's why they went into hiding. Victoria questioned whether Brad/George HAD actually killed his family -- and Brad told her that she knew better than that. When Victoria asked him why he put them all on the plane, he said that he may have been found out -- and the whole family -- including her -- may be in danger!

When they arrived at his office,he told Victoria the whole story: Rebecca was a World War II holocaust survivor but because she spoke German it kept her out of the gas chambers and working for the commandant cataloging works of art taken from wealthy Jewish families. She had memorized as much as she could about the works of art who they originally came from, etc., and made it her mission to restore the stolen works to their rightful owners after the war ended. When Victoria said it sounded like Rebecca was a brave woman, Brad agreed that a lot of her work had been dangerous that she was the star witness at the commandant's war crimes trial and that he ended up executed, and a lot of stolen property was returned. Victoria said she had met a few collectors when she stayed in Europe who would have paid any price for a masterwork -- no questions asked.

George changed his name to Brad and helped get Rebecca underground. When Victoria asked him why he took the name "Brad Carlton" he told her that Brad Carlton had been his best friend but when the real Brad was killed in a hit and run accident he had switched id's, wallets, etc. and took Brad's identity. Since the real Brad was estranged from his father and his mother was dead, he wasn't missed, and everyone assumed that the decomposed body was that of George Kaplan. He said that he drifted around after he got out of the Navy and ended up in Genoa City. Victoria asked why all of this was being stirred up now. Brad said that it was because J.T. had done a background investigation on him and found a connection between "Brad" and George Kaplan that must have alerted someone and that's probably why J.T. disappeared. Victoria was shocked to hear that J.T. had disappeared and asked Brad if he was dead. Brad assured her that he would do everything in his power to make sure that J.T. wasn't killed. When Brad apologized for keeping all this from her, she was furious and said he shouldn't have she also wondered why people would be after him after all these years that the only people she could imagine being after him were the police, who thought that George Kaplan murdered his family. Brad told her that there was still artwork worth millions out there, and not all of it was out in the open that museums, collectors, brokers, and black market dealers who had pieces of stolen artwork didn't want to give back what they had paid a lot of money for. Victoria asked if the man in his office claiming to be a real estate broker real was really a real estate broker and Brad said no. He knew that Victoria was furious with him but for now she had to get to the safe house with Rebecca and the kids. Brad's phone rang.

An unconscious Sharon was put into the trunk of a car. Later, a weak J.T. awakened, still tied to a chair, with the mystery man beside him. He asked the mystery man why he was doing this, but the man didn't answer he left. J.T. realized that Sharon was tied to a chair right behind him! He called out to her and she eventually came to. She asked where she was and J.T. said that it was some kind of a construction site. Sharon finally realized it was J.T. she was talking to. She asked him what he was doing there and he said he wasn't sure but that it had to do with a case he was working on. Sharon said that she went to Brad's house and that there was a man there. J.T. said that what was going on had to do with Brad Carlton that the man kept asking him about Brad so that he must be getting closer to the truth and the possibility that Brad was a murderer! Sharon insisted that it wasn't possible that Brad killed anyone. The "real estate broker" man returned and told J.T. that he was of no use to them anymore as he hadn't been giving them information. He then stuck a syringe in him and Sharon screamed as J.T. went unconscious.

Brad answered his phone after noticing on the caller ID that it was coming from Cleveland it was the "real estate broker" man who was holding Sharon and J.T. He told Brad they had his wife! Brad stared at Victoria as he told the man to put his "wife" on the phone. Victoria was shocked! The man told Sharon to say hello to her husband. He put the phone to her ear and she said hello and asked if anyone was there. Brad realized that it was Sharon who they had!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

At her farmhouse, Hope was happy to hear Victor's voice. When Victor remarked that she didn't seem surprised that he showed up, she told him that nothing he did would surprise her. Hope remembered that the last time Victor visited he was wondering about remarrying Nikki and she wondered if this visit had anything to do with Nikki -- but he said no -- it has to do with him. Hope told him to relax and they began talking. As Victor shucked corn for dinner, he told Hope about his changed priorities -- that he's been doing carpentry, spending time with Noah, and taking Zapato for walks. Hope said that the Victor she knew would never be able to tear himself away from his business empire. Hope had heard about Victor's bribery conviction, and he told her that it had damaged his relationship with Nick, and made him realize how fragile life is. He told her that Victoria had married Brad Carlton, and Hope remembered that he never trusted Brad. But Victor said that now Victoria has never seemed so happy.

After dinner, Victor remembered how he had spent some of his most wonderful times there. He told her about the changes he had been undergoing -- that it was like he was in the middle of a spiritual awakening. When Hope said she never knew him to be spiritual, he said he was now and didn't know why. Hope said that when she was overwhelmed with questions that God had shown her the path. She said one had to let go of one's doubts and questions and turn them over to a higher power. Victor said he never had feelings like these before -- that he was on the verge of a breakthrough, and that he had come to visit her because he missed her and he knew that she would understand this kind of "journey."

Phyllis tried to whip up the classic Greek dish moussa.k.a for Nick, who was amusingly skeptical about her culinary talent. After dinner, he told Phyllis she had made a valiant effort and that it wasn't that bad. She showed him some ultrasound pictures of their baby -- Nick said he couldn't tell from the photos whether the baby was a boy or a girl. She said that the doctor could tell, but she decided she didn't want to know. She felt the baby kick and Nick put his hand on her abdomen to feel it. They kissed.

In the Newman CEO office Brad thought that Sharon was still on the phone, but the "mystery man" had taken the phone back. He called Brad "George," but Brad denied that was his name. The man told Brad that he would let his "wife" go if he gave him the Grugeon Reliquary. When Brad asked what that was, the man told him to ask his "mommy." Brad said his mother was dead, but the man told him to tell Rebecca to find it or the woman (Sharon) would be history. Victoria asked Brad what was happening and he told her about Sharon's kidnapping -- he realized that the same people were behind his family's murders, J.T.'s disappearance and Sharon's kidnapping. Victoria wondered why "they" would kidnap Sharon and Brad told her it was because they thought Sharon was Victoria. He thought that this might be the only thing keeping Sharon alive, as these people were ruthless and if they realized Sharon was of no use to them they would kill her. He told her they wanted the reliquary (a container for ancient relics.) Victoria wanted to bring in the FBI but Brad nixed that -- he thought the people might be tapping their phone or even bugging the office. Victoria wanted to tell Nick. Brad was against this idea -- he said Nick would get in the way and that he knew how to handle these people -- he just wanted to get information on the reliquary from his mother and get it to them as soon as possible.

On the plane carrying Rebecca, Colleen, and Abby to Hawaii, Colleen told Rebecca that she couldn't sleep because she was worried about J.T. Rebecca assured her that Brad would do everything possible to locate him, but Colleen told her that perhaps Paul should be told what was going on and brought into the investigation. Rebecca was reluctant to let anyone else know what was going on, but when Colleen told her that Paul could be trusted, Rebecca gave her permission to call Paul.

Paul called Brad and told him that he knew what was going on. Brad initially blamed Paul (and J.T.), telling him that if they hadn't continued their investigation into his connection with George Kaplan that none of this would have happened. Brad received another call -- it was Colleen calling to tell Brad she had told Paul. Brad said he was on the line with Paul and assured her that he wasn't mad at her for telling Paul. Back on with Paul, Brad told him he needed his help now and wondered if there were any leads on J.T. Paul said there weren't, but at least now they had something to go on. When Brad reminded Paul how sensitive all this information was, he assured Brad it would be kept confidential from all except Kara, the associate he has been working with. Paul asked Brad to tell him the rest of the story -- and Brad said he would tell him everything as this wasn't just about J.T. anymore -- that they have Sharon too!

Brad thanked Victoria for holding off calling Nick, as he wanted to see what they could do about getting the reliquary before they did anything else. Brad called the plane and asked his mother if she knew anything about the Grugeon Reliquary. When Rebecca questioned why he was asking, he told her about Sharon being kidnapped and she would only be returned if "they" got the reliquary. Rebecca said she knew the item -- that it was from the Grugeon collection -- and that when her concentration camp was liberated she went to the home of an SS officer and took it. Brad said this confirmed that their family was marked because of the stolen art. When Rebecca commented on how horrible it was to lose her husband, her daughter, and her sister, Brad said some lives could probably be saved now if they could locate the reliquary. Rebecca told Brad she had returned it to the rightful owners in Belgium long ago -- Eva and Jacob Klaas.

Victoria called Nick (who was still at Phyllis') and told him there was an emergency and he needed to meet her at his house. He wanted to know what was happening, but she didn't want to discuss it over the phone. She hung up.

Back on the plane, a teary Colleen was worried about Sharon. She also thought that if "they" had already moved on to Sharon, then it might be too late for J.T. Colleen blamed herself for all of this happening, since she instigated the investigation, but Rebecca said if it was anyone's fault it was hers, and apologized for hurting her and her friends.

At Nick and Sharon's, Nick met up with Brad and Victoria who filled him in -- Sharon was missing -- she was kidnapped. Nick was startled and confused, but Brad said it was because of him. When Nick asked how, Brad told him that his name was really George Kaplan. When Nick asked Victoria if she knew about this, she said she had just found out. Brad said that it was a long involved story -- and that he had been running from these people for years. He told Nick that Sharon's kidnapping was a case of mistaken identity -- that the kidnapper thought that Sharon was Victoria.

Nick called Nikki and asked her to watch Noah for the night. Phyllis called Nick to see what was going on, and he said he couldn't talk. Nick then laid into Brad for keeping this secret, and that if his wife hadn't been kidnapped, then his sister would have been! Brad and Nick started arguing but Victoria broke it up reminding them that their goal was to get J.T. and Sharon back safely. Nick wanted to call the FBI, but Brad nixed that -- that whoever had Sharon wouldn't hesitate to kill her and J.T., just as they killed his family. Nick backed down for now, but said if he didn't see results, he would bring in the authorities.

Kara met Paul at the motel room and he brought her up to date on what was going on -- that Brad really was George Kaplan and had been running for years, because his aunt, his sister, and his father had been murdered and that he was the prime suspect -- though he swears he didn't do it. When Kara asked what happened to the real Brad Carlton, he told her that the real Brad had been killed in a hit and run accident while George and Brad were hiding -- and that George left Brad's body with his ID on it and took Brad's ID -- and had been living as Brad Carlton ever since. When Kara said that perhaps Brad wasn't a bad guy, Paul said he didn't know about that -- but that he did feel guilty for putting people's lives in danger. The situation was out of control, not only was J.T. missing, but now his friend Sharon Newman had been kidnapped. They heard a knock at the door -- when they opened it all they found was an envelope with a videotape in it. When they popped the tape into the VCR, they saw J.T. beaten and bruised in what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse. They noticed that there's a sign that says "Willway Construction" in the background. Paul questioned why the kidnappers were being sloppy enough to get a sign like that on the tape. Kara got a phone number and Paul called Willway pretending to be interested in doing business with them and wanting to see a sample of their work. They got an address for the project in the warehouse district and left.

When Paul and Kara arrive at the abandoned warehouse, they found the two chairs and the ropes that had been used to bind J.T. and Sharon -- but they were no where to be seen!

Brad called Colleen to let them know they would be landing soon and to trust a guy named Ben -- he would take them to a safe place -- but NOT to talk to anyone else. Abby wanted to talk to him too, and wondered when he was going to meet them. Colleen covered by saying that something came up, but they would meet them and have fun in Hawaii.

Back at Nick's, Brad, Victoria, and Nick were all doing research. Nick found out that the Grugeon Reliquary was worth only $300,000, and Victoria thought these guys must be desperate. She found out that the Klaas family had moved, and there was no forwarding address. When Nick tried to pump Brad for information about the people following him, Brad said the only thing he knew was that they were violent and sadistic and would have no qualms about killing again. Paul called Brad to tell him the bad news -- that they hadn't found J.T. or Sharon, although they found the place they had been held, and there were fresh tire tracks outside. Brad told Victoria and Nick, who weren't thrilled by Paul's news. Nick said he needed some air and walked outside. Brad and Victoria continued their research about the location of the Klaas family and the reliquary.

Outside, Phyllis called Nick again to find out what was going on. Nick told her that Sharon had been kidnapped, and if they didn't give in to the kidnappers' demands that she would be killed. Phyllis was shocked at the news, and asked what she could do. Nick told her to say a prayer for Sharon.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Nikki was surprised when she walked into Nick's with Noah. Nick, Victoria, and Brad were all frantically making phone calls and the tension among them was obvious. When Noah went outside, Nick told Nikki that Sharon had been kidnapped along with J.T. He wouldn't give Nikki any more details than that. Nikki did her best to keep Noah out of the way while the others made phone calls. She also made them a tray of sandwiches which she brought from the kitchen at the same time Phyllis showed up with a bag of food.

After Phyllis and Nikki left, Nick told Victoria that everything happening was Brad's fault. He'd been putting the people he claimed to love in danger. Victoria admitted that was true, including Ashley and the entire Abbott family in the past. But as angry as she was, she also understood how Brad had suffered. Victoria said that Brad's mother was a courageous woman.

By the time Paul arrived, Nick and Brad were butting heads again. Nikki distracted Noah from questions about Sharon, who they said was on a business trip, by offering to go on a little adventure with him. They'd just head for the mountains without a plan in mind. After Nikki and Noah left, Nick was ready to call the FBI. Paul said that could either help or hurt the situation; it was hard to know. Brad finally dissuaded Nick from calling in the authorities by talking about the way he and his mother and found their family beaten to death all those years ago. Brad knew better than anyone how dangerous these people could be. If they thought Brad wasn't cooperating, they would kill Sharon and J.T. Nick promised to hold off calling the authorities--at least for the moment.

While the others were arguing, Victoria was using her contacts in the art world to try to track down the reliquary the kidnappers wanted. She thought she might have found it, and the others gathered around the computer with her, trying to determine their next move.

Drucilla was happily surprised to get a birthday present from Neil, then her spirits fell when he said he couldn't take her out for a birthday dinner that night. He had a business meeting at the athletic club. Devon told Dru he'd take her out. Later, at work, Drucilla was equally disappointed to hear that Lily had to work late that night. By making phone calls, Drucilla figured out that Neil would be seeing Carmen at the meeting.

Carmen called Neil at home with some news about their meeting that night. When she ran into Dru later, Dru accused Carmen of making a play for Neil. Carmen denied it, saying she and Neil were simply business associates. Dru wondered why they were having an intimate little meeting that night. Carmen said it was a business meeting, explained who it involved, and said Neil wouldn't even be there. Dru said she wasn't surprised that Carmen didn't intend to come clean about her attraction to Neil.

Alex confronted Daniel at Newman with an envelope for Neil that contained a copy of the tape with Daniel and Kevin's confession about the incident at the rec center. Daniel insisted that Kevin was getting the money; he just needed a little more time. Alex warned Daniel that he wasn't waiting too much longer. Later, Alex was spotted by Phyllis as he got on the elevator.

Phyllis found Daniel and got his admission that Alex was back in town and had been blackmailing him and Kevin. Phyllis insisted that Daniel take away Alex's power by telling Lily the truth. She was annoyed to hear that Gloria had been helping to pay Alex off. After Daniel left to talk to Lily, Phyllis called Nick just to hear his voice. Nick said it helped him to talk to her, too, but he couldn't get Phyllis to tell him what was bothering her.

Daniel went to the Winters' house to tell Lily the truth. Unfortunately, he found the place in an uproar. Drucilla had come home early from work and found Neil, Lily, and Devon putting together a surprise party for her.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria was overseeing the installation of a new security system. Jenna was curious about what was going on, especially if she was in any kind of danger. She stood up to Gloria when Gloria told her that she had nothing to worry about. Later, Gloria and Kevin again went over the plan to lure Alex to the coffee shop, knock him out, and make him believe he'd hurt someone. Gloria eyed Jenna and told Kevin that their plan would go better with someone to help them. Kevin insisted that Gloria keep Jenna out of it. But Gloria was obviously scheming about a new twist in their plan to bring down Alex.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Michael returned from New Orleans with gifts, but without answers about his father or grandmother. Michael told Lauren that seeing the destruction was devastating, but seeing people come together to help was wonderful. He did find his grandmother's home, but all the homes in the area were deserted. Michael did find a few items, his grandmother's diary among them. Michael asked Lauren if he should open it. Lauren said that if the diary could lead Michael to finding his grandmother, it would be worth it.

Drucilla enjoyed her birthday party with Daniel, Devon, Lily and Neil. They all played some games and Lily gave Drucilla a bracelet that she made. They wanted to play a game of Monopoly, but Daniel wanted to leave right away. Drucilla wondered why Daniel seemed a little down. Neil later admitted to Drucilla that at first he wasn't looking forward to it, but later had a good time. He said that he wanted her to have a good birthday. Dru and Neil discussed the problems in their relationship. Drucilla hopes things will work out for them.

Daniel told Lily the truth: he was the one who set up the incident with Alex. Lily was horrified that Daniel had lied to her all this time. When Devon came over to tell her that she left her purse, she left with Devon in tears.

Gloria and Kevin set up the scenario for Alex. When Alex showed up, things didn't go exactly as planned. Gloria finally was able to get Alex drugged by offering him a beer. When Alex passes out, Kevin tries to change clothes with Alex. Jana comes in unexpectedly. When Gloria tries to explain the situation, Jana offers to help out.

Friday, August 4, 2006

Victor went to the farm in Kansas to talk to Hope about the changes in his life. He explained that he felt like he was on a spiritual quest. Many years before, he'd learned things on the farm with her that made him a better person. But when he went back to his world, he became obsessed with business again. Now, after Nikki's near-death experience, his priorities had shifted. He felt like he was on the verge of an epiphany and Hope had answers for him because she was the most at-peace person he'd ever known.

Hope told Victor that his spiritual search seemed to be taking him from his family, which couldn't be right. She felt that he was running away from something rather than to something. Nor did she feel that she had the answers to his questions. She sensed there was something Victor wasn't telling her. Later, when she was out of the house for a minute, Victor seemed to be having another of his hallucinations. She came back inside just as he fell to the floor and began having a seizure.

Alex woke up to find Kevin hovering over him. Kevin showed Alex the videotape that seemed to show his attempted rape of Jenna. Alex realized that Kevin had set him up and asked for his money. Kevin said there would be no more money paid out. If Alex continued to blackmail him and Daniel, Kevin would turn over the tape to the police. The woman he'd "attacked" would be more than happy to press charges against him.

Later, at the coffee house, Kevin thanked Jenna for helping Gloria and him set up Alex. Jenna thought she'd done it to protect Gloria's reputation because Alex had nude photos of Gloria. Kevin and Jenna agreed to go on a date later. When Kevin called Daniel to tell him he'd dealt with the Alex situation, Daniel answered the phone, let him know it was a bad time, and hung up.

Lily thought about the conversation she'd had with Daniel the night before. She couldn't believe that Daniel had once helped Kevin set her up. At least Kevin had confessed everything to her, but Daniel had cowardly let Kevin take all the blame. Neil wanted to know why Lily had come home to spend the night again after another disagreement with Daniel. To divert Neil from questions about her marriage, Lily told him that she'd found out Alex was back in town. She'd been scared and upset by the news. Neil insisted that Lily tell the police her attacker had been spotted. Lily didn't want to, but Neil called the police before she could stop him.

Phyllis went over to check on Daniel, who was thinking about the conversation he'd had with Lily. Lily had been devastated by the news that Daniel was part of setting up the "fake attack" at the rec center in 2004. Daniel told Phyllis that Lily hated him and their marriage was probably over. Phyllis wasn't so sure that Lily wouldn't forgive him. While they were talking, Daniel got a call from Neil. Neil told him that Alex was back in town. He wanted Daniel to persuade Lily to tell the police.

Daniel went to the Winters' apartment and told Lily to talk to the police. He told her that she should tell them everything, holding nothing back. While Lily was talking to the police, Daniel got another call from Kevin, who was standing just outside the door of the apartment. Daniel went out and told Kevin the truth. He'd confessed to Lily and now Lily was talking to the police. Kevin told Daniel that he and Gloria had taken care of Alex, who'd now left town. Daniel angrily told Kevin this was what happened when Kevin kept information from him.

At the ranch, Nick, Victoria, and Brad were still on a frantic search for the reliquary. They were unable to trace it through several owners. Meanwhile, Paul left to pick up a package that had been left by a courier at Brad's house. While he was gone, Phyllis arrived. She was confused by Brad's involvement and the delay in getting Sharon back home. Victoria explained that the kidnappers thought they had Brad's wife, not Nick's. Nick wanted Phyllis to leave. The tension between Brad and him, plus the stress of the entire situation, wasn't good for Phyllis or their baby. But before Phyllis could leave, Paul got back.

When Paul opened the package, they found a videotape. It showed Sharon unconscious in an undisclosed location. The message was that the clock was ticking, and unless the reliquary was turned over, Sharon would be killed. Brad explained that making a public search for the reliquary was buying Sharon time, but her life would be worthless to the kidnappers if they found out she wasn't Brad's wife. Nick realized that once they got what they wanted, they intended to kill Sharon anyway.

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