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Monday, September 11, 2006

Jack sends flowers to Nikki and Phyllis, and hands a bouquet of flowers to Sharon when he comes to pick her up for the N.V.P. gala. Nikki and Victor arrive at Sharon's house, and Nikki says that after all the hard work she's put in for this spa, she is glad the opening day is here. Victor becomes paranoid again, thinking that Nikki is complaining about him selling his shares to Jack. Nikki and Jack try to calm Victor down. At the N.V.P. opening, Jack and Ashley demand to know how Gloria got into the party. She said that since she's a Jabot executive now, it must have been a slight oversight that she wasn't on the invite list. Paul tells Brad that his contact still hasn't heard from Rebecca, Brad's mother. Victoria comes over and Brad worriedly tells her that his mother is missing. Victoria states that maybe she had to go underground for a while and can't contact him. Phyllis tells Gloria that she and Nick are getting married, and Gloria loudly tells Phyllis how happy she is for her. Jack overhears and is shocked. Jack introduces Victor, Nikki, and Phyllis to the crowd, and they all make a welcome speech to the crowd, introducing the services that N.V.P. has to offer. Jill, Ashley, and Gloria continue to try to nab Will Bardwell's attention. Dru gets drunk on wine and loudly proclaims that Carmen has slept with or will sleep with all of the executives at Newman Enterprises. Neil furiously leads her outside. Victor continues to be paranoid that people are talking about him, so he tells Nikki that he is going home. When he gets home, he hears voices in his house, and yells for everyone to go away. He grabs a gun and piles the furniture against the door. Nikki comes home and knocks on the door, and Victor points his gun at her.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Victoria and Brad talk as the party winds down about his mother. Ashley and Kay discuss Dru's meltdown and how it isn't what NVP needs. Jill and Will talk and Jill keeps him from going back to Ashley when Gloria walks up to join them. Gloria gets everyone left at the party to stay and they go outside. Gloria hogs Will, dancing with him and singing for him. Jill comments on Gloria trying to get Will.

Jack takes Sharon back to his house and they talk. Sharon tells him that she doesn't want them to be together to get revenge on Nick and Phyllis. Jack says they aren't and they go upstairs and make love. Sharon says she needs to go home and he drives her.

Carmen and Paul talk about Dru. She asks him if she's always been like that, and Paul says yes. Neil takes Dru outside and yells at her and tries to calm her down and finally drags her out. Neil puts Dru in a cab and comes back and apologizes to Carmen. He says he's going to tell Dru that they should see other people. Dru comes back to the club and gets a maid to let her into Carmen's room where she cuts up all her clothes. Carmen comes in and freaks out. Neil asks her not to call the cops, but when he leaves with Dru, she does it anyway. The police come and take the report and Carmen tells them she wants to press charges.

Nick and Phyllis come home and Nick tells her she looks hot. Phyllis asks if he's upset that the 'engagement' came out at the party. He says no, it had to come out sometime. They turn the light on and find Noah on the couch. Nick calls the babysitter and asks her to leave a note for Sharon and head home, Noah can stay there. Nikki calls and Nick heads to the hospital. Noah wakes up and Phyllis tells him that Nick left but he'll be back. Noah tells her that she doesn't have to be nice to him. He says that Phyllis and Nick won't be married for long because his dad still loves his mom. Nick calls and updates Phyllis on Victor's condition. Nick talks to Noah and lectures him about sneaking out. Nick asks Phyllis to take him back to Sharon's since he's being a brat. Phyllis takes him down to Sharon's house and Noah goes upstairs. Phyllis sees Jack and Sharon kissing and gets grossed out. Sharon comes in and looks stunned that Phyllis is there.

Nikki tries to get in the front door and Victor points the gun at the door and tells her to go away. Nikki comes through the back and Victor turns, pointing the gun at her. She calms him down and he tells her he's scared. She calls an ambulance, Nick, and Victoria. Nick shows up and takes the gun. They go to the hospital and meet Victoria and Brad, where the doctor tells them that Victor's most likely having a reaction to his anti-seizure medicine. They go in to see him and he lashes out. Because he's a danger to himself and others, the doctor is required to move to him the psych ward.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Things were awkward when Sharon walked inside her house to find Phyllis there. She was upset to hear that Noah had sneaked out of the house without his babysitter knowing. She said Nick should have called her, but Phyllis said Nick had too much going on at the hospital. Sharon was distressed to hear that Victor had been admitted. When Nick called Phyllis's cell phone, both women talked to him. He and Sharon agreed to discuss Noah's behavior the next day. Then he was glad to hear that Phyllis intended to come to the hospital. As Phyllis was leaving, a worried Sharon asked her to give Victor her love.

Brad thought it was awkward to see Phyllis instead of Sharon with Nick at the hospital. Victoria reminded him that Sharon couldn't have left Noah alone in the middle of the night, and Brad needed to get used to it. Phyllis was the woman in Nick's life now. Later, when Phyllis worried that it might be inappropriate for her to be with them, Victoria assured her that she was glad Phyllis could be there for Nick. He needed her. Later, Nikki also thanked Phyllis for being there and offering her support.

Victor's moods fluctuated wildly as the effects of the medication he'd been taking began to dissipate. He raged at Nikki and his children, accusing them of conspiring against him. After they left his room at his command, a policeman showed up to question Nikki. She insisted that Victor would never have normally threatened her or held a gun on her. It was his illness and his reaction to the medication that were affecting her husband, and she had no intention of pressing charges. The policeman gave the doctor the court-ordered commitment papers and left.

Brad overheard Phyllis and Nick talking. Phyllis told Nick how strange it was that she'd been waiting at Sharon's house with Sharon and Nick's son, only to see Sharon making out with Phyllis's ex, Jack, on the front porch. Nick didn't seem too thrilled by this information, and Brad was even less so. Later, Brad spoke to Phyllis alone and admitted that he'd overheard. Didn't Phyllis think a pairing between Sharon and Jack was unlikely? Phyllis wasn't so sure. She pointed out that Jack was a charming man, and Sharon was almost divorced. Brad said he hoped Jack wouldn't take advantage of Sharon's vulnerability.

When Victor was feeling better, he saw his family again. He was confused about why he was in the hospital, but he apologized for anything he might have said or done that had upset anyone. When he found out he was committed to the psych ward and couldn't just leave the hospital, Nikki asked Nick and Victoria to leave. She then admitted the truth to him about the way he'd barricaded himself into the house and threatened to shoot her. Victor broke down sobbing, appalled that he'd pointed a gun at Nikki. She comforted him, reminding him that it wasn't him, but his medication that was having such a bad effect on him.

After Neil took Dru back to Sharon's, he tried to call Carmen, unaware that she was at the police station pressing charges against Dru. When Carmen returned his call, she told him the situation. Neil was upset because he'd hoped they could handle the situation quietly without hurting Dru's reputation.

Meanwhile, Dru was telling Sharon about how miserable her night had been. As Sharon tried to get the details from her, the police arrived and arrested Dru. While Dru sat in a jail cell with several other women who mocked her expensive clothes, Neil showed up at the ranch. Sharon told him that he was too late; Dru had already been taken into custody. As the two raced to the police station, Sharon warned Neil that if he still cared about Dru, he needed to stop sending her mixed signals about Carmen. Whatever Dru had done wrong, she loved her husband. Sharon said that while it was too late for her to save her own marriage, she hoped Neil was willing to put his marriage to Dru back together.

After Neil bailed out Dru, he drove her and Sharon back to the ranch. Once they were alone, Sharon suggested to Dru that maybe she should seek counseling to help her cope with her marital problems. Dru was offended and said the only thing she needed was for Carmen to back off of her man. Sharon apologized for overstepping and told Dru that she was just really worried about her.

Neil showed up at Carmen's. Although she seemed reluctant, she let him in. Neil expressed his regret that Carmen had turned Dru's actions into a police matter. He did admit that had he been in that situation, he'd probably have done likewise. Carmen told him how attracted to him she was. Neil agreed that he also felt a powerful attraction to her, which was why things needed to change. They needed to keep their relationship strictly a professional one.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jill and Katherine discuss the benefits and ramifications of selling Jabot. Jill wonders if she would still have a job. Kevin overhears and tells Gloria. When Gloria realizes that Katherine is serious, she tries to talk to Katherine. Gloria says that Jabot has a lot of potential and it's John's legacy. Katherine says either Gloria really loves John or she's worried about her job. Gloria admits that if Katherine sells, she will have nothing. Katherine suggests coming up with a stipulation to keep Gloria at Jabot, even if Jack owns the company. Gloria says that Jack can find a loophole in concrete.

Neil calls Michael to ask him for help with Drucilla's case. Drucilla tries to call Carmen and apologize, but Carmen hangs up on Dru. Neil apologizes to Carmen too, but Carmen is disgusted with the whole thing. When Lily and Devon try to figure out what happened, Carmen leaves the room. In the courtroom, Drucilla gets off on a plea bargain. Mr. Bardwell tells Drucilla she should be very thankful to the victim.

Ashley thanks Will Bardwell for taking her to lunch. They see Gloria and Gloria happily says hello to Will. Ashley glares at her. Ashley goes to Jill with a plan. She wants to send Gloria away on an important business trip to China. Gloria knows that the plan is to get her out of town. Kevin tells his mother that her sons are looking after her. Kevin repeatedly tries to call Michael in attempts to stop Ashley from succeeding with her plan.

Michael tries to talk Katherine out of selling Jabot. He tells her that she made a legal agreement to never hire Jack for Jabot. She could be in for a serious legal lawsuit if she were to sell to Jack.

Victor wakes up in the psyche ward and is upset that he is still there. Nikki tells him that he has to calm down for a bit. He says that he is worried that he held a gun in his wife's face and thought she was a burglar. Jack comes to see Victor and tries to push the business of buying Jabot when Nikki and Sharon are out of the room. Nikki comes in and gets Jack out of there. She tells him that she doesn't trust him for trying to take advantage of her husband when he's incapacitated. The doctor informs Victor of the different medications they can put him on. The worst case scenario would be surgery. Victor likes the idea of surgery because then he wouldn't have to take the medication. Nikki is opposed to the idea.

Sharon goes to visit Victor in the hospital. Outside of the hospital room, Sharon and Jack talk about Victor. Nick watches them. When Jack leaves, Nick asks Sharon about Noah. He is happy they aren't fighting. Sharon tells Nick that she feels like an outsider now. Nick says that he never intended for that to happen, and she will always be a part of the family.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Katherine and Jill talked over the potential sale of Jabot to Jack. Katherine wasn't sure he could get the financing, but Jill told her not to underestimate Jack. He'd do anything to get Jabot back. Katherine said the question might be moot, because according to Michael, she could be sued by the Gibson family if she sold to Jack. Jill reminded her that Michael had a personal stake in that advice, because he was protecting the jobs of his mother and his brother. Later, Jill had a talk with Billy and told him the deal might be off the table because of Michael's legal advice.

Michael went to the hospital to check on Victor. He ran into Phyllis and put pressure on her to keep Victor and Nikki from buying Jabot. Phyllis said they could use Jabot as leverage to get NVP away from Jack, which would be in Phyllis's best interest. She couldn't stand the pressure of working under Jack these days. Later, after Phyllis had to see Sharon being treated like a member of the Newman family, she admitted to Nick that she was tired and a little stressed out. Nick presented her with a week-long retreat at one of the new NVP spas in Wyoming. Although he couldn't go with her because of his family's problems, he wanted her to go and get spoiled for a week.

Victoria found Brad looking at an article in the paper about the NVP opening because there was a photo of Sharon with Jack. Instead of confronting him, Victoria let him know how devastated she was by her father's health and pending surgery. From the time she'd been a little girl, she'd always wanted to run Newman with her father's guidance. He was a safety net for her, and without him, she was afraid. Brad told her that even if something did happen to Victor, she'd always have him.

Sharon spent some time with Victor before his surgery, but she felt awkward about being in his room with the other Newmans when Phyllis came in. When she left the room, she ran into Victoria and Brad coming in. Victoria thanked her for being there, but said the best thing she could do was help Jack run things at NVP. Sharon understood Victoria's underlying message, which was that she didn't want her near Brad. When Jack came in, Sharon told him she felt like an outsider. Brad watched from a distance as Jack reassured Sharon that Victor cared for her very deeply. After ten years as a Newman, Sharon should never feel like an outsider.

Victoria saw Brad watching Sharon and Jack talk and challenged him about it. She said he'd had the same expression that he wore when he saw them at the NVP party. Brad said it wasn't what she thought. He was simply hoping that Jack wouldn't take advantage of Sharon. Victoria told him that Sharon could take care of herself.

Jack persuaded Sharon to take Nikki for a walk outside for some fresh air. While they were gone and Victor was alone, Jack spent some time with him. He promised Victor that if anything went wrong with the surgery or his recovery, he'd take care of Jabot, NVP, and Victor's family. Victor willingly signed the papers that would give Jack financing to buy back Jabot.

When Jack got to Jabot, he went to Katherine and said he was ready to make their deal. But Katherine told him that she'd changed her mind. Jabot was no longer for sale. Jack wanted to know what had soured the deal, but Katherine gave him no details. Afterward, when Katherine talked to Jill, Jill was sure that Jack wouldn't give up. Meanwhile, Jack ran into Billy, who told him that he probably knew what went wrong. On the advice of her attorney, Katherine had decided against selling to Jack because of the Gibson settlement.

Jack went to Newman and confronted Michael, telling him that he had no business getting involved in the Jabot sale. Michael said that he'd had an obligation to his client to remind her that she'd made a legal contract with Andrew Gibson that Jack would never again be part of Jabot. Jack knew that Michael was only trying to protect Gloria's interest in the company. Nothing Jack said made Michael back down; he was obviously willing to go head-to-head with Jack on his mother's behalf.

The doctor came into Victor's room to discuss all the risks of surgery and the possible short- and long-term effects. Victor still wanted to go through with it. While his family gathered around him, Brad stepped out for a minute. He approached Sharon, who was surprised to see him. When Brad warned her not to trust Jack, Sharon told him to go and be with his wife, then walked away from him. Later, Brad stood next to Victoria, Nikki, Phyllis, and Nick as Victor was taken away for surgery.

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