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The Winters family was stunned to learn that Devon might lose his hearing and need to communicate with sign language and a teletype device. As he was about to celebrate Yom Kippur, the Jewish New Yeark, Brad asked Victoria to forgive him for his past. Billy believed that Jack was somehow connected to Raaz Cosmetics, which was planning to purchase Jabot. Michael told Katherine that they had found a connection between Jack and Raaz Cosmetics. Thinking that they had pulled one over on Jack, Kevin and Gloria were happy to learn that Katherine turned down the offer from Raaz Cosmetics. Ashley was forced to concede that Gloria's idea for the use of Jabot products with her bracelet was a good one. Colleen and Professor Korbel had a slight run in when Colleen told him to fire her because she couldn't attend a conference call. Dru told Sharon that she was going home to be with her son during his difficult time. Katherine ended up selling Jabot to the House of Kim. Offering Ashley a glass of champagne, Jack proudly announced that he was the new CEO of the House of Kim. Michael learned that his grandmother was a casualty of Hurricane Katrina. Jack was visited by the ghost of his father, who told his son that he would have to do plenty to redeem himself in his father's eyes. Paul told Lauren, that it was he, not Sheila, who sent the baby gift to her without an enclosed card.
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Monday, October 2, 2006

Keeping vigil over Devon at the hospital, Lily told Daniel that she wished she had taken Devon with her when she'd been vaccinated against meningitis. During a preliminary hearing test, Devon reacted angrily when he realized that he couldn't hear. Devon's family was saddened to learn that Devon might have permanent hearing loss. The doctor told Dru and Neil that more testing was needed. While Dru, Neil, Lily, and Daniel waited for Devon's test results, Dru became upset.

Lily comforted Neil while Daniel comforted Dru. When Dru realized that Devon was panicked over not being able to hear, she promised Devon that the doctors could fix him. However, when an audiologist tested Devon's hearing, the results indicated that Devon's hearing capacity was greatly affected by nerve damage. The doctor explained that Devon would have to use non-auditory communication, such as lip-reading or sign language.

Devon argued that his condition was only temporary, and Dru continued to give false hope. However, when Devon tried again and again to hear Dru and Neil talking, he became frustrated that he could not. When Devon asked to speak to only Lily, she wrote a message offering her help. Devon, in frustration, told her to leave, but Lily comforted Devon when he told her that he was scared. Devon made Lily promise to not lie about everything being all right.

At home for Yom Kippur, Brad apologized to Victoria as atonement and told her that he wished to wipe the slate clean and start anew. Victoria told Brad that his deceptions weren't just little secrets, and while she understood why he had lied, it was not so easy for her to move on. When Brad told her that she had every right to walk out the door, Victoria agreed. Brad again apologized, and Victoria told him that she wasn't ready to walk away from her marriage. When Brad wondered aloud whether Victoria was leaving her options open, she confessed that she felt like an outsider. Victoria told Brad that she would no longer live in a world of secrets.

Later, Rebecca also apologized to Victoria and told her that she shouldn't blame George, the name she used for Brad. Victoria told Rebecca that she wanted a close relationship so she could share everything with Brad. Victoria said she realized that Brad's past life experience was based on secrecy, but perhaps it had become too easy for Brad to cut himself off from his feelings. Rebecca tried to convince Victoria that she was everything Brad had ever wanted for a wife.

Even though he'd taken the day off work, Brad showed up at Newman Enterprises and told Victor that although Victor had to have been surprised to learn that Brad's mother was alive, Brad did not want his deceptions to affect his and Victor's relationship. Brad apologized for deceiving him, and Victor accepted. Brad also told a concerned Victor that he and Victoria were working out their problems. Later, in the break room, Brad told Sharon that Victoria didn't want to start a family at that time. When Brad told Sharon that he had caused pain to many people, including her, she said that she didn't blame him for the kidnapping.

Sharon soothed Brad's hurt feelings after he told her about Victoria's earlier comments. Brad told Sharon that she was a remarkable woman and that that Nick was a fool to let her slip away. Victoria unexpectedly interrupted their conversation and sternly pointed out to Brad he had told her that he wasn't going to work because of Yom Kippur. Sharon made a quick exit.

Brad explained to Victoria that he had gone to Newman to speak to Victor. When Brad invited Victoria to attend an evening service at the temple with him and his mom, Victoria said she was too busy with work. Later, in Victor's office, Victor told Victoria that he had accepted Brad's apology. Victor also advised Victoria to use her intelligence to evaluate her personal life without being obstinate and cautioned her to not act too quickly when solving her problems.

In Jack's office, Billy confronted Jack and told him that he had figured out that Jack was behind Raaz Cosmetics. Billy pressed Jack for a confession and told Jack that he would need Billy's assistance because Michael and Kevin were suspicious about Jack's involvement. Jack, realizing that he needed an ally, confessed to Billy that he was indeed behind Raaz. Jack told Billy that there was no way that Raaz could be traced back to him, and Billy told Jack about the offer from the House of Kim. Jack asked Billy to keep him updated about Jabot. Billy agreed, excited about the prospect of regaining family control of Jabot.

Billy said that after the deal was done, he wanted to be the one to fire Kevin. When Billy left Jack's office, a vision of John appeared and admonished Jack for dragging his little brother into Jack's schemes. Jack told John that Billy had chosen the right side and that he didn't care at all about what happened to Gloria. John also reprimanded Jack because he had tricked John into rewriting the will that had taken away Gloria's inheritance. John asked Jack when it would end. Jack answered that he wanted Gloria out of his life forever. Jack also told John that he refused to feel guilty about what he'd done, and then Jack walked out of his office.

Meanwhile, at Kevin's office, Gloria questioned him about the sale of Jabot. Kevin reluctantly told Gloria that Jack was behind the deal to buy Jabot. Gloria gloated that the deal for Jabot would never go through and that she was very grateful to Kevin and Michael for their help. When Michael told Gloria that Jack would not end his attempts to buy Jabot, Gloria said that she, Michael, and Kevin could work together against Jack. Michael, however, scolded his mother and told her that he would not break the law again to save Jabot from Jack because he has a wife, a child on the way, and a career that he would not jeopardize. Michael also warned Gloria to keep her mouth shut about spying on Jack.

At Chancellor Industries, Michael told Kay that Jack was involved with Raaz Cosmetics, and Kay asked for proof. Michael showed Kay the illegally obtained emails verifying the link between Jack and Raaz Cosmetics. When Kay asked Michael how he had obtained the information, Michael explained that she did not want to know but that she and Chancellor Industries were not involved. Kay told Michael that she had never seen the file, but she canceled her meeting with Mr. Nair.

After Michael left, Billy returned to his grandmother's office and asked Kay about the problems with the Jabot deal with Raaz. Kay told him that the company's management history wasn't acceptable. Billy told Kay that although Jack knew that the deal with Razz hadn't gone through, Jack knew nothing about the House of Kim's offer. Billy eagerly volunteered to drive Kay to the Athletic Club to meet with the House of Kim representative.

At the club, Kay met with the representative, and he told Kay that his company was aware of Raaz Cosmetics' offer, but his company mainly wished to buy Jabot out from underneath Raaz because they were major rivals. After seeing the House of Kim's offer, Kay seemed interested. Later, back at Chancellor Industries, Kay told Michael about House of Kim's offer, and Michael told her that the company seemed solid. Kay told Michael to keep the deal a secret. When Michael asked about Billy, Kay said that she trusted her grandson.

Later, Jack ran into Sharon in the break room. She confided to Jack that her day wasn't going well and that the timing of her life seemed out of whack. When Jack invited her to dinner to talk about it, she declined. John's vision appeared briefly and chided Jack, telling him that it was tough to lose. Jack told him to go away because he was ready to call an exorcist, but by time Jack turned around to face his dad, the vision of John had vanished.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Kay told Michael that House of Kim was interested in buying Jabot. She wanted to consider it but was suspicious that Jack might be involved with that company, also. She asked Michael to find out for sure if Jack was connected to House of Kim. Michael told Gloria again how important it was to keep quiet about what they'd done, and when she gloated about Jack, Michael didn't tell her about House of Kim.

Michael talked to Kay about Gloria's position at Jabot if she sold. Kay assured him that she would do her best to keep Kevin and Gloria on, and at the very least, she'd move them to another Chancellor division. Michael told Kevin to dig as deep as he could into House of Kim to make absolutely sure that it didn't have ties to Jack. After thorough investigation, he told Kay that House of Kim was clean, and she decided to sell.

Billy got upset that Kay wasn't selling to Raaz, and Jack said everything was fine; Jabot would be back in Abbott hands. Jack said he always had a plan, and since Billy had proven himself, Jack would let him in on it. Kay entered, and Jack offered to buy Jabot again at a higher price, but Kay said not then, not ever. Ashley and Gloria entered, and Kay told them the news about not selling to Raaz.

Kay and Jack talked about the Jabot tie-in, and Kay told Jack she would always do what was best for Jabot. Kevin gloated to Billy about Kay not selling Jabot, but Billy said it was not over yet. Gloria pitched a new idea for more perfume to Ashley, who reluctantly admitted it was a good idea. They decided to work together on it. Jack listened to Ashley complain about Gloria, and Jack told her to be patient. She thought he was up to something, but Jack wouldn't tell her.

At the hospital, the doctor went over some information for Devon. Dru asked about a cochlear implant, and the doctor said that could be an option when the time was right. The doctor taught Devon how to use the Teletype, and Devon was frustrated. Dru didn't want Devon holding onto false hope and asked Dr. Campbell point-blank if Devon's condition was permanent. He said usually, yes. Dr. Campbell discharged Devon, and Dru and Lily took him home.

At home, Neil and Daniel set up equipment in the house for Devon, and Neil wanted it done by the time Devon got home. They had trouble with the equipment, and Daniel called Kevin. Neil was upset at first, but Kevin fixed it and said that was the important thing. Lily, Dru, and Devon arrived at home, and Daniel showed Devon how to use the new computer system.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Only Michael was present when Katherine completed the sale of Jabot Cosmetics to the House of Kim. After Mr. Kim and his representative left, Katherine said there were some people she needed to inform of the sale in person. Michael, too, had some visits to make. Before they could leave, Gloria burst into the room.

After talking to Kevin, she'd become more convinced that something was going on. She demanded to know if Katherine planned to sell Jabot, and Katherine said she already had. She didn't expect there to be too many changes at first, however, and House of Kim planned to keep upper management for at least a year. When Gloria expressed relief about her job, Michael pointed out that she wasn't upper management. Crushed, Gloria said it was like losing the very last of John, and she left the office.

Katherine first went to Jill, who was saddened by the sale. Although she didn't blame her mother, she, too, felt it was the end of an era that had begun with John. Katherine assured Jill that her job was safe for the moment, if she still wanted it. Otherwise, she was always welcome at another Chancellor company.

Katherine then went to the lab to see Ashley. Ashley was also hurt by the news, but she said she understood Katherine's motives. She just had to believe that her father was looking down on them and smiling. No matter who owned Jabot, as long as Ashley had a job there, she intended to be as nurturing and supportive of the company as she'd ever been.

Sharon was at Newman when Dru went to see her. Dru was moving back into Neil's apartment. She and Neil weren't back together, but she wanted to be at home to help Devon. Although the two women knew they'd miss each other's support, Sharon understood that Devon needed his mother right then. She wished all the Winters family the best. While they were talking, Jack entered. He, too, expressed his concern for Devon and offered any help he could provide. After Dru left, Jack told Sharon that he still had hope where Jabot was concerned, because Katherine had decided not to sell to Raaz Cosmetics.

Michael arrived at Newman and asked to speak to Jack alone. He then told Jack that Katherine and he had known from the start that Jack had been behind the Raaz Cosmetics deal, which was why Katherine hadn't sold to them. But she'd just sold to House of Kim. Referring to the way Jack had held John's funeral without Gloria present, Michael said Jack would know what it was like to be excluded from a final goodbye to something he loved.

Sharon tried to console Jack when he told her the news about the Jabot sale. Jack said there was nothing that could help. He finally felt like a complete failure for not having gotten his father's company back. Billy arrived because he'd just heard about the sale, too. He wondered if there was anything they could do, and Jack said he wasn't down yet.

Michael went back to Kevin's office and found a gloomy Gloria there. She said she and Kevin might as well start packing up, because there was nothing to protect their jobs. Michael said there was a bright side. He'd been able to give Jack the news himself and see how devastated he was. Gloria said that, at least, made everything better. She and her sons still had each other, and Jack was left without the one thing he'd most wanted in the world.

Jack was at home when Ashley walked in. She, too, tried to offer her brother comfort. She said that their father wouldn't have been disappointed in him. Jack had to understand it was just business. But later, after Ashley returned after going upstairs, Jack was opening a bottle of Champagne. When Ashley asked what they were celebrating, Jack smiled and said they were toasting the acquisition of Jabot by the House of Kim and Jabot's future CEO -- Ashley was looking at him.

While the Winterses were having someone install sensors so that Devon would know when they had a visitor or a phone call, Dru confessed to Neil that she was having a hard time knowing how to support their son. If he wasn't going to get his hearing back, maybe they needed to tell him the truth. Neil told her that at that moment, the important thing was to get Devon used to his life as it was. He would need the support of all his family for that.

Lily told Daniel that she wanted to go to all of Devon's classes with him so she could take notes for him. Daniel had an idea and told Lily he'd be back later. He went to Crimson Lights, where Billy was questioning why Colleen was suddenly so interested in art history. Colleen said that she'd seen a woman speak who'd had a great passion for it, and she'd inspired Colleen. When Daniel arrived, both Colleen and Billy agreed to attend Devon's classes around their schedules. They would take notes for him. That way, the full burden wouldn't fall on Lily.

After the boys left, Colleen was getting ready to leave when Dr. Korbel showed up. He needed Colleen, his new research assistant, to sit in on a conference call and take notes. However, Colleen had already committed to going to Devon's class, so she couldn't. When Dr. Korbel told her it wasn't a choice but an order, she said he could fire her if he wanted to. Her friend Devon Hamilton had just lost his hearing, and she was going to help him by attending to his class to take notes for him. She then angrily walked outside to the patio.

Later, Dr. Korbel approached Colleen. The university was obligated to provide Devon with someone who could take notes for him. Dr. Korbel had told them of Devon's needs, so someone would be attending his next class, and Colleen didn't have to. Colleen bought her professor some coffee and said she really hoped they could start over. She was very grateful for what he'd done for Devon, or at least for passing the information on to her. Dr. Korbel was nice to her for the first time and said that next time, he'd buy the coffee.

Daniel went home and told the Winterses the good news. Devon didn't want anyone to miss their own classes for him, but Lily explained that no one would have to change their schedules. Unfortunately, Daniel had found out there was only one hitch. Devon couldn't take his music theory class because he needed to hear.

Devon felt overwhelmed by everything and went to his room. Dru wanted to go with him, but Neil told her to let him have some time alone. Later, Devon returned. He thanked his family for all the changes they were making in the apartment to accommodate his hearing loss. He shared that he had done something, too. He'd switched his music class for a class to teach him sign language. Dru and Neil were proud of Devon's resiliency.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Lauren was thrilled to return home after seeing Scott. She said that she thought Scott was very happy knowing he was about to have a brother or sister. Lauren wanted to be alone, but Gloria and Kevin interrupted them. Gloria was upset over the loss of Jabot, and Michael insisted that Kevin take Gloria out to dinner.

When Michael and Lauren were alone, they talked about the tragic fate of his grandmother. Michael was sad for having hope that he would be able to see her and to ask her questions. Lauren told Michael that he'd discovered things he would have never known about her. Michael said he could imagine her face, her voice. He wondered if he would continue in his search for his father. A man approached the door with a package. It was a baby photo album. When Lauren couldn't find the card, she became afraid.

Nick told Victor he was going to surprise Phyllis when she got home. When Nick left, Phyllis showed up, hoping to surprise Nick at work. Sharon sarcastically smirked. When Victor offered to take Sharon out to dinner, Sharon was delighted. When Phyllis and Nick met up in the elevator, Sharon looked away and began talking to Victor.

Phyllis and Nick couldn't keep their hands off each other, but they kept getting interrupted. Nick went to see Noah, and Noah was happy when Phyllis gave him a cowboy hat from her trip. Nick asked Phyllis to be alone with Noah. Secretly, the two made plans for Nick's birthday. Victor interrupted Nick and Phyllis again to welcome her back. When Nick and Phyllis thought they were alone for once, they were again interrupted by the night cleaners. They decided to take things home.

Ashley tried to wrap her brain around Jack purchasing Jabot. She didn't know whether to slap him or hug him. Jack explained how he'd used Raaz Cosmetics as a smoke screen to keep Michael and Kevin from discovering his involvement in House of Kim. He explained the importance of not letting anyone in on their little secret. They decided to go to Gina's to celebrate.

When Jack and Ashley arrived at Gina's, they realized that maybe they should have gone somewhere else to celebrate. Sharon and Victor were having dinner, and so were Gloria and Kevin. They decided to fake their disappointment concerning Jabot.

Jill wondered why Katherine was quiet. She wondered if Katherine was having second thoughts about selling Jabot. Katherine told Jill that she still believed selling Jabot had been the right thing to do. They saw the man from House of Kim at Gina's. Katherine introduced him to Jack and apologized to him about Jabot. The man from House of Kim was very pleased to meet Jack. He told Jack that he wanted the company to get back on its feet and be as successful as Jabot had once been. When they left, Ashley asked Jack if they were really the only ones that knew about Jack's purchase. Jack said that the man from House of Kim was very discreet.

Sharon worried about Jack during dinner, and Victor suggested that she go to him. Jack delivered a package from Victor, offering his condolences for having Jabot sold to another bidder. It was a newspaper article featuring Jack's father. In the aricle, John said that his family was what was really important to him. Jack found it interesting that a man who had once hated him would be the first one to offer sympathy to him. Sharon comforted Jack, and soon they were back at his place, ready to make love.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Jack awoke in Sharon's bed, and when he got up, he began to imagine his father there. John told Jack that he was taking advantage of Sharon's vulnerability. Jack's conscience about all the things he'd been doing was obviously getting to him, because he was beginning to see his father everywhere. Although Sharon woke up in a flirtatious mood, Jack was so disturbed by the "ghost" of his father that he got out of the house as quickly as he could.

Jack and Ashley talked at home about the new Jabot ownership. Ashley said she wasn't finding it as easy as Jack to conceal the fact that he'd bought the company. But Jack insisted that they had to be careful. Everything could go wrong if people found out that Jabot was back in the family's hands.

While Jack's imagined image of his father looked on disapprovingly, Ashley reluctantly agreed to continue the farce. She regretted that she hadn't dreamed about her father again since he'd died, and she no longer felt very close to him. She wondered what he would think of Jack's machinations. Jack said John would be happy that the Abbotts owned Jabot again. While he stared with irritation at John's "ghost," Jack said that sometimes he felt like his father was still with him, more than Ashley could know.

Nick tried to persuade Phyllis to cancel all her appointments for the day, but she said she had to have breakfast with Michael. After she left, Nick continued to make arrangements for the surprise engagement party he was giving her. When Sharon arrived looking for Phyllis, Nick said he'd let Phyllis know that Sharon needed to talk to her. He then told his ex-wife about the party he was planning because he didn't want her to hear about it from someone else. Sharon covered up her hurt, but Nick could tell his news bothered her.

Lauren hid her anxiety about the present she'd received while Michael had been getting ready to leave the house. She called Paul and told him that she needed to talk to him. Later, at the boutique, she helped Sharon pick out a birthday gift for Nick. Sharon said that she was doing it for Noah, because he'd be angry if she ignored Nick's birthday. However, she also wanted to pick out something special and personal for Jack. She knew he was upset about losing Jabot.

Lauren played it cool, since her husband had been instrumental in opposing Jack, and Sharon wondered if Lauren was judging her. Lauren said she wasn't. Sharon admitted that she had inner critics who were, and she knew she and Jack were raising eyebrows in Genoa City. Lauren made light of it. Later, after Sharon left, Lauren saw a woman with long brown hair and convinced herself it was Sheila. She was ready to go on the attack, but then the woman turned around and was a stranger. When Paul called, Lauren told him that she was afraid Sheila was back. Paul told her to meet him at her apartment.

Michael had breakfast with Phyllis, and he told her about the identification of his grandmother's body. She'd lost her life during Hurricane Katrina. Michael regretted that he would never be able to talk to her and find out about his family. As he talked about his loss, Phyllis was sympathetic. When Ashley walked in, Phyllis suggested to Michael that she wanted to do the right thing, so she approached Ashley. She said she was sorry to hear that Jabot had been sold outside the family. But when she heard from Michael that Jack had threatened to break off the NVP-Jabot alliance, Phyllis went ballistic. First, she yelled at Ashley, then she tore out of the club to go and confront Jack.

Paul met with Lauren, who was in a panic about the possible return of Sheila. She showed Paul the gift they'd received that hadn't had a card attached. Paul smiled reassuringly and told her everything was okay. The gift wasn't from Sheila; it was from him. He'd told the salesperson to put in his card, but it had obviously been left out. Lauren was relieved.

Michael walked in and wanted to know what was going on. When he found out about Lauren's suspicions, he scolded her for not confiding in him. He was supposed to be taking care of her, and it upset him that Lauren would turn to Paul rather than to him. Paul and Michael bantered for a few minutes then Paul left so Michael and Lauren could be alone.

When Jack and Nick ran into each other at Newman, Nick offered his sympathy about the sale of Jabot. Jack, still having trouble dealing with Nick and also constantly confronted with John's ghost, told Nick that Sharon was helping him cope. Later, Nick and Victor talked. Nick said that while he knew he had no right to resent Sharon and Jack's relationship, it did bother him, especially when Jack constantly threw it in his face. Victor wondered if there was a side of Jack he wasn't seeing. Victor was proud of his son, however, for feeling compassion about the effect his and Phyllis' new life had on Sharon.

Victor went to talk to Jack and was a little surprised about how well Jack was handling the Jabot sale. With John's "ghost" in the background, Jack could barely keep up with their conversation. Victor had Zapato with him, and the dog also seemed able to see John's ghost. Jack thanked Victor for sending over the newspaper article that quoted John as saying he was prouder of his children than of his company. Victor suggested that while Jack was adjusting to the loss of his father, Phyllis, and his company, maybe he shouldn't be seeing Sharon. When Jack noted that Victor had rarely given him such personal advice, John muttered in the background that someone needed to.

Sharon went to see Jack so she could give him the gift she'd bought at the boutique. While his father's "ghost" kept up a constant stream of criticism of Jack's behavior, Jack opened the gift and thanked Sharon for the cufflinks. He then gave her a romantic kiss in defiance of his father's warnings. Later, "John" kept up the chatter as Phyllis walked in and raged at Jack about the NVP-Jabot alliance. She hadn't wanted to sell Jabot products in the first place, but she'd gotten on board with it. She was upset that Jack wanted to end the tie-in.

Jack told Phyllis to calm down. He wasn't going to make any changes and planned to see how things went with the House of Kim as the owner of Jabot. While John mocked him in the background, since Jack was the true new owner of Jabot, Jack managed to calm Phyllis down.

Gloria sent an email to Mr. Kim in an effort to introduce herself to him and establish herself as a valuable member of Jabot. Later, she told Ashley what she'd done. Ashley said she'd actually spoken to Mr. Kim herself that morning, and Gloria's name had come up. When Gloria wondered what Ashley had said about her, Ashley said she'd made the appropriate recommendation. She then walked out smiling while Gloria tried to figure out what that meant.

When Sharon and Phyllis finally ran into each other, Sharon kept trying to tell Phyllis about some business needs of the new spas while Phyllis babbled. Sharon got annoyed and told Phyllis to send up a signal of some kind when she was ready to shut up. Finally, Sharon was able to tell Phyllis about some things she'd need to take care of because the new locations were busier than they'd predicted. Their conversation took a turn for the worse, and Sharon, feeling defensive, told Phyllis that maybe she could fit in working between all the appointments she seemed to have outside of the office or things like her engagement party. Phyllis accused Sharon of being catty for spoiling Nick's surprise. Sharon told Phyllis that she wasn't the center of everyone's universe, just her own.

While Jack continued his inner battle with John, who was disguised as the Ghost of Christmas Past, he got a call from Mr. Kim, who told him about Gloria's email. With his father looking on, Jack gave his instructions about what he wanted done. Meanwhile, Gloria fretted at Jabot about what was going to become of her. Mr. Kim then called her and put her mind at ease by telling her that he was looking forward to working with her. Gloria couldn't resist going to Newman to tell Jack that she wasn't going to lose her job. After she taunted him and walked out, Jack turned to John's "ghost" and commented about how hard it was not to fire Gloria or lash out at her. John said that was only the first of many things Jack needed to do to make things right.

Meanwhile, Victor sat in his office talking to his dog. He said that he'd been spending so much time focusing on his physical health that he'd let some other things slide. Maybe it was time for him to scrutinize Jack and the business decisions that Jack had been making a little more closely.

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