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Nick and Phyllis got married in New Mexico. Michael and Lauren found out that before Sheila had died, she'd had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis. Victor admitted to Nikki that he had trusted Jack too much. Professor Korbel continually interrupted Colleen and J.T., claiming to need Colleen's help with work. Billy and Kevin fought over Jana. Drucilla worried that she might go to jail. Michael found out that Carmen had had affairs with married men. When Carmen discovered Jack's secret about owning Jabot, Jack schemed to get her out of town. Brad worried that Carmen's case would reveal the secret about his identity. Aaron Neville appeared for the opening of Neil's new club, Indigo. Neil found Carmen lying dead by a Dumpster near his club.
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Nick and Phyllis were married in an unconventional ceremony in New Mexico
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Phyllis and Nick, flying aboard the Newman jet to Los Alamos for their wedding, speculated about how their friends and family will react to the news of their secret wedding because Michael and Lauren are the only people who know about the couple's elopement. However, Nick and Phyllis learned that their flight will be diverted to Utah in order to avoid an electrical storm.

Brad, always vigilant for his family's safety, retrieved his gun from a desk drawer when he sensed someone was in his home. It turned out to be Victoria, so Brad quickly slid the gun back into the drawer. Later, Victoria urged Brad to tell the police about Volkmann, but Brad wasn't open to the idea. Abby later came down the stairs to give her school picture to her dad and step-mom, and Brad seemed lost in thought as he gazed at Abby's photo. Later, Rebecca commented that Abby's smile reminded her of Brad's sister Stephanie's smile. Brad showed Victoria a photo of Stephanie and told Victoria that his mom and Stephanie were supposed to go perform tzeda.k.a, which is an act of charity, on the day that his family was murdered. Since Stephanie had homework that fateful day, Brad had volunteered to go with his mom, instead. While the two were away, Brad's father, sister and aunt were murdered. Brad said it was much too hard to talk about the past, but Victoria urged him to share his feelings because it allowed her to feel connected to him. Victoria later printed out the photo of Stephanie and added it to the collection of family photos arranged on a table. The couple expressed their love for one another. Brad also told Victoria that he had chosen to keep the name "Brad Carlton" to honor his good friend. Brad and Victoria later shared memories of Stephanie, and Victoria told Brad that she's ready to start a family.

During the time Jack and Carmen had each other's cell phones, which were switched accidentally, Jack realized that Carmen may have read a text message from Ji Min (Mr. Kim) requesting Jack's approval for Jabot expenditures. Jack told Ashley about the cell-phone debacle and that he would have to find a way to get Carmen out of Genoa City for good. Jack believed that Carmen would figure out that Mr. Kim is Jack's puppet, so it was too dangerous to allow Carmen to stay. Carmen later told Jack that she saw Kim's message and that he should be careful about his dealings with Kim, so that Jack doesn't set himself up for major trouble. However, Carmen added that she wouldn't mind if Jack sent more work her way. Jack called Ji Min and told him that they needed to move fast regarding Carmen. It was obvious when Jack later met with Carmen that Ji Min and Jack had discussed the plan to have Carmen move to Hong Kong to be the corporate liaison for Jabot/N.V.P. Carmen said she was surprised that Jack was interested in furthering her career when he suggested that taking Mr. Kim's offer was the chance of a lifetime. Later, near the elevator, Jack encountered a hard-edged businessman named Will Kurby negotiating a merger over the phone. Jack obviously identified with the assertive businessman, so he gave Kurby his business card and told young man to call him for tips.

Mr. Kim angered Ashley after he summoned her to his office and told her that he planned to offer suggestions for improving efficiency and quality at Jabot. Ashley said she felt that the costly changes in the lab were unnecessary, but Kim reminded her about the problems with Glo-Again. When Ashley discovered that Kim had already instituted changes in Jabot's lab, she returned to Kim's office and told him that she was well aware that her brother is actually the owner of Jabot.

J.T. and Colleen had planned a long afternoon and evening together, and J.T. even intercepted a phone call from Professor Korbel in order to keep Colleen' s company all to himself. Just after the couple made love, however, Paul called J.T away to the hospital to help ensure Fen's safety. Just as J.T. was leaving, Professor Korbel showed up at J.T.'s apartment because he was unable to contact Colleen on the phone. While Professor Korbel and Colleen worked to recompile the lost list of art pieces for a slide presentation, Korbel and Colleen talked about Victoria's collection and the fact that some rich and powerful people acquire rare pieces of art from the black market. Colleen explained that Victoria would never do such a thing. This topic led Colleen to explain how Rebecca has dedicated her life to return to their rightful owners rare works of art stolen by the Nazis.

Michael and Lauren were stunned to learn from Paul that Sheila has had extensive plastic surgery and that she killed the plastic surgeon who performed the operation. While Lauren was outside the nursery, Paul and Michael talked about the threat Sheila posed because Paul said it was likely that Sheila had assumed the likeness of someone Lauren trusts. Lauren was approached by Gina, whose appearance was somewhat disheveled. She was also hoarse but attributed her voice changes to allergies. Lauren panicked, especially since Gina said she'd earlier obtained permission from Michael to visit. Lauren hadn't been told, however, that Gina had called, so Lauren suspected that Gina may actually be Sheila. Finally, Michael assured Lauren that it was indeed Gina who'd come, bringing with her a stuffed toy as a gift, to visit Fen. Paul later received word that Lauren had been hit and killed by a car, and DNA found at the surgeon's clinic matched that of the dead body. Paul showed Michael a photo of Sheila after the surgery. The photo looked remarkably like Phyllis with dark hair.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Phyllis and Nick joked around on the plane and talked about getting married. They walked into Pepe's Roadhouse, but it was deserted. The bartender walked out and told them that there was a fire at a barn and that's where everyone was. Nick took the bartender's truck and went to help put it out. Phyllis talked to the bartender about Nick and why he was "the one." Nick returned with the people who put out the fire, including Rocky, who tolds Phyllis that she had "a keeper." Phyllis told Nick that if he wanted to postpone the wedding, she would be okay with it. He says no way. The bartender gets their license and the ceremony begins. They exchange personal vows that highlight their relationship up to this point. After Nick and Phyllis exchange matching wedding bands, the J.P. pronounces them husband and wife, and a smiling Nick kisses his bride. Phyllis throws her bouquet and Nick suggests they go start their honeymoon early in the honeymoon suite next door, but Rocky tells them the suite is flooded. Phyllis and Nick talk about how much bad luck they've had, but how bad luck on your wedding day is supposed to bring happiness. They go back to the jet, and the pilot has decorated the cabin for them. Phyllis has three missed calls from Michael, so she calls him back. He says that everything's fine, and doesn't tell her about Sheila, but she knows something's up. He says they'll talk when she gets home. Phyllis changes into her wedding night lingerie; Nick tells her she's beautiful and calls her Mrs. Newman.

Daniel finds Lily in the coffeehouse, and when he can't get her attention, she tells him that she's going through the whole day with earplugs to see what its like for Devon. Devon comes in and tells her not to and talks about difficulties with his hearing loss. He talks about quitting his job to focus on school. After going home, Daniel and Lily go to Newman and Lily decides to confront Carmen, but he talks her out of it. When Daniel shows up at the coffeehouse and Devon doesn't know where Lily is, he realizes where she is and rushes to Newman just in time to pull her away from Carmen. He tells her she just hurt her mom's case, not helped it.

Michael and Will discuss the plea bargain for Dru. Will offers two years, and Michael counters with a year of probation and anger management classes with community service. Will says that any deal he makes will include prison time. Will goes to see Carmen and tells her that there's no deal and they're going to trial, but that the trial date has been moved up. He thinks their chances are good. Carmen says that Neil should be the star witness because he's been the main witness to most of the attacks.

Neil gives Dru some work to do on his club opening so she has something to take her mind off of things. He tells her Michael is negotiating the plea bargain. Michael shows up and he tells them about Will turning down the plea bargain. He says he needs to speak to Dru alone because everyone else can be called to testify and anything they hear or say could be incriminating. Michael says that Neil will probably be called to testify against Dru, and Neil says Carmen's crazy if she thinks he's going to testify against his own wife. Michael thinks that calling spousal privilege will make Dru look guilty. Michael suggests taking the plea bargain, and Dru says there's no way she's going to jail.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Phyllis and Nick returned home from their wedding trip to New Mexico. When Noah wanted to know what their news was, they admitted that they'd gotten married. They explained that the marriage was only legal in New Mexico, and they'd have another wedding in Genoa City, but they loved each other so much they wanted to get married right away. Noah said he knew they loved each other; he was just worried that this news might make his mother sad.

Michael came to the Winters' apartment to talk to Dru as Neil was leaving. She gave Michael her decision. She didn't intend to plea bargain Carmen's case against her, nor did she want a bench trial. She was willing to plead her case in front of a jury. Michael told her that she needed to stop discussing anything about Carmen or the case with Neil and her kids, with anyone in fact, so that the DA couldn't call those people to the stand and twist Dru's words against her. Michael had also asked Paul Williams to thoroughly investigate Carmen's past in case there was something that could be used against her in court.

Nick told Sharon that he and Phyllis had gotten married. He hoped Sharon would be happy for him. Sharon said that she was surprised he hadn't waited the six months or that he couldn't have told her before the fact. Nick said they wanted to be married before their baby was born. And since Sharon had let the information about his surprise party for Phyllis slip out, he thought it was best to do it without letting anyone know. Sharon pretended that the news didn't bother her, awkwardly embraced Nick, and wished him the best.

Nick then told his parents about his marriage. At first Nikki didn't seem entirely happy about the fact, but Victor gave Nick a deed to some land in Arizona. He said it would offer Nick and Phyllis a magic place to unwind and relax whenever they needed it. Later, Nikki went to Phyllis. She said it was overdue and welcomed her into the Newman family, reminding Phyllis that family was the most important thing.

Phyllis had gotten repeated calls from Michael, and as she was leaving a message on his cell phone, Daniel ran into her at Newman. He was glad to hear his mother's news and said they should all go out to dinner sometime. However, there was something else they needed to get straight. He knew that Phyllis didn't like Dru, but he didn't want his mother to trash his mother-in-law in court. While they were talking, Carmen walked in. Daniel rudely left, and Phyllis assured Carmen that she was on her side. She thought Dru was out of control, and it was about time she paid for the things she'd done. Carmen said that Phyllis might be the only remaining friend she had in Genoa City.

William Bardwell came to Newman to talk to Phyllis and Nick. When Phyllis eagerly began saying bad things about Dru and the night of the NVP opening when Dru had verbally gone after Carmen, Nick disagreed. He said that Phyllis hadn't even been in the room when that happened, and Nick hadn't seen Dru's actions the same way. Nick refused to talk to Bardwell any further because they were tired from their trip. After the DA left, the couple dropped the subject of Dru and agreed to go home.

Carmen told Jack that she'd decided to decline the offer from the House of Kim. She didn't want to move to Hong Kong, no matter how lucrative the change might be. Later, she managed to get Neil alone for a minute. She asked if he really believed that Dru wasn't a threat to her. Neil said that all their problems could have been settled out of court. Carmen was exaggerating events. Carmen disagreed. When Victor and Nikki confronted her later, voicing their support of Neil and Dru, Carmen said she was under no obligation to discuss her case with them. She then had to endure Sharon's criticism as well. Sharon said that Dru had only been trying to protect the family she loved; Carmen had crossed a line long before Dru did by going after Dru's husband.

By the time Carmen was ready to leave the building, she was frazzled and tired. So when Jack waylaid her in the elevator and gave her Kim's salary offer, she turned him down again. She had no intention of divulging anything about Jack's involvement with Jabot. She also wasn't running away just because things had gotten uncomfortable for her in Genoa City. Dru was going to find out that it was a mistake to have gotten on her bad side. Jack said it was also a mistake to get on his bad side. Carmen didn't appreciate the threat and said their conversation was over.

While Michael waited at Crimson Lights for Phyllis to return his call, he ran into Bardwell and let him know they were going to a jury trial in the matter of Carmen versus Dru. Both men felt confident that their cases were strong. Later, Michael talked to Lauren and assured her that the baby was safe and she should send J.T. home. Sheila was dead, as the DNA had proved, and she couldn't hurt them anymore. Later, Michael received a packet from Paul and called him. Michael was happy about all the information Paul had dug up on Carmen's past and was sure it was going to help them in court.

Having overheard Jack and Carmen talking about Jabot, Nikki and Victor were curious about her intentions. She should be talking to the CEO of the House of Kim, Jabot's new owner, not Jack. Jack agreed and left. Later, Victor told Jack that Nikki was curious about the land purchases he'd made for NVP. Victor knew about the ones in Savannah and India, but Nikki couldn't find any information on the others. Jack agreed to get the paperwork to her soon. When Sharon found Jack later, she wondered how he'd felt about Phyllis's news. Jack said he really didn't care. Sharon said good, because she, too, had other things to think about. The two of them began kissing.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Devon learns about getting a hearing implant. Someone comes to the door, and Devon and Lily are issued a subpoena for them to testify against Drucilla in court. Meanwhile, Brad, Victoria, Sharon and Jack are also served with subpoenas.

Drucilla worries about not being there for Devon if she has to go to jail. She angrily accuses Carmen of ruining her life. She says that she wishes Carmen was dead. In a desperate last plea, Neil goes to Carmen to try to convince her out of taking this to court. Carmen tells Neil she is taking the conversation to the prosecutor.

Brad tells Victoria that Carmen brings too much heat to the workplace. They wish she would go away. Victoria discusses her investigation of the reliquary with Paul, and admit that they fear that her car break in may have something to do with it.

Michael speaks to Neil about bringing up Neil and Carmen's attraction for each other. He feels that it would help give the judges sympathy for Drucilla in court. Neil considers this, and tells Devon that this may be brought up in court. Devon is outraged and goes to find Carmen. He tries once again to talk to her, with no luck. Carmen drops an envelope. Devon picks it up and takes it to her house. Brad is watching when Devon pounds on her door.

Jack tries to get Carmen out of town. She stands her guard, but when Michael introduces her with information about her past affairs with married men, Carmen goes to Victoria and tells her that maybe it would be better if she were to work far away. Victoria smugly signs the paperwork.

Lily is outraged about the subpoena and Carmen, and tries once again to confront her. Daniel stops her from making things worse.

Lauren has a nightmare about Sheila/Phyllis coming in and stealing her baby. When she wakes up, Phyllis is standing in front of her. Lauren tells Phyllis about Sheila having plastic surgery to look like Phyllis. Phyllis understands why Lauren would be so freaked out. Lauren and Michael talk about how it is to worry now that they are proud parents.

Friday, October 27, 2006

William Bardwell had an appointment with Carmen that she missed. After leaving messages for her, he went by Newman to try to find her. But no one there could help him; they hadn't seen Carmen either. Then Bardwell went by Indigo to get tickets for the Aaron Neville concert, but Neil told him they were sold out. Meanwhile, Dru called Michael, who rushed to the club. Michael told Bardwell that he was trying to intimidate his client, and William insisted that he was just there to buy tickets. Michael said it might not look that way to a judge. Later, Bardwell went back to work and tried again to reach Carmen, who still wasn't answering her phone.

Indigo's bartender was spending his time flirting with all the ladies, but Dru and Lily found him amusing. When Aaron Neville arrived, Neil introduced him to Dru, Lily, and Daniel. But when they turned to make an introduction to Devon, Devon left the nightclub. Later, Dru found her son at Crimson Lights. She played the guilt card, telling Devon that he would crush Neil if he wasn't at the opening. She made Devon laugh and lightened his mood, so he agreed to go back. Later, as they watched the performance, Devon was touched to see that Dru had hired an interpreter to sign the lyrics to the song while Aaron sang.

Brad and Victoria were concerned because they weren't able to reach Carmen. They didn't know what she might have overheard regarding Brad's past, and they thought it was in their best interest to accept her offer of a buy-out. Otherwise, she was too big a threat to Brad and their family's safety. Brad said if Carmen didn't go for it, he'd have to find another way to neutralize her. Victoria then took Carmen's suggested money figure to Nikki, who said getting Carmen out of the way would not only help the Winters family but would protect Newman from further bad publicity in Carmen's case against Dru.

Victoria, Brad, and Nikki went to see Victor to get his advice on what to do about Carmen. After hearing their arguments, Victor agreed that buying out her contract was probably the best solution. However, he wanted Victoria to lowball her. Victoria said they were pressed for time, but she agreed to try to get Carmen to accept a lower offer.

Jack was also trying to reach Carmen, to find out if she'd decided to take the offer of a job in Hong Kong. When Carmen didn't answer, Jack began to panic. Although Nikki was already annoyed with him for ignoring his partners when he made NVP negotiations, Jack approached Victor and Nikki. Nikki didn't want Victor to tell Jack about Carmen's request for a buy-out, but Victor did it anyway and Nikki walked out. Jack offered to ask House of Kim to make a job offer to Carmen to see if that would be a further temptation for her to leave Genoa City. Victor thanked Jack. Later, Jack tried again to call Carmen, and left her a message telling her that the deadline was getting tighter on the offer.

Nikki told Victor she didn't really want to go to the Indigo opening because she was so annoyed with him. She didn't understand why he'd begun to trust Jack so much. She thought Jack was taking advantage of Victor's transformation. Victor assured her that he knew Jack had made a bold move by getting the loan from him, but Victor wasn't stupid. He was still on guard around his old enemy. Slightly mollified, Nikki went with Victor to the nightclub, where both of them noticed that Jack seemed very nervous.

Sharon had almost changed her mind about going to Indigo because she didn't want to run into Nick and Phyllis. But she told Jack she wasn't going to let them ruin the night, so she went with him to Neil's new nightclub. Jack briefly told Victor and Nikki that he'd made the offer to Carmen but hadn't heard back from her yet. Later, he danced with Sharon while Aaron Neville sang.

Other guests at Indigo included Dr. Korbel, who didn't have a date, and Jana, who came with Kevin. Later, Billy slipped in and sat on Jana's other side. When Kevin went to get drinks, Billy persuaded Jana to dance with him. Kevin returned to their table, put down the drinks, and cut in on Billy, ending up being the one with Jana dancing in his arms.

Nick and Phyllis packed a hospital bag in preparation for when she would go into labor. Phyllis then talked to Nikki on the phone, trying to pretend that she was upset about all of Jack's NVP manipulations. But really, she was enjoying a foot massage from Nick. Later, he persuaded her to try on some sexy lingerie he'd bought her. The two of them ended up missing the Indigo opening and Aaron Neville's performance.

After a successful opening, Dru congratulated Neil on all he'd accomplished. Neil said they'd all done it together. He never told Dru that the club had been Carmen's idea in the first place. When he received a call from Nick, Neil was getting bad reception on his cell phone so he stepped outside into the alley. Nick had him on speaker phone, and he and Phyllis apologized for not making the opening. As Neil was talking to them, he saw something in the alley that stunned him. He told Nick that he'd have to call him back, snapped his phone shut, and knelt over the dead body of Carmen Mesta.

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