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Monday, October 30, 2006

Victor told Nikki that he doesn't trust Jack because he took advantage of Victor's illness and used him. Nikki told Victor that she'd tried to make him see what Jack was doing all along. Nikki asked Victor how long he'd realized that his perspective had been changing. Victor said that he is recovering and that he'd made some made poor decisions when he was misguided by his illness. Nikki said she wished Jack could be pried away from N.V.P. Victor told her that he would not yet ask Jack to give back the loan, but that he would continue his relationship with Jack as if he needed Jack's friendship and guidance in order to observe what Jack is up to. Victor told Nikki that Jack is very predictable, and that Victor would use this fact to his advantage. Victor vowed to bring Jack down if he finds out that Jack has betrayed him. Katherine stopped by the ranch briefly to drop off charity-event invitations and said she'd soon share news of Mackenzie.

After Sharon and Jack left the club, they went to Jack's. Sharon told Jack that he seemed preoccupied on the drive home from the club. Jack apologized and said that he had a lot on his mind concerning Carmen. Jack then attempted to call Carmen, but got her voicemail. He told Sharon that Carmen wasn't quite the person that he first thought her to be. They both discussed the problems Carmen could cause by forcing Dru to appear in court. Sharon also learned that Carmen blackmailed Victoria in an attempt to get a substantial buyout, but Jack said that he didn't know how Victoria had handled the situation. Jack admitted that he and Carmen had once been involved in a personal relationship, and that he felt partly responsible for her involvement with both Newman Enterprises and N.V.P. When Jack attempted to try calling Carmen again, Sharon stopped him, and the two began kissing.

Jack and Sharon's plan to continue their evening upstairs was interrupted by a phone call from Mr. Kim needing to attend to business. Sharon was puzzled as to why Mr. Kim needed to attend to business so late. A bit later Mr. Kim arrived and apologized for intruding into personal time. When Sharon attempted to leave, Jack stopped her by telling her the business meeting would be short. After Sharon went upstairs, Mr. Kim asked Jack if she suspected what was going on. Jack assured him that she didn't, and then Jack and Mr. Kim discussed closing their deal. Jack learned that Newman Enterprises had been the House of Kim's competitor for the deal. Mr. Kim celebrated the deal as a big win for Jabot, but Jack warned that no one can know the truth about Jack owning Jabot. Later, Mr. Kim assured Jack that Carmen would no longer pose a problem. Jack joked that he wished he were free of Gloria, too. Mr. Kim said that he'd see what he could do about finding a position for her in Cambodia. Just after Kim left, Sharon came down the stairs and told Jack that he must stop what he's doing. Jack first feared that Sharon knew the truth about him, but Sharon went on to explain that Jack needed to let go of Jabot and his close association with Mr. Kim that she sees as Jack's vicarious operation of Jabot.

Neil was shocked to see Carmen's corpse lying behind his club. He went back into the club and urged Dru, Lily, Devon and Daniel, who were all still celebrating the excitement of the evening, to leave because it was so late. Daniel offered Dru a ride home. After Dru and kids left, Neil returned to the alley. Suddenly, Dru, who had returned, joined Neil behind the club. Dru was shocked to see Carmen's body. Neil warned Dru not to go near Carmen. Lily, Daniel and Devon also returned and saw Carmen before Neil could turn them away. Daniel said he should give Carmen CPR, but Neil told him that it was too late because Carmen was dead. Dru wondered aloud about what had happened to Carmen. Dru then urged Lily, Daniel and Devon to go home, and Neil added that Dru should go, too, because her presence could give the police and the press a chance to misconstrue the situation.

Dru refused to leave the club, but Lily, Daniel and Devon were urged to go home before the police arrive. Neil warned them not to speak to anyone. At home the three talk about what could have happened to Carmen. Devon recalled a time when he encountered a dead body when he was with his drug-abusing mother. Lily said that Carmen wasn't the type to use drugs. Devon said that he did not like Carmen, and Lily said that she, too, disliked Carmen because Carmen had pursued Neil. When Daniel asked if Neil ever returned Carmen's attention, Lily quickly explained that Neil was alone and vulnerable while their mother was away. Devon suddenly remembered the envelope Carmen had dropped in the elevator. At first they were wary of it, but Daniel decided to open the envelope and read about Carmen's past involvement with a married man and learned that she once worked for Granville Global, which is the company that Neil had worked to acquire as a merger. Daniel urged Devon to give the envelope to Michael, but Lily and Devon feared that the information could incriminate Dru if she had been using the information to blackmail Carmen. Devon, Lily and Daniel decided not to destroy the information, but they will keep it a secret until they learn more about what happened to Carmen.

Neil called Michael before the police arrived, and he urged Neil to keep Dru quiet until he could get there. The police and Detective Sullivan arrived on the scene. Sullivan questioned both Neil and Dru sarcastically and accusingly after requesting that the area be sealed off. Neil and Dru went back inside the club, and Sullivan came inside to get guest and staff lists. Bardwell arrived at the club, and he and Sullivan barraged Neil and Dru with questions and accusations until an agitated Dru frantically began asserting her and Neil's innocence. Michael arrived and stood between Dru and Sullivan. Bardwell and Michael discussed the fact that Neil and Dru no longer have to be in court the next day. Michael told Neil and Dru that they were free to go, and he also warned them not to speak to anyone unless he's present.

Later, after Neil and Dru arrived home, Michael stopped by and told them that he learned that Carmen's death may be ruled a homicide if confirmed by the autopsy and that the police are considering possible suspects and motives. Dru said she's probably the top suspect, and Michael told her that circumstances don't look good for her at the present time.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Winterses discuss Carmen's murder when a reporter calls. Neil says no comment and tells his family not to answer the phone. Will talks to Sullivan on the phone and she tells him that Carmen died the night before yesterday. Michael drops by to see how the family is, and he tells the Winterses that they need to keep their mouths shut and not talk to the media or anyone else. Sharon stops by to see them, and Michael tells her that he needs to speak with them alone. Michael questions Neil and Dru about their whereabouts for the night Carmen's body was found. He thinks they are both going to be at the top of the suspect list because of the timing of the murder. Will and the Sullivan drop by to see Neil and Dru to tell them that Dru won't be prosecuted for violating the restraining order. He's sure they are relieved to hear it. Neil says they can't be intimidated, and asks them to leave. Neil calls Michael to tell him about the visit, and Michael asks Neil to meet him at the coffeehouse. He asks Neil about his relationship with Carmen, and Neil tells him that it was platonic and they never slept together. He realized that he was hurting his wife and his children, and he stopped it. He asks about Carmen's motives and Neil says he wouldn't know. Will comes in and interrupts. Michael tells him that he's taking the case very personally, and Will says it sickens him to think that Carmen's fears might have been justified. Michael finds out that Carmen died a whole day before she was left in the alley. Dru and Neil question each other about their respective involvement in the murder.

Mr. Kim and Jack talk about the murder. Mr. Kim says that he and Jack can rest easy now that she's gone. Jack says that's horrible -- she's dead, but Mr. Kim thinks Jack is thinking it, even if he isn't saying it. Mr. Kim asks Jack if they should fill the position created for Carmen, and he thinks it's a good idea and wants to send Gloria.

Brad and Vicki talk about the murder. Brad says it's good for them that she died, even though it's a bad thought. The lawsuit goes away as well as anything she might have overheard about his past. Will and Sullivan come in and question Brad and Vicki about the problems at Newman surrounding Dru's trial. Vicki tells them that they don't think Dru would hurt Carmen, but they were forced to let her go because of legal reasons. Brad and Vicki tell them the last time they saw Carmen, and Will tells them they need to see the surveillance videos from that day. They leave, and Vicki tells Brad that he should have just told them the truth about going to see Carmen the night before. Vicki asks if Devon saw Brad, but he says he was out of his line of sight. He says there's nothing to worry about and stresses that the police can never find out who he really is. Will and Sullivan also question Sharon and Jack about the murder separately, and Will is suspicious about the desperate voicemail Jack left Carmen the day she died.

Nikki and Victor talk about exposing Jack and getting NVP back for Nikki. He wants to find out what happened to the $250 million. Nikki and Jack talk about dividing up Carmen's work. Jack comments on Victor being in the building so often and thinks it's because he's lonely at home. He gives Nikki the documentation on the land he's purchasing with the $250 million and she says she'll give it to Victor. Nikki and Victor talk about the land documentation and whether or not Jack is telling the truth.

J.T. and Colleen talk about the murder at the coffeehouse and Colleen expresses her concern for Lily. J.T. suggests inviting Lily and Devon to hang out with them for Halloween, but Korbel calls and she has to go to the fundraiser right away. Daniel, Lily, and Devon come into the coffeehouse and J.T. finds them. Lily tells him they can't talk about the murder for legal reasons. Lily asks what he and Colleen are doing for Halloween. Colleen is working a fundraiser at the college, but later he wants them to all hang out. They go to the loft, and J.T. calls Colleen and tells her to hurry home. When she gets off the phone, Korbel scolds her for not doing her job. J.T. talks about investigating the murder with Paul. Korbel asks Colleen to open up to him about what's bothering her and she talks to him about the murder. He tells her that Lily is lucky to have someone like Colleen in her life, and she kisses him.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Upset about the Carmen Mesta murder, Colleen kissed Dr. Korbel. As she was apologizing, she got a call from J.T., who was waiting at the loft with Devon and Daniel. Colleen went home, but J.T. thought she seemed distracted. She was also frustrated because Daniel and Devon said they couldn't discuss the case with her. Daniel suggested that it might be an ex-love of Carmen's who killed her, and J.T. wondered why he thought that. Daniel covered up almost revealing what he knew about the investigation into Carmen's past by saying if no one they knew had done it, an ex-lover was always a prime suspect. Later, after Daniel and Devon left, Colleen assured J.T. that nothing was wrong; she was just tired. But after they made love and J.T. went to take a shower, Colleen called and left another message of apology for Dr. Korbel. He text messaged her back and said there was nothing to be sorry for.

Michael and Paul talked at Crimson Lights. They knew that Carmen had died the night before her body was found, and speculated that someone had dumped her body behind Neil's club, Indigo. When they found out the crime scene was no longer being blocked off by the police, they called Neil to get his okay to go over the scene. Michael also asked Neil and Dru to meet him there so he could question them.

Drucilla and Neil admitted to each other that they'd been wondering if the other knew more about Carmen's murder than was being said. Both assured the other of their innocence. But they also agreed to alibi each other for the time that she was killed. When they got to Indigo and were interviewed separately by Michael, each said they'd spent the night together on the night Carmen was killed. Michael wasn't sure whether or not they were telling the truth. After they left, Paul asked Michael where he'd been the night Carmen was killed. Michael said he'd been with Lauren. Both men agreed that it would be better if the police didn't find out about their investigation into Carmen's past, although Michael suspected that the moment he'd given Carmen the envelope had been captured on Newman's security tapes.

Jana talked to Dr. Korbel at the coffee house about her interest in art history. He suggested that she take one of his classes. He was also curious about how well she knew Colleen. Jana said she didn't know her well, but Kevin did. When she called Kevin over, he admitted that he and Colleen had a history, and it wasn't a romantic one. If he could use one word to describe her, it was "stubborn." Later, after the professor was gone, Jana locked the door and she and Kevin had sex in the coffee house. Afterward, when she realized the security cameras had caught them, they watched it on Kevin's computer. He then deleted it so that it wouldn't end up on the Internet.

Drucilla and Neil were asleep when the police showed up with a search warrant. They not only wanted to search their apartment, but get all the clothes Neil and Dru had been wearing the past two days. While that was going on, the police showed up at Daniel and Lily's apartment to get their clothes. Earlier, Devon had brought down the envelope with the investigation report on Carmen's past. He wanted to give it to the police, but Lily persuaded him to give it to their parents instead. Unfortunately, the police detective knew exactly what she was looking for: an envelope. She spotted it on their table with Carmen's name on it and picked it up as evidence.

Nick and Phyllis went to see Lauren and the baby at the hospital. Lauren tried to hide how uncomfortable Phyllis made her, but Phyllis knew and understood. She reminded Lauren that DNA tests proved that Sheila was dead. She also made Lauren feel her baby kick, saying she couldn't fake that. When Michael arrived, the two couples sat down and ate the takeout food he'd brought. He reassured Lauren that they'd done another DNA test, and it was Sheila who was dead. He also told Phyllis he couldn't discuss Dru's case with her. It was clear to Phyllis that the rest of them were more compassionate to Dru than she was. As Nick and Phyllis were leaving, Michael said he was sleeping at home that night, too. Lauren said she wasn't going home while the baby was there, but she did look forward to all of them being home. At that point the doctor came in and told Michael and Lauren that they could take Fen home.

Victoria and Brad went to dinner at Victor and Nikki's house. They discussed Carmen's murder, and Brad was careful to cover up any contact he'd had with her that wasn't work-related. Although Victoria didn't like lying to her parents, she knew it was necessary. Nikki also wanted to tell Victoria how well Victor was doing and how suspicious he was of Jack, but Victor stopped her in time. Later, when they were alone, he reminded Nikki that she could tell no one, not even their children, about the trap he was laying to see if Jack was really a changed man or not.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Katherine receives a call from her accountant informing her that Billy has been spending a lot of money at the Club. When Katherine asks Eli to look into what Billy has been purchasing, she finds out that Billy has also been using the emergency credit card for Internet gambling. Katherine asks Esther if she's seen anything odd in Billy's room. Katherine tells Esther to keep her eyes open and mouth shut. Katherine gets really tired and Esther helps her lay down. Katherine says she didn't sleep well and has been having bad dreams.

Billy invites Jack for lunch at the Club to ask him for a little loan. Billy says that he's tired of living with Katherine and Jill and wants to get his own condo on the waterfront. Jack says that the reason he is executioner of John's will is to make sure Billy spends the money responsibly. Billy is upset that everyone seems to treat him like a 10-year-old. Jill calls Billy and tells him to come home right away. When Billy shows up, he nonchalantly acts as if the Internet gambling is no big deal.

Jill talks to Jack at work and finds out that Billy has been asking for a loan. They confront Billy and Jack says that he's glad he didn't decide to give Billy the money after all. However, when Billy and Jill are alone, Jill offers to help Billy pay off his debt given he promises not to gamble anymore. Billy promises.

Jana shows Kevin the newspaper with Carmen on the front page. The paper had determined that Carmen's murder had happened the night before the opening of Indigo. Jana thinks that it's strange that a body could be there so long without somebody seeing it. Kevin has a gift for Jana. It's a picture of roses, since she is allergic. Jana smiles. Kevin tells her that he wants to take her shopping for gifts for the baby.

Michael and Lauren bring Fenmore home. Michael is happy to finally be alone with Lauren and the baby. They are surprised to find that Gloria came home from work early to surprise them. Gloria insists on taking care of Fenmore while Michael and Lauren relax, but Lauren is happy to hold Fenmore. Gloria offers to help with anything Lauren needs, but Lauren insists that she's fine. Michael receives a call from Dru and Lauren tells him to go work on the case. Gloria is saddened that no one seems to need her help. She talks to a picture of John, telling him how much she wishes she had him to share her joy. Lauren overhears and lets Gloria hold Fenmore. Gloria is overjoyed.

Mr. Barnwell and a detective try to figure out how Carmen was murdered. They know about the envelope that Devon found and wonder why he's hiding it. Mr. Barnwell shows Michael the video they have of Devon going to Carmen's house with the envelope. Mr. Barnwell also sees a man in the shadows on the tape. It's Brad Carlton.

Dru tells Neil that it's a good thing that they came up with a story to tell Michael. Devon, Lily and Daniel admit to Dru and Neil that they found a letter regarding Carmen's troubles at her previous job. Apparently Neil wasn't the only married man that Carmen tried to have an affair with. Devon felt like it was his fault that the place had been searched because he was holding onto the letter. Neil and Dru insisted that Devon was not to blame. Drucilla overheard Neil talking to someone on the phone about having the jet ready to go. Drucilla wondered if Neil believes that she is guilty.

Friday, November 3, 2006

Colleen went to Crimson Lights and found out that Jana and Kevin were thinking of moving in together. Later, she brooded about having kissed Dr. Korbel. She told the professor she'd decided to drop his class, and he gave her a list of reasons why she shouldn't. Most of all, he assured her she was making a big deal of nothing.

Later, Colleen and Brad walked into Victoria's office to find her there with Dr. Korbel, which made both of them suspicious. Questioned separately, Victoria assured Brad there was nothing sinister about the professor's interest in the Newman art collection. He wasn't the first art lover who'd wanted to look at it. Meanwhile, Dr. Korbel and Colleen talked. She didn't like the way she was acting with him, and he again reassured her that everything would be okay between them. Colleen finally agreed to stay in his class and continue working as his assistant.

Although Lauren was exhausted, she urged Gloria to go to work. Gloria first went by the coffee house and was disappointed to hear that Kevin and Jana were making plans to move in together. She'd thought she and Kevin might find a place when they moved out of Michael's apartment. Kevin said he didn't want to live with his mother.

Jill wasn't having a very good day, especially after Will Bardwell called to tell her that he might not be able to meet her for dinner as they'd planned. Jill said that if he got some free time later, he should call her. She'd bring a pizza to his office, and they could have dinner at the club some other time. Will agreed.

Gloria got to Jabot to hear some bad news from Jill. House of Kim wanted to stop production of the Jabot on the Glo line. When Gloria reminded her that Jill, Katherine, and even John had all approved it, Jill said things were different now. John was dead and the company was no longer in the control of the family. After Jill left, Gloria tearfully called Will for some emotional support. He came to Jabot and listened as she expressed her anger at John for dying and leaving her in such a mess. Will understood her feelings and said anger was a normal part of grief. As he hugged her to comfort her, Jill spotted them from the open door of the conference room.

Michael told Bardwell that he was the one who'd gotten the background information on Carmen. It had been part of his investigation for Dru's defense. Bardwell wondered how Devon had gotten the envelope, and Michael said he didn't know. But he did warn Bardwell not to question Devon unless he was present. Bardwell thought it was ridiculous that Michael was apparently representing the entire Winters family.

At the Winters' apartment, Dru and Neil were upset to find out that Devon had no alibi for the time of Carmen's death. When Michael came to talk to them all, Dru said she and Neil could say Devon had been with them. Michael was furious, reminding them that they'd told him they were together. It was too late and too dangerous to lie for Devon. He told them he was the one who'd gotten information about Carmen's past. Devon explained how he'd picked up the envelope while in the elevator with Carmen and had taken it to her room at the club, leaving when she didn't answer her door. Dru and Devon were also able to explain the note the police had: Dru had written Devon to go home, and when Devon and Carmen were talking, she'd written on the back of the note to tell him she wasn't going to drop her case against Dru.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Lily told Daniel and Devon that she'd seen Devon that night in the park, so he did have an alibi. Both boys knew she was lying and warned her that faking an alibi would only make more trouble for them with the police. Lily stubbornly refused to back down and said she'd tell the police whatever she thought would protect Devon. As the three of them talked, a man showed up with a summons for each of them to appear before the grand jury in Carmen's murder investigation. Dru and Neil were also served a summons.

Michael arrived home to find Lauren exhausted after an afternoon of trying to stop Fen from crying. Lauren said she wasn't just tired; she couldn't stop thinking of Carmen's death, and it upset her. After all, Carmen had once been someone's baby, too. Michael called Kevin to come to the apartment. When Kevin got there, he said that Michael needed to work on his legal commitments and Lauren needed to get some sleep. He could watch over Fen. Lauren and Michael watched from a distance as Kevin bonded with his new nephew.

Victoria and Brad were surprised when Bardwell and Detective Sullivan showed up to question them separately. Victoria said that Dru's leave of absence had merely been a solution to avoid a lawsuit from Carmen. She didn't really believe Dru was a threat to Carmen. Meanwhile, when confronted with evidence, Brad had to admit that he'd gone by Carmen's room on the night she was murdered. He'd had a business matter to discuss with her. Bardwell wasn't really buying it. When questioned, Victoria claimed not to know one way or the other if Brad had stopped by to see Carmen that night, but if he had, it had probably been business. Carmen had jumped from Jack's bed to chasing Neil, but she'd never had anything going on with Brad. Later, after the police left, the two of them worried that this might cause more difficulties for them, but Victoria promised Brad she'd never reveal his secrets. They were upset to be subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury looking into Carmen's murder.

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