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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 27, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, November 27, 2006

D.A. Bardwell came to Michael's office to share with Michael all of the evidence the D.A.'s office had gathered. Paul was on hand to inventory the evidence, which included a security tape from Carmen's building. Bardwell told Michael that he believes that Devon murdered Carmen, and he added that he had convicted murderers on less evidence.

Later, Michael and Paul studied the body of evidence, which among other findings, concluded that Devon's clothing fibers were found on Carmen's clothing, and fibers from her clothing were found on Devon's shirt, but there were no unidentified fibers, besides Devon's, found on Carmen's clothing. Also, the report alleges that the bags used to transfer the body are linked to trash bags once handled by Devon. Paul explained that the bags were the same brand as the bags taken during the search of Devon's house on campus. Paul added that the bags are not standard grocery-store bags. Paul said the bags are a commercial brand from a batch of thousands of trash bags manufactured by the same company. Michael told Paul that he already knew that Devon's DNA was found under Carmen's fingernails. When Michael and Paul studied the security video, they discovered something they hadn't known. In careful review of the video, they clearly saw Brad Carlton hiding in the bushes outside Carmen's apartment building. When Michael phoned Bardwell about the video, Bardwell said Brad's presence was not connected to Carmen's murder. Michael disagreed and demanded all evidence gathered on Brad be shared with him.

Later, Devon came to Michael's office. Michael explained to Devon that he was the client-not Dru, Neil or Lily. Michael asked Devon how his DNA got under Carmen's fingernails. Devon explained that the last time he saw Carmen was in the elevator at Newman when she had dropped some papers. As they both bent down to pick them up, he had picked up her envelope by mistake. While they were bent down picking up the papers, Devon said he remembered that Carmen accidentally scratched him and that he had touched her cell phone when he handed it to her. Devon also explained about the trash bags. He said that he got the trash bags from Indigo because he needed them to help move his things to Lily and Daniel's. Also, Michael told Devon that the envelope they found at Devon's could make it look as if Devon was blackmailing Carmen. Devon insisted that he was alone at the park because he was upset over Carmen's attempts to drive Neil and Dru apart. When Devon's temper flared, Michael warned him to always keep his cool. Michael also told Devon that his defense would hinge on Michael being able to cast reasonable doubt on the evidence.

Meanwhile, Paul visited Brad's office. He explained that Michael is representing Devon and that they have been going through the D.A.'s evidence, which included a security tape made outside Carmen's door the day of the murder that showed Brad there. At first, Brad gave a long explanation about Newman wanting Carmen's input on how to become a green corporation, but Paul told Brad that when people tell the truth, they usually give a simple statement. However, when they lie, Paul added, they tend to embellish. Brad explained that the day Carmen was murdered, he and Victoria had been discussing the Grugeon Collection when they realized the intercom to the reception desk was on. Brad told Paul that he never saw Carmen at her apartment and that he did not kill her. Brad also warned Paul that he could not tell Michael why he was at Carmen's because his secret could be revealed. Paul said that if he kept quiet about Brad's involvement, then imagine what harm it could do to Devon's case. As Paul left the Newman building, he listened to a voicemail from Michael. Michael stated that Brad was probably their best possibility for creating reasonable doubt for Devon's defense. However, Paul realized he faced a dilemma when he remembered that Brad warned him not to tell anyone about the reason for his visit to Carmen's because it could put his whole family in jeopardy.

Nikki and Victor discussed the alleged arguments between Jack and Ji Min regarding Sharon's photo shoot. Nikki told Victor that Jack's version will appear in the U.S., and Ji Min's sexier version will be used in Asia. Victor expressed his belief that the ruckus is actually a ruse. Later, Nikki showed the photos to Victor's in his office. Nikki was impressed with the photos that Jack had declined to use and wondered if Jack's best interests were serving Sharon or Jabot. Victor told Nikki that he was concerned about Jack's actions and wondered if Jack and Ji Min were concocting the whole scheme to disagree about business.

In the break room, Jack, Brad and Sharon encountered Devon. They expressed their concern, and Devon explained that he needed to work to keep his mind occupied. After Devon delivered the mail, he left. Sharon followed after him. A man walked in and told Jack and Brad that the sexier photos of Sharon would indeed be used for the N.V.P. tie-in with Jabot. Jack reflected on an argument staged earlier with Ji Min in Jill's office regarding the photos. Later, Jack visited Victor's office to act as if he was outraged by Ji Min's actions.

Later, Jack and Ji Min discussed their arrangement over the phone to continue their disagreements in public. Later, Ji Min and Jack discussed their plans. Jack said he'd handle Sharon if Ji Min would handle Jill. Jack said that Victor could pose a problem. Nikki walked in as Jack abruptly ended his call to Ji Min. Nikki berated Jack for his advertising angle that Nikki claimed made N.V.P seem like a sedate spa where ladies go to have lunch. She told Jack that N.V.P. should follow Phyllis' campaign that targets young women with disposable income. Jack argued that Ji Min has no concept of the American market and that he is in over his head. Jack added that while he may not be able to stop Ji Min from bringing down Jabot, he'd be damned if he'd allow Ji Min to bring down N.V.P. As they argued, Victor watched through the window.

At Jabot, Jack, Jill and Ji Min met to discuss the ad campaign. During the meeting, Jack warned Ji Min that if he continued with the ad campaign as is then N.V.P. would pull the plug on Jabot and carry Newman products instead. Later, Victor told Jack that the ultimatum he'd given to Ji Min was a mistake. Jack told Victor that he could not continue to work with Ji Min.

Prof. Korbel ran into Rebecca at the coffeehouse. He made small talk with her about Europe and about a speaker on art coming to the university. Colleen came in the coffeehouse, and Rebecca left soon afterward. Korbel told Colleen that he'd like to interview her grandmother, but Colleen told him that her grandmother didn't have much to tell. Korbel disagreed saying that Rebecca's life is of interest since her family's art collection was confiscated by the Nazis. Korbel added that he was amazed by Rebecca, who also survived a concentration camp, and since her release, has worked tirelessly to find and return artwork stolen during World War II to its rightful owners. A worried Colleen pleaded with Korbel to drop the idea, but Korbel said he'd carry through with his plan. Later, at Brad's office, Colleen told her dad about Korbel's plan and that she had discouraged him from following through. Brad wasn't pleased, however, because he felt that Colleen protest of Korbel's interest in Brad's mother would arouse suspicion. Later, Brad met with Victoria to tell him about Korbel's desire to interview Rebecca, and about his mistrust of the professor. Victoria said Korbel is simply a legitimate art professor, but Brad said the professor's art-world connections could mean that he is connected to the people looking for them and that it is better to be overly cautious than to not be cautious enough. Later, at the coffeehouse, Korbel received a call from Rebecca. She agreed to set up a time for the interview. After she hung up, Victoria, Colleen and Brad discussed how the interview should be handled. However, Rebecca said there was no better way to get an enemy to tip his hand than to let him believe that she had tipped hers first.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nikki, Phyllis, and Sharon get into a heated discussion about Jack dissolving the N.V.P. tie-in. The topic turns toward Carmen's murder, and both Nikki and Phyllis agree that Dru is the more likely candidate than Devon to murder Carmen. Ashley storms into the boardroom to ask Ji Min why Jack pulled the plug on the NVP tie-in, but Ji Min says that he doesn't know. Victor urges Jack to reconsider his decision to pull NVP out of the tie-in. Victor gives Jack a pair of antique gold cufflinks that John gave him years ago, and Jack is speechless by this kind gesture from Victor. Ashley comes storming in, demanding to know why Jack cut the NVP tie-in, and Victor leaves. Jack says that he must make it seem like he has really cut all his ties to Jabot. Michael meets up with Brad to ask him about why he was at Carmen's suite, and Brad says that he wanted to bring and go over some papers that Carmen needed to look over for a meeting the next morning. Victoria tells Michael the same story about why Brad was going to Carmen's room as Brad told him earlier. She says that Brad wishes he had seen Carmen that night, because maybe he could have prevented her from being killed. Michael thinks that Victoria and Brad planned what they were going to say when he questioned him, since they used the same words. Michael corners Paul at the coffeehouse and wants to know if he got any info on Brad.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Newly arrived in Genoa City, Amber Moore went in to Crimson Lights. She thought Adrian Korbel got her coffee, but after he took the cup, she was given another cup by the barista. Colleen teased Adrian about once again taking someone's coffee. Adrian thanked Colleen for helping him get the interview with her grandmother. But when Colleen tried to get information from him about his past, he evaded her questions. Later, Colleen went home. After she and J.T. made love, she told him that Brad had thought it best if Rebecca consented to the interview with Adrian. However, Colleen was beginning to be anxious because she knew so little about him. Reversing her previous decision, she urged J.T. to dig more deeply into Adrian's past.

Jill was concerned when Katherine had a dizzy spell, but Katherine insisted that she was okay and that Jill should keep her date with William Bardwell. Jill met him at Crimson Lights, and William explained why he'd been a little distant. Jill understood his mixed feelings about being intimate with someone for the first time since his wife had died. William understood her concern about Katherine's health. Jill said she was going to start making the most of every day she had with Katherine. William also reassured Jill that he hadn't sent Gloria flowers, but if he had, they'd have been from one friend to another. For the moment, he felt like he and Jill were seeing each other exclusively.

Esther was also concerned about Katherine, who ordered her to stop hovering over her. When Jill called to check on her mother, Esther was upset to hear about Katherine's dizzy spells. But she also figured out that Katherine was fighting sleep because she was afraid of her dreams. She told Katherine to think of them as a window to her subconscious instead of something to fear. Maybe Katherine would learn something about herself. Katherine said that was what she was afraid of.

Gloria insisted that Michael and Lauren try to spend some time out enjoying each other's company. She could take care of Fen while they were gone. Although Lauren was reluctant, she finally agreed. Once they got to Indigo, they congratulated Neil and Dru on the big crowd they'd drawn. Neil said that Daniel was right; people were coming because it was where a murder had taken place. Lauren excused herself from talking to them when she spotted a woman she knew at the bar.

After leaving Crimson Lights, Amber went to Indigo, where she introduced herself to Neil and Drucilla. She asked if she could audition for them, because she was a singer. They said their talent was booked up, but she could leave her contact information. Later, Amber was excited when Lauren recognized her and came over to say hello. Amber said she'd moved to Genoa City because Lauren had always talked about it. She hadn't kept in touch with the Forrester family in L.A. because they weren't exactly fond of her. Amber excused herself when she saw Adrian come in. She swooped by just as the bartender served Adrian a drink and picked up his glass, taking it to a table.

Since Jill wanted to go by Indigo and William was planning to go there, too, they went together. Michael spotted them and got to their table at exactly the same time Dru and Neil did. But Dru kept her composure, offering William a warm welcome, and Neil offered to send them a bottle of champagne on the house.

Michael and Lauren returned to their table, but she'd already called Gloria twice to check on Fen. Michael finally suggested they go home, and Lauren was thrilled. They got home to find Fen doing fine in Gloria's care. But once Lauren took him, he began to cry again.

Amber and Adrian exchanged some flirtatious banter until she realized that the band scheduled to perform at Indigo had canceled. She then went to ask Neil to give her a chance, so Neil introduced her from the stage. Amber sang, and the audience really liked her. Later, Adrian ordered her a drink, but when he turned around, Amber had disappeared. Adrian began asking the bartender questions about the investigation of Carmen's murder. William Bardwell walked up in time to hear Adrian's questions.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kevin hacks into the banking system and discovers that Jack wired money to Carmen the day she was murdered. Michael takes this information to Victor, who is shocked that Jack may have had something to do with Carmen's murder. Michael goes to Will Bardwell and asks for further information about Jack.

Jack asks Victor why Michael left his office. Victor explains to Jack that he feels that he can trust Michael and Jack. He says that Jack helped keep his secret that he had epilepsy.

Victor asks Jack to investigate the Senator.

Devon starts getting harassed by a boy at school, claiming that Devon is a murderer and he shouldn't be there. Daniel gets upset and starts a fight with him.

Phyllis experiments with methods trying to induce labor. After trying pineapple with hot sauce, she reads that sex is another possibility. She demands that Nick take her right in the conference room, but once things start getting heavy she is called by Daniel's school. Phyllis goes to get Daniel and is relieved that the boy didn't want to press charges.

Gloria tries to figure out just how close Jill and Bardwell are, and Jill tries to find out who sent Gloria flowers. Bardwell is impressed to see Gloria wearing pearls, and is reminded that his wife had once worn them. Jill mentions to Kevin how sweet it is that he gave her a gift and wonders where he got it from. Gloria mouths to Kevin about the flowers.

Colleen gets upset when Professor Corbel blows her off once again. This time, Amber Moore, a girl that he met at Indigo the night before, interrupts them and Corbel asks Colleen if they can work later. Meanwhile, J.T. finds out that Professor Corbel's family also immigrated, and they wonder if there is a connection.

Esther assures Katherine that her dreams about babies can't be bad. Katherine thinks maybe she feels guilt for deserting Jill. Jill tells her to stop worrying, she's had two wonderful mothers in her life. Katherine draws a picture of something she saw in her dream. She knows that it's something she's seen before. Jill and Esther think it looks like a ring. Katherine pulls out a photo album and looks at a picture of her and Philip. The ring she is wearing looks like the picture.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Annoyed by a meeting in which Jack once again wouldn't listen to them, Phyllis and Nikki had separate confrontations with Sharon. Phyllis accused Sharon of using her influence with Jack, and Sharon reminded Phyllis that Phyllis was the one who made everything personal, particularly since she was flaunting her affair with and marriage to Nick and her pregnancy around the office.

When Nikki later also attacked Sharon, Sharon stood up for herself. She'd spent years trying to prove to Nikki that she was good enough for Nick, but she no longer had to do that. Nikki reminded Sharon of her affair with Diego and the debacle with Cameron. Sharon said she'd never been unfaithful to Nick until after he'd cheated on her twice. Nikki then accused Sharon of abandoning Cassie. Shocked and hurt, Sharon let Nikki know she'd gone too far. Nikki said Sharon hadn't changed, and she wasn't going to stand by and watch someone who was just a pretty face destroy NVP.

Devon and Lily were upset when Michael called and said the D.A. wanted to meet with Dru and Neil. But after their parents left, Devon confessed to Lily that he was upset about something else, as well. He'd wanted to talk to his mother and explain everything that was going on with his hearing and his arrest, but his aunt's phone was disconnected. Devon was worried that his mother might be on drugs again. Lily told him not to worry until he knew for sure something was wrong.

The D.A. was willing to accept a plea bargain from Devon. He could see that Devon would get a reduced sentence and also keep Neil and Dru out of jail for lying to the grand jury. Neil and Dru turned him down. Later, Dru went to see her therapist. The doctor made her admit that she felt guilty about lying to Neil about Lily's paternity, about the way she'd treated Carmen, and that her actions had caused her children to hate Carmen. Her therapist pointed out that the only person whose actions she could control were her own. Neil, Carmen, Lily, and Devon had all made their own choices. Later, after Dru got home, Lily made Devon tell her that he'd been trying unsuccessfully to get in touch with Yolanda. Dru hugged Devon, wishing she could take all his pain away.

Neil stayed with Paul and Michael and went over all the evidence the D.A. had against Devon. They reviewed the DNA evidence, Devon's lack of an alibi, and the security tape. But Michael also pointed out the doubts he could plant in the minds of the jury by pointing out that Jack, Brad, even Dru and Neil, had motive and could have killed Carmen. When they discussed the other evidence, Michael was curious about what had happened to the second roll of duct tape. Neil said he'd taken it to the office. The three men then went to Newman Enterprises, where they found the tape. They also found the same brand of industrial trash bags that had been used to transport Carmen's body to the alley behind Indigo.

Jack told Sharon not to let Nikki and Phyllis get her down. Sharon wondered if Jack had done the right thing by severing the business relationship between Jabot and NVP. Jack said he was doing what was best for the company. Later, Nikki confronted Jack and said she was tired of the way he was making unilateral decisions. He only had NVP because he'd taken advantage of Victor when he was ill to buy the company. Jack told Nikki if she was so unhappy, she could quit. Later, Jack was in no mood to talk to Phyllis when she found him. Phyllis said she wasn't there to fight. She was hurt because Jack had promised that he harbored no ill will toward her, but all his actions said otherwise. Jack told her that his decisions weren't personal; they were all based on business.

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