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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 11, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, December 11, 2006

Colleen and J.T. argued again that J.T.'s confidentiality requires him to keep secrets about the cases he's involved with. Colleen was even angrier when she found out that J.T. and Paul were no longer working on Devon's defense investigation. J.T. kept mum about the true reason he and Paul were no longer on the case because it would compromise Brad's aim to keep his involvement with Carmen and his secretive life below Michael's radar.

Dru and Neil, awaiting more customers at the club, told each other that their lives are truly blessed. Amber showed up at the club and asked Neil if she could sing. However, Neil said he had booked all the talent he needed. Amber advised Neil to keep her number on file, because she was certain that Neil would hire her soon.

Nick told Victoria about Phyllis' angst and worry over being long overdue to give birth. He showed Victoria a pager he wears, so Phyllis can easily notify him the instant the baby finally decides to be born. To help distract Nick from his worry over Phyllis, Victoria took him out for an evening of entertainment at Indigo. When Nick and Victoria came into Indigo, Neil and Dru shared their good news about Devon's adoption and the fact that his hearing is returning. Later, Nick and Victoria discussed the problems they've dealt with personally and professionally due to Carmen's murder. Victoria told Nick about Michael's investigation and the duct tape with Brad's fingerprints that Michael ordered to be tested as possible evidence. Nick asked Victoria point blank if Brad could be involved with Carmen's murder. Victoria bristled at the suggestion, saying that Brad was trying to save Sharon when he was forced to kill the two kidnappers. Victoria blew off Nick's observation by telling him that she's heard him say dumb things her whole life. When Nick suddenly decided to leave to check on Phyllis, Victoria assured Nick that women have babies every day. However, Nick admitted that he had a nagging worry that something is wrong with Phyllis or the baby, so he was planning to schedule another visit to the doctor, just for reassurance.

Neil and Dru slipped out of the club early and went home to share an impromptu intimate moment. Neil unloaded some emotional baggage when he admitted to Dru that while he never slept with Carmen, there had been a time when he had wanted to. Dru said she understood why Neil ran to Carmen after he learned the truth about not being Lily's biological father. Neil said he also understood why Dru had kept her secret, and he offered Dru his forgiveness. The couple vowed to make a fresh start in their relationship and promised to share the rest of their lives together.

J.T. also came to Indigo. He told Victoria that he and Colleen had argued again. J.T., unaware that Colleen had entered the club looking for Lily, overheard J.T. confide to Victoria that he felt more comfortable discussing issues with her than he did with his own girlfriend. After J.T. went to sit at his own table, Nick returned and rebuffed Victoria for always being J.T.'s sounding board.

Amber approached J.T. at his table. She seemed a bit overly friendly, but a wounded J.T. rebuffed her advances. Later, after Colleen left the club without speaking to J.T., she went to work on research with Korbel at his office. Colleen was distracted as she relived the previous augments she and J.T. have had, and she began to weep. Korbel offered his shoulder for her to cry on. Colleen told Korbel that her problems with J.T. run deeper than J.T.'s tendency to keep secrets. Colleen told Korbel that she saw J.T. talking openly to Victoria at the club, and she also spilled the beans about Victoria's fling with J.T. before her marriage to Brad. Korbel, assuming the role of an objective advisor, warned Colleen not to overlook the flaws in her relationship with J.T. Korbel also told Colleen that she is brilliant, funny and beautiful, and that any man would be lucky to have her. The flattered Colleen moved toward Korbel and two began kissing tenderly. However, Colleen pulled away from Korbel and left without saying a word to him. Korbel, in frustration, slammed a book he was holding down on top of a heap of papers on a table. After Colleen left, Korbel opened a sketch book filled with drawings of Colleen. After he closed the book and put it away, he phone Amber, who was more than eager to meet the brainy professor for a date. Colleen, however, fled to the coffeehouse. When J.T. repeatedly called Colleen on her cell phone, she didn't answer his call for the second time since she'd hurriedly left Korbel's office.

DNA tests proved that Jill is indeed Katherine's biological daughter. Jill was relieved, and the two shared hugs to celebrate the moment. To mark the occasion, Jill and Katherine went to the club. When they approached the bar, Vincent openly flirted with Jill, who seemed a bit flattered by the attention. Vincent told them that Neil and Dru had left the club in his hands for the evening. Katherine imagined that Neil and Dru, dealing with the prospect of Devon's conviction, were also not too thrilled when Jill admitted that she had recently had a date at the club with Devon's prosecutor, Will Bardwell. However, Katherine seemed a bit preoccupied. She told Jill that she couldn't stop thinking about her recurrent dreams involving the mysterious baby. Jill and Katherine visited with Victoria and Nick briefly, but Jill invited Amber to share a table with her and Katherine a bit later. Both Jill and Katherine agreed that Amber is a delightful young woman.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

J.T. and Colleen once again have a fight over him not confiding in her. Colleen admits to Lily that she kissed Korbel but she doesn't want to lose what she has with J.T. even if things have been difficult lately. Even though Korbel seems to do all the right things when she needs them, she knows she has to end any potential that she and Korbel might have. Korbel gives Colleen a book about the Grugeon collection with an inscription about how it should come in handy for when she's doing research. Colleen is touched that he would go out of his way to get it for her. Neil and Michael anxiously await the results from the lab and finally the messenger arrives with them. They find that Devon's prints were on the duct tape from the office and that it was definitely the tape used in the murder. They begin to speculate as to why the tape was put back in the cupboard. They realize that the killer could be a Newman employee or that Carmen could have been killed there or possibly even both. Michael questions Brad about his fingerprints being on the duct tape and Brad tells him that he used it to fix a chair. Jack arrives and Michael asks him why his fingerprints were on the tape and Jack goes into an over explained answer which makes Michael suspicious. William has brought a CSI team to search Newman for any more evidence.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The District Attorney and the police shook things up at Newman when they came to look for more evidence after finding a connection between the break-room duct tape and Carmen Mesta's murder. While Brad and Victoria looked on with frustration, Michael and Paul were arguing at Crimson Lights. Both of them got calls at the same time letting them know what was going on at Newman. When Michael turned around, Paul had vanished. But Michael wasn't surprised to see the detective show up at Newman the same time he did.

In order to keep the DA from getting a warrant that would close off the building and interfere with business, Victor gave his permission for the search to go forward. Although Victoria said she wished he hadn't done that without talking to her, Victor said it was important to clear Devon's name. He didn't think Devon was guilty of killing Carmen.

Both Neil and Dru were shocked when Lily told them that Paul was off the case and that his reason hadn't really explained his decision. When they realized the offices were being searched, they tried to reach Devon to keep him away. Lily left still trying to call him. She just missed Devon, who came back in to see the police there. Dru and Neil ushered him into Victor's office, where Victor, Michael, Jack, Brad, and Victoria were already waiting.

Jack tried to appear cool during the police search by taunting Brad, who acted equally indifferent. But Brad spoke privately to Paul, telling him that the police must not be allowed to get anywhere near him. Paul called J.T. to let him know what was going on. J.T. already knew because Lily had called Colleen, but he was concerned, too, about whether or not Brad was telling them the entire truth.

When Paul was confronted by the Winters about stopping his investigation on Devon's behalf, he was uncomfortable. Devon, too, tried to reason with Paul, insisting that no matter how much evidence there was against him, he was innocent. Paul assured Devon that he believed him. Devon then told Paul that it was clear what decision he was making: choosing a company that would be paying him for years over Devon's innocence.

Michael questioned Paul's presence at Newman, and Paul reminded him that Newman employed him. When Michael questioned whether it was only Brad that Paul wanted to protect, Paul said any of the people who'd handled the tape could be guilty. Even Michael's own brother, Kevin, had a history of problems with women. Michael thought Paul crossed a line with his comments about Kevin. Later, Detective Sullivan also wondered why Paul was there. He jokingly told her that maybe he was there to see her, and she grinned as she walked away from him.

Victor had the chance to talk to Michael alone and told him that he'd gotten confirmation that Jack owned Jabot. Michael was all for going after Jack, but Victor wanted to wait. He said a scandal would hurt business right now, plus he wanted to be poised to take back NVP from Jack. Jack's fear over the exposure of his secret ownership of Jabot might not be enough to make him give Victor what he wanted. Plus Victor also wanted to protect Katherine.

Victor later persuaded Jack to have lunch with him. When Victor carefully brought the subject around to Carmen's murder, Jack wondered if he was playing a parlor game of "whodunit." Victor laughed and continued to lure Jack into believing in their friendship. Jack said Dru and Neil were both likelier suspects than Jack was. He also thought there might be something Brad was keeping secret.

Professor Korbel declined the chance to work that night with Colleen after they talked on the phone. Even though there were some problems with the benefit because a donor had pulled out, Korbel thought it was better if he and Colleen stopped seeing each other at night. Later, Korbel went to the boutique to buy a gift for someone on his staff. While there, he and Amber agreed to go somewhere low-key for dinner, but he also asked her to be his date to the art benefit.

Colleen and J.T. tried to call a truce, but she was restless and disappointed that she hadn't been able to get back to work with Professor Korbel. Then Lily called her from the boutique and told her that Amber was going to the benefit with Adrian. When J.T. wanted to rent a DVD for their night in, Colleen told him there was something she had to do, then she hurried out.

Victoria was concerned when J.T. told her that he and Colleen were still having problems. He explained that Colleen was also upset about the way he confided in Victoria. She hadn't come right out and admitted it, but J.T. had been able to figure out that Colleen had overheard him talking to Victoria at Indigo.

Later, Victoria got word from Dr. Korbel that the donor had pulled the featured sculpture from the art benefit. He suggested that Victoria might donate something from the Newman collection. As Brad waited in Victoria's office for his own office to be released for his use by the police, Victoria looked for something appropriate from the Newman collection. Colleen came in and showed them the book Adrian had given her. She was sure that they were wrong to suspect him of anything. But Brad said Korbel's actions made him look like he was up to something. Victoria asked Colleen to take some information to Dr. Korbel when she saw him later. Colleen didn't tell Victoria that they had no plans to meet that night.

Amber came to the school ready for her date with Adrian. While they were talking, Colleen showed up and eavesdropped for a moment. Then she walked into the room to give the professor the information Victoria had sent him. While both women eyed each other with distrust, neither was aware that Adrian's sketchbook was filled with sketches of Colleen.

Detective Sullivan came to William Bardwell with news about additional evidence. They'd found an earring in the Newman parking garage that matched one found on Carmen's dead body. William noted that Devon and all the Newmans, the Winters family, Brad, and Jack had had access to the parking garage. Sullivan said the CSI team was in for a long night.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gloria tells Kevin and Michael that today is a special day; it's the one year anniversary of when John remarried her. As Gloria thinks about John, she can almost see and feel John right next to her. Meanwhile, Jack happily tells Ashley that today is the day that Gloria will be a Fisher once again.

Once they are in the courtroom, Michael calls Kevin, himself, and Gloria, to share their feelings about the reality of John and Gloria's marriage. Michael shares the stationery that John purchased with the words "Mr. And Mrs. John Abbott." When Jack and Ashley take the stand, Jack becomes haunted by the presence of John insisting that he loved Gloria. When Michael asks Jack if John ever told her that he loved her, Jack loses his footing and admits, yes, many times. When the Judge returns, a miracle has indeed happened. The judge believes Gloria's words, and grants Gloria her wish: she can stay an Abbott. Gloria doesn't rub it in to Jack, only tells him that it's a special day, and it's even more special now. It's the anniversary of her and John's remarriage.

Amber gushes about her date with Korbel to Colleen and Lily. Colleen gets upset when she realizes that the dress she was intending on buying was the same dress purchased by Amber. Amber makes a crack about fixing the dress so it will fit Colleen. When Colleen walks away, Amber wonders what her problem is. Lily tells her that she's the one that has a problem.

Victor tries to find out what the connection may be with Brad and Jack being involved in Carmen's murder case. He asks J.T. to start investigating Brad again.

Sharon waits for Brad to discuss the recent investigation at Newman. Brad assures her that if it was anything deeper than them trying to further implicate Devon, he'd probably know about it. Brad asks Sharon if Jack asked any more questions about his mother. Sharon says yes, but she kept quiet. Brad thanks Sharon.

The doctor tells Phyllis that her baby is in a breach position. They will have to make a decision. Phyllis and Nick decide to have a c-section. When the doctor asks if Phyllis has eaten lately, Nick jokes that it's been awhile. No one seems to think it's funny. Phyllis turns to Nick and they both think about the baby. She will be with them in only a couple of hours.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Gloria was quietly celebrating her win in court and her right to call herself Mrs. John Abbott when Lauren received an unexpected visitor: her mother, Joanna. Sparks flew between Gloria and Joanna as each competed to be the dominant grandmother, and Lauren begged them to stop. The storm raging outside was already enough of a disturbance for Fen. Gloria finally agreed to stay with Kevin and Jana for a few days so Joanna could use Lauren and Michael's guest room.

At the Chancellor house, Katherine was working at her desk when she heard a baby crying. She glanced at the sofa, where she thought she saw a baby in a blue blanket. When she crossed the room and lifted the blanket, she found the ring she'd seen in her dream. At Esther's urging, Katherine called psychic Sylvia Brown and arranged for her to come do a reading. When Jill found out, she was skeptical and sure that Katherine was being taken advantage of. Sylvia arrived with a fresh burst of lightning and thunder. The power went out, and Esther thought it was a sign that she'd thought to light candles before it happened. Katherine agreed that it was a sign: the sign of a power outage. Before Esther could defend herself, Sylvia gave Katherine a message. The mystery that was troubling her was behind a locked door. No matter how Katherine banged on that door, she wasn't the one who could solve the mystery. Someone else had the key to solving it.

Victor and Nikki waited at Indigo with Noah for that night's museum benefit. Victoria and J.T. were also at the club with Neil and Dru. The bad weather was keeping the band away, though, and Neil said the streets were getting icy. While Victor tried to quiz Rebecca about her past and Brad's, Neil decided it might be best to cancel the benefit. Devon had agreed to stay at home and off the roads because of the weather. When Dru called Lily at the boutique, however, Lily insisted that she and Daniel would be at Indigo soon.

Nick kept trying to persuade Phyllis to leave for the hospital and her scheduled C-section. When Phyllis insisted she had some last-minute business to take care of, Nick went to find Sharon. He wanted her to know before anyone else that they were planning to do surgery in a few hours because the baby was breech and overdue. Sharon and Nick's somewhat awkward conversation turned warm as they recalled how it seemed like Noah should still be a little boy and shared some happy memories of him. Sharon told Nick she hoped everything would be okay for his new daughter. Later, she went to find Phyllis and give her a sample lotion that was supposed to be good for scarring. Phyllis thanked her, and Sharon assured Phyllis that she wished her the best. Phyllis wondered what happened when your best wasn't good enough. Sharon agreed there was no guidebook for motherhood, but that's what in-laws were for. Phyllis said the Newmans had been good to her. There was just one problem; to them, Phyllis wasn't Sharon.

Jack was concerned about Phyllis's condition, but she assured him everything was fine. Later, Jack and Sharon talked. When he told her that Nick and Phyllis wouldn't be at the benefit, Sharon told him she already knew about the C-section. It seemed strange to her that Noah was going to have a little sister but it wouldn't be Sharon's baby. Jack understood that she was feeling a little sad; he was, too.

Daniel saw his mother at Newman and told her that he wanted to skip the benefit and go to the hospital with her. Phyllis insisted that he get Lily and go ahead with his evening. He could see the baby later, when she was all cute and snuggly, and take pictures of Phyllis drooling. Daniel finally gave in and went to the boutique to get Lily. As they started driving toward Indigo, Lily got another call from Dru. She assured her mother they were almost there and she'd stay on the phone with her until they arrived safely. A few minutes later, they got cut off. Daniel was becoming concerned about the condition of the road just as the car hit a patch of ice and careened out of control.

Nick called his father and told him about the baby. Victor then told Nikki and Noah. Nikki wanted to go to the hospital, but Victor said they'd wait until the storm abated. Noah was worried about his new little sister, but Victor assured him everything would be okay. Meanwhile, Victoria decided to call off the benefit because of the weather. She left a message for Brad and then began trying to call Professor Korbel, just as J.T. was trying to reach Colleen.

Colleen had been late for class, but she was already dressed for the benefit. As she and the professor were about to leave, however, the school made an official announcement that the roads were hazardous and everyone should stay on campus. Although Colleen and Adrian tried to leave, they didn't get far before they had to go back to the classroom. Adrian was able to talk to Victoria and tell her they were safe. He then comforted Colleen, who was cold, by putting his scarf around her neck and warming her hands. Meanwhile, Victoria assured J.T. that Colleen was fine. As they were talking, the power went off at Indigo, and Dru was upset because her call with Lily had been cut off.

Sharon was leaving Newman to get ready for the benefit when she realized her tires were flat. The wrecker service was backed up, but when she ran into Brad and told him what was wrong, he offered to take her home. He just needed to stop by his place first. Sharon was glad of the ride. When they got to the Carlton house, they were about to leave again when the power went out. Sharon wondered if it might be best to stay put for a while.

Phyllis asked Nick to go to the ranch and pick up her suitcase and her pillow. Nick agreed to do it only because she promised that as soon as he returned, they'd go to the hospital. But when he got out on the roads, he found many of them closed, and his emergency assistance device was offline. Meanwhile, Phyllis was getting on the elevator to go downstairs and wait for Nick when Jack walked up. Right after the elevator began to move, the power went out, and it jerked to a stop. After a moment, the emergency light came on, and Jack tried to call for assistance, but everything was dead. He told Phyllis he could probably go through a panel in the ceiling to get help. Before he could do anything, Phyllis felt her first labor pain. She was upset because the baby was still in the breech position and could be in danger.

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