The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 1, 2007 on Y&R

Amber made a play for Adrian. Sheila vowed to seek revenge. Brad began to fear that someone was following him. Brad confessed to Victor that he had killed two men. Katherine asked Amber to help her unravel her past.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 1, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, January 1, 2007

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode of The Young and the Restless has been pre-empted. This skipped episode was anticipated and their will be no "lost" episodes as a result of today's special programming.

If you missed anything from 2006, this is your time to catch up. We have archived all of the news from 2006 (and going all the way back to 1996) for you to review at your leisure. If you want to catch up on the history of the show, we have over ten years of archived Daily Recaps for you to enjoy. We are also in the midst of our annual "Dankies," where you can vote for the best of the best on the soaps.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Korbel wakes up in his apartment next to Amber and tells her that he needs to get ready for class. When Korbel goes to make coffee, Amber checks his phone and sees that all of his text messages have been sent to Colleen. Colleen tells J.T. she wants to break up. She doesn't know if she can be in a serious relationship right now and thinks she should move back in with her dad. She rushes out the door. Victoria gives J.T. relationship advice. He admits that he wishes he could talk to Colleen as easily as he can talk to her. Amber shows up to Korbel's class and gloats to Colleen that she slept with Korbel. Colleen is crushed and feels like an idiot. Lily tells Colleen to forget about Korbel and concentrate on her boyfriend. Suddenly Korbel texts Colleen to meet him for coffee. Michael tells Lauren that he asked Kevin to get a tracking device for Paul's car, since he thinks he's hiding something for Brad. Lauren is distracted by Fen and Michael asks her to get out of the house today. Michael can tell that something isn't right with Lauren. Later, Lauren is about to have a nervous breakdown, but Paul arrives and gives her a comforting hug. Michael goes online and follows Paul's car with the tracking device. He is curious about where the car stops. Kay confides in Nikki regarding her nightmares about her kidnapping Jill's son, Phillip. Nikki tries to calm Kay, saying that she didn't kidnap Phillip, and that she was there at Phillip's funeral when he died. Kay says that she fears she kidnapped Phillip and gave him away, then replaced Phillip with another baby. Nikki fears that if that is true, then it's possible that the real Phillip is still alive somewhere. William and Sullivan question Jack about his DNA being found on Carmen's earring, and Jack replies that Carmen wore those earrings on a date of theirs. Jack expertly answers all their questions. William tells Michael that he believes Devon is guilty, and that if Michael wants to prove otherwise then he will have to work fast since the judge wants to set the trial date for three weeks from now.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

J.T. wanted to get together with Colleen, but she put him off. At Crimson Lights, Lily advised Colleen that it wasn't too late to salvage things with J.T., but she had to stop carrying on her flirtation with Adrian Korbel, including text messaging him all the time. After Lily left, Amber stopped by Colleen's table and again made sure that Colleen knew that Adrian and Amber had spent a night together.

Colleen was happy when Dr. Korbel showed up at Crimson Lights after text messaging her to meet him there. She was also excited when he said that he intended to nominate her for a fellowship at GCU. Her spirits fell when she found out the fellowship would mean studying in Rome.

After Amber left the coffee shop, she had a flat tire. Daniel stopped to help her fix it, and she pumped him for information about Colleen. Daniel didn't tell her much. Meanwhile, Lily went by Newman to see Daniel, but his return had been delayed. She went back to Crimson Lights, where Colleen told her that Adrian Korbel was trying to get her as far away from him as possible. Lily was excited that Colleen might have the chance to study in Italy. She was distracted when she saw Amber and Daniel come in together and went to find out where they'd been. Meanwhile, J.T. arrived and suggested that he and Colleen get some food and go back to the loft to watch a movie. Colleen said she'd go to the loft, but for one reason only. She intended to pack her clothes and move out.

Lauren and Phyllis were supposed to go together to take their babies for doctors' appointments. But Lauren kept delaying leaving and finally said she thought she'd reschedule for the following week. Phyllis could sense that something was wrong, but she tended to blame Lauren's exhaustion and wondered if Michael needed to be doing more. Lauren begged her not to say anything to Michael. While the two women were together, Michael called and asked Lauren if Phyllis was there. When Phyllis got on the phone with him, Michael asked her to tell him where they'd enjoyed having sex in his office in the old days. Mystified, Phyllis said the swivel chair, but she had no idea what Michael was up to. After they got off the phone, Phyllis admitted to Lauren that she and Nick had been in a fight. They'd made up, but she hadn't been able to forget that he'd lied to her about something. Lauren agreed that trust, once lost, was hard to regain.

Thanks to the tracking device Michael had put on Paul's car, he was able to follow him to an abandoned warehouse. When he broke in, he was suddenly stopped by a gun cocked at his head. Michael and Paul were both shocked to see each other, but Michael was more stunned to see Phyllis in a locked cell. At her frantic pleas, Michael demanded that Paul release her. Then Paul explained that the woman in the cell was Sheila. Michael called home and asked Lauren to let him talk to Phyllis. He then asked Phyllis the question about their sex life in the old days. After getting the right answer, he hung up and stared at Sheila with disbelief.

Paul explained that he'd lied about Sheila's death to give Lauren peace of mind. He'd caught Sheila disguised as Phyllis and buying baby clothes. He told Michael to look around, and Michael realized that the cell was decorated to look exactly like Fen's nursery. At that point, Michael lost it, understanding that Sheila had planned to kidnap his child and had also been in their nursery and knew what it looked like. Paul said he needed more time to decide what to do. Michael went home and hugged Lauren, who sensed that something was wrong. Phyllis also seemed to think that Michael was acting strangely.

Nick and Victor argued about Nick helping Brad and Victoria keep the secret about Brad's past. Victor said it was a betrayal, and he'd thought he and Nick were past that now. He reminded Nick of when he'd turned him in to the feds. Nick pointed out that he'd told on his father because Victor had broken the law. Furthermore, Nick was always going to make his own decisions even if it meant standing up to Victor. Nick insisted that he was his own man.

Jack was dismayed to find out that Abby knew Mr. Kim had come to the house to see him. He told her that Ji Min had been there so see her mother about work. Later, Jack asked Ashley to cover for him and to make sure Abby thought Ji Min's visit was to her and was work-related. Ashley said she felt uncomfortable enough lying to other people, especially Victor. She certainly wasn't going to lie to her own child. Later, when Jack was alone, he called Ji Min and told him to visit Ashley to discuss work and to make sure Abby saw him.

As Ashley was leaving Newman's offices, saddened by Jack's suggestion that she go to the Hong Kong office to oversee expanding Jabot's market there, she ran into Victor. He could tell something was wrong so he led her back to his office. Ashley admitted that everything had been so messed up since her father's death, and she was tired of all the changes that were taking place at the company her father had founded.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

As Colleen prepares to move out, J.T. tries to talk to her. He begs to know the real reason that she wants to leave. Colleen says that she doesn't know how to tell him. J.T. wonders what she means, but she shrugs it away and says she's just confused. When J.T. takes her in his arms, Colleen says that she doesn't want to just have sex and make up. J.T. says they can have sex and not make up. Later, Colleen feels guilty and goes to take a shower. In the shower, J.T. touches Colleen, and then begin kissing passionately again. After the shower, Colleen starts packing again. J.T. says that if he really makes her that unhappy, he will let her go. Colleen begins taking her things out of the boxes.

Brad gets a strange feeling that someone is watching him at the coffeehouse. On his ride home, he thinks he sees a car following him. Brad goes to see Victoria at work and begs to speak with her immediately. Victoria tries to calm down, but Brad says he's been through this before and knows that his feelings are usually correct.

Victor is angry with Nick for lying to him about Brad. Later, Nick talks to Phyllis about it. Phyllis says that she was really upset that Nick lied to her as well, but that she can't stay mad at him for long. Nick tells Brad that he told Phyllis the whole truth. Brad is furious, but Nick stands his ground. When Brad tries to talk to Victoria about it, she understands why Nick felt that he had to tell his wife the truth. Brad thinks Victoria is taking sides. Victoria tells him never to ask her take sides against her family.

Ashley admits that Jack has been screwing things up lately and that she feels torn in the middle of it all. Ashley almost tells Victor the truth about Jack owning Jabot, but Victor gets her to change the subject. Ashley goes to Jack and tells him that she almost told Victor the truth about him. Jack is furious. Ashley wonders what Jack would do if she went and told Victor the truth. She admits that she thinks Jack may have been involved in getting their father to change his will, and wonders just what Jack might be capable of. After all, Carmen found out that Jack is the real owner of Jabot, and was found in an alley the following day. Jack tells Ashley that he's not capable of killing anyone. He tells Ashley to calm down, give him time to figure it out.

When Victor tells Nikki that Ashley almost told him the truth about Jack, they decide that they need a plan so that Ashley won't tell Victor the truth and ruin it all. Victor ends up going to Ashley and asking her if she can go to Asia to benefit the company, and to take some time for herself. Ashley tells Jack that she has decided to go to Asia.

Phyllis shows up at work with Summer. Jack is happy to see her. When some people walk by with huge boxes, Phyllis wonders what is going on. Jack admits that he decided to set up a play area for Summer since Phyllis insisted on coming back to work right away. Nick and Phyllis wonder if Jack's newfound kindness is for real. Phyllis hopes that Jack is starting to come out of his shell.

Friday, January 5, 2007

When Nikki overheard Victor's telephone conversation, she deduced that he was still having Brad investigated. Victor said he was, and that he was also having Brad and Victoria tailed by a private detective. Victor had already discovered that Brad's story about the fate of Sharon's kidnapper didn't hold up. No one in Cleveland had been killed by a hit-and-run driver on the day Brad said it happened.

Nikki's conversation with Victor was interrupted by a call from Katherine. Katherine had been trying to tell Jill what she feared might have happened to Phillip III--that Katherine herself had given Jill's son away and replaced him with another baby. When Katherine couldn't make herself tell Jill, Nikki went to the Chancellor estate to offer her support. Jill was disturbed when Katherine began to talk about their unhappy past. Jill believed they'd moved beyond all that; she didn't want to revisit it. But at Nikki's insistence, Jill heard Katherine out. Horror crossed her face as Katherine said that in a drunken rage, she might have switched Jill's baby with another. The boy Jill had raised and who they'd both lost might not have been Jill's son at all.

Brad was sure that someone was watching him at the office, but he couldn't catch anyone. When he frightened Victoria by ambushing her, Victoria insisted that he was being paranoid. Brad said that he'd lived by his instincts too long to stop trusting them now. He insisted that Victoria work in the same office with him until he could find out who was spying on him. At one point, he was once again sure he saw someone lurking outside his office. When he ran out, he caught a private detective who had been hired by Victor. Victoria wasn't surprised that her father was having them watched. After all, Brad had told Victor that the family might be in danger because his and his mother's past.

Brad and Victoria went home to confront Victor. Victor said that he couldn't let his family be at risk, no matter how much he sympathized with Brad's and Rebecca's situation. Brad understood Victor and sat down to tell him the entire truth, including his killing the two men in his own defense and the defense of J.T., Paul, Victoria, Nick, and Sharon. After hearing the entire story, Victor told Brad that he was going to help Brad get to the bottom of who was after him and why. From here on out, they would be allies.

Colleen had resolved to stay at the loft and work through her misgivings about her relationship with J.T. Meanwhile, Amber and Adrian were at the coffee house. He helped her research Katherine's past online. When Colleen and J.T. came in, J.T. noticed the glances that Colleen and the professor kept exchanging. He finally took Colleen home to watch a "chick-flick and get her back in a good mood. Meanwhile, Adrian and Amber went to his apartment. While the professor cooked pasta, Amber continued to try to solve Katherine's mystery. Searching on the Internet, she found a man whose adoptive mother was named Violet. Violet was dead, and now the man hoped to find his birth-parents. Amber went into a chat room to try to talk to Mr Searcher, as he called himself, but he wasn't there. Later, she and Adrian began kissing passionately, so Amber missed Mr. Searcher answering to let her know that he was online.

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