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Will reopened the Jabot product-tampering case. Kevin discovered that surveillance footage was missing. Victor, Brad, and Victoria had a meeting with a dealer about the Grugeon collection. Sheila shoved a shank into her abdomen. J.T. broke up with Colleen.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 15, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, January 15, 2007

While they sipped lattes, Colleen and Lily discussed Prof. Korbel's recent admission about his feelings of guilt over not speaking up sooner regarding the harassment of the female student, who supposedly committed suicide. Lily admitted that the girl's death was the reason Korbel was hesitant in getting involved with another student. When the two noticed Maggie Sullivan having coffee at the shop, Colleen wondered if she should tell Sullivan about Kevin, who she theorized could have killed Carmen. Lily suggested that perhaps the security camera at Crimson Lights had caught Carmen on tape. When Colleen and Lily approached Det. Sullivan, she asked Sullivan if she had investigated Kevin since he had a history of violence against women and the fact that Carmen's car had been seen near the coffee shop the day she died. However, Colleen admitted that she had no hard evidence to back up her claims about Kevin's past attack. Sullivan explained that there is conclusive evidence of conflict between Dru and Carmen, but no proof that Carmen and Kevin even knew each other. After Colleen discussed the possibility of Kevin's involvement, Sullivan also realized that the security camera footage could be viewed to see if Carmen had been there the day she was murdered. Later, after Sullivan left, Lily and Colleen discussed their belief of Kevin's involvement and worried that Kevin could find out that they suggested the possibility to the detective.

When Sullivan called William to request the search warrant, William said that he already knew about the earlier accusations against Kevin and that he was never charged. William said the warrant based on the belief that Carmen's car was seen parked near the coffee house was a stretch because DNA testing didn't show a connection between Kevin and the murder of Carmen. However, William agreed.

While they served coffee at Crimson Lights, Jana told Kevin about her desire to warn Amber of the possibility that she may be dating a serial killer, after hearing the story about Korbel's former student and her death. Kevin told Jana that he knew that Colleen and Lily had suggested him as a possible suspect to Sullivan. Kevin also overheard Sullivan when she requested the search warrant and told Jana that Colleen had gone too far this time. Kevin said that if Colleen planned to go after him, then he would fire right back. Later, when J.T. walked into the coffee shop, Kevin approached him, Colleen and Lily and made comments that upset both Lily and Colleen. Kevin first feigned empathy with Lily that the tape showing Dru's violent attack had been made public, and then he told both women he cared about them because they were his best customers. Kevin said that was making a fortune from Colleen's crush on her professor, since Colleen seemed to tarry at the coffee shop, so she could sneak glances at her crush, Korbel. After Kevin walked away, Colleen explained Kevin's behavior as an act of revenge against them for ratting him out to Sullivan. However, Colleen took Lily aside and confided that she had just lied to J.T. regarding her true feelings for Korbel and wondered whether she was failing at hiding her affair if Kevin had picked up on it. Later, J.T. told Colleen that she was brave to have approached the detective to report Kevin as a possible suspect. J.T. praised his girlfriend for being honest about her concerns. He added that even though the couple has had problems, Colleen has always been honest and never tries to hide anything from him.

When Paul came into the coffee shop, Jana questioned him about his blackened eye. Before he could fabricate a response, Jana theorized a possible story and said Paul could use it if he promised to give her a free consultation about the ways to spot a serial killer. Later, Paul remembered the day Sheila kicked him and blackened his eye as he returned to Sullivan's table with lattes. Just moments before, he had overheard Sullivan telling Colleen that she wished that all of the bad guys could be locked up. Paul and Sullivan sipped their lattes and talked about investigative techniques, and Paul secretly relived the conversation he and Michael had regarding their musings of doing away with Sheila. Paul admitted to Sullivan that most people have a desire to confess their sins, perhaps something he learned from his brother, who is a parish priest. Paul also mentioned his father, who was a sharp detective, and the time that his dad had discovered Paul's girlfriend, who had hidden in a closet wearing only her underwear, when Paul's father had come home unexpectedly. Paul said that he was a man with no secrets. But when Sullivan asked about Paul's blackened eye, Paul relived in his mind the vision of Sheila's attack, and he told Sullivan that he would tell her the truth if she'd keep it quiet. However, he joking told Sullivan that he liked the way she wore her badge on her hip. Sullivan laughed, and Paul took her hands in his. However, Sullivan admitted that her sixth sense told her that there was a bad guy on the premises. Kevin, who overheard the remark, interrupted and explained that he knew about Colleen's conversation about his past and that she has hated him for years, accusing him of things he didn't do. Kevin told Sullivan that she wouldn't need a search warrant because he would willingly show her the tapes. However, Kevin discovered that the tapings on the day of, before and after Carmen's murder had somehow been erased.

Gloria, attired in a sleek, close-fitting, low-cut, black suit and sparkling accessories, modeled her new look proudly for Michael at the Baldwin's condo and told him that she had a date with William Bardwell. A haggard Michael, however, busy with work, mentioned that William was currently seeing Jill and wondered if William had planned to pump Gloria for information about Michael's defense strategy. However, Gloria said that William wanted to see her for he had an important announcement to make.

Sharon and Dru, standing amid Dru's shredded clothes strewn all over the living room of the Winters' apartment, were startled when someone banged on the locked and bolted apartment door. However, it was Neil, and when he entered and saw the vandalized apartment, he became angry and wanted to phone the police. Dru told Neil that Maggie Sullivan had already been sent and had investigated the matter. Dru also said that she held David Chow, a person she described as a psychopath, responsible for the crime. Neil was shocked when Dru announced that Chow had even sublet an apartment in their building. Neil phoned Michael, who was in the midst of reliving his horrifying encounter with Sheila, and told him about David Chow's alleged shredding of Dru's wardrobe and his plan to move into the Winters' building. They agreed to meet Michael at the club to discuss the matter. Later, on their way out, Neil, Dru and Sharon encountered Chow in the hallway. When Chow was met with sarcastic comments from Dru, he told them that he had perhaps chosen the wrong place to stay.

As Neil, Dru, Michael and Sharon dined at the club and discussed the best way to deal with David Chow, other patrons stared at Dru adding to her stress and anxiety. Dru said that pressure from the media, the D.A. and now attacks in her home were too much. Dru worried that a restraining order was not enough to protect her from Chow just as it didn't protect Carmen against Dru's attack, which was secretly taped, and now made public. Dru's angst heightened when Chow walked in. Michael told Sharon that Chow would eventually make a mistake. When Dru and Neil asked the hostess to tell Chow to leave the club, the hostess explained that unless a customer acts badly in the restaurant, then she would not do so, but she also told Dru that perhaps she should leave. A shattered Dru returned to her table, and Sharon arose to make an impromptu speech about Dru. Sharon told startled patrons that it seemed that everyone was fascinated with Drucilla Winters because Mr. Chow had spun a very juicy tale. But Sharon insisted that he doesn't even know Drucilla. Sharon said that she wanted to set the record straight about Dru, telling them that when Dru met a teenage boy, who had given up all hope for ever having a family while living in a group home, she had made that boy her son. Sharon added that her friend is loving, generous and a wonderful woman. Sharon suggested that listeners think of a time in their own lives when each regretted something they said. Dru thanked her friend for her kind words, but Dru still seemed uneasy.

When William met Gloria at the restaurant, he complimented her glamorous new look, and the couple toasted the news William planned to share with Gloria that he said concerned the Abbott women. However, William first mentioned Jill just before Michael interrupted the conversation. An irate Michael blamed William for releasing the tape of Dru attacking Carmen. The two men moved to the bar to discuss the matter, and Bardwell explained that the court should investigate how the press got the tape. When William rejoined Gloria at their table, a phone call from Sullivan requesting a search warrant for Crimson Lights' security camera disturbed the couple's conversation once again. Gloria, having overheard talk about Kevin, told William that Kevin had nothing to do with Carmen's death. Finally, Gloria guided her date back to his earlier discussion of Abbott women. However, Gloria seemed dismayed that William began extolling Jill's virtues. However, Gloria said there were other Abbott women besides Jill. William and Gloria briefly discussed Ashley and her move to China before Gloria fished for compliments about herself. William admitted that he had been a bigamist in that he was once married to his late wife and his work at the same time.

After Sharon's speech, Gloria told William that she had thought the worst of Dru when she saw the tape aired on Leanna's show. William explained that the tape could taint the jury pool. When Gloria remarked that William respects the justice system, he finally announced his news to Gloria. The news, however, left Gloria a bit stunned and shocked when William announced that he planned to reopen the case involving the tainting of the Glo-Again face cream.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Michael convinces Lauren to go out for breakfast, but plans quickly change when Gloria warns him that William is going to open the "Glo-Again" case. And Kevin bursts in telling them about the DVR incident. Then, Michael receives a call from Paul saying that he needs to get to the nursery immediately. Sheila continues to taunt Paul. Michael soon arrives and they talk about what to do with Sheila. Michael wonders if Paul is holding back evidence to implicate Brad in the Carmen murder, and Paul wonders if Michael is holding back evidence that would implicate Kevin. Brad, Victoria, and Victor make plans to go to Switzerland. Victor states that he doesn't want anyone else to know what they are up to, not realizing that a bug has been planted in the room. Mr. Arkadin, an art dealer, arrives. Brad thanks him for his help in getting them the pieces from the Grugeon collection last summer, but says that unfortunately they were stolen and want his help finding them again. After Colleen leaves for class, J.T. breaks into her email and reads emails to Lily about her crush on Korbel. Colleen runs into Korbel while she is working at the GCAC. They talk until Colleen has to get back to her shift. J.T. enters and sits down with Korbel, inviting him to shoot hoops with him later, and Korbel agrees. Jana continues to speculate who could've killed Carmen. She wonders if Korbel's drawing of Colleen was his way to disguise a memory of Carmen by drawing Colleen but really meaning it to be Carmen. Back at the nursery, Sheila shows Paul and Michael a shank she made from materials in her cell. Paul and Michael both try to protect themselves, then go in after her to get it out of her hands. They both lunge at her, but she surprises them by shoving the shank into her stomach.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Daniel and Amber had several chance encounters at Crimson Lights and the boutique. She thanked him again for coming to her assistance when she had a flat tire. The two of them also exchanged email addresses. Lily noticed that Daniel seemed to get along well with Amber and questioned him about it. Daniel told her that with all the turmoil in their lives because of Carmen's murder, it was fun for him to be around someone like Amber. Lily wasn't sure she liked the idea of Daniel and Amber getting closer.

Colleen told Lily she thought she'd covered any evidence of her fascination with Adrian Korbel. She knew she'd had a close call with the notebook that J.T. could have seen that had Adrian's name scribbled all through it. Meanwhile, J.T. and Adrian were playing a game of basketball that seemed to get beyond friendly as J.T. was more than happy to shove into Adrian, trip him, or knock him down. Colleen showed up as the game was ending and realized the game was a little out of hand. After Adrian left, she asked J.T. why the game had been so intense. J.T. tried to get Colleen to admit that she had a crush on her professor. Colleen misunderstood how much J.T. knew and confessed to having sex with Adrian the night of the ice storm. J.T. was furious and walked away from her as she tried to explain that it wouldn't happen again.

Sheila begged for medical help after she stabbed herself. She told Michael that he wouldn't let her die, even if Paul would. It would be murder. Michael told her that he didn't care if she lived or died. But when he and Paul talked privately, they decided to get medical supplies so Sheila could treat herself. When Michael came back with the supplies on Sheila's list, Paul told him to leave. Paul dressed the wound and told Sheila she'd been foolish to think they'd take her for medical help. Sheila assured him that he might have won this time, but the game was still going.

After having breakfast with Gloria, Lauren felt strong enough to go to the boutique and check on things. Amber and Lily were glad to see her. Later, Dru came in to replace the clothes that had been cut up in her apartment. When Lauren showed her a blouse, Dru remembered it as being like one Carmen had worn. Lauren assured Dru that she didn't deserve everything that was happening to her. Later, Lauren went home. When Michael came in, he held her more intensely than usual, and she noticed that he was shaking. Michael said it had just been a long day.

Sharon apologized to Jack because she felt responsible for Ashley and Abby leaving. If she hadn't insisted on not using the photos Phyllis wanted, maybe Jack would never have ended the Jabot-NVP tie-in. Jack told her that it wasn't her fault. Later, Sharon ran into Phyllis, who showed her the new photos for the ad campaign. Sharon was confused, because they were the racier photos that Sharon hadn't wanted them to use and that Jack had declined.

Jack and Mr. Kim talked. Mr. Kim gave his word that Ashley and Abby would be treated very well in Hong King. Later, Phyllis ran into Jack in the break room. Phyllis wondered why he'd called her the night before. She could tell something was wrong. Jack said it was about Ashley leaving with Abby. He'd just felt the need to hear her voice. Sharon arrived in time to hear that. When Phyllis left, Jack told her that he'd have called her, except she was with Dru, who needed her more. Sharon was very understanding about all the things Jack was going through, as well as about his decision to use the other pictures. Jack seemed troubled by the amount of faith Sharon was putting in him, considering all the secrets he was keeping from her.

Sharon met with Dru at Crimson Lights and told her how Phyllis and Jack seemed to be getting close again. Dru was firmly of the opinion that Phyllis was bad news all the way around. Dru admitted to Sharon that she couldn't take much more of David Chow's harassment.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

J.T. asks Colleen why she cheated on him. Colleen answers that she loves J.T. He wonders if she says the same thing to Adrian. J.T. remembers that Colleen had lied to him about calling Adrian by the name of Professor only. Colleen says that she never meant for it to happen. J.T. thinks she just never meant for him to find out. Colleen's cell phone rings and J.T. becomes enraged at the thought of it being Korbel. J.T. yells at Colleen, telling her to answer her boyfriend's call. He asks her if she loves him. Colleen says that she doesn't know who she loves. J.T. leaves.

J.T. goes to see Korbel and tries to get some answers out of Korbel. J.T. is in a rage, and Korbel tells him that he has a class starting and that they need to talk later. During class, Korbel steps out to call Colleen. He tells her that J.T. was there; he hopes that she's okay.

Colleen calls Lily, crying and depressed. She tells Lily that it's over. Lily tells Amber that she has to leave the Boutique. Amber freaks out, saying that she doesn't know how to close down the shop on her own. When Daniel comes to pick up Lily from work, Amber tells him that Lily had an emergency. She tells Daniel to wait so she can go try on a dress. When Daniel calls Lily, Amber listens in and hears that Daniel and Lily's dinner plans are cancelled. Amber makes a pretend phone call, and says that her date cancelled her dinner. When she comes out in her dress, she flirtatiously asks Daniel how she looks. Then she suggests they go out to dinner.

J.T. comes back to the loft. Colleen tells him that she knows that he read her emails. J.T. says that it sucks not being able to trust someone you love. Colleen wonders what she can do to fix things. J.T. says there's nothing she can do. It's over.

Katherine and Jill tell William Bardwell that they want Philip's body exhumed so that they can do a DNA test on Phillip to see if the boy is really Jill's biological son. William wonders why they would want this done. Katherine and Jill share the story with William. Bardwell says if the boy turns out not to be Phillip, he may have to prosecute Katherine.

Drucilla and Sharon come out to the garage to find Drucilla's car keyed and her tires slashed. Dru swears up and down that it's Carmen's ex-husband Chow. The detective is not so certain. When Chow surprises them in the garage, Dru is even more convinced. The detective lets Chow go, and Dru wonders if she could be the next victim. Drucilla receives a phone call, its Carmen's voice saying, " are going to pay for what you've done..."

Friday, January 19, 2007

Sheila told Paul that she had an infection and would die if he didn't get her medical help. She told him the names of a couple of antibiotics that might help and said she knew he wouldn't let her die. Paul reminded her that he could remove all traces of himself and Michael from the premises, and her body wouldn't be found for a long time. People would just assume that the crazy Sheila Carter had stabbed herself. He then walked out on her as she cried for him to help her.

Victoria let Brad and her father know that their plan to pretend to buy their own artwork on the black market was working. Victor and Brad made plans to go to Geneva and fake the turnover. Victoria was concerned about Brad, but admitted that she felt better because her father was involved. Later, however, she had to reschedule a couple of Brad's appointments, which triggered Nick's suspicions. He knew something was up that he wasn't being told.

Brad and Phyllis ran into each other in the break room when Phyllis had Summer with her. Their cordial conversation turned hostile when they talked about Brad's past and Nick's decision to tell Phyllis the truth. Phyllis warned Brad that if he ever attempted to get Nick involved in danger again, she'd call the Ohio authorities herself and report the murder of the two men Brad had killed. Brad told her not to threaten him.

Lily and Daniel went with Colleen to the loft. Colleen had hoped to apologize to J.T., but he asked her to move out. He had nothing more to say to her and was moving on. Daniel wanted to get Colleen's stuff and get out of there quickly, because he could see how upset J.T. was. After J.T. left, Lily asked Colleen how she felt about Adrian. When Colleen wasn't sure, Lily said she had no right to fight for J.T. until she knew her own feelings. When Lily left, Colleen sadly put her necklace, her ring, and her keys down for J.T. to find.

At the coffee house, Amber tried to flirt with Adrian. He broke things off with her by telling her how busy he was at work. Amber pretended not to mind by telling him that she was busy trying to put her singing career together, too. Later, however, Amber was sitting within earshot when J.T. came in. She heard J.T. and Adrian exchange words in which J.T. made it clear that Dr. Korbel and Colleen had been sexually involved. Adrian left the coffee shop to end the confrontation.

Nikki was upset to hear that Victor was going to Geneva with Brad. She knew it had something to do with Brad's past, but Victor wouldn't give her any details. She made him promise to take his medication because she worried about him when he was away from her. When Nick came in, Nikki realized that Victor and Brad weren't including Nick and Phyllis in what was going on. She left to meet with Katherine, and Nick confronted Victor about keeping secrets from him. Victor said it had to be that way. Nick understood that everyone was upset with him for being honest with Phyllis, but he thought they were wrong.

Katherine went to Crimson Lights to see J.T. He hadn't found any leads yet on Jill's son, but he had some ideas on other sources to track down. Neither of them was aware that Amber was eavesdropping on their conversation. After Katherine left, Amber engaged J.T. in a chat. He told her that he and Colleen had broken up, and Amber said she and Professor Korbel were no longer dating either. She tried to pump him for information about Katherine's investigation, but before J.T. could say anything, Colleen came in with Lily. As J.T. stood up to leave, Amber carefully slid one of his files into her lap.

Katherine and Nikki met at Newman, and Katherine shared her decision to exhume the body of the man they thought had been Phillip III. Nikki was horrified by the idea, saying that even if he hadn't been Jill's biological child, she'd raised him and mourned his loss. She thought Katherine should intensify the investigation instead of doing anything that drastic. Katherine said J.T. wasn't having any luck, so more investigators wouldn't help. Jill had already agreed to let the authorities exhume the body.

While Colleen and Lily were talking at Crimson Lights, Dr. Korbel came in. Colleen went to speak to him against Lily's advice. He told her that he'd seen J.T. in there earlier. Colleen said she knew he'd been there and was sorry things had gotten to such a bad point. Both agreed that what happened was a mistake, but Colleen told him that she didn't regret it.

Amber remained at the computer and composed an email to Daniel. She asked him to help her find Katherine's grandson so she could get a big reward. She then deleted the email without sending it. As she was sitting there, Paul came in with a plastic bag. Maggie Sullivan approached him to ask why he'd stood her up. Paul apologized and said he'd been preoccupied with work. But when Phyllis came in, it startled Paul and he dropped his bag. A bottle of pills rolled out. Paul said it was just something he had for an infection and hurriedly left the coffee house, further arousing Maggie's suspicions. When Paul went back to Sheila, she seemed to be nearly unconscious. He went inside the cell and gave her the antibiotic pills and some water. Sheila roused herself to give him a piercing look.

Nick and Phyllis met at Crimson Lights. Both were annoyed by how deeply Brad was drawing the Newman family into his problems, and both agreed that they would protect their family no matter what. In the meantime, Victoria was with Nikki, who agreed that she, too, was worried for Victor and Brad's safety. Victor arrived at the office to get Brad for their trip to Geneva.

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