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Dru had a vision of Carmen. The owner of the Grugeon reliquary held Victor and Brad captive at gunpoint. Maggie and Paul made love. Michael told Lauren that Sheila was alive but locked up. Maggie had Paul's cell phone number tracked.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 22, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, January 22, 2007

Colleen told Victoria that she and J. T. broke up. Since Colleen had moved out of J.T.'s apartment, she asked Victoria if she could move in with her and Brad. Colleen explained that she and J.T. had tried but failed repeatedly to work out their difficulties. Just after Victoria left the room, Adrian phoned to check on Colleen and told her that he wanted to see her, so they could talk. Just as Colleen was about to leave to meet Adrian at his place, J.T. showed up. J.T. told Colleen that he couldn't believe that she had been involved with Adrian for so long a time and that she had kept it a secret. J.T. also told Colleen that learning she had made love to Korbel wasn't even the worst part of the whole situation. J.T. accused Colleen of playing him for a fool and said that he was devastated to learn Lily had been well aware of everything going on between Colleen and Adrian.

After J.T. left, Colleen confided to Victoria that she had cheated on J.T. with Adrian on the night of the ice storm. Victoria was upset that the professor had stepped over the bounds of ethical conduct and urged Colleen to stay away from Adrian. As the two talked, an unseen person listened to everything said via the bug planted under the edge of the desk in the Carlton's living room. Therefore, the listener also learned that Brad was in Switzerland with Victor attempting to locate the Grugeon collection when Victoria mentioned this fact to Colleen. Victoria advised Colleen that, due to his avid interest in the Grugeon Reliquary, she should not to see Adrian. However, Colleen went to Adrian's apartment. He returned her research paper, on which he'd given her a top grade and urged Colleen to resume her role as his assistant. A bit hesitantly, Colleen agreed to organize his slides.

Later, J.T. confronted Lily about hiding Colleen's relationship with Adrian. J.T. reminded Lily that she had no problem telling Colleen about his one-night stand with Victoria. Daniel walked in on the confrontation. He defended Lily and told J.T. to blame Korbel. Later, J.T. also visited with Victoria, who offered her empathy.

William Bardwell ran into Jill and Kay at Crimson Lights and informed them that he had received permission to exhume Phillip's body. Bardwell offered to oversee the exhumation himself. After Bardwell left, Jill expressed her apprehension about the exhumation and likened the experience to digging up emotional pain they had long since buried. Katherine told Jill that if the body turns out not to be Jill's biological son then she would search for the boy, who's now a young man. Jill was saddened to recall how much of Phillip's life she had missed out on. The two shared fond memories of the young man's life and their interactions with him when he was a rebellious teen. The two women agreed that no matter what they discover about the buried body, the person in that grave will always be their Phillip. They also theorized about what kind of man could be out there who doesn't even know that he's a Chancellor. Later, Bardwell returned and told Jill and Kay that the exhumation was completed and that the body had again been laid to rest. He gave Jill the address of the lab; where she is go in order to submit a DNA sample to use for comparison.

As Jill and Kay continued discussing the exhumation, Jill realized that Amber was lurking within listening distance. Kay and Jill told Amber that they were having a private conversation. However, Amber returned to her table with the file on Phillip that she had earlier stolen from J.T. and searched online for Phillip Chancellor. Amber found Phillip's biographical information, which stated: "Phillip Chancellor-- born December 25, 1976; died in a drunk-driving accident. The only child of Phillip Chancellor II, founder of Chancellor Industries." After considering what she'd learned, Amber then phoned Cane and arranged a meeting at the coffeehouse. As Cane and Amber talked casually, Amber steered the conversation in such a way that she was able to smoothly inquire about Cane's birthstone. Amber's eyebrows rose when Cane told her that he was born two days before Christmas in 1976.

Before Cane arrived, Amber had busied herself at her computer at the coffeehouse, and she exchange email with Daniel about fantasy dating ideas after she deleted an email asking Daniel to help her find Jill Chancellor's son, who is set to inherit billions. Daniel responded that Amber's silly plans be abandoned in favor of fun at the club. Daniel agreed to meet Amber at Indigo, and he later invited Lily to go along as a double date with Amber and her date.

At Crimson Lights, Dru received another hang-up call on her cell phone while she and Sharon drank coffee. When David Chow walked in, Dru accused him of stalking her. David, in his own defense, said he had come for coffee and nothing else. David retreated to a nearby table and as David sipped his coffee, he and Jana chatted about Carmen. David told Jana that Carmen was not a selfless home wrecker. However, when David loudly stated that the authorities had charged the wrong person, Dru protested her innocence as Sharon struggled to pull her out the door. However, when Dru returned to the coffeehouse later to retrieve her gloves, she confronted David about the phantom phone calls. David allowed Dru to check his coat pockets and showed her that did not have a cell phone. Out in the parking garage, Dru told Sharon that she planned to get the calls traced just before her phone rang again. Just as the elevator doors in the parking garage closed, Dru saw Carmen, holding a cell phone to her ear, standing near an outside wall. Sharon, however, said she didn't see Carmen and explained that Dru must have seen someone else. When Dru and Sharon returned to Newman, Lily and Devon noticed that Dru seemed unglued, but Dru said nothing about seeing Carmen.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In Geneva, Brad and Victor play hardball with an art broker. They try to convince the brokers that they are serious professionals. Brad makes up a believable story about how they have been switching identities to avoid a run-in with Interpol. One of the brokers is about to purchase it, but hesitates. Two more brokers show up, and pull a gun on Victor and Brad, telling them to do what he says. Lily and Daniel get settled in at Indigo, waiting for Amber and Cane. When Amber arrives she goes to the bar to flirt with Cane and asks if he's made any progress finding his birth mother. He says no, and the whole group sits down together. Later, Amber tells Lily that she thinks that Cane's "The One" for her. Sharon tells Jack about Dru's vision of Carmen in the parking garage. Paul checks in on Sheila and notices that her wound isn't getting any better. Sheila has a fever and starts to shiver. Paul takes off her handcuffs before he gets her a blanket. Paul comes home to find Maggie outside his door drinking a beer, saying that she was worried because he hasn't answered his phone in two days. He invites her in and they talk about what a hard life they lead because of the stresses of the jobs. He grabs her and kisses her, and she responds to him.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Victor and Brad were tied up by the men who'd pretended to work for Interpol. When they were alone, Victor told Brad not to worry. He'd had a private security company implant tracking devices in the two pieces from the Grugeon collection. Brad then realized that Victor hadn't trusted him. Their conversation was interrupted by the return of the fake agents, who held up the tracking devices to let Victor know they'd been found. While Victor and Brad quietly exchanged terse comments, the fake agents' boss came in. He wondered why an internationally known businessman like Victor Newman was pretending to be someone else and trying to fence "stolen" merchandise that actually belonged to him in the first place.

Lily and Daniel had a double date at Indigo with Cane and Amber. During their conversation, Amber and Cane admitted they'd met online, and gave them the barest information on Katherine's interest in a woman named Violet and Cane's search for his birth parents. Though Lily and Daniel both liked Cane, Lily was uncomfortable about the online dating discussion. When Lily left the table for a minute, Daniel told them Lily had experienced a traumatic online encounter. Later, Lily told Daniel that she was starting to like Amber. She didn't tell him that she'd noticed the way Amber flirted with Daniel. In a secluded corner, Cane tried to persuade Amber to take their date to the next level and gave her a passionate kiss.

After making love, Paul and Maggie Sullivan both seemed a little uncertain about what to do next. She could tell he was still preoccupied by something, but he assured her that he was happy about what had happened between the two of them. After she dressed and left, Paul went to check on Sheila, who'd reopened her wound. She told Paul that she would bleed to death or die of an infection; either way, he and Michael were going to end up in prison for letting her die. In the meantime, Maggie went back to Paul's apartment because she'd left her badge there. She was concerned when he didn't answer his door or his phone when she called him.

Michael and Lauren were enjoying a night out with Nick and Phyllis. Jack called and tried to get Phyllis to come to work, but she refused his request. Daniel came over to say hello to his mother. After he left, the two couples realized their conversation kept focusing on Fen and Summer. As they resolved to have a baby-free night, Michael received a phone call. Paul wanted him to come to the place where he was holding Sheila.

Before Michael could leave, Neil stopped him. Dru was losing it because of the calls she'd been getting and because she thought David Chow was stalking her. Michael promised to contact the phone company the next morning and get a tracer put on her phone. After Michael left, Dru made a confession to Neil. In addition to everything else, she was sure she'd seen Carmen calling her in the parking garage. Since neither of them believed in ghosts, Neil said there had to be a logical explanation. They just needed to figure it out, and Dru needed to calm down.

After talking to Ashley in Hong Kong, Jack faced a night alone at work. After his first attempt to get Phyllis to come in was unsuccessful, Jack got Ji Min's promise to back up a story he came up with. Jack called Phyllis again, persuading her to come to work. Once she got there, Nick came in, too, and tried to talk her into taking a break. She promised him that she'd be home later and make up their interrupted date to him. Nick was kissing her when Jack came by. He was annoyed to see them kissing.

Michael and Paul watched Sheila get weaker and sicker, and the men agreed they had to do something. They couldn't let her die or they'd be in trouble. But taking her for medical help was going to get them in trouble, too. Paul tried to talk Michael out of telling Lauren the truth, but Michael said it had to be done. He went home and watched Lauren put Fen to bed. Then he admitted that he had something to tell her. Lauren's expression turned to shock when Michael told her that Sheila Carter was alive.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sheila tries to make Paul feel guilty for letting her die in the jail cell. She says that if he doesn't plan on letting her die, he'd better take her to the hospital right away. Paul gives her some pain pills and Sheila appears incapacitated.

Lauren is shocked to hear that Sheila is alive. Michael tells her about Phyllis' attempt to replicate their baby's room in a jail cell designed for Lauren and Fenmore. Lauren realizes that this means that Sheila has seen the inside of their apartment. She can't imagine how close she was to losing her baby again. Michael tries to convince Lauren that Sheila cannot harm them now, but Lauren insists on seeing her. Michael calls to tell Paul that Lauren is coming with him to see Sheila. Paul insists that it is not a good idea; Sheila isn't doing well at all. Lauren grabs the phone and tells Paul that she will be coming, she has to see Sheila.

When Lauren and Michael arrive, Sheila tells her how great it is to see her again. She congratulates Lauren on her baby. When Paul says that they have to take Sheila to the hospital, Lauren says no. She doesn't want Michael and Paul going to jail for Sheila. She wants to let her die.

Korbel is happy that Colleen is there to help him with his art slides. Colleen tells Korbel that it is nice working with him again. They decide to get some Thai takeout. During dinner, Colleen talks about her life moving from New York to Genoa City. She says it was hard going back and forth all of the time. She realizes that her life changed for the better when she first met J.T. Korbel says that things seem to happen for a reason. Colleen tells Korbel that she has no regrets about sleeping with him. Korbel says that he doesn't either. When Colleen says that she has to leave, Korbel walks her to the door. They begin kissing, and are again taken over by the powers of their emotions.

Victoria tells Rebecca that she is scared because she hasn't heard from Brad. J.T. is at the bar having a drink, and comes by to say hi. He can tell something is wrong. Victoria admits that she is worried about Brad, but doesn't want to discuss it any further. J.T. tells her that if she needs anything he will be there for her. Victoria talks to J.T. about Colleen, and J.T. decides to have another drink. He won't admit how hurt he is by the whole situation. Victoria tells him that if he ever needs a shoulder to cry on, she will be there for him. Victoria says that Brad hasn't found out about Colleen and Korbel yet. J.T. says that he thinks that Korbel took advantage of the situation. Victoria and J.T. decide to dance, and J.T. suggests that Victoria come by and watch a Sex and the City marathon. Victoria laughs and says that if he can name a character, maybe she will. J.T. doesn't know, so Victoria says that maybe someday Brad and her will come by. J.T. rolls his eyes.

In Switzerland, the kidnappers try to figure out why Brad and Victor are there trying to sell the Grugeon pieces. Brad says that his wife purchased the art pieces at a high price, and that they are trying to get their money's worth. Victor and Brad begin arguing, and then Victor grabs one of the men's guns. Suddenly the tables are turned. Victor explains the situation, saying that the really don't want to sell any art at all. Victor explains the danger of having the reliquary. The art collector comes back with the Grugeon reliquary and decides to give it to them. He wishes them luck.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Lauren vowed to Sheila that the only way she was getting out was over Lauren's dead body. Though Paul and Michael tried to reason with Lauren about getting medical help for Sheila, Lauren said that would be playing right into Sheila's hands. She refused to even consider releasing Sheila from the cell she'd built to trap Lauren and Fen. Later, Paul promised to stay and keep an eye on Sheila so Lauren and Michael could go home. Lauren tearfully thanked Paul for being a good friend. But when she and Michael arrived home, she broke down at the sight of Fen's nursery. She knew Sheila had to have been in their apartment to replicate it, so she began tearing it apart. She asked Michael if she was going crazy. In answer, Michael helped her destroy the nursery, then the two of them held each other.

Meanwhile, Sheila continued to taunt Paul, who was convinced by Lauren that Sheila's wound wasn't as bad as she was pretending. Paul got a couple of calls from Maggie, but he was careful what he said to her. He also turned down her offer of a rookie cop to help him on his "stake out." After they got off the phone, as Paul prepared to sleep outside Sheila's cell, Maggie called in a favor from a cop friend to have GPS tracking done on the location of Paul's cell phone. Paul had turned his phone off, but he might not have done it quickly enough.

Jill was frustrated by the amount of work Mr. Kim was giving her, and Gloria offered to help her out. When they were finished, Ji Min came in with more work, but Jill said she was leaving. She was too tired to do any more of his last-minute tasks. Gloria offered to stay and help him, and Ji Min accepted her offer. Later, Jana called Gloria from Indigo to tell her that Jill was there with William Bardwell. Gloria talked Mr. Kim into going to Indigo with her for a late meal.

William was sympathetic as Jill talked about how exhausted she was from work, but she admitted the real problem was her uncertainty about her son. William said he'd put a rush on the DNA tests. When Gloria and Mr. Kim came in and sat with them for a few minutes, Gloria tried to make Jill look bad to both men. Later, when she and Ji Min got their own table, she said it was a shame Jill was so lonely. She deserved more than William Bardwell. Ji Min had no idea that Gloria was scheming to get William for herself.

Jana and Kevin watched everything unfold at Indigo. They were pulling for Gloria in her battle for William's affections because when Gloria was interested in a man, she stayed out of Kevin's business. But Jana was even more interested in the sight of Victoria and J.T. together at the bar. She speculated on what Colleen and Brad were doing.

J.T. was drinking a little heavily and pretending he was over Colleen, but Victoria wasn't buying it. When J.T. walked away for a minute, Cane flirted with Victoria, who told him that she was married and that J.T. was just her friend. Later, Jana approached the bar to ask about Colleen's whereabouts. J.T. didn't tell her they were broken up. He and Victoria just said Colleen was busy. Jana wondered if she was with Dr. Korbel, and planted suspicions in their heads about whether or not the professor could be some kind of serial killer.

J.T. and Victoria were both concerned about Colleen's involvement with Adrian Korbel. J.T. wondered if Jana was right to raise concerns about Adrian's sketch of Colleen and the fact that he'd found the body of a student at his former college who'd allegedly committed suicide. Maybe Adrian had been after Colleen all along. Victoria thought he might be after something else--the Grugeon reliquary. The two of them were relieved when Colleen called and said she was going to spend the night with Lily.

After Colleen and Adrian had sex, he had a surprise for her. He'd submitted her paper on the Grugeon collection for publication. Colleen got uncomfortable and asked him to withdraw the paper, but she refused to tell him why. Adrian told her that she could trust him, but Colleen couldn't forget her father's warnings not to talk about her grandmother's work and not to trust anyone. After she left Adrian's, she went to see Lily to talk about her confusion. Daniel left to work on his paper at the coffee house so they could talk without him there. Lily said that the professor obviously had feelings for Colleen, too, and she needed to tell her father she was an adult who could make her own decisions. Colleen agreed with that. She decided to go home after all, because she was no longer afraid to deal with Victoria's questions and warnings.

Dr. Korbel ran into Daniel at the coffee house, but Daniel didn't tell him that he knew Korbel and Colleen had become sexually involved again. Adrian said he was going home to grade papers. But after he got home and went to bed, Colleen showed up. She couldn't find her cell phone. Adrian said it wasn't there. She assumed it was at Lily's and started to leave so he could go back to bed. But Adrian talked her into coming back inside for the night. Meanwhile, Daniel went home for a romantic evening with Lily. He assured her that he hadn't said anything to Korbel about Colleen.

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